The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on December 26, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 26, 1900
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

IDE daily r-i()i:i:i:.'r!Mi:s, deadwood, b. D. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 29, 1900. HIS CLOTHING. S Q ostentation Headache, biliousness, heartburn, indi-pc-tt:.ii, and all liver ills are cured by fHooti's Pills Sold by all druggies. cents. njnken Rowdy Give a Policeman A D a Lively Tussle. who made himself obnox- the streets and In the saloons lAQfl OB most of bis clothing removed in io that he made against ar- z i t : the bi'" , , kl. hit Let'ErZipp Offli er Mclnerny him two or rest times with nis Diny, ana naa Watch for Coming IB'"' r, tha crniind liko nn nv THE CITY Mm dOu - hlnw. but the fellow was from a f""" - . ' ... ,,.. ..7..n nf fleht. Alderman Mullen - - Al 1 acey of Hello i'oun l.e who ar I 5 rived il) Deadwood Monday, has re- cently u. I o,i ,1 of h I Attraction. a intere.-t in llle lively barn at that town He sold out ho was present, asked the policeman t0 hit him again, and the of fleer td to P' l assistance to take the pris-gr to Hi- city jail. He would prob- . jaV(; succeeded alone if he bad been interefered with, but when he attempted to take his man pea e- hlv a lively skirmish followed, and he fellow's clothes came off like corn husks. While the fellow was lying .u. iiihil from n. billv lick, the What is Nicer l to bis partner, Hank Adams. I -M. S. liyan. stipei inlendent of the Ironsides mine on Squaw creek, I 'll Head wood on the liai lin-ton train lor Coloia'lo Sprint.., oii.r.nio, in v i : f i $ I ? inn a Urn "lass tube fitting snugly on ih.i:iMi!' It was rca ly a long bot-t e. with a co;k in one end, and large 'i; m li to bold half a pint of coffee, or i i ; 1 1 . !,;iii'. or liniim nt. if neces-a,. It is an ingenious arrang nient, .1,1 tic ni'i'h er evhihited it to bis . ' ii'. li . i'Ii i on adorable satisfaction. v ho is ye i ion.- ly i , i 1' r ; t ; cam t. Our i ai i n .1. Oi he; liiolhc 1 lur.iln r. i- the h. c lie. . e ill . t elicit o i. i I I lie ' Ilea" 1 at 7.-. HI.' jars l OB uiu - officer '.ill' d to Samuel IJoiiin-tt to sslt lieimett started toward., him., ndjMst as he got within htv h the fellow initially revived, and I'niwinq; bis lei's i:p 1 i lie a flash, be struck I!en-Bett i lhG fa'e witn 1,oth J:lr' rfing I'm "n,il llis npa'1 sw:un- r Ih' Cnully diaec.l and partially carri' I s 1 the calaboose, where li. 1..;. tbruout the night. The fellow was evMontly looking for o m o to o m o e ft ' The Lile Still LiOes On. ; Tli V li i.o'."': sto k is being sold ot. : v a' .ii.iinii and evening to ;.. a, lie -t h.d-l. r by an auctiiuieer v lain 1 . litiul at L':1!0 every .. '. .aoon and at 7:110 ea- b evening vdh in tin tains to sell the goods r .arJic - ; of the amount bid for trouble, f""' be had been boisterous Jl.e ! i '..,!! ,L i , . .,, ,; lor tie- . i, j, , , lie ' i hi. i.a a .; (i. In e, sit eet I l. ,M Won, I, S. 1 ., !ub. 1. n!, at o'. lo. 1, Kl ail.' '', S' C. Mr. and .Mr.-. Jan. .; I Koiieri.s and lien Andei ( in i.-t:uas (1 1 n 11 ' r I . a n pearly all day. He took several occasions to offer insult to tli-' policeman on duty, but usually manag d to turn it off pood naturedly. He finally became ob treperous in the llodeca sa-Iood, and was promptly thrown out. U was then that the offi-er collared Msem. The iust ructions thruout the I .ad.ic si o so far have been explicit- J ly carried out. and many a person ;who has attended their auction sales lias carried away great bargains. Until further notice the sale will con-1 tinno as heretofore, or until such Than a Pair of Warm House Slipp e r s For father, mother, sister, sweetheart or brother? Oar slippers this season are a combination of comfort and beautythe best we have ever had. Make someone a present of a pair and you will always be remembered. ..I. II. .loan 1 c;le a 1 1 r nds at la.-t evening. the home ui il.e latter The dinner was served in loui M .s by i tlmo as tie necessary amount of i money Is raised, when the sale will I i .Mr. Koberts, and cnnsitel of oysters, i salads, baked duel , roa.,1 'possum, sweet potatoes, min o pie, e--not;, , sauterne, coffee, etc., all prepmed a la Tennessee a.s "Mama 'u.;rl to do be- cease and the price or goods will go back to normal. If you have not already attended this sale, we would advise you to do so, as such an opportunity to purchase up-to-date winter goods will not present Itself again this winter. Private sale continues during the morning and also while the auction is going on you can buy anything you may want from any department at actual cost. n - fo' de wall. YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. Olen.'i llait lelt for a trip do u ihe I'.'.'l.llOl n. him for being drunk and disorderly ou the street. The man said ho could not bo arrested, and aitho he Is slender build and by no means husky to look at, he fought like a yildcat. He grabbed the policeman's coat collar, and the latter thought he was going to take it with him for a few seconds, and to prevent It, ho used his billy vigorously several times. A blow in the mouth and another in the back of the head put the fe.low on the ground. A crowd Immediately began to gather, and it looked as if everbody in town not at home was on band. T14s interfered with the policeman to some xtent. and as no one was in lim'il to help, it made his work unusually letc-lo 1 lioin II. (l. down the A. ;. Ale.vim'er I!ui lilitnu. UcShnne. t! NOTICE. iril after December 1, 1900, the re. k v on On I! m aa. a .'in -.ton. Ma - o V.V.V.V.V.V. V.V. i'AV.VAV.V WAWiV, wis ill! - i;,,i;..d ('ic, .. a jji . 0 ft .o i; u woh!o:a!( price of -oda water will be as follows: Half pints, per case of 'two bottles. Jl.On'C, nuarts. per 1 t of two dozen l'o:M"s. $2.23; sy-' dioas, per cn .e of one dozen. $1.30. , The.- .ice.- are net. and i barges for ; ".'i,ii e! will bo made as follows: i l.alf pint, S rents 'er bottle; piarts, 3 i elds per bottle, syphons, $1 per , hot' . . Tliesp prices are all P. O. B. j JO'TN TPl'r.Kit, Deadwood, S. D AU'UHIl LAKGH. Deadwood. HOT SIMJ'NOS HOl'TLINO WOuK'S. Mot PprlnL-;, S. D. 1 HTCXUV MA1LLARD. Lead. LARGEST LOCOMOTIVE IN THE WORLD. Ami re w Carnegie, the iron bin.;, now boasts of possi"-si.. tic- !. and most powerful In. -on: it '. o in lie world. 'J'he eri!;ine is known ofli ia'l, as 1.70. and it is ucl c!:c !l in tie .: an lit to sja r 1 1 i aril's pai . i',. alnoc and I. to -v ia. 1 .i .luil : Zipp Shoe Company. H li tin ' '1 ret ,.M 1 i i.a. in a ; M,it. . I mi noon. !'. II V.'hitli lo Rapid City, o o o o o ;.i l et'ii nci! WiMi Mrs. ;uid wifo a vi it. s. J. Whii field's pan nts, Mr. and ' WWiVAV,'i VWj"V.VAVW,MV.VAVAV.VAV.WAVJ'A,1i r t'n" lb a-:- ic h is built, tiie TalM) tran jiortation of iron ore ove Bteep grades of the I'itl.-dmrg, semcr & Lake Erie railroad. li contiollcd by Carnegie. The lo tlve weighs thirteen tons more the next heaviest engine ever The total weight is I . I'1' weight on the drivers being "'. pounds. The boiler capacity is C.lsdiator Gold M. & M. Co. Th . S3C99m 9t9 9 9 J AV.VV.VV.VMV.VAV.SV.V.V.VAVAWdVAV Or :a:i::;ed under the laws of South si si tin si s urn . Si Si Si Si Si Si Si SS U li Si S4 U U U ti U Si S3 S3 si W. Fowler. John Bowman, a brother of Mrs. John Mclnerney of tbi.s city, is up from Korhford. He is accompanied by Mr. 01. on, also of Kochford. T. W. .ilii:;hor, the, mining man, who is interested at Kochford. went to Rapid City, where be is making his headquarters at present. II i. Cooper and wife and two sons of Wbitewood., ate Christmas dinner with K .1-1 Grimshaw and famly. Mr. Cooper anil the hoys returned in the evening. Mrs. Cooper will remain for a few days. gallons, 5000 gallons more than that of the next largest locomotive. The heating surface is 3304 square feet, and the steam pressure aggregates 220 pounds. Before No. 130 was built No. G10 on the Illinois Central was generally conceded to be the biggest AT BLOOM'S Dakota, Owns property between Deadwood and Ruta!.a"a Gulches, near Lead City. Wo are now developing this prop- We have millions of tons of medium grade ore In sight. We have a tunnel proposition. We are soiling stock to develop the property. We have a few more shares at 20c. For particulars call on Aaron Anderson at the mines, or Central City, or address OI.ADIATOT GOLD M. M. CO., Rooms 513-14 I. L. & T. Building, Des Moines, la. r.s ss ss ss ss ss ss SS A Cure for Lumbago. Sufferers from lumbago or rheumatism in the back will be pleased to know that quick relief may be had by applying Chamberlain's Pain Balm. M. W. C. Williamson of Amherst, Va., says: "For mor than a year I suffered with Inmbago. I finally tried Chamberlain's Pain Balm and it gave me entire relief, which all other remedies bad failed to do." For sale by Kirk G. Phillips. ever and most powerful loiomotivt huilt. 9 ft O 0 O to 5 1 S 8 o SS S3 SS S3 S3 SS 8S S3 S3 S3 S3 83 88 88 S3 S3 88 83 83 S3 SS SS S3 S3 S3 83 S3 83 S3 S3 83 83 83 83 SS 83 S3 88 83 83 83 83 83 3 83 83 83 83 SS 4 u . i "4 3 1 83 :ff S3 f 83 n Is, 88 it 83 HF 88 83 ii IK 8Sr In Sif S3 I 83 SS ,1 8 . 1 Never before lias Ihere been shown .such a line of Heautiful and Servicable ss ss ao ss Ju.3t 7Vl3Xt IIo nts Carnegie's engine is operated be- I tweon the Carnegie company's do -ks j at Conneaut Harbor. ()., to Alb'on, I Pa., a distance of about sixteen miles, j Tests of the hauling capacity of tic j new engine have be. n entirely cutis- I factory. The amount of coal required to run the engine i d to be 1" s than required in ojm r uin:; an ordinate engine, and the (nim-lo loinpauy is said to be ronsidei in the a 1 i -ability ,of ordering several nliici eiii-iise after , the model of No. 1 ".. The new engine is said to be able t to pull with comparatii ea-e V.- a- . 7 x ' oC On r- D' l lclous ( "irrirs . A Novel Billy. officer John Mctm ry has a policeman s club that a made to iont-iin a" a small porti. n of the chief "onplc-Tie :,- of a lir: t U 1 u'T. t. It 's of h:il wool, about eilit'sn inches lo:!-; .and was ire . mod t i him by V.y.r-i Muell r lor Cin is nine. Mr. Mueller said whin he v en cl that it was Intended more as a lifo preserver than anything el e. and the po-li. email did not Know what wna meant until one end was screwed off, revcal- ! CHRISTMAS PRESENTS Mako an elesant Xmas Pre sent to any centleman who uses "the weed." We have them put up in beautiful Xmaa boxeaspecial-ly for the .vmas trade. There is nothing more t hcrousbly appreciated than a box of Good cigars. D. JACOBS, Opposite Hullock Hotel. The most elaborate line of Neckwear Ever Seen West IN THE ty-nve hopper cars, ea- h having a a-pacity of 100. 000 po.iiids. over the grades on the Bessemer line. .. ! laiiuuiBiuili m N A Happy New Year... The Newest and Latest Shapes anl Shifts packed in a handsome cartoon if you wish. No end to the line of fancy suspenders ,each pair handsomely boxed. Handkerchiefs in Silk Plain Embroidered and With Initials. Will Build a Hospital. The Sisters of the Benedictine order are going to buhl a new hosptal at Hot Springs. They are at present occupying a building direc tly back of the Gillespie hotel, and are being so well patronized that they have "been encouraged to erect a stone "building, appointed with special reference to their appointments. It is their Intention to make it almost as much a sanitarium as a hospital. Sister Martini, who was formerly- In charge of St. Joseph s hospital, in Deadwood, has charge of the Hot Springs institution. E desire to express our thanks and apprecia- w tion to the host of people, who are our cus- J ss ss ss ss ss S ss ss ss ss S3 ss S3 S3 88 S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 SS S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 it ... S3 S3 S3 88 S3 83 88 83 88 SS 83 tomers, for the generous patronage they have B given to us during the past season, and we extend S to them our best wishes that they may enjoy a S Lost His Best Horse. J. J. Feldhausen lrst Ms best horse Monday. The anima' one of his big 'team of grays, wa3 taken with colic during the afternoon, and by six o'clock he was dead. M . Feldhaus-n's man had hitched tin and started lor Lead with a load. He noticed something the matter with the horse before he had gone far, nnd returned t once to the barn. Mr. Feldhausen vnilrhjl awa. v. , ,.un nil Va n f t nr. Fancy Hosiery in endless variety. Gloves for dress wear, Kid and Mocha plan and silk lined. Umbrellas of the finest quality. The Dunlap Stiff and Soft Hat who have no superiors and the celebrated Stetson Hat. liverjthing belonging to a full dress outfit from The Dress Shield to the proper Tatent Leather Shoe. Goods are prominently displayed so there is no trouble to find what you want. Come early to avoid the rush. Eager to see you at S. BL00IFS, noon, but could not save him. The animal weighed 1600 pounds, and was a plendid specimen of horseflesh for draft purposes. 3 i happy and prosperous New Year. As in the past, S S we shall continue to merit favor and win success S S by selling the most reliable merchandise at the S lowest prices that shrewd buying and the market jj 8 affords, and we shall continue to deserve your pa- S jj tronage by giving bestvanes in the Black Hills. S f J. A. Berber, Lead, s. d I 8 S Satltfled With Deadwood. J. T. McNulty of the Deadwood "Steam laundry, sayn Deadwood 13 as ood for business a 1 any place he w during a month's travel, and as r aa he is concerned a little better. Ba loft rurnn,i atnrH.iv before TTiankgglvIng, and he has since visited Omaha, Chicago, St. Louis, New York, and other towns and cities, and he says he did not see a place that ulted him as well as Deadwood. He M away on a pleasure trip and got oma yesterday. Where they hare such agreeable salesmen to wait . on you. 83 S3 83 83 SSSSSJ3SSSSSaSSS88SS!SBSSSOKSS888Sg

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