The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 4, 1898 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 4, 1898
Page 3
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, WEDNESDAY, MAY. 4,1898. " t 1 mW00V iNOTICETO OWVTCR tf LAND BKrOIHC I TAX DEED SHALL ISSUE. tk underftlgned la Deadwuod. S. D. Dated thl g.rd day of April. A. U.. IhVI WILLIAM HELUII. LEAD PIONEER-TIMES. HERE AND COMINGI NOTICE Of LRACB. lo whom tl may oooosrni 1 hiive tkli day leaeed to Joo. P. Johns, DaaMd BLk-.rland, Albert M. Greaataaer, ths Joka I'lsvvr ground, situatsd oa Baad Ores, la Civok county, WyomUg. eta will be responslbls for all labor, mlrtal, i.u.u. uii.ri' lu tne overa- lloa ol aald plaoer claims aad I will set ke rvsuou.ii.le lur tke sau. RICHARD JOHNS Dal of Lease, Mar t, lass. MAY 4. LEAD. t. 0. 1888. To tk Eetale of I'aier Itecker: You r kereby uotln.d tkat on the Slxtk day ot November Ue. and on the Fifth Huy ( Nuvember, A. D . 1'.'4, th following do-crllxd plec or .rrcl of Real Kttate, ia-d In tb nam of kutate of Peter Deck er. and attuated lo the County ot Lawrvnoe Slate of Soutk imkula, aa folio: lxt I, Hut Dlvlaloa of Lot 12 la lllo k 42. of .he City of Hpetrflah, Ijiwrrnre County, State of Houth Dakota, waa aold for taxe then du and dvlltiitunit (or the yvar in'.'i and IV J. at lax aaii' by the Trra.urrr uf aald AdmiaUlrator with th. Will Annexed, ot tit eaiatv ct Jaiue K. I'. Miller, deceased. tt'tnt PublU-atluB April 24. li (Martla A Much. Att'ya.) NOTICE Or SHKRlFr SALIC. Slat, of south Dakota, Cktunty ot Lawrence, In Circuit Court, GUhtk Judicial Circuit Nathan Halle Plaintiff. ) v. i Swan O. Lavlae, et al., Derrnlat niflVVY TOIVVI tu vniM Tiro" NOTICE Or LEASE. To whom It may concern: Ws hav thla 1 County lo Lawreme Cuuuty aud by a? Uaevd lbs "ModvoB" group ei otaima, iu UlaokUul Guluh l ulalma), vlli ths M-dock, Crovta Point, Ooed Hope, Doubt autudsid, and Klu Solumoa ludesi t Fred rR the next Thirty Daya we will be constantly receiving new Lmei in all department!. Our store is too large and our departments to numerous to particularize. We can only say that while in many lines there has been a big advance in values, owing to increased duties and other causes our stuff was contracted for before the advance, and we own if at old prices and as long as it lasts will sell it at old prices. WE AB.ID NOW 0I2OWZXO-I Notice tc kereby given. Tkat by lrtu .if Poiecloaure and Hale In the above roil Ud action oo the 2th day wf April, A. It, Uhii. and an execution laaued upon aald Judgment, tk -.ubarrlber, Matt I'lunkrtt. Sheriff of Lawrence County, State of Souik Dakota, for tkat purpoao appointed, wll " A UlouUeu, of Lead, a !., woo WUI DO re-uoualbl (or ail la our, ibaurtal, eupplle aud ether auoouuls Incurred la ths epor-lloa ol said group ef claims. at publlo auction at tk front door ot I be Court Houa in tk t'lty of lrdfxsl, County of Lawrence and State of Soaitli aid purchaaer duly a.algni-d to U. F. ht. li-'kii. and F. J. Uch.ntr wbo ar now the lawful holder of the wrtlOiat of ur-obaae. That aald taxe then du and delinquent amounted to IJ1.47, have been paid, with Itilereet, penalty, and coat accrued, lit HJ making toial amount neceaar.ry to rwlei m $4 in and In addition thereto, (he i out of aervlc of tkl notice, together with ik Interest aa may accrue after thl. date, tnuat ka paid and, that the right of redemption will expire and deed for tald land l. mad within lxty day from th com-lili tcl aervtne ot thla nctles. It. P. STEDU1S and F. J. OCHSNER, Holder et Certificate. t-tradwood, AprH 22. 1192. (First rublk-atloa April 29, UtS.) Dakota, oo Saturday Ike INtk day of May U. at 10 o'clock In tk forenoon of tkat Ceutrsl City, S. U .. 4 in. ll IlKNAT BRi.MltET, UAHMBV FHAMLUN, W. L. rtUHT, SARAH OOULfTTB, UtlUJS OOULSHTTB, KASMUa WBUION, WM. A. IUNX. i. M. MATBON. day, tk real tat aad mortgaged term- altuato In the t'ountr of Lar'tice BEST Or LIQUORS. 19 YOU NE1ED KSr. OIVE H1U A CALL. Rfcbanl RodJa of Bald Mountain wad la Load yaautrday. E1 AUr, at Contra, rtaUod DwAd-wood roaiorday awndtng to eourt mat-tart. C. D. Bore, tho Jwlr, tiaa oolarg.d hi ator room and 1 Biilng up a work room In th rear. W. 11. FawcoU baa tho laat two day shown conaldarabl improvmnoot and It la hoped b la now out of danger. A. Q. Smith will aooo again to a rea-lden, of Doadwood, having ncoapted a poaif oo In lha clerk of court offlc. Mr. Maaoa, tho big caady man from Vorgh A Dunning, waa calling on bla customers around th bolt yeaurday. Mrs. Mauch Malherapaugh, t, alatar of W. B. Porklna, la on bar way to Load from California to apeud the summer, In aearch of hocjth. and Atat of Soutk Dakota, and dlrertat In aid Judgment aad Execution lo be pld. and therein deacrlbed a follow: last war. Atake up your minds to that otfeoi now, bbr you start. Lot tn gtv you om point which. If hooded, will aav you a heap of trou-bl. in th stat Mrrlre only a small per cent of the guard haa lost ku Individuality. In actual service, while on duly, I lu thAU Bend to rule, regulation and order without a protest, a aoowl, a growl, ho so kicking. Make up your mind that during th war you will give Unci Sam the very beat eervlc within your power to give. Obey every order promptly, cheerfully and to the vory latter. Men wbo do that get Into no trouble that Is very serious. It will be hard to get up at mldnlgnt from a sound, sweet aleop. eqalp and set out on a long march, but do It without a word of fauH-flndmg; do It a though you expected such a demand aa though you liked H. Take It for granted that theoomman-dera of company, regiment, brigade, division, corps, the army and the president, who Is commander-in-chief, know better, because of the position they An undivided on alxteeotk l-t) Inter- eat la aad to eaak of tk follow In claim. altuato la Ida Gray mining dletrtrt. on AodeUUttNT NOTICE. Wa.hlhlon Consolidated Oold and Sil tn aat aid ef th Quick soar Onrden City, to-wit: Tk Independence lode, th New Dress Goods, Navr Clothing;. New Millinery. New Hats ano Caps New Carpets. New Shoes. New Curtains. New Furnishings. New Embroideries New Wash Goods. New Laces New Organdies. ver Mlulug Uoiupauy; prinuipat pisoe ea uu.iuvaa, iieadwood, Soulk iiakola: loea- Double Eagle lode, the Hlxteea to One lode, Ike lode, tb Gold Dug lode, th. Fro Silver lode, th Elldorpha lode, th. National lod, th Inl.r-Natlonal lode, th tlou of worka,, Lawrsuos County, south Dakota, Notice is hereby given that at a ruesung Oold Nugget lode, th Uolden Fleet lode, ot lb director of th abov named Com- NOTICB OP rORJrsUTVRB. To Fred Nelson md 1 tellor Brotk-r Coiuisuiy, s cui iwrailoa, aad wkom It a concem: You are Informed tkat we bat eipndd In labor1 ant Improvement spos th UI-ee gan Lod or mining olalm, th Ora.n1 Hog Lode, or Bluing olalm, tb Orotind Hog Mo. I Lode, mr mining aialra, -be U round Hog Ke. I Led er mining claim th Ground Hog Na 4 Led or raiaiai claim. tAo Oreuad Hoe No. '! or mining olalm, altuateA la Bear Butt mining dlsiricto la Law re no County, South Uaat-t at least 1 100 per year upon aok et tall claim for Bh following years; la lilt tlv uuon ach of aald claim. All et which wa th Ooldea Opportunity lode, the lloagland, tk Alma, tk Lawrence, tk Golden Slipper, tk Golden Jewel, tk Uolden Age, the Puy held oa th llud day of April, A. U., lavs, au auesameut (No. V) ot oss (1) cent per har waa levied upoa tb sapllal Conglomeration, th Colllmatlon, tk Com bination, the Anticipation, tk Disappoint- Th nag on the Miner' I'ulou Hall : floated at half maat yeaiorday In honor We Hat tlx Largest and Moat Complete Grocery and Eardx7aro Department of Thoa. Durna, a member of th nnton June for the jrwpo of hoidica th ai who met his death Monday In th mint. Sliver Qneen. Iresund Hog, Oround Hog West of the Missouri. have chosen to till, what must be done, how to do It, and when to do It, than you da No. I. Ground Issst N. (. Ground Hog No lorl of Ik corporauoB, payauto es oars from date ot publication to Iks treausror ot tks Cempauy. U U. aanbora. t Sious City, Iowa, or Nathan Colman, Beorelary, at hi ollke, Dvsdweod, a IX Auy stock upon wbHh tbl aamaal shall retiiMln uupald ou May tb h, 191, will be dvliuqueut and advrtld for Bala, at publie auution. aad sole paymeat la mads before, will be sold n th llth day ot Juu U91 at th office of Nalhaa Coleman, Secretary. Deadwood, a D., at p. m lo pay the delinquent assess sat. together with tb eost et advertising aad expense of sal. NATHAN COLMAN. Secretary, It la requeated that all nwmbars of 'Sent, Ik Golden Wtiiga. tk Kellar. Ike A'arroa, tk Ooldea Era, tke Oolden Price, tb Ooldea Treaaur. the Gulden Ledge, th Redemption, th Contention, the Uual-lflcktlon. the Expectation, the Reallxatlon, the Uolden Boeptre and the Kxtvnaion lode and mining clalb. or o much thereof aa may bo urhricnt to atl.fy aald Judgment and coal, amounting In all to Four Hundred and Three (2401 60) Dollar aod Fifty oeo t a. with Interest thereon from tke data of said Judgment, and all accruing costs of al. Dated Deadwood South Dakota. April 24, 1191. MATT PLUNKBTf, Sheriff of Lawrence County, Martin A Mason, Plaintiff Attorney. (Flrat Puk. April 27, la..) 4 aad Oround Heg lie. I Lodes under s provision of Beetle aU4. Revised Statute, ot th tolled Mia tea, axed acta ameadaijry thereto, for tke period ending booorako- the Lead Congregational church be preaent at an Important bu.neaa moot When the order comee to go out the aklrtnlah lire, no matter bow We Solirit Your Patronage.. list U97. and there I Sew irom ys Ure sharply and rapidly the rifles areciHck ing to-night In tho church parlors. "Wm Lilly, clerk. on th sum ot 111 a ands 4 upoa aufe f said claim., or 110. 00 In aM. tng. or bow many of the boy who hav Itouaton Manning, -who haa aotod aa gone Ahead of you are coming back Vou are bjarsby BBliBed that if wlthia r day from personal asrvto el 4A1 totle you tall to oaatrlbuu your preportloe ef limping or nursing a shattered arm, clerk for Smith's Uaaaar, hac resigned and accepted the poaltlon la W. 11. Per- uck axMncBturs aa oo -owner wtw the ' BIG BRICK STORE Iioad, a. xx bring your teeth together with a snap 4. reigned dartag oack d th roar shoe and pull right out and tiave It over mentions, pour intsrssc IB saia oiaim win l Fred M. Brown. Att'y.) APPLICATION FOR A PATENT. M. A. mu V. S. Land Oluos. Rapid Qty, I. D, become in Droowrur r in suosoriwer with. kino', made vacant by George Deer leaving with Company I... for th front. Kills Davis, drummer for th Woodman band and one of tho Lead recrulta. failed to make connwtluo wlUithetraln 1 am well swtr that In but few oas your eo-owner, whe hu mad th r,iJ exnndliure a roaulrsd by aald Bsotios 1114. ea In this new war men will not go In to a battle "bunched," aa they often did STEPKEn B. HAlU'a. MAJiT B. BHAJtPB. (Plrsl Putllcatlja. March 29. IIM,) ASSAYERS. LEAD BUSINESS DIRECTORY. April 16lk. IIU. NOTICB IS 1IKKEBT GIVEN that Charles O. tjulvey, wbue postoOlos editress t Lead City, County, South Dakota, has thla day Bled hi application tor a patent for Hul l linear teet oa the Laal Chance No. 1 Lodo 14M.I linear fast en that that took the nt of the boys In the last; that would mean a mowing down havoc. There will be mor command to deploy man to "ctoMup. (McLaughlin MoLangklln, All y.) APPLICATION) POB A PATBNT. (M. A. Na 1017.) (FrawUy A Laffey, Att'yi). APPLICATION TOR PATENT. (M. A. No. 1031). U. S. Land office, Rapid City, Souih Dakota. April 2. lift. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. That the Oolden Croat Mining Company, by it agent, Frsnk Webber, wbnae poatofflre ad-dree I Deadwood, Lawrence County, South Dakota, has tkls day Bled his application for 1491 ( linear feel along th vein of th Mineral Twin No. 1 Lode, th presumed direction thereof being Northea.t.r-ly and Southwesterly, 744 feci on aald Lode running Nortbeaaterly and 750 fret en said Led running Southwesterly from ths discovery out sltusted on aald Lode: and, 141)1.4 linear fnrt along the vein of the Mineral Twin No. 2 Lode, th preaumed direction thereof being Nortoetrly and the Last Cham No. I, Daisy Na L Daisy No. I and Echo Lode and 119.1 Uoear feet Monday, and It la a question aa to whether he will be sent for or dropped from the rolls of th roni( ny. Roy Maliby, clerk tr Eaaterbrookt A Collin, haa resigned til poaltlon ; M. H. LYON. PUBLIC ASSAYER failed State Lead Otnee, Rapid City, No matter what th command or where or when even If there are ninety-nine chance of remaining oo the field to of tho Echo FracUoa Lode, mla er veta RAILROAD TIME TABLES. BURLINGTON ROUTS. No. 201 raa.D(rr, Dally, JIM cltf, Hot Hpriniti, Chlcaso and all point at. aouth and t 1:30 p m No. S0 Loral, Pally Sun-flay, nM Mountain and Kpcardih 1 :SS p D No. 104 r'rrlght. Dally. Hill City. Cuatrr and Edgcmont.... 1:00am Soutk Dakota, Aptil Itnd, 1M. NOTICIfi IS lUCKJEhT UiVBUV, .nai bearing gold with surface ground one hundred aod fifty feet la width on each aide ef tbe center of each ef aald lodes iittalod la and left yesterday for Omaha to reside on that you may return go at it and AND SAMPL ER. Mlchasl Power wtxoss pottofBo s4drs U Two Bit, South Daaota, haa thl day filed hi application fur a patent for 1600, 147S.S, hav It dtJn with. That Is what you Whltewood mining dl.lrlct. County Of Lawrence and State of aouth Dakota and were worn In for. designated by tb field note aad official OKADWOOU MOUTH DAKOTA 1.91, 11.1.1, 146I.I, and 14N.I linear xeot respectively oo the Homsetake rracilon, Bryaa, Golden Oats, IMxlladslphla, Cleve Do nothing In camp, on th march, or QUY LAMBERT. ootisasos nnu Ll?Brjs Feed ad Boardina Stable Spsclsl IlleoUon; glVeu to trniel and boarding took Fitm Saddn Horttt a 3pciattf lUdulik BullUIni, Main Street, Led. ANTHONY TKOUT, Plumber and Steam Fitter, Ofioa Id Campbell House BtMmrn plat on fil In thl office a Let Number 111. ald Lot No. 1111 being a follows. IjEADWOOD. lead d. c. trains. outkweaterly, 742.4 feet on aald Lode run to-wltt land, aad Iowa Lodes, koartsg gold with urfaoe ground thro huadrsd (200) fsst In In th future. His poeltltm wUI be filled by Henry James, who I not a new hand at the grocery biinlneit. The funeral of llKle T helm a Uarloc ocvurred yeiterday afternoon at two o'clock, with Rev. SooM conducting hurt orvlco In the home, th little body, aa it lay In It ratket was almost ning Northeasterly and 760 feet on laid Led running Southwesterly from th dis Lead. Lrava Doadwood. BLACK HILLS width oa each. altuateA la Bear itutte Mia ECHO LODE. Beginning at tbe N. E. corner for orsr at work, out aid of battle, that us. y ewdamgera your life and health) look out, at all time, for your health. Hoard your atrength, both for your own and your country's sake. covery eut situated on aald Lode; and 149 6 linear feet along ths vein of th Roe log District, Lawrence County, Aeulh Dakota, aad designated by ths B.ld Bets and oftlclal plat on Die la tig effloe as Lot No. AJialytlcal Loratpry and Assay Offlce Hell Lode, th presumed direction! seine Nortkeaaterly and Southw-iLrly. No. 1. from rMch V. a Loo. Mob. No. II bears B. 71 degrees 01 mlnut B. 7T7.I feet distant, thanes 8. SI deyrees 10 ralaut W. lol.l fast to Cor. No. I; theoo a 4 .ree 40 minute B. 1491.1 teet to Oor. Na It 1211, said lot No. 1211 being aoBormoa as Don't get drunk. That make anoth follows: Lrav Pally.. . lially ... Daily .. Daily .. Dally .. Dally .. Dilly .. Dally .. Dally .. Dally .. Dally .. . 74S.6 feet on ald Lod running Northoait-erly and 760 feet on aald Lode running HOME8TAKB FRACTION LODB. er man of you, aad that other man I .. l:30am Dally .. . I:t2am 10:00 am Dally .. ..10:26 am ..11:42 m Daily .. ..12:10 ( nx . 1:15 p uv'Daily .. . l JBpm .. 2:25 p m Dally .. ..2:67 pm . 4:30 p m Dally .. ,1:61pm .. 6:30 pm 'Dally .. . 4:62 pm . ..OOpin'Dally .. .. 5:67 pm . 1:00 pm Dally .. . 7:22 pm .. 9:00 p m Dally .. .S:22pm .. 9:00pm Dally .. .. 9:22pm .10:20 pm 'Dally .. ,10:66 pm MAIN LINE TRAINS. thnc N. II degree 10 mlnut , 101 1 soutbwMterly from th DUcovcry Shaft DeiiDiilui at the northweit corse ot th not a soldier, as a rule; or, If he Is, ht Henry Schnitzel I4U.I.D., P. O Bos9t. feet to Cor. Na 4; theoo N. f 4igres 40 situated on said Lode; and, 1025 1 linear tost along tho vats of th Vernal Equinox minute W. 1491.9 feet to Cor. No. 1 sad lacking In moat of th respects es olalm for corner No. 1, from whlufe standard corner of Township north, rang I and 4 east B. H. M boar B. II deg, II place ef beginning. sential to a good soldier. It will al loom, tn p returned direction thereof being Northwesterly and BoutheaaUrly, 60 feet mln. W. 761.1 feet dUlant; thene B. II er balUnn ay mall ne eipreu will rM(r. prompt ettentKMi. Teal nil or 111. bwrt lpM prMM of DAISY NO. 1 LODE. ' Beginning at ths N. B. Oor. for Cor. Na Dally on said Lode running Northwe.lerly and most cerutlnly get you Into trouble--the guardhouae, a court-martial; lead burled with flowers and prmented a aad yet beautiful sight. Our Lead boys arrived all 0. K. at Spearflah yesterday morning and th day wa spent making arrangement for tmnaportatlon and getting their effect In shape to carry. They go to SM.XIX Falls this morning, wher they wUJ drill thlr y days. It ha snowed or rained steady since tie Bi-st of the month and as a result THE BIG BRICK Dopartment Store ! PnllHsaol tratythlt.g oonatantly oa hand. BILL bTABBT. LEAD 1026.1 test oa ald Lod running Southwesterly from th Discovery Shaft iltuated en aald Lode; bearing gold, with larface No. 202. ( Rtera rawnger) dvp'ta 2:00, No. 20 (Ra.trrn Pai.'rrl D.n't 2:00 n m 1, from which U. a Loo. Mob. Na 94 bean B. SO dsg. M mis B. 449.T test; thsno a 41 dsg. 10 mln. W. tot. 4 (set to Oor. No. I to loss of pay, kiss of confidence, re deg. 19 mtu. E. SO teet; these S. T deg. ui mln. K. lul l foot; thsao B. I deg. 29 mln. E. 499.7 feet; thno south 11 deg. 22 mln. E. 9 9 feet; thaoe B. It deg. 62 mln. W. 114.1 feet; theoos N. 41 deg. 19 mln. W. lue.l fretl thence N. 10 deg. W. or mi tgnl lor k Bectm rfnM. process, r. S. Palea laboratory Bad Munpllw works In ram bMiriifr. spect, health, vitality, etc. It la th thsnos a I dsg. 40 mln. BL 1494.S feat to ground 200 feet In width, iltuated In the Whltewood Mining DUtrlct., County ot Lawrence and State of South Dakota, and Stf ureal way to prevent promotion. Cor. No. I; thene N. 41 d.g. 10 mla. B, No. 210 (8parflah Train) D.parl 2 : 25 p m No. 204 ( rri'lght Depart 1:00 am No. mi (Raatcrn Paaa'rr) Arrlv 12:02 p m No. 209 (Rprarfl.h Train) Arrives 10:20 a m No. 203 (Freight) Arrlv , ii:00 a m 461.4 teet; thence N. I deg. 06 mln. W. 1012.1 feet t placs of beginning. 106.4 font to Cor. Na 4; theuc N. I dig. 40 mla. W. 1491.1 fsst to Cor Ks. t aad designated by th field note and official In such a wsr as this is likely to be Ith the new and many time mor de Bit Y AN uJDB. plat os file la thl office as Lot number 1226. In Township 4 N. Rang I E. B. II. plans ef beginning. MRS. J. P. BRANSFIELD'S Dally Except Sunday. Beglnnlns at ths sorthwest corner et th ttbe street of Lead are In a bad a c jo- "MM Let No, 1226. being described as DAlSr NO. I LODE. Bsglnalng at th N. E. Cor. for Oor. Na structive engine of war th offlosr, high or low, who sets th example ol follow, to-wlt: claim fur earner Na 1, from which standard corner ef Township north, ranges I and 4 E. B, H. M boars N. S4 dsg. 46 mln. BAHEBY 1. from which U. a Loo. Mob. No. bear r. t H, V. R, X, THE NORTH WE8TERN UNI. DEPOT: Btwn Doadwood and Pino MINERAL TWIN NO. 1 LODE. Beginning at eorn.r No. 1. Identical wtth runkenneas. In camp, on th march or dltkm as ever, and the good results brought about by the cleaning up laat week, are all undone. What Lead needs, very much, Is macadamised W. Is6i I feet distant; Umbo B. 41 dg. 19 H. C. JENSEN. Of L4, hu Opened TOBACCO -:- FACTORY, I ounectio with ala Clsalt Factory, and la Bklatetspplr all petti., with ale alaaa atu sllppta. Mall ordars pmoipilf faid. a S4 deg. I mm. B. ail.t feeti thanoe a II dag. 14 mla W. Ill feet to Cor. Na It mln. K. lot 2 fl; thsnoe S. II deg. 16 No. 95 8hermsn Street. th NW eorn.r of tb location, pitch- pin pcet I ft long, I Inch aquar. t 2 loot In battle, ahould be sent la dlegrace from the amy lor th first off ant. 8tr.iU. tbenoe B. S deg. 40 mla. B. .41.1 foot to mln. R. 1471.1 fti theno N. M deg. 19 Arrlvaa. Daoarta. in tne ground, with mound of earth and mln. W. lot foot; thsnos N. 10 dag. 41 ml. otroet and especially on or two of th I find that these potnta sue aa appro Through train to Omaha Cor. No. I; theno N. II deg. 14 mla. U. Ill feet to Cor. No. 4 Ihenae N. A deg. 4 mla. W. 1124.1 test i Cor. No. 1 ai.d slae W. 1461.1 feel to ths place of beginning. .ton, scribed 1M1-1216, Whence ths Standard corner of Section 26 and 24, Town. hip principal bualneesfme, and this they Is fast gaining sotonety a. well at pnpsler'ty OOLDEN GATE LOSB. Beginning at th touihwwet eomer ef th is, ft. I EBHM, bear N II 47' 4C W. ef beglnnlna can be worked down with the boa, a Chicago. Bt. Paul, Mln-mipolla, with clot con n-ction for alt point w.'.t and south, at Fra- priate for the vorunteers who hav had no mutuary experience as for th guard. But this eaa be added for them: n 4211. 1 feel, a pine 11 Inche la diameter oslng to lk tart thai II U lha only plaaa o aaa set tb Seal kind of baking at th looeet Sgurs Is being don today In Deadwood. LAST CHANCE Na I LODIL Beglonlng at the Bast Bid anal tak bears S 47 16' W. 20.44 feet and a pins 14 claim for oortter No. 1, front which standard corner of Township S north, range I and 4 E., B. H. M bear B. 10 deg. II mla. mont and Omaha 11 a m.. lorn A mentioned In thl paper yesterday choosing otnoers, as you will doubti Inch la diameter bear S. 17 46' B. E2.7 feet, each blated and scribed B T 1M1-1221, for Cor. No. 1 from which tl. a Los, Mob, DIcroT: Lower Main Street. W. 1911 feet distant; thane S. 41 dag. It ar aioMo 1. lie. end let 1ST. Bar te loavee or breed ara aqaal to swart loo Um Mb. keep; fall Una ol braad, aaa, aonklaa, .ream putts, andl, cigars, Milk, sts., ad welts r to aaU Na 94 bean a M deg. II mla W. , Thence B. 77' 02' B. 199.1 feet to corner morning, 8nth Bullock of Deadwood, has recolved aeommlaaton to ral tout feet; thenoo N. II deg. 40 ml W. 14.1 mln. E. IVI.I foot; theoo N. II dog. 01 mln. R. 121.4 feet; tbeeoe N. S dee. II mln. No. 2; Thenc S. II 11' W 1491 4 feet to have the privilege pf doing, take th greateat cere. Name for captain aad Ireinnanu only euoh men a you canre- last to Cor. No. I: uvsaos a fl dsn, 04 79.4 leet; thenoo N. 41 deg. St mla. W. Wbltewood, Sturgli, Rap Id, rhadron and Inter- mnllate point.... 10:4S a m 7:3S a m flrll. Fourche. ....... t:40 p m 11:00am Whltewood only 7:20 a m 4:40 p tn Excect Sunrla. troop of mounted men fovCol. Molvln Dont't Forget the Number. mln. W. 171.7 feet to Cor. No. I; llano a I dsg. 40 mla . UM.I test to Cor, Na 4 corner No. I; Thence N. 77 01' W. IO0.4 feet to corner No. 4; N. II 16' E. 1492.1 feet te corner No. 1, th place of be Qrlgsby and he In turn has appointed 7 At? Club Restaurant. Dos! Table in City. Heals all Hours. Tickets $5. SINO YOU, Prop. pct; men of good hac Ma, force of 95 ShermanStreet, Il l freti tbeaoe S. IT dg. M m'n. W. m.l feet; tbenoe S. I dg. 41 mln. W. 140.1 fseti thence S. II deg. II mla. W. 64I.I fsst te place ot beginning. theno N. II dg. M tola. E. 231 J teet to gtsning. harsher, courage; men who will om Dr. MaUon aa recruiting officer for Lead and vicinity and up to soon yes MINERAL TWIN NO. I LODE. Oor. No. I thoaos N. 4 dag. 41 mla. W. 114.7 foot to Oor. No. I aad place ot began mand and lead well aad whom you can Beainnlng at eorn.r No. 1. identical with PHILADELPHIA LODB, th NW corner of tk location, and witk terday over twenty men had algalftod Beginning at ths sorthwest eoraer ef th obey and follow. claim for corner Na L from which stand LAST CHANCE NO. 1 LODE, Beglnnlns at tb N. R. sld aarl atak their 'Willingness to go, by signing tholr corner No. 1, Mineral Twin No. 1 Led of thl survey, whence th Standard esraar ef I. A. WATROirS, ard corner ef Township I north, rang I aad 4. east, B. H. M bean B. S deg. 14 samoa. This Is on of th best oppor- tor Oor. No. 1 from which U. a Los. Moo, WANTED SPEC1MKNS. eectlon IS and M. lownaklp I N , K. I EBKM, bear N. 21 22' 20 W. 4492.1 feet, Thence S. T7 Of B, 200 2 feet te corner No. mln. W. 9V9.2 feet distant) tbenoe B, 41 Unltle presented to get to the front. If deg. 19 mla. B. 292.1 test; tbeaee a I dsg. MCSIHNIS & PALMERLEE . DtMLlKS New and Second Hand Goods . . . No. 94 bear a II deg. 07 mla. W. Ill I fsst; thencs N. II dsg. 47 mln. W. IIU feet to Cor. Na I; thsno a II dsg. tl mla For a "Mistral Reae U be eshiblud These S. II II' W. 142.1 feet te cor 01 mln. E. 1111.1 feet; thsnoe S. 64 deg. 44 lit- ructTioN. i A PERMANENT CUSS j I of th. mot orM.tlti.itn tnmt of (jotiorrna ; nil tllei-t, m'iintil In from S to ( i Uj. I liu 'Ml., r tr.vitmriit riuiFii. 1 t h'-l'l y nil ilniirt'l.t.. at Omaha all kltd of cres, mineral aad anybody at all goes and It Is e.peCUd that Lead City will be represented by s net No. I; Thence N. 77 02' W. 292.2 feet mln. W 19 feet; thence N. SI dec. IS mis. . reef w oor. wa ai tbeaoe B. Sea. rar peclmes free. I te I lacks square, to comer No. 4; Thoooo N. II 11' B. 141 4 w. m i rest: n. s east. min. w, troop of about 40 or 60. which will be poll as catalogued ano pro per credit aivo. Plea Mad with feet to corner No. L the plao of begin- 417 feet; thsnoe N. T deg. 01 mis. W. FRANK LAKE. DRAYMAN AND TEAMSTER. Hauling- of Every Description. sing. 41 mla. aV 1144.7 teet te Cor. No. 4 thsnoe N. II dsg. 14 mla. B. III.I feet to tier. Na l theaos N. I dsg. 41 mla W. 417.1 teet t Cor. Na I; tkeae N. S4 deg. U aila. W. MS.4 foot te Oor. Me. 1 aad plao el The last meeting of th old and th II! I feet to th ptaee ef heglBalng. peclmen. value, where from et. Address A. i. Johaitoa, Ollimere Hetel ROSA BELLB L03B. CLEVELAND LODB. first meeting of th new city adminis Beglnnlns at corner No. 1. Identical wftk Beginning at tk aertkwsel earner ef the Deadwood. Sooth Dakota. tk NW eomer of tke tooatioa, and wltk tration of Load met in joint aeaelon claim for eomer No. 1. trwa whisk aland' If you war.t to Buy or Sell get corner No. I Mineral Twin No. t Lode of Monday evening nod after th regular ard corner ef Towsaslp torth. rasgss I and 4 east, B. H. M., bean N. If deg. M Coal Delivered to any Part oi Taeeaeadi are Trylaf It. thl survey, Whence th Standard corner buylti MM ucsmv I business had Lraawplred, under Mayor fa erder te arove th area tuerlt ef of section a and M, Township I N.. R. their figures. Courteous treatment to all. the Clt?. itrTaaitr.," twoauM thaoMi rf OUltlvatttio MMIdoa Inferior amta KHHM. bear N. 14 14' SO W. 470. Ely' Crsara Oalxa. th Xoo-f ffoti nr mln. W. 1111 toot distant! tk a I dg. I mla. m. II fwti thsnos a 1 deg. 42 mln. B. 1461.1 feet; these M. II . 14 Jenkins, b thanked the rotinng eoua alwajr. laravlr aioMd. th. wwad feet; Tkeae a 77 01' I. 191 1 feet to cor lor Catarrh and C'oiJ la Head, ws kar pro Deadwood, . South Dakota ciimen and formerly turned over th or u. ran ano aart m 10 tad. Tk. ka.t 1. ih. mln. W. 141 fsst; thene N. 10 deg. II mla ner No. I; Thence S. II II' W. 1491 1 feet te earner Na I: Thenr N. T7 Of W. loo I pared a rons trial sue for is ents NO. 62! LOIW Mali) M.ESf, (Ore to his successor, P. A. QushUTSt, W. 412.1 1 thence N. 0 deg. It sxla. W. Kl.f Ut II 01 your Breggw ov sons aw ra feet Is eoraer No. 4; Thence N. II II' B. reel lo p ao sf BoglBBIag. who then In a few well chosen remark ELT BaOfl., CO Warrea Si., if. X. City. 1494.1 feet to corner No. 1. tho plao of be IOWA LODSV ) spk Pay infi awr for FEnrcvo GEED0 an I drolly to th point staled his plan ginning. n-iint.'sg at lbs aenhwart eerner et the I anffarsd f rem tarrk ef the wer-t kind Hotel Fargo, VERNAL EQUINOX LODE. riaim for eoraer Na 1, Item which stand. for the coming two years, and If they vr siao a bu.', aud 1 ar hoped fot JOHN DAGGALEY, neiinnlng at corner No. 1. on lis 1-4 ard corner ef Township I north, raasos ECHO FRACTION LODB. BsgtBBlag at the N. B. Cor. for Cor. No. 1 froea wklch V. a Loo. Mon. Na 94 bear N. II deg. 4 mla. B. 141 !swt these a, M deg. N mla W, tol l feet t Cor. Na l tbeaoe N. 64 deg. 44 mla W. 41.1 feet to Cor. Na I; tbeaoe a M deg. SO Bits. W. SO test to Cor. No. ! Usaoe a IC . II ml, a. ! teet te Oor. No. I thsos N. Tl da 10 mla. a. te foot to Cor. Mv I; lhnc N. II deg. 24 mln. B. IM.I ted to Cor. No. 1 aad plao sd kaglaaiso. Ares. A area. Echo Lode, 11.11 Daiiy Na t Lode, 15 04 , Daisy Ne. 2, II M Laal Chanoe No. L ...... .... A7 Last Cbatao No. 1 1.49 Eiib rraeUoa, iM Total Area, .t 1011.1 llp-ar feet it sl.iT.ed ruahlsg ur. bat ! naias ss e ar are fallowed out as laid down, will b Mineral Twia No. I Lode ot Ibis survey. and east. B. H, M hears a BT eeg. II AT anJ Wmvt ffH poor MtMr1 worth. Identical wltk t te NW eomer of tke U-rn I bat llay gaiaunea aavs bm It lh celea reH. Oeoae Oairsai Do the In ncnt of every one. The new mln. w. 126. 1 reel alstaati thsnoe a SI cent gea-r pipr wywnT-a, Mining snti Real Estate Broker leg. II mla. B. 127.1 lest! theses a I dsg. AiwsijB id oiri. mm AvnntMU rrvsv tlon, a pltek plf poet I feet long, I Inrbe uare, sot I fct la the around, wltk mayor appointed the following officers Hot Springs, South Dakota, il mln. a. 9M.7 toot; thene a II deg. U U Warrea Ave., CUoago, dl Ely's cream Balm is the 4krwtr!s ears for a4rBB and eenlssn ae eoain to the resnectlva positions: Auditor, mound ef earth and (ton, scribed IV-illi. Deadwood, S. D. mln. n. Ill l feet; theses N. 41 deg. It mln. W. 1 41. 1 leet, theo N. II II mlo W. 461 fssti tbeaoe N. I dec. mla. M. i. Tyler; City Attorney, Toomlah whence th Standard eoraer ef sections 26 aad IS, township N , R. I EBHM. boar msreery aoe any Infejio-as 4r art all right, Oo there you well. CuD; Chief of Police, James J. Ora N, to It' SO- W. 1122 I feet: Thence S. 77 Member of DcaJwocJ stock Excise. Dealsr In Mining stocks and Real w. mi i teet l staoa ef sesiBnlaa Will entertain whether ilck or (or k Chung At Arac ecsVBta. f by OP B. 190.1 feet to corner No. I; Tbenoe S Area, A and Andrew Dray and ElSrt Aledalo IT 21' B. 10U.1 teM u eoraer Na. I: llomeetsk Frartloe Lod .74l rOC MEM ty ANTED Tbeaee N. 77 02' W. 22.l feet te corner Batata. Stamhlp and Ral.road TlckaU bought and sold. a petrol men. Of course, as is always ths ceae, there are disappointed office rtryaa Lode ,4l Oolden Oate Lode ,, 1.404 No. 4; Tbenoe N. V II' W. loll I feet te I In 4t lionr. Onnnrrom anil iltarhanrwiipntntli. iinnr sorusriy rem eiaoevory ", tm- tu To occupy l hvge rwean wKh two beds, corner Na 1, the place ef beginning. I'hiisdelphla Led T.scT Everything First-Class. eekar but ths appointment fire gen. st II eaoh per wi, ever Thompson vanauona at all courses ! it' BL Last Cksnos no. 1 Lees and 1 feet ran. Bins southerly frosx l'rwy sbsi on Last Ckaao No. I Led. 1 ..J Uaar tea levelsad Lseo. 9.411 Iniw,iirrwii: iv H.ntnl t.t era! Mtlaraotkm, as they are all well Area. Acre. Iowa Lode , 114 Mineral Twin No. 1 Led 10.1701 tl elaimd ruBalng aorther! and M feed known clUssns. wegoa shot, appar Mala street, s FOR IALE OR TRADE. Mineral Twin Na I 10.114 Total Area UT44 Vernal Equinox Lode. Th Braesmed SlreeUoa ef the IsAs line Cs..tii mm BEACOUABTERS. full lt.247 DO outbarly rrom dieoovery kat; na the Daisy Na I Lode mt 9 test Is aul-ad res-Blng northerly and lo teet raanlsg otk-rly from discovery ilutni ea tbe Ixttty Rose Belle Lode ADVICE OP AN OLD SOLOIXR. of raeh of eat elalats aad the :r ef AAA well Thre Ma Is Wkluweod. tea fenda- Whllmaayof th national guard feet is each direction trees tfc 4,e.vry shaft ea said claims ar a to. tow ft Toul area of Survey No. 1516 12179 Na 1 Leas 710 feet Is slalrcsd rnnlr.s tloa for bulldlss. tl bMiing apple trees. Of Y. H. MOORE OlncHsmHti and Wagon r.Mor. m Jv mm a -mn i wm a - - i . regiments, both north and south, are OtiOWQOO $. 0. 0HA8. BOHL, Proprietor, Thl claim I situated near th head of srtherly aod fill fast ruamwg scnikerty llomeetak Fraetlea LsAe. a I deg. N vr tb West Branch of Two Bit Creek, about rrom a lac o very sham en tks Eok lod tiln. B. Tl feet aorUwostarly aag t fsst fortunat enough to have a greater three miles Southeasterly from Deadwood mutheaatrrty; Philadelphia Lod. S, T dee. Will trad far let la Deadwood. MART r. kUNO, JOHN BAKER. Ageat DOUBLE ENGLISH YlOLSTh. Th only place lo town upli food luaeh. 491.1 feet la claimed running sintberly Bad 100 feet running setiUerly tfsm C - Bouts Dakota, which Is the sesreit busl to mla. E. and B. II deg. to mla W. TU feet northwesterly and Til fsst sestbeaet- IM center of Importance. lees number of field, staff and tine officers who saw actual service In war, ths rank and file, almost -w 1 thourt x oopUon, Fallowing II tn -BILL Of FARE The location, of the mine ar record rlyt lows Uses, B. B e. SB Mla. B. aod "every man; on lha gene FTantna La 47.1 feet Is slslm.d rasstng sreaurly ae iot.1 fsst running eaaiariy (rem aovry shaft. Aivava (Ml tat Is to ear vurtek Ham Baaesgs Blood, Seuaags Vsal ed la the effloe of the Register ef Deed of 1. 22 deg II mla. B. 744 foot Bortkwsstorlr h-ksoo rMtrv flea . .it. ret r .a OtaerTby mall e tbrwl proeiipil Siled ralKMCNT ORIXNHOL'SES, Lawrence County, South Dakota, a fol nd 749 feel southeasterly! Cleveland Led. W i.d ,H Mfi UM. P.M Chi 8wt. Bansag Sumner, Che Brick, Sausage Liver, .r unacquainted wtth the life that before them, outside of the school lew! ii. ,wi IiI'iwm. F.t'ln UnMirT H.rMrfc meiil...n Klbl llluW- rromoat, Nb. 4. 10 dg. II mla. B. T60 feet northwssterly and 701 feet southeasterly! Bryaa Lode, B Cn Llmbtri.r, Cher Smearra Mineral Twia No, 1 Lode.ertrlnal cert Id Ha4 Cbeee, Frenkforter.. rig' Feel, D r.l .iwm. v1. .hmnkiw or.-tn, .a etetlt to cat book 70 at page ltd: Mineral Twia No the soldier in time of peae. at th doors of their totnea Some of them jr-iy n-Arl Jm Mnmhm 4 In old I or rove. 12 deg. is mla. B. 76 faot Berth westerly nd 721 k feet BMlheMterly) Ooldea Gals I Led, or! final srtlflcat bonk 70 at page i ...I. Me.rf I. Mnt .1 k-t. rrum Si.OO. MiSnae. i. rr ANNUAL MMTlNa NOTICE. f fr $A.MitMt e eefi-' nirmhlli mm W tyxie. b. s .g. a ssin. w. a. tl eL s a: rxoaa sens Leas, original esrtirkate. may think they know all that I to be m .hi rvwi. lil art aa Iur-AT a.ggs Boiled. Wienerwurst, Sardines. Sour Tongus, Pickled Hani at. Dill Pickles, Chow Chow, Dried Bffi, Pickled E.I. Dlua Flos, rromsgs d Brio. Hand Cbeee. OH. Set ileal nlB. W. aad a 64 dan. II mla. W. T4 fsst book 7 at page III; Vernal Equinox Ixide in. r imk.iulKUAN if rear ai Notice I kereby given the the reru a uai BMetlag ef the V. B. Oraat Mining hnown, except bnul experience, but ongiaAi osniseate, twos 70 at page sol. uortkresurty aad 61 feet aesthwsstorly. v-4 It, wJ 'I o u xixiioo axri cu. rw, new Vbe adjoining claimant are oa tkr Ths location eertlflrates t thaee mis eempaay will be held at the efsee ef r, Oikka. gbarsaaa itreet. Dead weed, B. D. .ma I'ttarS-iay. meiui trial. tiaA.'WlWt. a It. r alt Sard. I la, Imported Frankfurter. Irnitksilif vA (Marti RtpiltlntDut ei Skirt Hatlcff. All Kinds of Carriagv and Wagon Wood Work, al Carriage Furnishings. 1 1 and 13 Pine St, Deadwood, Sl D. North White motion Lode: oa tk East ar recorded la tb ffiee ef th ktltr ef thy are far front knowing It all. It true that thy hav epent a week Etpp rraetlee ssd Hera Silver Lodes, o Deed or nwrenoe Oouity, Benih Dakota. 1 rclock p. a.. Saturday, May It lies, fer th Buness f oteoUBC a board ef ilrsetse abobovis, salmon, Lobsters, Caviar. Appetite talad, Nufchatt.l Chaa Birr a Che. in soma aa west unknown. la book ill, pas 14. S4S, 4 sad been 47. pte 411, 411 and 411. camp each year over sine thy enlisted la the slate service, but Uy did not Asy aad all person claiming advrsly, for the eaealag year sad the traaaeetltw ef Magnetl variation II grs T6it Tk tooatioa ef thl gains Is retarded In th Register ef Dead Se et Lnwrttce County, a D a follow) La t CUsre No. 1 la keek 104 pa 111) Laet naaii Ne. 1. m book 104 te t .:i Dtsy n. 1 la boo 104 at peg lest Daisy Ne, 1, U book 14 Pt 221; Erhs Lod In bovk HI tt I 244, aad Bob Fraction la book 113 at f- sNb Th adjetalag claimants ar aaknewa to Xlst. Any and all persona slatming owmK'f toy porttoa ef said Leet Cun ho. 1 nd I, riy No. a i 8. V: 1 Aca pracuoa mla or s- .rxoe t - i an reqaired te life Uir a,-- slaime with tke Bolster e ISmp t u d BUIes lavod eioee (A B"d l f la the State ef South P' , .rir i atitr day period ef itiWrtt.wi 1, r tbey will be barred by mil et t a v talon of U Stalut. a. 2. GAt : ' ', say Bortioa ef said Mia oral Tana Na I Tk adjoining daim ea e Berth, cast TO THE LADIES. Wba yon want Art Linn, flour d II Silk, Tyrlaa Dye, call ea Mr. H. J. Moon.y, 722 Nobl block. Lossona glvan la Art Needl work. Stamping dee. 'hav raw radons Ueued to thea- nd weet ar aakBewei en tfee eoath aald uck ether basis a raay sreeeriy hrfore the rassttng, JOHN BAEZa. I Hd runs a good clan comfortAbl placa Olrs blm a call and b convinced thai It Is ths "Only" plane la town. claim are beua kr the Praua aad iny rations hard bread, salt and frees Led. Miaeral Tsrla No. I Lode, Ross Ball Lode, aad Vernal Ec.lnox Lode, Mln. or surface greuna, are required te file their advene claim wtth th lUglsur ef th Hattle lode, tsareey Na 10S1.) 'beef, pork, bea&a, eoffse; toy dldn U.Sar. A Uausi A II I S ST 1 Any and all person ialutng adversely iy portion of eaid miaee er surfao y v'Blted States Land Office at Rapid City, 1 m rar i at eai mmmrmt nmw-w-w NOTICB Of BAUS tir MAU iafTATTfi. hav to cook for themselves est thlr 2 la th Ceesty ef Pennington, State of ground are required te Bio their adverse claims with ths Ug1slr ef II United a. a. ano roamav, South Dakota, during the sixty days period By vlrtss ef aa ereer aad iisri ef the PATENTS er puBiioauoa sereer, er they will be bar' nute Land office at Bar-Id Cor tn th own tables, on the ground, wtthout any spreads; maybe la maddy CaUa, la th rain, and shtinf c roes-lfg4. mostly mum mmm jm tlnti Bssf a fa ! ! aTretrW'S bh WLiHan. lll exitiki I. . " tk Immh rrenrk pnyMrtan, win PROCURED. .rtaerreolVfe - red by th virtue ef th prevtsleos of tb Stat ef Sooth Daklta, SarlBg the Ststy ctataty C-rurt ac Lavroeoe oeeaty, netita DaketA, mad ea the pwtiuoa ef the ser-igsed admiaKtrater with th will aaaoasd utclyufMaoau ZZ statute. day period of publication aareef. er ther EUGENE W. JOHNSON, 'Without half or (ark. They didn't ill be barred by vtrtse ad the mryeu A. K, GARDNER. at the eetase of dsexes a. r. auiter, d, for a orter u sell the real etato aald arsessed. made ea the tfth ear s Register. ot in Hiatal. caiMM lo Marry, aaMeeun Prwrna, Vanrnrwe .1 a. ftrraaJilreaeakydarornuiliirPMMr.nZX have to do their own washing and A. K. QABWri. i:VtK?s AM - ATTDaXEY erbarta. etitck U ooiriire1 leuf. tn eeeenaamrxva 4 irroe. ui lmamafar. '" - - - - mending. la avotnal nerric. la the Sepumbee. inl. 1 ekajl. ea r after th. i fJUntr, .scporiK Arrg) ' -f ff. -f aj' it rmhuasj ' tlth day f ly. If. l the Tsr ef "elaea tn lha faraaoe e Bsat Aav. Ball It 1 kereby erder4. that the for . tT IS RZXZBT ORDERED. That Us fnrsgetng Notloe of AwpUcatlo for Peteel b published tor th period ef SO day ttes MMeativ weeks) Is the P1eaer-T!mes, a daily aevspapor puMisbad at Doadweod, r v run pi i.ii mi f mr-n emaja wees oiraaa, 1 .a rmmm ee- .ea km. rw ie fi.. n i. hmum eJnoee aa. aaa mmmj - - notice ef Appllcatloa for Patest, be eu n FATUTT OASXS, IIM lark A, Waaklaataa, B.a field, they will hare to 4e these thtacs for themselves, aad when th eaapalgai te on when the eh as begins aad the rr rs rssssT CZ-"J V i tersinlnt Nolle ef A' . f j be pubii.hed fu tbe ni"4 cf " ta eonaor't 'v w- . ) i j t i Ttm a y r-- r 'tftei. ami. La tt..j . A. V . , llshed for the parted et ststy ,ys U lit privet aie, the real et Vsrjb4 Mkewe, te-wHt Lets i, li, , 4 , 44, 46, 44, 4f SS4 4 a th t fu. lloa. CCKlt).! Iiat-eoe tie mn-ir o CI-.VIIM.I fa . Mii, l Aeito.rJiMiTilri recorwr Mai km T tii-rrl a awrsraauiui jX LJake (jfefirBu), ---i r ipif 1,1 i i m lit " - seutA caaeta. Deadwoo Ploeoei-Ttm, a v e? .r) XMkUtAd4 lie. CfearfM A. K. OAKDNZTt, per pauiaaa a usaseev t ..x. . iSAoA) xJa-i.iCiaai tmmPrO. rmmmm, ttg, jB-ga battle opsna tAey win hare to K ntAXXLDf, QALAC3 PHA&MACT, DXAOW00D, t. Ik them about aa they were done in the . Roftstse. A. k. (.A... IL'.vr, la wriiuig raay se a at tae m ec (first nbueauea Kay 1. vm.) hfA. oa tie fst-rwiB tr , l-wtt: rh.

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