The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 29, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 29, 1900
Page 2
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i TUESDAY, JUNE 29, i0. T1IE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD, S. D. similatlon of Cuba should be noted. He doea not look to fee it assimilated by force of arms for that is unnecessary; but by the ever-wording and ex Ya nkton Gazette: The Black Hills delegation is credited with having spent more money in Sioux Falls than the whole of the populist convention left there. Geo. V. Ayres & Co. pansive forces of the school teacher the spelling book and the Bible. Woman's THE DEADWOOD PIONEER ESTABLISHED JUNE 8. 1874. THE BLACK HILLS TIMES ESTAlil ISHED Al'KIL 7, 1ST". CONSOLIDATED MAY 13, 1897. Successors to Ayres & Wardman Hardware Companv. City Journal: "1 am glad to Uj a political organization." Martin in his .Sioux Falls that can refer to its past with Sioux belong said Mr. Speech. " ENGLISH MUNICIPAL SPECULATING. 1fi a little booklet recently published, entitled "Other People's Money.'' Robert I. Porter tells of a movement out danger o( l-ing convicted of larceny or political incompetence." Mr. Martin is entitled to go to congress. PIONEEK-T1MES lTULlSHINU CO. hint iiiiiMiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ADDITIONAL BELT. (io with the crowd to lr. Bugbee's and have your eves fitted to a good pair of glasses. tt in England against municipal ownership, .wliii h rudely shatters the claims of the advocates of the movement in the l'nited States. It ap pears that in over four hundred instances in England local authorities in England have obtained and are holding "provisional orders" granted by parliament for electric lighting, etc.. without doing anything to carry the powers into effect. Dog-in-the-manger-like .these powers have been taken to keep private and individual effort out. and the natural result is to TERMS OK SUBSCRIPTION: DAILY Every Morning. Except Monday, One Year. . $10. CO fill Months " One Month 100 WEEKLY Issued Every Thursday: One Year.... 200 Six Months.. 100 SAYS "I doctored with two ot the best doctors in the city for two years and had no relief until I used the Pinkham remedies, "My trouble was ulceration of the uterus. I suffered terribly, could not sleep nights and thought sometimes that death would be such a relief " To-day I am a well woman, able to do my own work, and have not a pain. Hardware and Mining Supplies.. Dr. Hailor informs us of the arri al of a baby boy at the home of A .1. I.evecpie in Washington addition to Lead. Mrs. Marry Salmon returned to Lead yesterday after an absence of three montns at her home in Verill-ion. this state. If you are looking for a good smoke ask for Charnison's MONARCM strictly union-made cigar. Factory in May block, Lead, tt Mrs. Mary Doyle .whose arm was amputati d at the Lead hospital Sat-j Entered as Second-Class Matter at the Deadwood Postofflce. retard enterprise and stop the progress of the towns. Further, it is sab! that the English munii'ipalities, not content with going into the business of supplying water, light and transportation, are seeking power to brunch out Into other trades. No less than seventy municipalities have applied either to parliament or the iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii " I used four bottles of Lvdia E. Pinkham s Vege table Compound and three truckages of Sanative unlay alteriioon. is doing nicety, am no fear is entertained for her re o cry. Henry Sjhn.;zeis assay oilict and la board of trade for power to trade in electrical liftings, thus coining actually into competition with private man iifaeturer. and in addition to that a Main St. Deadwood, S. D. vwash and cannot praise 'the medicines enough." END OF CALAMITY SONG. There is a very important admission made by the p'opulists in their platforms adopted nt Cincinnati and Sioux Falls. It is an admission of so much importance that it must not le overlooked. The populists have had the boldness to solemnly admit the existence of a magnificent era of prosperity a prosperity that is benefiting all the people. In this respect the two platforms stand in startlinc enntr-ist to the former declarations about a "m-tion standing on the verge of" i'ioril. 00 1 ati Faust is let al( d la the Mot i. Lead. ; 1:1 ail orders in basement o! nd he is pre Ins line, if .re 1 1 1 MRS. ELIZA THOMAS, 634 Pine St., Easton, Pa. Mrs.' Pinkham advises suffering women without charge. l.jaiia L. Piokliiun iletl. Co., Linn. Mas LIVERY FEED AID SALE li ed lie. STAB s bought and sold, money loan i d iiia'irance and notary pu'i-ior T. I 'psell, Ho m 1, Cotton ws block. Lead. ri. D. if lai ;e number of mills arc before parliament from municipalities seeking to become trading corporations. In one case the application was to man' nl'a-'ture and sell paving materials, another to supply cold storage, in a third to do a lire in-ur ale e business and in a fourth ease to transact a patent oilier business. In all these enterprises the wretched tained 'provisional orders" to whether the business is mbors of Hope Lodue .n. & Andre All n: .".n. Iniil on Good Saddle and Drivn.g Horses l urnished. Heavy Hors anl Teams Bought and Sold. Contract? taken to do heavy i.-ani work or to move household goods kui! furniture. Dry wood for ;iie and delivered. oige H. Thompson left yester-afternoon for Iowa City, la. He 1 1 day wilt leellOhted III meet at their I ). oral ior '! . io 'lake ,'arl exercises. Ily oi.le.- of L. M. W. in th ne atiseiit about one mo rTvne;, , GEORGE BENNER, 509 Main St Alexander Rose, the florist, Is prepared to furnish trees that are to grow. Thousands of pot financial and material ruin." Tlx re are many things in the populists platform that seems strange anil wonderful, hut there Is no admission that a-wakens memories of the past like the present prosperity existing thniout the country. The melancholy populists met at Omaha on one occasion and wept over the woes of the country-while sinking a song of doleful import. The burden of that song was that or not. I lie Jorwt detit or Kngland and Wales represents the enormous sum of $ I .L'OO.OUU.IHIO. over half ot which represents various trading plants which may or mav not be srtfmmffliiriifmmmfflmmmiifiirmmmmnfitniftifH Alex. Rose has just received a tine assortmonto f cut Mowers for lie oration day. Also a large quantity of potted plants. Call at Gilbert's 1 onfectionery store. Lead. lit The soldiers of the Spanish-American war are requested to meet at the of I'n e of James Cusiek this evenin; worth the original capital invested therein. Not only have iiiuniriialities obtained "provisional ord'-r' s order to i The Ladies Bazaar Silk WaiStS for this week at a bar-rain. New Dress Patterns for spring owns. 3 Zl Slimmer GOOdS in Percales, Mercerized (iinjj- Z ... . . r .- The burden of that song was that "they had met In the midst of a nation brought to the verge of moral, political and material ruin. Corruption dominates the ballot hex. the legislatures, the congress and touches even the ermine of the bench. The people are demoralized; most of the states have been compelled to isolate the voters at prevent individuals from entering the Held of competition, but they have formed an organization known as the Municipal Corporat.on association, formed to opposse all efforts on the part of private enterprise to extend the services or lower the price. This body raises its funds for such extraordinary proceedings by a rateable levy over the whole of the affected plants, pansies, verbenas, etc. Drop a note, or call at his place, vacant lot. near EpiAopal church. Lead. 4-JO-tf The (iern.ania dance and entertainment will take place at the Opera house this evening Refreshments will be serve by the club nd an evening full of enjoyment will be waiting for those who are present. Mrs Julia Smith. mother of Charley Smith, and Mrs. Daniel Her-lihy. expect to leave Lead tomorrow for Butte. Montana. Mrs. Smith will probably remain with a daughter, who resides there, and Mrs. Herlihy will isit with relatives for some time before returning to her home. Sunday Moody, county assessor, was in Lead yesterday. He was looking up the value of personal anil real estate and real property of resi hams, and all fashionable tabrics tor summer - g dresses and shirt waists. C Tailor SuitS for everyone, Come and s r. Mrs. Nott. - Main St. Deadwood 1 towns, sothat , altho ostensibly preserving Its local character, the opposition is centralized. Thus the North of Scotland and the Souui of Ireland are whipped into line to defeat measures which would be of Immense value to Lancaster, Y'ork and some of the Midland counties. This powerful organization, equipped with learned We've GM It! dents living just on the outsi ! of I You want I Let's make a deal. Our busines transactions are strirtly roufiJet tial. We've gut the nmney. W want the money, so come and sel us. to make preparations to attend the Decoration day exercises. Eighty per cent of the headache is caused from eye strain, and glasses properly fitted v ill make a permanent cure. See Dr. Bugbee and have your eyes examined free. tf The alarm of fire brought out a large crowd yosterlay afternoon at Lead. But it turned out to be only another false alarm. This is the third false alarm turned in within the past few dayr. here. iex. Rose has secured part of the stoie room with Sam Gilbert, the confectioner, on Main street, Lead, and will have on sale the finest line of cut flowers suitable for any occasion, at all times. 5-12-tf I Mrs. Harry Trathan left last evening for her parents' home at Chad-ron. Neb. She arrived here last Saturday, but owing to the serious 111 ness of her mother, she left again as stated. Walter McKay. L. P. Jenkins. Walter Smead. W. H. Dristoll, William Andrews, John isterhrooks and P. A. GuBhurst have returned from Sioux Falls where they went as delegates to the republican state convention. Lead's eye specialist. Dr. E. S. .Bug-bee. Invites the people of Lead and vicinity to call at his office and get acquainted, whether you have eye trouble or not tf All members of- Hose Co .No. 1 are requested to meet at Alert Hose house In unifor at 2 o'clock on Decoration day to take part i nthe parade. By order of foreman. , The street sprinkler was brought out yesterday and in the new garb of bright yellow paint, took on quite an aristocratic appearance. It was a welcome visitor to those who have been chewing dust for the past few weeks in the business portions of the city. V have on hand a larRe stoc. of unredeemed pledces at prices the polls to prevent universal intimidation or bribery. The newspapers are largely subsidized ormuzzled, public opinion silenced, business prostrated, our homes covered with mortgages, labor Impoverished and the land concentrating in the hands of a few. The urban workmen are denied the right of organization for self-protection; imported pauperized labor beats down their wages; a hireling standing army is established to shoot them down and they are rapidly degenerating into European conditions. The fruits of the toil of millions are bopily stolen to build up colossal fortunes and the possessors of these in turn despise the republic and endanger liberty. From U.e same prolific womb of government Injustice we breed the two great classes tramps and millionaires. And there Is no hope of better conditions so long as either of the two great parties remains in power." How overwrought and unreal this sounds now when the same populists acknowledge the existence of a magntfl cent era of prosperley. The change of time has brought a change of pictures Instead of a "hireling -army" shooting down urban workmen, a standing army is shooting down Filipinos, and the octupus 1r devouring the substance of the land. below their cost of inaiiufiicture No. 21 Lee St. The Deadwood Loan Office the city limits of Lead and who would not come under the jurisdiction of the city assessor. Those assessors are difficult people to evade. Word received in Lead yesterday from Alex. McKenzie stated that he and his wife had arrived in Chicago all right, and that Mrs. McKenzie had . stood the journey as well as could have been hoped for Mrs. McKenzie will enter one of the best sanitariums in Chicago for treatment and the best medical practitioners will be summoned to her case. E. W. Brown, who has been lor some years past in the mplo of W. R. Dickinson, seven d his connection with that firm and will take a like posistion with Deetken of Deadwood. for about '.'.ret months or until the 'Jpaiv;j building on theisite of the old Miners' Union is ready for occupau .-. At that time Mr. Brown win op a up a drug store in the corner oon. J. K. Searles is now located in a house within a house. More plainly speaking he has moved his canvas covered house that he has been doing business in for several weeks, Into his new brick building, which is only partially completed, and can now be found doing business still in the little canvas house in the insisde of the brick. FIRST NATIONAL BANK DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. United States Depositors counsel and a well organized lobby in parliament, is the barrier against the initiation of individual enterprise, and the risk of having to face such an opposition practically debars even the attempt. The taxpayers and commercial bodies of England are up In arms against this scheme for the suppression of fair dealing by the unlimited enlargement of functions of government, and on April 15th, 1900, the English house of commons, by a majority of 141 against 67, voted for the appointment of a joint committee of both houses of parliament to inquire into the question of muniepal trading. The London Times, in an editorial on this subjr-t, says: "It is hoped by the government and by the supporters of the proposal generally that the joint committee will be able to lay down some general rules which will put an end to what Mr. Balfpur has condemned as 'random dealing with ' great Interest." No one desires to prevent the extension of municipal work, under reasnoable conditions, where it is shown that the public needs are not otherwise supplied. The evil that has to be guarded against is that of ambitious projects entered .upon without any real necessity, involving waste of the ratepayers' money, the creation of new places and salaries, the In-of municipal work, under reasonable men, and the total exclusion of private and competitive effort." These facts are given as a warning to American ratepayers against the Action spread all over the United States as to the gratifying results of municipal ownership in the United Kingdom. Including Glasgow, there Is not a single stun enterprise in England, which has given, or. under present conditions of operation .can give as good and as satisfactory results to the community as can be obtained by properly regulated industrial management. DIRECTORS: . A. Ol'tfUl-WT T. J. ORIKR, P. E. SPARKS P O. J. SALISBURY. d. a. Mcpherson. A. McPh- OFFICERS: J. 8ALI8BURT Caahler D. ...T. J. ORIKR I As8l8t Cashier ....J. President O. Vice-President. . S. DESMANj I j. l: marcoux'S New Undertaking Parlors PATTISON ON EXPANSION. Ex-Gor. Robert E. Pattison, of Pennsylvania, who is one of the brightest and most popular men mentioned for the democratic vice presidential nomination, Is hardly orthodox on the expansion question from, the Bryan standpoint . In an address to the Methodist general conference at Chicago he said: A church cannot be otherwise than an expansionist A Methodist must be an expansionist John Wesley, when be declared the world his parish, voiced this sentiment Not only has territory been opened 00 our own 'shores, but America Is already going Into the Orient and help those people to a better tiring. . I am mre Inthe SOth. century the island of Cuba will be assimilated, and, I look to the school teacher.' the spelling book and the Bible to We could not stop this pdr?nre and expansion of the people the, world over it we would. Truth and the lifting up of the race is the expansive force of the. world everywhere. Gov. Pattison is intelligent enough to recognize the expansive forces at work In oar civilization, and he has no mind to throw himself, like a balky horse, back into tEe breeching in order to stop the car of American progress. No. 20 Lee Street 44 Honest Labor Bears a Lovely Face." There is nothing more pleasing to look upon than a. hearty, ruddy face, gained by honest toil. They are the saving of the nation, these toilers of both sexes, struggling for daily bread. Turt blood nukes them Able to keep op the daily round -of doty At home, shop or store. " If the blood hos a fjunt or impurity, or Aim down feeling comes on, the 'one remedy is Hood's StrsApf3U. - America's Greatest Medicine for the blood. Poor Blood "ffty blood wju so "pooTtfut in hottest nuesiher I felt cold. Hood's SrsAprHU nude me Kosrm. S is th right thing in the right pUce." Hattie J. Taylor. Woodstoton, N.J. Zfcctfo SaUafxititlk SL J 'MUJ JillXIJJ.rVwF-y j Are Now Open to the Public Largest and most complete Line of . Caskets and Funeral Equipments to be found in the west All Embalminer Done bv a Professional in the Oom Paul tried the "initiative'' when he declared war and two days later had his armies'marchlng into British territory and scaring the- women and children of Natal into fits. Now he resorts to the "referendum" and Is taking a ballot In the' army to decide whether his soldiers want to light any longer. This is doubtless 'good pop doctrine but there was too long a pause perhaps between ths Initiative and referendum to get the best results. Bat these new political wrinkles hare to be pnt on by degrees, pi course. Art.? I ONLY FUNERAL CAR, IN THE HILLS. Calls Answered' by Dav or Nieht. Telephones ! 5?rlNa so 1 1 Mb- imiiif rr " rr HopTi ni tart Btt 111.; the ojj-torlttHng mat "ply uhiF5 t tk. vtth Boo4V SwpyW His prediction as to the ultimate u- A

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