The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on December 28, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, December 28, 1900
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY. DECEMBEtt 28, 1900. PION'KKK-TIMKS, pLLS HEALTH. 13 a "ar stpm.T'h. const Ire tion ai;u ml iivtr in-, lire cured I ..uoN PHYS.C.AN TALKS MG DISEASES. Lloyd & Gay SIS I i r- Co The non-iri itaiiiiR cathartic Prici 2" ft r,' of all I'-'.-ri - or hjr mail ci C.I. iioou & .o.. i.uvci, Mat. ZlPP SUP -s 1 IE-,r u.ue Successfully Com- THE CITY jifUiip-" and Diphntheria' rJ Guard Against D.sease fj. , Frorn Nebraska. In a return enaement of three nights, biinninpf Monday, Dec 31. Opening in the comedv TOM SAWYER. Seats at Fishel's Bazarr. h of the Black Hills , healtH or " DC' onprallv KOOd tills ' . . hOPTl Fi -' UW8.. n. I W. Freeman ot J" 881?.. -In Lead we had a Offerfed for the first time in Dead-wooil, a dramatization of Mark Twuia's famous story, Tom Sawyer, at the Opera House Monday night, Doc. Jl. Seats on sale at Fishers. Humber t r's Cieain of Wheat Flour U the best. Our Welsh rarebit cheese in 2jC jars is unexcelled. Our tomato ketchup at due per gallon Is the heapest. Our fine French mus-tai.l at 75c per gallon, I he best in town. Zcot diphtheria recently There Is Danger In Wet Feet An interesting Hand Bill. Captain Seth Dullock came across a number of the handbills that he used in lS'.IS when he was recruiting about died out now. . ,k .nrinK up all at once, and .J tO BPrinb ' . .,;!, nf tin. 9 ..J It tO ine U16b'"b - P 1 the town, and the conse-...I ui) of the old germs list BUr ., ground. A Uozwi ere almost simulta If jou want to end the old year and hi ,in the r.e'.v one'w'ltii a laiU-'h were rei" ,t ,. ... KTtbe besmnlng. and it look-H ' ..r,. wing to have trou- K we took prompt a tion, to: Crigshy's cavalry. He founu tnem while cleaning out the room that was eel bv him as a hardware store : the t.rue lie picMuved Jk.o or two of r i -1 1 1 as mementoes, and the others In- cave to a newspaper man for note ,.;,per. TTiey are sixteenth-sheet size, of whit" paper, and Hie printing is in i,d ink. Tin retail something of th- spirit that was rampant at the time th-.. weie pi?iled. and if any of tie iii aie in existence by the time Hi- iuvenile? of today have attained th-ir maun ity, they will be entitled IfW1 . . ,tinn whereve For cnildren at this time of the year. Fit them out with a pair of our SOLID SCHOOL taKe in Tom Sawyer at lie- ieia House Monday ni:ht, Dee. Januai y 1. I V.-'M. will be tlie mil of the hiu.iwaie iii al at Ktandanl Ca-h to:e. No iii'it'i; iiiuiions will be f-'ivc n alter l)et miit'i' :',. I, lli'li, (,n china-ware. Al! who hold (Oupons a.e 1 e-(liU'.ted to bring them in and get the dishes by not later than January 10th. K. A. Hornherger, Manager. Lloyd & Cay will play a return engagement in this city, opening Monday night in the laughable comedy of Tom Sawyer, 'lies lonipany is one of tlie best p aying the Hills, and will give excellent : al ir faction to all its patrons. Special matinee .to places in museums and institutes. Dished strict wu.u Cse was found, and as a r,-ff not spread, and the iuar-! L been relieved on nearly all ies now. There are .till a S colds and sore throats, as usually in the wake of s, h , but they are not alarming. Smallpox has been pretty el-i; Btamped out in Lead and Sd, and there is no longer any - Tom the disease unless N.- auers it over the Hills f Smallpox is all over that state, fnorts are made to stop t. . , raroful. It will be Thev read as follows: "FIOHT THIC SPANISH Hv Enlisting in Col. Crigshy's Regiment of Rough Riders. The Hlack Hills has been accorded tne honor of four full companies in this regiment. You can enlist by applying to SETH BULLOCK, Recruiting Officer, Deadwood and New Year's day Quality, Not Size, Counts. ..Dead wood is the biggest little town in the world. The census enumera- I Lead tors rave us less than -1 D00 people, while tne votes polled at the November election show a poptiia'ion of over can, I anil TilUM) is about '.he ac a pair of arctics and good, warm leg-gins. Then your boys and girls will take care of themselves. 1 Watch the Century Out. A watch meeting will be held in the First Methodist Kpiscopal chunh next Men, lav ni :ht. It is the intention to MI ft) 'c ... St up here again, and cases will J'rtedfron. time to time all win-,7was talking yesterday with L Collins who had just return.-. Zi from Nebraska, where he had to buy hay for his business. He a to struck a small town In the m part of the state, Uaird. Se name of it is, and he found fanallpox on all skies of him. wt) were but two or three dozen m to the town, yet in the hote were two cases of smallpox, and , learned that there were eases at m other house up and down the tin valley. He did not stop to buy tjhay, but took the train n:,'ht o..t c fii I see the old year out and usher the J, new one in under auspicious circum-j,; stances, and Dr. Chirk, the pastor. J and his assistants, are preparing a m pio-iam that will ptove interesting, j J Th,. n.-istor. the Sunday school, the I. tual numhir. Hut admitting t .at the enueniiat ion was (O'reit, no other town in the world of the name population lias: Tt national banks with footings agg: c alius f Li0,0i0 and $700,000, respectively; Department stores like Haines and Ixnve : Clothing stores to compare with liloom, Zoellner and Ko.-.withal ; vwwwwwww V.W.W.V.V.V.V. v.v. tfjvwwww vwuwwv.:: Kpwoith League, and the choir will participate in theentertainment of the evenin-', and altogether it promises to be , il worth attending. Mme. I "Now, there is a place alive uni ; Mllpox, and people are allowed to j Hind come as they please. There, iM wonder that it is being scatter, d ; .,, h length and breadth ul 1 1 1 Zipp Shoe Company. (iio cry .-lutes equal to Adam.-.. Arnold. Codlucg. and Hornherger; I b y goods stores like Werthhei tner ; l!a;iars like Fishel's; Hardware stote. equal to Ay res; Such plumbing e t tblishments as Wilson. Konney k Co.; ieitate. There is only one way to ladle a disease of that nature, and litis to go at it right in the hr.-t Scottish Rite and Snrine. The Scottish Kite Masons and s'linners are going to have a big ti:.:e in Deadwood next Saturday. They have largo classes to initiate, and it is expected that there will be visitors here from all parts of the west. If the weather permits there will be a demonstration in the open air. : S .t.BtmrltT" OOOO 99 lice. This is proven by tne -bice we have had in Lead. As soon I As large and rich a stock of as fck hwarzwald ; Bfe found cases we put them in the ;t house, and quarantined the wm where they were found ior a Mtln neriod. We consequently had Jitumnurl nut in a short time. It is 85 he that a case was found in Lead way home from Spearflsh, where they had been visiting the family of A. D. Johnson. Mr. Leedy is sheriff of Pennington county. Miss Lillian Glenn of Lead went to AT NAJAH TEMPLE SHRINE, Oasis Deadwood, South Dakota. Will convene In regular session at Masonic hall on Saturday, December 2!;th, at 2 o'clock p. m., to arrange for the reception of suckers and for the transaction of other matters. Mem at Wednesday, hut it had come irom le ralley. "Tee, there is no question out mai A shoe sto o equtil to .tpps; Such a variety of ladies' furnishings as Mrs. Nott; An Ark as large and well fitted as DeMouth's; Pharmacies to compare with K. G. Phillips', Faust's. D etken's, and Wilcox's; A newspaper with a linotype the Pioneer-Times has two. The institutions that especially challenge comparison and would be a credit to a city of fifteen or twenty thousand population, are: The Pioneer-Times with its two linotypes and Haines' department store. Winailon is the most effective method of combatting smallpox. The Sturgis. aperiences of the German anu BLOOM'S bers with 1900 cards, it Is your place to be there promptly. By order of the Potentatum. W. R. DICKINSON. SOL STAR. French armies during the frraneo-Prassian war is proof of that in flg-Wwhilft If other proofs were want- IS hd, they could be found every day in such a line of places where smanpox Is raging, ine fiisoharKe. from the nrtnary or-miiM. aiTMtwl T nmal Mldy Capsulen withoat Inwnvenienre. 1'rice 1. of A 1.1. l)rugiii, or I. )T Koi tilWl, New orlt. YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. C M. Leedy and wife of Rapid Ctiy, passed thru Deadwood on their iS ss a ss ss is ss ss ss ss ss ss o ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss Never before has there been shown Beautiful and Servi cable Germans made vaccination compui-wr, and if it did not take the first Itoe on a soldier, he had to go bacK Bd be vaccinated again, and tortin- this until It did work. Li the Wliat Hewftnxs A Cure for Lumbago. Sufferers from lumbago or rheumatism in the ba k will be pleas. id to know that quick rcli-f may le had by applying Chamberlain's Pa n Palm. M. W. C. Williamson of Amherst. Va., says: "For mor.- t.ian a y.:ir I suffered with !":'!bngc I finally tried Chamberlain's Pain Balm ami it gave ffl!TMa$ PRESENTS - French army vaccination was option llth the soldiers. When the sunnier broke out tnousands of cases de veloped in the Frenc h army and in the 7 Jjojc of Our DaLicioizs Cigars Make an elegant Xmas Pre sent to any gentleman who uses "the weed." We have them put up in beautiful Xniaa boxea especially for the Amas trade. . JThi-.4 ootJiij..iaortTiW3ir0!JiliJjr. appreciate tian aJ)ox of Good cigars. D. JACOBS, Opposite Pullock Hotel. The most elaborate line of nro trrttre Trtfef, whi. h all other, rem- edies had failed to do. t or saio uj hospitals where the wounded were 'jtatWnfte- lit the' Ocrtrmtr itiwy w 0only three or four hundred mild Met of varioloid, and thousands of Gffman soldiers who were exposed to tleilsease did not take it." Kirk G. Phillips. ss ANOTHER TRAVELER LEAVING. Neckwear E ver Seen West The Newest and Latest Shapes anl Shii:s packed in a handsome cartoon if yon wish. No end to the line of fancy suspenders ,each pair handsomely bored. Handkerchiefs in Silk f. Bacon Leaves the Road for a Position in the House. nthor traveling 1 I. I I 43 a S3 S8 ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ts ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ts ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss s ss sr ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss St ss ss ss ss S3 2? ss S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 83 38. S3 83 . X 83 83 83 83 3 83 A Happy ! New Year;.. ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss SS ss ss ss ss ss letman to leave the Black Hills cir-t-He has resigned his position road salesman for McCord-Brady 4 C whnlooalo irrnnprfl nf Omaha, Sll win ic. t- rtmoho tomorrow. - . . V. U T O 1UL ill . E desire to express our thanks and apprecia take a position in the bouse, at bead of the department of travel-talesmen for the company. He toaned a circular letter to the Wtai of his house in this section, tlllnVtnn u '..,.!- ciinnnrt in Plain EmDroidcred and With Initials. Fancy Hosiery in endless variety. Gloves for dress wear, Kid and Mo ha plan and silk lined. Umbrellas of the finest quality. !W tion to the host of people, who are our cus- en em iui i ; i . ii "i - Past and announcins that H. O. ss tomers, for the generous patronage they have 5 The Dunlap Stiff and Soft Hat M m m n m M m u ""ttnder will bo his successor, to. Bacon has been running into the Blck Hills for eleven years as the "PresentaUve of the McCord-Brady """Mar. He haa been in the service J the house seventeen years steadily. given to us during the past season, and we extend to them our best wishes that they may enjoy a happy and prosperous New Year. As in the past, we shall continue to merit favor and win success who have no superiors and the celebrated Stetson Hat. Everything belonging to a full dreps outfit from The Dress Shield to the proper Patent Leather Shoe. Goods are prominently displayed so there is no trouble to find what you want. Come early to avoid the rush. by selling the most reliable merchandise at the M M M 8 S H H m uunmer 01 years ne u 'leaidenco in Deadwood. His wife 4 chUdren left here several months and are now in Wisconsin, ex-to meet him Sunday in Oma- here they win make their home ie future. 5i( departure from the Black Hills mattet ot regret to all his friends, 7 be la a genuine, whole-souled erlcaa, a man -who takes pride in o country, his state, his section, W town, and tries to make things "JMe - for hla aelghbors. He ex-r9 to visit Deadwood three times ' 'wr la the future, to look after Interest of his house. 8LCK HILLS FEED &FUEL Cd, . (Formariv Paul Rawman.) ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss Si ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss S3 S3 ss lowest prices that shrewd buying and tne marKet affords and we sjhall continue to deserve your pa Eager to see you at s M s m tronage by giving best values in the Black Hills, g S. BLOWS; J. A. Berger,. Lead, s. d. Where they have such agreeable salesmen to wait , kl kinds of Coal and Wood. s H 8 , a( for Sheridan CoaL Offlea at on. you. aa CoJman'a Telechon orders a 1 Pronrnt attpntlon. Walter ""n, Manager. - V. mill 1--

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