The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 11, 1898 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 11, 1898
Page 3
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, WEDNESDAY, MAY, 11, 18S8. LEAD PIONEER-TIMES. HERE AND COMWGI noticb or uusa. la whom It may eon oar I tar tKl day lease to J no, P. Jot.-.s. Daetei tta- erlaud, Albert 9. Orasstacr, U Joaua rlacer ground, aituated a Saad Creek, la Crook county, Wyoming, wh wul a reatieuslbis fur all labor, sutanal, supplies u...e lu. a. r.-i lu tse ouers- tics t said piserr alalma and I will aet be rvspoasibls for Ik. me, RIOI'ARD JOHNS DaW f Lease, Mar f, la. J. LEAD. S. 0. j MAY 11. NOTICE OF LBASB. To whom It msy eoneera: W hav thl day leased the "Modoch" group at alalia, lu UlMkiall liulch II claim.), vlsi th Me eat la and to eanh ot the following claim., tturted la Ida Orsy mining district, oa In esal aide of the dutch near OaM-n City, tu-wit: The ladi prsdenoe lode, the Double Eagle hole, the Sixteen to One lode, the Antoinette lode, th Oeld Bug lode, th Kre Silver lode, th Etldorph lode, th. National lode, .'h lnter-Natloaal lode, th Gold Nugget lode, th Ooldea Fleece lode, th. U olden Opportunity lode, the Koagland, th Alma, the Lawrence, th Golden Slipper, the Ooldea Jewel, th Oolden Age, the Conglomeration, ths Colllmstlon, the Com-jlnatlim, th. Anticipation, th Dlaappolnt-ment. th Ooldea Wings, th Kellsr. the Warren, ths Oolden Era. th. Ooldrn Price, the Ooldea Treasure, the Ooldrn Ledge, tho Redemption, th. Contention, the Quel-Ideation, th. Expectation, the Reallaallon, lh. Oolden Sceptre snd ths Exten.lon lodes snd mining clslras, or so much thereof as may be sufficient to aald Judgment and coat., amounting la all to Four Hundred and Three (1401 60) Dollars snd rifty cents, with Interest thereon from the dats of said Judgment, snd all scenting costs of aals. Dated Deadwood South Dakota, April St, mi. MATT PLUNKKTT, Sheriff of Lawrence County. Martin Mason, Plaintiff t Attorneys (First Pub. April 17. 1HI.) (R. C. tlay. AMy. 4 J a. CONTEST NOTlrk!. Department of th. Interior, Veiled flute Land Ulllce, Kapld City Houili i.i,ia. May 2nd, 11. A suUtcleat runtwet slttdsvll bavin been Bled la thla onive by Urldgel k.vau.. iuu-testsst, agalntt Houiealead entry No. 46J6, mad June 11, laee. lor the WVk M a MtW snd NICW SEW. swtlou 24, Town hip 7 N.. hang. 1 hi. B. II. M.. by Harry Ulaoa Couieelee, lu which II la sll.-cvd that: The aald Harry UUoa haa mhully abandoned said tract snd changed hla rt a-Idence tberelrom for more thau alx moutha since laat making said entry, and nvxl prior to date herein, and thai aald trait la not settled upon aod cultivated by aald party aa required by law, aald partiva are bereby notlued to appear, reepoud aud offer evidence touching said sllrgatlou at 10 o'clock a. m., on June 11th,, before the Clerk ot ths Circuit Court within aud for Lawrence County, M. LI., si iM'adwood, S. D., snd thst final bearing will be held St 10 o'clock a. lu., on June It, ling befur. the Heglaler and Revolver at tue United Htatee Land OfBce la Hap Id City. Soul Dakota. The said contestant having. In a proper affidavit, nied May 2. lews, aet forth facts whl'h show that after due diligence, per eonal service of thla notice can not be made. It la hereby ordered snd directed that such notice be given by due and prop rR the next Thirty Days we will be:onstntly receiving new Lines in all departments. Our store is too l'Be aod our departments to numerous to particularize. We can only say th whiJe 5n manY H"" there has been a big advance in values, owing to inc8 duties and other causes our stufl was contracted for belore the advnce we own Bt olJ Pces and as long as it lasts will sell it at olJ prices duck, Urwwa I slnl, Uie4 Hope, Double atauar. as Klug Soleeu ludeaj t rre4 tlloodea, ef Lead, a. D was wlU be r pouaible fur ail labor, material, auppllea and ether accounts Incurred ta tho opera Uo ol said group ef olsima, Central City, S. D., b., 4th, llll. 14ENRY BHESHDRT, tiARMBY FKAMILLU4, W. U FAVKT, SARAH OOUUPTTB, MULLIB OOILETTB, RASMUS MKUeUN, WH, A, E1NK, J. M MATSUN, BARNEY FRANKLIN KEEPS TflE BEST OF UQUORS. IT YOU KKUU 1NY. Q1VS HIM A CALL. Geo. BpauMing In Lead reste-day, vlaltiog frleoda. Dav Ooldbtootn, of Ccntrai, la rery alck. mough ao to alarm hia frteeJ about him. James Moodl ha rented tha OtafE urat bull ling and hi putting In n atock of watch and Jewelry. Mm. Mary Johnaon was ywalarday dlacharged from tha hoapttxU utd return. d to her home in Surgut. Jo Pllchcr accompanied by C. fi. Davit, were In Lead yeaterday oq bua-lnea oonnaotad wkih tha Omaha xpo- Ulon. Oodfrled DelU ha juat completed putting In a now gaaolln pump and a water tank on hla provony In Wab-Icitoo addtilon. John Vasallch, while at work la the Highland mill yewtorday, had hla hand er publication. rvRTKK WARN Kit. (ll) Receiver. First Publication May I. ltv.) ASdlSMUNT NOTICE. Wsehlngloa Consolidated Oold and Sil New Dress Goods New Clothing. New Mlllinrry. N Hats an0 CaFs New Carpets. New Shoes- New Curtains. New Furnishings. New Embroideries New wsh Coods- New Laces. NeW Organdies. Th eywnteeu-mlflue bombardment of MaAanaaa, April ITth, was a revelation, to American a wU a Span -arda. Thrs hundred shall at from 4.000 to 7,000 yard were dropped witn egaotnssa that ploughed up earthworks and destroyed fortlncatloua, killing many of h enemy. Ths work was don by three of ta Inferior ships of tn squadron. What, the twenty -two shrpa of th blockading squadron could hav dons In tht tlms nay 1m guessed at. Thl 1 Teat 0peHualty. On reeeipt cf Wa seat, Mh or itatnpa, a garou aampl will ba mailed of th sanot popular Catarrh and !Uy 'vtr Cur (Ely'a Creara Balm) nffletaat to dacaoa trat th urekt merit of 11 reni-dy. ELY BROTnF.P.H, Co Warrau Hi., New York City. 7tv. John r.M. Jr. of Or M fall, Moat., recummruited Kljr' Cream Kaua to m. I eau emtiliaai hi alateuiobt, "It Ua po. tW nr fur catarrh It ssed Mdlretd.H Itev. rranol W. pool. Pastor OwtraiPrea. Chareh, Helena, Mont. - Ely' Cream TVra U the MaMiwIadged ar for caiairh am' rvutUa bu lurrvury est any lujarluu drug. P.toa, M eeaka, wallaTeIu. Maks Mlectlon at your own horn, ovr tot) nw paturns to show you In my sample books, which ar ths nam papr a will b sold at Alfred Psets a Co.'s mammoth New York and Chicago stores this year. 4-l-tf J. OOLDBERO, Agent. ver Mlnlug Compsuy; principal plao of business, Deadwood, Suulb Itakola; location of works, Usieua, Lawrence Oounly. South Dakota, Nolle I hereby gtvsa that at a meeting of Ibe directors of ths above named Contr- pany held on the 12nd day ot Apil, A. IX, !, aa aaaessmeat (No, 1) ot one (1) eeut per ehar wa levied upoa the capital lock of lb corporation, payabt 16 days rum Cat of publication to th treauaref badly mahd, and wa cotnpellsi to have It draoeed by the hoapltal doctor. of th Company, L. O. Uanborn, ot Sloua City, Iowa, er Nathan Colman, Seorstary. at hi. effloe. Deadwood, B. D, Th old ahoeta and traik on th aaat We Have the Largest and Most Complete Grocery and HardT7aro Dopartmont West of the Missouri. Any stock upon which thl assessment ihsll remain unpsld on May the Sllb, lBfrS, glde of tha Highland at amp mill ar be III be dellnqueul and advertised for sale. NOTICB Of PORTErTURB. Te Fred Netsoa ad t toelloar Brother Company, corporation, and whoa It mat eoneera : You ar Informed that w a expended la labor and Improvement upon th Sll-et hjueea Lode or mlalag el aim, the Or4 Ho Lode, or mining claim, th Qrud Hog No. S Lode, or astalag alalia, he Oround Hog No. I Led or mining claim th Ground lio No. 1 Led er ilitg claim, th Oround Hog Ne. I Lai er dtia lug claim, situated la Bear Butt minlti district. In Lawreea Oeuaty. South Da-i at least too pr year upo each of taJ1 claim for th follewtag years: ta 11(7 tits) upoa ach of ald claims. Ail l which was doa for th purpos ef holding the aald Silver Uueen. Oround H03, Oround Hog No. I. Oround Hog Ne. 1, Oround Hog No. 4 and Oround Hog No. 6 Lods sdr be provisions ef Beetle 1114, Revised Statute of the United States, aod sols ameadatjry thereto, for the parted ending Ueoem sells.. 17, aod there la du from yen thereon the sum ef 111.44 and 1 upoa each f said claim, er 1100.00 la all. You ar hereby artlSed that If wlthla tW days from personal ssrv'o ef thl aoUos you fall to ooairibut your proportloa ef such Mpsadltur as aowar with th as derslgned during each ef tha year aboe mentioned, your Interest la said claim will baoom th property ef th ubeortbsr. your eo-ciwner, who haa Bada4ta reqsteed xpeadlture aa required by aald Baetlo ilia. STEPHEN B. SHARPS. MARY B. S'dARPB. (Pint Publication, March M. 11M.) ing torn away to b replaced by a double Una of table for catching amalgam. at publlo auullon, snd unless payment la msds before, will ba sold en th Uth day of Juns liim at ths offlc of Nathan Cole It will alao conalderably Improve th man, Secretary, Deadwood, B, D., at I appearance of the preraleea. m., to pay th delinquent aseea. treat. Wc Solirit Your Patronage.. A th men employed cleaning th together with the oott of adverttalng and expense of al. (Frawley a Laffey, Att'ya). APPUCATION rOR PATENT. (M. A. No. 1021). V. 8. Land offlc. Rapid City, South Dakota, April 2. III. NOT.CS U HEREBY OIVEN. Thst ths Oolden Croat Mining Company, by its agent,. Prank Webber, whose poatofflce address Is Deadwood, Lswrenc County, South Dakota, haa thl day riled hla application for 141.1 linear feet along th vein of th Mineral Twin No. 1 Lode, th presumed direction thereof being Northeasterly and Southwesterly, 741.1 feet on said Lode running Northeasterly and Tt0 feel oa said Lode running Southwesterly from ths discovery out situated on aald Lode; and, 141.4 linear feet along th vein ot th Mineral Twin No. I Lode, the preaumed dl-sMtloa thereof being Northoaaterly and loutbwsaterly, 741.4 feet on said Lod running Northeasterly and 750 feet on aald Lod running Southwesterly from ths dia-eovery aut situated oa said Lode; and 14(1.5 linear feet along th vein ot ths Rosa tail Lod, th presumed direction tcsro! blag Northeasterly sad Southwesterly; 741.1 feet on said Lods running Northeasterly and 750 feet on said Lods running Southwesterly from th Dlsoovsry Shaft situated on aald Lod; and. 1016.1 linear feet along the vein of ths Vernal Ljulaoi Lods, ths presumed direction thereof being Northwesterly and Southeasterly, 60 feel on said Lode running Northwesterly and 1025.1 feet on aald Lods running Southwesterly from the Dlecovsry abaft situated oa said Lode; bearing gold, with surfsoe ground 100 feet la width, situated In ths Whltswood Mining District,, County of Lswrenc and Hut of South Dakota, and designated by th field note and offlolal plat on nl. In thl offlc a Lot number 1216, In Township 4 N. Rang. I B. B. H. (tiet were yeatrday morning taking NATHAN COLMAN, Secretary. off the top board of th lde atreot XLiOCic3.v they uncovered a place whrra th total content of water from two Chinee BIG BRICK STORE aundrie had gathered and the way (Fred M. Brown. Att'y.) APPLICATION FOR A PATENT. M. A. 1011. V a Land Odloe, Rapid Oty. S. D the crowd Immediately ecattered one A POPULAR HOTEL. Under ths management of Mr. Carl Blank and hla wife the old popular Oil more la more popular tad prosperous than ever and la bow tha farorlte hotel of the city. The house has naturally the most desirable location In town, would think a bomb had exploded tn April 16th, 11(1. NOTICB IS HEREBY OIVEN that Claries n'tthelr tnldat, and no wonder, for 4ou- t)le-dltllled eaaence of kunk. pole Quiver, wbos poatof&o address Is ASSAYERS. IUD BUSINESS DIRECTORY.! oat. or aewer ga wouldn't hav been and its arrangement la swh that lit RAILROAD TIME TABLES. BURLINGTON ROUTS. curat can at once obtain every accom Lead Clty.Lawrano County, South Dakota, ha thl day Bled hla application for a pat ot for 1101.1 linear feet oa the Laat Chancs No. 1 Lode 14M.I linear teat ea the Last Chance Ne. I, Daiiy No, L Delay No, S and Echo Lode and 7(1.1 Uaear feel modation and comfort. The lodging No. 201 Passenger. Dally. Hill city, In It. and It only ahow the Importance of the good work now under progree in clwinlng up, for no doubt all kind of typhoid ferer and other diseased gorm were lying there only a few M. H. PUBLIC room are large, well lighted and LYON. ASSAYER tbe Echo FracUoa Lode, mln sr vet Hot Springs, Chicago and all point rut, south and (McLaughlin McLaughlin. Att'y.) APPLICATION FOR A PATENT. (M. A. No. 10ST.) United Stale Land Offloe, Rapid City, South Dakota, April Had, lid. NOTlCai IS HERKBY OIVEN, That Michael power whose postotnos address 1 Two Bit, Bouth Dakota, ha thl day Bled bli application for a patent lor 1600, 1471.1, went 1:01 p ID bearing gold wltk surface ground n bun dred and arty feet la width oa each aid et th oeLter of each et said lodes situated la no. ins ux-ai, iauy nun Incho from tha lurUce of Ui ground, waftmg for hot weaihw to get a hold No. 210 Local, Pally except Sun heated and airy, and are furnlsh'ed In Ji homelike faablou, Nc auch roomi can be obtained anywhar else In town. The table aarvlc I faultiest The dining room la spacious and In rMlng. (he table linen Is kept Immacu. QUY LAMBERT. (COOBlMOB TO HIIMM WM. lifffiJeeiasiBoarilBi Stable tmSlai attention! given to tran-lal end Martin tnck. fiw Saddli Hontt a $p tialtf lUddlck UulKlluj;, Mulu Stret, Lead. Whltewood mining dlatrlot. County ot day, laid Mountain and AND SAMPLER. DEADWOOD SOUTH DAKOTA Hprarilnh 2.25 p m UUl, 111.1, lluLI, ad 14141 linear feet Law ran oe aad Bute of Bouth Dakota and designated by the Sold notes and offlolal on the people. no. 204 r relgnt, Da 11 jr. mil City. respectively so lb Homealsita Fraction, M., said Lot No. 1X25, being described as follows, to-wlt: MINERAL TWIN NO. 1 LODE. Beginning at corner No. 1, Identical with (hs NW corner of ths locatlop, a pitch pins An adjourned meeting of th school plat on 01 I thl offlo as Lot Number Custer and Edgemont..., 1:00 a Hi Bryan. Oolden Oat. Philadelphia. Cleve 1211, aald Lot No. llll blng a follow. land, and Iowa Lodes, bearing gold with late, and fare consist of th bt to-wlti n. DBADWO-ID surface ground three hundred (MO) feet In C. TRAINS BETWEEN AND LKAU. nose rest long, s incnes square, set I feet food that culinary art can prepare width on each, situated la Bear Butt Mia in the ground, with mound ot earth and ECHO LODSL Beginning al th N. E. corner for oorner Regubv boarders and transients should (tone, scribed 1M1-1226, Wbnr ths Itaad !xrd wa hold Mon.lay evening witn uearly all the niemofi preeent and th rollowlng I tha most Imiwnant bul-nee rranaacted: A moilol of a wikkIwi gun wa presented by Theodore OaJeu-ikl and recommended by him for the Ing Dlitrlot, Lawrence County, aouth Da kota, and designated by the held set aad official plat oa fits la this offloe aa Lot No. No. 1. from rlch U. ft. Los. Koa. No. U ANTHONY TKOUT, Ijeav Deadwood. Dally Ex. Sunday I 30 a. m Dally 10:00 a. m give the house a trial, and they will be rd corner of Sections 15 end It, Township IN, R.I EBHM. bears N II 47' 40" W. onvlnced that It on in bice svsrythlni 1221, said lot No. llll being eeaorlbed a boars a. 71 decrees el miaul B, TT7.I feel distant, thenoe a. II degree 10 minute W. 101.1 feet to Cor. No. 1 theno S. I degrae till. I feet, a Dine 11 Inches In diameter Dally 11:41 a. m. Plumber and Steam Fitter, follow: they delre. and at reasonable rate. BLACK HILLS Analytical Laboratory. Mi Assay Offlc. of Henry Schnitzel um,i d., x.o Boso. aiuplea ftf balllnn By mall or eiprea IU reset. email, ettenltoo. HOME8TAKE FRACTION LODE. 11 of the cadets In drlHIng. whtch wa hears 47 66' W. 10.44 feet and a pine 14 inches la diameter bear S. 17 46' E. il.7 feet, each biased and scribed B T 1M 1-1235. OS as In Campbell R.ium Kvmiii Beginning at the northwest ornr st th 40 minute B. 14(1.1 feet te Cor. No. I; theno N. 11 degree SO minute B. soi l feet to Cor. No. 4; thenoe N. f degrees a minute W. 14(1.1 feet to Cor, No. 1 aad orfnntMt. The nrooosal of the Belt A RATTLINQ CIRCl'S. fhenc S. 77 01' M. JfW.2 feet to career Dally Ex. Sunday 1:15 p. m. Dnily 116 p. m. Dally F.x. Hunrtay 1:20 p.m. Dally Ex. tiunday 4:20 p.m. Daliy 1:20 p. m. Pally Ex. Sunday 7 00 p. tn Dally Ex. Sunday 1:00 p.m. Pally 00 p. m Dally Ex. Sunday 10:10 p. m Sunday claim for oorner No. 1, from which (land-ard oorner of Towaahip I aorta, raags I and east B. H. M., bear S. 41 dog, 11 Light A lwv Co. for putting in in Shew Lemen Brother Put Vp Oood No. I; Thence S. II 11' W. 141.4 feet to plao st b iglBBlag. Her. oorner No. I; Theno N. 77 02' W. 100 4 .iaiii fixtitrm. exc wa referred to THE BIG BRICK mln. W. T64.I feet distant: theno a. 11 committee to do with a their Judg DAISY NO. LODE. Beglanlna at ths N. B. (Xv. for Oor. Ne. feet to oorner No. 4; Thence N. II IS' E. 14M.I feet to corner No. 1, the pine ot Lemen Brothers Clrcua ehowed here deg, I mln. B. (00 feet; theno a. I de. 41 mln. K. Ul.l feel; theno S. S deg. It ment dlcUted. Ths teaohera' commit I TmM Bad. or the br a.Lid pmniM of ores. I, from which V. S. Loo. Moa, Ne. (5 beae Tuesday afternoon and evening. Everybody that attended was delighted with the Oopartment Store ! I 1 MINERAL TWIN N3. I LODE. Leav Lead. Sunday.. 10 deg. 06 mln B. 641.7 test! theno S. lee pmeoted tha following naraea to Beginning t corner No. 1. Identical with tl dag. to mln. W. 106.4 feet to Cor. N. I; performance. It wa IK best circus that a. ever gives la Redwood Falls. mln. B. 4(1.7 feet; south II deg. IS mln. E. I I feet; thanes S. 61 deg. M mln. W. 124.6 feet; theno N. ta dag. si mln. W. 106.1 feet; tbenoo N. 10 deg. W. 441.4 test; theooe N. I deg. 06 mln. W. Igsnt fur k Ilertrn r-nM prniw, 0. B. Pates Ho. ,aw. Laboratory and aaaiplia work, la Faaet baiidtne. tut the NW corner of the location, and with Pally Ex ice a I :. 40 mln. 2L 14M.I feet te be conaldered by th board: Bells M Munger, principal of hkgh achool; O. A, First of all. Rajah, ths monster living . 152 a. m .10:25 a. m .12:10 p. m oorner No. I, Mineral Twin No. 1 Lode of any Cor. No. I; thenoe N. 41 dag. 10 mln. B. Fall lint ol viythli.g nnnmantly an hand. ILL ftTkRRT. LEAD thli aurv.y, whenc th Standard comer of 106.4 tt to Cor. No. 4; N. I d.g. Relti, principal of aclenc department; 1021.1 test to plaa ot beginning. i:tn p. m Dally Dully Ex. Sunday.. Pally section 16 and 11, township I N , R. I 40 mla. W. 14(1.1 feet to Cor No, I and risks or elephanuns flesh, greater than Jumhe and taller (has Barnum's wonder try two Inches, was on exhibition, and a Ight of hire warranted th crowd In feel BRYAN LODE. 1:57 p. m. EBHM, bear N. II II' 10 W. 44M.I feet: plao ot beginning. Union Hedrtck. th grade; Emtoa 3mHh. "th grade; Florence Oleen. Ith MRS. J. F. BRANSFIELD'S Beginning at ths northwest oorner of the ... 1 61 p. m Pally r.t. nwniray.. .. I ll p. ally Ex. Buuday.. ing that It aloa wa worth th prlc ot Theno S. 77 02' E, 100 I test to oorner No. 2; Thence S. II II' W. 14M 6 feet to corner Ns. I; Thence N. 77 01' W. IM S feet grade: Kata Pohlson. 4th tU; Elin admission. claim tor earner No. 1, from whloh auad ard corner at Township I north, ranges I and 4 . B. H. M bear N. M deg. a mlB. DAISY NO. I LODE. Beginning at tha N. E. Cor. for Cor. Ne. from which V. B. Loo. Moa. No. M bear 14 deg. II ml. B. 461.1 feet; theaoa B, la th clrcui tent setloosl tnd excit ... 157 p. or ... 711 p. m ... 1:22 p. m ... 1:00 D. m BAKEBY ma Robins. 4th grade; Mabel Pond. Ird H. C. JENSEN, Ol Lead, bu Opered a TOBACCO -:- FAlTliHY, to corner No. 4; Theno N. II IS' E. 1491 4 Pally Pally Ex. Sunday... PalW Ex. Sunday.. Pally Dally Ex. Sunday.., ing feat of circus Ufa were performed. to comer No. 1, the plao of begin W. 1151.1 feet distant; theno B. M dag. II mln. B. eos.l feet; theae B. 11 deg. II grade; Maggie Lamont, 3rd grade; Bareback riding by both aexe that thrilled It deg. 14 mln. W. lit feet to Oor. No. t; alng. 05 8herman Street. ...10:55 p. m No. B. 1471.1 feet; theooe N. 41 deg. II th crowd, tumbling, trapes performing thenoe S, I deg. 40 mla. B. 14(1.1 feet t ROSA BELLE LODE. Mary Walght. ad grade; Mary Blgley. 2nd grade; Cornelia Bun-nan. lit grade mln. W. 165 feet: theno N. 10 d.g. 41 mla. and th Homaa hlpeodroms racsa. Tom Beginning at oorner No. 1. Identical with la ooaaertlon wltk hi. ftgalr Puclory, and la We to .apply all parti. with nice clean elgei W. 1461.4 fit t to th plan of begianlog. P. t. i II. V, H H the NW oorner of the location, and with ths fsmous boxing ksngarao.sparred with nl master with genuine Corbett blows, Cor. No. I; theno N. It deg. CI mla. B. Ill feet ta Cor. No. 4; theooe N. s. deg. 40 mla. W. 14(1.1 feet t Cor. Ns. 1 ana pise et beginning. QOLUKN QATB UOUB. oorner No. I Mineral Twla No. I Lode of Nellie Honay, 1st grads; EdUa. Oooa. lat grade. A number of tha ieachri Beglnnlug at th southwest oera.r ef th with the apparent feeling that h wa tb THE NORTHWESTERN LINE. thl turv.y, Whenc th Standard corner PEPOT: Batwoaa Doadwood and ?ln of rtlob. 16 and II, Township I N.. R. aUppuuj. Mall order pnnptlf tlllad. 'J He Club Restaurant. wars recommended for an lac re in la hat gaining nntnrtsiy well a. popularity s In, to tha fart that II ! tha only place yn aaa et tha Ml kind ol bekla at tia Urm aure Her motto Is live and lot live, Bar to Inavea of nread ar equal to bvmI 10a Ineeee. aba kMpj victor. Oerman dancing ea a aprlng rope called out applauee, snd th serial leaping of lb tw aerial artlsU wa enldrd LAST CHANCB NO. I LODE. . Beginning at tha East side anil tUk ololm tor oorner No. 1, from whloh stand ard oorner ef Township I nrlh, ranges I aad 4 B., B. H. M.. bear B. SO deg. U mla. m. t . I EBHM, bears N. M 14' 10 W. 4701.1 ArrlTM. Da part. I alary T la wmni feet; Thence S. 77 01' B. SRI I feet to tor- for Cor. No. 1 from whloh U. A Loo. Moa. ahead of anything ever seea here. W. Ki t feet distant; theno S. 41 dag. II oer No, 1; Thine S. II II' W. 14(1.1 feat Through train to Omaha A will be eeen elsewhere ta this ool mla. E. 1(5.1 feet; theno N. II deg. 04 a tall llaa ot broad, oak, aooklaa, erun puffa. t oorner No. I; N. 77 02' W. 100 1 mln. E. (11.4 feti tteueo N. dee. II mla. umn. the school board at thstr mssUng No. M bears B, 10 deg. 11 mln. W, lol l feet; thence N. II deg. 0 ain W. lii.t feat to Cor. N. I; thenoe S. II deg. 04 mi. W. I7I.T feet to Cor. No. I; theno B. e.ndlee, slgars, milk, at., and invites yia to U (Chtrabtr Kllr, Att'y.) feet to corner No 4: Thence N. II SI' B. Chicago. St. Paul. Mln-nranolli, with cIom eon nvctlnn tor all point NOTICE OF SALS Or HEAL ESTATE. Hil l feet to oorner No. L the place of be K. 711.1 feet; theno N. 11 dag. I sals. W. Ill feet; thenc 8. 17 dag. 10 mla. W. 1U.1 Monday evening, adopted the model Dont't Forget the Number. arrat and aouth. at Fra- By virtu f aa order of th County ginning. dag. 40 mis. B. 14(1.1 feet ts Cor. Ne- 4t wooden gun to be used by the member feet; theno B. deg. 41 mln. W. 40 1 feet; Bast Table in City. Court of Lawrence Count. Bouth Dakota. tnont and Omaha 11am., Ipm VERNAL EQUINOX LODE. 95 ShermanStreet. thenoe N. 11 deg. 04 mla. B. 111.1 feet t n fhs Hls-h aohool oadets In thlr drill! duly made 00 th petition of the under- DEPOT: Lowor Main Stroot. Beginning at oorner No. I, on line 1-4 theae B. II deg, II ml. W. B4I.I feet place ef beginning. Cor. No. I theao N. I deg. 41 mla. W. 11417 feet w Cor, Na. 1 and plats ef Mineral Twin No. I Lod of thl survey, oractlc. a proposed by Drill HUMl1'- Whlt.wood.Sturgla, Rap Id. Chadroo and Intar PHILADELPHIA LODS. identical with th NW corner of the loo' IQBtf r . a B TTStailel VI tfUUB UHIIU wl 7-v. f-4 , VU IBS t IB I Beginning at the northwest oornsr ot th Qajsueakl, and in aaauion 10 wi " oif of December, HIT, I snsll, on Sstur-1 uoa. a pitch pin post I feet long, I Inches mrdlat poInU 10:46 a m 7:21 a m Heals all Hours. M&6KNNIS & PALMERLEE claim for corner No. L from whloh stand' Bell Fourcho -1:40 pm it w am st ta aour 1 square, t I feet la the ground, with LAST CHANCB NO. 1 LCDS. Beginning at th N. B. lid ancle staks ard corner ot Townihlp "5 north, rungs I Whltwood only T:I0 a m 4:40 p m mound of earth and .ton, scribed 1V-1235, .... ,a 1- ea julH,. ociees ib io iwrenooa n sain oay, Springfield military rifle) sla U oaiiure k,, m hM)l lU frool door of jlt ana 4, east, B. H. M., hear B. 10 deg. II TiokeU $5. SING YOU, Prop. . . for Cor. No. 1 front which U. H, Loo. Moa. whenc th Standard oorner of eectlons 16 Except 8undty. la. W. m.l feet distant; theses a. 11 111 tia ourehaaed by CO. A. Tor I court house la th our ef Deadwood. lu snd It, township I N., R. I EBHM, bsr sun deg. 1( mla. B. 1(2.1 feet; thn B. I d.g tue rweaiy, ten stee ami, wnuw mm . 10- ir 10- w. 1111.1 feet: Theno B. TT U( mln. B. 11U I feet; theno a 64 dag. a follow., to-Wit I No. t bear B. II deg. 07 mia, W. i. feet; theno N. 16 deg. 47 m a. W. U1.I feet to Car. No, It tteno a 61 deg. II mla. W. 12.1 feet te Cor. No. I; theno. S. I deg. 41 mla. B. :U4.7 feet to Cor. Ke, 4; tboe urget praotloe, and als of U, for tfii uss of Co. B., for th same purpose, aa or E. 10.1 feet te corner No. I; Theno S. mln. W 5(0 feet; N. M deg. Si mla. Beginning at enr No. I, from whlh IT 21' B. 105.1 feet to oorner No, 1; FRANK LAKE. New and Second Hand Goods . . W. 10 1 tseti thenoe N. S dog. II mla. W. corner No. I ot M. O. No. 61 beers aouth I Thenc N. T7 OS' W. Kl.l feet to corner th school board would aot tnaks an 41(7 feet; thenoe N. T defe 01 tela. W. W east 120 feel d latent; theno north II' N. 61 dec. 16 mln. B. 121.1 feet te Oor. Me. Ne. 4: Thence N. 27 22' W. 1011.1 feet U .nnmnplstlon far thskf PUrOhSSS th I SU.I feet to th pise ef sfialBg. 52' east 400 feet; theae north SI' M' weat I; thenoe N. I Sag. 41 mla. W. 47.1 feet t ORKYUAN AND TEAMSTER. I -KK1 oorner No. 1, th place ot beginning. CLEVELAND UbUM. vtriauon at all oourse h 16 B. bov hav cot UP the following neat p- JO0 feet ; thane south II 61' west 400 feet; 7 . ... . .v. k.i ltbsa south SI 01' east 104 feet to place Beginning at th Bonk weat earner at th Oor. No. ; thano N. 14 deg. U ml. W. 16.4 feet te Oor. No. 1 aad biu et hvts- alng. Area. tltlon to 0 preewuieu w " I of begtaalnc. eoataialng about 120.000 claim for oorner fo, l i rem walch itand Hauling of Ivory Saaortption. If you want to Buy or Hell get ard corner of Tewaiklp I aorta, raaites I men ot Che city, and we p red lot It will l,qUr feet, msre er I, la said Lawrence I -.. Ml,. SMillk rwlfAIA mm Ik. fnilMvlne Acre. .... 11.170 .... 10.114 .... 7.415 .... 10.167 ECHO FACTION LCDS. Mineral Twin No, t Lode.. Mineral Twla No. Lode. Vernal Equinox Led Roea Bell Lod and 4 east, B. H. M., sears N. IT deg. 64 Coal Delivered to any Fart 0 Beginning at tha N. T. Oer. toe Cot. Na. mla. W. 1641 1 feet dlataatl thesM B. M term., te-wtt: for . Beware of jjaltatlru iKrWSni'JwCJ their figures. Courteous treatment to all. "W. th undemlgned cttlssoa of 1 from which 0. S. Los, Moa, N. (4 bee deg. St mla. B. 110 fet theao S. IS deg the Cltr. Dated UU 7th day of May. A. D., llll. ALICE M. OUILD. 41 mln. B. Ittl.l fst; Uo N. (I deg. 11 I Md. Lawrence County and State of Total area of Survey No. llll 11.171 AdnlDtttratrii ef the Biute ef N. 28 deg. 60 mln. B. 1461 fsttt hnoo S. U deg. SO mla. W. lol l feet to Cor. Ne, t thoeoe N. II deg. 44 mla. TA, 1114 feet t mln. W. 141 feet; N. II deg. II mla. Deadwood, - South Dakota !!la Thl claim I situated near the head of South Dakota, appreciating the advan Ro. 621 Lcwsr Main J treat. W. 411.1; N. deg. II bus. W. HI T John Guild, deceased, (First PablleattoB May 11, 1IM.) (he West Branch of Two Bit Creek, about thru mils Southeasterly from Deadwood, feet to plao of beginning. tares of drill aa exemplified by their IOWA LuuB. south Dakota, which 1 th aoarest bual Oor. No. theooe S. II dag. M mla. W. 190 lest ta Cor. No. 4 Ueaoe S. 61 . II mla. B. 411 feet ta Cor. No. 1; theece li. Tt deg. 10 mln, B. Set feet te Cor. No. It Beginning at th orth weat serser st th public appearance upon the depart ur. of our contribution to th defenders of Be center of Importance. Notici tf Til Payers. claim for orar Ma. 1. from whiok staa Hotel Farcro, johm baggaley, Th location of th mine are record thenoe N. II deg. 14 mla. B. I&0.I feet ta ard corner of Town tip I aorta, raage Th our nag, who eo recently departed tor following order wai mad by th ed In the office ef the Register of Deeds of and 4 east, B. H. M., bears S. IT deg. 11 Cor. No, 1 aad plao et beananleg. . . ... .... 1- tr. .heir Main I board ; Lswrenc county. Bouth Dakota, as fol mln. W. 1151.1 feet distant) thsnoa S. 11 lows: iu. --" - - - 1 ..Th, fact of thr being a larg sum ot try's call, wtth the blessings and pray- lmon,, du, th, e-junty from various parties Mlnlnzsna Rail Estate Broke dag. It mla. B. II7.S teett theno S. I deg. mineral Twin No. 1 Lodv, original eertlfl A mln. B. (50.7 feat; these S. II dag. 16 AT Hot Springs, Sot.h Dakota, eat book 70 at peg. 114; Mineral Twla No. rs of our whols cnmmunRy for tneiTiwhoa personal property taxes hav be- . . I MSSM et-all HMiassnl Is fAtMsa etssst tsl Skan tAtl. mln. B. 411.1 feeti theae N. St deg. 11 Deadwood, 8. D. 1 Lode, original eertlScst. book 70 at neg mis. W. 141.1 feet; thenoe N. II deg. U neaitn, euw su r--. - 1 commissioner hav deemed It proper to mln. W. 466 feet; theao N. I deg. 00 bus. Ing desirous to assist In ths promotion I gtre thl publi notlo t all person who! book 70 at pas III; Vrnal Equlnog Lod, Hcilier ofDcaiwoci stocl Exctiaiise w. 1111.1 feet te pi 1 beglaaiag. I . . x ha tuiui-slar. er may be la arrears with such taiea, all right, G thfr original certincat. book TO at page oi. you w.ll. ana lunuwr OT..vruVM. I i.t mm ..ill l,.l.t an mmI tk. Munt. Area. Aerea, Dalr la Mlnlni stocks and Raal Th ndjolnlng claimant ar on th Will ntertatn whatbaralck or for a chng . HomeeUke Practice Lads 1.71 defenders or our ooumtry, OT,U ltresrer t So hi. full duty la regard to North White Fraction Lod; en th But Bryan Lode.... 1.4 I in nMi. and enoourxgelQl I ths collection of these tax, snd If thsy EaUt. Btaamahlp sad Railroad TlotaU bought and sold. aipp Fraction and Horn Silver Lode, ea Ooldea Oata Lode 14 u south and was: unknown. , ., . , , K,..lar not tattled on or be for th first day of la mllUary spirit and perfection In phyi Ju, th u mM Proev(. to forc I hlladelphta Lode 11 Any and all persons claiming adversely. Are. aVihs Led, so II Daisy No. 1 Lede, ,,..11 14 Daisy No. ft, ll I Laat Chaao Ne, 1. ,, I t ' Laat Chaae No. I, ,,,,,, .... .n Boh Free Uoa , 4.U Total Area, ........ ,,,.,.69.21 lltl.l Uaear (est la elalnted running Borthwrty frcm dloovry abeft, ea u Lut Cbsno Ne, t Led and 10 fa run a;g southerly (rem dleeovery U.t ea tmsmt Chaae No. I Led. SiM ltisr fwt la alairaed raaalsg aertiiailr nd t-4 f4 southerly from discovery tMt ut Daisy No. I Lod let ! feet I eU'-r-t r alng sortharty and tot re, re tn. r i srly from d: ace very. ha'. e tae t No. t Lode 1l feet ta elaiuied r -n g ertherly aad TI3.I feet rsoti g ,, .,,y from dlsoovsry hsft ea ta Bh l. . td.l feet I claimed running. oiO y aad 100 t running outhsriy trem - Cleveland Lode 1.4 leal deva ooment among tne cnnaren oi collection by distress sad i or such per Everything Firtt-Class. any portion of aald Mineral Twin No. 1 mm I . . . . 4m . . .wImii.I tkmiiet aa will ha luftnlmt tn n. HI Iowa Lode , Its Lod, Mineral Twin No. I Lod. Roia Ball. our city, cneerruiiy conininn. v- -r- - -r " Lode, and Vernal Boslioa Lods, Mine I mms et oppoelte our respective name I "This I a friendly warning to all. You Total Are Ol-Ttl in ) noi-re Onnnrr-. an mmm I ilieh.nntrtnthiinn.rvn.i I surfsc ground, are required te file their Th presumed llreetloa et the lede Us eiin, .riv "iwil p.wHhmittinm4imtnuwl II of each et eald claims and the somber et W. H. MOORE Dlaclismitii and feet la each dtraeUoa treai th ror the purenase ot arms "''"",' ""J- advr claim with th Register of th the Board of Education of our city, to ".wu Zlli be used by our boy for thslr advance- J. ihmuee LrS.l!4.B..5 " 'KS a at OtOfl WBO pJ Hmf wUM ronptlf . - a.tK1lTilei KsaMsf M th.. .will wl 1 haft oa aald olalma are as foliewai Homaetak Fraotlo Led, B. I deg. sat iA(ailf sil.ti tliautAkim B Fwwiiv-aiiww saw. tvi , l Mr will saw Lfmi nniin n mla. B. 760 feet north weatsrly and Til feet OtAOWOOO S. O. CHAS. E0HL, Pro pile tor, red by the virtue et the provision! of the The members of the sign ecnow cavit.t. iouiheaatrly; Phlladalphla Led, S, T de. BlBlUlB, kvVstNvwe m latl J. M. PISH. Chairman. to mln. B. and S. II dec. 5 mla. W. TU dHs met at thelrarmory Monday area A. K. QARDNER. Jm 4 - ma j. Jm9 AtteK. J. B. WELCH, County Auditor. test northweetarlr aad Til fiet aeulhaaa Wagon r.laKor. Register. I ir 'riN Marl wall Ing and elected the following officers I.. lu ti iu !. f Ih. arHnril IT IS HEREBY ORDERED. That the jrly; Iowa Lode, S, f sg. M mla. B. aad 1 II deg. it mla. B. t40 feet sortaweaterly of u noiu unr un. . MW... uvaetus unerne foregoing Notice et Application for Patent I .... s ntiiivnuf BmasjBB) a a-" nviivai n only plao la town to get a good luaea. renewing la th BILL Or FARE JIam BauMtoBlood. Sauaago Cbaoa. Bwlia. Sauiaga eumm.r, Chun Brick. Sauaago Llv.r, 0a--Ltmbrgr, Chwao "mearcaaa, i vtv.. r w-re - - u h published for the period ef 40 days (ten and 741 feet sotAheaateriyi CUveiaod Lod, 4. 10 deg. tl mla. M. T0 feet serthwesterly year. Bernard Hooges wi l tioUet is hereey give thst the reguU- . Jl Jv'J Cr1 r N. r oaeeuuve weexa) m th pioneerTtme. to the rank of Major of Ba tall ion, and I an sua! meeting of the V. a. Grant Mining tnd 701 feet outhMterIyi Bryaa Lode, S. m dally nswspsper publlihed at Deadwood, Horustioilnj ui eininl It deg. II m'a. B. ViA feet Berth wesUrly company will be held at tb efSoe et P. L Inibbs. Saemaa stmt, DeaJwesd, S. D., at the others aa follows: south pahota. snd 7rl. feet iuMtrly Ool dsn Oil A. K. GARDNER, CO. A. t l-,v'. r i r -.1. unai' Lod, a. sg. 4 sua. w. a. ii ag. n Vfll.1. 4 VVx I Reglater. jieMAs arMinY Chat. Luaaler-CaiUln. m ceeo W a... Miunwfi a., .. iwr th purpose ef sleeting a board of director 1st U sssulaii year and Itts tsatlos st ach other stalls aa may prep arty mla. W. and a. U de, u gria, w. T14 feet nortt.asterly aad 6l feet as- w ter!y. eovery nart ea ma ab r-Mtio lav, 417.1 feet la claimed running weei-H? : g 101.1 feet running tarly ttm Cuover .haft, Magnatl eartattos 11 degrta Esst. Th loos Uoa ef tilts b!i In reowved la th Register ot Deeds Ci. ct Is i;r-' Count S. D.M followai l't rwtc Ka. 1 Sa tMkuk 104 page ttl) t.--t 4 . a h . 1, la book 104 paw l:"li tt- 'T Ho, t tn t-" t 104 at peg tm Delay he, I, I hooh l 4 Pts til; Echo Loo In b-x. lil t t I, aad Eohe rracuoe ta both L.I at x.. W. . Th adjoining lJmaBts an -uiknewn to tlst. Any aad all perso-Mi g''Bt aJ-fi'y aay portion of aa;d TUt C t . 1 ad I. Daisy No, t -d i. j. ,t 4 Ech tree do ails er r o r' 1 are required to f.e t,tr a r-..,lr.J-joJn J'urw' T? i N.roi li-.-. r:Mp M-jnf v..i. HiMil.-Bea, fci.h'W keite- Th location ruiats et tvee mtnes . (First FUbiioation stay 1, iim.) (UartlB A Mason,. Atfys.) NOTICB Or IIHERIrrS BALE. Howard 8med 1st Lleutenaat. Eugene Wilson Ind LleiitsttanC CO. B. I ha for u meiung. Rcpaliies Dom oi Short Kotlsi. All Kinds of Carriage and Wagon Wod'o Carriage Furnishings. ... k u a. ,hlM W.M. ViinA.ieB lc .lirink"fi ir.,n. .a qateklf Sit JOHN BAKER, Be. nee. It MmmKmrm or (oaa. . reeordsd la the o so ct tit f .eflster ef Deed ot Lawro Coua'y, t a Dakota, la book 111. psvs 14, , A aad book 7, page 411, 411 aad 417. ad Ch. rrangfort.ra, pigr ri, gRt Boiled. Wl.n.rwurat, , Sard Is. Sour Tongu. rirklad Hartiof. Dill Plchl. Chow Chow. Dried Beat, Plcklrd El, Blue Fln. Fromaga de Brla, Hand CheM. Salt Sardelle. Imported Frankfurter, Aaehevl, Salmon. Lobster, Carlar, Appetite Salad, Neufchattel Che Birr a Cbeeee. H runs a good clean comfortaoli llaca. OI him a call and b convlnc-4 that It la tha "Only" plaos la tavn. Stat ef South Dakota, rouaty of Law I it rrtu In i M"" ITIcefl.Pe. nss, . i AdHii.i . Mrif.M .mj to eiMj ee (Marti A Mason, Attorney.) Joseph Knlfhr-C4JtAln. renoo. In Olrsult Court. Eighth Judicial NOTICB Of SALS Or RAAL ESTATE. Ralph roglsnog---lst Ueuteaant, S. kl.i... IHSAro. If rear araaaiel hmt aet Tb adlolnlag clairss ea C aerth, east By -etrtae et a or Bar and deer et th fount Court ef Lawresoe Oountr. Bouih .Jk:.'ir,,rKW. at . -H-eta Bennett Drwy-Hd LlwUt-eevnL Circuit Nathaa Hall PUInUff. ) vs. ) lwa 0. Lsvlae, t al., 'Defendant) and wsai ar Gkwn aa tia aeutk aid olim ar besaaed by ta rt-alaa aad . raafaiee. rwiiH. ihw. .Meeww The eotaDMwndacit wlU appoint Che I Daheta, ma the petiuea f tb aader x t and Fine St. Deadwood, 8. D. Haiti lone, (surrey Ne. 1331.) Any and all Person eJaimiag aseriy gargsant Major aad Adjucact at n.k, nM t Jam k, r. Miller, deoea. Nstlo I hrby glrje, That by vlrtur. of any portloa ef Bkit mln er rfaos Foreetoaur and aals la th abovs sou Jd nvMainw. Id, fee a eeaer te eJI the real estate et lmiA aa tka talk ml actio a U ttih day of April, A. D.. lid. riLED FOR RECORD. I . sober. 1(2. I eVs,!. r after th sad aa sxecstlo itaued upoa aald Judg ment, the subscriber, Matt Plunkett, Sher Ol TFII TP w"0". claim wita th Re Rtar a t l -. t Bute Land , at T 1 t r la th Biat ef Bout I ' -, t t . txty day period ot p'-iU. t , t r Uey wi.l k tarred 1 lu.. t.' i vuMoa et th tiatat. . a. k. atx-. ground ar required te ate tnetr alveree "lalma with the ttsftister of tee Va-te tate. Land efflo at lur't C:y ta u Sit of South Daktta, d.-tf th -.y period et pubUaatioal krt, er t r will be barred by virtu et ta srwtlwuu terotVe IS ef Lawrnc County, Stat of bou'b Da rAIUllO PROCURED. Sell. Arbert C Sonuti, to . u. nafum, v kota. for that purpose appointed, wll sell tjeai I ad M private eale, ift real aatsta deeerlbed a foUewa, te-wlt! Leu M, M, H, 4. 4. l30f 1 a Uoa el ramose rrencn pbystrtan. win miy euro yw o t subH auotloa at the frost door cf th aims of land oa Redsr raUey. in roes Ofoty-a.a ea nt. iww.i yr.u, euea aa mHi 41, 49, 4T an t. la aiocc , Belia St., EUQENE W. J0IIN30M, ot tb Btatut. Court House la the City ef Deadwood. umiibkJ'Mnal DPI, VBhllX lAwrenee eoaaty IU00 County of Lawreaee aad State of South we .-, oiinji .naBKaa, nerenna fc-u,- mm to Marry, kaknUaPr.lia, Vvtwwt i toi- ail Ineee ky clay e nieik sei. --. , wliieti U noicherk.d m eeenimsir- e Deadweo, ta iLawreau cevaiy, suta ue kota. ee th fiawUB !. te-wni Oaah. bowlpctloa. ii Dakota, ea Saturday th tlth day of May tmol a.-iiarf W. H. Baker to Ctrl waiia. one-iouna tod I wntis i ny m i(t at th otlo et , AXD- ATTDRXEV lei now ere. (trlb.. - -- - - - - - - - ail Lbs korronef iii. at 10 e clock is th forenoon of thl ErORCaaaArTKII the ue-w r''d la Lusdweod, B. D. hidnevsand me Binary A. sc. QAxrrr t :. It I hareby ordered, thst ft t .-rf ollr ef AppUcatloa t- I nwt, he Itebed for the petted of slaty Cys L tM Dead wood Pteer-T1ne, if ' aspufia) day, th Mat aut and mortgaged tvreia lrrtret In Taa. Bob WhHa, Cross Kos. 1 aad Is oer-haJf interest la Oe et-eriftheaeaBd reMores .mall weak ortana, IT IS H?"T3Y c: " " fcreritet Kt,e of Ar ..on 1 be j....,.4 t t tli 1 . (te eemeeouOve w . t Time a da!y 1 -Deadwood, lwro VeAea skis lira er m "j iw ii rrpittcwi lbe r-aeeq. si rTPIBCTOI T&e rmmmto I. benuiM eVner eat eee a I .tu Huat la tha Ottaaty ef Lawrence r.r.r. are nofcaree pt ew ML' Ual t I patutt CAirs, . , 1TB) VW Ycjh Ave Waahlrrtoo, D. 0. aad Stat et I with !, ag d I reeled tr- neva, wtt&tk latereet la Dills, AdalaUoVsjiBP rUh mm Bt P. hutMr. de I id JudffTasa t and 2neoui.toa te s o!4 per published at Deade, i . I 1 a. tb tte Jaase K. Hattle, Nellie, Beaale aad Clara lodes Paaaa.ttM C C ft i t i. i. the eni t eeed v m e.e o e... t - Sa A wms fewsee (tees "d aiAn. retoimed If MS ln eva.i ft Wet 1 n1-" UtaTaoe$ eal iMrtuivvtWHtewMia " SJraAfalkal4aC.KaM JhjeSBTs m. rSavKXLiM, Pavia&ca rmsMixr, cz&owooai m, b. i I sad therein Seaeribed 1 1 follow; A. Si. ta- I, Paa ffMlsfce lSea. Charteal tn CaiMhtete CBBf fvw Urtrat XkUehUea Asrti M, mi) I Aa undivided ta iita (111) tatar

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