The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 30, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 30, 1900
Page 2
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5 V-V TIIE DAILY I'lOXEEU TIMES, DEADWCOD, S. U WEDNESDAY, May Z 1900. Falls convention he was the strongest and most popular andidate. E. W. Martin, of Dead wood, rs a new man in South Dakota politics.. He came to the convention the tinauiinons choice of th- Black Hills, and his nomination Geo. V. Ayrcs & Co. fife Grips, Pain Or discomfort, no Irritation of the intestines-but gentle, prompt, thorough malthful cleansing, when you taie Hood's Pills S lii by all druggists. 25 ceita. THE DEADW00D PIONEER ESTABLISHED JUNE 8, 1874. THE BLACK HILLS TIMES ESTABl ISHED APRIL 7, 1S77. CONSOLIDATED MAY 13, 1897. hed sartainly ben bold enough to to4e thet gal she hed a neck like the swan's she wuz tellin' us bout. The blue jeans she ' wuz wearin' wuz rut her short on the shoulders, an' you could see she mils' lw stuck up 'bout thet neck o' hern. We let her off easy in Hielio-town an' waited with bated breath for Paree's pal to let us tl.nw a niither egg. Want fresh ram li eggs, iiutlier. Me an' Ed Dcfteszkc usi .1 to iie' to the same sjngin' nia.-'er !"' s uccessnrs to by acclamation logically followed. He is an able lawyer, a Inistian gentle & Wardmao Hardware Company. man, being a member, of Ir. Clark's church of 1 lenilwood, an eloquent speaker, 'young;, fearless and aggressive - a man of positive convictions, with the ability anil comax' t defend them. The lepuldican nominee for govern PIONEEK-TIMES PI BUSHING CO. (tiiimiiMiuiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniii, t-.u couiun t iioni a canine to tins actor feller. Nice an' simple lookin' like sieail o' stink on 'iniself. IM never or. ('. N-. Ileiried, was forced upon the ADDITIONAL BELT. Mbs Lillian Glenn is visiting in Lead from Sturgis. Co with tie crowd to lr Pugbee's and have your eyes fitted to a good pair of glasses. tf Dr. Black of the lloinestake corps olphy-icians . is anions the sick. If you are Ic-oking for a good smoke ask for Chamison's MONARCH -strictly union-made cigar. Fa-tory in TERMS OF SlUSCIUi'TION: DAILY Every Morning, Except Monday, One Year f 10.00 Six Months 0 00 convention by the unaminous voice of the people thruont the state. Every county in the state was pronounced in I l.iu f:i riii- liriir the enneention could get his thumb hitched inhis pock et thet away. Somehow- his natural a-bility left 'im when it cum to posin'. He sulci a lot bout ilme to go home, an' said 'good night' to each one on us. We didn't wake up till a stunnin' blonde woman walked out an' showed she recpiired attention. Sung like all get out 'bout lovin us. an' then giv us a good imitation o mockin' birds, an' hummin' bees, an' little brooks a sing- One Month 100 WEEKLY Issued Every Thursday: On Year 2.00 Six Months 1.00 Hardware and Mining Supplies.. Mav block. Lead. tf assembled. This happily nominated ticket must appeal to all. and in the campaign no apologies nor defense of any of its. candidates w ill he heard. The assembled delegates did their full duty to their constituents, and car Harris le- I t'e v i!:l v s' Mr. and Mrs. Marshall turned last evening from Entered as Second-Class Matter at the Dead wood Postofflce. sojourn at Hot i'i;i ' -. Henry Svhn.izels assay oifice and laboratory is located in the basement of raust's n w -Work. Lead, and he is prepared to fill all orders in his line, Cf ried out thi expressed wishes of the people in every instance. It was a grand gathering of representative men, and thev nominated a representative ticket. in' in ther meader. Gosh! I haint never goin' to fergit thet. Made a feller feel like he'd hed a wash up an' sevral rum cocktails. Kvrybody wanted more o' the same you just bet. an' iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin South Lead Hose company re- When a republican joshed Col Grlitsby about havini; voted for Bryan he Bald: "I voted for Bryan and am worry for it. You voted for I'ettiprew and are sorry for it. We are about even." Mr. Hobo's Criticism of a Show By lessie li. Monroe. Traveled'.' Waal, I g,uess 1 bev. Seen tilings',' Waal. I reckon. men sne cum iiack an smiled right at us an' asked us confidin' like if we would if we wuz her." Rnther guessed we would an' wanted to fell her so. but she cum right cm agin, an' told us Main St. Deadwood, S. D. With the Pioneer 'rimes new and fast presses, its two Meraiithalei machines. it will be pretty well fixed to put up a pretty sti-oiin cain-puifin. The efforts two ears ;iko which received many HattiTiir,' notices were but the beinnim; of the over Va-as. I'll lie gol darned ef I haint hoboed' the trains no the Wabash' anil every other chump of a land-liver' from the Atlantif to the Pacific, ' way down upon the Suwanee river," and tin Gulf Stream what hitters over l,y Kloridy. and my uncles of the three LIVERY FEED AHO SALE STAB i eiveil a large nre alarm lien ior their hose hoii.-e yesterday. House bought and sold, money loan ed general insurance ami notary public. Yirior T. J"ps n. Room 1. Cotton & Andrews block. Lead. S. I). tf Tin- dame which was to have been given by the Coldeti Star club tomorrow evening, ha-; been postponed. Alex-. Pose lias just received a tine assort ineuto f cut Mowers for liecoration day. Also a large ipian-tit of potted plants. Call at C.ilbert s ion l'e.-t iom TV store, I ,ea 1 1 . The merry -go-around in Lead mows to he a '-'feat soiif of merriiiK'tit to the youngsters of the c i t v . Good Saddle and Dnvn.g Hordes ! urnisheil. ture, compared to what N lo ;'ai. It will publish tin- news as well Her.vy I (, ... some if the family history sot to music 'I'li:'' uncle John o' hern was a go il M I,,, chap. Last thing afore t lie opcrv. the father in- the show con' o"t in' pluyd us somethin' lie had thiujl.i up hisself. Sav' That wuz a 'i orker line hmid sassed tie- "thT aw hili then totlier one talked hack, then they wuz a light lo see which'd gi' hol.l o' the most keys ipiiikest. Made a fi I ler t h i n k o' Kilkennv ais lo w,-'tili 'em. Naturally they got tired ai ft-T a while, saw it want no use to be so unfriendly, so c um dost an' shook I Teams Bought and Sold. Contracts taken to do heavy team work or to move household goods and furniture. Dry wood for mle and delivered. Not that it wih make any per. difference in the harvest of but just to gratify a slight enri- balls down yandcr in Texas. Even sneaked a lift on the funnily Pacific. Purty good region, j that up thai'. Mines what no one minds. Plenty on urn waitin' fer a chump what needs' chink to nunc along an' pick out' enough 'tin' in a month, to fill his GEORGE BENNER, 509 Main S UMI.l , ine I lOlieei - i j mes wouitl UKC'pj to know whether an alleged republican newspaper of Lawrence county is goinK to support the republican ticket noggin' fei a life term an' a leetle l,l'L VV1. we wasted ten niinnto over. 'Neither part of the fclohe whaf!u;ln,in ''ni back, an' soon s tin nominated at Sioux Kails, or will it continue to play on one string. needs no. interduetion to must folks is '-nrting nz. why thai wuz Jack an' IM The Ladies Bazaar the land flow-in with milk and honev' scrappin an hollenn at uncle John's Yas sir! Seen it flowin' myself. Old neiee. an'the blue-jay. Hut the ga lorry-niners iiuin t eit all they wuz wanr mucn SKeereil. nelil their own niither. My eye! What oranges them apin em purty well, an' sassed back-there wuz to be sure. Jus' zackly like' right smart. Soon Pare' an' bis pan! some one had been doctorin' 'em with ! rP(' in t'p eace an'tired to death. 'lasses. Sny! I want to tell yo' bout an' ,nPn them gals hed it nil their own Eighty per cent of the headache js caused from eye strain, and glasses properly fitted '. ill make a permanent cure. See Hr. Bugbee and have your eyes examined free. tf lienm. who was nrobab'v th" b't pitcher who ever twirled the ball for the Lead nine, is this season pitching for the Fort Wayne, Ind.. ball team, and meeting with pronounced success. Vlex. Ros has secured part of the stoie room with Sam Gilbert, the confectioner, on Main street. Lead, and will have on sale the finest line of cut flowers suitable for any occasion, at all times. 5-12-tf The resilience of Mrs. Thomas Sparks was placed under quarantine restrictions yesterday afternoon. Dollv. the 12-vear-old daughter of Silk WaiStS fr this week at a hainin. E: New Dress Patterns for sprino-cewn-,. SI Slimmer GOOdS in Percales, Mercerized iinp- j hams, and all fashionable fabrics for summer j Sp: dresses and shirt waists. SC Tailor SuitS for everyone, Come and s-e. g Mrs. tfott, - Main St. Deadwood the best thing ever rome to Hobo-town. ' wa'- Women alius did git the last word anyhow, so what's the use o' man Nothing already assured to the republicans of Lawrence in the way of political preferment would lie more gratifying than the selection of one of the county's many able men for Unit- ed States senator, but as many pledges of support have been made to Mr. Gamble, those pledges should he sacredly redeemed. It will be time enough to discuss the senatorial tj-ies-tion after the county has given a big majority for the congressional, state, legislative and county tickets. The opinion of the Pioneer-Times is that no pledges should be exacted from the legislative candidates by the nominating convention. iVith that, however, the Pioneer-Times will not assume the role of dictator or even ad Best 'show" nv its kind ever ben thet way afore. Charged me a dollar to. contendin' with 'em bout it. One gal hack half way in the door an' stand on 'phot a arrow into the air', an' the oth one foot. But 'twuz wuth it. Curtain er chewed up rose leaves an' threw 'em on the floor jn defiance when she saw advertised to go up half after eight, but T stood thar at my post breathin' hard til ntgh onto nine. Fust a shadow of that musician feller what died gltfin' away with a fish what hedn't We've Get It! Mrs Snnrks hns l.een tnknn with I seen water short miff time afore, cum out an' set down on the pianny chair' Yon want II Let's make a deal. Our busuJ rarees mug comin in her direction. The gals fotched spinnin' wheels like your grandmother used to spin with, to the front, but they couldn't work the combination. The actor man bullied de gal in the cap about it an' in fact all thru the show wuz awful mean toher. an' w-ouldn't let her sing when he could help it. She wuz 'game' however, an' they both kept the pedals workin' Hire mad just the same. Hime bye he acted like he knew he wuz a mean cuss, an' would like to kiss an' make up, hut she got maddern ever an' tried lo break thru the side of th transactions are strictly cosMm tial. We've got the money, jl want the money, so come mi & like he'd Yen thar purty often. Began sumpin chirruppjr like an' far away, but bime-by Gee "Whlllikers' how he raised dander outen thet piece o' furniture. Band up at the Shawneejunk want no whar aside 'im. Arfter he'd made tis fergit we'd ben standin1 so long, nuther feller rum out. Reg'lar Yankee from Paree. Opened out his diphtheria, altho of a mild nature. Lead's eye specialist. Dr. E. S. Bug-bee, invites the people of Lead and vicinity to call at his office and get acquainted, whether you have eye trouble or not tf Yesterday being the last day of school before Decoration day, appro-High school building and also in the Washington school. H. E. Dewey addressed the scholars of the High school. His remarks were of a historical nature, and were interesting us. We have on hand a large sttJ of unredeemed pledges at prices below their cost of man'ifacturt.l 'vaw' and hollered at us in whoppin I 'show' house with the chair she'd ben style. Couldn't catc h the drift of whv Sottin' n. Left to themselves the oth- The Deadwood Loan Office! No. 21 Lee St. he wuz so mad. but 'twas sumpin 'bout! er two went at ' 'n'P and tuck. the and instructive. IT.' .1 . nightingale ran away, an' the other r. uon no wny,yon mob the leas '(EL songbird was too done up to keep her visor. It will support the nominees of the county, be they pledged or unpledged. o PRESS OPINION. Redfleld Journal: Melvin Grigsby. of Sioux Falls, who was elected attorney general in 1896 on the fusion ticket, has formally announced that hereafter he Is a republican. Is it possible that Melvin Intends to emulate the tactics of that great lightning-change political artist. Bartlett Tripp, for the sake of the Perish the thought! Aberdeen News: George Snow, of Bon Homme county, who was nominated for lieutenant governor over John T. Kean by a vote of 570 to 468. is an ideal man for the position. He is one of the oldest residents of the state and every man who knows him is his friend. He is the state senator from Bon Homme county and will next . month, in all probability, be elected commander of the Grand Army of the Republic for the department of Sonth Dakota, No more honorable man than Mr. Snow ever lived. John T. Kean, the defeated candidate, can in reality congratulate himself on the outcome. Had he been renominated, it is prob- In the case set for trial before T-nl"n Walsh vesterday afternoon in which James H. Brink is suing Matt FIRST NATIONAL BAM DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. Klopp for damages of on ehundred dollars, was postponed until Thurs day at 1 o'clock, the defendant demanding a jury trial. This, is some more of the results of the trouble between Mr. Klopp and his baker. United States Depository At the meeting of the city council j night before last the first reading of an ordinance which makes u a misde-demeanor for anyone to buy of chil DIRECTORS: 0. j. sajjsfcvjry. t. j. drier. p. i. sparks p. a ol'shcw d. a. Mcpherson. dren, except upon a written consent donna Mobile.) Jack De Reske aint in it with the feller iu' bick from Paree. Never 'chinned' the nir in sioh grand style, nuther. After he got tired an' we felt kinder 'friz' like, the purtiest leetle gal this old hobo's eyes ever sot on. cum out bringin' a big fiddle along o her. as easy as ef It had ben a feather. I tell yer. thet woiz sum. Jig tunes haint in it. Got the fwer in me shanks, and 'fore I knowed it wuz hoppin' ur an" down, an" Rideways. like one o' these 'shelalahs I once see a man keep time with wben L wuz a boy. Feller Rtandin' o)i therfdoor hed the imoi-dence to fqjlar me an' tell me I'd hev to 'skin fitt ft I didn't kep me mind sot on the fact that this wux a concert company an' not a circus. 'Twuz Jus as good's a circus. Reglar three-ringer, too. Waal, when thet arm o' hern stopped fer awhile looked like they wui a lot more what wanted to dance too, an the band they guv 'er wus bet-tern cheerin at sn eIe?ton. Back she of the parents of the children offer from it,, so he went an' laid his head down on the table. Soon tried to sing some more but you could see it hurt him an'he couldn't stand up for a long time he wuz so tired. Sat on the table an' swung his feet to keep hisseif aw-ake. The 'last rose of summer' gal forgot her gum an' cum back to git it. but 'Paree' had sot on it an' it was no more. She acted as if she'd like to make up then, an' I guess thought he'd raise her wages so she could buy all the um she could chaw, so she stroked his hand gentle like. Tother mean cuss ran in draggin in the blue-jay all decked out in red, an' the way they did paw an' scratch wuz a caution She ran right in front of him to hes friend 'thout sayin' "scuse me' an' he he wui maddern ever: but the gals didn't care an' clung to each other in that 'never to part' sort of way. 'Paree' stod like Lot's till his pal spoke the magic words that woke him up for the finale. All Jined hands an' I'll be ing said articles for sale, was read. Under the new ordinance a nne of OFFICERS: President O.J. SALISBURY I Caahler ..D. A McPM from $5 to $100 may be levied against ..J. S. DENMAN il Assist Cashier any dealer .who buys old copper or iv VtoPreridaot T. J. DRIER other articles from children. 1 j. l: marcoux'S cum, smilln like she' nwd to ft. It would be felt that he was barred from further honors for the present by the unwritten statute of limitation. As matters stand, however, he is an available candidate for any position to which he may aspire. Mr. Kean is an able campaigner, and no man In the state will work harder for the success of the ticket this fall than he. Hnronite: The republican state convention of 1900 is now a matter of party history. Its record is made up, and republicans of the state can point to it with pride. It was the largest and m6st enthusiastic, the most bar-nonius convention ever held in South Dakota.- The ticket nominated is the ' strongest the party ever presented to the people, and that it will be elected In November there 'seems no possible reason to doubt , - NEW UNDERTAKING PARLORS No. 20 Lee Street arfter th old nn at nlnnr hed used , 'h000' ef the' didn't sing the hul up evry key on the kvbord. sh bi. darn thing over agin, but this time all gun nuthin' elM but the 'Suwanee riv-! wr bagful cause they hed to stand er.' Mighty soon I "tfn to feel like I au" face 08- feHng cheap for lettln' us hed a cold, an to think o home an' cp,,"h em at the,r nightly quarrels, mother. Reached fer m hnndkercher. Te" vou what, 'twant so bad. I've had dropped It In last c-ek I hnoned 8""n worse, an guess next time they acrost. Waal, thet pm.nvi fe'i- n "Irl,t down our way 111 take evral tiaed to hear Bo much hont aint ! ,ff tlracer ' try a nuther seigw of it. do longer. Next cum that' Paree feller Np,rt tlme they ar Ko'n to 9 Are Now Open to the Public nuther opery with a lot o brlmstun an Largest and most complete Line of Caskets and Funeral Equipments to be found in the west Hn an' his pal what loked like a mlx-tnr of the fellers np on the reservation In Idyho, an' Salvtl, the actor man' Chawed a lot toot the dinkey old Lear board Watch.- Must a ben a, reglae the devil in it as I hev heerd tell on. Vacation Trips to the East. If you are thinking of one, communi-cateVith H. R. DERINO. A. G. P. Agt All Embalming Done by a Professional in the Art. Waterbury. Twant "such a much'; but'twus! sum. Next, a' long gal cnmJ ot the Pennsylvania Short Lines, 248 The congressional ticket is one of which he people of Sonth Dakota can Justly feel, proud. ' C. K. Burke of - Hughes county, Is serving his first . term, and has so well has he looked after the interests of his state that the bitter opposition which prevailed to . his candidacy two years ago has' been . -completely overcome, and af the Sioux ONLY FUNERAL CAR IN THE HILLS. South Clark st Chicago. Ha will help you In the preparation of details and furnjsh Information about rates, thru time, etc Calls Answered by Day or Night. ' 1 Harrison Telephones j Bell X,,. out a smlrkln an' a haltln' like she had to, an' fotcheA up a scream what pat the American eagle In the shade QQickern skat ' Somebody or nuther 80

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