The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 28, 1899 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 28, 1899
Page 4
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THE DAILY MONeIJtIMEB, WEDXESDA? HOBNiNG, "JUKE 28, 1899.. " (SHAKE INTO YOUR -SHOES. -Assaying 502 Gold and Silver. powder. It cures I Allen's Foot-Ease, STYLE! painful, smarting, nervous feet and Ingrowing nails, and Instantly takes the sting out of corns and bunions. It's the Thr Form and Make Are What Com The Union Assay Office, N9. 37 LEE STREET, DEADWOOD, S. D. Will (Uva (hr'recl suits of J jot It Cold and Silver for 5Cc. . .: iae Wle 8quar D"uu'uo'B' pels, the graced THE COMING INSTITUTE Some of the best talent available has been secured for the Black Hills Teachers institute, which Is to be held at Hot Springs the week beginning July -1 The announcement was made some tnin- ai;o that Miss K. Anna Morris, of ('It i cl.i n.i. ohiowouM have charge of th .j ; -i 1 1 -m.'iit . -ftf idivsii-al training at tin- in-.ii- -intuit. The annoimn-mcht is rii ! ..i !r that in addiiioii to Miss Morris ' i nioN-is have serurcd Super; lv.irs . of the Omaha cily ch" ' - Mi- K V Ni.'hils. ttf tin- priniarv u. i i m.. of rhe ttmatia schools: Miss Fa;.! t-f. another primary teacher, ftmti ."i; City, 1'rof. It. K. tVrri. from ltr'-n!ii-. this state, a member it the fucu!:. i-r .) slat agricultural college; and II I'. I.n.i- bee. principal of the public I, 'ml.-. "f Rapid City. 1'rof. Cerri has been i-ngaKcJ to conduct ihe Black Hills insulate, ard Prof. Lara bee will be his aii'ia: .M . ! hang. great e.-,t comfort dlbcovery of the age. Allen's Tuot-Kase makes light or new shoes feel easy. It is a certain cure for sweat-in,:. , alluus and hot, tired, aching feet. Tiy n tuday. Sold by all druggists ani? -I:.m- store.-,. Iiy mail for -': in .stamps I'.i.kaue I'ltKi-:. AduPSi. All, 11 S. uhnsteud, L,- Hoy, N. Y. o I.I'iHT.VI N'S TKKIMI-'H' V. n:;K. I.:-!-i..i.l' played Ii.i.m .ith Henry I'ol.-I s l'..-:dell.e iu S ie;t t'fisll MwIllaV, iind Mrs. Coi. rt ami her lnlle ojirhie--Miss (iracc. narrowly esi ajicd. The liglmi-nig m nn k I lie ( liimney. followed U lown. and then s.-enied to explod-'. lifting the toof In some places, blowing oui all the (91 ALL Scui-LpLcs .jfoiigt. t the OJJlvo. Established In 1S89. M. H. Lyon & Co They Have a Tone That is all Our Own. The Clothing shown bv us is , male for us We knoValllbffi will guarantee ic. uul ana Agents for the Blickenderfer $35.00 Typewriter the Best Machine Made. Handsome line of new patterns i MINES AND MINING. , auU wmie starts Wii ion Broi Beat ,.,.., . . ' "U. uut LUU Kooator our CUSTOMERS, Tie s IIMIIIIIIIItlllllUIMIul HMMIIIMII fifMMlHiiiiiiuliiaaiiitmiHiim'Mi mi THE MONARCH it s 047 Main Street, George Bachman la doing conslstant and successful work on the Monarch ground Kate Murrtn. superintendent of public in-j windows and screens, one of which was struction for Lawr.-in-: (ounty. ' ave tarried across the street, tore oft the plas- charge of the music. j tering, and in places shattered the stud- It is anticlliated thai this Insliiute will ding. Mrs. Court has just stepped out of be largely attended, and arrangetnens are tiie house for something, and Oracie had being made to provide for the visitors at gone up town. Mrs. Court was prostrated the Springs. The week will be one of un-1 by the shock, but ehe Immediately recov-usual Interest, as a number of excellent ered, and arising unaided, entered the entertainments and lectureis are bein-j' ar- ' house to determine the damage. Some of ranged for. The railroads are going to of the neighbors saw the smoke and dust fer reduced fares, and concessions will be coming from the house and thinking It was made by the hotels of Hot Springs in the on fire, assisted Mrs. Court In making con-way of rates. Every county in the Black 1 nection with a garden hose, intending to Hills but one is Identified with the move- put it out. lint upon investigation it was nient, and it is expected lhat every teach- found Ihat there was no tire, except wtice er in the counties of Lawrence. Meade, some of the insulating substance on the i'enriington, Butte and Fall Hiver will at- slectiic light wires was burning. The tend during the week. I shock of the lightning was so severe lhat O lit was felt all over that pan of lown. au 1 In Two Bit, which he holds under lease ago, from Colorado Springs, is conducting some investigations on the phonolite belt of the' Black Hills, and is meeting with good success. He has been having some assays made, and Is well pleased with the results. From porphyry he has obtained $32 In gold, and this he considers something exceptional, as It Is rarely that assays from the same character of rock lie ha three men at work in the old tun Bel and is taking out ore every day that on the whole, gives good returns. Like other localities In the same neigh borhood the Monarch nan demonstrated that It is not necessary to reach quartzite found In Cripple Creek district run more than $3 or S4 in order to find a deposit of ore. On the Golden Crest ground, at the upper end of the gulch, which probably produced more The Deadbroke plant In Blacktail gulch wnere you get the best assortment J. Boy's CJothirr?, Extra Knee Pant? ghJi! and Waiets for tbe little fellows. OUR Ties are the talk 6t the town OUR Hats the Nobbiest and OUR Trices the lowest. The Pioneers of 1876. ZOELLNER RMS a one lad- was knocked down three blocks' DISCOVKHBD BY A WOMAN. started up Monday, under R. M. Malon-ey's management, with the cyanide solution tanks running. There are four of the shipping ore than any other proposition in that district, the pay was not found on quartzite but In verticals, which broke tanks, and the pulverized ore is to he car distant. Mr. Court has been living In hi house less than two years, having erected it in the south part Of tow n in 18'.'7. Tut damage to the building is considerable, and will require some time to repair. I O Another great discovery has been made-and that, too, by a lady in this country. "Disease fastened iLs cluthohes up her and for several years she withstood its severest testa, but her vital organs were undermined and death seemed imminent. through the formation In several places. ried directly from the stamps and im It has been asserted and evidently with mersed In the solution, the plates having been removed entirely. O. N. Brown. reason that the quartzite theory does not r obtain east of the Homestake belt, except in the Blacktail district, where it seems to chemist for Mr. Maloney, and one of the best cyanide men In the country, Is in .. ,. . t , I WOOD CONTRACTS. For three months she coughed incessantly,' and could not sleep. She finally discov- J Until Ju'y 1 bld9 wl" be received by the ered a way to recovery, by purchasing of undersigned at Its office in Deadwood for us a bottle of Dr. Kings New Discovery for the delivery of thoroughly seasoned, green charge of the plant. Mr. Maloney has conducted a number of tests on the ore with cyanide, and has demonstrated that It can consumDtlon. and was so much relieved on cul ye"w Plne nouy wooa upon cars at be successfully handled in that way, TOMBSTONES. iDnT3 be carried out with considerable consultancy. It might net be amiss to follow the suggestion lately made by a well known mining man who advisee the abandonment of the quartzite theory in the Two Bit district and instead of sinking at a pot that offers no surface Indications, with the avowed purpose of reaching Hydraulic mining le in full blast on - "vvh riiii Castle creek, about a mile and a half this taking the first doee. that she slept all """Ions on the Burlington and Elkhorn night; and with two bottles, has been ab-' railways. Bidders will state the quanUty solutely cured. Her name Is Mrs. Luther ,or ,aJe" how oon delivery can commence Lutz." Thus writes W. C. Hamnick & and from what Polnt tbe' Propose to ship. Co., of Shelby, N. C. Trial bottles at K. , GOLDEN REWARD CONSOLIDATED n Phini' J ... KnJ GOLD MINING AND MILLING CO. side of Mystic, along the Burlington rail road track, and It Is quite a novelty In the quartzite and then drifting for the ore . MONUMENTS Foreign and American. A T . s - body, to pick out a location Vhere the out- Black Hills. The water used is raised with pumps, and the men operating It are said to be doing some good work. It has and $1.00. Every bottle guaranteed. o cropplngs indicate the existence of a deposit and follow, as closely as may be MEET ME AT THE SPRINGS the direction which such indications point 1Y1AKULK AND tRANII to as the right one. WILL BATHE IN THE BIO PLUNGE It is likely that several hundred people from ead Land and Deadwood will spend some of their Sundays this summer at Hot Springs. Especial? will those who cannot get away for a longer vacation take advantage of the cheap rates, good Olce at N. Colman's 669J Main St. T vi CALF k In the Monarch ground, Baohman has found the ore, not on the quartzite, but A number of persons are going from Lead and Deadwood to Hot Springs next Saturday to spend a couple of days. The great plunge bath there will probably refresh and stimualte more oca! people always been found very difficult to do any work in this vicinity with the ordinary means, owing to the great amount of water In the ground. A tunnel In almost any at the hills about there would encounter a large amount of water, and in sinking It has proven a serious obstacle. The hydraulic stream is said to possess all the force necessary, and the dirt and rock frequently containing pieces of quartzite. Ths deposit is in the flat, varrylng in A V. ,,n Dn.lln,. breadth and thickness. It Is mostly of uruuiiru'uvixirtsuuijxruiuu asm next Sunday than for some time past. Vr ""e" u...u-The Burlington Route will sell tickets to ton Rout- regular rate8 beeo Hot Stirlnss on Sftturdav. good for seven cnt ln half b' the Burlington for these a soft, gauguey nature at times showing Ill LI days, for half the regular fare, every Suad excursions. Tickets to Hot week until October 31. The round trip Spring and return may be bought next rate for these cheap excursion, will be Saturdar !ar 5 20 from Deadwood and crumble beneath it. The Oilt Edge mine, in Strawberry gulch will begin shipping ore as soon as the roads between the mln sod the loading station, la the lower part of Dead wood, dry out sufficiently to silow the wagons to run. As Col. Pay remarked yesterday. On all personal $6.20 from Deadwood and 15.45 from Lead 5 tTom a Llty' oi value. A Urge m unredeemed pledgat! onsinfflv low pna " considerable talque and frequently Impregnated with water crystals. 'The sur-' face Indications on the ground have been wuca as would naturally encourage vigor -'-us work with more than a fair hope of ' -ultimate success. r. Lass cnan a month ago "'a piece of float rock taken from the claim " assayed 12,000. Up to the present time the ore. taken out lias not been of such a richness as to make millionaire of the leasee, but It has been ood enough to more than peyall operat- .. . Ing expenses''- and encourage further development. . i . u the road st present would "mire a saddle business strictly COoliK Tbe Dtidiooi Ln ( blanket," and hauling is out of the question. A force of men m at work In the 3 vssy axmnnnnnnnnnn nrmiwi twin nium nrnnnorvnfulu', Aetna Powder Go. Dynamite anil Black Powder, Fuse and Caps, Electric Batteries, Battery Supplies, W. E. ADAMS COMPANY, mine, opening up new passages, and preparing , to! begin mining under the best possible circumstances. At the oh hrl nation plant in Rapid City a number of workmen are making repairs and Improvements, and the mill will be ready to start as soon as the shipments can begin from the mine. ' l City. o FOURTH OF JULY DANCE Lakota Tribe, No. 1, Improved Order of Red Hen of this city. Is arranging to have dancing in the opera house on the evening of July S, and on the afternoon and evening of July 4. The Martin orchestra has been secured, and ten cents a dance will be charged. The dancing will be in charge of gentlemen whi will see to It that it Is what it ought t be, and 'hat very one may have a good time. o HE FOOLED THE SURGEONS. All doctors told Renlck Hamilton, of West .Jefferson, O., after suffering IS months from octal fistula, he would die unless a costly operation was performed; but he cured 'himself with five boxes of Buck-ten's Arnica Salve the best salve In the world. 26 cents a box. Sold by K. O. Phillips, druggist. FIRST NATIONAL BAK POST OFFICE CLERKS AND CARRIERS DEADWOOD, 8OUTH DAKOTA. United States Depository A civil service examination will be held ' E. C. Smith, of Omaha, who Is interested , with Mr. Taylor, the Insurance man, on ' Squaw creek. Is in the country, end 1 arranging to begin work on tils ground. f This : ground llee near the property in which P. N. Hanson Is operating. ': ' K, C. Johnson at Bill City,' 8. a. U exclusive agent and headquarter for the ru-h ' vertical tree milling gold mines and copper properties of the Bombers Hills. Several prospects as promising as the Holy Terror was are for sale on reasonable terms. Telephone or write tor particulars, HE BRITISH-AMERICA COLO AHD COPPER MINING CO. CASH PAID IN 8100,000 - SURPLUS 8150. at Deadwood, Puly 12th, for the positions of clerk and carrier. , Assay omoe, DIRECTORS: J n t fliimmnjT r i nnnm t w SPARKS. P. A. CRJSHP, Only eltisena of the United State may bs examined. Ths ' examination wis consist of spelling, arithmetic, letter writing, penman LIl s, ROTT( nsaager end Aseayer. d. a. Mcpherson. Ke. tl Broadway, Esadwoed, 8. D. 1st Natl Beak' Will So s esrtalh aousmt of see torn work. Bp isltleei A ears o Oopper ote'by eteetre- OFFICERS: arOaproesss. Wet aawtTy testing. ' Mr. . Bowman, of 'Minneapolis, who is President.... 0. J. SAlJSBUltY 1 Cashier - Mc"jp Vlce-preeldent T. J. ORIKR Aaslst aaMer...J. interested with P. N. Hanson in the mln -,. log business on Squaw creek,' Is In the Full Line ftf ship; copying from plain copy, geography at the United States, and reading addresses. The arithmetic will consist of tests of th fundamental pr-ooiplcs. extending as tar as common and decimal tractions and -embracing problems, v The ago limitation for this examination are m follows: Clerk, net -less tbaa IS years; earlier between 11 and ' 40 yearn. HZ Black HUIb, and has been making an In FILED FOR RECORD. Frank J. Washabaugh, county judge, to Ida Matson. that certain piece of land lying at the rear of lot T, block N. being apparently a part of schoct lot 67. - A. B. Parks and wife to Charles G. Tanner, a piece of -land fronting 100 feet on Wlndolph street, city of Lead. $100. vestlgatlon of his mineral resources. It CAMERA'S AND ' is the Intention to put up smelter on the ground, of 60 tons capacity, for,, the treatment of the ores. The ground in question . . : Is the Manchester group, and the Oushurst SUPPLIES. OranvUle O. BenneU to Chrlstisa God Applicants for carrier must weigh at least 125 pounds, must be not slsa than I feet 4 Inches In height, nad must file with their application a medical certificate, en A Wolzmuth ground, which Mr. Hanson fBLAGK,HliLSlNSTlTi sees ' OF at' frey all his right and title to the Dead has been working for several months under - - r AT broke, Minerva No. 1, Blue Channel, and a bond. One' payment baa been made, Jewell mining claims, on Blacktail gulch. Form 119, showing therm to be not under the required weight and height, and t) and there is little question but that the Fishers Bazaar, 17. ' . ;. : --H-': remaining payments will be paid as soon possess the required physical qualifica Brnest Laventore to E H. Kslmer. a OSTEOPATH) ' ' as due. -' 663 Main St tions. . '.-v., . ..; f,.A fourth Interest la the Blue Kagle claims numbered i, C, T, and I, and Bald Eagle MM.MM. Charley Gardner, who has been assayer at the Klldonaa chloriaatloa plant 1 at -A Rooms 6 to 10 Olympic BnUdinr, Dcadvi No application will be accepted tor this examination unless tiled la complete torn with, the board at the post-offlo In the numbered i, t, . 4, Ida Gray district." Jtoma for the last three or four years. Hot Springs J C. W. Oarpenter and 'William Selbte to baa resigned, and left Sunday evening tor William Samson. , the Rattlesnake, center e p wood, ii. 6: 1 j. l. denman. city named above, before the hour of cloning business on July S, ISM. . '"'' bis borne at Piedmont, where he will remain for the present Ha baa several fraction, and Montenegro, Bear Butte district; consideration $10,000. : LIVERY STABLE. F. B. SMITH, Manager. Sprint Tlradaeaa Is different from the weartQem caused by labor. The ; v j. j. BECKHAM, S, A. & WdseT"1' Trent all nerroos and chroolo diseases 'jO, tronblea rhsnmadsm, gc VKus dsnee and In JerT, t.zTi wbieh the aeople ct this eoedoa ere keir. Wi j eIaffttandoetoe I sneat whue ti isr lit, ed taess we eare as . . positions awaiting him, but Is undecided what he will do. He is a graduate of the state school of mines at Rapid City, and man of bis qualifications Is not long out ct a place. On the other band, be has a - good sized bunch of cattle, and some good 1 ranch property, and be is strongly tempted to devote his time and attention to them Good -Rigs and Sadc&t Horses THE APPETITE OF A GOAT Is envied by all poor dyipeptioes whose stomach and liver are out of order. All such should know that Dr. King's New Lite Pills, the wonderful stomach and liver remedy, gives a splendid appetite, sound digestion and a regular bodily habit that Insures perfect health and great energy. last is cured by rest; the first requires a few bottle of Hood's SaxsaparUIa to at -Reasonable BaUs. -----1 - - TELSTPHOITB 3STO- '5S cure K. . . - ' . -' ; That dtetress after eaUnc tee nred by Eood'a Pills. They do sot rrlpe. 2S BRAKT.H nmnF RRFTTFLL BLOCK UALW1". a Btvar Aveaae Jn the future. Only 25 cents st K. O. Phillips' drug store, cents. i ., . iu nan, bo arrived a few days m SPRIKCS SOUTH D1KT0A. it

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