The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 31, 1900 · Page 10
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 10

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 31, 1900
Page 10
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THURSDAY, MAY r. 1900. THE D.WLYTIOSEER-TIMES, DEAD WOOD, 8. D. a 11 1 bnmn f nt VMl'S A MOTHEE'S STORY. THE DEADWO0D PIONEER There is no reason for its repetition at I this time, and Gen. Mi-nninjt must' be eolnmn in IfOO. Colorado may posai- , bly go to Bryan this year by a small j majority, but none of the other states j in tlx--mining region are likely to be j carried ,ys him except Nevada, j Geo. V. Ayrcs & Co, Tells Alout Her Daughter's Illneetf and How She was Relieved Two Letters to Mrs. PLakiiam. j classed with (e-n. Kyd Douglas. t Maryland. rnl those other iconoclasts who weekly shatter some beautiful D A O T A OPINION . mi bliean : N'..h ' i. : ' "Mns. f'tNKiiAM : I write to tell you about my daughter. She is nineteen ears oid. and is t!c'n'- all the time, ccessnrs to s & Wardman Hardware Company. .in- - .i SOUTH .: miil'on . tla- pop p . . i . I ; i h 1 ' t :u him ' li." llriil'--. I- a bo ut n fo ind das bi i pennant pi ...le for the: m.e hine! " , .9 .a. a, beia-: It is Ti ESTABLISHED JUNE 8, 1S74. THE BLACK HILLS TIMES ESTAUI ISiIi:iJ Al'iiil. tXit;. CONSOLIDATED MAY 13, 1397. PIONKKK TIMES I'lHUSli ISC O . TERMS OF Sl'Ii.sritH'TIUN: ' DAILY Eve; y M-iuing. Kxcent Y.on ! day, One Year S1" ' 8ii Months 5 w One Month 10uj in , -i i : a., e to: Minn- bit In in i! r.t" to announce 1 myth that lias exi.steil in poitry or romance ?. n- years. I im i inn hi.-'ory is made by poets ami fiction w:i;-rs. We all km v Washington 'Ihl me rat ilowll It I lll'llV t I'ee lit his fatliel's I r r 1 1 bei.-Msi- thee v-a- no i Imti v I .hi the farm. It is also known thai Washington one ol I he most ma miiiii out Mars of his time. He wa.- an imaginative person ami vvouhl li" lira mi ifn 1 1 y about anvthmt; that up-' :: I to him. lie was a fortune hunter, anil ilieifThe wealthiest loan of his in. ci ( ill 1 1 1 1 1 iiiiiii;ii!ii;ni inolitll". Vln doc-iloe.- her but very iscd. if ijjir. I th.i,-v I voiild try l.ydia E. l'ink-l-.ain's V -Bcetali!i) Compound, but I want tour a Ivico fore bcLT'iniine; its jotlie i ophidic, m party. li ppioi AChicf The republi a nd i oug! -- : .li :! t icket is : , , , t.., as it the ballots had be. i , and the result announced, i lepublio, ti ear. Pal k"i- New Kra : The tick' in mm' i I at ion is one of the : use. I have Income rv miKli alarmed I nine, after having begun life so poor th-'t his brother bait to pay for his WEEKLY--Issu. l Every I len-sda : lino V..JII- --K0 tl onte-d Hardware and Mining Supplies.. s.-rioohng. He also ett it tor a new it about her. as she is pet uny so weak." Mrs. A. CMP, .Manchester Mi;; M-ic.n, (-a., May 21. le'.".'. voters of South I ve, offeled to th Six Months l-UO! paper to erect a stone over bis moth- foregone conclusion late tbniout. I a kot i . am' is i' will svi ep tl ( "ml (4-1i5--:.-jl ! W Entered as Second-Class Matter at the Dead wood I'ostollice. " Df.a n Mns. Pin-k-ham: It affords me preat pleasure to tell von '.' the benefit mv Yankton fhi'tte: In everv . opi-iii.tinity the leading merchant" the brightest and ablest attorneys and business men. the In st educated, hardest working and mo-t prosperous fanners ar. i blicans. and the republh an state i (invention and its visitors were made up of s'K h nu n. It was nd oitlv iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii',iiiiiiiiiiii)!iMiiiii:ii( daughter has received from the use of Lvdia E. l'inkham's epetable Com- I II -enta t i - o crowd of the I . . but it was t he happie TVlain St. Deadwood, S. D, st and f tm-ti ce. j cis neglected grave. There was never a single chest of tea thrown overboard I by the "iostnri Tea Party." because there was no tea sent to the colonies at the time given in this pretty little 'romance. Coming down to later his-i lory. Roosevelt did not charge up San .liiati Hill, and i'unston did not swim the Wamb.e Pangv River. These nice little stories should he 1 . t" f ill til" nil lies made for them by i noi e i n.i t i ve historians however. The con-lant f-torts of iconoclasts are ,;ly If t bee ki'cp on l.iv uill leave , Molding in whiih we can really I ii ... Hie !,v one our iiitl;s are tap. n Irotn us. ; 1 1 j 1 1 we are redo, id to a bare re--allium of cold ilrv. unpalatable fa. ts. William Tell stoi ies a v nun pm ,r - ' li -M'i'ing than the r.'alitie.. Tlu-v a re always interesting and well worked up ul::" he a . t a a I I i s a-,, always ( om -nioiMilaee. Deprived of our rotnan.-i s v.e ivlU have nothing loft to aroi.-,e . n - i. t harmonious In idy - met ti ui tlier anvwh ! pound. After be pi do ing the mso of i your medicino hhe bepaa to mend rapidly and is now able to bo at her I work. Her menses are regular and I almost ji.-iii.leNS. 1 feel very thankful ! to von anu expect to always keep your j Vcpcta -!e Compound in my bouse. It I is tl,.. bi st eu ilicine 1 ever knew. You j ,;ivo i -y permi-sioii to publish this letter if von wish, it may be the nieaus -5 doing- ut liers poo, I " -Mk... a. Cwr, .ianclu-sU-i Mili, Ma.i--.ja, vJa., j t-L-litciiibi.r It, ls'j'.'. N'. w- ih in'. a reni-i our st 1 a nd m that " C-l- ! ( ' , u a i a i la1 to! - - in a piaa pan or Alien : Cod t li nor a ib'-oip - i' is il LIVEBY ANil SALE il IT; td STABLE i!-a. --'S HL-t ! aia work -de an! 1 . 1 1 Horses Contra. (idiiil Saddle and D'ivu.g Teams Bought and Sold I- uriiisl,. , ts taken furniture. lie-,' to do In Di v w-i oi.l!,. anK Ci llell !. I ARCTIC GOLD FIELDS. Tliis year's rush of gold hunters to the far northwest will exceed that of any previous season An adventurous army is headed for Cape Nome, wheie the gold deposits on the sea beaeh. and extemliiik' under the water for a distance as .t undetermined, open a fresh page in the history of milium. Cape Nome is so new a district that its future is a problem, tbo admitted to lie of hiiTh promise. The Klonoii.. :-. better understood. An ollicial rei.i " ' ..I" its operations, resources and pn.-.-i" ts has been prepared by the ( looloi; ic I Survey I epai t mcnt of the Dominion of Canada. Tlx the gold production of the Klondike region has fallen far below the estimates' of promoters, as might have been i xpected. it is an ini-j portant and increasing item. It a- i mounted in is;; to $2.ri'n.tniii. in lvos to $1 0.000.00 and last year to $1;,000. 000. The mines are now of comparatively easy access. A well constructed railway has taken the place of the old pack trail over the mountains, and a J fleet of steamers covers the rest of the Journey to Dawson. Along the same! route a telegraph line is maintained, j . .1 a pel: ed that ss I han i in' in i li or to move household gooda mid di iivered. GEORGE BENNER. Mi:: niiii h I lle'A potatoes c Id om--- '.ut t !k ed to spin"! : .0 can 509 all prae t of .1 b s tji, in this s lie The mil rial ! tain th n a-. ijilite da ligei oiis. Th is may be bet ;t sei m.-, odd that people have and t !:i i i-. for .-cut ir, n s upon and Mm' I heir danger has just i i i scum led. It is f e I o ;i - scrt I -lie. liVej them been that rnnk-T i a I or A l!i IP idg " pul lean t.irv. It that the tliusi.-isiti. The tiincifal nets who write of "Sheridan's Ride" and "Har-hara I'rieti hie" an rial benefactors, while the Kyd Dotigl.-is, s and (;,. Man nings are destroyers who gie nothing ill return for the things of whi. h the-nil ii.-i. wat.-r ( oliVe was a term ut 'on i s a matter i ' convention in inplies. It was tin- The Ladies Bazaar i r an '. convention ever held by SP Silk WaiStS for tins va-ek at a hai'ox.n. gi st slate I-iity. It delegates than any ever held. had a larger attendance of and visitors and spectators state republican convention It was the most energetic. H: New Dress Patterns fr spnncr iiwn. am mil' with whom potatoes do not agri e has stomach trouble, and anyone who has indigestion, dyspepsia, constipation, biliousness, or liver and kidney weakness needs Hostetter's Stomach Hitters i once. This medi-(' ino does more than promise, it cures. Avoid substitutes and insist on having the genuine. Try it. Slimmer UOOaS in ivrv.-uos, .uervcncil t.tnjr-l hams, and all fashionable fabrics tor summer 3 A NEV BLOW. The dispatches tell us again that Kitz-i tnmons has invented a s"iies of new blows .which he will use against the next man he fights. This is a fav-' orite method of arousing interest in a ' iri?e fighter. The slugger generally acts ns his own press agent in a easel of this sort. He corrals the inevneri-i dresses and shirt waists. Tailor SllitS fr everyone. Crime am enthusiastic and yet the most harmonious convention that ever nominated a state ticket. Yet even this description does not do it justice. To be appreciated it must have been attended. Vermillion Plain Talk. (pop.t: Mrs. ftott. - Main St. Deadwood I enced journalist who is sent to inter- ! view him. and tells him weird fairy dales about his new "corkscrew" blow.' ' ! i or nis recently invented feint which is We've Get It! You want Itl A trip from Puget Sound to Dawson occupies only a week, and will be included this year among: the available summer tours. No doubt extensive arctic gold fields will be found on American soil elsewhere than nt Nome and Juneau. The characteristics of all the discoveries In the northwest are of moment to this country. As far as explorers can Judfre at the present time the Klondike Ifold district includes about 800 miles. The streams in this area are gold bear ing, tho only a few have proved remun eratlve as now worked. Medium and low-jrrade gravels are untouched, hut their existence insures a steady yield hertafter. Gold in paying quantities j8yfound in straem gravels, terrace gravels and quartz drift or in river gravels. The present paying stretches along the streams are not more than fifty miles in the aggregate. Quartz drift deposits are rich, but wasteful I v ft il. Our btisiDtf stre tlv cuuSdeJ Lrf-fs make a d transactions are tial. We've got want the money, i he inciK-v. T.l to open the way for an attack upon the solar plexus. The eld hand, the man who has grown gray writing sports, is nver inveigled into wasting space on descriptions of these wonderful new blows, and he never calls a camera to his aid in exploiting them. He knows that ther has not been a new blow invented since the Introduction of Qucensberry fighting except by the fielder in conversation. He knows also that in the quick mix-up of battle, these pretty experiments have no place and no effect. The knockout is administered on every occasion in exactly so come and si 1 her ate some mosshack democrats in the country who oppose the nomination of Towne. This (lass represents 1 what is known as the "old line" or I gold democrats, if such a definition is j applicable. Now we should like to l ask these fellows a question in all hon-i esty and good nature. If you can swal low the democratic mule, made of solid I silver from hoof to ear. why should i vou gag at the silver tip on the end of I his tail' You had better let the tail i go with the mule, gentlemen; take I Towne. and for once in your life show . the people that yon have lost pour en-I pacify for blundering. Sioux Falls Argus-T.eader: Spenk- ing r.f the enthusiasm which prevailed ; at the republican state convention a asm can be had for a price at any i time." Of course. The 1.0-1-1 delegates j were all hired to come hern and cher. The hundreds upon hundreds of visit-i ing republicans who cheered themselves hoarye must have been on the us. V have on hand a large slot of unredeemed pledges at prices !i Alba Heywood Coming. Tho Alba Heywood company, which is endorsed )V over four hundred of the citizens of Deadwood and was brought here last year thru the efforts of Mr. J .Tegarty. and will appear in the Opera house .nine l.'nh next under the auspices of Mr. Tegarty. is making an extended tour of the south and are receiving hearty endorsement by the southern critics. We herein r;uote tho following from the San Antonio Daily Kxpress: Alba Heywood and his company were greeted last night by a very was in every respect most pleasing. The vein of humor which was the ( hai a' teristie feature of most of the numbers was a happy hit and kept the audience in a roar during the evening. Mr. Heywood excels as a character a: tor, while his pleasant voice and stage presence added much to the pleasing effects. Mr. Heywood has with him Gustav Clinch, ono of the finest o fviolin soloists in the world; Msis Beatrice Carpenter, contralto, who was for two years as understudy to Jessie Bartlett Davis, and nas a splendid voice. Gertrude Monroe is the voi-nnist with the company and was a pupil of the great German master, Jaoc him, whom all musicians know, ihe list of names of persons who have spoken for seats is to De found at below their cost of iiian'if:ut-.ire The Deadwood Loan Office! 21 Lee St No. r rr- t r -''T7-y'-:T'-rT: r fan r and Inadequately worked under the 1 samo 0,(1 way' The '',ow USP( ma' present circumstances. 'Creek gravels j ',iffPr ,n thP vario"R killings, but it al-yicld a miner with a rocker from $8 to ' ways !s rn" of ihp 9r,linary sort. $16 a day. Nuggets are scarce. The i TtirSP ni,prio"s inventions are never Talue f Klondike eold nvcm, ic r,n ' "sp'' Rftpr thp Aphter leaves his train- r K ST fW.TIOfliU BANK DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. I ii.g quarters. The onlv new blow is executed with the mouth. an ounce. Prospecting in outlying districts has not made much headway. Thotsands of streams to the north re- main to be explored. United 5tates Depository pay roll. But at $2 a day and "expenses. ' which are the established marlnt rates in Sioux Falls, it must have cost the local committee of arrangements a good deal. But it was -worth all it cost. The republican "hirelings" gave an excellent imitation of real enthusiasm; now, honest, didn't they? Karly in June the vutert of Oregon will elect their representatives for the Fifty-seventh congress and their members of their next legislature. As this will be the first important election of the presidential year the outcome would be watched thruout the country, even if there were hot particular circumstances which will make the result DIRECTORS: T. i. QRIER. P. E. SPARKS P. A 01 SHI R D. A. McPHRRSON. I-ast season closed with 5000 gold seekers at Cape Nome. The present rush there from Seattle alone amounted to 6Q0 men a day last .week. Supplies In immense quantities are being forwarded. Land 'below low-water mark Is open to all comers. Exclusive claims cannot be staked off. Much of 0. J. SMJSBCRT, Fishel's Bazaar, and those who have their names upon the list win have I the first twenty-four nours choice of ; seats. If you don't care to secure seats it is worth your time to see the 1 list, for it is the largest list of names guaranteeing an entertainment ever seen in the hills. OFFICERS: Poison In Potatoes. The public is becoming excited over the statement recently made that pota- Cwhler D. A Mci-d- Assist. Cashier J. S. DESMAN interesting, as a guage of the drift of A President O.J. SALISBURY iv Vlce-Prertdent T. J. DRIER the work last year was performed with public opinion. Normally. Oregon shovels and nana n u I " 6t tuiu-;mu j j , .. i ing on a novel basis. Th n, " IU novel basis. The rirht tn 194 she elected Gov. Lord by 15,000 44 Necessity is the tf Mother of Invention. 8 i i ni nnAAi ivo plurality, but his total vote of 41,000 was 3,500 less than the combined votes of the democratic and populist candidates. In that year the republican plurality was cut .down to 2,117, but what is' more of a significance, it became a majority. The combined democratic and populist vote for Bryan was . 46,662, while the McKinley vote was 48,779. The vigorous sound mon- mine is as free to all as is that to fish, and the miner has but to step off a hip to be In the gohi fields. There are drawbacks in the bleakness of the situation and the absence of timber. The sanitary condition of the region are as yet unascertained. There are already . a number of rival "cities" springing up and the typical mining towns will soon be added to the scene. Alaska Is evidently rich In gold; and when Alaska Is named it means a vast territory of which but. little is as yet surveyed. Every year, will bring sur- It was the necessity for an honest, reliable blood purifier and tonic that brought into existence Hood's Sarsapa-rilla. It is a highly concentrated extract oreoared bv a ey campaign of that year sounded for . , - , siiverism and populism the doom combination, proportion and which the trend of events seems to process peculiar tO itself and have cossumated. giving to Hooa s Sarsaparilla ' prises from the prospectors who reach New Undertaking Parlors No. 20 Lee Street Are Now Open to the Public Largest and most complete Line of Caskets f and Funeral Equipments, to be found in the west All Embalnine: Done by a Professional in the Art. ' ONLY FUNERAL CAR IN THE HILLS. . out Into new fields and learn how to . , get the wealth in nature's unopened storehouses. . Globe Democrat: South Dakota has just had a rousing republican state convention. That state went to the unequalled curative power Is tvonderfut record of cures Jus nude it America's Greatest Medicine. Rosy Cheeks ' fuve good hejdth And rosy cheeks, tfunks to Hood's SrspriK. if boUds me up and SJtves doctor tBs." AUry A. Bvrht, Etsi CUr St., hdunspolis, Ind. i sijiiijjj.kii.i.i.ii.ii.y . ; ; Bryanites in 1896, but it has been a- LET THE MY"i H8 STAND. shamed of its conduct ever since, and Gen. Stephen H. Manning, who was has come back to the republican party, second in command at Cedar Cceek, Bryan's lead in South Dakota was 183. has again brought up that old scandal j It is safe to predict that McKInley's about Gen. Phil Sheridan, and once J margin in South Dakota In 1900 will be more has provea circumstancially that ten times as broad as Bryan's was four "little Phil" did not stop the flight of! years ago. The republican prosperity the demoralised army and rally them ! Is going- to swing many of the erst-once more in battle line against Early.) while silver states into the republican tlllUllMi ' f Calls Answered by Day or Night, Telephones J ,n M1 mi tm ttnr UK ; tti ytuimiBt l4 I oIt ethrt f tok with Hao4' 8rwpTtll

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