The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on December 30, 1900 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 30, 1900
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The Daily Pioneer-Times. 25th YEAR DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK DILLS SUNDAY, DKCEMREIi 30, 1900. FIVE CENTS. A PURE CRAPt CRCAM or TARTAN DN. AN ARMY SCANDAL SALOON WRECKER IS OUT ON BAIL. Madison and F. H. Bacon of Canton commissioners of the state board of charities and corrections, vice B. H. Lien and F. M. Brorn. resigned.' It is said these resignations and a pointmi-nts place the possession of DH' GOMES TO LIGHT. son. N. E. Franklin, John G. Wenke, Henry Leppla, F. D. Smith, Fred Haines, W. C. Shannon, Fred Hein, John Lundberg, W. H. Bartlett, W. E Adams, Ed. Hanschka. After the bnsInesB session a banquet was served at the Bullock, being prepared by J. D. Nicholson, the Bullock chef. A YESTERDAY'S ' PERSONALS. Will McLaughlin went to Rapid City. Mrs. Calloway of Terry was in Dead-wood. Senator Sullivan of Casper, is in the city. Louis Fishel returned from down the Elkhorn. Albert O. Anderson of Sturgis, was South Dakota institutions out of the reach of the republicans for two years, the state supreme court having decided in the case of Finerud, member of the board 01 regents, that an appointment made by the governor during a recess to fill :i va cancy was wm CREAM -inking DESTRUCTIVE FIRE IN LEAD. Great Britain Learns Why Gen. Colville Was Summarily Dismissed. Mrs. Nation, Who Destroyed Saloon Furniture in Wichita. Is Released. in Deaedwood. Started in the FishdL Hunter Lumber John Scollard of Sturgis, was a : Deadwood visitor. I for the full term of six years and did not require confirmation by the Yard and Threatens Much Loss. LEAD, 8. D., Dec. 30. 2 a. m Fire started shortly after midnight in the Fish & Hunter lumber yard on man DEATH OF MRS. BERGER. upper Main street, and is threatening Wife of a Well Known Valley Farmer Was at a Wine Feast and Permitted the Lindley Disaster. to destroy a number of fine buildings in that part of town. Including the Says She Will Go on Wrecking the Saloons ot the State. Dies Near Whitewood. WHITEWOOD, S. D.. Dec. 29. Spe HIjrhest Honors, World's Fair Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair Avoid Making: Powders containing tUuw. The are Injurious to health Episcopal church. The large room cialMrs. Charles Berger died at her used by the lumber company for its home a mile northeast of here Thurs fine mouldings and other finishing ma day morning, following childbirth. She terials has burned, and the office '.mding ia destroyed. The fire produced a strong cu.rcui., and it is gradually eating its way down the WICHITA, Kan., Dec. 29. Special Temperance women today bailed out Mrs. Carrie Nation, who smashed up the expensive furniture In the Carey Mr. Seeley of Casper, Wyo., arrived over the Elkhorn. A. W. Avery of Deadwood wqs a Deadwood visitor. W. D. Drlskill, the cattle man, was over from Spearflsh. James Hartgering, the mining engineer, went to Rapid City. Thomas Sweeney and wife of Rapid City were Deadwood visitors. Miss Laura Tremble, proprietor of the Plaindealer at Whitewood, was shopping in Deadwood. Henry Korneman went to Sturgis, to get his children and bring them to Deadwood for New Years. T. D. Murrln, manager of the rick Store in Piedmont, was in Deadwood, attending the Shriner's meeting. The Misses Blackstone of Central will be at home to their lady and gentlemen friends on New Year's day. County Superintendent Miss Kate Murrln went over to Spearflsh yesterday to look after the schools of that city. Walter Scott of Sturgis, Is in the city, having come up to attend the street. J. B. Baker's residence is likely to go, and if it does it will be leaves a husband and an infant son. Mrs. Berger was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wlschmeyer of Centennial Prairie. Theodore Uhlig who Is employed at the mine of his uncle, Otto P. Th. Grantz, near Lead, is spending the holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Uhlig. The Whitewood firemen are going to givetheir annual ball Monday night. New Year's eve. LONDON, Dec. 29 Special. An jnny scandal has Just come to light to connection with one of the British officers In the Transvaal. It Is shown that General Colville, who commanded the British forces at the Lindley disaster, May 31st, when the Boers captured and killed several hundred British yeomanry, was holding a wine baloon here Thursday. Mrs. Nation difficult to save Christ church. LEAD, S. D., Dec. 30.-2:30 a. m. The firemen have the bjaze under con says she shall continue the work of destruction until every saloon in tiie city is forced to close. It 1b bellevted trol, and there is no further danger of O. B. Amsden, consulting engineer for the company that is buying most of the country around Kirk, went down the Elkhorn. R. M. Maloney, wife and daughter, who have been in the east for several weeks past, are expected to return home Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. B. D. O'Brien returned from a visit to eastern relatives, bringing with them their son, Logan, who will remain and attend the public school. o German Lutheran nev. Heckel, a German Lutheran minister of Rush-vllle, Neb., will be In Deadwood today to hold services In the City hall at 3 p. m. All German Lutherans and their friends are earnestly requested to be present. that the woman's mind is unbalanced, and there Is talk of having her sum moned before the insanity board. 0 Scab Operator Defaults. GALVESTON, Tex., Dec. 29. Spe its spreading down the street. J. B. Baker's residence has been damaged somewhat, but is fully covered with insurance. The hook and ladder company saved the loss of the residence by promptly tearing down the office building owned by the lumber company. The Baptist church is on the opposite corner, west of the lumber yard. It was on fire several times, but the snow assisted the firemen in keeping it from burning. The fire was undoubtedly started by incendiaries, as the building where it Clarence C. Smith, formerly a brake-man on the Belle Fourche, train, was recently married In Omaha to Miss Elizabeth Q'Llnn. P. M. Bonniwell has been called to Minneapolis, to the bedside of a sister who Is dangerously ill. The public schools closed last Friday for the holidays with appropriate exercises. There is a reunion of the Hlghley family for the holidays. Elmer High-ley and wife arrived from Lead, and cial. J. K. Wright, agent at Montgomery for the Santa Fe railroad, who meeting of the Mystic Shrlners last evening. was Imported to take the place of a striking telegraph operator, is a de faulter in the sum of three thousand jeast with a party of other British officers, and refused to heed the warning that the Boers were approaching. Colville was dismissed for this breach of caution, but the tacts have been studiously suppressed until now. fl ADVOCATE A 8HORT SESSION. Black Hilts Legislators in Favor of a Thirty-Day Term. HOT SPRINGS, S. D., Dec. 29 Special. A number of the members of the legislature from the Black Hills favor a short session this winter. This was gathered from the members who were here recently looking after the needs of the Soiuirs' Home. A majority of them are business men, tad are anxious to get thru as soon sis IIHIUU uuiiinin dollars of ' the company's funds. s v right has disappeared. WE CARRY A started did not contain a stove, and there had not been any one around it since early in the evening. This is the second loss sustained by the Fish & Hunter company In Lead within the HIGH COURi INCIDENTS. George Highiey and family of Edge-mont arrived Monday. A dancing party was given at the Patterson residence last night. K MURDERER ST WES TO DEATH. Former Clerk Who-jhot Auditor Morris, Dies- in Washington Jail. lat year or such a matter. The company's planing mill and a large quantity of lumber and building material were destroyed at the previous fire. The firemen rendered splendid service tonight. The pressure of the water was bad, and iue firemen could not get an effective stream, but they continued to fight, and it was only by heroic action that the blaze was Col. George Answers With a Half Barrel of Blue Point Oysters. Pioneer Hooks' court is certainly very enterprising in behalf of the fire boys. On December 15th, Colonol George was indicted for not sending the barrel of blue point oysters he had promised the Hooks some months ago. The indictment, made out In due form, was forwarded to Washington, D. C, and the oysters got here last WASHINGTON. D. C, Dec. 29. Special. Sanmuel McDonald, the murderer of Audtior Morris in the war department a week ago, died this morning. His death resulted partly from the wound he indicted upon him brought urfdefecontrol. It is still blazing in places&it the critical point has Select Assortment of... Holiday Nenkwear, Hiliday Gloves, Hiliday Handkerchiefs and such other useful presents as a High Art Suit Or Overcoat 1 passed. night. Below is the colonel's lettW'f""" GOES TO 8TU BGI8 TONIGHT. self after the murder, and partly from his refusal to take food. After killing Morris, McDonald shot himself with suicidal intent. His wound was not considered fatal, and he was taken to jail. Since then ne has steadfastly refused to take nutriment of any kind, and he has slowly starved to death. Judge Moore Will Begin a Term of Court in Meade County Tomorrow. Circuit court will convene in Meade county tomorrow, and continue thru the week. Judge Joseph B. Moore, and Miss Kate Halbert, the court stenogra as possible and get back to their own affairs. They claim by doing this they will be making a saving to the state M well as to themselves. It is argued 11 It is understood at the outset that the session Is to last but thirty days the members will get down to business that much earlier and put in longer hours from the first day. There la not much legislation required, except the necessary appropriations, possibly a few changes In the revenue lsws, and other minor business. They believe the plant for the short session will meet the approval of both branches of the legislature, and that it will be agreed to ana carried out unless there should prove to be a deadlock In the election of a senator. The members went thru the Soldiers' Home while they were here. They dined with Commandant Linn, and made themselves familiar with all the requirements of the Institution, so tt Is believed that they will be enabled to work Intelligently for the ebnefit tf the home. u . 0 A BIG STORAGE RESERVOIR. pher, will go down to Sturgis on the passenger train this evening. He has three damage eurts to try. Involving a little over $25,000. On the 10th of the coming month, the judge will go to Custer to try a contest case over the office of clerk of courts in Fall River county. Mr. Kutskowski, the republican candidate, who was defeated, is contesting the election of his opponent, on the NOVA SCOTIA MINERS STRIKE. They Demand An Increase in Wages and the Companies Refuse. HALIFAX, Nova Scotia, Dec. ?9 Special. Five thousand miners in the coal districts of this province have demanded a ten per rent increase in wages for the first of the year, and another ten per cent increase the first of April. The companies granted the first demand, but have refused the second, and the miners have served notice that they wui go out on a strike Monday. o MINISTER CONGER TO RESIGN. in regard to the case. John Treber, whom the Are boys think me world of, was also indicted, and his trial set for December 19. The judge and the attorneys were present, and the junry was duly impaneled, but Mr. Treber was not to be found. His case, together with John Feldhausen, was continued until today at 4 p. m., (the volume of business demanding a Sunday session,) wnen John Treber and John Feldhausen will be tried In due form before the High Court of the D. P. H. & L. Co., Judge William Voeck-ler presiding. Colonel Hornberger has been appointed attorney for the prosecution, and Count Glickauff, ex-Marshal M. J. Donovan and Hon. James Munn for the defense. The blue point oysters will be served after the trial, together with hunyadi water and soft drinks. Fire boys and visitors Invited. Following is Colonel George'B letter accompanying the oysters: Washington, D. C, Dec. 25, 1900. Hon. William Zoeckler, Judge of P. H. & L. Court, Dead wood, S. D High and Mighty Jadger " I bow to your mandate and send by expresB all charges prepaid, abucket of Choice oysters for a New Year's blowout. I would have sent them in the shell, but feared the results. I did not know but that Mike Donovan, Munn and the Fine Underwear, Stetson Hats, Hosing, etc. Call at nnCETVTTIIAT 0 Palace ground that the registration law was not complied with. Here again the registration act of the 1899 legislature RUJEiHEliiL a Clothing House. will be called into question. A A Big Little Bank. iiiiEiniui 8:K:8:8:8:8:8:8:8:SS: According to the new statement of the "Keystone bank, the deposits are nine times greater than the capital and surplus, while the deposits of the National City bank of New York, the THE AMERICA NATIONAL BANK Deadwood Ljuth Dakota. .........A DEPOSITORY FOR THE. He Will Surrender His Post Because of Official criticism. WASHINGTON, Dv"C Dev. 29 Special. Friends of United States Minister Conger at Pekin assert that he intends to resign on the ground that the official criticism of his actions in the negotiations were undeserved. It is believed by many that Conger will resign in the near future, and already there is speculation as to his probable successor. o SUCCESSFUL TERM OF SCHOOL. 83 a f ss a ss 9 S3 largest bank in the world, are but eight and one-half times greater than its capital and" surplus. This is a pretty good showing, and it strikes a nov Joseph Marty, Near Hot Springs.Will Irrigate Sixty Acres of Land. 'HOT SPRINGS, S. D., Dec. 29 Special Joseph Marty is building a large torage reservoir above his ranch on Dry creek. He expects to be able to Jrrlcata-sixty- acre of land another T&r. A, C. Gaylord, who moved to Iowa, tew weeks ago, intending to remain, U returned to Hot Springs. He frchased a farm in Iowa, but Jjb KO-hf to sell it J. M. Brelsford's stucco plant has old more stucco this month than it sold during any other month of year. This stucco Is giving splen-4 satisfaction wherever it is used. Kris. H. D. Clark and children have Warned from the Pacific coast, where 7 have been sojourning for two oaths. Jesse Spencer had his leg broken Wednesday by a horse falling on him. members of the Soldiers' Home are expected to arrive next Wday, and will be at "the New Years' "oner with the commandant vs. W. R. Steele left last Satur- Bight for the east, intending to the winter in Ohio, and other ice that our little country bank is big ger in this comparison than the New cirsr, couirnr state. Drafts and Letters of Credit York institution. Keystone Recorder S3 88 Mentally Deranged. beer tapper, not knowing any better, might swallow an oyster shell, and the whole. The shells are only digestible by the ostrich and the goat, and not wishing to do murder, I bad them shelled and sent in a wooden bucket. Please explain this to the boys. Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and hoping that the end of 1901 will see every member of the H. & L. company worth a million, I remain, Fraternally yours, JAMES A. GEORGE. o ss Issued, Good in All Farts of the World S ss ? Andrew Stevens, the man woh lost a foot beneath the Elkhorn car wheels a few nights ago, says he was driven tOnge Scho'ol Is Having the Most Successful Term It Has Known. ST. ONGE, S. D., Dec. 29. F. A. Brown closed the most successful term of school St. Onge has known last Friday afternoon, 'ihe attendance has been larger than heretofore, and it Is expected that it will be still larger with the beginning of the new year. to the act by mental derangement. COXiX.CTXOXTS S3 88 He must have been laboring under a hallucination, for he says he thought he waa pursued by something, and was about to be plunged into some deep pit, and that he tnrew himself before a Attended to Promptly and Intelligently 5 88 - ! I MOUSY sFTTsIUnSHED $ To any extent warranted by borrowers names or ss mi the train as the only means of saving alern states. Col. Steele accompan- himself. K her a far as Omaha. Oft j"TrV! fn-i 1 m Q O Wlia bill (U9i AT THE CnURCHES. I First Baptist Mornig service at 11, 88 S3 theme, "Assurance of Salvation. b Accounts Solicited and The Canal Bill. WASHINGTON, D. C, Dec. 29. Special. Senator Morgan, the chief backer of the Nicaraguan canal bill, in the senate, says the bill will pass this session, as it has already passed the houe. o Training 8hip Goes Down. VICTORIA, B. C, Dec. 29. Special. Pacific steamers report the loss of a Japanese naval training ship in a typhoon, with all hands on board. Over two hundred persona went down with the boat S3 a Sunday school at 12:16; Junior Union, SHRINERS ELECT OFFICERS. Naja Temple of Deadwood Prepares For Another Year's Business. Officers were elected for the ensuing year in Naja Temple, Ancient Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, last night They are: A. J. Malter-ner, illustrious potentate; R. M. Maloney, chief rabban; John Ester-brookes, assistant rabban; Anson Hig-by, high priest and prophet; J. J. Davenport, Oriental guide; B. P. Dague, treasurer; Sol Star, recorder; Albe Holmes, first ceremonial master; 8. T. Turner, second ceremonial master; Otto P. Th, Grants, captain of the Correspondence Invited. & a Oar long experience in Ihe Black Hills at Hwrtetf May Move to Sioux Falls. JRRE, a. D., Dec. 29. The re-t current that Governor-elect ffried expects to remove from Eu-" and make his home in Sioux y wing hi, official life, if not for fr The removal la not thought to T ay significance beyond the de-r the governor to live in some Jt of importance nearer the capi- ty than Eureka, which cannot ?ed from Pierre in less than two ? 8errice of intending investor S3 88 : ' 3 p. m.; Young People's meeting, 6:30 p. m.; evening sermon, 7:30 p. m., "Man's Condition and the Remedy." All are invited. Geo. SV Sheaf or, Pastor. St Ambrose Catholic High mass at midnight, New Tear's .eve, and exposition and benediction of Blessed Sac rament. Second mass at 10:10 a. m. Miss Cora Greenman will preside at the organ and sing a solo, accompanied by Miss Anna Killian on the 88 DXRZCTOXIS London Exchange Panicky. W. B. ADAMS. JOHN TSCSSS. U guard: W. H. Moore, outer gnard; 88 has been a panic on the London stock j Chauncey L. Wood and C. B, Coolldge, 88 HARRIS fHANKUN, Pres. BEN BAJER. Yfct ltd 81 9 WiL 8ELBIB, Cashier. r B K:tt:S:t8:8:S:8it88:88:88:88:88:88:88:88 :8: g-a'S'S'tfSWS S S S-S ST88 81 exchange today over tne slump in ai recwrs. West Australian mining stock. Over J The following candidates were Ini a dosen brokerage firms have failed, tiated: John Gray, George W. John yr Cut Governor Lee. jfON, s. D, Dec 29. Governor today appointed H. P. Smith, of

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