The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 8, 1898 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 8, 1898
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1 Daily Pioneer-' 1 HE mes. TWENTY-SECOND YEAR, DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), SUNDAY MORNING, MAY 8, 1898. FIVE CENTS in our lines. There la much excitement tn Manila, but I will protect the foreign resident." TO 8 AVE THE DYKASP. Marshal Martinez Campoz Proposed for Military Dictator ol Spam. (Special to Pioneer-Times) Pendaye, (Near Spanish Frontier,) (Signed:) "DEWEY." Washington, May 7. It has been de RANGE IS FRANTIC FOR A WAR VJITI) US Ayres & Wardman Hardware Co. cided to tend transport, with troop. and supplies to Admiral Dewey. The City of Fekln, of the Pacific Mall Transportation company, has been Hardware and Mining Supplies. Gas Pipe and Plumbing, Tin and chartered for the purpose and will sail Giant Powder, Steam Fittings, Detention of the La Fayette Sought to be Made a Cause for HostilitiesRioting in Spain Continues. Fuse, Caps, and Exploders, Steel Rails. Sheet Iron Work, Ccok Stoves, and Steel Ranges, Belting, Hose, and Packing. May 7. Advices from Madrid are to the effect that the royalists, as a last chance, In their efforts to save the throo of Spain to the boy kin" Alfonso III. have decided Co declare a military dictatorship and that General Marttaes Oampos, Spain's greatest and moat humane general, ha, been decided upon to rule the destinies of the nation until pesos has been restored. This Is probably the last chance to save the present dynasty and prevent the formation of a republic or the succession of Don Carlo to the throne. Campos ha ever been a favor Re of Che queen regent and one of her most etaunchest supporter. The move to make him military dictator ha probably been prompted by a drelr, upon the part of the royalists to prevent the government falling Into the hands of the Cellists and republican. Gret Our Prices Before Buying. Q Dewey's Splendid Victory in the Philippines Confirmed He is now in Complete Posession of the Islands. from San Francisco within a few day. Washington, May 7.-8:36 p. m. The president has announced that he has Juki received advices from Admiral Dewey of the Asiatic fleet. The dispatch boat McCullough ha, just arrived from Manila at Hong Kong. On board of the McCullough waa a correspondent of the New York World, who witnessed the engagement between the Spanish and American fleet. While the naval offloer are reticent concerning the engagement, the newspaper man does not ho Hat to talk of it, and duclaree that from the start the Spanish vessels were no more than tercet for their opponents. So soon as day broke, the American fleet, after having successfully forced the paaaags Into Manila bay, steamed at ono toward the Spanish fleet, which waa lying as lu officers thought, safe under the gun, ot Cavke. The Spaniards bad not reckoned upon the daring of the American commander, and In less than two hour, the Spanish fleet had either been dispersed or sunk In the tide. Eleven war ship, the correspondent elates, were destroyed, 300 men were killed upon the Spanish aide, and the disproportionate number of 100 wounded. ADDITIONAL LCCAL Stat Treasurer K. O. Phillips and tlona, and when the legislature vote, to reimburse the counties a email state tax U doubtless be levied for che pur eaasssiii i-rrs-s i-imwifuutLVLUUi-l pose and th Black Hills counties will wife departed Friday evening for Pleer to be absent a couple of week. be expected to bear their proportion of Charles M. Hath way, of Blxby, Hard- the lax as In ail other expenditure ot The WAarer of "Equal-to-Outtom- tag Co., cam In yesterday and report loa, 1,1a de Cuba, General Tuo, Marquis Del Duero, Mlnando. Velaaoo, Don Antonio, Don Juan de Austria, El Ca-no, a transport, besides a water battery and the fortifications at Cavtte. The squadron suffered very little Injury and only a few of our men were hurt. Tha plenty moletur on the ranches and raange. Uade-Olothlng" who has not Been tne state. Thl Is decidedly unfair. A few of our public spirited men will pay the expense of our exhibit, and w wiU be taxed to par for the exhibit from (be eastern portion of the elate. Comment Si unnecessary. The propo-rttoc la clearly unjust. Aa an enter A large number of angler went out News From Porto Reco. (pedal to Pioneer-Times) New York. May 7. Captain Holm, ot the Norwegian steamer Brltton, which arrived in New York this afternoon from Porto Rlcan port, report, having seen m the barber of San Juan, which place he left April 29, three Spanish gunboat and on Spantah cruiser. The Spaniards, when he left, were busy preparing their vessel for an attack by the American fleet, which Pari, May 7. The capture and rotation of the French II nor Iafayatt, by th American blockading squadron In front of Havana, seems to be a deep and rankling wound to the pride of the French republic, and much political capital la being made of It The null-oaU Insist thua the release of the French vessel a matter of courtesy on th part of the United States I no sufficient rermtln, and demand that an Indemnity lie paid the Fremiti government ami In the event of America retailing u-h Indemnity, that war be declared. to Spear&ah, Red water and adjacent streams Hut Sunday and spent the day only means of telegraphing Is to the our choice line ot fine Sum- Ashing. We are Inftrmee: that the flah prise ot this character benefit every are large and unusually frisky, al American consul at Hong Kong, i hall communicate with him Immediately." ("Signed) DEWEY." Further reports from unofficial though they were successful In catch one la the country, the cost should be levied by taxation and ail property ing nlc string. We have nderttood merBuiU has missed a good they expected would shortly be mad owner should contribute to the ex that th trout law expired June 1st In sources are to effect that the admiral u pense la proportion to their Interest stead of May 1st I The Porto Rlcan authorities Informed Captain Holm before he left the har In complete possln of Manila bay, Admiral f.ewey report that but seven men In hi entire fleet were wounded, and not one killed. Admiral Dewey report that the city and property. Dr. Clark la In receipt of a circular thing:. It's a good the city and surrounding country. For a time the fire from the fort, at Cavlta v 1 u g request from hlgn official la th United Stat army and navy, requesting bor that they expected the Spanish fleet from Cape Verde to arrive there next Monday, but were fearful lest the ves of Manila surrendered after a few and the water batteries were a source STANDI NO COMMITTEES. President Mania of th Board ot Education appointed the following committee for Che year: that today be cnad a memorial day In sels of Admiral Sampson's command hour bombardment, and asks that tne government send at once a sufficient force of soldier to hold possession Ot you can make. Dvery suit behalf ot the uffren from the Matae disaster. In pursuance of thl request rinance OoMberg, Wrlngroo. 81- would attack and reduce the forUflca-Hon before the Spaniard could get there. It was the opinion that Samp a collection will be called for thl even. the Island. He ha now the entire bla Ing at th M. E. church la behalf ot BulMlngs and Lands Barker, Un- Spanish army on hi, hand,, and cannot spare troops from his fleet to guard guaranteed to son's fleet would shell the defensive fit at a saving thee survivor. work it the harbor on Sunday morrng . It, and does not wish to trust hi, pris The Ploneer-Tlmes will be enlarged rah, Meillnger. Teexsbers Seltole. Barker, Meillnger, Iron, Lavreneon. oner, to the tender mercies of the in I on said to eight page In a very few day a soon a overdue material arrives. Ad- ot $3 to $5 to he Course of Study Unrsh, Wrtngroee, surgent troops, who have many a bard score to settle with their erstwhile Returning to Manila. (Special to rioneer-Tlmes) Hong Kong, May 7. The dispatch vertlser and poet demand more space Iron. Spnnlsh master,. ere encroaching upon war, mining Spanish Mobi Commit Excesses. (Special to Pioneer-Tims) Madrid, May 7. Renewed rioting ha, occurred In almost every city of th empire and confllirta Mwwn the troop, and the rabble are not only dally, but hourly occurrences, and report, from varloua points are anything but en-cou racing to the administration. Ac Bervla, the capital of the province ot that name, the rioters burned the market building, attacked the soldiers and burned their barrack. A distinguish-Ing feature of the disorder at thl, plarn waa the numhor of women who took part tn the disturbances, their presence and elTorl, enmlng1y Inspiring thi men to greater act of vandalism. The people seem to be very bitter against dealer In grain, and bread uff. holding them accountable for much of the m leery which ha, been ImpoHil upon the poorer daeee. in complete" possession. Teacher,' application, for position boat McCullough returned to Manila The cable between Manila and Hong In the schools for the coming year made to Kong has been cut by the Spaniards, today, carrying the congratulation ot the British naval officers to Admiral should he banded to the chairman ot and local news. Two columns of poetry I already tn type; sidetracked tor want of apace, and advertiser, are clamoring for more puollcfty. but It ht been picked up by an Amer th teach ere' committee or to O. W. order su'ts r e sp o n filb 1 e Dewey. In fact, all the British real- ican vessel and la now In working or Mataon. clerk ot the board, not later dent of Hong Kong seem to have tak der. Th soda water eeaon at Franklin's thai Wednesday. May llth. before b en Dewey' vlotory to themselves and o'clock la the afternoon. died by agents. Pharmacy opened yesterday and was a pretty event. The soda fountain and HAS LITTLE TO SAY. apparently feel as much elated over It m do the American. MA001E WITZE7L COOLIE DEAD. The McCullough also carried to Ad Admiral Dewey Doet Not Watte Words f Mr. August Wkael received a tele Gat them-if yout7ant miral Dewey a dispatch from President environment never appeared neater and more Inviting. There were aoms decoration, of choice plants, Including a large palm that occupied a prominent gram from hie son William, announc In Telling of His Victory. (Special to Plonssr-Tlmes.) Washington, May 7. The navy de of annoyance to the American vessels, but after the Spanish fleet had t m destroyed It did not Lake long tc silence the shore defenses. Cavlle waa captured, the defenses about Manila silenced and Dewey In complete possession of the harbor and Us extensive shipping. The admiral, however, has not landed a party to occupy and hold the city, preferring to wait for reinforcements from San Francisco for which he ha, asked. The government has already perfected arrangements to reinforce the flet, several large oceangoing steamer, having been chartered In San Francisco, to be loaded with troops, provisions, medical euppl!e and munition, of war. The admiral states that he will be able to hold the Island, until troops and supplies reach him. The following rulisequent report has been rncelvfil fm.'n Admiral Dewey: "Cavlte, May 4. I have taken pose,-session of the naval station at Cavtte on the Philippine Islands, and have destroyed the fortifications at the bay entrance. After capturing the works at ..He I paroled the garrison. 1 control the bay completely and can take the city of Manila at any time. The squadron I In splendid shape and every member of h crew In excellent health and spirit. The Spanish loss U not fully known, but must have been very heavy. There Is known to have been 160 Spaniard, killed In the naval en gagmen t, Including the captain ot the Relna Christiana. I am assisting in protecting the Spanish alck and wounded. There are two hundred and flfty-ati wounded tn the hospltale with McKlnley, congratulating hhn upon hi victory and commanding him to hold ing the death ot hi daughter Maggie, Mrs. Coolie, at Los Angeles, May Bth. Mr. Wttiel had been advised by letter place In the area. Mr. Steenbock ot Chicago, who has charge ot the foun partment thl morning received a cablegramvia Hong Kong from Admiral Dewey, detailing hie vlotory over Manila at all haxarda. He also Informed him that troops would be at once dispatched to the Philippine Island to of the serious Illness of his daughter, tain, 1 certainly an artist at his bual-neee; his fancy drink are delicious. a tailor made suit-from us and you will get our guarantee and much but waa not wholly prepared for the relieve him ot guard duty. The dl- shock. patoh also contained the Information Chaa. W. Green, special agent ot th the Spanish fleet and fort. The die-patch was very brief, con let Ing of but foui r Ave line, ' it In it the gallant admiral bas suooeei ed in placing infor Mies Wltset came to Deed wood wtth Interior department passed through that the commander ot the United States for tn Asiatic water had her parent when a mere child and grew to womanhood here. About been appointed a rear admiral In the the city yesterday from Rapid, an route to the Southern Hill to keep his eye on violators ot the timber laws, Mr. mation sufficient to make the entire navy department ye! and the nation! eight yean ago she went to California Loner Prices, United Bute navy. wKh her brother and soon after era glad. He states that he ha com Admiral Dewey has forwarded a long Dewey It Matter ol the Situation In Philippine Watert. (Special to Noneer-Tlmes) Washington, May 7. The following la the first ofllcial new received from the Asiatic squadron under ndmlrnl Dewey, and recounts the victory of the American fleet ov r the Spaniard, tn the bay of Manila one week ag . Ball-or-llke, the account la short, an 5 to the point. The report was brought by the dispatch boat MuCullotigh, which arrived In Hong Kong last night: "Manila, May 1. The squadron arrived at Manila this morning at daybreak. We Immediately engaged the married to Mr. Coolie, a former Dead-wood buslnee man. 8he leave a hut- dispatch to the secretary ot the navy, Green returned a 'ew day ago from th eastern part ot the state where he attended U. 8. court at Sioux Fili and assisted In the land office at Chamber but the secretary, for prudential reas pletely silenced the batteries defending Manila, b the town and everything else at hi, mercy and nothing left cf the Spanish fleet. He ha, however, Col XrloGontlacil, band, four email children, her parent on, ha decided not to make it public and three brother, all of whom are In In lu entirety at present lain two or three weeks, lie says the Interior department doet not require California except the father. Maggie, as we all knew her, wa always a thor been unable to take possession of the town of Manila, because of a lack ot men. The town, however, is Couth Dakota. Deadwood, anything unreasonable from the tim oughly good girl and loved by all who Dewey's Deserved Praise. (Special to Pioneer-Tim) Washington, May 7. The president, ber men; all It demand Is a compli knew her, Her death wlM cause eor under the gun of hi fleet, and he can ance with th law and h tnslsti on row to the community that knew her i.esassavi swwerfMMWeVWsvijtMWAaa control it with the aid ot the insur enemy and destroyed the Spanish war this and I determined, eo long as he Is through Secretary Long, today sent the following dispatch to Admired Dewey: as a child and young woman. vessels Rulna Christiana, Costilla, CI- gents, who are giving him every assist ance In their power. "In recognition of your gallant conduct A COOK BOOK FREE. In th office, to prevent the wanton destruction of Umber. Col. Green Is net (he Green assigned by th government to Investigate the situation relative to - SALVATION ARMY. Adjutant Shappard, of Lead, will leal The fight with the forts at Cavtte, In forcing the defenses of Manila and "Table and xtufaea" l th tlUe of a the water batteries and the Spanish destroying the Spanish fleet, 1 have a special meeting la the Army KCt U ev. W. A. Poad wen to KIM City fleet waa ot about two hour, duration. this day a. pointed you acting amnlrai yesterday. Dead wood next Tuesday eve&laf, nhea removal of the land office. The other Mr. Green 1 expected here soon. dt cook tookputUahed by che Price Baking Powder aompany .Chicago. Just at this time tt will be cent free if yo-i write a postal mentioning the Pioneer- In the United State navy, and will rec So good, however, waa the gun pr act tee from the American fleet that It took Captain Sherritt, who has been laid it- Roy Shtrpe left last evening for ommend that a vow of thanks be ex 1 Harry Qunberyand Johnny Han- Omaha to be gone a few day. but two hour to alienee the batteries WE SELL tended you by congress." Times. This book baa been tried by aside so long wtth sioknees, will te present and tak part, all e In v. ted. Admission free. Mrs. H. E. Perkins aad Mrs. Herman and to alnk the Spanish fleet, while "WILLIAM McKINLBY.' ourselves and la one of the very beet of the American vessels received damage Conner were up from Bturais yeeUroay hopping. It kind. Besides containing over 400 ley had eome words teat night, th altercation terminating rather seriously for the former. Henley drew aa old pocket knife and slashed Quesenbery over the eye wKh H. Han ley was ar OLYMPIC CLUa only which can be repaired readily by NOT1CB Q. A, R. OODS GEIEAPEn receipts of alt kinds of pastry and appliance on hand. The vessels of the The amount raised by the Olympic home cookery, there are many hint AU member ot Keogh Post, No. ft. c ub at their recent tneetHtf for tn tor th table and kitchen, chewing how 0. A, R., are hereby knstry led to ei benefit of the Cuban wa 187.60. Th rested by Offloer Simpson and lodged tn the county Jail. Spanish fleet whhh were sunk by th, excellent gun fire from Dewey', fleet, were the Isla de Cuba, Relnn.Chrtstl-ana, Castllta, Antonla Ulloa, Don Juan to set a table, how to enter a dining room, etc.) a hundred and one bint In committee wished the funds placed co at 0 o'clock Monday mora g to eexx-t the Dead wood volunteers 40 the trait. that they would be properly applied r branch of the culinary art fa Than any other house In the Lnd, For this Week we Offer the Following Extra Bargains in Ready to Wear) de Austria, and Velaeoo, all cruisers of Notloo. S. N. DACOSTA, OF 01 SHERMAN without fall, and requested W. A. Lam- Cookery ot the very finest and richest on their departure to war. Ev- body turn out and give the boys a rous about the sit and armament of the to write Senator William E. Via Mrs. O. W. Msteoa left for Stoaa Fall last evening to extend the graad lodge of the D. of H. Mayor Sol Star aad Charles McAllister left last evening for Stoat rails to attend the A. 0. U. W. grand lodge, B. B. Marvin, trainmaster of the a k M left yesterday for Chicago to attend a meeting of the advisory board of th Burlington Relief. J. C. Argesheimer returned yesterday from Sioux City, where be attended ths annual oonveuMoa of the Postal Clerk's issociatlon of the Sixth ctrislon. a well a of th moat economical and home-tike. I provided for. Remember son ot Illinois, who o eloquently Olympla. Admiral Dewey'a flag ship; ST., IS CLOSINO OUT HIS STOCK OT WATCHES, CLOCKS, Ve., A1 ing send-of, WiL A, ORAY, Commander. championed their cause, asking th 'Table and KXchea" will toe sent pa 'STRICTLY WHOLESALE FlQUREXl. El Cano, OenersJ Tao, Marquise de Duero, gunboats, and the Isla de Mm- Ladies Skirts. Suits tag prepaid, to any lady eeodling her b st way to dkjpos of them. Hi an. ewer la a fotlows: THIS IS NO FAKE. FOR HE IS OO- S. B. H. P. dano, an armed transport, beside sev 1NO BAST. AND EVERPTHIKQ address (name, town and Mat) plain ly given. A copy la Oerman or Bean eral other vessel whose armament Washington, O. C, May 1. 1S9S. and Silk Waists, gj Friend Lamaon: placed them without the pale of recog MUST BE DISPOSED OF BY JUNE 1. ALSO CALL FOR WORK LEFT. . dmevtan will be teat If desired. Foetal card la a good aa totter. Addreu nition as fighting machines. Replying to your tetter, asking where to send funde for the relief of the Cu DEADWOOD VOLUNTEERS. Price Baking Powder Co.. tmlcago. TTl They Let Her Go, ban sufferer, I would suggest that they Th director ot th Sowlety of Diaok Kill Pioneer wiH meet at the tary'a office, Deadwood, at I p. m., lliy IS, to fix the place for holding be annual plonlo on June I, and otUer Important business. P. A. 0U3HURST, Pre PAUL REWMAN, Sea. , Th recruiting officers put In s t- llDMl lal to Pioneer-Time.) be sent to the Secretary ot State. Attorney W. O. Temple returned yesterday from the eastern part t this state, where hs sojourned several week, oa touelnsss connected with the CONCENTRATE. otherbusy day yesterday cxamtnirg Washington, May 7. The French traas-AUanttc liner Lafayette, today, Terry Record: "Phil Snort, presi and taking la reorufta for Captain Bul Hastily and sincerely your. (Signed:) "WM. E. MASON." lock's companies of Orlgsby's cavalry railroad oonrmiaetoa. upon an order from the president, wa, dent of Terry's Peak Miners' Ualos, left yeeterday for Salt Lak City. Utah, Accordingly Oeorge Jackson of the Th whole number examined at hour released from custody, but not until the A. 0. Smtth and wtf sal A, J. Fur committee and those Interested have to attend the annual coo vend on of the long, of Lead, Hsrary Court of Spear Spanish recruits and munition ot war consigned to the Spanish army In Cu Western Federation of Silner. which ot closing the office last evening was IIS of which 104 passed th rigid physical examination and were mustered In framed a letter to Secretary Dajr, la be-half ot th club, and th fund, will fish and 8. A. Wheeler of EslSe F purest convene in that cay nen awnoay. loft kwt evening for Sioux Fail to at reach him Wednesday. Thi convention wilt decide whether a tend the A. O. U. W. aread todg. ba had been removed. The Lafayette at once departed for Santa Crux, Mexico, but Is being followed by an United to service. Lack ot space prertudi i giving names ot the recruits la this i A WAkNlNOTO BPA1KB. Spain, palae, rapaeleaa, mureerie Spaioe, Voml barberoua ssUea. " V trf eta te beck lb wave el Justlae , f t tvk srtsnas laa. as ut ... oius with Its esssilws tide, lis n-.m tn4a Sounding, avesg. avtuf t, trwa trt tt borer ftst, dtalet. If tbow be wUe r make s funbar asoribo Mr. and Mrs. M. R. OUlls left yester home for aged and disabled miner, shall be bulk and msOntaioed by the 7RAN8-M 1881881 PP! EXPOSITION sue. State, man-of-war, which will tee to tt day for Omaha to remain pen&aaecUy. All the Latest and Newest Deelgns. 25 Handsome Black Briniantln Sklrta, full width, well made and finished, at 12.00, usual price, 1100. 15 Very Handsome black skirt at eVja, regular p. Ice. 14.00. yj? For 13.60 we offer thl week thlat,t combination tn colored skirt worn this season, sold all over the land at 16.00 we ell them at f 3.50. At 15.10 we tell thi week a very handsome Brocaded Black Bilk Skirt Thl skirt cannot be purchased for lew than $8.60 at any plevoi, At 17.20 an elegant SUk Skirt di match them tt you can for leaa than W 112.60. At $3.90 we will aell thl weak the very lateat Black Figured Skirt worn. They are worth $6.00. Better iklrU, well lined, proportionately low. I 26 Assorted 811k Waist, the neweet C. E. Davis yesterday received a let Ths troop will leave for Fort Meau i that the Frenchman will not again Mr. Otitis ha been appointed to tak rsderaUon. President wrt 1, heartily tn favor of the idea and will work ter from Gov. Lee relative to the make a break of International law, charge of ode ot th department of th Trans-Mlssisslppi ex posh Ion exhibit hard to have tt carried through." by a special train at I o'clock tomo row morning. Th O. A. R. will turn out aad accompany the boys to th dr- It waa stated that France demanded Hammond Packing company' plant. from South Dakota, aaylag the matter Iweute be weakest tour, aad vaaitr William M usher aad wits left last an immediate apology and Indemnity biv vala. Is going along as rapidly aa may be ex ATTRACTIVE TRAIN IN ATTUA0- pot The band will be on hand and sii for the seizure of the Lafayette, and evening tor New York state to estah pected and that he la gratified wtth the thlokest tboii, Jusdoe sail sew loose t!."t t f tbf blooey e4a, sett svbas iUe TTVB COLORS. our loyal aad patriotic c HI sens shou 1 Cream, grew and oM are ths exter be on hand to give the boys 4 rousln i that the government, through Secretary of State Day, gave an Immediate answer, denying that there waa eauss ior colors ot the new PenaarrvantaLlm Man s new home and restd pormasent-ly. They will stop at tXrescor, Eland other potat la the eorthora states and visit wrth rrteada, Ubt er soos forget, tvas yen destroyed :e liaise. Ne sever, while those veteee for JarA se, prosper ts, eo far, of having a credkabl display. Tie governor eays lxty-chre, out ot eeventy-etirht counties la the state have made, or will make, appro send-off. At Fort Meade they will t equipped and drtrled for the earvice for such demand on the part ot the Had. The interior kt finely finished In mabogaoy. Inlaid wcods sad sold trae- and will doubtless be sent to ths trot.) French, and maintaining that the Unft he by thy eeare. tmetierr i'i 6': y. aad furnished la rich upholstery, priations toward the project from their general funds by resolution of their la a short time. Sb4 cubes, Burcsrsd &euMu.s, ru Uieir t I costly carpet, curtains aaddraperles. ed States acted within Ita power and right in making the capture, and inci votoe county commissioners. There Is some- aae Juatioe eriea avenge their sUua.M For aa Uhsstrated detailed cVeeortptioo OWNERS OF DOOfl. WRSN HATCH! Need ss1tace, tt mar be best to render kt protaptly, but ess ftouM remember to ass eve, tfea most per 1 thing very strange about this matter. apply to H. R. Daring. A. 0. P. Agt. 141 dentally stating that H wa only a con-cession to a friendly power which The Dead wood polio department ha as toe god ef Justice, hi w.ih fvbir Ither the law ,!e violated toy those South Clark St, Chleafo, order to capture all dogs running at B we'l aveegs the tajtiauoe aad rtiutos. counties or has been misinterpreted by fect remedies only vheaasedel Th best asl most ciatpto gtiUs remsdy large, trpoa which the yearly Ux ha and awellest thing worn, from $3.10 and up. These aire all new good Just received and are being offered very low. Some very handsome Lad lee' Suite, ready to wear, at $5.00, well worth double the money. prompted a release ot the vessel e CWolally Confirmed. ranaeli-l to PloasarTlmae1 the authorities of Lawreoee eou&ty not been paid tat art not provided Yet then. Scoot Wbaffees lob U)I pi- ., SiK if - t , . Is the Syrup of rise, ranufaiSttrsl by Th commissioners ot this county were wtth collars aad tags, aa required by th California Mj tyrvp Co. urged to nke an appropriation, wKh law. Unless this tax is paid at ami DEWEY. rironquUI." In Topeka Capital.) Oh. Dewey was ths moratng Upon the first of KJ l And Dewey was the admiral Down ti Man Ha bay; Judge Moody yesterday received th following telegram from Hon. James ! 'er ! ;p - , t i s.".fjM tbrt V it, ! ecinrsrtarMlle IS UiS es-v- ' f9oee after ail better, ka locg ilaee f t the ifodertteodlng that th Veglakstisr, the dogs wm be k Ui Mllllken: will vote to reimburse It, but upon Cm advice of the state' attorney, declined A Krrc:-r. cxz.rzr. w. B. Thi-, k- a c , T for lbs i f 1 i "1 i f 1 l - t!tabn Cabin!, i. 1 - ,r t Bn0.n KZIS McINKlXST. Acting Chief of Police, U. J. WERTIIHEIUEM Ct "Washington, May 7. Admiral official report wa melved by the And Dewey were Che regent's eyes. to set la the matter at all. The a wt ,3 ? n't te t Th Mooeer-Ttoe to the leading pa CTi.'u.e, lues at us nary department thl anornisg, "stroat Owe -, 1 er-- e - 1 1 - V, n i ii.Ii mtttes has hustled tars and la proa lees ot about U.000 eoward tlie Eiack Them orb of rcyei blue) Aad Dewar fad eiswerass? I D6C CSX e era lug hi treat vlotory la the bar ot per la Qe waster port loa of Eonth Da 1Mb Do rsa fce KT at ewery he nit.' ifft keU ha, Tuus iu.4 L-j w Manila,

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