The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 29, 1899 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 29, 1899
Page 3
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, THURSDAY MORNING, JUNE 23, 1899. ill Co., GhRl (Advertisement.) BLACK HILLS MINING REVIEW. ONE GENT A WORD it immiiiiii iti 1 1 it 1 1 1 u m MONEY SAVED I .factor." end Jokers " Steam, Gas and Water Supplies of all Kinds, Special Edition for 18S3 Will Be Out in July. The management of the Black Hills Mining Review is preparing to issue a special ilnmii 0f that paper sometime during the l.,M,r part of July. This edl- Advertisement under this bead ONE CENT A WORD each insertion, when run less than one month; three lintSJl.OO per month; payable in advance. WANTED UK U tion kit l" ar anything of the kind 1 i: th. Black Hills. The We save money by Buying Goods for CASH. Taking all the Cash DISCOUNTS.... HOLYOKBDEAN AND ! Liwn ly tiie business M:,1i mill KMI'l.OYMKNT BUREAU Furnishes h1i) (or all who employ labor and procure puMMmis for ail who : oci. l.eaj and the sur-i e t amps and by the lead- MARSHSTEAMI'UMPS 0MAHA and SOUX .ITT. over : j'. SUppoit. inon f 1 . rouioi,! n, i li.g ro::.i:.K -in Laun-i, - ed the puUi ing mint, r. 'upaiii's which are operating We also 8ave money in buying goods in 4 N.E.WOOD. A.M.. M.o i, unity, ha of Itself warraut ah, ii of fifty pages of read large quantities. This s made possible since we J Chicago Medical and Surgical Institute, want work. MIIS. BUA.NSfl KI.I1-CONK-LIX, 9j Sherman strtet. W ANTE T Engagements In private families by first-class dressmaker and ladle' tailor; work done at home if preferred. 766 Main st. Irs. Helen Sachs illustrated with a profusion have six large stores in which to place them 01 La in l le Avenue, Chicago, III. (Established in hieatro Since la lit, 1S7S. The oMeM. lHrt.l, n.o.l nd au-ceMful it'dlcal lnmltiitliHi 1 1 1 u,r N-jriinw-.-t lrlHe ruuiii hutU-nta lfh (Wlllil... r..- ... of new lialf tone cuts Already about forty-flw hundred eopP a uf the edition Our customers receive the benefit of our close 2 cmrvnoy. urifl.iil pcr.tiun pt-i-forim-d In Lhe niHt MlutitlO niiiiinrr. huvo been sul'scrilied for and only a par purchases and cash discounts. .rllV '"' ',r,""" "ii K-f'.rmin. and lirtrwi, Club reft, urvature .,l the Si-im- I "lies. TiiiiK.n.. r&nr tial canvass has been made. It will be Pianoforte Lessons AND French Classes Daily; at-rrh, Kr.-nHnti. 1'ftral -i-. . Kidi.?y Blact-ler, hyt. Kar.Kkiii sn.l lt... ,i an Suririoial iterations. it fa.-nin ru , ..... nect-ssary to issue at leasfcglght copies in older to supply the demand. Th spuria! v4t"i"U will pdntftln a grat We loose no bad accounts, since we sell only , tor CASH. Our customers need not pay for other peoples bad accounts, Consequently! you will , , f'r the w-e-f ut ir.Mnu i,! ..t m.- i,,rjn .r .likea, reuuiriiif mciiml Kiugii-a' lrcaiin. nt t,nvinirf gun ..ntJ-f Ij Vur -,rry of ei-TOu We tillllv 'lixa-rv n -uiiiiu- ir .).w. WANTED llo'isi kei p. r in ;i srmill family, good wi.Ki-s paid, must I... without inl ciinilinirK e. l-rrinaiu nt t tnplo) tnent for the riiila purty. an, I ku.hI wages will be paid. Inquire at this ullire. (tf.) rinuap3ly at i'ie Black Hill many half tone cuts which will be new to Steam Laundry, 4 find bir anil iDdlM'i-etMiis -.f Youth i.i1 Hnnh...a Hp. nnator rhara, Hfmlnal Heakn-M i- ,f Ien-., 11V8 o nj-u.i jHNv-r.. arlciHi lr. II - .Ir... . !, rtrlc--ture, PhlinualA, et-., eU'., harft - K aauiiuhle - Ak anfl exerifn arc fhipirtnt m.-rctirj . r injurious niltcliieH Sr tinu- l.,t f r' mi m t ur l.usiiiPrtt. - Wood, -:" inu"u,a ! MONEY SAVED fjAMES P. WILSON No Inoursblv nrofptfd. No riic H'lni' sent (MM-. Failure is unknown ! w, we ctitv t In tsamls annually hare ti thoti.atnl tc-tinn' nal lftlr- i-n HI,- from Kratetiii ja.tieniK hcnuaneij 1 1 v i ; i j rpvi Wrtlv (, Hlity Patierits fmrn a iiNtn' tn-atwf l.v iriml ii-:iici i, ent ei'eryirhfr? frrr from -im. hr,-.ik,f: St-ttr hixtory ant .rnt yft . ,,f ,,,,, ,, an i -vint ( . .r opinion atari term 'iiu Mai in . ' an I ,'ili If n ;,, IHT-tnally oi l.v . it. r - 1 HO pitKr Hook n all Lr t, atid urft-l-al IMHtiM .'ud Uh uf qumiuiu W l.VleiltloU 'iiin J.U ' -. Attorney-at-Law, Clothing: Shoes, I njrmplc Club Building Corner totrmiD and Dead wood Street Dry Goods and BY BUYING V'DWOOD - - ooutn JJAKOTJL WTEli House cleaning utitl sweeping l.'y lompeliiit unman.. N'n. Wilier St, tear if l ifh Hunter's mill M' n In L ain i, ai l, i r tr.elf monthly an ' i t New lii hi o ii ll.,i- made alt a ri u 1 1 1 . ii I in plai i-i ilu.ii.-. on llii'iiKlt lia-u t.i-t aii( , .1 I.,i-i yoar pl:o ' -I " "" i..irtT jr. . U Einht VM-rks i 'i i n i 1 ! t 1 1 -s Sen'l f'U ' -alalopue. M..I.T H.irli'-r I'oll.-p-. Minn. -,q,i, h- Minn. WANTED Ton saw mill h it. i Enquire :il Sloatns f'o ) I'OK SI.E I l-:s 1 It A IIL1C ImildiiiK lnls mi Lincoln avenue, Inleside; IuiiiImt furnished to build. EDWIN VAN C1SE (tf.) Notions at WHERE THEY CHASE'S the Hlai k Hills people and some of the beet known mining men will contribute articles on various topics. Among those who will write are; Dr. Walter P. Jen-ney, who will furnish a descriptive article upon the early history of the Black Hills up to ill,- pre-ent time; Dr. F. William lime pi, -, , hi ,,f ih,. Technological mIi, ml ,,t riionn who will wriiet dfserlptu. I ..f ih.- phonollte holt; James S. I.a,s,,:, with a iiuarter of a century of rji Men.,' in .upper mining, will treat upon il pp. r formations of the lllaok Hills. Samuel I'ushman, who needs no hit rodm i ion to Hie jllack Hills people as a in i n i n f wtii.r, Frank Mclaughlin, who will wipe iii'i.n the free -milling and refractory oi, of i in- Hlaok Ilillls, showing the difference heiwe.n the two; Curtis A loxatt'l. r for tifteen years bead chemist at il..- pr.-at Kan-'as City smelter, upon the cvani'liut; of ilia, k Hills ores, W. L. Faust of Central City, upon the cement forrnawiui uf the Central City district, ('. W. Ilolil.ins, of Custer, who will write at IciiKih of the mines In Custer county; and a number of other prominent mining men who have partly promised to assist in gelling up interesting matter. There will also ho a write-up of all of the mining districts in the Hills giving a history of the mines and their present development. Some of the newer companies will also be written up in a descriptive way which will be entertaining both to the Black Hills people and those residing outside. Keystone and Hill City districts and Custer county will receive especial attention. SELL CHEAP A Oarr & Berry Block, Deadwood. 1. H. MOORE lacksmith and Wagon Maker. ViWM AM GENERAL RE-URINDONE ON SHORT NOTICE. 11 Iladi of Carriage and Wagon Wn4 Work; also Carrlaf e Fur- LOTS FOR SALE -Howard's Addition llis addition to Deadwood. beautifully loeated on the Park bom h, adjoining the Dudley spring, in the First ward, is now- ojji for settlement; see plat and prices at office of EDWIN VAN CISE. SPECIAL SALE DAYS! I 11 at a Pine Street. Deadweod. I. D. !) GO TO . . . FRANK SCHREYER, Fresh and Salt Meats, No. too Sherman St. HoetMM The Henshaw . . European Hotel. Late "The McTague." Oyster and Grill Room. T. J. O'BRIEN. Prop. 1009 Parnam St. - Omaha, NYb Painter, Paper Hanger, Kalsominer. Having secured a shop on Selver street, opposite the poetofflce, formerly occupied by the Singer sewing machine office, I am prepared to promptly execute all orders for bouse painting, paper hanging, calclmln-ing, glazing and all work of that character. I shall employ only first-class workmen and will guarantee satisfaction. It will not be how cheap I can do work, but how good. Trial orders solicited. O. C. LACKOUS. FUR SALE Furniture and lease of beat paying lodglnRs in town. Apply to IMoner-Timea. Call on the MONDAY Furniture, all Kinds. Begin the work right by buying at the "ARK." TUESDAY Curtains, Paints. Fix your house. Trunks and Satchels, If you're going to travel. WEDNESDAY Stoves and Ranges. On these the best discount of all. THURSDAY Table China and Crockery. We htve elegant lis Lmntar Company, the desire of the publisher and editor of the Review being to make this Special Before Buying Into, Utb. Shlaglis, Sash bin, u. Moulding Edition cover the resouroes of the entire FOR SALE Three of the best ranchea on Bear Butte valley, 160 acres each; over 1,000 improvements on one; will be sold at a bargain. Inquire at the Ploeer-Times office. FOR SALE One of the finest farms In the country; 200 acres; priee $3,000; FRIDAY Granite, Iron and Steel Ware. Prices cut half In tw. JLj Baby Carriages and Jumpers. JL SATURDAY Washing Machines, Wash Boards, Tubs, Boflera, ji t Sttnn St. 6. W. REED. Mgr. Black Hills. Arrangements have been made for selling the papers at the Omaha Exposition and on the trains leading into Omaha. The price of the papers will be 25 cents per copy, Wringers, Ironing Boards, Sad Irons. Buy these today; you'll bave 'em ready for Monday. GOODS DELIVERED. fl.OOO cash; balance one, two and three years, at 8 per cent. (tf.) d. a. Mcpherson. J. P. HYMER. Wlecfloni and Adjustments. Notary Public. f DEMOUTH'S "ARK";; FOR SALtE At Miss Harpster's, one black satin party dress and one black cloth MORRIS &HICKS. House Cleaners and Carpet Fitters. Will clean carpets on the floor with their new process, restoring the original colors; or will take them up and clean the old way. Best references. Call at or telephone Pioneer-Times. street dress; very reasonable. am in bucc ami nr u. jr tat Guaranty Co. All kind ot MMw ud judicial honda writtan J ro Sherman Street. f .ff -t ! $ ! ..fff..f..f f f in i i 1 1 1 1 i i m n !. Please Kt my rate, before FOR SALE Two 6-year-old blocky f7"J i" menas to sign your bond. horses; weight about 2,500; sound and "Twa nr lire uumraoo polleiee. "hww owe. Deadwood. B. D. kind. Will be sold cheap. C. McHugh, Deadwood. on, 138; Black Hills, 103. iiiininnn nromniti oopiDtt- FOR SALE Household furniture for bed rooms, kitchen and dining rooms, com limillf UWU IlkU I UIII.UVltuamst Uonol a famous French pfarctcUn, Till qjtcJtly eureoaof all ask ma oojdJMM of Ue generative ornus, such ss LoM Mannm fnsumiiUJ'slD Cm Bm, Seminal mission, Herroas IHtr. flmplM, l7ai Vs to Merry, KzheatUnt Drmlvs, Verlooneie ens CoattlsetJoo. It stops all leases ty or nMfhl "Wruts an Si .: CO TO : plete and at a bargain. Call at 41 Lee SPECIAL EXCURSIONS TO COLORADO AND UTAH, Via "Northwestern" line, F. E. 4 M. V. R. ft . on June 25 to July 11, 18899, Inclusive, to Denver, Colorado Springs Pueblo and Clfnwood Springs. Col . and Odgen and Salt Lake. Utah, at one fare plus $2.00 for the round trip. o Street. B.DOWD, frKAQTIOJUC. atchmaker, Jeweler si a Arrrn all thb.ronoflmpotaiiey rtjipi lKB clBsnsas UttHtm, tf croft Pabst Headquarters - . - - siaoavaoq maonDary orrfan.o. mi miwinuaa A CTeBftheosaalre.toraijniail weakorKsab , cjrad lioelois la becaoa. ninety eens nrriDt 9Wf. FOR SALE Bedroom, parlor and Dining m rvmaoa mfrnrvn are not by pst see tsaSi ... ' lrrrinEN I theonly IrieWr -Mfll; eienre'U.ittoorraaoi- EiuaMattaaear . i..' 41 fi.t f-t ( v uinL .!. "SI" 1 1 l mult UMJnwntaM For a Fine Lunch, Fine Drinks, Best in 'he City. :CHAS. C. BOHL, Prop South Dakota. N E. FRANKLIN'S PALACE PHARMACY, Dead wood. J ASro O'TIOIAIf. ri BBi JjfBtoj Made to Order. U. . . .. room seta, cheap, as I am going away Mrs Warren Nelson, niaeklall Guleh Central City. FOR RENT. MortlieF.E.iM. V. GfYat Bhw .... AMATEUR -himi win guar "Wkm In work tad In NICELY furnished rooms at reasonable rates at Noble block, 721 Main street. MRS. OARR. Cafes' Rog and Ore Crusher :4a44anttM mm PHOTOGRAPHERS For Camera's' Films Dry Plates, Printing Papers, Mount In a-cards and Dhoto GREATEST ORE CRUSHER ON EARTH 14 at Homestake M Co FURNISHED rooms by the night or week or lodgings, 25c and 60c. GRAND CENTRAL, Main street Fully Described in our No. 1, Catalogue. '.53- AnureBsen FOR RENT Furnished rooms, by day. wdwire Company. supplies send to week or month. Inquire over Ladier Baxar. FOR RENT Six-room house, just newly Lincoln, Nefc. i X a j Special Fine Crusher Our New Design will interest you. Gates' High Grade Rolls NO OTHERS EQUAL THE M- Gates' Improved Yanners. Thsy are th8 Standard. Gates, SHoes arL3. IDles Adopted by the Honestake Mining Co 4 cimL 4 papered and In flue order, at flJ.M per month. Apply to CUSHMAN, 401 William street, or at TOUNO'S office, Lee street. (tf.) FOR RENT A U room house. Enquire at Ed Hart's Turkish Bath room. Room 19 Syndicate Block, Tremain Steam Stamp Mill, The Prospector's Fritnd. "V-wnoouglaiiSlt, Fourxeen catalogues describe our Mining Machinery. Hi 'L7T S 1 SATURDAY EXCCRSIOONS TO HOT SPRINGS VIA NORTHWESTERN LINE." To Hot Springs; and return at one fare. AlXiXJJtCAHKA. ja OTTO F.- PURNELL Sole Agt For fhe Black Hills. fl.. A .!la D.. 111, IJAI SUBURBAN BKSTDKNCB F0 I G ATES IROtI WORKS u THK WEST. ni l AT A BAKUAm. Good. anbataatUl't-foom franit k Uliice upposiie dumiMsK nuiei . 1 at J5.20, for the round trip. Tickets good to return seven days from date of sale. The Elkhom train leaving Deadwood at p. m. Is the popular train to Hot Springs, u it leaves after the does of buaUesf hours. ELSTON AVE.j CHICAGO. ILLS, t la Mltar, trt aam 'tan. ttJ, puaa w dardaoa: -M . j WTT raw; in. let u mm UmM , mm p ' KJSLfi: SOW wolBln, Li? . u K sow. In. cfMapw ntANCia w; laf aa mm fartfl , " . a.-f-i.. n. Hut KT7SSXUU

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