The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on December 27, 1900 · Page 12
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 12

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 27, 1900
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD, 8. D, THURSDAY. DECEMBER 27. OFFICE 'PHONES DR. J. C. BOWMAN GRADUATE OF OPTICS. j Assaying jj j Don't I (Forget B. xl. 0Z. tt , DRS. Von WEDELSTABT Offices Waite Block, (Over J. C. Haines' New store! Complete Electrical Equip X-RAY OUTFIT. " ; RESIDENCE 21ci7y Creek-B Phone 201 ' DEADWOOD . . o " So. Dakota. X X $ X 4 X X $ X $ X ii X 50 cents AT Spectucles and Eye Glasses correctly fitted. Examination Free. Satisfaction Guaranteed, nquire at Wilcox's Pharmacy. ,FFICE: Rooms 212-213 ADAMS Block. (Take Elevator.) That we are Headquarters for Holiday Presents. UNION ASSAY OFFICE BEST EQUIPPED OFFICE IN THE BLACK HILLS. Machines Rent By Week or Month. Sewing machines of all kind, paired or adjusted; alM agent for famous UI "i BUY YOU GETTING OUT BUILDING STONE WITH GANG SAWS. A complete stone sawing plant is being installed at the Burke quarry, near Hot Springs. It is expected that it will be put together and ready to start up within thirty days. It will be operated by steam, and the Elk-horn company is at present puttir.g water in for its use. Saws are in operation at quarries in other parts of the country, but this is the first stone sawing machinery ever brought to the Black Hills. Gang saws are used, there being six saws in a gang, and where all the saws of a set are at work the slabs are a foot thick. When it is desired to cut a larger slab a saw is taken out. The paws are run gig-fashion, and are twelve feet long. The stone is on a solid bed. and the saws work down upon it. It is decidedly injpra ticable to cut. stone by hand at. this age. With tli" saws a stone may be cut to any si '' desired riuht at the quarry, and whci it is loaded on the cars it U ready t lie pla I'd in the position int'iidMl f.r it. Besides being much more rap: 1 than hand cutting, it is a!, o nn ti!ii:'oi in, and a better surface is obtained. The ISarhe quarry will !.' able t take orders for i.t-uie of n-i-ilimensions for building purpos. s vhen the Hawing plant is running, anil can turn out nix carloads of tut stone in a day. Mr. Burke lias recently been award ed the contract to furnish the stone for the new set of barracks being built for the government at Foit Meade. This will take about sixty HAY ANO GRAIN. X X X m I !; Steam Tower .Crushing Machinery for thorough SAMPLING. I'rompt and accurate work iu every l artlcular On Samples Brought to the Officr Wo isivo results on both OOI.J) and SILVER for 50 Cents. M. H. LYON. Our Cut Glass Ware : : : : "Standard" and "Singer Machines W. R. YATES, I I'l l l-L-n ' m.r 1 of JOE SAVAGE, The Old Reliable. AND SAVE MONEY. Central City - S. D. It vs H. P. CHEAIRS. i rge. is ;i i v . Established 1889. " ' "'""' 1 ' ' "emhvood, S. D H'Vel H'.lll- iv 1 1 : and val valua I ill tl i 11 U.ti: it i- 3 We Are. 9 w 9 t fi O ft) t i MINES AND MINING, i; Our Toilet Sots Aiv tin.- iati--t.- Selected with tlic givitcM care from the liik-l .i.-.irtinen:. in the eastern market. Prices In. in c'2 to ir-'". a o 3 u H O n 9 U 9 Slaughtering Christmas Goods. carloads. The quarry will be busy all ; j MjlitarV SetS winter with orders on hand, and a. 4) . , busy season is looked for next year, i g ID. lieal XiDODy A LONG STORY IN A FEW WORDS. We Overstocked. With Sterling Silver mountings. A gift useful ami the coming fad. They are going fast. Come early and make your choice 1 , ., ,1 .:t . i BJ " 9 " 0 ; luaut-u up wnii iiiuiu gouus man we can sell at prices that 5 are anywhere near right "we bit off more than we could chew" ! M ' I s They Have Got to Go. PROSPECTING IN THE BEAR GULCH COUNTRY. Joseph Schuler of Spearfish, is in the Bear gulch mining distiict developing some ground that he owns in that part of the Hills. He is located on Sand creek, near Welcome, two or three miles over the Wyoming line, where lie says a large amount of work is going on. He is not far from where A. 1). Ti-knor found the rich ore, over which there was considerable discussion during the past fall. .1. T. J,. Henry, the former newspaper man, and once a member. of the legislature from Lawrence county, i.; in that region, working on inning property that lie owns. 9 M:i:ked prlees or cost of goods cuts no ice in our case. 9 ( l ine in. Make us an offer, we've put Prfuui.. . and PorluiTiC cJets. Wo have matle a specialty this ear' and carry the kindest line in 1 lie Black Hills. Nk- I,, ,?s. was claimed that he seldom made a mistake. When Mr. Faulkes purchased tho property at Keystone the doctor told him whero to start his shaft and described the contour of the ground as accurately as ho could have done had he studied tho surface for months. He drew a plan of what would be found upon sinking, and development has shown that he was not mistaken. A shaft la 135 feet deep on the ground, and 350 feet of tunneling haa been done. This work has been done on a ledge, from which some good assays have been obtained. Editor Faulkes is a philanthropist, and he says he has not gone into the mining business because ho wants money or for any individual purpose, but says if his plans prove of value that he intends to build a hospital at Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where poor crippled children may come from all parts of tho United States and be treated free of charge. Prominent railroad men have entered into an agreement with him to provide free transportation to these patients, if the plan carries thru. Mr. Faulkes has been a cripple himself for a great many years, and his sympathies go out to others In distress. Faulke does not need money. He is Independent as far as worldly goods will go, for he has been a money maker ever since be went into the newspaper business. Other newspaper men have learned that he not only has the wit to make and save money, but the wisdom to enjoy it. With all his energy he i3 TALK OF A RAILROAD TO THE GRAND JUNCTION. There Is talk of a railroad being tuilt to the Grand Junction mine, near Custer. Tho plan In contemplation by the Burlington is to leave the main line at or near Oreville, this side of Custer and run up Tenderfoot gulch to the Grand Junction, which la about two miles from the main line. In connection with this plan there la talk of extending the line so as to take in the whole belt, coming down French creek to Custer, making about eight mllea ef track. Such a road would be perfectly feasible, and would have good trackage all the way. It would be taking in the mining country about the heads of Tenderfoot and adjacent gulches, and all that rich country Immediately west of the town of Custer, which Is being rapidly developed. With tho promised consummation of the deal for tho Grand Junction mine there Is talk of a mill to treat the ore. Water could be secured sufficient to run a 200-stamp mill by taking It from Springs creek, and negotiations are under way for a ranch on the creek that carries with it a water right. If this plan 1b carried out, and there is every reason to believe it will be, It will offer every Inducement for a road to build in. There is a section of country tributary to the Grand Junction that, according to the opinions of tho best mining men who have examined it, will some day contain a number of rich mines. At frequent Intervals Anything You Want M Well get together on the prhe all right, but ! Novelties. We've Got to Unload. tie Choice hove A HEMP RANCH IN CUBA. oi ail fl You run nfTnnl In nr.inla tr, il . r. : . i. , 7) n Ti tv i i 2 a relatives' friends at prices we will make you kinds from a to a three mast sclk i'..'T. g Yours in a hur-v, I .;.-... i - I l'ru rum to 9 to 9 f i ne Ceil it: 1 a a Q Wilcox Pharmacy, j o 9 a Graphophones. The wonderful talking a i ""iioiiHi vzaa9iiasiaiiitisi 5 strong quartz blowouts are found not a lave to his business, and it with slate walls, and many of the has never been a drudgery to him. ledges have considerable width and which Is a proof of high class ability. Henry Keets and Frank Bryant Will Leave in a Few Days for the Soutii. Henry Keets and Frank Bryant of Spearfish, will spend part of the winter in Cuba, where they are interested in a large tract of land and a hemp mill. Mr. Keets will leave for the east tomorrow, and will lie overtaken at New York City by Mr. Bryant, who intends to leave the Hills January 6. They will engage passage on one of the. steamship lines from New York to Nuevitas, Cuba, near where tneir possessions lie. Mr. Brandt, formerly of Lead, the man with whom they are interested In the enterprise, is at Nuevitas now and has completed a large mill on the land. "You don't think we handle hemp like we handle ore. do you?" said Mr. Brypnt yesterday in answer to a question a ; to the process of treating the product, and as to the size of their mill. "Well, the truth Is that I don't know mie h about it myself," he continued, "except that it goes thru a kind of shedding process at the mill and is then baled .ready for shipment, Yr. Brandt Is a fine machinist, nnd has a number of Important inventions in various kinds of ma-(hlnerv. Ho has applied one of his invention ; in the construction of our hemp miil. and it is said to be a success. A 'e are goin down there to see machine. A present for young or old. The Wonder cf the 19th Century. You can record the voices of your family for 27 generations. (After that don't try.) A Full Line of Records. Sousa's Band, Gil mores Band, Songs, Speeches, Bass Drum solos, etc. GATES IRON WORKS I REVERE RUBBER CO, I INGEESOLL-SERGEANT DRILL GO. He is a character. He has a wit that makes him the middle attraction wherever he goes, and a pen whose satire causes his enemies to wince when he takes them Into consideration. He has a magnificent home, and a family than which no other in the broad land sees more in life to enjoy. Ho visits the Black Hills every summer, and usually brings his wife and children for a few days' fishing and recreation. He haa been coming to Dead v. ood for five or sis years, but lie ij better known about Keystone and Hot Springs than ho is here. o NEW MACHINERY FOR THE ANNIE CREEK PLANT. Lidgerwpod Manufacturing Co. I 1 0, F. PURNELL Wave Crest Ware. Our b'ggcst seller. Only a lew left, but they are nice. It Deadwood, S. I). Agvvt lor South Dak. I can be traced for miles. One well known' mining man has traced the Grand Junction ledge for a distance of eight or ten miles. Wherever prospecting has been carried on systematically and persistently and withproper judgment good results have been obtained on this belt, and a Colorado mining man, N. Acton, of Colorado Springs, who was shown thru the district a few days ago, was amazed that such a rich region should have been left so long in an undeveloped state. o HE LOCATES MINES BY SECOND SIGHT. Dr. C. F. Harrington, a cla'.i voyaut physician, for whom It was claimed that he had remarkable success in locating mines by second sight, is dead. It was thru his advice that the "Get There Ell" mine .near Keystone was sold a number of years ago to Editor faulkes of the Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Gazette. The mine is now called the Tykoon, and a company has been organized upon it, the stock being held by sv number of Iowa men. Dr. Harrington'! home was at Madison, Wisconsin, and he died at San Diego, California. The Tykoon property consists of mtm rlftfma anil fm.itlnn maklnflr C-LL ZOIES : : : Bohemian Ware, Too beatuiful to talk about. Conic and see for yourself. MANITOU : what we have and how we like the country. We do not know how long we'll he gone, as that will depend upon what we find vrhen we get there. "Yes. it will be a good trip, but I must confess that I am not as enthusiastic as I might be about going, now that the t!me Is pretty nearly here. I am leaving my folks a long way behind, and things of that kind are always rather worrying." A double set or rolls has been received in Deadwood for the Detroit & Deadwood company's cyanide plant, on Annie creek. A new crusher is expected to arrive within a few days, and as soon as it comes the machinery will all be taken out to the plant at once, and be set up. This machinery is to take the place of the old rolls and crusher, which were taken out several weeks ago, because of their battered condition. The cyanide plant has been closed down since it was decided to discard them, but it will be running again now within a few days. J. J. Feld- Mineral Water. Ginger Champagne. Sarsaparilla. The Latest and Best Statuary Imported from China, Japan, Germany and other countries. Figures so valuable we have to sell them. They are yours if you buy them. Come! Marriage Licenses . A. L. Linn, of Boyd, Wyoming, to wed Miss Laura Bell, of Pilot Grove, Missouri. about fifty acres of ground, near the town of Keystone, and Mr. Faulkes WAUKESHA : Boro Ltthia, visits the property two or three times each year, to see how work is pro-greasing. Considerable money Is being spent In developing the ground. Cigars. and it Is asserted that the claims made by Dr. Harrington In connection witn. ue property nave oeen some out fully so far, altho the doctor never m s The Gladiator Gold M. A M. Co. Organized under the laws of South Dakota, Owns property between Deadwood and Rutabaga Gulches, near Lead City. We, are now developing this prop- We have millions of tons of medium grade ore In sight ' We have a tunnel proposition.' We are selling stock to develop the property. We have a few more shares at 20c. For particulars call on Aaron Ander Effervescent, Ginger Ale, Lemon Phosphate, hausen of this city has the task of hauling the new material out to Annie creek. t ALTON L DICKERMAN VISITING THE BLACK HILLS Alton L. Dickerman. the mining engineer, who was formerly located In Deadwood, but now of Colorado Springs, arrived in town last night He is here on mining business, and will probably remain for some time; He has been away from Deadwood for a number of years, but he has been In the west nearly all the time, and of lata he has spent a portion of his HW UiU (1VUJIU, null WB4 UQfVl IU luo Bl&ck Hills at least he was never - her prior to the purchase of the mining ground by Mr. Faulkes at any son at tSe mines, or Central City, or : event. ' Mr. Faulkes became acquainted with Mr. Harrington in 1868. The doctor's business was the diagnosis . and treatments of disease,, altho he had, it was claimed, previously locat- A gift, for a gentleman a box of Fragrant Havanas imported and domestic. A dream for smokers5 Prices from $2 to $6 per box. We Have Hundreds of other things that have to be seen to be appreciated. Come early before assortment is broken. ? WHAT MAKES A NICEK 5 address GLADIATOH GOLD M. Jb M. CO., Rooms 613-14 LL4T. Building, S9 m time In the Coeur d'Aienes of Idaho. Mr. Dickerman was a prominent fac ed a number of lost gold leads as a Dee Moines, la ( matter oi rxienasaip, naa xouna a number nf lost children, and had riven tor in the famous Sitting Bull and Richmond mining case, from Bear ennstmas ..Present Hill City Is the center of a district containing some of the richest verti Butte district, years, ago. He Is regarded as one of the ablest mining advice that proved Yaluable to a number of distinguished and prominent people upon business mutters, and It cal free milling gold mines, copper experts la the country. 2 wwm. - and tin properties In the Black Hills. Several prospects, as phenomena) i Than a Nice Piece of Jewelry? the famous Holy Terror can he had on reasonable terms and at lower prises than In any other mining dis Forihe best variety of the best Black mils goi J Jew trict Write for parti culanrs to EL C rj such . bucu Johnson, Hill City. & D. 114-tf as iWATfTTFH CVTT A IVfl TITVfJB TTKS PiIABMS W. L. FAUST, THE PALACE PHABMAOT, Assaying for gold and silver, 60c or any SPECIAL DESIGNS made to YOUR OBDW j go to j A specialty Is mad of the determin We are now prepared to treatxustom ores by the Cyanidefprocess at reasonable rates. , GoJden Gate Mining & Milling Company First Ward, Deadwood S.D ing of the process of treatment for DU I Lth, theJeweier , ores. 8, Jensen, Central City, Henley's old stand. U-S-lm

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