The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 27, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 27, 1900
Page 5
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TOE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD WOOD, a IX promote the growth of hair. Also I plTlONALCirY NEWS. . mrvwmn rwirmrmn ruxnsiruwi inruiruwi ' nnnnruw ajm; r cures -orns. bunions ariU ingrowing nails. Office hours at Seebick's from H to 1:' a. m.. ami from 2 to fi p. m. r valentine and John Wolzmutn '"'rein the city. Mrn6" . .... iven bv Twenty-five is the highest score at fir ., t Mrs. Vv. H. H",;,," w. L. McLaughlin l-" 11 ' .,. .1,0 nrire of admis- Calumet 4 V FOOD J ! Baking w oderateX I (Tj Powder If that Boy..... Shine street is all torn up between Main and Williams streets, owing to a leak in the sewer. There have been several breaks in the sewer on this street during the last few months, and the lity is relaying the sewer the entire length of the street. It gives one a feeling of satisfaction to do a right action. The right thing for you to do is to attend the school entertainment on Monday eve. Vou will be amply repaid for the money outlay and you will help our schools to look as artistic as eastern schools. Mrs. Remer has returned from C'ti oago. where she has been studying un ' '. i..,. v,.r he would have tht present writing for the rifle to be rihot for at the Dcliolt shooting gallery on the evening of June 2nd. Try your liiiml- L'T to is just a fair average. LOST. A golil pan watch charm anil platinum shovel. Leave at Russell & Higliie s. A teamster driving down Hhinc street ystenlay g;t on the wrong side of the trench that has been dug in relaylnt the sewer pipe, and as he approached the Main street corner, driving on the siiTwalk. his wagon tipped off the walk in ihe highest place, and horses and wagon were piled up hack of the signboard bv the biD Monday Wcar out a pair of ordinary shoes in a month, put him into our ,vmliate I.M-k n -,;ieral ne - oats of paint re-'Th, final " a Waek' ,S all on no. Kcmer has just returned from wh,.re she has been studying A Glimp se of Rural California. Santee. Cal. ..May is. ISHMi. My dear Mr Kdltor: The white glare and clear blueness der the best masters. Hear her Monday night at the Opera house. It is conceded that Jhere are few baritones equal to Mr. Tegarty. Hear him Monday evening at the Opera J of San Diego s broad streets have fad host masters.. Uoa l raw to ed at last from my vision. I have 44 L Monday evening. P . . i n, Armored Cruiser. shaken the dust of the city from off my sandals, and in stout hrogans trudge along country high-ways, past vine is a great deal 01 unuiui ... ,Trap" and Miss Helen Bennett PrettipTt will ajmuse you im-y if vou iH so to hear her. Hunler. for.ieWx lu'tbf eotptoy Went worth hotel. He was warned before he got into the critical place that he could not get thru, but he kept on until he went over. The sidewalk is three ilV four feet high at that point, and his wagon took a heavy drop. The contest at Deliolt's shooting gallery is warming up. and from the present outlook the winner of the 30-30 rifle fir Lhe 3i-calibre revolver will not have a walkawav. I,oe of tins city. MMiholm nf nf Men l.v . niiMit tor his old hom This shoe will stand the racket of the wildest hoy that ever kicked out shoe leather. THK UPPKRS are made of solid calf skin, with oak tanned sole leather bottoms. leu i"- Bhalltown. Ioa. probably to ra- onday eveniiiK the peerless en- pr and .liale.t. Mrs. Whealen. ,1)Par as Bri.lii.-t in '"Die Mouse house. A man got funny in an upstairs lodging house on Main street, yesterday forenoon, and his mirth culminated In his being thrown headlong down the stairs to the sidewalk below. The nian of the house came down later and finished the job by applying his fists to the man's optics. It is expected that every seat in the Opera House will 1m taken for the entertainment Monday evening. The fact that the Hrehany Company have kindly consented to assist on this program will make it one of the most popular entertainments ever given in Dead wood and at the low price of "ill cents for reserved seats. Mr. M. K Hrochear. the complexion and scalp specialist, will be at See-hick s millinery store all week, beginning Mav 2.s, and will he pleased to nave the ladies of Deadwood call and see her. Shi brings Mrs! class n-coin-iiiendat ions and guarantees to remove freckles, until patches, liver marks coarse pores, pimples, excessive redness or oiliness removes wrinkles, cures dandruff stops falling hail and Hear iut '', "jj Fonda. who has been connect- YETS ER DAY'S RERS0NALS Or D. Ralph, of Spearflsh. was a visitor I. L. l-r 1 1 j : 1 1 e 1 r. tiiriifiJ' fi iiin dow n the Klkhorii. yards and orange groves, humming meanwhile with the little Mlgnon of Italian clime "Knowpst thou the land where the orange flower blooms?" A single glance along the road-side, white with the delicate blossoms, answers not alone her inquiry, luit suggests to one lie he ever ao little ro-mantU all sorts of sweet alluring things visions of long filmy veils taint echoes of Lohengrin and black he-gowned friars in the dim distance. Hut to one damsel-in "maiden meditation, fancy free' whose sun-bonnet hangeth o,r her shoulders in true country -girl fashion, rusticity, even a la solitaire bath its charms' l-'or beauty of country landscape give me this l-:i Cnjon valley this valley so rich in fruit. Mowers and waving grain. Coiupleiely surrounded it is by rows of white biiuldered lazy, dreamy foi t-hills. hi, h seem to peer o,-r each otheis shoulders ill almost human fashion .Ulwilighl "just as tin-sun goes down having an amethyst L swift's I lead wood establish- , ihe last few months, went linaha yestenlav to take a pos- the main ollice. J, tt'. Hai'nin received the Hail the death of her father, Mr. .1. r jn Nottingham. KiiiIi,iii!. yes.- THK SOLKS are tilled with steel circlet t- they never wear out. Try a pair ami ou will ue no other. Zipp Shoe Co. 655 Main St. Mr. Miller wis about 7a years ;,n.l until leeeir, ly occupied an ml pnM inn at t .e li-'a I of one ! ,l,iaritnei:ls of i lie Midi mil Miss Mlie .li-Wfll arrived lioin down Ihe KIMiorti Mi's. Nott unit to Hot Sprinus for her health i'l'hlay. W. W ltiaille . nf Si. .'.irlish. was in the eity diirilic I lie .,iv II Thayer, nf spent l-'i iday t, o-l,t in t he i in ! ,ev I : I ' went to Ka p'd City I 'i i-day to visit hi ; sister, M rs. 1 1 i ., I l- r-nian. for a feu lays. Miss Mali.-, .Mcliitvie and Miss Louise Russell returned from a short trip dow n the Klkhorn. Phil Atkinson. I-'. .1 Washahaimh and Seth Kullock ret u rued from the convention at Sioux Kalis. Kd. Cilinaii and wife returned Kri lay pring and Summer 1900 ine haze over tli. ni, bow like a great i silver bracelet they look all enamelled in violet tuns, .-ind set with clusters of milkv pearls. This bracelet encircles the gold.-n wrist of this part of the vallev the beautiful Santee. It is from her little country cross-roads store-porch I write this a porch laden with clicging jasmine and creeping ivy. Here it is the thirsty traveller refreshes himself from the huge earthen olla and gourd completely enrircled by a golden honey -sm kle w hich to a tired and dirTv vagabond must be as nectar to the one-time gods. In Ihe rafters high above a tiny humming-bird has Go to the. from Missouri, when- ihe former had been called by the death of a sister. We tiikc i;mt pleasure in olTeriii"; this sea-sou's. purchase for your inspect ion, beino fully aware of the fact thai it exceeds all our previous efforts. notwithstanding 'nik kwknt ;im;at advance in ukkciiandisi: in ol-i; link, we have not advanced ih'i! i'kk'es in any single instance. -i Miss Helen Uak.-r and Mrs Herman RischoiT returned from the (d ! Kel-lows and Uehekah gr.ind lodge, having stopped off on the way hack for a visit Kriday. The following registered yesterday: built itself such a wonderful little nest, FAMILY LIQUOR STORE For Pure Wines and Liquors, Also for Bottled Beer in Cases Telephone Xo. 25. Goods Delivered Free to any Part of the city 635 Main Street Deadwood. Our Men's Depart incut is replete with the very latest for men's wear. Men's Spring Overcoats, in all the newest shades and styles, i,-tii'iii: in price from $7."0 to 22.()0. .1. li. Waltner. Lincoln: (' V I'ieison. Omaha: H L. Cooper and wife. White-wood: ". H Towiisend. Arthur. Ohio: A M. .lolitison, R Ra.ei- Curtis. Neb : (V T. Roliinsoii. Omaha. L. N t John. Chic.igo. Louisa llrehany. Jessie .Monroe. (Mga Sctimell. Louisa The handsomest line of Mens pnn;.. while the crimson roses have twined Ihemseles about il in grac-'ful fashion. I'.ut -, little ciiiint r v-stoi " ami post-ottice - W hat could In- more novel? W hen one buys anything from a can of salm in to a pair of suspenders, or a mouth-organ to a buggy -whip' And thi n the an, led newness and delight of s.iving in the official capacity of As-sisLiui I'ost master wondering, erstwhile, u ever before government offi-, ill received her salai v iii pink guin-diops' Just for once to know the delight of nading one's letters perched atop a molasses liarnl' To ie,-ei,-ones i.i.i 1 1 from a , i invent iotia I post-in. iu is a- nulling in , oin pa i i.-oii s-u, h a variety of ,Uiori,-rs v.. -in! t ' ,-i r an o w anl on,- huh- shu ,- Syne ' With a quaver in his voice once mote I hear him say "True, lassie jiiM-iil -s at a kindergarten, clustered llis lund is uwer bunny ' Hill there's was Just one Ihini; I lonK fOI :, siht of It. IV. round a radiator oil a cu ino-l aniusin'. Countless fancy fowls Ihe dear old heather before die' ' no-l aniusitii;. Countless I lie otlier day sonic one sent me ,i V. el e ilev ou'ilin: II tla ppet i i II i looking Suits we have ever shown; the very latest (lesions in hi;Ii "fade tailoring. mn.n'iti" from $'.." to $25.00. Fully equal to tailor-made, at jnt t die-half the cost of niade-to-order "iiis. Our Eon's Department consiMs of everything necessary for a boy's complete outtit, icliable tioods, and low prio-s boiii- our ..VI ' 4 I I s.,i -hells with all the relisii a small treat boy of roses represen ta t i ve of I, iv i v i n, es for a n iie-iiealii soda on a aili-nsl ,-er- varielv. seemingly'- A - b, i dav K.M off in a distant corn, -rj w-o down in one eonier was tucked a on, ,,:,. turkey attiaitel my at t -'i - si mple 1,111, yellow rose I lo von i and syiupathy I asked the iortlvl i-liow why to t bat was t he sweetest Minlz. (J. Sauvlet. Kori-est St Ca i r New Vork: .1 M. I loiiald I It Cadd Alliance Rema ns to Be Shipped. O. A. Kelly , w ho die, I in hi, i , at I Im- Sj ikii. ate l,,...-k Kl I i ; i luglil '" ' !"ipe-! o.. !i.. !',;,: iolgl-M i-'iiroail ll.:s air.-: i.ooi, to Hi. ,m,. i'-- :..o(hi r ,ii I'lai ii:,;, . ; ,, Iilell-. I )ea -1 OOd Lodge ,,. .", ; I i 1 W . of tt hi, i, K, iy ,, I, . 1!. ,. , lH ' Oil, ll. , I ,J I ..-. I I . IV , ,,. o-lii.ims. ac-oi i ng to t i , : i, , , ,i t n, "Ol'-r. in 1 la- iindi il.ikiiit; r.i. oi l h.r l-.- II Robo:-..!.. ;,- i, noon, today and after tn, ,.-i i, -rffe loilue inelll I, - i s u j 1 eseoi I 1 h, 1.1. .Ills to tie de-.i . i; -f. ;, i, ,,1 the itodega. who iiad known i,e man for y eai s. and who had l-eeti hi- room mate for several nionihs. will go oig "bom a re ih, I n , i 1 1, -Mexicans l-.en the I she raised turkiys. loo hut j ' iu oil it is just tlie ,in, urows under the b.iv-window . where . MUllllllilv respoluled. '1 oiilv raise irtt W by sumBlocliCo. O.M.l Al.U. : in - v a r, I s a m I , 'la ' ' ! jea ns with the inevitable i, I" aboil t Ihe t il I o.i : a nl ! 1.1 II 1 1 . life, I I Ig all I l nei o" for I hen 1 Hill p us season we have paid part hula '' a i ;oii:'."i! to ine K FOLKS. i i .i a 1 1 g , -- ' and Mexi i -iulih.i, ii i la 1 1 in f.u -- ai I. t k. SUlllil! I ro , hange of , igareltes Last we hall rou; I ing." Tit- ive-piec,. Suits from M years up witn vest mm f. from S2.U0 to .i;.r0. . a most t e I, In a Hie to t I .- stol e at lad w i fe. a slender da rlo y ,-d jit and collars just like 1'apa wears, a-es years and 'II CUNTS' ITKNISIIING DEI'AWT MKNT, cm nvature. will ifl bla, k ey es, made a I ' , i'll-oifl L'OW'll. my own little mother so often sits' It is in v heather' To this far famed Kl Cajoti valley, lie.iirice llairadi-n eomes all the war from Knuland to visit, at the most charming of homes As I wandered about tie- rooms so often k raced by her yentie presi nee or lingered in the cozy iiiKl"-niok before the ureal fireplace where she had so often dreamed. ( could but regret that the little ship passing in ihe ni'lit mk'ht not hIw.ivs amhor jn the quiet haven under the hill Hut a little silver isle in the Atlantic stretches forth welcoming arms to her fair daughter, and while Colin McNeal mav of the faint pink heather on his native heath, and I. of a little golden ruse bush f ir to the east she i ; , one! " I i-till spi cu late as I , III.. I lute- tin-key's 1 ell,-, t ions s, illiet i me let.- 111 l fall' What a ilitlei .-nee between a l.c bill 11 low I and the ostriches OIK- sees o.-i at Coioiiado' If a tn-w chick I- one of the prettiest IllillKS ill the universe, then for homeliness, ugliness ami ireneral d isi eput ableness. commend me to a young, ostrich. Of .-nurse a Krown up ostrich may have its' charms its feathers, beautiful in texture if not in eoloriir; --and .1 met so rp: isinn amiiunt of st relict b - where a smule well aimed Id vv is sufficient tu kill an ox Hut look one at its hideous loui; 1,,-ck. and its manner of swallowing beets and alfalfa in relays r.'-id,- tin c on si i m mat ion of the task -n evidently an all summer's task- Ji every detail, with the latest novelties, in fact. ev- wj'h the remains. A eon i s in- .jiustwas held over the remains in the undertaking room yesterday, the - that is new and novel worn bv men. suit of the investigation being a er- fTS of the celebrated Dunlan and Stetson -makes, icl that Kelly had come to his death 4 tall good dressers, in all the new shapes and shades y an overdose of arsenic, administer- 'Mes for sprinir wear. Hest line of Eancv Capswe have ever -how n. in ,l accidentally by his own hand Kelly had been employed for a week or ten days past in painting the Syndicate block Pw style Plaids and Checks. Shoe stock is now eomnlete with the very latest in poes. Kvery pair guaranteed to i?ive satis faction. ,n, In, led not to wait over. "hall gather "primroses by the river's my n.ind wuul.l revert tu brim." or n-sting in a sequestered -oi - ib'at w 1 1 1 1 v ner of t(. uld Cteen I ira gun. writ-' us I'ii-L:-. Fen n i iiL'ton as he wished for more pretty tales llarryet Cloiigh. in-, k like a stove pipe 'lonir about mai I'll l i-l lea - l Ul- t hat lie tlliyllt do a' ' i, e To his mother's m.illce and flow. I ,e-,le,-kei I hat N'oi si; pretty is she as the Navajo maiden who. in gaily colored velveteens and much silvc' trinketings plies tin- shut tie to and fro deftly weaving the most bijhutiful of blankets in fantastic coir.liinatioi.s Rut the oddest chat alter of the ' . i was the husband of the daik-eyed - n- His civilian gainieuts were .'mlii ' -bed hv a most ultra sivl, of T'rajied about hi-- sw-ar-Oiy neck .,- a r--d and blue sniped 'I'nrkiih to-- 1 much lie-fringe, i while about his -.--i.-i.l hriiioiini le-had art , -' a 1 1 v f, sto. m.-d a oa i r i f dei idedly ', minute iw, .. pu, u t ,-i . Whose r,i, ' 1 f.l.-te-K-l s dlll-jled about los .-ars ; '::glih- I : ! - i - :".,s!,-,-e Imtuiritig -i' i.:i "i.-s - w i ' h , t .?;. of i.- '.onius Mlesanui, .' M.i-j, 'la's El', 1 tliV ea- s f,., v t--v :. ip" intnii ' ' t being told "rn- 1. is Jim an i ' t-p-Tiers is li-r A nui-! ;-rieii,-e of h... . :.!. was a i- i i" i large . l.i km . h and a pretc-r. sight than hu'ti h-. -N- "f little hla s iii I vcllow .-hicks .u'-i !.. hai'd to to d They Irxiked for all world like a gi eat bed of bl u k and v.-l-low pansi' s The day was rather -ml and to pee hundreds of little chichens run into their ' 'brooder" like so many xrrncc. Ihe Stone Mi-ie-r o:' the Ilia-!, Tlii, will 1 a I::, ,-t ing of - M -, p s Tnii-n held in O 11 Fel Three Reasons Why we Should Sell you Shoes! Our Shoes are belter in Quality. And More Stylish in appear-h lice And Lower in Trice than any other House in Town. T-!l:ll Si on oi. ' Th V---V iet time I meet IMsiiv i , i o . i: - . ! 1 i ni I o visit that os -I ' '.iu, :! Chi 'sttnas. if his ,. ,. :.ot broadened tlu-v will a' e ' - . ei 'wliat ter.irtliened.t lnpe Lead-Will Celebrate. A ri.iss meeting, called !,v M ,or A at was held at the- city hail last evening to' determine whether or not :i celebration would 1- held on Julv ith The att--::,aiiee was fair , onsid-erin; i- wa- Saturday night an I the .-tore- open. A vote of thus - pi-.-s -n' wa.; in f.ivm hi a ,-1,-hrai i-ii- Work-Mig , otifm i f t ,-es will lie ap-i-iiiM- ! it a s'lilse.lent meeting In Central For Twenty-two Years. a 1'. !.a Lean, the old .eli.-,M I tial jeweler, w hi has been with is for L'J y.-ars, can make anything you want til the iine of jewelry. Stangers who would like anything in his line would do wel' to rail on him first before placing their cfrfl with any other. Iiesign? of any and all kinds computed on short notice tt" low -' I- ; M-.tidav t;ig!,l. !;' C--. "' . I Civ. at v p. to. sharp All meui-!" s a I--- tiix to lie p-a -eij l!v on lei' of i i-, .-i,i, tit. : I,, --. - no denying that C-il ifornia's '! it- !' outdoors, and that tiiosi i ' '-. in dose pursuit.; li, i mai.ifold charms one heais ii. mion mnde so often of the home w TT KN'TION SOLDI KRS. A 'I soldiet s of both the ijvil and hit" ft way back east ." Near me sits wars liv ing in Deadwood. are , ordiallv ni- old Scotch friend. Cnde Colin, fan-j invited to attend the Memorial ser-c-i.c himself with his dilapitated straw-! ices to be held at the Baptist church h it and oicing. prnhably. the senti-I this evening. Members of the W. K. C. are also Invited. Rev. C. TT Oid-dine-s will preach. Committee. n: nts of many others as in fancy a- g.iin h lives over the "Aubl IvBng

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