The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 3, 1898 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 3, 1898
Page 4
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THE JDAlLY PIONEER-TIMES, TUESDAY, MAY 3, I8S8. THE on. rteral BMhea the toea para. J . Oh' i Ticket fur Quartet oa aal at FlshaTs Saiaar, M sad M eeut. Per Rnt-A ale, quiet furalshed reom. at 41 Taylor ave., lag lealde. Bart Harris left yesterday for New Yerh a bualaees ef lb tales Hill compear. Mia Bdaa Perd. who I tearhlag ea lower Whlteoeod, (post Sunday with hr motor. loa't fall te hear th fameu whlaller la mm. f-. a gAk M ZOELLCjEEIu LiL.oOi uUs LI EBM ANN'S. ' For oUftDt illppora fo to Zlpp'a. t'r Rot A furnUbed room, wltAur l u..iu UiMtJ, oo fifvUud. Call at tlif A I k. htrt )ini iricil th ! i!na Down r'iiur. Tlii la notBing to iqumj It '1 17 a aaa and you um bo othar. Klil I)' all (iH'ira In Dradwood. r 'i i """"" aff ei ipuflseajt BBBeJek Maelutely Kr viani ee may aia. ai M. . CBurcB. Plraaaal seala. for Rale llouaebold furniture, ulenslla, carpet, te., coraplol. M. C. Howard. 1)7 t'harlrs street. For Rent A furalahed rcom ea Clove-land, with or without board. Isqulre st tbe Ark. II ii'l"i.r in Hi lane piovra Il'-1 hai ii ilia iiiimi rh'umalla.n. PECIAL f.OTICEl Hon. William gtara, of Braldwood. Ill . who naa oa Tiaiting aero about tea ay, left for hi bom Busdsy. Jerry CarlrOa, deputy It B. marahal. 500 ire Marahal Honor an yeelerday: "Will you quit now. Where were you aad Hum sad th Minneapolis. Will you start." Mia Jennie Jacob, daughter of Mr. and Un. II Jlmh. MhfmuI Mn B.m a I L I n. M Mas. rago, Hi. Lout. Ilea Molne and eleewhere 5e. Ladle HematKcherl Baniker chiefs on axle as lcn as they last at eeere aae Tiaiien anout elgnieen month n like lb It aavee their Uvea We tenuu Oue Klnule Cough Cure, tht "New Reversible Railroad and War Map of J3aaalallAsXrt 1076. Main Street, Detdvvood, South Dakota, THE FALL OF MORRO CASTLE. Will occur rinultsnoo usljr with th low IVIpo t Zoellnen. Wsr will raia the price of our (fcrnraodltiw snd the prio of Clotlilng. nut we will m11 Lower than ever. Tli HUihUH of our Gloliiing is u:;o iiio Flag of our nation. I ia PupporUd ljr f olid guaranti Which Meant Full Pro'ection lo aU Tbey are Union Made. They Fit but Never Rip. Specisl otTor for BoyiKn rant, Suit-, Ixing 1'ant nuiti, Boyg Blurts, Bo; Waisli and Hat. Headquarters for Men's Furnishings and Hats, Trunks and Valises: We Aim to Please and do It 25 uoa ana Map or m world." It tal la th eye snd mind nil that I dvelrehl ahoui "pain. uba. th t'nlted Hlalee. 'fblllpplop. ao. Frir II cents. Ysls coltrg boys are rnthuslaatla ever th war. Warner Moody Baa telegraphed hi father for permlaaion to tola a mounted troop that la erganlilng among atudenta. HI mother anawared th ii.m i. infallible ri'iufdy for uotigha, oolda, roup, broiii'hitia, grippe, a nd all throat aud liing troublna. N. B. Franr Itn. J. 11. Graham. U. U. B.. dental par-lora over Flrat National bank. Da4-wood. Crowu aud bridge work a aso Pieces Lappets. Latest Lat ids 1226. est Ehadlngs W.ish Go mpbatie negative. Neat Thursday will ha tha Kmt i.. cial ty. lalnmeat for Oeadwood tha Nehramka Turkish Red Table Linen 65 nchei w. do at Wealeyaa Quartet The Bpworth Leagu has agre-d to pay 7I for this quartet. Price la to eenta; it rents for children. May Mb. at M. K. church. Advertlalne mi N 1 f ik. t. 25e. cua company arrived Sunday and tworrewi a' llehlnlna hill iwlra ... day hilling the cltywlib bright lithograph. rtpi p.m. 4iarili, thai tliril (wllnf. ai-i hi iila. null intiiii txil huiiinn an 'I all bliKMi diavaiv. nnod 11 1 1 tra piooipt, afflclaot. tl-days rallabla. aaty to taka, aaajr to op rata. 2I-. If jrou want tb tti mrata tall at Karco'a marktt lo tba r irat ward Wt bav oyalara. Bib, rtlrry, poultf and vvarytbing II. tht markac Wa will plaaaa you ! lima. tf. Til farmer, lb mechanic and tb blcyela rider ara lalbla to uooxpactod cuu and brulw. IioWict a Witch Ha 11 Salva la lh bal thiujt to kacp on band, li bMi iiulrkly, and la a well known cure for piii-a. N. R. Vrmaklla Go to MuAluL'8 for MAY. GRAIN, and KOCK BI'RINGS and OSBR CHEKK COAU ITompt dallrary. Tal-rpbona No. IU. K. t. Bniltb aalla iniltblDg eoaL 81 oct your all papar. out of 100 ow paAUrna, at J. OOLOBBKO'8. A lllUe boy aakad for a bottle of "gtrt up In the morning aa faat aa you can." The drugglat recognised a bouaebold ume for "DoWltl'a Uttle Early iUa-an." and gave blm a bottle of tboae alck-baadatbe, liver and atomacb troublea. N. K. Franklin. Mr. John Peteraoo of Caioutvtlle, La, ai v-jf agmably aurprltml not long ago- For vlghiwn month h had b-o iroiiblod with dyamntery and bad trlrj iliir f ill Im-i Iim Ui In Srm Or-Irana. bmldiMi a half ur murepai- fill nirdlciora, bu iH-rlvid vi-ry I III. relb-f. Ctiamlwrlaln'a Colli-. l'liol.a and I Man hi a Kcmly, having bva ircuiunjfudwl ui hlin. he gave II a trial, and U hla grt au prim, tbrw doaof that remdy frtd a prmnnt rare. Mr. William MrNauuuw, a wll known mrrrhant of th earn pla . ht wnll ac-qualut4 with Mr. I'ii'm and attorn to the truth of thla autront. Xippa for flue ehoea. TlrkrU for guarlrl at Kluhi-I . Ilaiaar, M and il mil circu win do ner on May It lor on dar onlv. and nmmlaaa a Ana -In. . .... - r . IIU' van' and meaageiie. Peter Car berry was arrested yelrday 0 a charaa of uiliii.a a. tjm.. . Kor a geuuln Dead wood Souvenir 8poon, go to Btrode'a, Bbermaa atraai. It is a great leap from the old-fasb loned doaca of blue mass and nauseous physios to thi pleasant Utile pills that are known as DoWIU'a Little Early Klsera. Tbey cure constipation, sick boadarhe and blllousnaaa. K. O. Phillips. It plaM every boi to know taat tbey can buy the pure) baking powder named "Parteot" bo reasonably at W. a. Adams Co. Thlrty-flve years makesageneratton That la how long Adolph Klabpr of Zaneavllle, O. juffared from pile. He was cured by nsing three bosee of De-A'ltt a Witch Haael Salve. N. B. w- - raw nwiiiiH wn cab from the county 111. Csrberry waa .. m Bi-arioa oeiore juatire Rarly and " ahown that he wa not Implicated In th affair. Th caa was dlamlaaet. "Pears hsth her Victoria, tin laaM Ik.. (Ira Capos, 3U Mots, l.'ovi Roady r.lado Suits. Mi Kid Gloves Childrens Read Made Suit ; in Wash Goods and All Wool. war" I aa era now aa when It waa writ-tea. The nranrUinp. M i k. i w. i Lee treet have no ambition to win mill- wry nooora. Their ambition la lo kn-p the heat aallna h.iu iM . i.- ...... la this they are vletoiioua. The eight month' old daughter of 1 r'raoklin. ANIItUSKU-BUBCH. ST. LOUIS AND PAU8T MILWAUKEE BEEH II MADii OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY, MKNCB ASK FOR IT. Call on A. F. Snyder the new Jeweler mj. ana sirs. t. w. tlrtisbong of Uslens, died st the bom ef Mrs. Mulhall laalevrn-Ing. and will be hurled al three o'clock thla afternoon la tbe Oalena remelery. The child bad been III only a short time from pneumonia The Hebrew Cemetery cworlatlon met al th home of Mr. and Mr. J. Ooldberg undty afternoon and elected M. Hrndy of Lead. M. Ooldberg. N. Coleman snd M Bier of Deadwood, a director A ap-rlal aaaeament waa levied for the ptirtxie ef beautifying the cemetery. V. Huh-loon was appointed settnn of the ci-m tery. The Ileadwood rompany nf cavalrymen have made arranawtnnia a.i.k .... THIS HAY SAVE YOU MONEY. I wish to announce to the people of latwreiiro Coiinty, and the public In general, tliat I ftav Juat opnnotl, In 4 hi. PiMOifllie lllm k. opposite the II. A M, depot in Dead wood. A NEW FURNITURE STOCK, well selected and up-to-date goods, everything that you limy n..w1 in th fur. 11 1 Hi r line, together with carpels and ruga, window ahuli, floor oil cloth, picture frame, otc, I will aall at prlcei that will gurprlss you -prices never liesnl of I.c'ih In the lllack Hills. I rams her to do business, and Intend to make It nn tib-Jix t to you to deal with ma. I propose to make It Interesting aa wnll as profitable for you lo buy of me. An Invitation Is extended to everybody to call snd see my slock Hoti't forget tha place. opoalts II. A M. depot. Iteepectfully, joami?ii viroinisrT for anything In his line. LEADKR OF Low Pricks A torpid liver robe you of ambition tnd ruins your hnalth. DaWltt'a Lit tle Karly Hi iters cleanse the liver, cure constipation and all stomach and liver troubles. K. O. Phillips. Haaae lo send thm an orcaalnnal aupply of ir-. mrai, ana oiner eupi!!i fur which m "" mmrnmm n. irrnTir marsri is so fainniia Whll the drafta made on tha rn.rk.i w t . wood lover of good aallna. are large, the proprietor will be equal to the mcaalnn. William 11 Harm. ik. .. . - w . iiii.iiienen mllemaa aad acholar whi had. charge nf . .. -" mvrrrj mat waa mane of the Hill last e,f WM married lo Mies Lillian Hiabop Young st th Klral llaptlal rburrh. Washington. I. c . nn the I7.h Tha affale mmm a llli... . -. . . - - ....wo. an., a, Will rur "- naaoingion aorlety. C. L. I EWERS, Gunsmith, Locksmith. Tbnmaa A. Roaankn aaale.a.. ..i. WE BOND YOU. tnmplalnt agalnat Rdward Averlll. who. he JfST RKCKlVBD.our new stwk of High Grade Clothing for Spring and Pummer of '9. comp.UIng the vry lati-at Htylea In Imported and Domestic Fabrlra. made up to our api-clal oidi-r. particular attention having bffn paid to Style. Kit and Superior Workmanship. Theae guoda ynu will find far ahead of cheap made-to-order, or low . priced ral'ior-niade garments which In umay instances are not equal to even Mrallum Grade ltrady Made. Having thla nmumoii made a much greatrr I'fliiit than ever before In selecting the very aholc.ast and up-to-date noveltlea In High Grade Cloth Inn, are prepared to offer for Inapertlon a line of good a eecoad to uonn, nol wlahlnii to re prat the "old gag" or no trouble to show goods, but In Justice t our rSori to please, ask you to call, being convinced that our Styles, Fit and Selecllon will aatisfy the moat fastldeoos. '""! aaaaunen aim with a a hovel on C. A. GulFFIi; llarduoro Cc.;:r;; .n. .... aay ar April, while at work st hi Yellow creek mining ground. The ra-e a breugbl before Ju.tir Wllaon. who rontlnued the rase until tomorrow to give HEADQUARTERS BICYCLES FOR cmoco ie prepare their raa Kd Mart, proprietor nf the Bullock bar ber shop, is himself a flrat-Haae workman always ready for buslne and bl aaai.i. W ar bow prepared to writ bond In any amount for Slate, County and City Offloara, Justice of th Pac. Notarloa, Administrators, Kioc utors, Assignee, Contractors, Secret Society Officer, Rmployee. (liisrdlniis, OtTlc, Men, Salesman, Agents, Caehlers, tlaf.t Ofllcera, or any other kind of lunula. Also Appeal Bonds, Attachment Bonds, Replevin Honda, Indemnity Bonds, N THE SPOT WITHOUT DELAY ALL JUDICIAL BONDS WftlTTKN 1 Don't ask your friends io go your bond, whan for a small payment you csn got tha beat bond In tha United Stata aod Ii Independent. Plea call and so aa. Tr.MPLR a Mclaughlin, Air. j. p. hymkr. Oanaral Ag't for th Blark Hills, t'nlted State Fidelity A Quantity Company, Baltimore, Md. (Capital paid la eash, fl.Ooo.OOO.OO.) aala ara Juat like him. Ilia eucrea la du Tw .? Bt Is ttil city wW tba Cieawl-a lw, VVarvUsoLi .Hparinr woramaaahip and close ani.n CYCLE SUNDRIES. AN9 'ina niiMliM. He ,.rhlng Ih. n.aln rhaar a4 will aooa have a aurprlae lit BtoTSr. . a H ,r!. the espert watchmaker 3 Tht Host Complete Repair Shop In the Hills. "J' wecoen to If a. a Head--aTVll " U""t "'"e for t he hen-rMi" hl, k1r I1"" h been LMt.."" ,imn" rear, during whkh I m. be baa been a good clllae. and haa hulll aa a en. k.i. i. v.. 1 fiet ready for a An entertainment en May Rlh. iM.n't fall lo hear tha Quartet y lm,m -.rtXsa. M luui fuioi), pre. Jo a TaaaaB, YU-rra, Rim n, (Mahler and the whlatlcr. Me is a skilled and etpert wstchmsker snd s man af eorrert hablta. .-i". INVITATION II EX. ISi'iLri I" '" Ttl CALL AT Clay I .am hrt. advance agent af Job Roblnaon'e rlrruB, arrived Muadayaad la making ararniiciiienia fur the company's ; . "i"". " illinkky I' ah A llttl is prka, bat 4tu9ti oiati pis f ta ra'tad chocp 111 lad war. . OtKer war Ilkclt.bwtUwfMa. In ri thw 1- Htraaaky.liaal WarfeeaMk pies. IoAotbdWttaB. FlrM prls at ZnlarBBBtkNial t&M Mtion. iitfbael award ad VarVda ColambUa Est tloa.Chicara, It. frr4 by Xm Uat ooklBi aalaiorHii, cartirerd I kvtt moat I araM c!U " THS) LA RON ASSORT Kg nt or boiivkmii. fit... 7 J;?!.' aland In thla city, which will be on Mon A soda fountain at Phillips' I'har-mncy Is aow In oporstlon and enjoying It usual largs hsr of pstronsg. Th chokMHit and all th latest drinks ar served la th nloeat atyl. A U. 8. GUNBOAT FULL OF ORO CBRIES FOR CASH AT THM LOW PRICES BH3PORH TUB WAR WITH SPAIN. BUY NOW. YOUR CASH WILLOO FARTHKR. COME TO THE T r.s .y will riB day. June S. Mr. I .am hart has secured ths old ball park ground oppoat l lbs nursery, The American National Rank or diadwood, ioarH oaxota Does a General Banking Business. rill m. mLifiii ui .m iirtilutii of dimuL If. Ik tit ta4 ul st upper t'lrvrland. bealda ths reck gar ....... ana, mill KVKRT II I'ltlt. CHAHB. PI HIT COMS FIRHT h"rVIC If. Wultm m M.ll a a. . dea tract, ad). pining, moat of which will be Zipp ca ot any fnot to perfect toa C. U Slewera repairs aafcV locks, uns, bicycles, trunks, cutlery, eta. Impure Raking Powder. Injur tie stomach. I'se the pure Brand nam el "l-erfw't" and have no indlgeaUoa. A cuRtomer said:" 1 hava bad the buet meat sine X hara baas buylig m Fargo, that I have bad tor year." Dr. Ganli. danttst, over ftoatntkal'i clothing store. CROWN AUD BRIDOC WORK. Llkhu healthful and nutritions food guarantee from any flour by using the "Perfect" Baking Powder." Try It Tbe popular Delinonlro raotaaraat, under the postofflos, la now la chary, of Mrs. Weymaa. Tbe table art supplied with ths choicest ot meats and everything In tbe market and with competent cook aod help the areata! uaed The al.nw will make but three Sickle arrived from Chicago Haturday wlih Patronise a thoroughly conscientious Druggist. You will And him at Wllcoi Pharmacy, Bherman street. Thousands of sufferer from grippe have been restored to heaKh by On" Minute Cough Cure. It quickly cures cougha, colds, brouchllla. pneumonia, grlppn, asthma, and all throat anil lung diseases K. U. Phillips. CHOCOLATBH ana CREAMS, dew clous, msde by Balduff, Jun received 1 1 Klshel's Basaar. Ladles are Invited t call and aample them. Veterinarian Treaty attends bead-wood the flrst Tueeday of each month. Telephone Ft. Meade. M. L. Yoruiu of Cameron, Pa, says; "1 was a sufferer for tea years, trylns moat all klnda of pile remedies, bui without success. DeWltt's Witch Ha tel Salve was recommended to me. I used one bos. It hss effected a per atanda In the llilla, Ileadwood, Hturgl aad Rapid. It la without doubt th flneat trav .. ....... .7 "P-"'" sn one for Ih Drarllce of hla . n.. ...... i -. . ' ' la a regular araduai. j STANDARD OASII STORK AND TRY eling rlrrua, and requires Iwsnty-slghl rare, four engine will be B.cesssry to w. w-hhm Biiraaf-w . HUI1V Vl Ml y B v. (w . u . bhi vp- B 1 M.I. i . . I I . . . . I . u . I- . il . a . , bring II up to Ileadwood. A mux null speaian ai ni i in ui ooii-otions, 111 ousia - - aovantagea ol keeplag TUB BTOCK OF AND 6 TIUM-MBD HATS AT ACKI3RM ANN'S CAN The funeral of little Mary, the T-yeer- will b traaaaoted oo businwM pnnoi i old daughter or Mr. and Mra. W. H. O. Mo "iwti naniiairy. . ! 'f4 n" ""eat ef the ft pear lets for rarity a4 NOT BE ftURPAHHf&D. CALL AND Cain, occurred Hunday afternoon al I o'clock from Ihe M. R church, tha pastor, IS miima rompaay went ever lo that DOM eatamUa .h-u.. .... . INSPECT THEM. it onraoiuiy. 11 bapt hiniBH ZXXtB)TOIU8 ir ciark. omciatlng. The funeral waa at - w . ... ..r. mi iu. it, g mi. IS lrMiff. Wi drr-tBd that th tended by Ihe many friend of th family. Itoa't go near th Ark -! M.ruih's . -.11, W. ALLtRTO. of ahli, lOBM TBS".. Bd H ISA tiaiu b. ad, habbi 'tiKur e.Nst who aaaambled to efpreea their prof ou ad IfIS thm tmm aaa - - - a . avmpathy on the sad aoraalo. Th aUta w ... bbspwwI. wJ-M n. l?i!!p',r W'U l Palla on tnent thai little Mary was playing la Ih Ark oa Sherman aireat for fifteen days. Doat, unless you want to envy all your friend that ar going to la .1 7T . ,eom-' m ef Rapid will patna III be Ukea to please the pat siale or Ihe rar was aa error. The child was sitting bealda her mother, Mleep, who Mra Mcfsla fell asleep, and attner walked aw tasy tinta. The HomeaUk Ilea company met Hat "r' '", I" th tran.action of im advantage of Ih bargaJn thar. A ron. manent cure." As a permanent cure for piles DeWltt's Witch Hasel Salve XinMitMr, tiff celebrated Haas ld war I apawUrly fmeyt4 for aad aitd ia Vt a city talsirly b a Il V aad rwt out tbe door In ber sleep or Intended to go lo ths toilet room and steppe out - th door by ml. lake. Mra MeCala may lea v. By using the Baking Powder named p-riant nuaiaeas. chief snd foremost of which wa th aad rhrteteoio. t ie New Jeweler.. big sale going to clear out a big l"t of good to roaka room for aow onas, so don't let your friend got all the "PeifictH you will a how appreelaUoaof roreraaa Peck's aew baby. The little chap i pure food. Always ua tbe "Perfect. ahortly ror Inirand. Wis., I vlalt ber pa rents. Csrda were received la tha sit vaster r -"' wui viva llomestak Peck." ar "I'ark'a ll.a tl .. has no equal. K. O. Phillips. I.. F. Farley conducts a large merman lie biatlnraa at IJberty Hill, Oa, thing that you want to gat, Juat b. aar bibb ardred liquid goada and aubataatlele eaoa you ar alow. day annuncing the marriage at fjortr The purity of the Baklag Powder named "1'erfest" la a guarantee against e!l'jw romplasJooe caused by ladlge. Lake. N I . on Tueeday. April M. of Al- craa Bf 4ltclr Equal suffrage Interests mora paopi He aa: "One application of Chavni-Uv 'mill's Pain lUlm relieved me of a tJWtfTMfCtfi .SOD EL via Clark and MUa Mary U. Klas. Ths . ""!" wi eour were paaee very pteaaaatly. . ' About thirty feet In length of the wast sli ef M. Uebmsas's I reproof warehouse rrtlaoaed Hunday afternoon, daatraylag n.arriag look place al ibe Prasbytarlaa tlon. Ml thaa w ar apt to think it doa. aad tha same thmg Is tru of bargalna 1 bur h snd performed hy th pea tar acvHie pain In my back. I think It O. K." For lame bai-k. rheumatlam, n The stomach Is our beat fread end Rev M. W. llarbough. Mr. aad Mra-Clarh look pneaecalon at once of their easy boms .... a i ma wan aao allowing Ih upper Hoor t. aallla ... u. I J . .... . . . SotD paopt arw always looking for ii (', swe'llnaa, apralna. brukea, the next beat la tha "Perfect" Baking The hel I " - w in.i iae. nn Bs.l rourth Blreet. whers tbey Will reside Mr Clark bolda a literati? aoalttna bargains, and wbaa thay ar up to th limit thay go to tbo Ark. So wtiH Powder. It Is chemically pur and sa A. WATCHED f 11 ia in land omre bi thai place. Tha Brat int digestion. I ii M snd ecalila no other llnlmmt csn appruarh Chamberlain's Pain Halm. Il im iii,eiiWl i -iimi :!ty for theee dlaeaa- f It would have go, tkrougk to the giound Boor asd cauaed great damage Tj" elarb wa damaged Ie the ealenl of reaidcd for a great many years la iJaad- r ar otbsr yon 004 not be back Winn to state lo ladles tha. w ood, to which place he came wlthhl pa rt-nta. from lHaver, I t"T. aad was rear' ward. Fr-r tba rit flfiawn days there . vriariiauir u iaie ult and car pets Mr. Llebmaa ha a IwadatbMt actc4 y id la frail p wtaUf will tsatl' irw, rwe j mLa-!ek arli a g Sawr a Iwt1Jj wd-, 1 ta f.. . Sm ae and ts famous for lis cures. For hsv isM la every respect ths Bai ar to b real rwd-hot bargain at the e.1 lo manhood In oar mld.l. Alvln la a plendld rnung man and no doobt hla brtd - - . v, me Bl r yea tarda? removing the Hehrla and rebullillBg the wall. Ing Powder bassed "Par feet." sad will Ark. I a charming and lovable young wom The B a M. rota p ay la laying pipe The rioner-Tlme eiieada ear asartlset SEE THE FINE LINE OF "MON susrai tea every ounce pur as etecBl-try caa maka W. E. ADAX1 CO. f 77: rongriiulaiiona and wlahea lb happy eon-pi a long life of aunahla aad proa parity ' " erea wr tas at i. c. rouad bona to the w Iota north of Ih patBc ger depot, recall !"T ARCH" AND "REGENT 0 LOVES FOR LADIES; ALL SHADES THEY Bualnnaa Is rushing at the raoeiver'i HVMJtAf YEn . . . - ' .a Bonn a the building arrupled hy ik. Independent . by dniffgkaU. Iia1 the annouocetnast add ' A F. Snyder, the new Jeweler. If you are la need of smithing col and want the beat, see F. D. Smi'h. No baking powder ever made caa t. eel the brand named "Perfect" uagal blanks of all deacrlptloaa for sale at tbe PVweer-Tleset. oSka. . icer-i win ae nileq to the alreet level. fawMS aaA a ... . . ARE VKB BEST -AT ACKEtt-M A NX'S 1. . nq . i.raa Spectacle and r-gla 10 01 try body. Guaranteed to tit or moa.y anoaina imiaiaia will be ereri4 Thla wesr---a A NATAL FiaHT-IS NO COH- The HimI and largest slock of diamonds, watches. Black Hills gold la ths district "V.r . T rreriate by the public. MHBt ,he ,i, avwiha ar more thai the wale feaaa I a. .,. . ... , aal at Smith A WbeeJea's. Ouilng the receiver's sale at Smith A WheaiM's. I will give my personal attention to the undertaking basins, sod furnish my bear and moaner's carriage free la Dead wood with every 126 caeket sold for eaah. 8. R. SMITH Andrew Daniels, the proprietor of tba J 1 t. rl,h. ' vv" " PARCON TO THE FIOHT WE HA VI MADS ON PRICES OF GROCERIES, rwvn. trrc mm standajld WILL RAINS FOtS TROOPS. Helh II. lllmk ytrdy received a telegram from Col Mel. la Ortgaby ef Slaws lain, appolatlng him to tbe ewtanvaad af a equadrow of four irnopa of cavalry aad rq.ieting him lo rale 1 here la ths Slack I' Ilia The aquadrwa will form a part of Col Orlgaby'a cowboy r1mt. Mr. sl-loch win pick hi . aad will Uka aaw but tboae wha ar acrusiowied la bar riding and able lo wlihaiand epoar. H I determined to ralae four com pea to thai will rompoao the sqaadrwa I th service. II. will endeavor to get th Dead-wood volunteers In. Ih other three ewripa. alee to be ralaed eleewhere la tha Hllla. Mr. Rullork waa appmated a racralUag of-cr aad la aow taking aamea. CASH STORE IS TUB PLACE TO A s evat saaet satsa r tsnvs eeweta CASH BUYERS NOW, Jwlry manufactured to order. Flnewateh repairing and engraving. Mocbon's OH 8 anil. ft 1.1 M.ti 8 re', DKAim ODD 00 TO ACKERM ANN'S FOR FINE Ibb bkcSb1 Aetna PoyflRr Co., MILLINERY AND RARE BAROAIK& LA RO EST STOCK OFTRTKMEDAND Tho "RED AIIVIL." Sherman St. D&dmoo-L STREBT HATS EVER BROfOHT TO rtbotM, located la tha op per aad of the city, deair to Inform thoas h wish to obtain plants aad Sorwera, chat ha ha ema young, healthy par. trd ptanta la full blooca, wtakfh he will sell at reaaonaW price. Blark Iinm Nwpapr Dual at rar lagala. FataaU or Tax Uata fa DBADWOOD. ' it . n w i mm Dally Bw: It waa th taeat SI8SM FROM THS DSAD." The -..... . ... ... . . t. . rai Tf hav rr thftsasd a BMda waa claarle avldamt fraaa (Wa tare. 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