The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 1, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, June 1, 1900
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

FRIDAV. JUNE 1. lWo I x Assay 50 Cents Gold and Silver I The Union assay Office ! Established ls9. Ho. 37 Lee Street Oeadwood. : Jill THE DAILY PIONEEtt-TIMES, DEADWOOD, a. a Seebiek .'iiuKiuiu t' an xjii-c ! Spring Mil!incM'' Will liw Crn v! IvVmu: - "1 1 5--t !. :J Gold and Silver' For 50 Cents S ; ON ALL S.i.wi MJh'S U KOI (JUT TO THE OFFICE. ! I M. H. Lyona Co. . J Agents for the Itlickensdorfcr $35.00 'I v.. writer. f.'.'.'..'.'.V.-.-.'.-.-.'.-.!.-iC.V.ti.!.!.'.'..r. Dcputiii; the in .sliest fashions fit in the I -it la h designers. Tor real niilhnerv mai;-nihcence, for correct mode and precept. Deadwood exclusivists must, as in former years, depend upon Mr. Seebiek. 1 lie foremost feature of Deadwood's millinery merchandising Lhia wok will ..'.i.V.?P DR. TODD, Office in Waite Block, corner v Wj&J .. . Main and Deadwood Streets, Deadwood, S. D. I 111 V C sit ' I if I 'l I I 1)111 ! lil-l'l),.,;,'. llupilal de., V. ii. ,. . I-.,;; Hash M.-dii-al t .ii:.."". ")::;; l;o ; J-,,!- fnHNES AND r MINING." -.V . clinic iiml I 'os I (iiaduati- Medical ! '. partinoni ol I nht'isjiv ot I'alifo; m.i iuid College of I 'li sirians and Sur- 'If. ,i .t-i? wi- .' CUSTER COUNTY MINES. K'OIIK & Cooper Medical College. li"oj4Ti u-rt 111 i iurn nifiidc ramp, ami ' JK 'i I inn .-uiiic 1 1 1 M i j t n 1 i : 1 1 nnn f r Duly licensed and registered pliysi Le an attractive arrray of "tirit hats" and small hau for strrvt.- and shjping at popular pricea. mining mailers .e rviore Active ,,, ol,.,(1 ... ;i .,. ,,. "nan They Have Been For Many Years (ian and surgeon in the Dakotas. The oldrst. most successful and accomplished K'lropiaii-Amii 'lean -la- iihd physician and surnm on i!,, American rtmrit,tnt in all lu'anclie-. i :' ' i ' J L t hi' I t ope! t ov ; . Other Mines. Win k continue.- lit, (lie ( ; i . 1 1 1 f .liim-'i"li I : f J .mil tin' ft is to I"' put down to the L'on loot lend I! It Xolde of III, ltl.t U Mills I'm ci'l.iiii Clay Mm !! i'iiiian. "fin hpl'llt 11 COII (l 1)1' ill I ' .'III lllil'l Announcement.. ;al. ,.:.. a ii i, a : i this nook, says liis ompain is iTin- ami n,,. o.whts will then t;,,,. s,,.,)t, niiij.' a .sawmill ,'il t !m- marlitc rpmrry n, put up a mi... The property js ami intend- to .i out inn hundred o'.i.m-,! I I (' Speii, cr. mim r ,,( thou ami l,i! ol" I an. I., i ami timli.-is. S I ,i n lal. and oil,, i i n II m a I ai I :a, ai for i!h l,tii'lini; and mines The I 1 h.- -halt m, t,. v ::lanl.- uium i company Ii.,- i. I '' mo i" piop i.liMi; i , , i i,,. ,OM, siai' oi'tv m. i'U l ,- mm Hi" i-.Mi' v j ii'in- , wlm M lias p.-, ,, :., an ra ! ! 1 1 I . ' ii : u, Ii, a I, . ;. hi l , , j i i , j , :i h Ha t ai . w,. wiil -In,,' o,,.,,i ana;. a '.,i'- -v.. : : , " " V'l soM its THIS 1 ). .!,. i , , a' ,:-s ) mi t'r..;. i : i i I . i r pri c ah "' ai'I.ed ii, Cl.MN I'll,! ii i;.-, ., t .ii'ui, liial will i c: or am .: r:ty i; -sli"''- id I" "'.'.'" ai. i - , IJe.ii. 1.,!.? i :;,al I !: - i.oi . , . . t i -i... I., s. M . - -i - a:.. I i- : . ,n ! ,, , I C i a - a : ,..:. ,,i ; i .. ai I" ,. in. ''','' ' ' 1 1 i in !!..:! h.. I 'Mill,; an ' ' 'Mapi.' o: a:, in,, ha;'! 'will ' "ii'ni hi Hi.- .,,in not mark. ' ' 1 - ' a "ii 1 ' v- i, i : i:.; aum I l.v I';. .V.,:.nia a M.iiiiu ota 1 1 1 . a; mi Where Thev ' ! Main St. v f Dcadwood S. I). CHASE'S Sell Cheap ' i V in, or hi r FULLER &. BROWN, PROPS v'i" Y ! Ifl.nhi I i a , 1 1 ' ,-h-, day. t I , li . w ii I luni Ips ciiln,' laI,oja!or , i a ' pmcii i Aiii on I niiiii of Spruce nuK h. alsc ' llt down lo l ollducl SOIiie )i',)Spe, t in lor Ihe conipan.v. Koth of t.s,-Ki lill'im-ii lime lieen 14 i i-M na iiiiilniil jioilipna With tile compain Crown Hill company. The Crown Hill company lias, lately completed its iifty ton com cut rat nm jilunt ut. the old Spokane mine, anil it U. Pnn,i ... n-:.. n....t n: ...j n. jr.. n. Money Saved Is Money Eai tied. I V. !.. t :.. :!.. : - oi w ,,i km- ), ,:, loan ! , i. n , .-our i a , m,,- sii I'ii, ! '" I'-.V efeli .... when yci . iulM M I ai 1 1; M,n,, C,,.;, i ; i , I. as,.- en, h w.-, . s , , i! . ,.oi , i ' t hat Mill Weill,; .-a,.. ,v pi,: j , ha -: a o'i: - an , -n, t h,-, -la,' ii liii,-: morning entirely on a j li '.v basis; pay casli for what ou g''i. -i t it ;it tin' Standard Cash Oru j 1 '"'.' a ml t hereby !,u, ,,, i ,ag to bay he tl,,- -i,, l.o-ght ! tie I i" aul" at on t : in,..'' ''i y j for on,' j week. 1 .'p ti.nk of evrything and ' i! yoa don't get thru that trial week j ' " p, r cent less tlum on have b, ,'ii i p.ij ing. then i,i:'t tiade ;t ny more at A WELL KNOWN MINING MAN. MM, t-ji'arciir!"' Hmvo lv the 1 . l week ir a S;u..t!;v Henry II. -in Salt La in the i copper, Marcus M. Ryan of Salt Lake Cuy. Looks Over the Hills. i' V. Ryan, a minim; man of ke t 'ity. w ho is widely know ii ast ami v. est as an expert on and tin ii his as-iociat ion w ilh Daly of Montana.. was in i.t iiiuiiiiiK uon i ft riii i ai t ions oi ore nf day. The conipiiny has heen at work on the plant since last fall. It coiibist's of a Ciatcs crusher, two .sets of I'oIIh, two WhUfley eoneeiMi'atins tables, and automatic elevators, and was put up hy S. liaiker. the mill wrinlit and iliemisl. The shaft has lii'ii pun)e, free of water, anil ore ia lieint; taken out a I the un foot i i 'el i . .. t , . . .. - 8 ! nersiErnngti nrrrol a btratnuu ' ' I,-- Shan, lard 'ash ;i ei . .p I j W V.VIT.i) - Giri lor g.-m-iii! i HI B 0 III Dcadwood Tuesday and Wednesday, having come up from Custer with II. II. Noble, president of the IJI.e k Hill.-, ic t i . i lie III l llel a 1 1 e, i leiiiif is lain Clay AL- Marble coniiiaiiv. woih. Apply to Mrs. It X. Ogden. :' Lincoln iivenue. I " A I Diamond "C" Laundry Soap... is -'diaAaacs,' i sr r j' , ... 3? I a 1 . J9,'i rjrnxy PRIZES FREE.... I 'ill- C3Ji.JS Fr ssvtaf DIAMOND "C" Uusdry Soap Wrappers. iHefC'S 3 Sample Tfl HAM n . ..i I She Beats Them All. We have a contract with a lady living n a!' Di ad w nod whom we know to he an excellent buth r maker, who furnishes us with close on to a hundred pounds of the most delicious ranch butter you ever tusted eveiy week. When you are in to order grocerb-s. or v h n you are going home, just drop around cur way and try a roll of this butler. If it is not the best ranch but -te ryou eer ate. bring; it hack and get your money, ur telephone us ami we will i onie after it. Only 2lM,i per pound. Better than all your creamery product. STANDARD CASH GROCERY. front glaiwi me ai-i Drop a postal to Premium Department for Free Caialogue... The Cudaiiy Packing Co, Soap Works, BO. OMAHA, IsTEB. jf-MBT-lf mar Cir.-.rd o im-n DumourtC N,,cl ,,ww-I I FIGHTING DISEASK. Let aii who suffer with any form of SYI'IIII.IS in any stage. Sexual Weak 1,1'ss or destroying disease of any nature, who are weakened in mind and body, melancholy and despondent ar.d on the road to IDIOCY. INSANITY aud the GRAVE, take h,art before it is everlastingly too late and place themselves at oie j i thj ,1 i , : ly imd r the care of Dr Tod I. rel:c:'; oi;-fiding in his honor as a gentleman and confidently telyinsc ;pon h:s ?ki!l as a physh ian HE WILL POSITIVELY CTRE VOF. By his wonderful, intelligent ,ind marvelously skillful treatment all signs and traces of Sy bis nam. ud w. ,.. gflous wri ir in fvT. leei acriJH.s at mat jioint. nut the iic-t ore is found in stringers, the liest one of thoin l)jini? four feet across, and MinniiiK quite hih in lerfd and silver. It is eonc enti ated to about (o or 70 per cent lead, and :',u ounces of silver to the ton. and is then ,-aeki d. hauled to and shipped S E. Young, general manager of the Crown Hill company, is on the-ground. This company is composed largely of South Dakota men. a majority of the heaviest stockholders residing avounii Sioux Falls. Vermillion and other towns in the southeastern corner of the state. Mica. John W. Dow, of Sioux City, owner of the New York mine, which Is probably toe best mica property In Custer county, has been in Custer several days. F. C. Cir&yden has been negotiating for the ground, and It Is announced that he has secured a bond uptSn it, . the consideration being $100,000. The property shows a ledge of mira over 800 feet long and 90 feet wide. Copper. The Copper Butte Mining company Is going to be reorganized within a few dafs. and work will be lnaugu- T" (I t ClA Ah K .1 MWnrkfhptm. n -1. ! I. I .. nO,.n w ho had induced him to come to the Hlai k Mills for the purpose of familiarizing himself with the formation of this county. Mr. Rya is the owner of extensive mining property in arious parts of .the west, and is a millionaire several times over. He stated while in Dead wood that he had been agreeably disappointed with what he had been shown in the Black Hills. He said he had been informed that the geological formation of this section was such that cupper , ou'd not exist, but he had com luded. after a curaory examination that this was a mistake, for he had seen Indications during the few days he had been here that made him almost positive that copper mines would be to-iml li-re. He had examined one prrpeity ami found a lede of copper ci " that h 5 pronounced a tin ; fissui", and Ik felt, satisfied that .it vouli: l"id to a ,,p. per ii.hH'. if io'lowed emcuh. Opinior. of Gran.te. "I do not know anything about marble or kaolin clay," said Mr. Ryan, in speaking of Mr. Noble's prospects in Custer county. "I do know that Mr. Noble has a whole mountain of granite, but the only way I have ever looked at granite was to figure out how much it was going to cost me to get it out of my way, or to blast my way thru it." Mr. Ryan is quite a genius and something of a wit. He is troubled with dyspesla. and is not able to use meats of any kind in his diet. s 1 I GATES IRON WORKS REVERE RUBBER GO. philis and impurities of the blood are thoroly eradicated, the tissues, the flesh, the hones, the marrow and the entire system are cleansed, purified and renovated, mental, bodily and sexual vigor are renewed and the patient is restored to the duties, Joys, and pleasures of life. LADIES will receive the most delicate and satisfactory treatment of all AILMENTS. IRREGULARITIES. INFLAMMATIONS. DISCHARGES, and ACCIDENTS peculiar to their sex. SYPHILITIC and all diseases of I IHGiSOLL-SEBGEANT DRILL CO. Lidgerwood Manufacturing Co. Hoists I 0. F. PURNELL DEADWOOD OPERA HOUSE JUNE 15, Alba Heywood ...AND... And His Peerless Company ONE NIGHT ONLY. Reserved Seats 75 cents. Nunber of Seats Already Sold 350 H. Richardson, RESIDENT PIANO TUNER. No. 2S City Creek. U'ave orders at Fishels HazaarMainSt g Deadwood, S. 0. Agent for South Dafc. : ed within a few miles of Custer, to the northwest. This was one of the properties that OoL M. H. Day was developing, and his death a few weeks ago brought everything to a standstill. Ifrank Ostrander, of West Superior, who diea on the day that Col. 'Day's 'death occurred, was also heavily f Interested In the company. Harry Francis, general manager for the company. Is now In Custer, and he will probably continue in charge of operations. It is the intention to sink a shaft 500 feet. Sylvan Lake. E. F. Leonard, president of the Poria, . Toledo Z Western Railroad company; and a party of five, arrived at Custer a few days agp, and are stay-in at Sylvan lake. Mr. Leonard expresses the opinion that Sylvan lake will, within a tew years, be the greatest sanitarium in the world, situated as It la, with its wonderful natural EYE, EAR. NOSE and THROAT successfully treated. URETHRAL STRICTl'R.! promptly cured without cutting or pain. A new cure for NASAL CATARRH. TAPEWORM expelled. RHEUMATISM. STOMACH. LUNG, LIVER. KIDNEY and BLADDER diseases cured. PILES and RECTAL diseases posi- Go to the. speaking or this, he remarked to a friend while in the country that he had always been sorry for leaving the farm. "If I had been kept on "the farm at forty dollars a month I would have been healthier and happier and more contented. When a fellow gets out he begins to learn too much, and as he learns he creates wants." Walk-up Main street in Deadwood and glancing along Forest hill Wednesday, he observed: "What fun 1 could have with my neighbors if I lived . on that upper street (Forest avenue), by rolling a few boulders down among them occasionally. I think the police courts could have have business every day. particularly when my dyspepsia bothers me." Mr. Ryan returned to the southern Hills Wednesday. Intending to remain-around Custer and Sylvan lake for a few days longer. . ' . ,.v.v.v.v;w.?.v.ri''.v.v. Aetna Powder Go, FAMILY LIQUOR STORE For Pure Wines and Liq u o r c . Also for Bottled Beer in Cases Telephone No. 25. Goods Delivered Free to any Part ot tne cuy 635 Main Street Deadwood. tivelv cured hy RECTAL MEDICATION alone. "RUPTURE" radically cured by an entirely new, safe. painless and bloodless method. No detention from business guaranteed: no charge for examination and advice. Dr. Todd will also furnish those who prefer It with his Anatomical Hernia Supporter, an easy, perfect retainer A cure effected. All who have rupture are in danger . The sick ar invited to free consultation. No Incurable cases Medicines free. t Dynamite and Black: Powder, Fuse and" Caps, Eleetric Batteries, . Batteiy Sipplies. W. E. ADAMS COMPANY advantages, pure water and invigorating atmosphere. ,' Carl Blank and wife, who conducted the Gllraore lotel in this city a couple ot years ago, are living at Custer. They were cooking at the Sylvan lake hotel for a few days, bnt Mr. Blank has got. back Into the mining business again, v'so . he tells his friends. He says he has bonds on a number of As if the silver cause was not losing ground fast enough some 'thoughtless fellow has discovered gold In Kansas. Buffalo Express. jr.. Hi

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