The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 29, 1899 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 29, 1899
Page 5
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, THURSDAY MORNING, JUNE 29, 1899. fl ft Bismarck Von Wedelsteadt. a son of the doctor of this city, arrived in Dead-wood yesterday from St. Paul, for a visit with his father. This is the first time he ever visited Deadwood. Soap thats all soap Diamocd "C" Soap. Go to the Delmonlco for the best meat In the cltr- " ' Silver plated Napkin Ring given free for saving 75 Diamond "C" Soap wrappers. Don't forget that the Delmonlco reatau-rant, under the posloflice will open foi dinner Wednesday, June 2S, 'J'J. ROSENTHAL'S.... I 'jmr a. taint Charles II. Kurke is 1 i-. i'J JJf iv;: lynch ssors to Charles SUCv Kepre pushing extra p. unteer Hi. i I.hmi . ,f . J. McFarland for . a- a member of the Third vel- ai.l! . Ufole tile war depart. and gait MEATS si net. dealers in fresb FISH and (JAM F. in sea- i 1 1 f : for plump: del i V - nietil. an d Mr Mi Farlaml has already .1 I'll ! been nii i r..-! I . claim h.i- lie; i he depart liieiii thai Ins I ei . i V ed I 'ollKresslliall 20 Percent DISCOUNT SALE! V"' To Be Continued Until JLY I i y I i 1 1 1 1 1 'phones. 'ii i: i.s i; i i ikkjk n nk.iu sew N"i:K CKKA.M CHF.ESF.. Foil WELCH KAl.LIHT uR .MACARONI THE BEST in town k ut i-';C l'Kit ror.Ni. also SOME MILIi NEW CHEESE AT K,C. T THi: STANDARD CASH STOKE,. 48 SI 1 HUMAN ST. Mr. Nott has reason to t oiigntlulate herself on being aide to offer the patrons of the ladies' Haaar an opportunity to ? i ii i from the first stock of dress patterns in .-'ILK It '1 LA 111 S. received in Dead-uiii They are beautiful beyond description and iincqualwl for summer wear. Your washing Is early on the line If you use Diamond "C" Soap. Call early if you wish to be sure of seeing Or Seymour as his time is very fully occupied - - - Our Large stock of New Spring Purchases to be sold at this Great Reduction. . rra nt e t--rra- m :, ritK 5. rsr " ;;r -Oi," i w i e for hain 1 1 1 i:v their il.nius, and is getting (hem ti the at i fi: i um of the department much Soulier than the claim aneueiiw. All fabrics are left in the most deelr able condition after washing with Diamond "C" Soap. LOST In Lead near depot, on June J7. black pmkei book, containing railroad ticket and other papers of value to owner only Will' finder please return to Tribune nfflre. Lead, or Hotel Bullock, - HlH'lwrw. Rrft'ftid. Are you interested in the game laws of South Dakota 9 If si you can secure a copy at the Ark. No. 20 Sherman St. The fine press work on the ppei-ial edition of the Mining Ue iew of March. wa3 done ai ihe l'ioiieer-Tiines onice as will also the special edition of .that paper to be issued next miintli The next is sue will be viHio eopies of pages each, or a total nf 4nii.niiu pages Printing two pages at a ittne will L'imi.ihio impressions W'oik of this character cannot be done on cylinder presses N or 12 pages at a time but must lie on a specially adapted press and at a speed of alwilt 1000 Wongregat iona I church an society . e a reception to their pastor. Rev. It. irn. n and his wife, on Friday The Mil Hi ' W. -tjse as much of the fine, pure lather of Ivory Soap I you please, the more the better, and greater the jjisure. There's nothing in Ivory Soap to injure the lost delicate skin. It improves the complexion by Rising the pores of all impurities. $5.O0 :: Stetson i; evening, .Inn.- ::n. at the residence of Mr. and Mr; Edwin Van rise. No. Ceii-:...ii:.ii .hiie A cordial imitation is . Mended to all regular and casual at ti'iidants upon ihe services of this church :ni,l :iUn In all fit lllTS Will) IllllV feel 1 IT FLOATS. B my THC PROCTER 4 GAMBLE CO CINCINNATI After a Hat? Then get a good one It pays. Stetson Hats Are top-notch In hat-excellence. " Their wonderful wearing powers make them the best hat-Investments obtainable. Graceful new styles for Spring-Stiff and Soft Hats. Ii. go to Frank DarK, For an elegant In IHats i rfe blTIONAL LOCALS. impressions an hour. While F W Marl in and family and Mr. Dickinson and wife were in Spearfisli valley mi their irrmt outing Iftey paid a visit, to the ranch of Martin .lelbert, who formerly lied in the Hills. He owns fifty acres of line land in Ihe valley, has it at the Derby. I enjoy the proud distinction of repre- ......llnr. ..I.t 1 Infliu tha nMfiut and Ifiri'- tail any foot to perfection. fttili of freeb cut flower on hand est i ifp insurance Company in all the $4.00. :: L I Uebmtnn'i fri. ndly and- desirous of joining in this grilling to the now minister and his wife. A nickel Alarm fkili fnr sr, Diamond "("' Soap wrappers and r,o cents Tie- I Dim k Hills Presbytery was in suasion at Rapid Ciiy yesterday and O. K. Hn ken. who has been supplying the Rapid city I'rosbylerian pulpit for some time pact, was examined and ordained. Quite a number of I'resbyerians of the Black Hills were present at Rapid, Including Rev. George Ferry and Rev. C. fl. Poland, of Whltewood; Rev. W. S. Peterson and wife of Lead and Rev. Graham of Minnesela, j Sweet and clean are clothes washed with Diamond "C" Soap. spit dippers go to Zipp'a. jgmr here June 27, 28. 29 and 30 all under a high slate of cull ivation and well watered by irrigating ditches, and is doing well, raising vegetables for the Black Hills market A little stream that flows through his (dace Is well stocked with trout, and is one of the finest places to make a catch in the entire vallly. Mr. Martin and parly camper! on William Schmidt's place while they were in the Lhpoolr. Spmur hereYthree days only. world, The New ork Life. HOMER BOSTWICK. Frank Dark is conducting a first class lunch counter at the Derby. The best meal in the city will be found at the Delmonlco restaurant, which will open Wednesday. June 28 for dinner. Household furniture for bedroom, kitchen and dining room, complete for sa'n at a bargain. Mrs. L. E. Miller. 41 Lee St. Bullock Hotel. Hot Springs water costs "5 $I.OO i tutor; the pure Crystal Springs Latnter, SO cents; the celebrated iffcriip water, 25 cents; freso valley, and had one of the prettiest sites imaginable. Mr. Smith Is among the foremost ranchers and stock raisers of the W. L. Nell, D. D. S., Crown and Bridge I Laundered White Shirts at valley, and owns one of the best places k), (eBTered to any part of the Cdlaerlcan Express office. Har-.ftHtcl Hills, 1U. work a specialty. Gives gas for painless extraction of teeth. Over Phillip's A BARGAIN DAY AT THE LIEBMAHlN wkU at the Holzner. STAND. FOR ONE DAY ONLY, beginning is the country, with valuable improvements and a good location naturally. o YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS F. L. Langan arrived from Minneapolis id vnir wamt r.n A n AMTF.ED PURE mala nice lunch at any time. a P. . , ., T .kk. AffAA . ..... l-iMcin i d f 1 1:" TUT? I J T n 1 1 ISJT Thursday morning. June 2d, at 7 o'clock ooc. $1.50 J. P. Hymer went to the southern Hills until 8 p m. We offer the following low prices on CARPETS. MATTINGS, LACE CURTAINS and WINDOW SHADES: Two ply IngTain Carpent, yd. wide, 19c lllfrt lunch In the morning, j TEST. CREAMERY BUTTER OF THE j FINEST FLAVOR, AND THE LIGHTEST JftaiiMt complete stock of fishing i WHITEST FLOUR ON THE MARKET iUhHllU at the Red Anvil. I AT THE LOWEST PRICES. GO TO THE nSWOTOU WANT TO KNOW STANDARD CASH STORE, 48 SHERMAN D. A. McPherson returned from Stur gis. worth 40c. IQJlk- EVmr Shiprc at Two ply Ingrain Carpet, yd. wide. 35c, SUH INSURANCE, ESPECIAL- sl- kJlllV X Willi worth 60c. SUDWO THE NEW YORK LIFE "What mipht have been" if that lit Two ply Ingrain Carpet, Extra Heavy, $1.20. 44c, worth 70c. HOKBR BOSTWICK, i OKNBRAL AOENT. Yard Wide Matting at 15 c, worth 30c. Yard Wide Japanese Matting at 20c, worth 40c. Yard Wide Japanese Matting, Linen Warp Mrs. F. S. Harris left Tuesday for Alliance. Charles S. Hardin of Two Bit returned from Chicago. Dr. B. F. Bettlehelm, Burlington surgeon, was in the city. Miss Bessie Pratt left Deadwood Tuesday for Leadville. Colorado. John F. Sidey. of Custer, arrived in the city and registered at the Bullock hotel. James Cusick, state mine Inspector, went to Custer and Hill City, on official business. C. Hampton, of Tllford. arrived In the city, to visit his son. V. A. Hampton. Elkhorn ticket agent. 120 Per Cent Discount i 22 1-2, worth 60c. Opaque Window Shades, 7 feet long, 25c tle cough hadn't been neglected is the sad reflection of thousands of consumptives. One Minute Cough Cure cures coughs and colds. KIRK G. rHILLIPS. Why drink mud when you can buy a Champion filter at the Red Anvil. TINWARE sold regardless of cost at I. Holstan's, 684 Main St. Unhear-of bargains in SHOES. O-) J. S. McClintock, city bill poster. 728 Main street. u ' CHARLES SASSE'8 old reliable MEAT MARKET, at 68 Main street. Is now owned and managed by JOLITZ & worth 75c. Um Holxner. J tyta examined tor glasses ( "" ay A. F. Snyder, the op-lJ(ABrga ,t HppolntB. This Is one of o Hood's Sarsapaxllia. "arotttU, salt rheum, humors, ad kidney troubleenerrous- His am sji Uver Ills. Easy W to opemte; r liable, sure. Opaque Window Shades 7 feet long, 35c, worth 50c. On-all the Latest spring buus. $15.00 Lace Curtains, 3 yards long, 95c, worth $1.50. Lace Curtains. 3 yardsd long, 95c, worth I Finely Tailored Suits at 12.00. Remember these prices hold good for i j . Allison, the S?oux City banker. that day only. a 0. .. parlor. YNCH' Flsh' M T2 I V. B., I M NiUotUl hnk i in inaann I ,rfir u, ididwuuuv. . REMEMBER THE PLACE. LIEBMANN S OLD STAND. Den rl v okJ. I (tf) 'phones. 4 r ITER MAIN ST.. DEA WOOD, SO. DAK. Hair work of all kinds, switches, chains, flowers, puffs and frizzes made to order. ci.oKo. for ale: hair bought. Orders who had been spending a week In the Hflls. left for home with his wife. Mrs Lulu M. Head, a daughter of J. S. Fletcher of this city, left Tuesday for Helena. Montana, after a visit In Dead-wood. E. C. Smith, of Omaha, agency director for the New York Life Insurance company, is in the city, the guest of Homer Bost'.vitk and wife. Miss Aiabella Osbom left for Council Biuffe. to spend the summer with her parents. She will return in the fall, and conclude tho course at the state normal school in Spearfish, $12.00. $10.00 All Wool Suits at $8.00 'Wittfs ,( a special t. .t At Qua Kellar's meat , ttwet, you can get all , J at ths lowest prices. T "" Prodtt kep meats W. Wt fcrtst the number. "h Brest J"n'lUhi 8tfor BAR-(- !HOEg anil TINWARB. ut) hllr1 aod nrvlni th lavoUr left with Mrs. Nott at the Ladles' Bazaar. Ladies Shampooing. Mrs. J. M. Arms-strong, Deadwood, 8. D. DeWitt's Little Early Risers expel from the system all poisonous accumulations, resulate the stomach, bowels and liver. ano purify the blood. They drive away dis ease, dissipate melancholy, and give health and tgor for the daily routine. Do not gripe or sicken. KIRK O. PHILLIPS. $5.00 HATS, both TRIMMED and UNTRIM- MED all go at decidedly reduced prices at th. isles' Baaaar. The prtees range Miss Byrdina Gibson, of Deadwood will take part in the entertainment to be given at the Hearst Free Library, on June 3 She will play one of her own compositions, entitled, "The Great Homestake Waltz" composed and written by her in honor of Mrs. Phoebe Hearst, of Washington D. C. and dedicated to the great Homeetake mines and mills of Lead City. James B. Harris, deputy sheriff, went down to Rapid City last night to get a couple of brothers named Riley, charged with committing assault upon a man nimed Lewis, on Jim creek. The Riley boys live on Bogus Jim creek, about half a mile across the line In Pennington eoua-ty and Deputy Sheriff Harris telephoned yesterday to the sheriff of Penhlngton county to get the men tor him. as th. offense was committed oo Jim creek. In Lawrence county. August Oeidtle was arrested yesterday for entering a room at the Cottage boarding house in the First ward.'and abstracting a pair of trousers, a goM ring, a watch chain, and a bunch of keys. It was found where he had pawned the rins and when he was arrested he was wearing the trousers while in one pocket was found the Serviceable Suits at I from 100 upwards. Dark room for camera and Kodaks at m.h.1'. Baiaar. with complete equtpmsn hOpea to every one who may desire to use $4.00 t . THE APPETITE OF A GOAT la envied by all poor dyspeptics, whose stomach and liver sr. out of order. All such should know that Dr. King" New Life Pills, th. wonderful stomach and liver remedy, gives a splendid appetite, sound digestion and a regular bodily habit that Insures perfect health and great energy. Only 2S cents at K. O. Phillips' drug store. o p. H. Smith expects to move his family from Two Bit out to Box Elder within a few days, and will spend the summer out there, at work on his copper prospects. His daughter. Miss Mary, came up Monday from Slurgis, where .he bad been attending St. Martin's academy, and now that she is at home the move will be made immediately. Mr. Smith Vile th. Hydrant water; w 3 llki we bars trained "c? Bln tirou1 nneat km boucht tad we bare 5 J kealtk derloav and .Zl" v't p J?-" "" UOm who wrots WHt kavs m.yit himatit u, Piwsbaalat eu c, those stt Bea Amrll.7 " r'1 tUt are BARQAINSj In lliii'it .Qt) prtaur of ToroTi root i"" sad ImuImss ,w !r O. Haliies U7r? PrinUa C0B- tCj rwtstlTe agaiast iin tntrri AWND BLUE ties sad jjt MTwHtllr for Fourth of I For All-around Bonafide Bargains July wear, are being ahown at tie LADIES BAZAAR. See Those Offered at The Delmonlco restaurant, which has k i fr a short time will reopen n a fea natmflcUt6 of Wednesday, June -the public 1. solicited. The best service j a ....r fhlne will necktie. He was accordingly - He nn vwn T4n niHer Tuesday. . T,r Fir r ana nnea n Deiurc c Deadwood S. D. Oeidtle was a coos wuv A,,k,i, ..mniM th.t had been taken samples, that had been taxen Lead, and the stolen articles Deiongea k. baa been procured be found first class. ' Dr. Seymour has been coming to Dead-wood twice a year for At. yrs hundreds of people he has been able to reliere of their eye trouble.. Insures him a cordial welcome to our city. ... Thnrm of this city. Deputy looking from where the men were st work. Two men are employed at present and they are breaking dowa ore every day. unarico . nwrris went to Lead after the -1 Vodera Dentistry '- Eighteen Uu! block.' j man. after getting a description of him.

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