The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on December 30, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 30, 1900
Page 2
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SUNDAY, DECEMBER 30, THE DAILY PIONEER-TIME DEADWOOD, S. D 190(1 VIVID DESCRIPTION OF WAR WE ARE IN IT Pyles Writes to Friends of the Jay lunch and social time to follow. E. McDonald, installing officer for the M. W. of A. Miss Annie Coleman for the R. N. of A. Members please meet promptly at 7:15. A good attendance desired. A. J. MOSSMAN, V. C. War in South Africa. Jay Pyles gives a vivid description THE DEADWOOD5 PlONEER-TlMES. i ESTABLISHED June 8, 1870. COVERS THE EN TIKE BLACK LULLS. of the war in South Africa in a let On Furniture, Fancy China Hardware, Glassware, ' Stoves, and Crockery ter to a friend in Deadwood. Mr. Pyles was principal of th e public school In Terraville up to the time he went to Johannesburg. Before that time he had been superintendent of LINOTYPE COMPOSITION. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS REPORT. schools in Butte county. He is a grad uate of the State Normal school at sflajk88ie I Spearflsh. He reached South Africa E. W. Martin Confined at Home. ..Hon. E. W. Martin is confined to his residence, threatened with pneumonia. He went down the Burlington Friday morning with W. G. Rice for a short hunt, and was obliged to come home immediately. He was suffering slight hemorrhages yesterday, but the physician in attendance thought he could keep him from having a siege of the disease. It will be several days before he can leave his house at any event. Dally $1.00 Per Month. PIONEER-TIMES PUB. GO., Weekly $2.00 Per Year. Deadwood, South Dakota. at about the time the war began, and has been at Johannesburg all thru ACoileteHoiiseFnrnislgEslaMstEBit In the finest new goods. Also a second hanrt sin-tin v,4- a4- ttUtt I the trouble, holding a good position. Mr. Pyle spoke, among other things, of the general regret expressed by the people of the Transvaal over the return of Lord Roberts to England and tne succession of Lord Kitchener to DeMOUTK'S ARK, (Inc.) the command. Every one felt that Kitchener would not pursue the humane methods that had characterized Adams Block. 61, Sherman Street Lord Roberts' administration of the war. Kitchener is regarded as a re lentless warrior, and the people of Information Wanted.. Wo desire to locate Seaman Howes, Joseph Howes or Nellie Howes, or their heirs. Last heard from at Deadwood in 1885. Reward paid for information as to present whereabouts. THEADWAY & MARLATT, Attys, Cleveland, Ohio. ZD. ILVT. GILLETTE The Pioneer Jeweler and Watchmaker r ESTABLISHED 1876. DEALER IN WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELERY, ETC. - n WATCH EXAMINER FOR THE BURLINGTON A M R. PL No. 659 Main Street, Deadwood', 8, both sides seem to deplore the change, altho Mr. Pyle said it was conceded that it would probably bring the war to a more hasty termination. Dr. Spaulding, formerly connected with the Homestake hospital in Lead, is having a big practice in Johannesburg, and is making five and six pounds ($2.r( to f30) a day. Livingstone Edwards is a corporal in the British army, and has a good position awaiting him as soon as he receives his discharge. Mr. Pyle spoke of hearing cannon-idin at Johannesburg, during one of the recent engagements. Altho a Boer sympathizer, Mr. Pyle does not express his views with any particular emphasis, as his letters are opened, and if they were very pronounced in tone, they would be intercepted. He is- delighted with Jouannesburg, and says it is a good place to live. Do you Know That we have a great assortment of special brands of John Jennack, The well knewa hackman wLose barn Is that imposing structure on tbu corner of Carney and Pine streets. Is prepared to furnish the finest rig3 In the city for funerals, calling parties, picnic crowds, etc. Residence 'phone, 83 Harrison. o BLACK HILLS FEED & FUEL CO., (Formerly Paul Rewman.) All kinds of Coal and Wood. Agency for Sheridan Coal. Office at Nathan Colman's. Telephone orders given prompt attention. Walter Simpson, Manager. o An Important Difference. To make it apparent to thousands, 1675, while on his way from kia to Mackinaw in a canoe. His red companions buried him,, according to Parkman, by a small stream in the west of Michigan, "some distance south of the promontory called the Sleeping Dear." Later the body was removed to St. Ignace, many miles to the northward of Frankfort, and on the other side of the straight separating Michigan's two parts. There the traveler who had gone so far rested quietly, and after awhile the exact position of his grave was forgotten, a fact due, possibly, to inappreciation of Jesuit priests by a majority of those who were glad enough to walk into a new land along paths which he had opened as a discoverer and rendered comparatively safe by the effect which his virtues had produced on the Indian tribes. The position of the grave at St. Ignace, however, was reestablished to the general satisfaction in 1877, and with this determination of the matter the railway men and real estate speculators? of Frankfort will have to contend. While cordially sympathizing with their desire to make the metropolis of Benzie county interesting, and while thoroughly agreeing with whatwetake to be their belief that the grave of Pete Marquette would be about the most interesting possession a Michigan town can hope to have, we must confess to serious doubt as to the authenticity of their find. There is no easily imaginable reason why the far-wandering Frenchman should have been burled at Frankfort, many why he should have been carried to St. Ignace. StiU. Michigan Historical Society C"f ht to know more about the subject then we do, and if, as is reported, its members support the claims of Frankfort's antiquarians, of course that goes far toward upsetting received theories and establishing new ones. Anyway, there should be no quarrels over Pete Marquette's bones. He was a man of peace, notable In his day and in many later days, because he helped instead of harming the Indians, and neither killed them nor was killed by them. Holiday Wines?! THE SULTAN'S TROUBLE. The heart of every humane spendthrift will be deeply touched by the Bufferings of the Sultan of Turkey in the situation where he has been placed by the ingenious efforts of Germany to collect a little bill due Mr. Krupp, and . by the same occasion, one due herself. Learning that Turkey was about to pay the long overdue indemnity to the United States through the indirect and sub-terreanean channel of a contract with the Cramps for a cruiser, Germany Interposes with a demand that before the Ottoman Empire buys any more warships it must settle its accounts with the Krupps. It is understood by everybody, of course, that this merely a way of compelling the payment of money owed to Germany, the amount duo to be added to the Krupp Mil. This .proceedings is not only summary but sumptuary. It gets the Sultan again Into trouble with the United States, for we had been gradually Increasing the pressure on him until It had become unbearable, and as we have nothing to do with other accounts payable, the plea that Germany prevents his settling with us cannot he accepted. He Is now subjected to double pressure. It must be incom-enient. But the sumptuary aspect of the matter is Interesting. The old laws which bore that name aimed to regulate a man's manner of life. They forbid him to spend too much money for silk raiment, expensive vintages, and fast horses. It has not been nsual to put sovereigns under the restraints of sumptuary laws. Germany's reminder about the. Krupp account ambounts to that. She says in effect, you must pay us before you can be permitted to add to your navy. Yet Turkey may really need another cruiser, and the bare necessaries of life are always excepted from the prohibitions of sumptuary law. However, no way of looking at the tan's troubles relieves him from it, mr offers encouragement. It gets distinctly deeper. Yet any really stern measures that we might take to col-leBt our dues would probably involve us In labors we are not Just now ready to undertake, and would tend to pile the Pelion of the old Eastern question upon the Ossa of the new. o ANTI-VICE CRUSADE. A Huron special says: "Arrangements for a crusade against intemperance and other vices are practically AT THE CHURCHES. Trinity M. E. Sunday school at 10 a m.; morning service, 11 a. m.; class meeting, 12 noon; Epworth League, ti:30 p. m.; Evening service, 7:30 p. $1.50 Fine Old Whiskey per gallon Sherry, Angelica, Port and Muscatel nt 5c a i(t. or per gallon... $3.00 ! who think themselves 111. that they are not afflicted with any disease, but that the system simply needs m .: watch night service, Monday even SI cleansing, Is to bring comfort home to their hearts, a? a costive condition Is easily cured by using Syrup of Oasn Ber i eiivert-d Free. FAMILY LIQUOR STORE t ing, 7:30 p. ni. Arthur McFarlane, Pastor. St. John's Episcopal Morning pray Figs, manufactured by the California .oM1oa.Mi.iN.r Fig Syrup Co., only, and sold by all druggists. er, 11 a. m.; sermon, The Old Year and the New;" offertory solo, "Song of Triumph," by Miss Livingstone of B fin r nniTimn 1 Best of Attention A Cane Lost. Lost, in the Opera house, on the MY SPECLTY Mog Heavy Machinery D L' Ub'MML'U 1 given to board- the Lloyd & Gay company. First M. E. The subject of the ser B IT! ill. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 lill ng Horses. mon at 11 a. m. will be "A Sure night of the republican ratification meeting in November, a straight oak cane with oak and ivory head. The cane is of little, intrinsic value, but is prized bocauso of its historic associa ....Feed, Livery and Transfer.... Source of Supply." At 7:30 the pastor will discourse upon "The Sweep of the of the Years ,or, A Short Study of the Century." Good music at both I have the best roadsters in the city and am prepared to furnish rigs or saddle horses on the shortest notice. Harrison Phone 151 I 539 Main SI. t Old Phone 171 services. Sunday school at 12:15; tions. It belongs to E. W. Martin, and if found can be left at the Pioneer-Times office or at office of Martin & Mason. funior League at 3 p. rn.; Epworth Explorers of that sort aare rare. n League at i::!0; sermon at 7:30. All IGNORANCE OR MALICE. The Pierre correspondent of the rluTjxnxuTJxruLnjinjuoLTiJTjT-rvru jutjj i 5 Sioux City Tribune and Sioux Falls Press supposed to be Tom Ayres, the inamois MRS. ROSELLA A. LAWT0N, The Great Magnetic Healer, t overnor s private secretary, is not only ignorant concerning the actions and motives of republican leaders, but Vests. be la malicious and bent on stirring up strife. On several occasions this person has stated as a fact that a deal or combine has been entered into Permanently located In Suite 14 Syndicate Block. SUCCESSFULLY TRLiATS a 1 diseases of either sex. PARALYSIS A SPECIALTY. Consultation Free Cures Permanent If you are suffering, come and see me. K, 4? "4" fr You need have no fear of the dread disease pneumonia if you wear one of those Chamois Vests They protect your chest. We have a large stock to select from, both in children and adult sizes. -KIRK Q. PHILLIPS, Druggist. Deadwood. Oor, Main and Lee 8'reets B H. BUGGIES. CARRIAGES are invited. Strangers especially. C. H. Clark. Pastor. Congregational All the members of this church anil society are specially urged to attend the service this morning as it is the last devine service this centuary. The pastor will speak on a theme suitable for the occasion. A vocal solo, and a violin solo will be rendered. Sunday school at 12:15 p. m. Y. P. S. C. E. at 6:30, led by Miss Post. It is consecration meeting. A cordial invitation given to all, J. W. BARRON, Pastor o ST. JOHN'S CHRISTMAS TREE. Christmas Exercises at the Episcopal Church On Holy Innocents. Christmas exercises were held In St John's Episcopal church In this city Friday night, on the Feast of the Holy Innocents. A magnificent Christmas tree had been arranged, and the Interior of the church had been decorated appropriately. A Christmas .cantata, .entitled, "The Son. of the Highest;" was given by the children of the Sunday school, and was prettily appreciated by the peoeple present The cantata was rendered with excellent effect, and It spoke volumes for the attention that had been devoted to its preparation. The Christmas tree was laden with presents, candles, and wax tapers, and was a brilliant arrangement. After the exercises the presents were distributed, and every one was remembered. A number of valuable presents were found on the tree for various persons present: Archdeacon Ware and wife were pleasantly remembered, and they received a large AND SPRING WAGONS between Congressman Gamble and Congressman-elect Martin for the purpose of making the former senator next month and the latter the successor of Mr. Kyle two years later. Such rtatements are an injustice to Mr. Martin, for no man In politics has a Ugher regard for the rights of the preat mass of voters. Altho the Pioneer-Times has not discussed politics with Mr. Martin since the election, it willtfssume the responsibility of a positive assertion "that Mr. Martin has not entered into a combine with any one, nor made any plans or proposals having for an object the selection of a successor to Sweater Kyle or Senator Pettigrew either, for that matter. The object in view, is by these false htatements to create dissensions In the republican party and, if possible, create distrust among the leaders. Made exclusively for the Black Hills trade. If you want a new vehicle of any kind It will pay you to call nd I our stock over, and learn our prices, for they are the lowest of the loi yet the vehicles are the Best of the Best. . . .. ' " matured, and the war will Begin in the early part of January. It will cover most of the state cast of the Missouri river. It la understood to be a 'war in the interests of no particular temperance organization, but waged hj temperance people and church goers, and they will be reinforced by the Anti-Saloon league, the Christian Citizenship league and the W. C. T. U. A number of speakers. Including pastors of churches, will take up the work Captain Van Etten, one of the most earnest temperance lecturers in the country, has been secured as one f the lecturers, and he has already entered the field." .Aa. an Ulrica, crusade, wave -seems to be going over the entire country and Is about due to strike Deadwood. If, however, the cly authorities will perform a small portion of their worn duties and on the other hand the saloon keepers will keep themselves within reasonable bounds and 1 lewd women will make a showing for common decency the eruption can be avoided. Never in the history of Deadwood hag the town been so wide open; the moral tone so low or the etty authorities bo indifferent or so inefficient. Gradually the chippies . nave grown bolder and the saloon keepers have grown more careless in their observance of the laws and all 'Phone 83. BROWN, Deadwood, J. C&3 . Eiru Next to City Hall, The Kansas City Southern Railway THE SINGER ALWAYS BEST AND UP TO DATE. See the VIBRATOR In Drop Head and elegant embossed woodwork. Or the Central Bobbin, the dressmaker's faorite. BEST MACHINE OIL, NEEDLES AND ATTACHMENTS MACHINES REPAIRED PORT ARTHUR ROUTE No. 26 Lee St. TV that goes to make for good. First number of valuable presents, from the "Straight as The. Crow Flies" A.' N. PARKS Mgr. members of the church, the choir and It was the screen and curtain windows, then, the women and wine rooms and now the music and variety the Sunday school. One of the presents Mr. Ware received was an en BETWEEN J KANSAS C1TY GULn ' performances. By far the worst of Sioux Falls Press: Mr. Burke, of South Dakota, has succeeded in placing a new flag in the house of representatives one bearing forty-five stars, whereas the old house flag carried but thirty-five, leaving South Dakota and nine other new states unrepresented. It was Mr. Plckler, of South Dakota, who caused the passage of a resolution directing the architect of the capital to keep the flag flying continuously from the center of the west front of the capltol. South Dakota is looking after the Star Spangled Banner. England's Army and Navy. It was recently stated that England would be unable to cope with a swift enemy, and that both the army and navy is Inadequate to meet a sudden invasion. England is, in this instance, like the Individual who allows disease to slowly work into his system thru a stomach too weak to properly digest the food taken into it To strengthen the stomach, there is nothing better than Hosteller's Stomach Bitters. It cures dyspepsia, constipation, indigestion, liver and kidney- troubles and as a tonic, it is incomparable. The Bitters all these evils are wine rooms, for .there boys under twenty-one years FltkWi DnssMin - Cutting and Fitting. MSS. H. M. TRUESDELL 761 Maan street.- DOUBLE DAILY TRAN SERVICE. " SHORTEST LINE AND QUCKEST TIME TO Pittslinrj.Kas.. Jcplin, Mo , Ft. Mb. Art.. TeiarteEa, in arcTti graving of the "Prophets," by Abbe, from the original painting In the Boston library. - . J.Mrs. S. W. Russell, superintendent of the Sunday school, had labored long and earnestly with the classes of the Sunday school, and the success of the Christmas exercises was a tribute to his genius. i " i Finest Special Service to Florida. Leaves Chicago every Tuesday and Friday on and after January 15th at 12:00 noon, via Pennsylvania Line, of age are allowed to meet and fall under the evils of sirens new . re--.emits to a life of sin, crime and worthlessness. All this is sure to .bring its own punishment, for in this as in all things else "thus far and so farther shalt thou go." Sootier, or v later these people will bring upon " themselves the restrictions of the Li., mwm mas, ana im inancs. i-u THROUGH PULLMAN SLEEPERS TO: HOUSTON AND GALVESTON. THE INK ERASING ELECTROSINE PENCIL. Visit th famous ARKANS AS Health Resorts: Siloam Springs and Sulphur SprjnS; CHEAP RATES TO ABO VE RESOHTS ALL THE YEn. state statutes and the Just wrath of an outraged community.' untw lands: thru without change from Chicago to Cincinnati, Chattanooga,,, Atlanta, Along ths Port Arthur Routs In Arkansas, Texas, snd uou ; - M PERS MARQUETTE. Jacksonville, and St Augustine, Florida. Please find out about it by call- bs found th most productive lands In these States. .These securtd at very moderats prices, and therefore offer t great m to th homeseekr...The fact that this territory is fast being 1 nert pee-pls from th Northern States, speaks " well for Its Pra"c fiiif I iua wiwn oc auuressing jir. .n. n. ier- I ng, Assistwrty eneral Passenger Fruit, rlcs and timber lands easily secured... Large foi unes rsoujth will e0""' Clark street, Chi- Agent, 24 cago. III. oeen maas in growing rlc In Southern Louisiana... A visn Eraaes ink in two seconds without abrasion ot paper. It absolutely safe to uae, and remove ink biota. fruH and other liquid .tains without Injury to paper or other delicate white materials, without abrasion. Writing disappears aa If by magic, leaving the paper perfectly clean. The simplicity or applicatiotrandHghtn-lng rapidity with which ths Eraser removes Ink, makes it an almost tndispensl-ble article, to all classes of business toed. Writing can be erased In part or entirely, errors corrected, blots removed, and the paper can be written upon again as perfectly as though nver used. For sale by W. Hungerford, Deadwood, W. W. QuIlUan, Terry, and by , CHAS. C VORCE, General agent, Terry Agents wanted. Send for agents sppll-caUon. Sample pencil mailed for 5c - strengthens the nerves, produces refreshing sleep and gives renewed strength and vigor to the system. It Is undoubtedly the best medicine in the world - for debilitated systems. Try it See that our Private Revenue Stamp covers the neck of the bottle.. Great man and good as Per Marquette seems from all accounts to have been, it Is hardly probable that what little is now left of hli mortal tabernacle finds' a single grave insufficiently spacious. Therefore is one tempted to uneasy questionings by the announcement of some Ann Arbor railway officials that in the course of certain excavations making at Frankfort, Mi-h., theyhaveT unearthed a skull and several other utensils once ssed by the heroic missionary and explorer. Pete Marquette died in Homeseekers' Excursions Soum first and Third Tuesdays of each month. - Woodman Notice. - A joint -Installation of the officers of Deadwood camp No. 1186, M. W.A., and Star camp No. 443, R. N. of A. will be held Tuesday evening January 4st, In Society halL All members and their families are invited, a apply to - S.C.WARNER' "KlNSSCiTY "7": ' '. For t- H.D. DUTTON. . Trav. Pass. AgL, KANSAS CITY, MO. Marriage License. Frank Miller of Spearflsh ,to wed Miss Sadie Crago. also of 8pesrllab.

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