The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 6, 1898 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, May 6, 1898
Page 2
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o TIIK PAILY PIONEER-TIMES, FRIDAY, MAY 6, 18S3. OMAHA ADVERTISEMENTS. THE DAILY F10HEER-TIMES. v cans do no wait for "Tomorrow," th woid mo dear to the SuinUi heart. . OL'E GEliT A HOI FARM . . DaadwooJ, B. D., 7 648 1 8 iaaia Street. DaUrin -., "'' " aa -. teii C rj HEATS, FOR 4-B-dVw Alfalfa. Graaa, and Forays S-ele. Thi Ing ami aeallicr Priors FREK Tfia 1309 . . AND QARDC:. Clover. Alayke. Tlsnotkx ft Millft. Cana Knftlr Cora, 8ee4 I "'at t l'Unt Suel.i, Vegetable and Uawa 1 Is one of ihe best year knows forVe aowlnit aeeda. Prioea ara low jtt4 favoralile. furnislird on application. Cataka KsSraska Ss:i C::;::j. fai-am 8t. Omaha, SibraeX Steaks, Chop?, Hams, Lard. Etc. Fish. Game (Best Goods. - (Qreat peceiverg ale 10DAKS AEiD IIAEID CALIEPD. H you want a Camera or Kodak write to us for pricta, and circulars of the new Cameras, IVemos, Pocoa, Raya, Adlake?, Cycles, Cyclons, Quads, Vives, Uuttela, Dull Eyes. We are Western Agents for all Cameras, wholesale Jobbers in Photographic Goods. THE ROBERT DEMPSTER CO. Choice and Oysters. - Lowest tprices, T11K "J.if? Wall PEjsr, Etc. aold rcgardWaa of coat ai aoon as possible. H. STEVENS, Rscshsr. BftRGAKlSI DAYS. OF Smith &Whealen Entire Stock of - The eutlre atock will be aa it hu to be cloud It 0:-3 Rrst $.nfd. to MAinSI FOR 00 10 Por Cent Discount. out Will be on,' Leather art mark I any other rl,rJSoU under thla aaad 0KB 1 A. -ORD each laaertioa whea rua leaa IB a 0D( month. TSr iiasa fl.M per mooin. prabl Is sdrssea. WANTED HELP ts Wan led Bollcl tora for ih beautiful ; Life of Francea K. Wlllard." published , timlua that aiiiamlitaaai n I laMnaasul has ttia a a vi kaav uai a vs eaas va imvwitfU t m W. C. T. V.; the only official book; pre pared by Anna Cordon, for 11 years Mlaa Wlllard'a aecretary; beautifully Uluatrated; only $2; tremendous demand; bonanxa for agents; superb book; liberal comulaalona; credit given; freight paid; write quick for outfit and terms. The Dominion Company Authorised Dlatrlbuters. Dept. t, Ki Dearborn St., Chicago. Wanted Work by the day at waah-Ing and house cleaning. Apply to No. 157 Sherman street Julia Vedano. Wanted -A houaework. Charles street. good Mrs. girl for general Rebsamen, 85 Wanted Wideawake person to can-vaaa for a popular book that eella like hot cakes. Apply at this office. FOR BALK. Desirable building lota on Unooin venue. Ingleaida. Lumber turnUh4 to buU I. Sdwln Van Cla. tf CLota For Sale Howard's Addition. Tala addition U. Dead wood, beantiful-ly located on the Park bench, adjoining tha Dudley Spring, in tha Pint ward, la now open for eetttemenL Bee plat and price at office of Bdwln Van Cta. FOR RENT. For Rent A nice, quiet furnished at 43 Taylor sve., Ingleslds. For Rent Nioely furnished over Frlta Amnion's. Mrs. J. H. Rn-caatle. Wanted Two rootna, rurnlaaed or unfurnished, with board for two tad child. Addreaa S, Pioneer-Times. Wanted To rent five or t'ji-room-ed house. Forest Hill preferred. Ad dreaa F. M.. Pioneer-Time. Room to Rent Fumtebed or anfar- nmhed with prtvllef of light honaa-ketplng. If desired Apply to' No T, Fillmore street. For Rent A furnished house of ail rooms, centrally located, to a family of no amall children. Addreaa Box OOi, City. For Rent Five-room, story dwel ling house, opposite B. A M. freight de pot. Charlea street. Pichler t Battels, Keystone hotel. kt In lu'-r irr ti pretnil ditr. aid tlon. rum romi ipsii""- . . 1 t. k 1 1 Smilei. M " E .UAL SUFFERAGE. Mrs. Hazlett of CcLrado will Sprak ,t tfia Follow ng Times and P'.acei in Lawnncs Ccuntp. Daleoa-rrlday. May t. ' l.-ad Haiurdair ami Sund.x ay ;BUlj. tili .J - aui. YufaUay. May and 10. Ittoni- 8. H. WedoeaJty. May 11. Hi. ona Thnmday, May la. t'entvunlal -Krldays May 13. Hrlle Kuurche- Sturdily and Htindny. May 14 and li MlniirM-la MuDday, May l. Hifd'a H. II. -Tiiesday, May 17. Kalu Huttuu R. II -Wnliieiday. May Kaaaed TnpThumdayMay 1. lrnph-KrliUy. Vaitinlay and Sunday. May 10, 21 and U. Terry - Monday and TuiiMday. May 21 aad 24. Knalewnod WiHlneiiflay. May Kirk Thursday. May S. Ud - Friday, May :;. IkadwcNHl - rtatuiilay and Sunday, May and :: ('antral Clly- . Monday and Tueaday, May li and SI Terravtlh Wrdneilay and Thursday. I and ! WALL PAPKRS. Make ieeiion at your own home, iiar 000 new put tenia 10 ahow you in my aample bonka, which are tha same twpers aa will be eold at Alfred Peata tt Jo.'i mammoth New York and Chicago atorea thla year. i-J-tf J. OOIJJBKRa. Agent, o DISSOLUTION NOTICE. Notice la hereby given that ehe firm if O'Donnell ft Howard, doing bum-nesa as the "lllack Hllla Manufacturing Company, O'Donnell & Howard, proprtetora," haa been dissolved by-mutual consent. The buaiiieas will be ontlnued by C. A. O'Donnell, to whom ill debla due the late firm are payable ind who will pay all bills owing by thQ .ate firm. Dated. Dead wood, S. D., April 22, 1898. J. C. O'DONNELL. N. C. HOWARD. TWO SHIPS SUNK By being overloaded with furniture for ihe receiver's aala at Smith k Wheal-en'a. DRESSMAKING. Mlaa Lena, located over Ltebmann'a dry tooda ators, aoHclts her ahara of tha pal- ronag of th ladles. Guarantiee a perfect at, a careful and neat Bnlah; beautiful da- 4lgna aad atylea. Terma reaaoaabla Ra- relv evvry day except Saturday. WHEN RETURNING. HOME rrom Bloux ralla, Yankto-. Mitchell. Ab i-rdren, 8loux City, or aim ar po:nla, take tha facie Short Line Irala leavlns Bloux City at t p. m., maktna rloae connection at O'Neill with train for Black Hills, thus avoiding all night lay-over In Sioux City Same fare. Like connection Raatbound. Buy loral tlcketa to O'Neill. FOR SALE OR TRADE. Three lota la Whltewood, aloae founda tion for bulldlna, 2& bearing apple Will trade for a lot la Deadwood. MARY P. KINO. JOHN BAKER, AgenL returned on all Cash Sales to Custom-era Q oils in t'.e Shoe Line. They in plain figures, less in prioe than house in the atate. Gome and Supply Yourself at C. E. ZIPP'S HE Gillniore Hous Under New OCan 22or Attraotions for ... Houaa in tha City Beat meal, Best Dining Service, Best Rooms and Best Locat'on of any House in the City. Carl TAR Ve a 1 i H ' i I- i i I ! v t Ingrained In the SpanUu iharai-t.r jiUnt and moM shiftiest na'lou earth cannot light with ihc muni and enterprising. THE NEWS AT HILL CITY. The MohaWk Apartment Houae. lbr la a rumor current here that anion other evidence of good fw lim the part of Great llrliln, the Ij board of the Harney Pray Tin- con,p.tny have cabled their onw-at It, alluw realdenia of IVnnlng(4n count) adjoining couu(iaexc,pt the townahlpa abutting on the Wyoming I'alUe raugva 10 the wen.--to leaac war lime atMitmeiita In the Mohawk tun Thla I peril jp dlacHnilnailna laalii". our long-haired alater-ln-la MhKh lieyuud the llmeatone bu she wanta to aaaoclute with "white folka" ahe muat atop roaring "ruadera' taking yitung batik roblera In to urse. The Suaitlard-proof lodging housr l-a it a good one. and will ten to re mem our anectiona to the nation whfc'h which haa pnnerved our tongui foir-ea for centurl pant. The mmtai our relatlona, It la true, needed Ittle lull ki lliiiK after the Venezuela onlrtvei-ay, and the late dlapimition t litwd ua down thiough tlie dallea oi be Yukon and push the lioiindnry o he lli ltlah poatuitHlona over to th VlaMkiin ioaat line. Smie nf our free silver republicans have Ueo ao Inconalalenl sa to object o KnKland'i having all the-gold coun ry. Hut this move In the direction of joiiib-itroof rcHma to rent will tend it uitllir.v them. The MohaWk tunnel la alxvit l.OOn feet In length, and Its backdoor If had one would be practically on cvel with the front atoop. it war learly never hrtende by the enginer who deigned U for mining purpoaes (Vrhapa he waa a far-aceing friend of iiuniaiiily, an expert employed b I'rovldiwe, so to apnk. He looked In .0 the future and fearlcaaly drove thl unnel for residences purptieea only. If this long coal hole In the Harney alatea la properly handled, lt entnl value wilt be greater than thai t Chlcago'a Maaonkc Temple or thr vlmiuiliKx-k building n wnud makr 100 auitea, reqirirlng but one b eadth 01 arpet or oilcloth, ten feet long. Tlie 'Ircumatancea will endear the place to hrlfty housewives and those huabandt aho are even now beginning to nervr themselves for the hyper-Klondlki nardwhlpa of Stretching carpet and turning them under. Rootna In thla hotel of refuge may aeem a trine contracted to large fami lies at first, but th late war abouuda in precedent. Cases are on record Where four men and a boy sheltered bemaelve comfortably behind a an eight loch tasswood during a lively muaketry fire, and one wrfter of war hhttory seriously atate In a note at the bottom of the page that during the warmer hours at Oettysburg, six war lOrrcauoudenU were found protruding from both enda of a five-foot log. The log waa of course hollow. Shall we doubt the recorded facta of history? Perhaps the historian had begun his literary career aa a war correspondent! The rentals of such apartments will naturally be high. The agent will feel lonesome one day, and be overrun by tenanta the next. Aa with aummer ho tela, the prices must be regulated b ihe length of the season. It will be Impossible to be exclusive, when your neighbor are forced to claim a "way by necessity" over your remalna to their chambera. The grocery man, and the milkman, the butcher and book igent, will execrate thla mode of life but it will be cool, compact, and with out iia eontm-naatlotta. There will bf no telephone and typewrllera there The expense of loud and profane lan gusK will keep these rlvala out Thr vulgar rich man will look at hla cash mtnix-e before ha begins bawling ou lictatlon to his trebling little typewrit r girl. On the whole we trust that the enter prise will receive adequate local aup pot t, and have little doubt but that our clilxena will patron lie the Mohawk Wkh iha appearance of the first wide-brlmtiied Spaniard upon the broad namnna of Spring creek, there will be in unprecedented rush for rooms. People who now refuse to take stock in the proposed company, or to reserve 4 few linear feet of space for their fu- .11 re use, may regret the omlsalonl ater, Co: a. billiard table, waahtuh. plankt hammocks, cook stoves and other forms of other emergency lodging are liable to "come high" when nw from Cane Verde Indicates a movement In thla direction. BE WELL. Difficult, long-Stand, and Nervous DitMAOf art Curabfo! No Incunola Cans Takan. No experiments, no failures; Inatruc-dona obeyed the cure la certain. Dr. U Miller, formerly of Chicago, 111., wh la here to stay, devotes hla undivided attention to the ref of these and other disease: Rrf "MA.T1SM, ST. VI- Tl'S- DANCR. UJJSBPLBSSNBS3. STAMME3RINO. HABITS. PILES (without the use of the knife.) CATARRH of the nose stomach and blad der, and disease a of cb ear. chest .throat aad atomach. liver, kklneya bladder, producing waa t log. weakneaa of function, nervous prostration, de blllty dlsalness, loss of energy, njem ory. etc. SPECIAL. ATTB5NTION OIV EN TO DISEASES OF MEN. CON 6ULTATI0N FREE. AT OILLM0R1S HOrtSE. Wednesday. May 11. 18S from 1 to 8 p. m. Address: Dr. L. Miller, lrad, S. D, DR. BABCOCK'S OFFICE. Is now toeated Is rssss tt. araaiaat Mock Bnt ranee frets either La er Mala etreet. cLoeiN,a out. 8. N. DsCosta. II Bherxtaa street, will close eat at actual east, hla stock ef lewel- ry, watches, clocks. Ac All goe'ia mutt be old this as oath. Per u whs asvs left wsuhes er Jewelry for rpslr Bluet call far I II ; (XUMiah4 1878-7 ) riONSEa-TIMS3 PUBU8HIMO CO. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. DA1L Krrrr morning, ixvtiit Mouda Oh Yw I'UtM mi Moalha .v Uoa Moola t UV WKIKLY-Ueued tint Tfcuradar. Um Year too U Montk. 1 HONBttR-TlMEH, IXHidwuud. H. U Entered aa eevood-claaa nialtvr t the baadwood I'oatofllce. i -j. 1 . i - .- - HOT TIMiC AT MADRID. The guvernniftu a Madrid la evidently In peril on avcmn'. uf tlir rtige of the poputare over the new fiym Manila. The first rjoit of a Kat HpanUh vtntury, rained the apirlta ol the dona to the akl. but when, a few hour later, the government waa ultllg-eil to oon fem that the Hpualah fleet had been utterly dratroyed and that Manila waa undouoedly In the hu ml t the Yankees, which Involved the lima x the rlh poaieiwloiui of the I'lillllp kww, the wraith of the molt waa great and It began to aaaatili the houai-s ol 4 he ml n lei era, giving the police a handful of work to protect the offlfera or lata. The eKuatlon In 8pel la ronalttered to be very grave at the Kuropean rapl tale, and the ptnvera are much mtu-em ad over the tottering condition of the Boanhih throne. Between the Partial rl th republtcana and the savage hu mar of Weyler, who uppeala to the mnli afm In at the government that removed him from hla command In Culm. bella and her cabinet are undoubtedly In 'Imminent (Junior. The fall of the &agaat-a minim ry may ontiitr almost any day now that the pn alona of lth lower rlaaaea are arnuacd jn the fiercest heait and they are, a ue.ia1, ready to blame the authorities fr rhe misfortune a Mlnlla. WRYL.ERCOMINO. Weyler U reported to be demanding from the government of Rpaln a oom mlaelon to return to Cuba at onoe. and thence to head an army of Jnraslon In to the United Htatee. If Isabella know her business ahe will send Wry ler to the front mt one. It would tend to pacify Spain If It didn't make any aertoua kmpreaalon on the United Bute. Nothing woukl please th people of thle country mora than the expectation of meeting Weyler ome-vWr on the field of battle, and If he wanta to land In thl country to aeek hla fortune, probably Bampaon would let him through tb btamde without the leoei opposition Just to aee how long hr would last after he got aahore. But li U not at all likely that Weyler la com Ing. He probably knowa more than he pretend to, and will rtay where he comparatively wife from Cuban reprl aali.. WHAT IS SAID. Oapt. R. P. Lee, of (he royal engl were., who ha been sent to ithta coun try by Lord Wolaeley, the Britten com mantler In chief, to study our met hod of war. la aatonlahed at what he haa aeen here. Thl la the way he talka In a nawapaper Interview: "Your ahlpa have been the ad m Ira tloo of all our naval offloers, and your ravy guna are unexcelled by an de In England or by Krupp. Th harvHous energy Americana develoi H.ion oreaeloni It not the leat wotider ful of your characterlatlca. Foil! loathe ago you were leisurely build fng your navy. Today you are one 01 the formidable naval now era of th world. You have 110 fighting ahlpt now regularly enrolled In your navy and eighteen or twenty high claaa and awl ft auxMlary crulaera. Thla dim noi Include your seventy or eighty tnrped noata ana flestroyere. Ho far aa I oni apeak from personal knowledge.l kmra that the oiucera of both our aervlcet are ta sympathy with America In thl fight. Commenting upon the remark of 0n Hast fa fa, ef Pen nay I van I a. that It among the voluntoera there wua an man having those at home who would fuffer by hla enllNtment It waa "hla pa trtotlc duty to remain at home and Care for them," the. Philadelphia Rer ord aaya: "No man can truly call him self a lover of hla country who duet not first of all love hla own family Charity Is not th only virtue that be. gin at home. Patrtotlatn at art a there too." It la seventy-four daya sluce th Maine waa blown up by 8pantah con eprrators, eaya the 8L Louis Olobe Dem ocrat of Bunday. "A look over the air uatlon today, and the work of prepera lion mat naa been done, doe not re ault In the impression that there ha been any unnecessary delay." t The 8loux City Journal aaya of th " Mariana Nation." "on clrcuoietanc connected with the battle In Manila harbor forcibly suggeata a fatal point In th BpanWh character. The Span tab. aa we are told from Madrid, were i not prepared for Dewey'a attack. Ac cording to cable dispatches, H la rep reseated that a largs number of heav guna, marine mines, a irvhltghta and other means of defense had teen sent to the Spanish authorities there, but they had not fully used these rewxirce and they were not prepared. All th guna had not been put Into position. the harbor had not been mmed nor were the searchlights ready to trluratn-aite the entrance o the harbor at nlglTt Bo the Spanish complain that they were not prepared. Now, thla may or may not he true, but th point Is thai when hey art at war with the United States they muat be prepared. It win not do to fall to ba prepared. Ameri- The on alit on don and nel. rf Hid t Hardware Co. Heavy and Chclf Lenieti Br other's Sl&. Hardware. Oupplioss atasita ry Plnmblnt. Saweratra Oonnaotlona, Cornice Making. Three Ring Clrrua. S Continent Menagfrle. Trained Animal Exhibition, Real OMAHA, Nebnaka Lee-Clarke Mfe:: Hardware Compmy. Wboleaala Bardwaraj Blcyclaa and 8portlng Oooda. taivia BJaBjrn - oxxza Daadweu can Sjaillaati Baeaa. p !' Li, COTiwT, Ta rJ n tor raav aiosk, Oaaaaa, Has. Full Set Teeth. UM Dest 8et Teeth T4 Aiior rinings. Loe Pore Ootd FUllnga. U 00 or avwarts Oold Crowa. tl.00 to.... Ml Url.lg Teeth. S.OO par tooth as4 Crowa Teeth extracted abeolatelr with out pala. Flfteea rears expert eaaa. The Npw Hut ray. aaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaMaal ThoroujchJy RffJttcd. Rates $2 50 to $4 'erDiy. SpaolaJ ratal b week e asiuxwar rxav aim. Kt2.;3arUrt hr !:: tZ tt:'r MILLARE J. E. Markel & Son jraraxxroats, Tbirtaaath aad Douglas C LEADING HOriTCF CAI Moat daslraMo loeaMsau Ajoarteaa J las I JO X fay a4 arooaa raai oorSafSi4 Kleaaat Oafs la oona uam. Dr. J, F. Hortzmar The ea0v.8 Ui r a. ataaf Frreate Dtsea Kale, aad F. Weakaaa. KemttttaaYte wea ef Feaaj rears la Oa DR. C. QUO WOJ He a aaoat akif Chlaaas a e( kawwlaa , HartDS ao rsara is tas eoilags o Cki sdaratM VL aseaiato aotts eTor 1,909 re With elsAteai e eNiaa that Una la Omaha haa gl tm Thlav 0t alala Is ntHn. ivrst r.. . n . . aa dUeasa. wkatha cunnmrn n la every eaas or tha ..iT7 . .na. ar. u. ua arat antaMK. d. Consulutloa (re. a twIwt alamir. to h.w . . . " earn -w wai amauoa SJaa d. a da wa is if. itth Bt Oaaaa, Ma. neaassarat FtOlALIIT wmj tsju.n ai - 1 1 1 111 V "-.13 --aw ( U a. 44 ) it rrm f f ST. -iG- m - OaSAaO. .Ja Allen's Club . Oeeaei atata aadwaUaia. bmmK t twi htat a$m a&a ut m tag nrsaMBMaatstsa. Tea eat te took aw saw news at fcs&aa, aV at, STkUU laasBa A a.iA.J(a.'sB''toaBa' (A 1 2 1 5 Furnam Strtet, mm Gf.SOLIIIE . STEAM. GAS to WATER SUPPLIES. PAIKSANKt. MORSE flk CO,, HOI Pamam 8b Omaha, Uotw I-1P-M-D. A W. Lawrence Skow TaxI.snTilst ni Fur Dresssr. . . m5 r A a 1 1 Pur Rug aad Itobea to order. Tsaldarmr euppllaa Is atock. All work guaraDteed firat olasa. 306 8oatA 13th Bt. Omaai Kabruka. Beavd tor eatalia-oe. 1-lP-la u a w. W. S ROBINSON, Assayer and Giieis! 1113 Dodge Street, 021 AHA, . . Nebraska. Bamplta by tCaiL. S-lP-t--D. a w. BISHOP & CO. Lunch Counter Dining Room 1517 Captol At., Oases, Sab. I Sea tins? Capacity 2i0. S-34-91 d and.. LEWIS HENDERSON, FLORIST. Fin. Cat Flowers. Plants and Floral Designs Shipped on short notice. 10th asd laroa'a Bt., 0 a-a, Hebraaka. 19 !. a w. Opitol IZotol Oe block wwl of Krw FoetoOlae. blorthtiat Cor. 18th and Capitol Ava Oausaaaaa, SJst. A atSeUr rtrat-oiasa FasUlf Bot enaferlable InoaM an earatnl atlantjoa iraaaiaw raaaai ao vwil TraaaMkaa. RATES I TraaaJassi mar D Taa. Soar 4 par aooei ee Soart r Dar .. r WMk. aa ta S 00 aiMt Vpwanlf m. a. h. vmi:i. FHAHK R. MARTIN, Fruit tree orders Bllad oa abort notice, Correapondtno ollend, 4U BouleTord At., 0a,h. Nsh. I 0 Lr....... J he Ifca-Lf LL wUt.l AUD CIQAKJ, Irssk ahaMr-Bush aad Bu LoaU ftter os UraojLt cc pzn CLAC0. All Kinds of Tin and Roman Hippodrome. Free Horae Fair. Surely Coming: and Fositivaly inhibit at ,L si LYtTZ 112 r.2ZVS "r-mmi !" MkmaMllaakSiai. at aiaa aia wa pi. in. tkiaaajr. a. J I afurrSuas M l 1 Tm Kwa, hamlKallU ra fatiaiaa. Traaa. SaHat-aaaa Hum. t-M I M.H. Pstaa aa aa a. OMaMfMat.aaiaas. mT njuuuHinaii3ii MAIN STREET. DcADWUvDi NEW rianagernent. leaa Money than any Oth Blank Prop. ULLOCK. Minoatid Mill Sheet Metal Work. fmn M cart. niwM t. are. Curia. taa. ta4 Milk 9. eM TV?ev, Mnan.Pi. uaaaiuaU aV nUTT, aWr. BXKSAB1V BaV T. J. DOWD. PRACTICAL kaatLea .la. in And OPTICIAN. El::. Hills Jixslr; titt ti C;.:r. Wateh Ctamlner tor the F. C h M. V. a). wrea sm a trial and I will rnafaataa sets laetios ta work aad pnoaa, In Stmt. Osi. Pitti?nei. e::.ssi. T. W. MOFflTr, H. D, Office ifir DutMi't Orss Stsrt TitosiKs 245. Dead wood, - . South Dakota, Flsra II.St::f:ri, 11 D, HOMCEOPATHIiT, 708 Main 8t- Deadwood. JOHN W. QIB23, i ' f "Ulna., a P:::;:Tr c::i al a I eS a. lm.tnm,( fT ""ai la fa, a . a ; -TO cj .n J 7N. 3 QZ DaefccOi!. rlonday At Old Base Hie Rarest, Strsngest, Awfulest of all I -a ge I y ? .1 cwAujiatt roii tea twt . u yr I MAY, 16, 1093' Ball Park. the Mlghtl Monster of th Great Deep. High Diver. Fllnga Himself Backward from tho NOVELTY. in 150 Mlant Cnt, Long Maoed and Tail. Serpent and Birds. 10 VERY A. M. ENTRY DAY AT TEN a in. and 6:20 p. m. attXl Ilailroaoo. The Blggeat Brute On Earth, a Towering Oluat. The Very Lord ol Beasts. Taller. Longer. Welgha More. Cost Mo:e'Than Any Elephant i2ver Captured. Bigger Than the Fatnoua Jumbo. ' Capt. Santiago, The .World Hlgheat Diver; Actually a w. mxsxvoTOv i. x. aojroin. TOXXUSTOirSS. XXOHTJILS2IT8, 0SIX1.TS31Y FENCES. Froos the well knows works of OOD- DKN BAT.lJkBn, EmmeUburg, Iowa. Karlac aacared tha aancT (or tha abe wall known firm, (or Western South Dakota, Northwestern Nebraska aad Northeastern Wyoming. W re spectfully solicit orders (or any kind of roratfa and Amarlcaa Marble and OranlU work, guaranteeing aaUafao-Uoa la arery particular and prices as low aa tha lowatt If la need of that class ot work, drop aa a postal card aad we will call with sample and d. signs. Wa are permanent resides' i bora. KXDINOTON 4 RUNDE1X, Oaadwood, - Bo. Dakota. WaNTTD SPECIMENS. For a "Mlssral Rsass to be eahlblted at Omaha ail kinds of eras, mlasrala aad rare spsctneae rrom I to S laehea eanare. which wui be polished aad catalogued and aer ereaiu given. Please aend with special, value, wears from at, a. dress A. t. Joaasts. OUlmors Ratal Da wood. aoU Dakota. DB. A. 0. ALLEN Has romoTed his a Boa to oeeoad floor, rroot room, ot the new Cla a buUdlag. Bbermaa street TO WHOM IT MAT CONCERN. I wUI net be mnoaelbls for as aula ceatracted by partlea tiring ta my heaaea ouor piaoes. mstartat. wlthoat a wrlttaa arder trer th MOTrwcaea. Wat H. af'SLUTXR, 8en rearea. a D. iTOaAOa eiAtja, The Wlurwteji xa bCaegaw go T. J. Oarrtea U ta e4d Cor ataraxa at my i aali miaiai flmnii em m r ..a I o'clock a. tJL, Tkam, liy la, izt Highest Point Ever Dived From. Zjittlo Edna. The Olrl Wonder. The Only Lady Turning Forward and Backward Somer-aauKa on a Bareback Horse. A Challenge of 110,000 to Any On Who Can Produce Her Equal. A GREAT 100 Exhaited Circus Champions Supreme Acts Complete, Urgeat, Ormteat kitties E:iTja-Bit The Only Lady 4 and 6 Hora RMor la tha World. Whole Drove and Herd of Animals. Horse, Haby Wppopotamua, Baby Lion. A OKAND KKKK STRUCT HARADS O'CLOCK, Ilisa Dive at 10:80 lona oi i Cj L.,j -- ' W ' a......J, asiar Dooia C2iaei aaaaiaaaataaaa A aa - . a?M SSOSXSSsmB ( IMWfi taeai juaa h Open at 1 and 7 p. as. lartonEaaesja at J aa4 1 a. as.

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