The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on July 1, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 1, 1899
Page 1
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The Daily Pioneer-Times. DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK' HILLS), SATUBI A Y .MoKXlXii. .MIA I, ls9. FIVE CENTS. PRISONERS FARE WELL Iteebs wanted p-0 0 0 0 Authorizes the that they can therefore take action under its provisions While the state legislature has not provided a penalty for, its violation, ii i, ne vertheless an offeuse for the Indmdjd) to sell licuor in ihe state, and evei saloon being run in violation of the law .an be closed, and the proprietor taken n 'o i iiMody If he persists in reopening In- can be arrested again, and agaiu, mil, I he desists Tin board will also adjust taes today, and will i lieu meel again ncM wc& ill regular session Organization of Nine Regiments. i m. j. j WERTHHEIMER & BRO. I Otfer the Following Unheard ? . of Reductions in. ! Summer Goods. Statement By a Kansas Volunteer Refuted By Commissioner Worcester. Filipinos Captured By Americans Are Given the Best of Treatment. Will Be Officered By Men to Who Fought In the An Outing in the East. Allen J Malterner, who rclurnd to Deadwood Thursday from th east, says the last Imperial Council of the Shriners. held Spanish War. ; 1 T-l IjSHlNOTON, June .iit.-speciai.-i ue delegate and made a rousing speei h, indorsing and seconding the Fuller nomination. The judges made speeches of m .-pi -ance, which were enthusiastically received. The resolutions were concise- and unqualified in the Indorsement of McKinley aud his administration, his foreign policy In t'ubau and rhilippLut affairs, reaffirmed the declaration of the St. Ixjuis platform m to the money question and declared strongly for jtie fundamental principles of the parjf. Tribute as paid I lie South Iiakuta vol unteers in the .'ihilippines and assure. them sympathy and loyal support; indorsed the let'urd of the uiromi bench ami strongly commended Corson, Ilaney. and Fuller. The resolution provoked hearty applause. Mr. Iiiiii ks was invited to address the convention after the conclusion of business. He as listened (d wilh wrapt attention and his remarks were warmly applauded He recounted his experiece during his absence from tbe republican ranks in past years and declared thai he would profit by i he same and return and work with that party, pursuant to his declaration to that effect, made some time ago. His remarks were directed mainly agtiinst denio'iaey which bee onsidered as having absorbed the reform parly, and be said the latter party had now passed beyond its UHcfulness. e dei lare.l t hat a reformer who Kjieni his lime and means seeking reforms was lately persoiutlly suc.-es,sful. He intended In ihe future to ally himself with that parly wlii. b a- i oMiilisbed its reforms in line with progress hiuI happy contem-plation of so. ial conditions Mi l,ourki-ni.ide a Mood impression and was cordially treated duriiu; his sp'tvh and by all who met him. His frank avowal of future in-leiniotis and disposh ion to ignore any TOiunteer regmi. uis lu. .. lie Owing to the lateness of the Season we have too many of the38 goods on on hand, and they must be sold, no matter what the price. 100 pc Organdes 6c yd. value, 15c. 50 pc. Brandeburgh Cloth, Tissue and Satines at 10c yd. these Goods have been sold at 20 and 25c per ji. 10 pc. Cold, Dimity at 10c. yd. would b cheap at 15c. Piques, our 25c quality at 19c. Madras Cloths at 15c, value 20o. These regiments will be L piillppiiie8 .1 ...111 .1 . . .- ae Slil.(;i1, jun,. :) -Special. Dean f Worcester, a member of the American Philippine Commission, cables today that the statement made by a Kansas volunteer in one of his letters home about the captured Filipinos being shot down by the Americans was an absolute untruth, and had no foundation whatever Native prisoners have always been given the very besi of treatment at the hands of the ..lifrf in at """" anu ",r""'-.1 ,mi nnff iransDOrtation can 1,0 U eqeiiiw" Kand. They will inciuae ii.ow uic. .a ...111 AtiAii erAimie Hlir rmy tniteiB ,BUon t various points tnruoui toe Lffl.ud meo will enlist for two years Ljt The refiments will Lie omeerea Dy lW, who served during me spanisn American captors. o Roosevelt lor McKinley. Al.HANV, X. Y . June .io. Special. Governor Roosevelt returned today from ud whose records are preserved in at Huffalo. New York, beginning June 14. was the greatest ever known. He estimated that there were twenty-five thousand Shriners in the city. Ten thousand or more of them were in the Hue of march on the evening of the Hth, and it appeared that if every other man seen on the sidewalks, and not in ihe parade, wore a dres suit and a fez. The pyrotechnics on the evening of the parade we-re something gorgeous. Fireworks we're seni up from all ihe roofs of the buildings along the line of march, and Mr. Malicrner says (hey were thu finest he ever saw The people of Ihe city had provided all kinds of amusements for the visiting Shriners, and the latter had carte blare In- to everything Pass books we're Issued, and these passes to ''l,i'i i Ileal re or other place of amusement in ihe city Shriner would simple prese nt his book at the door, the door l.ii peT would turn to the pass for hlH particular place-, and tear it out This wa i, ci her an innovation in that sort of t hi id,' Mter ihe eoiincil Mr Mnlterner and B F Ankeny wet on east to the Thousand nr department; and In some oases by .v. 1..- rf the ar. IjjdjlTOffl me res""" ' bis wesiem trip He says The American . . . . ...III I ..... ,H we;, I is for McKinley and of course I am 111 not believed mat n iu ue iuuuu White PIPques at 10c. yd. 30 pc Dimity at 5c yd. 10 pc. Dotted Mull at 12Hc yd., the latest thing out. 35 pc. Dress Goods at 10c. yd. worth from 15 to 25c yd. These are all New and Fresh GoodB, no old or shop worn stuff, it will pay you to call and see them. M. J. Werthheimer & Bro. ' r Ire l'hiliiiinesiloiie make It necessary fjlnlt to salist the required number of Cinder the two year term provision. for his nominal ion and re elect icpi.' Kruger Preparing to Yield. tpvernnient has been receiving' appli- lor enlistment in the regular army fenteof a thousand a day. and it is I'llOTOKI . June .'in Special -Evidence ksjtt that men will be more wining is accumulating to show that I'resident Krngier of i be Transvaal Republic is preparing to yield to ihe lliitish demands. It jtsa wlunteers than as regulars. is an Hour. ceil that he has decided to sub A Filipino Fairy Tail. MIS, June 30. Special. The Filipino Islands From there they went to Canton New "icirk. Mr Malterner's old home, and more enorts to inaugurate a new party inei ivith enthnsiaslie applause. .(y - . Desire La Chapelle Returns. Desire LaCbappolJe returned lo 1 iead wood (esterday, after no absence of three and a hull years, and announces that he has come back lo remain. He comes from uulm announces today ilutt it ba re-mi mr of severe American defeats (4 fie north and south of Manila 1 hiatal a detachment of a hundred his brother, who was out here last winter, mit a bill lo the Kaad, giving the l itland-ers a number of iinportaici concessions. The Cannon Will Be Here. The Spanish cannon captured by the American forces at CaviK arsenal, in Manila tui'hnr. last spring, and donated by ri-ruxruxruTjTjunjrivrLr TTT I I T T I nnnl ttt its t wtiti 5 look Ihein on a fishing trip up into the Adiiciiidai ks Mr. Malterner and Mr ailing Americans were ambushed by Ankeny then returned to Chicago. and mkn. and the Americans suffered ! Valley field, Ouebee. where he attended thence to Clinion. Iowa. At the latter place they were also enlertalneel In fine the ordinance departniero of the I'nited States navy lo Deadwood. for ornamental a 18 being taken prisoners At I an American detachment under V'allev field college, and finished Ihe cours. shap. by Mr. Ankeny's brother-in-law since he left the Hills Since his com purposes, is on the way m Deadwood. and Rockefeller surrendered to the Dwight Lamb. The latter owns a private pletion he has beld one of the chairs I Knoum arrive here Monday morning at Ejn. and was captured. house boat on the Mississippi, and he took a partv up the river, thru some of the ihe college. The course hat he trek em braced eight velar's work, he haviug tak rlivest scenery along the Father of Waters. en five vears previously. H" has always wall mm wall mm "Some tlmea her n arrow kitchejn waJla StreAeobeed away lnt o stately haJla." y HUs happeemed to Maud Muller, but my prices on wall vjaper make possible for It to happen to everybody. My stock Is entltreiy new and up to date. I cannot tell you about the handsome designs. You are "especially Jorlted to see tieni. ' , , f y PAINTS! PAINTS! Now la the time to Mint your haute. Remember thai ray afore la headquarters for all klada of painia and painters' supplies, especially for the NEW ERA MIXED PAINT. Every can warranted to cover more surface and last lonrer than any peint made. Ooma In and get color cards and study color affects. The Old Reliable Druggist, hatl a love for education, btil hi health above Clinton Mr Ankeny came back with Mr Malterner as far as his cuttle would not nermti him lo remain In school 10:30, if everything comes io pass as in-t i c-1 pn d. (!. (". Dennis, of mis city, division freigb. agent for the Elkhorn company, heard from it yesterday. It was at Cheyenne and on its way to Omaha. From there it will pass into the c ustody of the Elkhoin. andw ill be hurried right thru to this city. If necessary it willb e given & as long as he desired In his younger days ranch in Nebraska, where he stopped off ie go to work again ' Irs. McKinley Sits Up. IttHLVOTON, June 3(1 Special. -Mrs. KWff la so far improved after her realms as to be considered cut of dan thl it now able to sit tip. ; o 'M Start Home Today. liSlU, June JO. Special. The Neb-kuttl Utah volunteers will scil for the Mr. LaOhapefle and his brothiv. Lean der, came to Dead wood in 177. and re mained here tiru all the varying for I I ! I ATTENTION! ! ! ! tunes of tha .city's early histery. Le- car by itself, so as to have It here by th Knights ot Gambrinus. Fourth of July. The Elkhorn company is ander is now .living! on a arm on the Belle Fourche Desire waa in builnessin doing a nice thing by the city in thli w states tomorrow. They ihave been art transport for severmj Jays, anil The Sir Knights will celebrate the 47fh birthday or DER GROSSE KOENIG von BRABANT On July 2d, 1C99. Deadwood for ars, and a short time before he left the Black Hills he Invested in matter, and is hawling the gun without cost. It ia a three and a half inch bronze ' start. KIRK C PHILLIPS. I piece, and was shipped at Mare Island All business will close, and no one will the American hotel at Sundance. Wyoming. He was suddenly taken with bad health, and compelled to take a change navy yard, at San Francisco It is unfit iM PLnrrunjnnnnjwnnnruwjinnjj be admitted to participate In the festivities for anything other than purposes of orna except full fledged knights. ment, and the ordinance department has titormen Badly Beaten. :UV5LAND. Jum SO. SpexJiU. Ser-'it ear strike riots continue, and being resorted to by the etrlk-'"T aoo-unlen conduct? were last nlgfct t the unloa sym- M. J. DONOVAN, Burgermeister af climate. He went back to hJs old home. Valleyfleld, and .remained with his sister ntii he had fulW regained his former disavowed all responsibility for any accidents that may reealt from an attempt JOE POZNANSKI, Dmts Schrelber. WILL ZtVECKLER. Schatzonelster. (Der Gerosse Seal.) at Til-hug it. rigor. He returns to Deadwood not un like the Desire of the early day f Dead If Judge John H. Burns of this city is d THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BAHlO nAnJu... -J O .a. L. sT wood, and Is immensely pleased with the titled 'tn credit for having suggested the idea Of iecuriug a gun for Deadwood. The warm reception he ia receiving d'om his Ob? friends. He was for a long time one of application was then made by Mayor Star thru Sodth Dakota's national representa tives. Hubert J. Oarnole and Charles 1 Burke. Atkinson's lew Book. 'Wlt.-TttBe SO.-Speelal. Edwaarf At- aanounced that he will pub-of his lectures and letters 1 WU-uapertallam. An American flag Maroo the title pae at halt mast, loBiwlng I n eruption : "In mem- e ravs soldiers whose Uvea ""Bee Id thew ar of the subjiwja- Dead wood s moet efficient and eBthusiastic flrement. and he recounts his experiences as a. volunteers flrwman with relish Oe has not seen his brother yet. and the iatter Is not awrre of his being here. He arrived in Deadwood on the Burling , o RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 March 1st, 1 899, $642,815.00 The Saloon Question. Out cut forty -eight saloons in Lawre3tiee, ton's late train. The train was oeiajeu oy county but nine have applied to have their ieenses renewed. This signifies that they having to creep slowly aiong not-over the road bd that had been washed . . ... t. na nnt are standing upon Judge Moore's recent decision iu the question, and are going te Philippines, in an effort to de I Nsph liberty." fon Mine Reported Sold. out. and Mr. at-.nappene Scroti! &5&fj2kA Id themov t pleasant experience in the world o CRBEK. June WlJl.wl.1 All Branches of Banking Business Transacted, An Excellent Com bi nation. resist the attempt to osllect for licease. The count commissioners met yesterday In this city, to receive applications Tor license to seM liquor. Those who filed their applications weere: The Dakota Hfctel company. Nels Kelson, Deawood; William High Class Photography. C. 8. Jackson, vice president and trees J3ktoB gold mine la reported te Mb to an Bnkilak syndicate The pleasant method and N'tK-fiHal urer of the Jackson -Smith Photograph eom effects of the well known reim"dy. eSTRDP or Fiua. mannfactnred bv th -.wt.; The Iiktoa Conalldatea lBf tay has paid SC64.M1 In pany. of Denver, arrived in Deadwood yes terday In a private car, on the Burlington CALiroKicia. tie M'rup id., uiutrat DRAFTS ISSUED Chl.a. Manila, Havaaa, P.rto Rice Africa, Eatea Frmmmm, Oanvtaay an. all Parts af tha WarM at the value of obtaidini the liquid luxa ivnmnanVd by his wife, and will speed tive principie!i of plhntx known t lie . i : e i r i sawaat ..Hteal rates. COtXXCTIONS asaaa carafullw mn accounted tmm Overdraws at Kobebue. Feiler, Meyers Scherf. Fabrana Ko-slo. Thomas 3. Burke, ami Freed Evans, Lead; Anthony Ranchetta et al. of Terry; and J. D. Klngsley, of Spearflsh. each applicant beingc accompanied by a bond. The bonds were approved in each -ase .and the njBuieuiueaiiy laxative anu nresi'mifie then! in the form nr st refreshiiip te tlie some time in the Black HUls. photographing the points of greatest icenic Interest-He spent several week. In the Black Hills taste and aceeotab) tin- svsiem. It AJJCISCO. Jane SO.-WecteL- We are prepard to Furnish is the one prfe-t s'.ti ntrtbe nine In xa tive, clean mni; the .system t iiex-tuullv 0e -C".-. . . ... -'-"eewwileBeBl last summer, taking views along the Bur- "" w. Stoos, a prominent pby- Kotiebue. Hound must. w iihoicsi in? cjxtenTi warranted bv borrnHi. applicants may take out their licenses to disepellin colds, headaches and feveers g-eatly yet i.e-omptly and rnsblinf? on liageten Route in this section and a large ' nTwpcmsxieuiiiiy or rn laterals. the stork regarding the rich day If they so elect. amount of his work has been seen nere to overcome haoitnal constipation per- The commissioners are undecided what ZT fJ" and frauds. slBCtB, attarctlna; attention by Its coloring. manenny. ita pe-fct freeloni from every objectionable qnalit, and sub- to do. but they are discussing the advis r"'1' without truth. There a Ha Is equipped this year to develop ana Btanea, and its aeetinir on the kid'eya. tad ability of closing every saloon In ne eoun """ctora there, and iiver an. bowels, without wear ei anz or irritating them, make it th! ideal ty under the state dispensary law, which, t. i 7 . The aufferins la finish Us pictures as he travels, u being arranged expressly for him by the Burnngton company, and containing a laxative. - wBse.. i Accounts of Ba.iks, Corporations and Individuals "J according to the opinion Just handed down by Judge Moore, Is In effect, and which prohibits the sale of all kinds af liquor by Is the D roc bp of manufacturing ftgn re nred, aa they are pleasant to the dark room, sleeping, dining apartments, . -I tha taste, bat the medicinal qualities of the Correspond enoe Ira xrit ' any person save those In the employ sad remedy are obtained from senna and Other aromatic Dlants. bv a method and a reception room, several m views that he took last summer are now in the waiting room of the Burlington pas- unHcr the control of the state. The board know to the CaxiroiiHiA Fie Sraor .in hr in session again today, and will Co. only. In order to ret ita beneficial eial Convention," ' ' tM June tl The republ r,BToa kera wa. lot 0UUon- bt It wma .nthua- , T,rr ""ontous. NoaUnaUntj m. M Noma OeadTrood, forConoa; W. A. i. hi cltv. Two of these form Its derision as to a plan of pro eager ucbiiw ---- sr. larae nlcturea of Sylvan lake, and an- DIRECTORS: ST. CAOABS. ' 0HM TREBCH. enecxa and to avoid imitations, please reroeraber the foil name of the Company n. the falls of the Spear- printed on the front of every paeksjre. fish. In the natural colors. He expect 9 CALIFORNIA FIG .SYRUP CO. tuiiirus FIUUIKUM, rMwl BU BAES, V)M PraaMaaL cedure. It Is argued that, if, as Judge Moore holds, the stats dispensary amendment is self executing". It la therefore la effect, and th commissioners ar of th opinion aaar raawnsco. coax. do some work In the wsy of photographs tha various mine, . mills and reduction MJuuviu.B. srr. wrar roaa. . i v aawa. iiwisiasarw m rvt sai by all Dragxista-Prfcx 5e3c. Pear soatla. I W t - " - . a m a m mm plant! to tha Black Hills thto trip.

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