The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 30, 1899 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, June 30, 1899
Page 5
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, FRIDAY MORNING, JCNE 30, 1899. BURLINGTON ROUTE jlBSlNS TO ANY HOME CUT FLOWERS OF ALL KINDS AT MRS MATHERS, 418 WILLIAMS 8T, OPPOSITE M. E. CHURCH. A year's subscription free to nearly any one of the standard magazines to usera of FOURTH OF JULY RATES. Usual reduced rates one fare for the round trip Wiirrn B. &. M. R R. R. SU- init foot to cry. v'Tiili-ic 'd.iv ir. pound n .n sossehold. ".' bing"d ' day out. W . i . . . J . . I r til V . ' 1 I Hiamoml "C" Soap. than L'nii miles apart - will "' 1 -' ' and i :u:urn Hons not hp be ni effect limit July 1 J"iii. A: M II, successors lo Charles the hard" of doing with sua;' ROSENTHAL'S BU - 20 Per Cent i St,ssc, m; Maln sU,.,., .lealers in fresD and sail MKATS. FISH and GAME in sea- xiii- Si inl yuur order-i fur prompt deliv-'iv. Unit, phones I'Kit.M uM H on the be- I 'e.ldWood ftiun a mo I i' '! Man I.- t -1 I : I V slieritT r.- II 1 ! 1 f M tirniTig 1:: N- rle : l-':'"l:: ii, ,t in 1 I'U' he i .i in.- thru mi the ' 'he i ,i trs had been DISCOUNT SALE! I- In Tue,d.i after ' '-' !''" fi.:ii Kapid Ciu. having '" ' h"ret' J W. and Krami'M Kiley, wb'j .ri charged Willi assaiijiliis a man named l.i uis uiii, a dangerous weapon. They arraigned liefure Judge Colman, anJ placed under Ji'nu bonds, to appear ini trial today. The patriotic ladies of the -it y an- re- RET I !: Clydf Ser laied Flui 1 1 Weelnesday to Omaha .. the big wash-first train ;if-. made. He 1 - and states h reached the sand pasaentri'i travel of ifn eight coaches Lincoln, and ; picked up, all people. The track covered in-tri-d$ of ' t ourW lk, you do china Powder s; ,( ; , , , hc.iiiliif-r, va'.e ftion ami many a. l;t,iir " i- ti- time Hi,, train I t!,. Miimii there Welt- two thotl- 4 aboard the ae.-umulated rim (,o MV. YORK sr. i oiis bosio To Be Continued Until I K.Faif bank Company " da There w ere "ti the train when It left eJTTTHrrSrr n Kevetina six more were of them TeTng packed with washed out section of I enjoy the proud distinction of rwpre- LOCALS. I'" in uieei ai .rs. i iruej s over l,owe's Clothing store at 7 o'clock this evening to make arrangements for a Fourth of July car of state. In addition to the white girls represents th states of the union, native girls have lieeu itn; ported to represent I'ortd Kfo, Hawaii and the I'hillppines. senting what is today the oldest and larg a distance of twenty- Lit any foot to perfection Our Large Stock of New Spring Purchases to be sold at this Great Reduction est Life Insurance Company in all the world. The New York Life. HOMER BOSTVVICK. Frank Dark is conducting a first" class lunch counter at the Derby. U t frein cut flower? on hand seVeh miles, alilm it was nnlv washed au( In places. The nimpany had repaired It temporarily by cribbing;, and trains are consequently obliged to run very slowly in crossing, as il is not secure It took the first train three hours to cover the I Ucbmuin s.. v illppri go to Zlpp - i " . . i.... 07 n 59 and 30 A HOT TIME AT THE STAND, Then- uill ! a hot time Satuniav of this wvtk In LIEBMANN n Friday and lowering the iknio d.ivs nnlv. "What might have been"-if thai Utile cough hadn't been neglected is the sad reflect inn of ihninandK nf consumptives. One Minnie Cough Cure cures roughs and colds K I UK G. I 'H 1 I.I.I I'S. rtur Bullock Hotel. luncb, go to Knink Dara. P... ,. ri'c-f on hot vfaihvT woods 'nic ihf following low prices Vanl W'iilf Madras f'lolh. :. worth 2-Yard Wide itrandnbiii K lot h !' wor t h I mii k Suit iiiK !' w M't h irr lxiia W'iih' and Kxtra heavy (icrtnan ('alii o 7r. worth 1J 1 - 100 HOI opnus- - - Why drink mud w hen you can l uy a Champion lilt.r tit the Kid Anvil Tl.VH AliK sold ivganll ess of cost at 1. Holstelu'B, HS4 Main St l'nhear-of bar- ,rtof; the pure ('ry.-lal springs Lilltr, M ut; tue ceieoratea W 25 VeUlS- Ir,'Sl I sains in SHOBS. (lt.) V Wnered to any part of the I wort h poster. 726 MJBericall Express office. Har- J. S. Met Ilium k. eily hill Main street (if.) W Dick Hills, Ul Sidid Colors in .lapant-M' f'r.'pon l-'n'iifh (JinKhanis s l-J. worth A nirt? linr of i-ttrdi d I ntnii i-s $5-oo Stetson I Hats i; $4.00. : a 1 ' 12 1 diet it toe Holzner. nit i nice lunch at any time. CHARLKS KASSK'S old reliable M EAT MARKET, at tWS Main street. Is now owned and managed by JOLITZ & LYNCH. Fish, game and poultry always alM Cacy at the LODDy. uonee PASS AROUND THE StetsonHat You see the graceful shape anJ rich color. You feci the delightful finish. You note the lipht weight and perfect balance. But you don't find out how thoroughly good it is nil you wear it. killfht lunch In the morning. twenty-seven iuiiw,-' file drivers were beginning to arrive, ami the work of putting in the pi rinaneiii repairs has undoubtedly stalled before this time Mr Seitz wi. he saw Mr and Mrs. N. VY Chapman, formerly of this illy, in Omaha, when- Mr chapman is assistant division supei iiiii-ndeiii for the Union Pacific. They arc- boih looking well, and are situated in a cozy home on Capital Avenue. Messi-ioer. who was clerking in Adams' groecrv store a year or more ago, Is In Omaha, has a position with the Greater America exposition, and will sell tickets at one of the entrances to the grounds. Hut few of the exhibits hail begun to arrive, and Mr Seitz said it looked to him as if the association intended to make more of a midway affair of it than anything else o - AN KXI'LA.NATION The circuit court report of the trial of the Burnham-Adams case published in Wednesday's paper it appears did not do justice to the Adams side of the case and the Pioneer-Times, being open, of course, at all times to a correction of any Item that is bound at times to get into its columns, does so now . It seems that after Alb-j't Burnham departed for tie Klondike the mother was left alone and being practically helpless in season. tinier by telephone, loth I: Hi : 'phone3. (tf) id Mt eooplete stock of fishing Hair work of all kinds, switches, chains. worth 2a. A full linn of Sat t itit's I He. w ort h 2"c Also a larK1 ssnrt nifiit of siminicr KooiU. when t hTe is but one piece of a kind we have placed on our counters at 7c I cr yard. Amon thee roihIs are some very rare bargains, goods that have sold at from 25 to 3") c, per yard. Remember this holds good for Friday and Saturday only. R KM EMBER THE PLACE. LIEBMANN'S OLD STAND, I'PPER MAIN ST.. DBA WOOD, SO. DAK flowers, puffs and frizzes made to order. tfcHlUl t the Red Anvil. JlSTOD WANT TO KNOW tun INSURANCE, ESPECIAL- liUDio the new york life switches for sale; hair bought. Orders left with Mrs. Nott at the Ladies' Dazaar. Ladied Shampooing. Mrs. J. M. Arms strong, Deadwood, S. D. HOMER BOSTWICK, GENERAL AGENT. DeWltts Little Early Risers expel from $1.00 the system all poisonous accumulations regulate the stomach, bowels and liver, and purify the blood. They drive away dis YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS iHMr it th Holzner. iPVammlned for glauaa jtkqi bf A. F. Snyder, the op- mtdtrct. t" 3a(ht Grip are overcome ftteparlHa which purifies Laundered White Shirts at ease, dissipate melancholy, and give health and vigor for the daily routine. Do not gripe or sicken. KIRK G. PHILLIPS. 80C. 'wumra, Bueustn- HATS, both TRIMMED and UNTRIM- A. Mochon csme in from his ranch. John Waldron arrived from Ra.ild City. G. O. Bennett rturned from Mill City. Isaac Forest of St. Onge was In the city. Harris Franklin returned from New York. Mrs. Adams took her to her home. The old lady's property was heavily entailed and ni wanes tne wnoie MED all go at decidedly reduced prices at :rWMd heaJthy. the Ladies' Baraar. The prices range would barely suffice to keep her the rest wathartlc toat can be re- from Ji.oo upwards. of her life. It had largely been dlssa- 1U work thoroughly Dark room for camera and Kodaka at $1.50 pated by bad manag-m-Mi: and required very careful handling1 to preserve any of H O. Alexander arrived from down, the Fi3hel's Bazaar, with complete equipmtu taM, a 0. dentl parlors I El k horn. It any great length of time. During the Open to every one v. ho may desire to use VhBOMl bank, Deadvood. spring of 1897, Mrs. Burnham left for M. Thompson arrieJ from the st.-itthern It. visit to St. Paul and became fixed with a Hills. v RED, WHITE ANND BLUE ties and IMP work a specialty. " Ml at Ouu Kellar's meat Ul rlnet, you can get all delusion that she was to be deprived of Sheriff Plunkett returned from Dillon badges Intended especially for Fourth of her liberty and one of her daughters, wbo July wear, axe being shown at the LADIES $1.20. J Mastit at the lowest prices. 1 Ml Ull Braflit kan meats . lived in St. Paul was seeking to have l guardian appointed over her person. Af ter her return to Deadwood. she asked ner fUt Don't forget the number, n. M Main St, for BAR- daughter to take the title to her properly manage it and keep her the rest of her BAZAAR. The Delmonico restaurant, which has been closed for a short time will reopen Wednesday, June 28. The patronage of the public is solicited. The beet service has been procured and every thing will be found first class. i 20 Per Cent Discount i life, and as an Inducement offered and "u M TINWARE. (It) i Wtei wort and enaravina to ' prevailed upon the daughter to accept Montana W. S. Potter, the mining man came up from Hill City. Miss Florence Glenn, of Lead, was shopping in the city. Mrs. Al Breeding left for Hot Springs, to remain a week. Mrs. Ida B. Hewitt, of Galena. lef: for Victor. Colorado, for a week's visit. Frank J. Kraemer, traveling engineer for the Bufllngton, arrived In the cityf Henry FrawleV arrived from Sherldsn, I Wyoming, where he had been attending erout.. the care In return for what might be left at ber death. This is the evidence tbat lwler. Satisfaction - HOtl th kv4r.nt was offered in court and the Judge held Dr. Seymour has been coming to Dead-wood twice a year for five years and the On-all the Latest Spring Suits. $15.00 that the contract was one of trusteeship and one that was revocable by the courts Ulisi Am ' hundreds of people he has been able to " a Milk; we have strained l . lt. , ., . based upon the finding that the old lady was ituaoable of contracting, owing to f Finely Tailored Suits at J G G. Dennis, division freight agent for 'fUMk, . . i relieve ui loeir eye lauuuieo, iubuibb uijj through the flneet ., , , , .. 3fciv,i1. ... a cordial welcome to our city. ? " Tt bought and we hare ! f T Patent health device and ' 10 106 De,monlco tor tne Dest meaI ir' telto u. that we're got tha c,tT' The fellow who wrote Don't forget that the Delmonico resUu-. 'ttt ktve saved himself all rant, under the poetoflice will open foi L Wcint one of those dinner Wednesday. June 28, 99 the Elkhorn, arrived from Chadron and other points down the line. weakness of mind. The Pioneer-Times publishes this side of the case in Justice to all parties. ORIGIN OF KALAMAZOO. $12.00. Frank Campbell, the special agent for the New York Life Insurance company. accompanied by his wife and Frank. Jr.. arrived from Omaha. James Holler left for Omaha, where he will visit for a few days and fill also attend to the purchasing of some new fir-tures for his Deadwood place of business. Albert J. Maltemer returned from I is- L. tt Eed AnT,L j Miss Alice Prat, daughter of Col. Pratt. IB BAR0AIN8 'n,0' Piedmont, arrived in the city Wednes-j WaaJ IM Ualh St (It) j day night on the late Burlington train, yroprletor of Ford's root I on her way nome' trol1 Chicago, where offer u references the ' atte bad bcen teachlnK and studying kin-1 taewa nrms and buslnUs ' (ler"rten work Sne left for home last Co. Dag rua 4 Hunter, n,ht- Prvttr l.pstend That la Responsible t or Ike Town's) Kame. The name of Kalamazoo, like Oshkoeh and one or two others, has come to be to foreigners a fcruouym of American absurdity. It is often chosen, for Boms I All at $IO.OO Wool Suits $8.O0 oocnlt reason, to illustrate that form of vernacular English known as "United eastern visit. He attended the imperial W Star ma n to-... States. " Council of the Shrlners at Buffalo, beginning the 14th of this month, and then But all thought of ridicnle vanishes when its rotnantio origin is considered. went on further cast to contlue his out for it is the echo still lingering about ing the memory of two dusky lor era, who, In that long gone time when Michigan $5-oo MOVING PICTURES EXHIBITION Fireman's hall. First ward, Saturday, was the home mainly of Indian tribes, lived and loved on the banks of the rir lit which now bears their names. Kahla, the young warrior, was July 1, for the benefit of the Fountain U-TribuMPrintin, eom- Pr-. of tern's paint to an . . ; t lsarei Klghteen ( thal bloek. , ' Sdty'WUHiU.d leZr. which wlU Serviceable Suits at straight of limb and eagle eyed, while City Hose and Ladder Co. Program: Dewey destroying Spanish in Manila harbor. Hoisting American flag at Carlte. CHEESE! CHEESE! FINE OLD NEW YORK CREAM CHEESE, FOR WELCH RAREBIT OR MACARONI. THE BEST IN TOWN FOR 124C PER POUND, AL-80 SOME MILD NEW CHEESE AT 15C. AT THE STANDARD CASH STORE, 48 SHERMAN ST. Mrs. Nott baa reason to congratulate herself on being able to offer the patrons of the Ladies' Bazaar an opportunity to elect from the first stock of drees pattern la SILK FOULARDS, received in Dead-wood. They are beautiful beyond description and unequal ed for summer wear. Call early tf you wish to be sure of seetnsj Dr. Seymour as his time is very fully occupied. Are yon Interested in the gam of South Dakota? If ao you can secure Charge of the rough riders, cavalry charge to Mahsoo bad been given by the Great Spirit the many graces and virtues for which Indian maidens hare become noted in song and legend. Life to these $4.00 Battles of El Caney and La Juaatna. Windsor Hotel on Are. Hurdle Jumping. Horse race. Comic scenes and many other two possessed all the charm wnioh true affection has ever granted to lor era, and the days, as they came and went. scenes of Instruction and Interest, i ,1... nn the tramanhone from For All-around Bonafide Bargains X brought onjy abounding joy. Each summer erening, as tbe twilight Uity J? BrM. muuu. world s greatest musicians. Admission 2! and 15 cents. Commences at 8:30. See Those Offered at deepened and the time drew near for her lover's return from tbe chase, the maiden watched from her bower in the Owr Phillip's Pbar- a .copy at the Ark, No. 70 Sherman bt THE APPETITE OF A GOAT Is envied by all poor dyspeptices whose i Rosenthal's Palace ! swaying branches of a giant elm overhanging the river's edge for tbe first sign of hi coming. As tbe bow of his The most popular place in the city dur All stomach and liver are out of order. King's New canoe shot round tbe curve away in tbe mich should know that Dr. ing the heated term is Ed Hart's swim-mins pool In the Carr t Berry block. the wonderful stomach and liver distance her clear musical voice called Life Pills, SJEgs vMTIKO PURE B BIQHEST lOckQHTEST W J MARKET 33 U SHERMAN There) is mor ?r:ury to th square Inch Deadwood S. D. In that pool than can he found at any sea to bun, "Kahla, Jtahla I and from tbe young warrior cam la loring tones tbe response, "Ml hsoo I Chicago Time Barald. remedy, gives a splendid appetite, sound digestion and a regular bodily habit that Insures perfect health and great energy-Only 25 cents at K. O. Phillips' drug store. side resort for there is no broiling sun, ao sand, no fleest or skeeters. Just try it . Iniiimiintn t hi h 1 niiii

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