The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 8, 1898 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 8, 1898
Page 3
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THE DAILY PI0IIEEE-TB1E8, SUNDAY, HAY. 8, ltS3. LEAD PIONEER-TIMES. HERE AND COMING! NOTICE OF LEASH. To whom It may oouoerai I have this day leased to J no. P. Johaa, Denial Suta-i rlaud, Albert M. Orasslnger, the Joan I'lauer ground, situated ea Baa Ore, ta Crook county, Wyoming, whs wUt be respoualule tor U labor, aaalartal, awpe&eo . e. 'lunia iiK'u.rvi' la tbe operation m aald placer claims and I Will net be rvspoustbls tor th earn. HI OP ARD JOHNS Data of Lease. Mare I . US. LEAD, S. D. t mAT 0. ISSSj www. ANNUAL MEETING NOTICE. Notice la hereby glvec that tbe reguls-sunual meeting ot tbe U. a. Orant Mlulng company will be held at ths uince ot K L. Ctbba. Sherman street. Dcsjwood, S. D. at 3 o'clock p. m., Saturday. May II, lmtl. for tbe purpoae of electing a board ot dlrvctore for e enautng year aud the treuea.-tlon of uch other bualneas aa may properly come before ths nieetlog. JOHN BAKER, Bee. (Martin Maeon, Attorney.") NOTICE Or SALE or REAL ESTATE. By virtue of an order aud decree of the touuly Court of Lawrence County, Houth I'akata, made on the petition ot tbe unit. r-algned admlnlatrator with the will annexed of the eatate of James K. !. Miller, de,. .. el. for aa order to aell the real eatate of aald deceased, made on the ?tuh day af 8lteniber, tmtl, 1 shall, on or after the llih day of May. lats, al tbe hour of 10 o clork In the foreuouu ef aald day. sell at (Mania A Mason, AU'ys.) NOTICE OP SHERIFT S SALB. State of South Dakota, County of Lawrence, ta Circuit Court, Klihth Judicial Circuit. Nathan Halle Plaintiff. ) ve. Swan O. Lavlne, et al Defendant) Notice ts hereby given, That by virtu of Fotecloaure and Haie In the above entitled action on tbe lth day ot April. A. I)., nut. and an execution taaued upon aald Judgment, the subscriber, Matt 1'lunkett Sheriff ot Lawrence County, State of South Dakota, for that purpose appointed wll sell at public auction at the front door of tbe Court House la the City of Deadwood, County ot Lawrence and State ot South Dakota, on Saturday th INth day of May im. at 10 o'clock la the forenoon of thi day, ths real estate and mortgaged prem-laee situate In tfce County of lawrenee aad Bute ot South Dakota, and directed In aald Judgment and Execution to be sold, and therein described as folio a: BAJtNST TtUHKUN KBBP8 THB NOTICE OF LEASE. BEST OF LIQUORS. If YOU NEED 1o whom It may concern i We have thla rhea Inside of an hour, and Guy Lambert hooked up four horses to the Campbell House bus this morula; and took nine more Lead soldiers to the front by the -way of Bturgia, next. day k-aavd the "Medovk" group et elalma. la Hiat al!! UuK h (t rlalmal, via! tbe ate- rR the next Thirty Daya we will be constantly receiving new Linet in all departments. Our store is too large and our departments to numerous to particularize. We can only say that while !n many lines there has been a big advance in values, owing to increased duties and other causes our stuff was contracted for be tore the advance, and we own if at old prices and as long as it lasts will sell it at old prices. WE JTL7n NOW OEIO-WIBffCSti duvk, Crawa I'olnt, Uuod itop. DoubSa aunUanl, and Ktug aVoiomo lodes; t lYed A uionden, el Lead, a, D., wae wui be re-pouaible fur alt tabor, aiatertal. aupalla aud btber avoeuata Incurred I the epera llua of said gro'p ot sleama. Cent tat City, w. U., rab., 41. II. An undivided ens s xtoenth tl-llt inter. J''"" aaie, me real eetate deacrlbed aa follow a, to-wlt: Lot. u, st Su. 4(1 ii. 44. Jt. 4. 4T and 4g, to bis no. Sherman St.. IM-adwood, In lawrenee '3runty, Houtb la-aota, on tbe following terma, to-wlt; raah Itids In writing may be left at the office et the undersigned In Deadwood, S. It. eat In end to oaeh of the following claims. iiuaieu m iaa uray mining n. on 1IKNHT tlHKSSCKT, BAHNBY 1-KA.NaUJLN, w. l. racsT, SARAH OOULKTTB, mollis oouLarrra, h ASM US NRLSON. WML A. SINK, J. at. MAI SUN. the east aide ef the Oulcb near (i.M.e City, to-wlt: Tbe independence lode, the .-urn ibis mra oay ot Aorll, A. it, lsng. U'll.l.lAU liVI lllie VNY. QIVB HIM A CALL. P. L. JwoklM ta Mill oondned to his bed and la a very sick man. J. IL Chapman, of Sloux FtHs. la at tha Campbell house. Wanted Girl for general tuxtewwork. Apply to Abe Pink, Lead City. tt K. O. Hurts, who fetus been sick (or about two months with rheumatism, u able to be about. Mrs. Maude MVAuvrapevugh, stater ot Mlsa Clara Tackabury, returned to her home yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. J anion tk-hwtng of Dead-wood apent yewterday in Lead vleitlng the family of J. H. lUker. W. A. McKlnoy, who haa been sick for the psst three nrfoj' days un thi .'re: again yeeterdr The dance given by the Math lan club Friday evening, waa weM attended and they all had a good time, as usual Admlnlatrator with tbe Will Annexed, of the estate of Jama. K. t xtm.. COLLBQK ATHLETICS. A distinguished writer In a pamphlst published by the latereolteglate Athletic association. ayv that an Immense Improvement la the omral and physical status of college graduate haa taken place adnos th Introduotloa of athletic game tn college. Thar la no reason why "'brain and brawn" should be antagonistic. In support of thla last proposition the action of that genial Invlgoraat, Hostetber'a Stomach Bitters, which In strengthening th body Increases mental activity, may be authoritatively cHed. Thi famous med Double Bagle lode, the Sixteen to One lode, the Antoinette lode, tbe Hold Bug lode, the Free Silver lode, the Ktldorpha Imle, the National lode, the Inter-Nstlonal lode. th. oeaaed. (First Publication April 14, lltl.) AcldliSdMENT NOTICE, Oold Nugget lode, the Oolden Fleers lode, tbe Oolden Opportunity lode, tbe Hoagland. WaehlngUM Consolidated Hold and Bll- noticb or roRjnaiTuaa. To Kra Netaoa and u, iinii. tne Alma, lise Lawrence, the Oolden slipper, the Oolden Jewel, the Oolden Ace. the New Dress Goods, New Clothing. New Millinery. New Hats ano Caps New Carpets. New Shoes. New Curtains. New Furnishings. New Embroideries New Wash Goods. New Laces New Organdies. Company, a corporauoa, sad whesa U asar concern ; Conglomeration, the Colllmatlnn, the Cora- vr Miulug Cotupauy; prluclpal place ef bualueaa, Deadwood, South Dahola; looa-tloa ot works, Uaieua, Lawreaos County, South Dakota. Vou are tatormed that wa have unaaiAad la labor aad ImproveoMaia atea the au-er Wueea Lode or mining etaUa. th Orjid Notice la hereby glvea that at a meeting of the directore ot the above named Ooea icine overcomes th dyspepsia peculiar Hog Lode, or ml u lag olaim, Ute Qreaad Hog No. I Lode, or bMbIaa- alaisa. ha pany held oa the llnd day of April. A. IX. lava, aa aaaeeameut (No. I) of one (1) Uround liog No. I Lode er aalalag alatsi. cent per share waa levied Upo th eapltol Us Uround llog No. Lade er auaiaa to person of sedentary, Inactive habits, and yield aound refreshing sleep. It a lo remedies Mver complaint, con- stork of the corporation, peeJle I day from data of publlualloa to th treauaref claim, ths O round llog No. I Lois or aia tng claim, altuated la Bear Butte aonalag dlstiiot, Is Lawrsuoe Ceualy, 3outh Uaaa. Ida Crouch-llailett of Denver, Col., wirpauon, malaria, rnoumathmm, ner mnation. tne Anticipation, the Dlaappolnt-Blent, the Oolden Wings, the Kellar, tbe Warren, ths Oolden Bra, the Oolden Prtoe, the Oolden Treaaure, the Oolden Ledge, the Redemption, tbe ContentU n. '"le Qua), mention, ths Expectation, the Realisation, the Oolden Sceptre and the Extension lodes and mining claims, or so much thereof aa may be sufficient to satisfy said Judgmeat and coats, amounting In all to Four Hundred and Three (I40S 60) Dollars aad Fifty cents, with Interest thereon from tbe date of said Judgment, and all accruing oosta of sale. Dated Deadwood South Dakota, April II, list. MATT PLUNKETT. Sherin of Lawrence County, Martin a Mason, Plaintiff's Attorneys. (First Pub. April IT, 1191.) ot the Company, L. C. Sanbora, of Bleu City, luaa, or Nalbaa Col man, Seoretary, at bl. otlii e. livmieiHMl, a. 11. ta at least siov per year udo each ef ami vousness and kidney trouble. yesterday held two meeting ta Lead, laluia tnr the following rears i la last lltM We Hay the Largest and M oat Complete Grocery and Hardware Department Auy etoik upon whuh thla aseeeameel In the lntereata of Woman's right. upon aca oi aald clKlua. All M arkluA abail rimaia Uiiald ou May ths tllk, U4, done for ths purpose et holding the aald DR. BABCOCK'8 OFFIB. At High mam, at 10:30 this morning. will be delinquent aud advertised tor sale, Stiver Queen, O round Hog. Oround Hog Weet of the Missouri. at public auction, and uuleaa payment la no. a, uroun Hog Ne. a Uround Host No. In St Patrick's ohurrh, Mlsa Marveaux accompanied by Prof. Kmo, will sing made before, will be sold oa tbe lata day 4 and Oround Hog No. I Lodes under be of June lat at the emos of Nalbaa Cole- previsions of SecUoa 1114. ksvtsed Statutes Is sew located la rosea 14, trad! oats block Katraaoe from either Lee or Mala street EQUAL SUFFERACE. man, Secretary, Deadwood, B. D at I or u united siatsa, aad sou ameadatjrt Ave Maria" Workmen have Just completed put p. tu.. to pay tb de'lbuuent aaeeaasrsoL We Soli rit Your Patronage.. taereto, tor tas period aadlas Ueoemtie.- 1UL MIT, aad there ta due from ye there together with the coat ot edverUatas: aad expeuaea ot salu. on the sum et 111. aads I upes each ef ting tn a new ant of boilers at the Del said claims, or tioo.00 to all. Mrs. Hubtt of Colorado will Speak at the Fillowtof, Times and Plaoet In NATHAN COLMAN, Beeretory, aware shaft and they will be fired up the first part of next week. (Frawley 4 Lafey, Att'ys). APPUCATION FOR PATENT, (M. A. No. 1031). You are hereby aoUQed that It wlthla ti days from personal aervio et thla toUc. Lawrenee Counts. you fall to contribute your properties ef Mrs. Maude Matherapaugh slater of BIG BRICK STORE such expenditure aa oo-owner with the U. 8. Land offlcs. Rapid City, South Da stay kota, April it. me. dersigned during each of the years aba's mentioned, your lalereat la said claim will W. B. Perkins, arrived yenterdar to epend the summer In tne Hills. Rhe NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the (Fred M. Draws. Att'y.) APPLICATION FOR A PATENT. M. A. 1011. U. S. Laud Oinc, Rapid City. 8. IX, become ths property ot tbe subscriber, Whltewood Monday and Tuesday, t and 10. Stone g. H. Wednesday, May 11. St. Onfce Thursday, May II. OateaalaJ Friday, May It oolden Crest Mining Company, by tu your co-owner, who haa mae the requved cornea from California. agent, Frank Webber, whose postoffice ad oxpendltuTea aa required by. aald Sac ilea April 16th, IM, Arrangement are being made to 111. Bells rourrtae 41aturday aad Buaday, NOTICE IS I1ISHEBT OVEN that Cbarle STEPHEN B. SHARPS cress Is Deadwood. Lawrence County, South Dakota, haa this day DM his application for 141 1 linear feet airing tbe vela of tbe Mineral Twin No. 1 Lode, tbe pre O. Qulvey, whoaa address I stay i ana is. Mtnnesela Monday. Mar 1. properly recHve Bishop Hare on his Visit to Lw .a on the 22ml by the mem ASSAYERS. LEAD BUSIHESS DIRECTORY. I Reed's . H. Tuesday. May IT. RAILROAD TIME TABLES. nURUNOTON ROUTE. sumed airectloa thereof being Northeaster bers and officers of the Episcopal False Bottom S. H. Wednesday. Mav MARY B. SHARP. (First PublluaUoa. March IS, IWa.) (MoUughlla 4 McLaughlin, Att'ys.) APPLICATION rOR A PATENT. IM. A. No. 1017.1 is church. M. H. ly and Southwesterly, T4s 4 feet on aald Lode running Northeasterly and 760 feet on said Lode running Southwesterly front the discovery cut situated on aald Lode: Ragged Top Thursday May II. No. S02 I'asseuger, Dally. H1U city. Lead Clty.Lswrenc County, South Dakoto, haa this day filed his appitoattoa for a patent for 11011 linear feel oa th Last Chance No. 1 Ltvt. ltwt I linear feet oa tb Last Chance Mo. I, Daisy No. 1, Daley No. I and Echo Lodes and Ttl.l Unear test ol the Echo Prarttoa Lods, mine or vela bearing gold with surface ground one bus-dred and fifty feet la width oa etch aide et tbe eeoter of each of aald lode situated 1 Speartsh Friday. Saturday and Sunday. Mr. Urody, the druggist, has decorat LYON. ASSAYER QUY LAMBERT. soaeaseos to iiu fm..s. United Stole Land Offio. Rapid City, Hot Pprlngs, Chicago and II points east, south and stay iu, ii ana ix. ed his place of business with a brand and. 14DI.4 linear feet along the vein of the PUBLIC South Dakota. April llnd. 111. Terry Monday and Tuesday. Mav west 1:0 p m I Mineral Twla No. I Lode, the presumed dl new awning, trimmed with "bright red, and 14. No. sue Lorn l, Unity except Bun- I taction thereof being Northeasterly aud NOTICE IS HEREBY OIVEN, That Miebael Power whose sostofBoe adores Is Twa Bit. South Dakets, has this day bled L;?erj,FesiaBo Stable Bnalswood Wednesday. May IS. which adds greatly to the appearance Southwesterly. 741.4 feet on said Lode run No. iilU Local, Dally except Sun AND SAMPLER. day, Hald Mountain and Kirk Thursday, May it. Lead Friday, May IT. blng Northeasterly and 760 feet on aald of the store. Whltewood mining dlstriot, County et Lawrence and State of South Dakota and Hlicarflah I:IS P 01 w.ILode running Southwesterly from ths d:s his applluatioa for a patent for uoo, 1471.1, 111, Hill, 14&1.I, and 14U.I linear feet respectively on ths Homcslake Fraction, Deadwood Saturday and designated by the Bold note and fflotal Octave Lucl-sr haa the fountciimi ino. :u rreignt, iisiir, mil city, .eovery cut situated on said Lode; and ORADWOOU SOUTH DAKOTA II aad II. pedal stUnUou? (IT.n to .net boarding Irak. Am Saddlt fortes Spocialtf plat on HI la tht office aa Lot Number Custer and Edgemont.... 1:00am Bryan, Oolden OateT Philadelphia, Clev I4SI.I linear feet along the vela ot ths Rosa 'Veil Lods, the presumed direction therof rvatral City Monday and Tuesday. May till, said Lot No. Ml! being aa follow. dug and will cimmence the erection at once of a veneered building 4uM). to oe land, and Iowa Lodes, bearing gold with IJ and II. to-wlt: H. TRAINS HKTWKKN DBADWOOD fUdJIik llullillng, Main tftreet, Lead. being Northeasterly and Southwesterly; AND LEAL). Trrrevllle Wednesday and Thursday, ne 1 and t. T4s.s rest on saia boas rubaing Northeast surtaos ground three hundred (loo) feet Is width on each, altuated in Bear Butt Mining District. Lawrence County, south Da BLACK HILLS ECHO LODB, Beginning at the N. B. aoraer for ooraer ueed as a livery barn, situated on Bloeker street. erlr and T60 feet on said Lode running Southwesterly from ths Discovery Shaft l.esv Deadwood. Sunday. kota, Lui designated by the held sots and ., 1:10 a. m. Dully Kx, Analytical Laboratory and Assay Office K. n. rianjagta. accompatiud tr situated on aald Lods; and, 1011. 1 linear official plat oa ni la thla offio aa Lot No. Dully.... WALL PAPERS. Maks selections at your own home, ..10:00 a. m, ..11:41 a. ni. No. 1, from wl:h U. 8. Lea. Moa. No, M bears g. Tl degree 01 minute BL TT7.I feat dlatant, thenos 8. 44 degrees II miauls W. lul.4 foot to Cor. No. I; these 8. f degree 40 minute B. I4VI.I test to Cor. No. Il till, aald lot No. 111! being described aa ANTltON V TROUT, Plumber and Steam Fitter, OSlos In Campbell Booh Beaemia feet along the vein of the Vernal Equlnoi Lode, the presumed direction thereof being !.' uiothtfr lit l iw, left for Kanttt 'li ycit'rclay, aleri the lady will r. .iilD bt . . 1 : It p. m. Dally Dully Ex. Sun Jay,... Dully follows: HOMESTAKI FRACTION LODE. over too new patterns to show you In Northwesterly and Southeasterly, 60 test . 1:35 p. m, en said Lode running Northwesterly and i i In- clluiatD f . ea not agree w'tli btr thsoo N. 41 degrees M nlaeto B. m.9 Beginning at ths northwwtt ooraer ot the .. 1:30 p. m. DHlly Kx. Rummy.... Dally Ex. tiuuday.... my simple books, which are the same papers aa will be sold at Alfred Peats Henry Schnitzel LM4, 8. D , F. O Boat BV .. 4:30 d. m feet to Cor. No. 4; theaae N. degrees 4 claim for ooraer ho. i. rrom waioa atana- In tbs black li ..a. 10X4. 1 feet on said Lods running Southwesterly from the Dtaoovery Shaft situated . . S : 30 p. m. minute W. ltwt.1 test to Oor. Me. 1 aad nlly ard corner of Township I Berth, rangee I oa aa d Lode; bearing sold, with surface Mrs. Carrie Peaae and Misses Anns and 4 east B. H. M., bears B. tl dsg, II plan ot beginning, THE BIG BRICK Dally Kx, Sunday.... Dally Kx. Sunday... . Co.'s mammoth New York aad Chicago i Lore this rear. 7:00 p. m 1:00 p. m 0:00 p. m IsuiBlttMbalUiHisrbiall orsipnei!!! reeelf, mln. W. m i feet dlitaat: theno a tt iround 100 feet tn width, situated In tht Whltewood Mining District., County of Lawrence and State of South Dakota, and Dnily DAISY NO. 1 LODE. Begtanlna at the N. B. Oor. for Oor. No. Abt and Nannie Smith, left yesterday for Sioux Falls to attend the tste on- dsg. S mln. E. 100 test: thenoe B. T dec. prompt eiieuuoe. 'est. exede or tbe bmmt adapted prows ot -t-tf J. OOLDBSRO. 10:30 p. m Dally Ex. 01 mln. M. Wl.l feet) thenoe . S dag. n Sunday.. Leave Lead. designated by the held Botes and official Department Store ! : mla. B. 4II.T feet; thenoe south U deg. L from which U. 8. Loo. Mob. No. M bewa S M deg. l mla B. I4I.T feet; thenoe B. campment of the Degree of Honor, agent lor I. !lctm rwnlria process, 0. S. Petea plat on Die la this office as Lot number TWO SHIPS SUNK U dsg. 10 mla. W. 108 4 test to Oor. No, l which convenes Tueeday. WO, t,uwt. IIH, in Township 4 N. Range I K. B. H. SI min. B. I.I test: thsnoe S. U dsg. tl mln. W. 1S4.0 feet: thsno N. II dsg. II mla. W. 104.1 fset; thenoe N. 10 deg. W. . I Ma. m. Dally Ex. Sunday.... By being overloaded with furniture for Laboratory and muoIIb work. Is tsutt beudm?, M said Lot No. ISIS, being described f ullHn. ot viythlng oonnaotlj on band. .10:26 a. m Services at the Baptist church are Dully eeu thsno s. I deg, 40 min. B. 14.1.1 feat to Oor. No, I; thenoe N. U deg. 10 mla. tt, lots. 4 feet to Cor. No. 4; Ueoos tt, den. roiiows. to-wit: the receiver's sale at Smith 4 Wheal- .13:10 p. m. MILL ITSEST. LIAD slightly changed aa to the lime. Sun tally ally Kx. Sunday.... MINERAL TWIN NO. 1 LODE, 461.4 feet; thenoe N. I deg. 04 mla. W. 1011.1 feet to placs of beginning. BRYAN LODB. . i:xx p. m ea's. 40 mla. W, 14I.I test to Cor No. 1 aad Beginning at earner No, 1. Identical with . 1:57 p. m day school will be at S p. m Instead of Dally. place et beginning. MRS. J. F. BRANSFIELD'S . 1:81 p. m Sunday..., Dally Kx. In the forenoon, and preaching serv the NW corner ef th location, a pitch pins post I fset long, I inches square, set I feet la the ground, with mound of earth aad . 4:M p. m. Sunday... Dally Ex. Beginning at th northwest corner et ths claim tor ooraer No. 1, from which standard corner of Township north, rangee I IE WELL DAISY NO. I LODE. Beginning at tb N. B. Oor. for Oor. No. . I:5T p. m. H. C. JENSEN. Of Lead, baa Opened a Ices at 8:15 p. m., by Rev. Kirk, of Dally. stone, scribed 1M1-12K. Whence the Staed- and 4 B. B. H. M., bears N. S4 deg. mis. . 7:11 p. tn . lilt, m Dead wood. B. Y. P. U. at 7:00 p. m e 1, from which U. S. Loo. Moa. No. M bear a 14 deg. II mis. B. 441.1 feet; thaees B. II dsg. 14 mla. W. IU test te Oor. No. Ii Dally Ex. Sunday.., Dully Ex. Sunday.. Dally Dally Kx. Sunday.., DiffieurL Lonfl'Standlna and Korvoui trd carnr or Bw!Uona u tna Towdidp w.HiwMit, bully witling em nervwiis , R t BBHtt n N t 4(r w . 9:00 p. tn. W. 1UI.I feet distant; these S. II deg, tt mln. E. lol I feet; thsno S. 11 deg. II At Christ's chuivh tomorrow Mr TOBACCO FACTORY, Street No. 95 Sherman .10:55 p. m uisssisB are bursDisi no 4III.I feet, a pine 11 Inches la diameter mla. B. 1471.1 feet; thence N. CI deg. M thenoe B, I deg. 40 mia. B. UH.I feet to Tegarty will alng "The Holy city" aa a Inouralle Cases Taken. min. W. 161 feet; thence N. 10 deg. a mla. la eonaeclion with bit Cl-atr rectory, aad la abletoeapsly all partial with nla alaan elger special song, and Mr. Ware will devote W. 14U.I feet to th place of begtBBtBg. bears B 47 W W. I) 44 feet and a pine 14 Inches In diameter bears 8. 17 46' B. 11.7 feet, each biased and scribed B T 1M1-1I3S, Thsno S. TT 01 E. !.! feet to ooraer No experiments, no failure; Instruc Oor. No. I; thenoe N. II deg. 14 mla. B. Ill feet to Oor. No. 4; theaos N. . degu mln. V. 1411.1 fset to Oor. No. 1 aad plaoe ot beginning. the service In the evening aa a memo QOLDS1N OATH UOOU, F. K. A M. V. R. R. THE NORTHWESTERN LINE. eUppiagt. Mall order, promptly Allied, Ii hat gaining notoriety at w.U as popularity tlont obeyed the cure la certain. Dr. Beginning at th southwest corner of ta rial service to the "Maine sailors, on Id to tba far I that It Is tbs only placs you oaa No. I; Thence S. II II' W. 1411.4 feet to claim for corner No. 1. from which stand DEPOT: Between Deadwood an' Pins L. Miller, formerly ot Chka to, 111., who set tbs bast kind ot baking at tha lows figure oorwer No. I; Thence N. TT or W. 100.4 will be don In all the other churches LAST CHANCE NO, I LODE. BegtaaiBg at the Bast aide angle tale ard corner of Township S north, rangee I Street.. here to stay, devote hi undivided Bar motto I. lie and let Ilea. Bar So tearee of 'If Club Restaurant. and 4 E., B. H. M., bears a. I deg. II mla. In the country at the sasn hour. Arrives. Departs. feet to corner No. 4; Thence N. II 15' U. 1481.4 feet to corner No. 1, ths place of for Oor. No. 1 from walob V. S. Loo. it-sm. bread are eqaal to swat loo Ineeaa. Sh. kaapj attention to th relief of thee aid The Wesloyao Quartette appeared at s full tins ol bread, sake, eooklas, eream puffa, W. mi l feet distant; eheso B. 44 deg. St mln. E. feet; thence N. It deg. 01 mln. E. 111.4 test; thence N. I deg. II sola. other diseases: RHEUMATISM, 8T. VI MINERAL TWIN NO. I LODE. No, N bears S. M deg. II mia. W. & f t test! theno N. 11 deg. M mla W. Li t feet te Cor. No. I; theae 8. 11 deg, 04 mla. W. 171.7 feet to Oor. No. I; thenee B, Through trains to Omaha Chlngo, St. Taul, Minneapolis, with close connections for all points woat and aouth. at Fre- eendlee, tigers, milk, ato., and invitee ya to sell the M. E. ohuroh Friday night and al Beginning at corner No. 1. Identical with TVS' DA NOB, 8LBBPLBSSNE83. Dont't Forget the Number. B. 71ft.l feet; Umbos N. II deg. U mla. W. ll.l feet; thence 8. 17 deg. M mla. W. 121.1 feet: thenoe a I deg. 41 mla. W. 140.4 feet; the NW corner of the location, and with corner No. I, Mineral Twin No. 1 Lode of STAMMERING. HABITS, PILES, I deg. 40 mla. tt, 141.1 feet to Oor. Me. Best Table in Gity mnnt and Omaha 11am , 4 pm 95 ShermanStreet. (without th,us of the knife,) CA thctigh a dance and a show was going on, with other excitement, a good house greeted them. They rendering about the same program a was given this survey, ths Standard corner of thenoe 8. II deg. II mia. V', I4I.I feet to n. II deg. 04 mia. tt. Sii.s rset e Car. No. It tbeoee N. deg. 41 mia, W. 1144.T feet to Oor, No, t tad plaoe et I)KPOT: Lowrr Main Stmt Whltewood. Sturgls, Rap- placs of bsgicalag. sections U and II, township I N , K, I KBHM, bears N. II II' 10 W. 44II.I feet: TARRH of the nose stotoach and bladder, and die ease of th ear, chest, PHILADELPHIA LOli. Id. Chadron and Inter Thence g. TT 01' B, 100. 1 feet to ooraer No. Beginning at tits northwest aoraer et the at Do wood. All who heard them are leals all Hours. MsSlMlilS & PALUERLEE medial, points 10:45 am 7:35 am I; Thence 8. II II' W. 14l.l feet to cor throat and stomach, liver, kidneys, olalm tor ooraer No. L from which stand Bells Fourche '1:40 pm 11:00 a LAST CHANCE NO. 1 LODS. Beginning at the N. B. aid aaid etak ard oornsr ot Township I aorta, ranges I Whltewood only T:I0 a m 4:40 p m loud In their praises. As a majority ot the men from Lea Tickets 15. SING YOU, Prop. , .,.... ner No. I; Thne N. TT 01' W. 304.1 test to comer No. 4; Thence N. II II' E. 14M.4 feet to corner No. 1, the place of begin bladder, producing wasting, weakness of fwtotlotks, nervous prostration, de and 4, east, B. H. M., bear a. so deg. u tor Oor. No. I from which U. 8. Len. Htm, Except Sunday. Btln W. Ill.l feet distant, thsncs a. l who lotned Orlgsby's cavalry hold ning. deg. U mln. B. m l feet: thenoe S. I deg. No. M bears B. II deg, 0T mis. W. I l.S feet; theaoe N. W deg. T mla, W. UU feet to Cor. No. It theaos B. II deg. II mis. bility d Inlaws I, lose of energy, me ROSA BELLE LODE. M mla. B. 1111 1 test; thenoe a M deg. a ory, etc 6PBCIAL ATTENTION GIV Beginning at corner No. 1. tdentloa with mln. W ISO feet; thenoe N. 44 eg. Is ml. W. 11.1 feet to Oor. No. Il theae B. . FRANK LAKE. w New and Second Hand Goods . . . sponsible positions In the mines and mills, some felt a little doubtful about their Job, If they return, but when the NW corner ot the location, and with EN TO OI8BA8B8 OP MEN. CON W. 10.1 feet; thenoe N. S Sec. it ml. W, 41 mla. tt. 1144.T feet to Oor. Me. th.tti Beware of Imltatlcus corner No. I Mineral Twin No. I Lbde of 4T feet; these N. T deg. 01 mla. W. N. II deg. U mla. B. IS1.I feet to Cr. Me.' 8ULTATION FRES. AT OrUM0R3 this survey, Whence th Standard corner DBAYUAN AND TEAMSTER. Ill.l test to the plaoe et betinnlng. Ij theaoe N. I deg, 44 mla. W. ttT.I feet to H0U8S. Wednesday, May 11, MS of sections tt and II, Township I N., R. CLEVELAND LODB. Oor. No. I; theaoe N. M deg. U stt. W. tt.4 feet to Oor. No. 1 and plaos ef they asked for their time, they were each and all wlahed "Ood speed" and tokl to be sure and come baolt again S IHna, bears N. 14" 14' SO W. 4701.1 Beginning at the northwest ooraer ot th from 1 to 5 p. m. Hauling of Every Description. feet; Thenee a. TT Of B. til l feet to cor olalm for oors f No, 1, tresa which staad- If Address: Dr. L. Miller, Lead. 8. D. ner No, I; Thence S. II II' W. 1411.1 test to corner No, I; Thence N. TT Of W. 100.1 and resume their positions when they ard ooraer ot Township I aorta, range I and 4 east, B. H. M., bear N. IT deg. 14 Coal Delivered to any Fart ol ECHO FRACTION LODB. Beginning M the N. B. Cor. tor Oor. N you want to Buy or Hell get their figures. Courteous treatment to all. fset to corner No 4; Thence N. U II' B. they returned. mln. W. 1641 1 feet dlstonti these S. II tbe Cltv. 14U.I test to ooraer No. 1, the plaoe ot be t from which 0. B. Lo. Moa, N", It bear A POPULAR HOTEL. leg. M mln. B. 110 test; thenoe 8. II deg Lead streets are cleaner and to a bet ginning. N. II deg. II min. B. 1461 feet, assos B, II mla. B. 14AI.I feet; thsaos N. H aeg. U Under th management of Mr. Carl Saadwood, - South Dakota VERNAL EQUINOX LODE. 41 dag, M ml. W. lul l test to Oor. M. It ter condition now than they have tees mln. W. 141 feet; thenc N. II deg. II mla. Beginning at corner No. 1. oa line 1-4 In. 621 Lc::r Main Must. Blank and his wit th cftd popular Oil W. 411.1; thsno N. I deg. 01 mla. W. lOO.f In many years. After the surplus mud Mineral Twla No. I Lods of this survey, theaoe N. II dsg. 44 Hi. Tft. 41.1 feet to Cor. No. I; thajo M Sag, t mi. W. 100 feet to Oor. No. 41 these a II 11 feet to place ot beginning. re l more popular aad prosperous was washed and scraped from Male identical witn tbe NW corner of tbe Iocs IOWA LODB. than ever and ts now the favorite hotel Begfhnlns at the northwest aoraer t th etroet, Mayor Oushurst put a crew tlaa, a pitch plae post I (set long. I Inches square, set I fset la the grmtad, with mia. B, 411 feet to Oor. M. I) theaoe N. Tl deg. 10 mla. B. tkt hot te Cor. Ne. Il Hotel FargoJ john baggaley, of the city. The house has naturally lalm for comer No, 1, from which stand sixteen men, with shovels and several mound of earth and stone, scribed IV-11M, thence N. II deg. 10 ml. B, -.l test to trd corner of Town thi.- I aorta, ranges I th most desirable loeattoa la to whence the Standard ooraer ot sections tt team to work, and aM the refuee from Oor. No. I aad plaos at heal n& In. and 4 east, B. H. M., bears B. ST eg. 11 and u airaagemerit la uoh that its and 14, township I N , K. I KBHM, bears mln. W, Uot.l feet dtstaati thsaos S, 44 At . the stores that haa gathered during the N. io II' K" W. MILI feet; Thence I. TT mitn Rn! Estata Broker leg. II mln. E, 117.1 fetti thsso S. Mfg. gueits cts at one oot&la every aooom wlivter was taken up and hauled away or It. IS I feet to corner No. I; Thence S. 11 mla. B. HO T feet; thsao 8. 1 deg, II Hot Springs, South Dakota, IT II' U. iosa.1 feet to corner No. I Are. Asres, Bob Led, ti ll Daisy No. I Led, ,MM I Delay No. a, t! Last Chase Ne. L I f Lest Chance N. I , I S Bche rracaoa, 4.U The work Is now about finished and mln. . 411.1 feet; these N. 4 da, g Dead wood, S. D. Thenee N. TT 01' W. lul l feet to ooraer modatton and oomfort. The todgias room are ktrge, well Mghbad aad heated aad airy, aad are feraUiYad ta was time and money well spent. Bla. W. 141.1 feet; these N. U e 11 nin W. 46 test: tbesee N. I dsg. 01 mla. No. 4; Thence N. IT II' W. 1041 1 test to MemUcr ofDeaifooil Stock Eictams, corner No. 1, th plaoe of beginning. all right, Go there The Singers' club will tneet tomor w. iiii.i feet t plae of bsgiaalag. you well. eh homelike fashion. No such rooms m auMaa-s ssaa eaate aew was, Will anteru'o wbstber sick or (or a saanga . DasJar la Mlnlag stocks and Real AlwaBs OftlBli variations at all courses 14 II' E. Area. Acres. row night for a special practice and Homestaks Fraction Led... ........ 1.71 can be obtained anywhere (' ta Mineral Twin No. 1 Lods 10.170 the popular chorus entitled "Colutn Batata, Steamship and Railroad TtoksU bought and sold. itryaa Lods 14 1 Mineral Twla No. I Lods 10.114 rotde Oat Lode , 14 I town. Tha tM aarrloa at fauHla. The dining room ts spotous and in bias gong of Freedom" wlU to gives Total Area, ........ . ... .to. t 1M1.I ilosar feet I elatuied raaBtrg northerly from dlsoovery shaft, ea tit Last Chaoo N. t Led and 10 feet waning southerly from dlsoovery shaft; ea Last Chance No. I Lode, lulul ltoer faot is claimed ruealng aortherly aad tvi f--t Philadelphia Lods .f Vernal Equinox Lode T.4U Rosa Belle Lode 10.147 tta Arst reading. This la the piece that Everything First-Class. :ievetBd Lods 1 41 TIF" viting, th table linen Is kept kamaou- i wa used In the contests of &e alnger1 owa Lode gM4 Aim late, aad far oOosktt of tfc I Total area of Survey No. 1111 tl.1T! VV. II. HOOHE club m Ohio last season at Young In 41 bonra OnnorrtMaa and am ana Thla claim la altuated Bear tha head ot fotal Area M.m rood that euunary art oaa prepare. f nan Iba nni uiapnanpMi .e. .T7.dyrj! th West Branch of Two Bit Creek, about town, and the club that was managed The presumed dlrmUoa et the Me tla eana, amewt hr Hanta southerly from discover atafti ti Daisy No. I Lod Ill.l test u iaimU ra Blng aortherly aad 100 feet rwaaieg erly from dleoovery shaft; e te L -v aiuieawitnnuHnainvenienw three mile Southeasterly from Deadwood, PABSrS HEADQUARTERS, ruirgi'if. Var if wick at said claim aad th aenber et 'eet in eacih dlreetls frova tht amsevery TKa.Pl.olPeui RaguUr boarders aad tmnslaflU shoutd give the house a trlaL aad they will be convinced that tt combine everything souta Dakota, which la the aeareat bus! mmm a aees center of Importance. I 111 Atlrl No. 1 Lod Tl feel M laJitad !" C haft oa aald elalma are aa foitewst by Mr. Tegarty was given 11 ret prise-It ta written by J. O. Davie and 1 a high class production thai requires plenty of training and good voes to The locations ot these mine are record OtiOWOOO t. 0. ertherly and Til l feet ruaolog twtr w y Homsetake Fractloa Lods, S. deg. M ilililllil iiuu tby desire, aad at reasonable rat. ed la th office et lb Rsgtttsr ot Deeds of UiUUI. from dlsoovery shaft ; th K . . i s nin. B. TU feet northwesterly aad 769 tee OHJLS. BOHL, Proprietor, Lawrence county. South Dakota, aa tot lews i produce. lel.l feet Is claimed rwanlitg ,.":y aad S00 feet rttaaing t a i - eovery shaft! oa tb lb lr W' outheasterly; Philadelphia Lad, 8, T deg. I mln. B. and B. II e. M ml. W. Tl 'set northweeterty aad TU test southeast- The only plaoe In town to get good tunoa. MlBsral Twla No. 1 Lode.orlainal cert Id VaRon r.lcKor. cats book TO St page 114; Mineral Twla No. Following is tba -BILL Of FARE liead Is proud of the record shown ot the percentage of the men who c Hated rly; Iowa Lode, a I deg. N mia, B. and (R. C. Hayes, Atfy). 4-3 la. CONTEST NOTICE. 41T.I fset IS claimed ruttetrs i 101. 1 fast running atoriy trwa twevwy abaft. Ham Bauaace Blood, Bauasge Veal I. II leg. II mln. B, T40 feet aerthwestoriy ind T1S feet southeasterly! Ctevetaad Led. i I Lods, original oertllloat book TO at page 111; Rosa Bells Lods, original eertlRcate, book TO at page III; Vernal Equinox Lods, Department ef the Interior, United States Cbssss Swiss, Bauaaaa Summer, Obsess Brick, Sausaga Uvsr, Magna tie variation ll dogrea EM. Tb toeatioa ef thtt mlm ts t .1 ta l. 10 deg. ll mla. BL Te feel aeruiwwtrly .nd 701 feet sottUweterlyi tfyaa Led, B. original oertiacat, book TO at page 101. Lasa ones, Rapid City South ihtlnts, lsm..ei!.i til fitsiril atav in a. in. in Orlgaby' cavalry, that passed the rigid medical examination, about thirteen out of fifty being all that wore refused. This speaks well for the hard work and h earthy ellmate of the Black th Register ef Dcedi e tf Lr- I deg. II mla. B. Tie test goru westerly Chesss Umbsrtsr, Cheese 8msarcas, Head Cheea, Prankfortsra, Pits' Feet, A sufficient cob teat affidavit havln base. Tb adjoining claimant! are ea the North Whit Fraction Lods; oa th East Blpp Fraetlo and Horn BCvar Lodes, on Cettaly, S. D.M foilew! Last C ' -a No. filed la thie ef&e by Brtaaet Bean a. eon- ad Til l test SMtheastortyt Ootiea ot iods. 8. deg. mia. W, 8, tl deg. te atn. W. and S. M dg. II mla. W. VS4 fst 1 1 book 104 peg l-li Lacl Chamm t , I, la book 104 pass IIS) Deuy ha. 1 ta l - t Etta Boiled, Wienerwurst, Sardines, Sour Tongus, Pickled Herring, Dill Pickles, Chow Chow, tea test, against Homestead entry No. mi. tee aouta an west unknown. Any and all persons claiming adversely, orthMstorly and III feet athwstor1y. Hills, lty tht time all who have sign maoe June ix, ins, tor tbe w m n NEI4 aad NEH Sf. Seetioa 14. Towa-ship f n.. Raage I B. B. H. M.. by Harry ,11 Namea IHewm. l"ai""4 Heawr? Din.1l MiHolMiiM. Kuk il Kaite- any portion of aald Mineral Twin No. I Th location eerUScato t thes talne 104 St Pg IM DaUy Kttltl ill peg 111; Echo Lode la book l i o ? Ui, aad kkh rrrwttoa ta book l.i t s. ... Dried Beet. Pickled Eel, Blue Flna, rromage de Brie, Hand Cheese, Rtpilriii Don ii Short Notice. All Kinds of Carriage and Wagon Wood Work, also Carriage Furnishing?. iM,., ate. eaoeed hr p-i les e'eaa ed, have been examined aad the etretU are full of men wearing the tittle bunch r ree-rded I th aa t th B-eg'eter t wi. . t bhmaaka eu.B,a aub rw3., Mil hi Salt Saraella. Imported Frankfurters, te. Anofcovls, Salmon, Lobsters. Caviar, Lode, Mineral Twin No. t Lode. Rota Belle Led, and Vernal Eolnox Lode. Mine or surface ground, are required to Sle their adverse claims with the Register ef the United States Land Offlos at Rapid City. Th adjoining claimAnta at anHatwa te ur-u re-tore. l-e mmmhmmdht oU ej U toe S .oo--4 mmnjnuMWOM hejeiej a book 111. psg 14, eel. Ml aad beak T, Olson Con tee tee, in which It is alleged that: The aald Harry Olaoa has wbeiiy abandoned said tract aad changed bis residence tberefrem for more than elx months since last making aald eetry, aad seat of narrow red, whit and blue ribbon xlsk ax ill. ill aad 417. A9petite Salad, N.ufchatt.l Cheese Blrra Cheese. Aay aad all pere ',-ng oA-- y that they are given when they take the oath. The company will leave for Ft I tb County of Pennington. State ot prior to date sereia, aad that aald tract la Th adjoining claims oa th Berth, st ad weet are uxkaewat ea te mm aaid Iklm a iwtiBded by tb Prmmm a4 tt, e arl eendlt will I4-J doe aaaaai tk, ere-, TMmm, m. w en It w 1 t iL. Pm asy pento et said Lt c a , I aad a, latay No. I tei t 1 M sot settled ee aad eatttvete by said aaraaaer, StaMuuaa auaet, MtAVWtAM Ha mas a good clean comfortable llaoa. CJiTu him a call and be coarlno-M taat It Is U KOnlyH plaos la town. South Dakota, during the sixty days period et ptibttcatiou hereof, or they will be bar Meaid Monday morning to com men os t x aad Pine St. Dead wood , 8. D. ual llattt lode, (survey Ne, IKLI Bche rracaoa witae er t r i ar rqulrsd to f t t u red by the virtue et the prevSttons of th drilling at oeoe. Asy aad all tras lalauag Mvtmly statute, 4'eV'VHi with th Rat ( ef t a i any portloa ef geid mine r eitrfiM A. K, GARDNER, grouad are reqttlred to aws tfer erae Karty as required by taw, aald parties are ereby notified to appear, iwapeM and offer evidence tewchlag said aiiemtiea at 11 o'clock a. at., oa Juae lltb, ll, before the aerk et the Circuit Cetirt wtthla aad for Lawrenee County, 8. D.. at Deadweod, a D., aad that iaal aeartag wri b aeid at 10 o'clock a, m.. e Jaae II, tm befere tbe Begleter end Btaesteetr at ttMi United e atatae Land st Tt ' la the atato et toast 1 -v t Register. Despite the fact that Lead ts away up here la the heart ot the HIU aad her people are always busy, K teens that lalma wits th Resistor C tas Laitc d. s. ard roastav, Ixty day pet-ted tt tv'. r "(aire uad s tt t' 'i Cjr ta trrs PATENTS fftot f Seats. Dakita, Baring tie r I.e. . wa llsaU I V ta wfcvieiu.,tiB,... PROCURED. when good men are wanted they aend IT IS RCRIBT ORDERED, That th feretoint Nolle ef Application for Patent b Bublished for tbe pertod ot SO oay (tea 'jaseettttre weeks) is tbe Ptoeeer-Ttmea, a dally newspaper published at Deadwood, lays ported ef puUtrstM href. er t they will be barred by vu, s f t .. 4 vlatas f tb atatuie. A K. OA? . to liead for ahem. First shs furnished in be barred by virtu c ta mmvk States Land Otae la Rapid City, South EUGENE W. JOHNSON, ttoeol a fMnoue rreiwa Bnrex-an.wiu aaioaiiPoace.iraaot tl e vooa eoHtaraeea ol tM eteriu.e aririuie, ewa aa ,'Um m. - a IiweMtiiaJ'ati'alBthef a.a-'1nai Aamadona, kr-a 1. fuaiBiearwoiuiaas e starry, Aiwie fcw, .a, y 4 CooatitiaUna. It stnps Ml Imawe bf d-ot fVev aaa ot Sieraarf e lnc If aq4e" , I Diota, nt ta atatuie, 40 young men to fill up the tpear&th aouia uasota. A C CAr"i. A. K. OAKDNER. 53UC1TC3 , AMD - ATTOHEY company, then, about has! of Captain Bullock's compaany enlisted from Lead mmmtim .nS ai we ksrnra of IianoMavy. a a . - - -.-nine mmmi 'm m SlrUni aawatrTBiH fcianaya and tlie araary ora"ol aw tt-niatiues, Register. It Is hereby Hetwa, thst ta twrt The aald esateetant haviag, la a areeer affidavit. Sled May I. tt, forth tact which abew that after ie iltte, per. soeai service et thi t ea set he made, K ta ? avoersd tg l4 that r-h BAtiee be gttwa ay aa4 tnm ruBtiaatioa Kay i. ism.) !! ewwHrtbe-e and reeiorae fwall wee oremee, . -- - notice f ARplw"" Mr be n- DT PATDTT OASSS, and bow Stusgls takes Its turn, for rri IT 19 IT f foreri'iig r- ef A" b put.. - ' MttS ft SK 1 1hl t t - t4wad, L,-t i 4 be r n reanedf lo wire w aa O"- I llahed tor t f lift " i U t s Tha Tkmmtr-Ttmm ts tha Im&kt r day tftaroooa a dlspattfh iweii rseeivad t m 3jew f art Are, WsahlBgtoa, D. O. Deadwood firlrt r a per published at Co. i. . I A. W Jsuk- ear tm C westsra pUon ef South Da- mm '2ta,blUaed IS 88. Ohartraa from Captain Hammond, aiiking for meat to SU fcls company, aM thy tot r aubitoauea. WA.Na, (MS) . .?. . iint HUlaatien ly I, i&4.) eou. C fob tss tt? .eraa. tw..i

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