The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on December 29, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 29, 1900
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

IHE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD, & D TlffSRliai SATURDAY, DECEMBER 29. 1900. I MM Opera House, i f Lloyd & Gay! i " Give Him an Inch, He'll Take an Ell. " Let the srr.J'.e t .,urc'je gain lodgment in your body j-.d y ...r whole system wdl'. be diseased. T.':e mlovie is microscopic: But Hie germs vecotnc inches then cl'.s of pain. Hood's SdrsspdruU destroys the n-.icrobe, prevents f;.j P..n, purifies ihe b'.oid c.r.d effects .1 '-rr; r.-r c::r: 3fccd6 SaUajjauffa . j Let 'Er Zipp ""QUITTED OF ROBBERY. Unusual Development of a Case in Judge Early's Court. llie Fahy was acquitted by a jury fudge Early's court yesterday of harge f robbery. A man named ir rd was tne complaining witness. ld be had been in a wine room "'k the woman, and when he left he j that he tad been relieved of dollars. He had the woman jjted. and a jury tr'al was de' lf the jry wa8 DeinS empanneled JderAW Joseph Strode asked to be 17i on the jury. This was denied ' He then said he was an im-l" . -.ifnnoQ In thn casfi. bo h In a return engfag-ement of three nights, beginning- Monday, Dec 31. Opening- in the comedv TOM SAWYER, Adults any part of the house, 50c ; Children 2jc. f Scats at Fishel's Bazaar. f THE CITY irtani m.- ' . .... I" SUOpoenaeu. nc lesiiuea nTniiLi r PAPER FOR CENTRAL CITY. seen the woman chuium that be . ... pntV-"Oliar fioiu pieee ai. iiarry 5 Spearfish Register Is to Become the Central oity Register. The Spearfish Kegister is to be published hereafter at C ntral City. Offered f0,- the lira time, in Dead-wood, a dramatization of Mark Twain'.-, famous story, Tom Sawyer, at i!ie Opera Monday i.iht, " ' ''ats on sale ai Fisle Is. ; Honda i .. i s ('i, am of Wheat Flour l!"' !-. t. liui Wei. -h rai ;.; L '" ' in -'" ..:t... is l.IleX filed. U'.I t : '.;'" I li a at e'' j,,-,- cillun j.; , ' ;; mr ins- Krein n nius-1 ' ai ,'. i . , i!.i,a, I he i.-.-t in ! ,tj's paloon on the niKht of tin- bbery. aQU tnat sne nad to1'' as stolen money. If the state had Lhini; of a case before this t.vti-was Kiv';n. it was 1, ,1 ,! -rfedlv ly tins. One ot the m:u, some rather pointed qu.'.-t : ,a Strode v.hilo he was on the wit,,, --. Jtand r:'.'li r to the dis oa.iit u: , id witne s. The jury wa - o.,t ....!, a ,hort time when it arrived a! a r dct of nt guilty. i S Joe Todd, one of the proji nt proprie- I tors of the Register, w a ; in Central ' e teiday, se uring a building for his: oitu e, and making arran .'clients with the postmaster for the 1 1 ansmission ot his paper thru the mail He rent-I ed the building bidonging to Mike There Is Danger In Wet Feet For children at this time of the year. Fit them out with a pair of our SOLID SCHOOL O 8 s Kerwin, and intends to have his material moved up there in time for his next issue. For Cattle not Corn. Charlie Howard, the well Known eat tleman, said in Sioux City the . th. r fay that it is nonsense to claim thai (he land west of the Missouri nv.-r in South Dakota is fit for am i, nit m al kt I make this assuition- because ! c ' vatil to i 11,1 the ()M y ir, -H i I --i'l the lie V u ,;; ;l laUL'll, take in Tom Sawver ,,i tie' Ojieia I!' .Moi.d.iy iiiLht, I ).-,. Ian i.ny ht :. . will 1 e ihe end of the limaw.iie deal ai Standard ( 'a -di . ture. Nil indie coupons will he t;ieii ; r December :;i.-t, r.Mjo, on (diina- ware. A ' who hold (oiipons are rc-iiuested to bring them in and get the dishes by not later than January 10th. K. A. llornberger, Manager. Inasmuch as the I.loyd & (lay company will play a three night's encasement in Deadwood, commencing Monday, December "I, it. has been de NAJAH TEMPLE SHRINE, Csis Deadwood, South Dakota. Will convene in regular session at Masonic hall on Saturday, December 29th, at 2 o'clock p. in., to arrange for the reception of su.kers and for the transaction of other matters. Members with 1900 cards, it is your place to be. there promptly. Dy order of the I'otentatum. . W. H. DICKINSON. SOL STAR, : SHOESv John Jennack, The well known hackman whose cided by t 1m; management of the Op- . . .-. t : .. .., - ..... ' barn Is that imposing structure on a pair of arctics and good, warm leg-gins. Then your boys and girls will take care of themselves. n j coi ner of Cariey and Pine streets, is prepared to furnish the finest riga in the city for funerals, ailing parties, pit nlc crowds, etc. Residence phone. S'.l Harrison. . in nv7,i.-e in i ii i i ne in a e ui an in i ssion to fifty cents for adults, and twenty-five cents for children, tickets good fofr any ,'tiy pa" of the house. Go early aie ,ivo,.i . rush. Alt:. K. .. kah l.od ;,. No. S will meet 11 thai hall tlii - Sa'iirl.y evening at T : a o :.: (,r i be Iran ;e I ion of i'i ' .irl.uit 1 1 . -1 i ,-, . A full li ting 1 - ! ' i'h . 'e l I'., oi ,lei o; Ihe Noble tel. Dr. Finn . Statifoid, Se - Notice. be received at the be received at the I'.ids will audi ! I tor's ollice in Deadwood, South Dakota, until 1:30 p. in., Saturday, Janu-aty Mb. 1901, for the following, viz.: liids for county printing and supplies. Ihils for groceries to bo delivered at poor farm. Hid., for county Physician . I j have cattle out there, hut it is not ,o, There is plenty of room for my ! itock. Hut I have lived out thero for twenty-five years and spent forty live Ijears in Dakota and I know. Why, loathe Sioux Indian reservation lie-! tween Pierre and the Black Hills, opened ten years ago, there are few r settlers now than a year after it fas thrown open. The same ondi-tion exists between my ranch and i Rapid City. IVuph; are moving out jlmply because lt,0 acres will ten iro-iuce eiioiiKh to provide a livelilioml (or one family. When a country fa;!s like this it is not wise to undei taUe to live on a farm there. The . ,,, Is fairly ridi, but water is scarce ai. l untimely ruins make it a very baza id ous undertaking for the tiller nl tl toil. "A man may start, mode.'tlv v ii'i t email hunch of cattle and if th" .-. a (ons are favorable for a few . i; until he L'cts established he stands i 'good show to succeed. In my ion the chances grow slimmer h jear for a railroad across the western half of South Dakota. ' "The winters for the past few years -have been especially favorable and this year cattle have had little to suffer from the elements. The regular range country is worn oaf and I have been compelled to remove my stock to the Rosebud Indian reservation. Heretofore wo have not been permitted to do this, but last fall the secretary of the interior issued permits to some of us ranchers to feed onr herds on the reserve. Of course te must keep away from the allotted lands. If other herds are not sent n to the old range again for a year two it will undoubtedly grow up. It must, however, be allowed some time. Western South Dakota is ssentially a grazing country." in the Court House. ;' i! 1,1 tt'ty .- tiP 'i iut lid wall i main as it ha: e s e I Zipp Shoe Company. natal aii'ia :u i I'.ids for burial of paupres. ipiaitoisj All for ensuing year 1901. Blanks dig him ; for same can be had on application ipt'-d by '.at auditor's:" of free. left no I Dated this ISth day of December, i n larking tie-.ii I.e. and . ba -s bet n o lent. This o 1900. ol 1 1 . ' I 1 the r.ioi-i i;. I he .-up. i ; it laioai I'n:' tj.i i ourt li'i't. e 1 ooni b.H k 1 ofli ( a p'a n sup rinteiident in the 1 1 ii I - s she took the little a the oiinty 1 1 easurer's re so small that it. is ne- W. A. ZINK, County Auditor. (Seal.) VAW.'.W.V.V.W,W.VAW.VAmW WmW, ru m m m m m U & ti ft 8 & 8 X li SU U t4 Zi U ti Zi & U Zi ti Zi ti ti ti f . ,j ur SZMT FREE iioolz fov G'ff'is ami Vtomvn c e.saiy lo In ad in and back out. The commissioners haw re: om idered tne mat t' ,'. however, and Miss Bennett will have the room that has been used by 1ht predecessors. Funeral at Mystic. Rev. A. McFarlane, pa-tor of Trinity Methodist church, has been summoned to Mystic, to preach a funeral sermon. He received a telegram yesterday, signed C. R Coi'sie h, but no particulars were given. Si 83 $2 S3 1 i! SS S3 S3 S3 SS S3 S3 SS S3 S3 S3 ZT tells plait: I e. etl; t every .;:?nl i the Rentier sex (fLM-t i e advice saves r-rlsr i a. . I: . ( o.:i:i a Sen "Z (H'ghttol.'l .fC! .i.."i. tro.:;.: nt n j 'i 'i i n ciiu --,' . 1 1 ihe H xpe a.Hit ii,.,;hi , ti I eia tv. c hie er mure copies ;, in inn tHT-,(,n or to different al-uli ! s ol U'.is announi enieiit know of :s v w ti do t!u tn a i,-reat favor ky i t in. ' Iress the publishers, "'. : . : ':., Altiinta, a. r i Spread Ihe 5? -I AT BLOOM'S Never before has there beeii shown such a line of Beautiful and Servieable CHRISTMAS PRESENTS YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. ! Al Starner was in town from Port-eland. Mrs. Charles Traver was in from r - i - S3 S3 S3 S3 Mima- I to had by i Just Wliat H o A Cure for Lumbago Sufferers ft urn luinli:i::o or tism in the ha k will be pi Know that piii k I c ! i f iv ,y t" applying t hat'ila. i laia'.s l'ali M. W. C. Williamsnn of Anile says: 'Tor i:a,iv taati :i y V ilr ' rst.'va!.' I j'l r(-v of O'w D(UcioLzs Cigars ' S i f- Make nn pIi'l'iii. 'mii.a Pro cent tn nnv ponlUnian vIia nsna "t r S3 S3 ; the ranch. j ! A. W. Avery of Spearfi b. was a 'Deadwood visitor. ' 1 J. W. Westphaling arrived from a ;lrip down the road. j i C. C. Moody of the Sturgis Record, I '"Win Deadwood on business. ! fered with !-!-!b:. 1 : ' fiie.l Chamberlain's l'ain Halm a. . it gave me entire relief, whi. h all oilier rem-eilies had faih il to do." For sale by Kirk (1. l'hillips. weed." We hae them put up in beautiful Xmas boxes especially for the Aiuas trade. There is nothing more t horoughly appreciated than a box of Good cigars. D. JACOBS, Opposite Bullock Hotel. i The most elaborate line of i. Neckwear Ever Seen West IN THE I2ZaZlEIBIBI18IEBaiKlBXBBtSMBIIIBailIIIHIBUlBHUIlinillHIBUHIBBn M M U H t 8. Barker, who is the chemist for Crown Hill Mining company, was ; Deadwood visitor. C. E. Dawson returned from Orin-;M, Iowa, where he had been to impend Christmas with his parents, """frank Flana'gan' conductor "oh "Ihe" 1 fkhorn ore train, returned from ;alia and Sioux City, where he had i wn to Bpend Christmas. H A Happy New Year... Marriage License. George W. Cady of Spearfish. to wed Sadie Chambers of Cedar SS ss SS SS ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss S3 ss ss ss S3 S3 ss S3 SS ss S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 SS ss ss 88 88 83 SS 88 S3 88 88 88 8S 28 8 SS 88 88 SS S3 SS 83 8S 83 88 S3 88 83 83 88 83 88 a 85 8 88 8 S3 S 88 SS SS SS SS as ss ss 8S-- 83 SS SS a m m m m E desire to express our thanks and apprecia w tion to the host of people, who are our cus The Newest and Latest Shapss and Shades "Packed in a handsome cartoon if you wish. No end to the line of fancy suspenders ,each pair handsomely boxed. Handkerchiefs in Silk Plain Embroidered and With Initials. Fancy Hosiery in endless variety. ) Gloves for dress wear, Kid and Mocha plan and silk lined. Umbrellas of the finest quality. The Dunlap Stiff and Soft Hat who have no superiors and the celebrated Stetson Hat Everything belonging to a full dress outfit from The Dress Shield to the proper Patent Leather Shoe. Goods are prominently displayed so there is no trouble to find what you want. The Sale btlll Goes On. The W. E. Lowe stock Is being sold wery afternoon and evening to highest bidder by an auctioneer takes his stand at 2:30 every wnoon, and at 7:30 each evening Kk Instructions to sell the goods nrdless of the amount bid for tta. TheSe Instructions thruout the ur sale so far have been explicit- carried out, and many a person ? attended their auction sales "carried away great bargains. Un- rarther notice the sale will con-a heretofore, or until such r M the necessary amount of 7r la raised, when the sale will and the price or goods will go to normal. If nn hvn not al. in (a M H S3 S3 S3 ss S3 S3 SS ss ss S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 SS SS SS S3 SS S3 S3 SS ss S3 S3 S3 S3 a S3 SS SS S3 S3 SS S3 S3 SS SS SS ss S3 SS HI M M H a i H ti k. M a M M U H M M M HI H s tomers, for the generous patronage they have given to us during the past season, and we extend to them o best wishes that they may enjoy a happy and prosperous New Year. As in the past, we shall continue to merit favor and win success by selling the most reliable merchandise at the lowest prices that shrewd buying and the market affords, and we shall continue to deserve your patronage by giving best values in the Black Hills. J. A. Berger, Lead, s d. ,(!y MitmnXA vi. I. H H M H M m H H M tarns Ton to do so, as such an op- Jioodi win not present itself again r lnter. Private sale conOnues m m K""'u Us tnornlncr and also while tv - morning ana. aiso wnue Come early to avoid the rush. Eager to see you at ii-v?ct,on going on you can buy M M H N M M taJr Ton may want from any de-entatactual cost, 8LaCk"hill8 FEED A FUEL CO, yej, (Formerly Paul Rewmait.) Iut ,U ' Coal ud Wood-S 8hridaB eoaL Offl t t!t, C,man'8- Telephone ordert S'-LPt ftttenUon. Walter s.BLoerg's, Where they have such agreeable salesmen to wait yu. ' -.J-;x!& 11225 M S B"KiiiiKBBiaiian3KBaaaiiiiiiiiiHaisaii"aiiniManaiiiaMiBumHai

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