The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on October 4, 1900 · Page 9
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The Weekly Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 9

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 4, 1900
Page 9
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24th YEAR. DK AD WOOD, S. D., THURSDAY, OCTOBER 4, 1900 fivp: cents. LOUCKS SEES A LANDSLIDE. for it3 dissolution under (iie United '....f-rto nr irfT ROOSEVELT IS IN BRYAN'S TOWN stances I have cited, of populista going back into the republican party In te Hills region, may be duplicated, I have no doubt, on the east side of the river. I have been in only one county on this side of the river to make a speech in this campaign, 'lhat was at Wessington Springs, in Jerauld county, and I found the saute thing there. I am going to be in the am-, paign from this time until election, and I am certain I shall see in the other counties what 1 have nole.l m the portions visited. Up in Brookings county, where I. ion. the fusion nominee for governor, formerly lived, nntl where commenced his savings and loan project, subsequently removed to Sioux Falls. F. O Peterson, who was a delegate to the populist convention at aYnkton, at the time Lien was nominated, has tome. iit in a letter bitterly denouncing him and declaring that not only himself, but scores of other populists in Brookings county absolutely will not support him. This is an iirtiica- and officers all over the country have been uotitied anu every effort is being made to tint) the murderer. Mr. and Mrs. Herdman have lived in the Hills for about tlfree years, and so far as ,s kuov.h, had no enemies. They lived happily together and on pleasant terms with their neighbors Mr. Herdman said yesterday that he didn't suppose either of them had an enemy iu the world Yet it was one of the most brutal, coltl blooded murders ever committed in this country. When Mr. Herdman aroused the neighbors yesterday morning, they remembered having heard a noise and shots, and the fireman at the Kicking Horse heard the noise made by the t utting of the telephone wire about 12 o'clock, but no one investigated at the time. Someone came lo Dead wood for the sheriff, who notified the coroner, and both went out at out e A coroner's juryer was ein-pannellod by Dr Zcrling. coroner, consisting of John Little. W. C. Murphy anil ('.. V. ('rise which found that deceased cume to her death by murder committed by some person unknown. The facts seem to indicate that the murder was deliberately planned by Miintfone familiar with the place ami sun cyindin'gs, ami with the life of the family, as Mr. llerdman had gone on itiulit shift only that night Mrs, Herdman whose maiden name was Mabel Scott, was born in Boone i omit v. Iowa, and was not unite 22 year-, old Sin- was a woman of linns I States anti-trust laws. 1 his was the first action ever brou rt against a trust of this kind. anM 'he outcome of the suit is being ca.- rly looked for by representatives of all the big trusts, since if Mrs. Metealf m successful a'' of the large industrial rporations will have to be roorga d or stand suit of a similar natu ior their dissolution. Davenport's M' jrer Swings. SKATTLK. Wash . Oct. 2 If ad-viees from Dawson nf the sentence of Alexander Kins, adjudged guilty of the murder of Herbert Davenport, of Paterson. N. J., be correct, he was hanged today. The murdered confess ed his crime Davenport was freighting goods to King down tlu Yukon to Dawson, and kept striking on the sand liars. King told him that if it happened again lie would kill him. and when the scow struck another bar. King coolly drew his revolver and emptied it into Davenport's body, killing him instantly. Daly Faction in Convention. Itl'TTK. Mont . Oct. 2 Til.' I Hilly win: f the Mont. inn ! lenitwraey is tnefting in hrlv tol;iy 'I'll.' n- A' iat"y I'll ll-i'Il .-iris.-h.-l 'lie I M.I. p.-ll'lel" ! ti-nH" HI 1 f M!'!V l! o'je. ' 1- .! 1 . il tn )' th" I.- 'ft! Willi itti I )'.. ! til" led. Ill p! n 'ii "f 111" 'oi i ' . s III!- -Ml fl out I ' '!! tel. g. i I,! l .I'. l ' I -. ll'l hods Hn Fredericksburg Veterans, n.rci .Ki;i. Ksiti !:;. .. . . : Tin i. i gi!M. iii i tin ' rt.h: i.. i-,.: !i. r i i tin: battlefield hire thirty-eight years ago an- Ir.l.liiiL.-:...;,y. Th.v I"' ill: - I y til, i: ;i n i ; li ., ai .Q; li--v.. luiii. I: ' I. The h. .ill in Hi.' I'.cl in lie Heights. Im: Marv's Implement Manufacturers. MflvWAl'KEK. Wis.. Oct. J - The ot -ganizat.ion represent ing the largest iimtitint of capital of any association in th country', barring the railroad a-ssooia-tlona, namely the National Agricultural Implement and Vehicle Manufacturing Association, will meet In this city this Bionth. It Is expected that there will be ovt.r 200 delegates, besides a great num-Ixir of visitors at the convention. Tha organization embraces all manufacturers of farm implements. Hill Tried for Murder. CAMDEN. N. .1., O.t. 2 The trial of Robert F. Hill, who was indicted by the grand jury for the murder of his wife in a fit of jealousy, began here today. He plead not guilty. o Catholic Women's University. WASHINGTON", D. C, U. t. 2. The studies in the new Catholic woman's university here began today. This is the only institution of its kind iu. the United Suites, and with a .single exception. I be only one in the world. The ihatrs ami s. holarshtp-s have been donated by various Catholic women's ions ihrougli- oul jibe ouniiy. The doors of tbe institution are open wide to the woiion of the Unite.! Stales. Women i.r all . i I t tin attend. KEYSTONE CLUB COMING. Twenty-five Members From the Lively Camp. Will Arrive Today. V. 1 1. W hitney ,nd A. !'. Fay, of Keystone, airhed ill Jieadwood ye. terday ;i fternoon . and will reinaiu until after ttH- lioo-e,dt tH'inoiistration tonight. Tl.ev stato that a large df le gation fniia the i.; wo;i.- reti;li. ,:;i . li.!. will it .a li iiete ;bi , v nm oil , the regular incoming I : s !iit;.ton pas .-eimer train, uiittib. i ing probably twenty five or l tuny, wearing badges. The il.'leta'ioli will ii.'.ve a special train between Key-tone anil liiil City. Messrs. Whitney and Kay are forest rangers for the southern Hills, ami their business here is to rcpoi t to Forest Supervisor llaliiaker. They I came, up thru the timber of the eastern portion of the Blat k Hills, and their i teports will deal with the conditions or the timber reserve pn the western siope of the Hills, and they will also make reports on that. Keystone, they say. has a republican dub of 136 members. ThU is remarkable, considering that four years ago Bryan had a m ajar ity of 9 votes In the precinct. - TOe Penningtotn county convention for the nomination of candidates was held at Keystone a 6hort time ago. and these gentlemen state that it was more like a Fourth of July celebration than a convention. The town was filled with people and the .convention was preceded by a magnificent patriotic demonstration, consisting of a parade br rough ridera and a public flag raising, at which everyone in the town was present The convention passed off with a great degree of harmony, and a remarkable fact was that nearly all nominations were by acclamation. t . a JINtno ncjLui THE WAGE ONER l,ey Demand That Grieyn ces be Civen Attention First. opes of an Early Settlement are Being Abandoned at Scranton. WUKKSHAURE. Pa... Oct '-'- Spe- Jjl-A monster miners ui'iuouMid-L was held bore today. There was naratie with twenty uiuusauu " v , i ... i ........ , . . i, Id boys in ""'. Jl,li"u' a l" l" liners' con tuition voieu oul o. ayc... e ten per cent or any uluoi imicase jltll their grievances are umjuu.- adjusteil. SCKANTON, I'a.. Oct. 1'ecial. - bright hopes "I a speedy atljtisi e lent ot t lie miners miiuu " no III e el y w ath tii in.- t . . , I, r. illlllol II 1 Mil " oi promise of T '-- - Ni w York operators last wirk. : tira.liial It inn aw ay. 1 lie lo- i istt-rod a kick at a i 1 opuaK Jcetitu; t Wilkesbario ye.-torilny ami . ,e mil" init business 111" Ti ai e i lam ttling liiii K into the old mood ! jayini; the game ot wait. u 1 1 e- i j body willies to m'i; tin; strike end th. miners sav they will s-tarve i ithertnan aeeept a settlement on tie ie-sided basis ottered by the opera- I Irs. What they wnat more than an Jvance in wages is an adjustment or eir many grievanees. o Burglars Rob the Vatican. PjOME, Oct. 2. Special. During iinday's festivities at St. Petersburg kthedral, burglars entered the de- Arted part of the Vatican, broke into ,e strong box anu stole several min ed thousand francs. o : Managers After Harrison. NEW YORK. Oct. 2. Special. Ix-Presldent Harrison is here. He (fuses to commit himself on whether Intends to make campaign speech-this fall. The republican mana- rs are making an extra effort to get m to agree to take the stump. 4 . ill Nominate erince .David. W HONOLULU. S. I.. Oct. 2. Special. frThe democrats will nominate Prince avid, nephew of Queen Lll, for terri- rial delegate to congress. David as also a delegate to the Kansas Ity convention. 0 " Conspirators Ordered Punished. WASHINGTON. I). C. Oct. 2 ecial. Minister W'u today handed. 8 state department a copy of the perial Chinese decree, where the peror orders tho chief conspirators the recent outbreak punished. is includes Tuan and other rebel inces. Bryan's Car Desecrated. LA CROSSE, Wis.. Oct. 2. Special. Mr. Bryan finish.; . a verv successful y's speaking 'here tonight, mostly Minnesota. A bin crowd beard the feech here. While Hrvan's car was landing in tho Minneapolis vards Ist night vandals stripped the flag" d decorations off. Nebraska Poll Favors McKlnley. CHICAGO. Oct. 2 Shecial A care ! Poll Tif Nebraska by the republi-n state central committee is half fmpleted and shows that McKinley ilkely to overcome Brvan's fifteen lousand majority of four years ago pi rarrv tho ctoio Youtzv Trial Rninar K" v Off 9 sin... M The trial of Henrv Youtzv on te charge of complicity in the Goebel SiSfllnatinr, wo. i f-wvernor Taylor -will testify by FIWBUll on. Unldn Veterans. WASHINGTON, n r; net a. ki mportant conventions the r!on Veteran's -Union encampment. l the Woman's Veteran Relief iwon meeting began here today. It L ; fifteenth annual encampment icmaing vlsitori, about 15,000 peo-le fe In attendance. , nS8uit V BderU Anti-Truat Law. l2?yV. N. Y., Oct 2.-The ar-v ln tamouii caae o Caro-fbiwp! Maina the American kaa fnralture company and others "BuS! dl8trJct bef0re aertS!nS."g" t jhe , w-huoi jmrnitnre company i He Talks of the Political Outlook in the Black Hills. Anybody who has ever known anything of politics in South Dakota needs not be told very much regarding me ability of H. 1. lxiucks in reaching the people or in estimating a political situation, says the Sioux City Journal. He was the father of populism in that state and mustered a strength which kept the republicans guessing until fusion projects destroyed the identiy t ' the party, and t.ten Mr. I.oucks left it because he did not purpose to act as an adjunt t to detnocra -y. Two years ago be openly declared his determination to act rather with the rt publii ans. ami a large following of nu n who were populists for populism's sake went with him. He is now in the campaign for McKinley. feeling certain that Die principles for which he has labored cannot depend upon the democratic party for 1 ornio'tion. Last evening he was in Sioux City on his way home from the Black Hills, where he has just !-!itred fifteen political speeches; anil if bis juilmont is as good as it used to be there is in store for the republi-i;:ii, a ubiiioiis victory west of the Vi.-souri. and it is bis guess the same . ondit ions prevail east of the river, a I tho be bas not had the same oppor-i unity lo ib-tiiii-tely test tbe sentiment In . p.: -iking of the t a mpainL-n . be -aid I don't Hit it I'll! n of t!f a safe to v ill ee bow I t an be fooled I hay bee,, in every set Hill country . and it was ; to ionl, into the matter bet t hat very eount y out ive a majority for the re-" I iil.ii. ; 1 1 1 tii-ket and Frank I'ett iirew yyill not get a silicic senator or mem bef of tin- bouse not one. I was as toni-bed at Die number of former pop ulists who are coming over lo the republicans. 1 personally know the most prominent populists in that section, and many of the rank and file, and there is a landslide back to republicanism among those who hail gone into the people's parly du'-'ng the time of its great growth. Two years ago the republicans had something like r.OOO majority in the state, and a tremendous part of this was due to populists returning to the party. There will be enough of them this year to assure 10.000"hiajority and others are coming from the democratic party as well. It is my judgment that South Dakota this year will astonish everybody with the republican succes it will record. Populists Are Silent. "I noticed in a recent interview with Senator Pettigrew that he said the populists are not saying much in this campaign, which he regartled as rather singular, because they are naturally agitators. I believe 1 am in a posl tion to know something of the reason for their silence. They are simply disgusted with I he way the y.arty has been betrayed into the toils of democracy, and thev don't purpose, to in (iorse it. Sen:. tor I'cttigrow may count on it that tne silence of the populists mean" St hem. s to use t test rut tion o(l(s people a s a cats- paw. "A multitude of cases . ould be ( 1 1 u in 'i atetl in w lib b t he Bryan strength of four years ago has cozed away since that tune. For instance, in isle; there were only four stumpers It oni Lhe, BJa,!;1, Hills region who spoku-.enst of the river in Hie interest of tbe demo! rati, '.undulate. They were Judge A. J Plow-pin 11. populist ; S. !. Young, fit" s ("oltua-i (ieofge. tats 'l'l.i- y.-ar .". . ro-n is on th.- stump i vt ; : publican ; . ion i at . This i y mi.- of t hose u- M , -KiiiJoy and That is a sam pu lil it an t :t lo t . .it oi the changes thai hav taken I'.'.o e ami are sun in piogio-s. "State Senator N' w la ml oi lbit.!'" ounty. tertainly one of the very stronee.t populists in the Black Hills, has deserted the fusion projs . t and is out for MtKinley. Dr. Flick and Mr. Lewis both prominent democrats of Pennington t ounty, and Abe Boland vtar every one of these men da. e ago went over to free silver and Dry anism with Pettigrew, are this year supporting the republican ticket. Robert Woods of Custer county, who for years has been prominent as an anti republican leader, is out for McKinley. Peter Miller, formerly a populist leader in Butte county, was chairman of the republican county convention held the other day. He Predicts Defeat. "These are a few of the things which make me feel so sure that every county in the Hills will give a republican majority, and that Petti-grew's senatorial aspirations will not get an atomr of support from that section in Ofe next legislature. Two years ago the republicans had about two-thirds majority in the legislature on joint ballot with only about 5000 majority, on .the state ticket How can it possibly have any less on joint ballot with a state majority twice as large as two years ago? The in- The Governor Takes Ihe Capitol of Nebraska by Storm. He Is Given a Contlnuons Ovation in Crossing the State. Great Northern Tunnel. SBATTLR,, Oct. 2 -The ffre;. Nortljorn Cascade tunnel .from Wellington to Cascade, Is practically completed. The .work was one of the greatest railroad englnnerlng feats In the world. The road .surmounts the mountain divide, n. tvwn Urn tyvt towns by menus of a series of Rtt Itt'hb.acks. There are nine nf Uiose each, with a spur 1,000 feet. long. The total distant e across ttio mountain Is twelve miles. The tunni 1 will t'tlllse tin sw i ii-hl'.-if k to ho abandoned, the mountain climbing to he done nway with ntul i.'biii. I':.- distance to less thMi three nll. - - - - - , LINCOLN. Neb. Oct. 2 Governor Knott -veil took Bryan's town Ity stum this afternoon. His first speech this morning was at North Platte. The ovation was continuous across the entire state. Hu arrived here at four o'clock this afternoon. Excursion trains from all directions brought In enthusiasts until the streets were packed. It is estimated that twenty thousand people heard his speech at the Capitol grounds. 0 Bryan's Defi. (Standing Adv. in Bryanite Papers.) "The republican party today dare J?0.1 deisnd thtjjjojiojc Ja the jfhWppine. islands. The republican party today Is responsible for ever drop of blood drawn from an American soldier in the Philippine Islands or drawn by an . American soldier. There never was any oct asioii.for war in the Philippines. There never would have been war In the Philippine islands if the republican partj bad dealt with the r illplnos accordln to American principles." V. J. Bryan's Speech at Indianapolis. Answered by Col. James A. George. (Democrat.) at Delaunay's hall, Cen tral City, South Dakota, October 1st, 1 110(1. Col George took up the Bryanite statements and negatived them at length, and every assertion he made was based on fact and fully supported by a preponderance of evidence. The s th will bo published in full In the Pioneer Times Thursday. SYRUFrFlGS Actsflcasaiitfy andfivmpty. Cleanses the System Gehlly and Effectually when " .bilious or" costive. resents in the most aoceptxbleorm the lajratjy principles of plants AnoH-n to net most: if.neficialy. TO GET ITS BENEFICIAL EfFZCTS BUY THE GENUINE MANFD. BY CALIFORNIA FIG 5TRUPC0. SAN FRANCISCO. CAL. 10UISVIU.E.KY. NEW YORK. .Y. for ssl ty &nfsrj VQC fir Icfffe. d:; r -W tion of some hard sledding which the fusion state ticket is striking." Mr. Boueks says that wherever he goes he finds that the paramount issue with tho people is not anti-imper ialisni. nor trusts, nor free silver, but that it is. "Let well enough alone " On his tour he not only talked to voters in public meetings, but he -at down and talked with them singly and in knots in hoi.-ls. stores, shop- and offices, and found tbe overwhelming tooling to be that imperialism is a bugaboo. So far as tbe trust issue t -toncoriied. it. is becoming rapidly understood that tin Bt y metes ,, t. .i. the legislation which th" i ojniblie.-iiis undertook in Hie lnsf i tuigr. lo of leeliyely bllllg tills!.- illnbl colltlol. anil that this defeat was onb ;! i mise "otherwise the .llestiiii yyonb! have been taken out of the campaign, ami the democrats hail to have it to bowl about, just as Bryan 'admits lie tavoretl the ratification of the Philippine treaty with Spain in order that he might have imperialism to howl about. Democrats Gathering. INDIANAPOLIS, hid., Oct. 2. Democratic clubs from all over the conn-try are arriving here today, to attend the national convention of democratic clubs, which will open here tomorrow. It ,irlH be one of the greatest political gatherings the country has ever known. Fully 60,000 visitors are expected. The convention will he attended by the greatest ora'ors and most profound democrats In the party. 0 WOMAN MRUDERED AT GARDEN CITY. Mrs. Mabel Hi rdmaii. wife of L. B. Herdman, engineer at the Kicking Horse, was murdered Sunday night at her home in Garden City. .She was shot four times with a large calibre revolver, once thru fhe heart, onto in the right shoulder, once in the left arm just above the wrist, anil once in the- back, the shot in the back glancing anil coming out thru the side. The shooting must have occurred !.' tween 11 and 12 o'clock, as Mrs. No-'iiin,'ww')id 'lives' only a few roils fituu the house, heard shots in Die night, and got up and looki I out. but In at ing and seeing nothing, want bud; to bed ami bofoio sue went to sleep the clot k struck l we e. .Mr-. Herdman wlUi alone with her Hire., little .bib dren. aged lia and three year-, and eight mouths, and the murder yy a - nJt (listmeleil until her ll'lt-bini'l Civile Inline about -i o'tloek f-tr dSy tnoiniiig. The back door had been broken in wnli an ax. The ti ' ynr-old boy says that an oid man came ill wi'h a laiiieiii ami that ! t-mother jumped "Ul of bed and -:t!'l "TOU get OUt of 'here." The I,, oil asked "Whores Lafo ' in. .iii.ns , r husband and d. ansyv.r.d. "Up at the shaft. Th.- man sad, "S-. . iSli't." and then Hsked. ' Do.i t oci know me"' She replb-d, "No.' an 1 the man began shooting. IB-re. the child s,T.-. be and his lit'le ,-istt r were so frightened tin y- hid under the bed clothes and they knew no more about it. Later on. the baby fell out Of bed. nnl the boy got up and put It back. The sill of the one window in the room is covered with blood, showing the woman mast "have tried to escape that way. after she had been shot. The glass in the window is shattered and the screbn shows two bullet holes Which would Indicate that thv fiend had shot at her there. , f There seems to have been no motive but murder, as nothing in the house was disturbed. There was thirty dollars lying loose in a drawer in the bureau, but apparently no effort was made to find anything. The telephone Wire at the. Kicking horse, the only telephone in Blacktail, was cut and a bay horse belonging to Matt Cart, roll was stolen-.,.. Several days- ago a addle and bridle were, stolen from Carl Moberg. There is so far little or BO clue to the murderer and the motive is a complete mystery. Sheriffs nal beany and personal attractions.-wa.-. devoted to her husband, her t bil ' it and her home. Il.r mother, who is liying in Denver, was untitled . I . rdav and if she desires it . I In- I'odv will be sent there for burial a cnMi'i.rrn: chanck. Bet u ceii Sunday, supper and Alou day breaklast a- complete ihaiifee was wade in the pertontiel oi Lie KullocK and new laces n placed those familiar by association lor uie past lour years. Those Who nat. liecli in the house luiir,! .-t and win bo missed more than the uuiein aic James Gusper, chief cleik, v. ho was in at almost the beginning and has been efficient, courteous and popular; Cluude Williams, head porter, who has done more to add to the "di-aiiiy of labor1, than all the writers, theoridtsfand lectm'eTST Mrs. Blacktord, tue housekeeper, who is not ouly nroflclent in her vocation but is an honored member of a prominent woman's literary club; Mla Clara Spangler, head waitress, who has been in the dining room three years, and altho "only a working girl,' has won the respect of all who know her; Mrs. Claude Williams, who has not only been a proficient waitress but has'been a helpmeet to her husband, us by their united efforts they ave laid aside some $2000.' There is "Dad' and "Fronchy," who run the kitchen experts who will easily find employment elsewhere. In the office, the dining room, kite hi n and upstairs, the (rows that were replaced Sunday night were the best the house lias hail since it win opened. In saying a word of praise for them it is no guesswork. Th.-y have be.-n tried. The new manager anil the hi-Tp are all experienced hotel people, capable, but they hav!-(heir laurels to win before a Doaihvood public, no matt, r bow popular and successful thev may have been elsewhere. Tin ir i fforts to please and 'merit pat ti.tiag" wiH b" encouraged. Raili oad Talk. P. N Hanson ing Ina n who a M.ule a oi..-. .-a-a th. "1'w in (':; the Black Hills. ,:l.le II, Ol" 111 III t '.' squaw cret-s mm : i t-tl Saturday from. tli.-re Is some talk es ol a direct line to bat there is cousiiler- eastern pait of th" slat.- ami along Hie river, w li"i'e Sev-.i ,1 load- have btiibliiig material yd d up. "'lit Milwaukee road has .i right of way across the res. ration Vlli a terminus to the north of Belle Fotiiehe anil it is more than probable that whatever road builds across fit. in the river will come in to the north of the Hills. From any point there, it will be comparatively easy to build into the Hills and thus get both fhe ( attle ami the mining business. Mr. Hanson thinks, however, that a lallroad is the least of our needs. Deadwood already has excellent railroad service, and the new short Une to Denver ought to be of more mater-, ial benefit to the Hills than a dozen railroads across the .reservation. 0 . The remains of Mrs. Herdman, who was murdered at Garden fity last Sunday night, u brought to the undertaking rooms of S. R. Smith, where they weri prepared for burial. The funeral will take place In Deadwood today, particular of which are published elsewhere. 0 Members of the Ladies' Rough Rider Qlee cluh will meet at 7 o'clock tonight at the marshal's office In the City hall, where the band wagon will be waiting for them. . . - i

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