The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 10, 1898 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 10, 1898
Page 3
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, TUESDAY, MAY, 10, 1893. LEAD PIONEER-TIMES. HERE AND COMING! (Cn (o) NOTICI OF LXAS1. ( To whom It may oonoerai 1 hare day leased to J no, P. Jobaa, Daalat liUp erland, Albert M. Orasslager. Ue J AM I'laoer ground, situated ea eaad Creelt, ta Crook county, Wyoming, whs wUl be reepoaalblc tor ail labor, asaisrlaLeaparies .. iiut iim irr: In the operation et said placer claims aad I will not be rvspoualbls tor the same, K1C1' ARD JOHNS Date ef Lease, Marsh t, ItSa, LEAD. S. D. 1898. MAY 10. 1 li LAT i x n m r " tZZ3 R the .next Thirty Days we will be constantly receiving new Lines in ail departments. Our store is too large and our departments to numerous o u S, and were Joined aoon after by the 0. A. R. A line of march waa formed and BARNBT franklin kseps thb BEST OF LIQUORS, IF YOU NEED NOTICI OF LEASE. To whom It may We have this NY, GIVE Hill A CALL. headed by the M. W. A. band. The G. A. R.. Orlgeby'a volunteers, high school day leased tbe "Modock" group ot elaima, la Ulatktall Uulch (I elai&s). vlsi tha He-dock, Crowe Point Oood Hope, Doubts Hlaudard, and Klug Solomos lodes: le Fred W. a DwLcnoll visited Lead yester cadets, and school children. They pa to particularize. We can only say that while in many lines there has been a big advance in values, owing to increased duties and other causes our stuff was contracted for betore the advance, and we own if at old prices and as long as it lasts will sell it at old prices. day on law bualneea. 0 A Utondea. ot Lead. a. 1M was Will be re- raded the principal street, amid the W. 1L Faweett eUll oonUnuee to Im rHE BEST auoosibla tor all labor, material, evpeusa aue ether accounts Incurred la the epera-Uoa ot aald group et claims. prove and la gaining atrengUi very faat cheers and yells of the onlookers, and then to the D. C. depot, where a special Col. Jamea A. Colllna, of Bald Moun tain, waa In Lead on buelneaa yeeter- TO NG POWB train waa waiting to talcs them to Dead wood. While waiting for the train to pull out, good-byes were said, and H. ARE NOW OHOWZNOi day. Central City, a. D., Feb., Itk, liva. HENKT BHESNCRT, BARNBT FRANKUM, W. U FAUST, SARAH OOULsTTTta, k jlui oouuena, KABMUB Nr.LsWN, Wat A. KINK. J. kt MATBON. E. Dewey and Judge Moore enlivened MIm Kitty Oailup la apendlng the wwk In Lead CHy vleltlng her married them by patriotic apeecbea, and when aletera. the train did go, bearing the second at In and to rash ot the following claluir. company from Lead Inside of ten day. situated la Ida Gray mining diatrlrt, on the oaat aid of tho Qulrh Orar Oardan f It waa witnessed by at least a thousand City, to-wlt: Tha lodrppndvnro lodi, tho Poubl. Eagle lode, tba Sixteen to One Ictde. people. AiJSliBtJMKNT NOTICE. Wa.hlngton Consolidated Oold and Silver Mlulug Cuiupany; prluctpal place ef bu.lueea, Uvadwuod, South LiakoU; look- Ida Croudi Haselett occupied the roe-trum at the M. E. church and lectured on aoclal reform. The little child ot Mr. Cotton, age four yeara, la very elck, aufferlng wlith a high ferer. tho Antoinette lode, tha Hold Bug lode, tha Nsw Dress Goods, New Clothing. New Milllnrry. New Hats ano Caps New Carpets. New Shoes. New Curtains. New Furnishings. Ntw Embroideries New Wash Goods. New Laces New Organdies. rreo silver lode, the Etldorpha lode, the National lode, the Inter-National lode, the NOTICI OF FORFEITURE. To Fred Neleoa sad to toellaer Brotbers Company, a corporation, and whom It may concern: Vou are Informed that we hava expeaded In labor and Improvements upon the aile Queen Lode or mlulng olatm, the Or Hog Lode, or mining claim, the Oreuad Hog No. I Lode, or mining claim, 'be Oround Hog No. I Lode or mining claim the Oround Hog No. 4 Lode or mlaiag claim, tbe Oround Hog No. I Loie or aiming claim, situated la Bear Butte mining dl.trtot, la Lawrence County, South Dakota at least 1100 per year upoa eaoa ot .aid claims for tha following years: la 1U7 Hue upon ach et aald claims. All ef wbtea was Hon ot works,, Lawrence County, south Dakota. Notice la hereby gtvea that at a meeting Oold Nugget lode, tha Oolden rierre lode, the Uoldeo Opportunity lode, the Hnagland, the Alma, the Lawrenre, the Oolden Slipper, tho Oolden Jewel, tha Oolden Age, the Conglomeration, tha Colllmatlon. tha Com Tom Harvey went down to Sturgla of the directors of the above named Oes- WALL PAPERS. Make selections at your own horns, over 600 new patterns to show you In Bar sample books, which ara the same papers aa will be sold Rt Alfred Peats Co.'a mammoth Nsw Tork and Chicago stores this year. 4-t-tf J. OOLDBERQ. Agent yeatarday to attend the opening of the pauy held on the 12nd day of April, A. IX, Uvs, an aseeaament (No. t) et one (1) vent per .hare waa levied upon ths capital circuit court Quite a number of Lraul porta at' tondod the ball game at Deadwotid Sun i Sons for tha purpose et holding Ue aald day between that place and FH. Meade, 0. C. Danlelaon has oreoted e Beat BE WEIL picket fence entirely around hie prop We Have the Largest and Moat Complete Grocery and Hard Dopartznont West of the Missouri. euvor queen, oround Hog, Oround Hog No. I, Oround Hug No. I, Oround Hot No. 4 and Orourd Hog No. I Lodea under be provisions of Sectloa 1124. Revised Statutes of ths United Btatse, and acta amaadatjry thereto, for the period ending Dooembe Jl.t, ll7, and there la due from yes tiers-on the sum ot and 2 I upon each ef aald elaima. or 1100.00 la alt erty on Wall street. Difficult, Long-Standing and Nervous bination, the Anticipation, tbe Plaappolnt-ment, the Oolden Wing., tbe Kellar, tha Warren, tha Oolden Era, tha Oolden Price, tha Golden Treasure, the Oolden Ledge, the Redemption, tha Contention, tho Qual-Ideation, tha Expectation, the Realliatlon, the Oolden Sreptre and the Extenr.lon lodea and mining claim., or ao much thereof aa may be aufflrlent to aatlafy aald Judgment and ooata, amounting la all to Four Hundred and Three (2402 60) Dollars and Fifty oenta, with Interest thereon from the data ot said Judgment, and all accruing ooata of sale. Dated Deadwood South Dakota, April II, lll. MATT PLUNXETT, Bhartff of Lawrence County. Martin A Mason, Plaintiff's Attorneys. (First Pub. April IT, lll.) stock of ths oorporalloe, payable l nays from date of publication to tha treauarar of tbe Compauy, L. O. San bora, U Sloax City, Iowa, or Nathan Colmaa, Beorstary, St Ll. office, leadwood, B. P. Any alwk upou which this aaaeaamant hall remain uupald on May the Uta, Ites, will be delloqueut and advartlaed for eela, at public auction, and uulees payment la made befura, will be aold on the lllh say of June UVS at tbs oltlue of Nathan Coleman, Secretary. Deadwood, B. li., a I p. m., to pay tbe delinquent asaeeaorest together with the coat et advarUalag aad sxpenses Of sale. NATHAN CCLMAN. Secretary. E. M. Darla, of South Lead, la con Distant are Curable! No Incurable Caiei Tikin. fined to hli home with pneumonia. Dr. Wade haa him tn charge. No experiments, no failures; Instruc tions obeyed the curt Is certain. Dr. We Soli rit Your Patronage.. Oeo. Brettell le having the building You are hereby notified that It within Se days tram personal aervloa ot Ihla tottee you tail to contribute your preperUea et such expenditure as oo-owner with the aa. that be started to move, and waa stop doralgaed during each of the years above L. Miller, formerly of Chicago, III,, who la here to stay, devctoa hla undivided attention to the relief of these and ped by the city, aafely anchored and mentioned, your Interest la aald claim win become the property ef the eubeorlbar, aided tip. other diseases: RHEUMATISM. ST. VI The 11 rat meeting of the Sunday your co-owner, who has made the reqeiead expoadlturea aa required by said Sea ties BIG BRICK STORE erfcool antvereary of the Salvation O. 23, TUB' DANCE. 8LEBPLBSSNE8S, STAMMBRJNO, HABITS, PILES, IIM, STEPHEN B, SHARP MARY . SHARPS. (First Publication, starch t. lass.) Army waa held Sunday evening and waa well attended. (without the use of the knlfs.) CA TARRH of the nose etonach aad blad All the aldewalka on the eaet aide of (McLaughlin McLaughlin, Att'ys.) der, and d (a eases of vhe ear, chest throat and stomach, liver, kidneys, APPLICATION FOR A PATENT. (M. A. No, 1017.) Wall e treat have been reduced to a com mon level, greatly benefiting the uaeful ASSAYERS. LEAD BUSINESS DIRECTORY. United States Land Offloe, Rapid City, neaa and appearance of the name. bladder, producing wanting, weakneea of functions, nervous proatratton, de South Dakota. April Had. Ua. NOTlCa, IS HIHKSI U1VBN, TBai A pair of traveling faklra going by RAILROAD TIKE TABLES. BURLINOTON ROUTE. No. 202 rasarngrr. Dally. Hill elty. Hot Springs, Chicago and all DolnU east south and (Frawley A LaSey, Att'ya). APPLICATION FOR PATENT. (M, A. No, 1021). V. 8. Land office, Rapid City, South Dakota, April 21, IXAa. NOT1C1 IS HEREBY GIVEN, That ths Oolden Crest Mining Company, by its agent, Frank Webber, whose poetoltloe ad-dreaa Is Daadwood, Lawrenoo County, South Dakota, has this day tiled his application for 14l I linear feet along tba vols of the Mineral Twin No. 1 Lode, tha pre-.umed direction thereof being Northeasterly and Bouthweaterly, 7414 feet on aald Lode running Northeaaterly and 760 feet oa aald Lode running Bouthweaterly from the dlarovery rut altuated on said Lode; and. 14M.4 linear feet along the vela of tha Mineral Twin No. I Lode, ths presumed dl-jartloa thereof being Northeaaterly aud Southwesterly, 741.4 feet oa said Lods run bility dlnlneaa, loaa of energy, mem' Mlohaal Power whose postoffloc address Is Two Bit South Dakota, has this day Sled ory. etc SPECIAL ATTENTION GIV M. H. LYON. PUBLIC ASSAYER hla application for a patent for lion, 1471.1 EN TO DI8RA8ES OV ME. CON the name of Lavendere from Frteco, gave an exhibition yeeuerday afternoon tumbling, and trtcka by a few 4ga and were well received. 1W2. IIIS.I, 1461 s. aas ism.i linear teat respectively 00 tha Homestaks Fractloa, wont l:0t pa flt'LTATTON FREE, AT OtLUtfORE Bryan, Oolden Oata, Philadelphia, Cleve No. 201 Loral, Dallr except Bun-No. 210 Loral, Pally except Bun- M0C8E. Wednesday, May 11. 19, land, and Iowa Lodea, bearing gold with AND SAMPL E R . The Wealeyan quartette gave a eec- GUY LAMBERT. namm to bib. Llfery.Feed anflBoaraina Stalk Special atUollou; given mi trntet nd boarding .Sock. ne Saddlt Horttt a Sptciallf Raddlrk Bullillng, Main Street, Lead. day. raid Mountain and from 1 Ia 5 p. m. surface ground three hundred (too) feat la (Fred M. Brews. A. APPLICATION FOR A PATENT. M. A. 1011. U. a Lead Offloe, Rapid City, B, Do April 16th, ll'l. NOTICB IS HEREBY OIVSN that Charlea 0. Qulvey, whoea poatotBoa adCreae hi Lead City, Lawrence County, Boulh Dakota, haa this day Bled bis appUaaUoa tor a pat ant for 11011 linear feet ea ue Last Chance No, 1 Lode 14W.1 linear feet ea Ue Last Chaaoa No. 1, Daisy ho. L Delay No. I and Echo Lodes sod Itt.l Uaear feat of Ue Echo FraoUoa Lode, misa er vela beanos gold with surface ground one hua-dred and fifty feet la width ea each aide ef the canter ot each ot said lodes situated la t Whltewmd mining dtsliiot County ef Lawrer . and State of BouU Dakota sad dealgnated by Ue field Kites aad cfflotal plat oa file In Uls offloe aa Lot Number till, said Lot No. lilt being as fsUewa, to-wlt! ECHO LODB. Begltnlcg at ths N. B. eornar for ooraer No. 1. from wMch U. B. Loo. Mon, Ne. el bears a Tt degrees 01 minute E. TTT.I feet distant Usnos 8. tt degrees It minute W. lol.l feet to Cor. No. I; thenoe 8, t 40 minutes B. 14SI.I feet le OoC. No. ll thenoe N. It d. frees M mlautea B. tol t teat to Cor. No. 4: Uonoe U. f degress tt mluutes W. 141)1.1 feet to Coa Me. 1 and plaoe of beginning. DAISY NO. 1 LODB. Beginning at Ue N. E. Cor. for Cor. No. 1, from which U. 8. Loo. Mon. No. tt beara S SO deg. 06 mln E. 140.7 feet: thenoe 8. Hmarflnh 2:15 p m ond concert at the M. E. church, which width ea each, altuated la Boar Bu'te Min Addreae: Dr. I. Miller, laad, 8. D. No. 204 Freight. Dallr, Hill City, ing Dlatrlot Lawrence County, South Da wai well attended deeptte the fact that DEADWOOD COUTH DAKOTA Custer and Edgemont.... 1:00 a kota, and dealgnated by the field notes sod A POITLAR HOTEL ofllcial plat on file la thla offloe aa Lot No. TRAINS nRTWEKN DEADWOOD t. r. ning Northeaaterly and 760 feet on said Lode running Bouthweaterly from the dla U2I. said lot No. 1221 being described as waa not advertlaml. The boy a are K. and ahould come again. Senrlcee at Chrlat rhurch Sunday I'nder the management of Mr. Cart AND LEAD. follows: BLACX HILLS rovery cut situated on. aald Lode; and Blank and hla wife the old popular Oil HOME8TAKI FRACTION LODB. Beginning at tbs northwest ooraer of tho more la more popular and prosperous evening were of a memorial order, in lM 5 linear feet along tha vein it the Rosa telle Lode, ths presumed direction therof being Northeaaterly sad Bouthwestsrlr: Pally Ex Analytical Lator-torj and Assay Office .. 2:30 a. m ,.10:00 a. m ..11:42 a. m memory of the Maine sailors murdered I than ever and la now tie favorite hotel Leave Deadwood. Sunday Sunday Dally.... Pally claim for corner No. 1, from which standard corner ot Township I north, ran gee I aad 4 east B. H. M., bears S. St tfeg, II 742.6 feet oa said Lode running Northeast ANTHONY TROUT, Plumber and Steam Fitter, OSes In Campbell House Rmmii by the Spaniards. Rev. Ware preadied I of ths city. The house haa naturally Pally Ex. .. 1:16 p. m. . 2:15 p. m. an aDoroDrlate sermon for the occasion Pally.... Sunday ajid the church was crowded to tfft the moat desirable loettton In town, and its arrangement la such that tta gueata can at once obtain every accom .. 2:20 p. to .. 4:20 p. m .. 6:30 p. m mla. W. 761.1 foot distant: th.noe B, H deg. II mln. E. luO fact; thanes a T deg. 01 mln. E. tll.l feet; thaaoe a t deg. II mln. B. 4W.T feet; theooe aouth U deg. II mla. E. I t feet: theooe B. 41 deg. It Sunday. Pally Ex. Pally Ex. Pitlly.... Henry Schnitzel UM.1.0 . r o Boaec. doors. .. 7:00 p. Pally Ex. It 1s estimated that at least a nun Many ex. .. 1:00 p. m. .. 1:00 p. tn ..10:30 p. m Pally.... modation and comfort Tbe lodging rooms are ktrge, well lighted and heated and airy, and are furnlsb'ed In erly and 760 feet on said Lode running Bouthweaterly from ths Dlacorery Shaft situated on said Lodf.; atl, 1086.1 linear feet along the vein of ths Vernal Equinox Lode, the preeumed direction thereof being Northwesterly and Southeasterly, 60 feet on aald Lods running Northwesterly and 1026.1 feet on said Lods running Southwesterly from the Discovery Shaft situated oa salt. Lode; bearing gold, with aurfaoa ground 100 feet la width, situated la the Whltewood Mining District,, County of Lawrence and Bute of South Dakota, and dealgnated by tbe field Botes and ofllcial mln. W. 124.1 feet; thenoe N. tt deg. II mln. W. lut.l feet; thenoe N. 10 deg. W. 444.4 feet; thence N. t deg. Ot mla. W. Saaialea or belli"" "T null nr wpnii IU miH Braa-pS eMa-altoe, Teela Bwd or lb heel hpM ruJ at dred and fifty men have gone rrora Pally EX. Sunday Sundry Sunday Leave Load. Sunday.. Lead to fill out companies from other 1041.1 feet to place of beginning. THE BIG BRICK Department Store ! Fall Ha of svsiythlug annwantly 01 band. HILL BThtST. LEAD the homelike fashion. No such rooms Hill towns, and their friends would like BHYAN LODB. eree fulfil toe no twtn fy mm. p. m. c. t hm Hn. mmh, Laboratory eas aaajptlas yeas, bendta. caa be owainea anywnere eiee tn Beginning at ths northwest eorasr ot ths to li ear of an office or two being award rally Ex . 1:62 a. m .10:26 a. tn town. The table service la faultless Pally , claim tor oornar No. 1. from which standard corner of Town.hlp I north, rangea I ed to some of them. The dining room ta spacious and In Pnllv Pally Ex. Sunday and 4 . B. H. M., bears N. S4 deg. tt mln. The high evhopl cadeta on their re plat on file la this office as Lot number .12:10 p. m . 1:3 p. m . 2:67 p. m . 2:62 p. m . 4:62 D. m 1226, Is Town.hlp 4 N. Range I . B. H, turn from the train yesterday morning viting, the table linen la kept Immaculate, and fart consists of the beet MRS. J. F. BRANSFIELFS Sunday.. Sunday. M said Lot No. 1JJ8, being described as Pally.... Pally Ex. Dally Ex. Pally.... veoiited a nunvber of military man W. 1161.1 feet distant; thenoe a tt dsg. It mln. E. toi l fact: thenoe B. 11 dsg. It mln. B. 1471.1 feet; thenoe N. It deg. II mln. W. 166 feat; theuco N. 10 deg. 41 mln. W. 146l.t feet to the plaoe of becinnlng. follows, to-wlt: eouverstefore the mayor s place of bus food that culinary art can prepare. H. C. JENSEN. Of Load, bu Opened MISTRAL TWIN NO. 1 LODB. Pally Ex. Sunday. . 6:67 p. m. . 7:22 p.m. . 8:22 p. m . 1:00 p. tn Beginning at corner No. 1, Identical with OOLDEN OATI LODE. Regular boarders and transients ahould give the house a trial, and they will be inees, In a very neat way. that showed they were taking en Interest In their 4t deg. 10 mla. W. 101.1 feet to Oor. No. ll thsnoa a t deg. 40 mln. E, ltSl.l feet to Cor. No. I; thenoe N. tt deg. 10 mln. B. 106.4 feet to Cor. No. 4: Ueooa N. t deg. 40 mla. W. ltkl.t test to Cor No. 1 and place ef beginning. DAISY NO. S LODE. Beginning st Ue N. E. Oor. for Oor. No. 1. from whloh U. 8. Lee. Mon. No. tt eeara a 14 deg. II mla. B. 4U.I (eat) thenoe 8, tl dag. 14 mln. W. Ill feet to Oor. No, S; thenoe a t deg. 40 mln. E. 14.4.1 feat to Cor. No. ; thenoe N. SI dg. 14 mla. B. lit feet to Oor. No. 4) Uaaca N. l deg. SO mla. W. 14.1.1 (set to Oor. lie, 1 and plaoe of beginning. LAST CHANCE NO. I LODB. Beginning st Us Bast aids angle stake for Oor. No. I from which U. a Los. Horn. Ns. X baart a 10 deg. SI mln. W. Ill feet: thenoe N. II deg. eft mis W. 14.1 twet to Cor. No. I: thenos B. tl deg. 04 Pally kx. eunaay, Pally Dally Ex. Sunday. Beginning at ths southwest ooraer et ths .10:66 p. m, the NW ooraer of the location, a pitch plea peat I feet long, S Inches square, set I feet la the ground, with mound of earth aad 95 8herxaan Street No. convinced that It omMaes everything work. TOBACCO -:- FACTliRY, In connection with hi Ollr Factory, end It able to supply alt parUe. with Die clean dear claim for ooraer No. 1, from which ataad-ard raraer ef Towaahlp t north, ranges t and 4 B B. H. M bears a 10 deg. II mla. tone, scribed IM1-12M, Whence the Stand they desire, and at reasonable rates. F. B. A M. V. R, R. If Lead hasn't got a school popula ard corner of Sections St and It, Town.hlp W. tvl l foot distant; thence S. 44 dsg. II I N. R. I EBHM, betrs N II 47' 40 W tion for Ha else, no place has, for yes slipping. Mail order, promptly SUM, I. tart gaining notoriety a wel. a popularity mln. E. Ml I toot; thenoe N. U deg. ea THE NORTHWESTERN LINE. TErOT: Between Deadwood and R. C. Hayes. Att'y). 4 J. o log to tbo tact that M U tha only plaea yoa eea terday when ths scholars, heeded by la. B. 411.4 feet taeaoe N. t deg. U mla. Pin. !tl 2 feet, a pine 12 Inches la diameter bears S 47 Si' W. SO. 44 feet aa a pine 14 Inches la diameter bears B, 17 46' E. 12.7 awl lb Beat kind of beklaa at the lowe- agure B. 7I.I feet: thence N. tt dag, tt mla. W. their teachers, turned out to help In the CONTEST NOTirM. RItmLL er bono la live and M lira. Her to loevee of Il l feat: thenoe S. 17 dsg. 10 mln. W. SIL1 Departs, 7 He Club Restaurant. broad ara equal to awet 10s Inavea. Sba keep; feet: thenoe a S dsg. tt mln. W. I40 t feet: and off liven to the departing soldiers I Department of ths Interior, United Kales feet, each biased and scribed B T 1M1-1I2I, aenaoa " d , Und Office. Rapid City South luV.rta, Thence i. TT Of I. I I feet to corner they marching four aureaat niaae bi fnd U9( Nft ; Thnc B M. ,r w ,4M4 t99t w a tall Una ot brad, sales, sooklea, mM pus Arrives. Through train to Omaha Chicago. St Paul. Minneapolis, with cloao connection, tor all polnta ku mnA aoufh at Vr-v- thence S. II deg. ll mla. W. S44.4 feat le plac-c ot beginning. A eufnrleBt conteat affllavlt having been eandlee, elfin. Bilk, etc., aad invites pm to corner No. I; Thence N. T7 or W. 100.4 line over three blocke ions;. PHILADELPHIA LODE. la Ik ,1.1a jhfllM-. k, tlM-1-M, MH. feet to corner No. 4: Thence N. 11' 11' B, Dont't Forget the Number. Aa result of bad Whisky, Saturday I ,M.., .i.t Homeatead entry No. 4626. Beginning at the northwest ooraer ef the I4l.t feet to ooraer Ne. 1, the place et be Bos! Table in City- mont and Omaha nam., spm ginning, claim tor corner No. t from whlok standard ooraer ot Towaahlp t aorth, ranges I 95 ShermanStreet, mm . tMMins mixed UP inimarte June li, isvo, tor me r.a; evening, four men neoame miaou i ueetlca 14. T.wa- DEPOT: Lower Mats Street. MINERAL TWW NO. I LODB. mla. W. 17I.T feet to Cor. No. I: thence B. t deg. 40 mm. B. 14H.I foot to Cor. No. 4: thenoe N. tl deg. 04 mla, B. 121.1 feat to Oor. No. I thenoa M. I esa. t tola. W. 11417 feet le Oor. No. 1 and plaoe et begta alng. LAST CHANCE NO. 1 LODB. Beginning at Ua N. B. side angle stake for Cor, NA 1 from which I). a toe, hfos. and 4, oast B. H. M., bears B. I Beg. II a general anoca now. emu -- i nip 7 n., Kaage s a., a. n. si., oy nen-y - . L In, . . 1 W I W I, I- 1 1 Whltewood, Bluraia, Rap- Beginning at corner No, 1, Identical with mla. W. Mi l feet distant; thsnee a It Id. Chadron and inter Mill etreet and U aetua dings tney o-n -" V" -"ho" the NW oomer of the location, aad with corner No. I, Mineral Twin No. 1 Lode of deg II mln. 9. 2.1.4 teat; thenoe B. 7 dog. 0 mla. H. 11U.I feet; tbesoe B. 44 deg. tt mediate po'n io:4am7: Heals all Hours. ahandoaed aald tract aad changed his res were taken oerore nia nwwr, this survey, whence tbe Standard ooraer of Brllfl Fourobo i:wpm :wam Whltewood only Ti20 a an '4:40 p w Welch, who satisfied the honor or two idence therefrom for mors man aix mooio. atnna last maklag aald entry, aad next sections 16 and It, township I N It I mla. W lee fact; th.noe N. 44 dec. St mla. W. 10 1 feet; thenoe N. I deg. It mla. W. 4V.T feel; thence N. T dee, 11 mla. W. Sunday, XBKM, bears N. II II' 10 W. 44l I feet: of them for 110 each and the other two, UcMXIS & PALUtRLEE I , oiutnt New and Second prior to dale herota, ana uat aaia tract is not settled epos aad aalUvaled by said The so S. 77 02' I. 200. t feet to ooraer No. 112.50 worth waa required. Ul.l teat to tba plaoe et beginning. Ticket 15. SINQ YOU, Prop. FRANK LAKE. party aa required oy law, aaia paniee are hereby natlied to appear, respond and of CLEVELAND LODB. Oscar Silver, yesterday, returned i; Tnenee 8. II 21' W. 14St.t feet to cc -oar No. I; Thence N. T7 01' W. ISt.l feet to comer No. t; Thence N. II II' I, 1481.4 beginning at the aorth west ooraer ef ths fer evidence touching aaia allegation at iv from the east, where he haa been pur- liana for earner No, L -tea which stand feet to corner No. 1, ths place ef begin Beware cf Imltatircs oha.lng roods. Mr. Silver says m. o'clock a. m ea June lits, iim. nerore the Clerk et the Clrcalt Court wtthla aad for Lawreaeo County, S. D.. at Ieadwood. a. n and that final hebrlBS will be held alng. ard ooraer ef Township I aorth, ranges I aad 4 east B. H. M., bears N. IT deg. 14 Hand Goods No, M beers a ll dag. tl mla. W. l i t feet; th.noe N. It deg. 4T tnta. W. l-lj feet to Oor. No. I; thenoe 8. tt deg. St Btta, W. 11.1 feet to Oor. No, I: Ueaee 8. t . 41 Ma. B. 11M.T feet to Oor. Ne. t U'oe N. II das. U mla. a tit.a feet to Cor. M. tl taeaoe N. t Sag. 44 mla. W. 473 twet to Oor. Ne. t thenoe N. t4 deg, M a'a W. I6A.4 feet tt Oor, Ne. 1 aad potoe st bests-alng. ECHO FRACTICJt LODB, Beaiaalng st Us K. B. Cor. for Cor, Ne, t from whtoh 0. B. Lee. Moa. N. tt bo a N. SS deg. tt mla. B. 141,1 teetk lenne 8. ROSA BILLS LODB. DRAYMAN AND TEAMSTER. sat. like our people, are wild for wsr Beginning at corner No. 1, Identical wfth mla. W. 1641.1 feet dlauati taeaee a. tt deg. tt mla. E. lit feet: thaaoe a. it deg. oerorv the NW corner of the location, and with United news and aome grand deraonetretloni Ut 10 o'clock a. at., oa Jtine It. iwi news, anu wvu, s loastlthe Register end Receiver at the w-e wltneaaed eeneclally when a looa BDt 0me i. Rapid City. tt mla. B. 146l.t teat: thenoe N, tt dag. tt Healing of Every Description. corner No. I Mineral Twin No. I Lods ot you want to Buy or Sell get South mis. W. 141 feet; taeoeo N. U dag. II mla. thla survey. Whence ths Standard corner W. 411 1: Uenee N. sea. 01 BUs, W. tee.f mnvnanv leaves for the front, ana an 1 Dakota. company '"" I . . , a M , H , . ... . 1 - I Tha aelfl f-anteetsnc bavidk. in m piw I w --?. itma Ml, ... ibwhwib - j.., n. Th mntMUnt havtog. In feet to plass et beginning. Goal Delivered to any Part oi tbe Citv. their figures. Oourteone treatment to all. soldiers who havs been titers amy wi m,,,TUi tiled May I, ltt. set forth festal! TUHM. bears N. 14 14' 10 W. 4701.1 1. mi- iiar.1avs of good feelinf do shlch show that after dee dlllgenoe. per-1 fe t Thence S. 77 Of I. m i feet to sor- IOWA LODB. Beginning at the north west ooraer ef the uw . ' M Isonal service ef this actlce ea not he I ne. No. I; Thence S II II' W. KM I feet rota to chew the departing ones. j u is hereby ordered aad directed ,0 con No. l; ThtBC, N. T7 or w. tco.i claim tor ooraer No. 1, from which stand Deadwood, - South Dakota No. 621 LKsr Main Mrsst. . mi un. -wtjolthat such notloe be gives oy oca ana pro-- 1 l0 eorB No4. Th.nce N. U 11' I ard corner of Township I north, ranges I and 4 east B. H. M bears B. IT Beg. 11 yesteraay rs. " . ' r publication. 1 141.1 fast to corner No. 1, the place ot be mla. W. im.l feat distant: thenoe B. tt lot her husband about six weeks ago, ginning, Mt Reoetver, deg. It mln. E. tn.l feet: Uenee B, I deg. VERNAL XQUINOX LODB. ' - ' . . .1 . . , -Mm. V tl teg, N rata. W. lut.l feet to Cor. he. ll thenoe N. tl dag. 44 mla. A, Itt.l feat to Cor, No. I Ueooe a II deg. tt mla, W. tot fsat to Cor. No. tt Usaoe B. It . It mla. B. 411 feet to Cor. No. I Uf e N. 11 deg. tt mla. B. tt f m4 to Cor. he. t thenoe N. It deg. tt mla. B. I -4. 1 feet to Oor. No. 1 sad plaoe ef aegiabias. AfT4stV sweMr)Bt Echo Lode, 14 4 Daisy No. 1 Less, 19 .4 Daisy N. S. llt nrst moiioauoei aw . 01 mla. B. H0.T foot! theooe a. is dec u received a draft for 12.000. the amount nf insurance carried by Mr. Herrlngton Beginning at corner No. 1, oa Una 1-4 Hotel Fargo, JOHN BAGGALEY, Mlaeral Twin No. I Lode ef this survey. isunil, MXCTINO NOTICB. mla. B. 411.1 feet; Ueso? N. tt deg. SI mla. W. 141.1 feet; Uenee N. It deg. U mis. W. 4U feet; theooe N. I de-,. OS sola. in the Woodmen of the World, ems ii Mniiu ia berabv alvstt that ths mula Identical with the NW comer of the location, a pitch pine post I feet long, t Inches annual meeting of the V. B. Orast Mining the first clahn paid by that order In W. 11UJ fast to plaoe cf be-laalBg, AT :im Rnl Estata Broker square, sat I test la the ground, wits mound of earth aad stone, scribed 1V-1236, Area. Aerea. 00m pan y will be naio at too m.k. iiuniu atreat. I lea J wood. B, D., at iad end Its promptaeea epeetta wen Homestaks FracUoa Lode 1.74 whence the Standard ooraer ef sections at Deadwood, 8. D. for It. There are about fifty members Bryan Lode 1.4' i Last Cbaaoe Ne, 1, S T Last Chaaoa No. t, t et Echo FraoMof , tAI I e'olook p. m, Saturday, stay it isas. nr the purpose ef electing a board et directors we purpw ' and It, township t N R. I EBHM, boars Ooklea Oata Lode 14 4 N. 10 19 20" W. 66J2.I feet: Thenos B. T7 in good standing at presen u 1 in goou r ..-Aa-.-i.i. I for the ensuing year ana ths traaaaeOos ef Meniisr or Cealwool Stoct icHane. rvaaiap in limine stooka end Real Philadelphia Lode T.M or E. IM.I feat to corner No. I; Thence 8. Married Last evening st.. "l.uoh ovher business as may property ooms CMe suetMues aoaa, I Cleveland Lode 1.41 1 27 ir B. 10M.1 feet to ooraer No. I at St Patrlck'a church Ty tne pmaor, he tore the meeuag. Hct Sprhqs, South Dakota, Will antertaln you all right, whether tick or well. Go there for change Everything First-Class. Iowa Lode Thence N. 77' 01' w. 1.1 1 feet to ooraer Father Redmond. Mr. Zally avi Miss EeUte. Bteexnahlp ud RcJlroM Tleketa bought end told. No. 4; Thence M. 17 22' W. 1081.1 test to Total Area SUTft n,.i-. hnth rsaldenta of Lead City. I (Martin Masea, Attorneys.) ooraer No, 1, the piece of beginning. Ths presumed dlreetloa ef Ue t4e Has I . . . mm, , eeeire Variations at all courses II' II' B. TT- a wirrinn , a i .bu u. av a. n aa i a, ana b. of each of aald elaima aad Ue Batcher ef n?-mm a.tleer a WtKTm Ant behind tie I nrAmr and deoroa of th. Area. Aerea, feet la each direction from tba Sieseverr .baft oa eald elaima are ea follewat ,i. . ,H. who joined I County Court of Lawreooe Cpuaty. Boutb I Mlaeral Twin No. 1 Lode lO.rt Umea In giving ths twys woo J" I u, p--uioa ot the aader-1 Mlaeral Twin No. I Lode 10114 Capt Bullock's troop, a send off, r"nliftlH. administrator with Ue wUl annexed I vernal Equinox Lods T.421 la St horm Oo-mrtHve and Homectakt FracUoa Lode, S. I " M Total Area, , IS tl 1MI.I Uaear feet to claimed rueng northerly from discovery (haft oa tee Last C bancs No. 1 Lot and it ft rwa-alng eouthorly from d!vry etourti ea Last Chsliee Ne. I LeSa, ttl Iiomt f-t la elalneC running aoniierly and K-6 feet southerly from dteoovsry ab.t, ea t.t Daisy Na. I U4s ttt t faet ta el' ?S r alng norther y and M- test rai. ft-erly from dieoovery haft a tae I t No. 1 Led Tie feet ta claimed r.. ortherly aad Til t fl running iisr,t from dlaoovary abaft ea tta KWh 6e 4111 1 feet Is elrlmed running a,lh-y and tVS fnet ruanln oouiiier y trum a.e-oevery abaft: en tk Echo Frwc -a Le dtMCvenn-arrni the iinnen tana, r--iel hv H.nul Vllr .a. ,k. 1.1. jamaa It. P. Millar, deoeas- Rosa Belle Lode 10.117 mla. I. T60 feet aerthwesterty aad T. feet southeasterly; Philadelphia Lode, 8, f dee;. 1 lafwill ewiinmninocnv-Tllnie they left yesterday rooming, -svsry-hodv waa on hand to eay good-bye and ed. for as order to eeu tne rws, ww v. 11. r.ioonE ilccUsmllH and PABm Total area of Survey No. lilt 11.17 said dt ceased, maoe on ue a.t,tuBhar. HM. 1 aba.1. ea er after th. N mla. K. aad 8. II deg. te mis, W. ta feet northwestsrly ssd Til feet eoqtheaat-erty; Iowa Lode, a. I deg. St mla, B. sad This claim Is altuated near the head of quite a ttrmber ewempeled theta to 11th day ot May, list, at Ue hour ef 10 .-l,.f.b la tha foraaooB Of Sold day. Sell at Ue West Branca of Twe Bit Creek, about Deadwood. They were tasvoea m nacav three miles Southeasterly from Dee.lwood. DtADWOOO t. D. CHAS. BOHL, Froprletor, well demrated with ftags. bunttne. etc, private sals the reej ewme L.llaa. ..llt! taStS tl. le. M. 40 41. 44. South Dakota, which la thj nearest busi S. 22 deg. II mln. B. 740 feet sorthwestorly and 74t feet eoutheasterty; Cleveland Lode. i. 10 deg. 16 mla. B TM feet eorthwssisrty and 701 feet southeasterly) Bryaa Loda a ness center of Importance. ..4 --Mitad for two men on 41, 41. 47 sad tt. la Work SO, ShermsB it, Dead weed, la Lawreaoe County. Beuth De- KcScr. Tha locations of Usee mine i are record' The only place In town to gat a good lunch. tsarla a wall horseback bearing a ftfteeiifoot stream 11 deg. II mla. B. TM feet aorthwestarly ed In tha offloe of Ue Register of Deeds of 447.1 feet la claimed rvanteg w a tot.t feet ruanlng Sisterly trota awveiy shaft Magnetla varlatloa IS detraee Ft baa,, aaa IK, iDVlIlf IH-1U. LOWlai LMB. rollowtng e ,A nan or and 721 1 feet sou these terly Ootdea OaU er with the words "Terry Volunteers Lawrence County, South Dakota, as fo. Bids ta writing may be left at Ue ettee ef l yv rt if ere V b lews: u.m tiatiaan Blood. Bauaafa Veal printed on ft tbe BBderetga " Dated ttia tlrd dayof April. J?L Mineral Twin No, 1 Lode.orlgtoal oertlfl. Chaaae awlia. Bauaage Summer, -- Bauaago LlTor, eate book TO at page tt4; Mineral Twin No. i, u mi in, aBiu-ia, iwinrtD, UlUdU Hieie nii . mmnim rt S eeuOtlU CBJl lOT tnsai In reply a eecwu w I Administrator with tte WUl Anneced, ef 1 1 Lode, onglna) certlficaU book 70 at page RoniSets'.!!! tal fissiril 'aaaHSaw'. w I . B res AY ST f P" 1 m rhaaao Llmbergtr. Chaeeemeaarcaee, 4?QVMt,AfTl V51 IXD from Sturgla, C. E. Bteeie eero, w" Ut MUU Jtmm k. P. Miller, ae- ui; Rosa Belle Led, original certificate. The looatloa ef tha mm la r- t Ue Regleter ef Dot da 0-. T ei I .. County, a. follnwst Isft c ., . 1 Is book 104 page Mil t ( t la book 104 pe lt.i; D'y No. 1 ts I 104 at paje Daley No, t. It I- 4 r( 111: Eche Lo e la b i 1 I il lit, aad Eche Fractiea la a-..t L.i a la i. $ 4 4 . r r 1 u Lode, B. t deg. mla. W. B. II deg. tt mla. W. and a. 14 deg. U mla. W. TS4 feet northeasterly and 141 feet ao-.b wester' y. The lorstioa eertiSaatas ef Ues mines are recorded In Ue effioo ef te 1 : of Ifeeda of Lawreaoe Oovaty, kwca Lbussts, la book lit. peg t4t, ta. ta aad aeea 47, pate 411. 411 Sad 417. Ths adjoin lag elaima ea the Berth, east and wast are aekaewai ea f-e em...a aaut elaima are bounded by the Prsewtaa aad ej-tta UPAI,A book 74 at pose 111; Vsraal Equlnoa Lode. veterday the following wRh Ouy Lam (Fire Pablloatkm April 14. UM ) ortglaal eertlficate, book Tt at page 101. bert, to fill out the cavalry company at " A e- TA .4B r saV sT Head Cbeee, rrankfortera. Pl Eggs Bollad. Wlonerwurat. Bard In aa. Bcur Tongue. Flcklod Herring. Dill Wckloe. Chow Chow. Drt-d BeeC. Pickled Eel. Blue Fine. !. Brio. Hand Cheaee. t.iiiogMemu-f (Marua ataaee. Attye.) Sturgla: P. 0. Bowman. Left Martin The adjoining clalmanta are oa U North White Fraction Lode; oa the East Elpp Fraction and Horn Silver Lodea, on kv Sileens M jtpm .be... a rr?!r. te. Ktrtlt1fitDofii 11 Skirt Xstlei. All Kindi of Carriage and Wegoa VVosd Work, also Carriage Furolshinga. NOTICB OF SHERIFF'S 8 ALB. .a .hruri". dt,i-, " W. O. Sharps, Ttaos. Oteaoa. Walter Vmmm AnHnser. Cbss. Hofata Ua Boulh aad West aakaowa. TW Mmhl in olS ! si.,, at flaath Dakets, Oottsty ef Law ci. awaia. lmoortvd 2praakfurtere. Any aad all person, claiming adversely. Hattla lodes, (server No. 1 5 ) Any aad all parsons sl!a . adveraely Judicial ei a lor ee ! V a. irrna. k-4 Joe Haloer. Joe Oaudet M. J. Mlem.l rcs, !. Otreuit Court Eighth any portion er aald Mineral Twin No, 1 Abcberta, Salmon. Lobatere. CaTtar, Appetite aalad. Neufchattel Cheeee .TKbV U r-e a- a- mm h.iM Lode, Mineral Twin No. I Lode, Roa Bell say portion ef ea.!d r-jt er swthoe ground are reqalred te t e u r s4vwrs Paul Uiuhkt Oeo. W. Runeae, joempn M..h. ) it,. jsVro-, w iiii .fTJfi? IU1 c. rani a eood clean comforUhU rlaima with tho Real"sr at ts u sited Peet, rred Welken. Hatooo Dahifloia, 1 and Pine St Deadwood, 8. D. St&tea Lasd eAee at fcsptd Clip ta tbs State et BouU Dak Its, Sttrlng ths s -y The adjoining elalmaabi are BtV)iva te esUt Any aad all pernent c'-'-g y aay porttoe ef ss d U it, . 1 and I, Daisy Noa. t s J I. . 1 che FivveUoa mine er a . ara requt-ed to t a t r t . claims with ths R-" - ilr cf I d lutes Land c re rt i It Is Ue aiat ef Su.a I " i a stxty dya period of pub. -, i , t-r they will be barred by kts 1 se vutons at Us sta tute. a. Tt oa: nteon. OI him e cnll end be eonrlno-t4 thAt It is the "Only" plaee la town. Fred Walter. Oerat Okyrer. " Vilee tTsereby gtvea, That by vlrtse ef NsJsa Makl. J ohm HorsH. al- emaiaaaM ,Bd Bale la the above entitled days parted ef puklloauoa hwreet. er t f will be barred by virtue ef the twvkeeae KnaUmeiaa. Vai Teneao, Peter Damer actios aa the Klh ear a( Aerll. A. p.. 1 Wt, tone Minetas, van ', imI aeea said Jeds- ot the Butute. C. OUmore, CThee. JoheaMtt nM, (h. hacrlber. Mat PlunkeU. Sher- I . . . sa Oa B...I Bk TVs - LP"" Visum c.::::::3ri58Tc:m It! J II bmooa rreocs ehy-HMi. will j swal BBrwiM, will sowsiy . a,,v . mm tsttar dai 1 at Lawreaoe veuiy. e-.., Tesvarday waa another rea tetter aay . eraosa nsnotsted. wil sell PaTEIITS procured eerew e, i w-e m t-wui mtv. ssi two BacflBanise oc aer at sabMe auctioa at uut treat aoer oi ue Lode, aad Venal Eoslnos Lode, Mine er surface ground, are required to Bio Uetr adverse claims with tha Regleter ef the Halted Slates Lead Office at Rapid City, a Ue County ef Pennington, utate ef BouU Dakota, during the atxty days period ef publication hereof, er they will be barred by the virtu ef Ue provision ef Ue Statute, A. 8C GARDNER. Rsaiater. IT IS HEREBY ORDERED, That the foregoing Kotloe ef Application for Patent be pabttsaed for the period et tt days (tea f -erutlre weeka) Is the Plooeey-Times, a dally newspaper published at Deadwood, Seath Dakota, A. SC. QARnjrSTt I " Flter, (First PsbUeatlee May L U.i.) of We gwr-mve fveoe. euea aa km , -j 47 v cai3 a V"w irmTViAuMim to W Court Heese la the City of Deadwood, County at Lawreooe ai4 t'te at south Dakota, ea Saturday Ut tlvh any ef May EUGENE W. JOHNSON, A. 2L CAE X t ,'er. 11 la hereby ordered, that ta fw;- - f lotlce of Appllaatteai tee -U-.-t he rt Hshed for the perkMi of s - y yt tm u Deadwood Ploeeer-Ttisi, if t per published at CKr . ' 1 - . A- a. 1. The PVoneer-TiKae Is C.e nlsi te- young men left for the frost The first la the aionilng, eotapoeed vi the Lead menbars of OrtgabJ's cavalry at I'.la sAttMtTt? BaVlidl Ael isml rejoroits tor uarre. . st m. . st tn r cm b ailloeekf dayof" re.' e' hllBoch-''t ' ee-eeew' a 'laVrV 4 in - "miwes lawa, Sea f enreweol aiUseri,aei rr ii nz-?.r fori-" e Tv s t be pu:., ,1 tt t.-e (ta - ' wreed ll. st It relocK ia ue iweuuua es is ear. the seal estate esi sMrtae4 protai 1 ' eitreRt asa AfTfH tLM'tnmrmm MUCITCa . AKD ATTC line " ' , . a .anna imH wets o ""-. . mmm - - mmm laa. ,!,,, t. th. Cm &tv mi Lawresee . B....II aa-a-ana-aa. U I 1 V WW,, Tttnee a t t t ie -eel n ATnrt oafign. Cast EsrMOOtsd'S trcop at wersls, et ttata ef SonU Vwu. aad airwtsd la ' ' K i. " V. Mw.eeS.Bini mi 1 1 DSM.4, - i . e f-v'e e. " , ii--u-aet" mmm I A, D.O. kGA Jeri j0aee ITU Sew Tork Aee, per la tt wtr.Lri pcrtist cf in ,'2 La-aofte. Co yen t it l.f mm a. T - a. ea. Ia cm moratne? tarn recruits m wiwn - jt . 1p.m. w we b a v lead thsreta deeerlbed at to. owe: attend at the rrtora of Eoaa Co. No, I as serf. vised eae surtssu U-U) Isiey Chart lit. iTslaj-acj nusauxrr. crisweca. t, & IPe XbtAbllebt4

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