The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 7, 1898 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 7, 1898
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ID IONEER-1 IMES. TWENTY-SECOND YEAR. DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), SATURDAY MORNING, MAY 7. 18U8. FIVE CENTS The Daily 1ok anil the Bring of several blank ! SLY FREIIDHMAII wsftjsisuiBesBiHB RSEoiaKBiagsjtKs aarsiBuouBninBTiw. ammam liens, mi was otuy uruugnt to uy 11 I olid chut fixiu ths Nashvllls. Whfl A BACKWARD 8PRIN0. Ilrtng Blood Dlaease, Nervous Derang menu and Chronic Catarrh. Nover was there a greater demand for spring medicine something to cleanse tha blood, strengthen the 1 TAKE THEIR OATHS. (Special to Ptouevr-TlniM.) Washington, May 6. 11; 13 p. m. General Lee and Wheeler took the formal oath today and reported to tti war department for assignment. IS TAKEN 111 It la deeply rsjtretted that it should Co. Ayres have (murfw! at lb la Uma, tb officials nerve, or regulate the digestion. Is ty (lie captain of lb Nashville dll hla duty. & Wardman Hardware Hardware and Mining Supplies. Gas Pipe and Plumbing, Tin and there any medicine so good for the, SPAIN MAKKd ANOTHER APPEAL. purpose a Pe-ru-na? Thousand of Kiy West. May -11 OS p. m. Tba (Special to Ptunerr-Tlmea.) doctors, druggists and tens of thous French Auxiliary Cruiser Load ed With Spanish Troops Captured by Nashville. captain of the Lafayeu tbla evening Pari, May S. Hpaln ha again asked and of people of all classes and vocations have long ago decided this ques the powers to Intervene, and has been demandd fnuu th Prise Court that the prise crw bo taken off tha vessel and that he be allowed to proceed to tionthat Pe-ru-na has no equal in told that nothing can be done until she Steam Fittings, uiant rowaer, Fuse, Caps, and Exploders, . Steel Rails. relinquishes all claims to Cuba. Vera Cnu. The ahlp baa French malla Sheet Iron Work, Cook Stoves, and Steel Ranges, Frog Eaters Hot and Want to aboard and Imlong to the auxiliary na Belting, Hose, and Packing. these. Poor, shrunken d y -peptics become strong, vigorous and hearty after a few bottles of It. People who ar TO TRANSPORT lu.OtHJ TROOPS. (Special to Plonesr-Tlmcs.) New York, May 6.-11:12 p. m.--Or Fight-Troops Kill Rioters in Spain. vy. The matter l being considered by the board and It ia believed the ahlp j will be released and allowed to pro der are received by the quartermaster iS Gret Our Prices Before Buvin i ceed on her Journey, but will be accom department here to secure an option on all available vwsols for the transporta HsiBi panied by one of our war ship to so Hll tion of 4U.IMKJ troops. No intimation of Admiral Dewey Heard From; He that the captain shows g,d faith. ' 'm&Wm ,w"d i f&Z' f U sluggish never fall to And a course of I'e-ru-na to clear the skin, Invigorate the system and vnrlch the the destination of the troops was given. deeply. Those who were rejected "GOVERNOR GKNKKAI." DEWEY. Has Full Possession cf the City and Forts. turned quietly away disappointed this very humorous. If you want to know his name, call on the manager of th company, Mr Redmond he will Introduce you. This monarch of laughable blood. Chronic catarrh la all phases and stage, cases that have defied the " "i-rrrrn's'si irij-irinnjTjuuwuu was apparent by their countenance. (Special to Ploneer-Tlmes.) london, May 6: Official dispatches During the day Dr. Kelffer examined best of treatment for many years, take genlu ha a wife who pleased the as few bottles of Pe-ru-na to their en from the Hrltlsh con mil at Singapore to ninety-eight men and reported favorably on fifty-five. Captain Bullock In tire relief. Nervousness, debility, sembled audience very much; also a certain Mr. Lennon. of whom a most the home government, received thl form us that there will be no difficul (flpeclal to Noneer-Tlmis.) Key Went, May 6. The great French weaknesses of both sexes, sleeplessness, Irritability, despondency, hypo morning, says that the American fleet hue full pimsesslon of the 1'hlllpptnps TO SERVE IN OCR NAVY. (Special to riiinerr-Tlmaa) Vienna, May 4.- It is stated hers that the American legation at Constantinople has received offers from 2,000 sailor at the Turkish po;ts to serve In the t'nlted States navy. All the offers have been declined. o DREAD RIOTS IN ITALY. (Spci-lul to i'lnnerr-Tlmes) Rome, May 4. The corn duties In Italy have been suspended until July 1. Uruad riots are widespread and serious pleasing Impression was carried away by all present. The other members of the company whose name ar not re liner Uifayntte attempted to run the ty In raising the required number, eighty. Lee Day was the first one to take the examination, accepted and chondria, all these disappear when Pe- blofkado at Havana today and wtu cap ru-na Is used according to directions. and that Commodore Dowey, command take the oath. Dr. Kelffer says henev- membered by the author of this article, One of the most Instructive books on The wearer of "Equal-to-Oustom-Hade-Clothing" who has not seen our choice line ot fine v Sum-mer Suits has missed a good er of the t'. S. fleet, Im exercising th tured after resistance. The Lafay etc, which belongs to the Trans-Atlan- anilned so fine a body of men, and Ma chronic catarrh ever furnished free Is all did their share towards making tn evening's entertainment a success. power of governor general over the jor wells assures us they will prove tic company, baa been plying between Island. The dmttatch Kay that not a themselves valiant soldiers, for they Thl afternoon thl asms aggregation being sent by the Pe-ru-na Drug Manufacturing Company, Columbus, Ohio. This book Is very Instructively lllus- have the, the endurance and I of splendid talent will appoar In "Man Spanish war ship Is afloat In the bar first and foremost, the courage. trated with expensive drawings, and Havre and New York. While not a government vessel, ahe la subsidised by the French government as all French bor at Manila. The Americans formed and Muter," and an afternoon of great pleasure Is assured all who go to see At Sores In a the troopa were compelled 111 be sent free to any address. them. For the especial benefit of th a Junction wish native insurgent to control both land and ea and they are to Are volleys Into the crowds of mad Slnera are. She waa loaded wltli re' situation at Manila as la the American 1 dened people. - Three persons were thing It's a good cruKs and relief auppllea for the troopa now In possession. I 8 aving little girls, a beautiful doll will he given the one upon whom luck most strongly shine, and a ball and hat will government. killed and many wounded. at Havana. After being fired at with The Dally Mall I In receipt of a dls London, May 6.-11:12 p. m. A spe be presented ths fortunate hoy. blank hell from the American vessel, patch from Ita correspondent at Manila cial telegram from Shanghai tonight In the evbnlng a very laughable fare ah lay too, and when ahe thought her sent via. the Island of Formosa, which comedy will be played. As this will be MESSAGE GIVES DEWEY'S LOSS, San Francisco. Cal., May t. Reports from Mare Island navy yard tonight from good auihortty, said Admiral raptors were off-guard, suddenly start' gives what purports to be a Japanese report, received via the Island of For ays: "Manna is in ruins. Aner ue you can make, guaranteed to Every suit fit at a saving the hut appearance of the Redmond, don't miss seeing them. straying the Spanish fleet. Commodore THE MUSICAL. Of all the splendid entertainments given in Dead wood, none waa prettier than the musical given last evening at ths cheerful horn of Mr. and Mr. H. P. Chealrs, by ths ladles of th altar ctftnmKtee of St. John's church. The parlors were thrown together and were comfortably filled with musical people. Miss Bennett commenced tha programme with a piano soleotlon; Mr. Lamon sang "Ah, Tla a Dream;" Mil Garr followed, tinging "Good Bye Sweet Day;" Mr. FMnterman sang "Ferry at Bhadowtown;" Mrs. Con-teite sang "Slumber Bong;" Mis Coon sang "Lnvs tn Springtime." Mr. Hal-dy sang "Ask What Thou Wilt;" the Olympic male quartette aang "When ed under full apeed to get under the shelter of the gun at Morro caatle. She waa nred at repeatedly with blank Dewey shelled the city from his gun o WHEN NATURE boats. The loss of life tn the Spanish Needs asalstanos it may be best to mosa, and state there has been a fierce fight at Manila. After disposing of the Spanish fleet and the fort at Cavlte and vicinity, Admiral Dewey iMimuard-ed Munila. The city was soon on fire render It promptly, but on should part of the (y Is enormmis. The Americans hold everything with the said to be on remember to use even ths moat per and then with solid shot, and finally surrendered. Grave complication with Prance are t wared. The French are expected to resent the attack and Klrkland, commandant of the yard, received a cipher message from the nay department saying thai Commodore Dewey had sent a brief cable from Hong Kong giving the losses In ttte Manila fiRht as flrty killed and 100 wounded. He a! ho say the Concord and Petrel were budly damaged, espe fect remedies only when seeded. Ths help of the Insurgents. The Spanish ot $3 to $5 made to best and most stmpls genu remedy army here la holpless." In many places and there was great confusion among the residents. Fires la ths Syrup of Figs, manufacttursd by order suns ped A report Is ent out from Madrid capture of the La Fayette. ths Calif on la Fig 8yruj Co. Paris, May 6. There I great excite were started In numerous place and half the citywas destroyed by fire. that, "It is officially announced nere MOTHERS' INOLESIDE that Information from a Japanese DAY AT SCHOOL. Evening'! Twilight" a d "Evening ment and Indignation throughout France over the capture of the ocean source via. Formosa declares thai the A novel feature waa Introduced la Song." and Prof. Roaslgnol played "Valse de Concert" upon his violin. cially In the upper won ks. Commodore Dewey has asked for a hospital ship and a force of 2.000 men, with suppl ,es for three months. liner Isifsyette by an American gun died b ajento. Spaniards have Iti-wey In a trap at ANOTHER WILD STORY. (Special to Plonssr-Tlmes.) Indon, May 6: A story Is publish irresponsible Qot them-if you want the Inglealde school Friday namely, Messrs. Lamaon and Flloterman sang boat while trying to run the blockade a Mothers' Day. Manila. iHiwey with the assistance of Insurgent cut the cable connecting "Oh.Thal W Two Were Maying." and ed In an afternoon paper that the Brit at Havana. The populace la demand Several day ago pupil in Mr.1 the entertainment closed wtth a weet Kan' and Mis Smith's room Issued with the mines and torpedoes at the ing a declaration of war again! the Ish admiralty has been notified from Washington to remove all British sub DEADWOOD VOLl'NTEHRS. The City hall w.j the center of at- election entitled "Winds In the Trees' by Miss Coon. mouth of the harbor and entered sat United State at once. Serious Inter' Invitations to their mothers to visit them Friday. Friday afternoon jects from the Canary Islands. This It national complication 1 Imminent ly. but while he waa engaging the Ice cream, Strawberries and cak were served, and were delicious. Th traction yesterday, particularly to the young men. From early In the forenoon until past 6 o'clock In the even Is said account for the conclusion that I jo rid on, May 6. Mu- h concern I Spanish fl't the wire were relald and proceeds will b used for purchasing felt rn official circle over the capture he cannot got out. This Is said to ex many of ths mother availed them-selves of th opportunity. At ths usual hour of beginning the "jxerclses began tn Mis Smith's room. They constituted, first of regular lessons, showing th every day work, followed by "plsoss" new altar cloths for ths church. ing there was a crowd of men, sitting nd standing about In groups, evident Admiral Sampson has orders to attack the Islands which would draw Che Spanish fleot out of Cadis and force a of the French liner Lafuyetfe by an Dlaln the reason why no Information tailor made suit from us and you will get our guarantee and much Lower Prices. American man-of-war. Sentiment I has been received from Dewey." BASE BALL. fight and also give the U. S. a naval trong In favor of aiding America Another report from Madrid says the from all tb children. ' , base from which to attack Spain. It again European coalition. It I be- Spanish authorities Intimate that Dew The walks wer decorated wtth th Th directors of the Dead wood Base Ball association, who are W. E. Low, lleved France will make this an excuse ! has been erftrapped by Spanish gun- I would also engage the Spanish vessel school oolor yellow and whtts nd two blackboards wer given up to pa Anson Hlgby, W. U McLaughlin, Quo. for going to war to aid Spain. I boats ketit concealed outside the bar- I at home and insure American seaports Porter and James Frawley, tnet and Washington, May 6. The authorities I w)r Manila. It I believed, however, I Immunity from bombardment by Span per showing the- children' work through th year. Col I?loc:oritlicvl, ly discussing the war question. Cap-tf in liulUx k occupied a chair upon the platform, and With his characteristic composure, puffed away at a cigar and chatted good-naturedly wMh th boy. Major A. B. Wells of the 8th V. 8. cavalry, occupied a seat near by. reading and smoking during the interval between the approach of recruit who had passed the physical examination and wore refer red to him to lake th oath. The busiest mn In the house wa Dr. Kleffer, post surgeon, who had possession of an adjoining office and that the Snanlwh official are only try- I Ish vessels. are not at all concerned for the safety After the exercise were finished her perfected arrangement for opening the season on th Dead wood ground Sunday afternoon with a gams between Ft. Mead and Dead wood. Tb team of Dewey, but there Is serious concern Ing to make as much as possible out of over the complication likely to ante th visitors adjourned to Mrs. Kan' room. The ssm schem of color wi carried out here, Swiss curtains shad Couth Da&ota, Deadwood, also met and elected Ole William cap the absence of any news from the Spanish fleet at Manila for the effect it SPAIN'S INTERNAL TROUBLES. (Special to Pioneer-Time. j Madrid, May 6. Two thousand min out of the Lafayette case. The ahlp ing th window and a bird in a cag tain. Th club will appear Sunday in their new suiu. Thl year they ar all was loaded with ammunition and re ers who were rioting had a pitched bat will have in quieting the rioters, it ts believed that the Spanish government rendered ths room mors homsllk. Con cruits for Havana, and attempted to home people and a much stronger com ptcuoua on a back bow rd was th quo tle with soldier at Marcla last night blnatlon than In previous years. Whll run the blockade after repeated warn- 1 as much In the dark alsiut the real Tne rioter were routed with great loss ns making the examination. Every time the door opened and a meruit would emerge from Dr. Kelf they rajik as professionals they do not tation, "Th Hand that Rocks ths Cradle, Rules the World." On each child's desk were book containing papers of life. claim to bs. Th7 belong In Dead fer' quarter, the crowd would surge wood and will play ball because they written by them through th year, and round htm with eagerness to learn the have a prlds tn seeing Dead wood win showing his progress and not for ths pay there 1 In It result of his examination. This was hardly nereswary. however, for one Her regular leous wer recited, then each child standing by his desk, could Invariably tell at a glance wheth THE FIRST EXCURSION. The civil guard fired on the mob here today with terrible effect The rioters were herded closely together and the fire of the guard made a great slaughter. Blood literally flowed in the street. The situation U growing more critical hourly. WE SELL gars quotations appropriate to ths day O DtADWOOU SOUTH DAKOTA 17sJ.tx3. Otatoa Xe-posi.'b037- oajix mo ta, $ioooo svstrLrs, $180,000 er or not he had passed. Tht uoces- 3 1 and season. Ths Black Hill naturally expect a Thl closed th exercises and moth f ul one would hasten through tne hall, holding In his hand a legal document and upon hi face was a smile that number of excursion th present year as a sort of an overflow from the er were Invrted to examine th work. Goods 1EAPER m I ii 1 Th children In both rooms acquitted He would step I Omaha exposition. Preparations should1 r. a. OCSHDMSI. & I. S&USSOBT, 7. S, ttMiSJt, t. B. sriSJU, evinced satisfaction. orsaasoM. p. a. Ha themselves with great credit to their be mad to atertaln the excursionists briskly up to Major Wells, with hat re Lfv h CANNON AD1NO OFF SANDY HOOK instruotors, - and soms effort should 'be put forth to a I moved and raising his right hand a . D, i. Morns'sow , 4. a dsaji vis fnmimt t-1, eaia ajsislaut OstSlss. No mother oauld go awty without serurs e xcurslons. Ths railroads ml (Special to PhDr-Tlme.) LIT though he meant It would stand man feeling a higher appreciation of New York. May 6. 11.03 p. m. co-operate. The first excursion has al Than any other house in the land, For this Wet k we Offer the Fo lowmg Exira Bargains in Ready to Wear T! teacher' work and responsibility. ready been arranged, by Mr. W. H. Heavy firing was heard out at sea this fully awaiting the administration ot the oath. This was Indeed a lesson in patriotism that Impressed th obserer Marvin, of Uttaa, Mksh., dVtor of Buck i morning which continued steadily and played by th Olymplo Ucyt have been SALVATION ARMY. eye and Wohrerme, editor and manager of Ohio Wolverine, and Western Pa., attended by large number cf their rapidly for an hour. The report were Dr. rranklla R. Oarpsnur, general I Adjutant Sheppard, of Lead, will lead 71 manager of th D. and D. company, has distinctly heard In this rlty and caused Press Associations. The excursionist h Ladies Skirts, Suits a special meeting In th Army Hall at friend and have been full of Interest. Th ladles ar especially lavKed to attend this even ing' gams end th seat gone to WHa!nJrl.M, Del., to . eonfsr considerable excitement. The operatoi win leer Chicago June 15 and arrive Dead wood next Tuesday evening, when In In Deadwood Friday ths 18th. There in charge of the telegraph tnatruments Captain 8herrltt, who haa been laid ing facilities will bs adeqwst to ac are 2,200 papers in th assoolatlons.two aside so long with sickness, will b at Sandy Hook refuse to give out any rnd Silk Waists. All the Littst and Newest Deeigns. commodate all who attend. The Wea- members Co each paper, so that 4,400 with h Messrs. Swift and to Washington oa important buelasM matters. Dr. Carpenter xpots to ' to absent about ten days. Tb stormy wealth r of tats haa severely interfered with operations at th smelter. The work ot prsuent and take part, all ar Invited Information, aaylng he haa had Imper InvUatlona will be Issued. Ot this Uran mals quartstt of Lincoln wiU be present and rsnder a numtxrr of their Admission free. ative orders from the government number at least 600 will accompany th "I! Sn selections. The personnel of tht YANKEE DEWEY. 1 1 about Imparting Information. ercurslon, Mr. Marvin has managed uw- Z i clubs Is as follows: Franklin, captaJs; putting the large fumao la shape for 1 the excursions for them for yean and Oraham, Regan, Oarss, Shepherd, Keys Yankee Dewey sailed across ha never ma a failure. In announc work is nearly compisted and bs sx pacts it to bs ready to start up soon at- 1 111 Ths ocean of the East sir, LANDING PLACE SELECTED. (Special to Pioneer-Time.) Daldy and Wheeler. Hlgby, captain, Portw, Keller, Peck, Oardoer, Eoaor- ing th excursion ths "Bitcksy ana tec hts return, afatsrtal tor the new Wohrsrln Editor" say: He stuck a shell Into his vua And smote th Spanish beast, sir. Tampa. May 6.-11:13 p. m. Watson steel buildings will eommence arriving 26 Handsome Black BrlllUntln Skirt, full width. wll mad and fin Ished, at $2 00, usual price, $3.00. 16 Very Handsome black skirts at VJ. f 2.65, regular price, $4.00. 3kV For 13.50 we offer this week thlatt combination In colored skirts wora thl season, told all over the land at $5.00 we sell them at $3.60. At $5.10 w tell thlt week a very handsome Brocaded Black 811k Skirt "Ths Bhsok Hill country affords th den, Dwt .nell and Miller. A rd hot gam 1 promised as ths tsaiM ar very evenly matched. soon, when a lacg fores of men wtu b CHORUS: finest mountain scenery in ths world, will give the word for Oen. Shafter to move the troops to Cuba, which n put to wont ana en Guiiaingt oe erect not being excelled by th Canyons ot ed atslckly as possible. looked tor tomorrow. A very dealrabl Yankee Dewey, Yankee Dewey, Yankee Dewey Dandy Yankee Dewey la th axfan; Tb Inland wUl com handy. Colorado or tits Allechacae. They also contain soms of ths targesA gold mines KUpeitrlck Bros., OotUaa, Daosy and Both tho mothod and results vbea landing place haa bean selected that is within forty-eight hours of here. There I SrniDof Figs i taken: it is pleasant vr known to history, not being ex their aaaockvtaa, own eta of the riora a and other properties at Ragged Top and a large number of claims at Iron and refreshing to tha taste, and acts oelVed in ths Cripple Creek or any oth- Yanke Dewey ran hi ship are no docks at the place and (he This skirt cannot be purchased for 1 1 than $8.60 at any plaoa. fl entlTTettrorat)tlT c the KkineYs, I eourv. The mean eievaittoa ot Just right Into th bay, sir, Creek, have organised thsrasslre tote troops will have to be taksn ashore tn lire and Dowels, cleanse tbo syt- ftee mountains 1 about 1,000 fast, th I H, poured the ot Into the Don th Amertean Mining company, with mall boats. The animals will havs to tern effectually, dispels coiaa, nana- hlgnt b s.200 feet. Tie product And flH4 them with dismay, sir At $7.20 an elegant Bilk Skirt i-J match them If you can tor less than Q-i $12.50. (Til wlm ashore. R. J. KHpatrtok as retdnt and Lewis T. Wall, aecretary. Deeds were &44 aches and levers ana cures naDiron . tb Hllla or ra4r 187, was 7,-1 CHORU8: . VIm la tha I ... . . . .1 I uouPMvm. j y . - 000.000 aonars ! inn erled ft Do ,pon th bay. yeterday whereby the lndrrlduali w:y si- jv-jt 1. ..- sj. "- 1 mnuon dollars in retrsoiory ores, ai "Why do you dve us pain. etrT" MORE TROOPS FOR CUBA. (Special to Pioneer-Time.) transferred the property to th com py. a&oea, pioasing to ue ww maa so- i riM prodlK 41 teto wtth in a rsrtru A POPULAR HOTEJ Under th cnanagemeat ct Mr. Carl Blank and his wife the old popular Cll-more I more popular and prosperous than ever and Is now the favorite hotat of the city. The house has naturdy 'h most deelrsAils location la town, and tis arraniemect s ah that llu guests can at once obtain every ao&xa modatlon sad comfort. Tlte lowj'.rg rooms are kargs, well HehtJ ar.l heated and airy, and are t arnit"Ja la eh homelike tuition. No such r . t can be obtalnei anywher li town. The toM eenrice is f-: .'. The dining room K spaclou tal Inviting, th table Unea ts ktt , ju late, and- fare o6&s'u ct t' I food that culinary art fc-.a ;r Regular boaiyier and trr' r .4 1 i glv th house a'trfil, a-1 1'- y 1 ' 1 And thus th Yanks did reply,- Mpunie to uio iwmscn, pnwsp m kbout twwoiJ mnm .aura m ths Ti Chtckamauga, May 6. All th avail "0, ohl is for th Main, sir." lts aouon ana irniy i-ait w .... . rwooi and Lead. South A CAS1KET. CHORUS: , able troops hers are being loaded and -im - .1 . tMiwui 1 1 Sit ways, Lnusini vij wvm 1 rv. health and aerooablo substances, ita rushed for Tampa for transportation to w. a TTiAmss mss im I IVa mrim Pioneer-Time -will tar more to At $3.90 ws will sell this week ths ji very latest Black Figured Skirts worn. A' They ar worth $(.00. Bsttsr skirt. -1 well lined, proportionately low. J 36 Assorted 811k Waists, th newest (ti and swelleat things worn, from $3.10 (jl and up. Thee ar all nsw goods Just 1J received and arc being offered vry XY pi ,ow- fly Sir Boms very handsom Ladles' lults, H ready to wear, at $1.00, well worth dou- V bit ths money. ifl CAFT. LUCAS NEW JOB. lev far th Black Kin (or the Standard many excellent ouaiitiea oomxnaad it .r in all and nave made It the mod Th excursion and other excur Ths president has sent to ths s mat Kibs CaWset, wh was awarSsS u Cuba. Th government Intend make short work of the Spaniards Cuba. sion. ths nomination ot Capt. Willis V. ! tT akK. ' 7. ."1 oc'i - popular remedy knows, Syrup of Figs is for salt la 60 . bottles br all leadlns dsns Lucas, tx-nongreman from South Da-! at ver7 heus sag wiU esl-itiit sae ef U Vw. tn hi rim, ,y. Cabinets. Ths rtooeer-llsss rseoamsads -rooo-s reaRY." Ths king of fanny mea wet rr ' ' soth Mr. Tasaa aad his OaMaeC Chsunberlaln. This appointment was r giata. Any reliable dncM.who WILL CONVOY THE TROOPS. (Special to Pioneer-Times.) by th determined npoo some time ago, and, 1ND0O3 BASIS BALL TCXIOHT. mj 004 Uv it on htalwU pro. I ed it an entenalomeot given Redmond Dramatic compaay last sm as agreed upon at that time, was held A Kims of 1'lxs- tn till hu hen eonvlacfel tta U t : " tf '. j they sletlr, a ad lit re. .. . r ear It prompuy lor any oc wno wishes ts try it. DorMftaoocptasy Norroix, v i, Hay . U:ia p. ra. Th Mosquito fleet wUl sail from here tog. ot this king of runny men only a r.1. J. WERTIIHEILIEH & BR0. up until the term of ths present iaowm- arraag4 bstwesja tw ptched tsarn ot bent expired. Capt Lucas wiy on- the Oiyn-j-ia eeibr5?tei, at their ba- on detrimental thins; eaa be said h x-"-..uta. tomorrow, trader sealed orders, It make yoa fcaosh tin yon art sick. I doubtedly make a food offloJal and bs tlf-tl mrtra th smicirj, I&4oor Even the avembsr of hds own company I -n be confirmed with a rush a hit Utm ICt U mtm ssssbmos. ej I 1 1 i i.L .T Tfca r;-r -T rr la t a . -art, t yoa It.. heller. It will act a a convoy for ths troops going from Tampa to ths Island. saa hardly stand aim his work Is so I ne&s is reached la execvttve sessloa. , Cms are aa4 tha eertes of tm if

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