The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on December 26, 1900 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 26, 1900
Page 3
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0 AT, DECEMBER 26, 1900. THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAUWOOD, HE GENT A WORD Dr. Collier OSTEOPATH LEAD AND DEADWOOD. MANHOOD RESTOREDS yona or diseases of the generative ureiua, whutMl Manhood iwSSnB lo 9 .Seminal muiwi "erns luSS?: fcmplea, TJnfltaess to Marry, EihansUn Dralna, Variooodaiaiul OonatlMtlon. It stops all looses by day or nlghtT pEfi?St. DEADWOOD ifBD each Insertion, when !it n,nt)i thr lines 0an one ' The Only Osteopath In the Northern sonth, payable in advance (Charter No. 4983.) Report of the Condition of THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK At Deadwood, In the State of South Dakota, at the close of business, December 13, 1900. RESOURCES. Loans and discounts $307,101.38 Overdrafts, secured and unsecured 7,228.32 U. S. Bonds to secure circulation 50,000.00 County, City and School Bonus S3, 900. 00 Lincoln Omaha, Chicago, St. Joseph, Kansas City. BEFORE SNO AFTER f thehorrprsoflmpoteooy. '""nr rlnanimn the I Ir or. tlx "nn kidneys and thenrlnaryoriranaof aUimnurlliaa. - I Denver Helena, Butte Portland Salt Lake Citv, San Francisco HELP. j WANTED The reason anfferern are not cowl by Uortoni la becuuao ninety per cent are troubled wftbi PrwetBtltla. OOPIDKNE la the only known remetly to mrewiihoui uu operation. touOtesllmonK aln. A written (ruaranfee riven and money returned If nix bnxps does not ubci & DtfnunMiiaM Hills. Deadwood office at OlDmor Houie, Moa-dr, Wednesdays, and Friday. Lerd office, 415 Main Street, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. -... hv vnnne man St. Loulsand all points east and south address DAVOL JSUklCUVB CO. P. O Hox 207G, Ban Frauclaco. CaL timfbimhm and all points FOR 8ALE AT FAUST'S PALACE PHARMACY. I west. 74 habits. Any laoor. rieier-."ll desired. Thaddeus Burch, Ijjil Uve kThreT sewing girls at the Dressmaking Parlors, MONEY LOANED ON COLLATERAL Stocks, securities, etc 18,550.16 Trains leave as 'ollows: No. 44, Vesubuled Express, daily, Hot Springs. Lincoln, Omaha, Chicago, and all poinla East. South and WeBt 8:05 a. m. No. :!.), Local daily except Sunday, H;iM Mouutain and Sllei,pHh ... Banking house, furniture, and fixtures 13,420.00 IDMtken's Pharmacy. tf Other real estate owned. ... 6 251. 7G Due from National Banks Security at a lawful rate of Interest Business strictly confidential Will call at your residence If requested. D. JACOBS. OPPOSITE THE BULLOCK HOTEL. GEO. V, AYERS & CO Successors to Ayres & Wardman Hardware Company, 2,499.99 I ' " .v. Inauire . i. i. v. iiiewu' tf. jjt depot. rTeed a sober sawyer, planer J"... ,irii-fiss "Sawyer," care 3,:' 48.905.77 i;:p; m l,tiul.20 ! d.T (HI ? t,. hotel. Newcastle, Wyo. ililiiiiiiitriiiiiigtiiift. (not reserve agents) Due from state hanks and bankers Due from approved reserve agents Intei nal ri venue ; ( amps . . . Cheeks and other cash items Notes of oth r national banks Fnii tioii 'l paper . m, n ', lib l;-.;, :rel eel 1., Lawful Money Ho -ei ve in Lank, viz: Spe ie ?ir!, S72.SU 1 .eiral tender notes u i,,,uo Redemption fund with I!. S. Treasurer (5 per cent SALE. O. C. JEWETT, ARCHITECT. New Waite Block, DHL. D WOOD, 8. D. FOR gALE 10 horse-power boiler, ijoplete. For paruuuiam, auuicoo j on J. HI. i N'o. in, Krieght; dallr e.icept Su" li'.v. Hill Clly, Cluster i and Edgemont 9:05 a. m. iSuii.l.ij, Hits fieitf'hl leaves at. ..6. 00 son I : i.., ,u ! vi- as 'ol lows: No. 43, Last. Pas agar, daily6:15 p. m. e L'e'i Sip.irlish Train, daily except Sunday 9:35 a. m. No. -u.,, Freight 11:05 a. m. Sui:das this train arrivesS : 45 p m Mm-iumc, .lining niul rei'liulug chair cars, 3iuis hv, on all thru trains. "y iri.,blp tickets sold and bag- -' tf- .. n all points. i .ir iiifiu siwiiuri, tliiiu tables, maps and tickets, i, til ,i rite to J. FRANCIS, I't'iu ml i-asoouger Agent, Omaha, SiU. W. T. ROUKKTSON, TicKet Agent. J. L. BENTLKY, Conurcrclal Agent. V. C. TRAINS BKTWBEN DEADWOOD AND LEAD. LEAVE DKADWOOn laily 7:30 a. m. Daily, except Sunday 8:30 a. m. Dally 9:35 a. m. neer-Times. SAU-Goo.l fresh cow. II. G. 'I7.SU Hardware and Mining Supplies.. fcltt No. 52 Lincoln avenue btad, l.k. 2.r,nn.oo Walter L. Vercoe, M. D S. S S. J. EYE AND EAR S 82 8 88 Occulist B. & M. R. R. Deadwood, S. D. .. Tel. Harrison k Ms office. Total . $rii;'),'.)o2.97 FOR RENT. WI'MtMUmiMtttUltlllMIMt. V SXS.SSSJSS&1Si8SSi?iS;,SS8s i BENT. A five-room couage, ino. corner Washington and Jetter- This 8pace Is Reserved For 8 CORNWALL & CO. streets, ingiuBiue. tuiuno ai Deadwood kjeer-Times. CjUJNT. Seven room house with Daily, except Sunday 10:30 a. m. Daily, 12:15 p. m. Daily 2:00p.m. Daily 3:15 p m Daily, except Sunday 4:20p.m. Daily 5;56 p. m. Daily 7:oo p. m Daily, except Sunday 8:00 p. m. FEED Lp and bath. No. 55 Charles LIABILITIES Capital stock paid in 50,000.00 Surplus fund 10,000.00 Undivided protits, less ex- penses and taxes paid... 73,988.99 National bank notes outstanding 49.700.00 Due to other National banks 175.69 Due to state banks and bankers 18,060. 511 Due to trust companies and saving banks 286.81 Individual deposits subject to check 171 14.14 Demand certificates of deposit 2l.i-W.Sl Time certificates of deposit 1 65,9:10.57 Cashier's checks outstanding 5,151.67 beet And IEENT. Two rooms over Phlla- FUEL! IpUa. Restaurant. Appiy w nu- W-Tlmes. Daily 9:00 p. m. Daily, except Sunday 10:30p.m. LEAVE LEAD CITY ' Daily 8:02 a. m. DrJ.y, except Sunday 8:00 a. m. Daily 10:00 a. m. Daily, except Sunday 10:555 a. m. SENT $10 per month, good , m i ,i ljMOom nouse in uieveiiiuu fats addition, one block above Seebick IMPORTER AND DESIGNER OF Gowns and ...Mil line rv Joesephs hospital. A. w. coe. Tokil $" State nf Fniith Dakota, I'o'inty KENT A house with modern of Law- IproTements, furnished or unrur- .12:40 p. m. . 2:25 p. m. ...3:40 p ru ..4:45 p. m. . .6:25 p. m. . .7:25 p. m. . .8:25 p. m. except Sunday "Lobby Saloon has gone thru a thoro course of repair and cleaning and is now one of the Nicest Place to be found in Deadwood for a social I, Win. S"lble. Cashier of th auoviv iked. Inquire at DeMouth s Ark. Daily Daily Daily Daily, Daily Daily Daily, Dai'y Daily, BENT Two new six-room houses except Sunday rent cheap on Carney street. En- J be of S. Bloom. 9:25 p. nx except Sunday 10:55 p.m. time. OPPOSITE THE BULLOCK. named hank', do Koler.iniy swear that the above statement is true to t'io best of my knowleip-e and belief. 'M SIT ttli:. Prtrhler. Subs- rilied end sworn to before me this L' t day of lee.t i!"ino. D. P. DAGI'K, Notary Public. Corrwt Attest : HARRIS Fh A NKUN, V. F. ADAMS. JOHN TKLFii'It. Directors. bllSHED ROOMS for rent. Clean mctlTaand nicely situated, In the 0, Miller house, upper floor. In of Mrs. P. D. Sanders, Room 1. F nit THE DEADWOOD LOAN OFFICE .. .. 21 Lee Street, Is the place to go when you art broke or when you are not broke when you are broke, you caat et money, and when you have money you can get bargains what the other fellow left when he was broke. Anything and everything la carried In stock M DEADWOOD LOAN OFFICE, F E. M. V. R. R. TDK NORTHWESTERN LINE. DEPOT: Uetween Deadwood and Ptns Streets. Arrtyes. Departs. Trough trains to Omaha Clilcaf.'", St. i'aul, Min- neaiioli;, with close connections for all points we it and south, at Fre- 'noe acd Omaha 11 a m I p m Di'l'i'.T; t.ower Main Street Ai l ives from Whitewood, Sturgls. Rapid, Chadron and Intermediate ,1S famished tor housekeeping, klei teeklng comfortable and We Want... You to understand that we are under small expense and can do better by you on MEATS of all kinds than any of our competitors. Give us a chance to prove our assertion, by giving us a trial order. JOLITZ & LYNCH puint winter quarters, will do ,4 to call at No. 69 Centennial m L An Important Difference. To make It apparent to thousands, who think themselves 111, that they are not afflicted with any disease, but that the system simply needs cleansing, is to bring comfort home to their hearts, as a costive "condition Is easily cured by using Syrup of Figs, manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co., only, and sold by all druggists. CJS FOR RENT. The finest teat located, steam heated and pic lighted offices in the city ihr rent at low prices.. In-h of 0. C. Jewett, Room 202, ' building. points 10:40 a. m. Departs 8:20 a. m. Arrives. Departs Deadwood for Belle Fourche 1:50 p. m. 9:10a.m Whitewood only 7:30a. m. 4:35 p. m UNDERTAKING r . A M r spaas sk f tMBALMIIJC Aetna Powder Co, i in ALL IT8 BRANCHE8 RVIlfiillw ... . -uu wmpeienuy aone. A full stock of coffins caskets. $ TO RENT AT MODERATE ,QSS. Suites of living rooms In I WAITE BUILDING, each fur-m with steam heat; electric m bath, water closet, lavatory; Ice! Ice!! Ice!!! ' en Francis C. Tucker. J. R. Hickox. U. 8 .Dep. Mm. City Engineer. Surveyor. TUCKER A HICKOX, givil ; m:ni:-g engineers Surve ors. ilooms 301 and 30: Adams Block. IIarrison Ihon Parlors. N ... shorTOO cold water, arc for rent at Sprite and reasonablo prices. ' b pleased to show them to Dynamite and Black Powdbr Fuse and Ceps, Kectric Batteries. ' Batteiy Supplies. I Who may be interested. O. jtarett, Agent. We ciinn'iict with you lo till your ice house with nnv where from oO ti 11.00 tui- of the U-t ice in the l!l:uk Hills ;it utv i o:im nci! do price Fur further pnrticul'irs us to ii;i!ity ;ue! price, mil on or mlilic-.s me at -Viiem 2 Svinlicnte liloek. ' F i ; t i n l; unil henvy tiaiilini; a n specialty, -i.l'roinptness is our motto. aNo. 23, .DEADWOOD. BtetinES seconil anil fi.mth SnriD Cionn rnrinnrn 2ft7:JO. All members cordially NNIB I. PHILLU'S. W. M. W. E ADAMS COMPANY Carpet Weaving. HelfU Of Whitewood has lust Headquarters for SOUTH DAKOTA PEOPLE, HOTFL GRACE EUROPEAN C. C. COLLINS, Proprietor. Jackson Boulevard and Clark Street, CHICAGO. Location Opposite Postoffice and Board of Trade, In Exact Center of Business District 200 Rooms at $1.00 Per Day and Upward. Every Room has Hot and Cold Water and Is .Heated by Steam. Z st lmProTed nand will ready to promptly fill or- uuu $0 uu iriibiALu. S a few N-V : 5 Days fHASANEox i: THE CFY DUY LINE JN0. FEL0HAUSEN, Prop. Office No. 2 Syndicate Blk. "wrpets or chenille curtains. Never Before 1 Postal and he will call rtsa and rot. In Black Hills History Hucin'iiline baen 10 accnratetyre ( proluceil or nerer before has therebeen ;tta floor. He furnishes the weaves at 22c per yard, or leaving at 12c. GANT LINE 1 RIMMED HAT of the Hills, as are now hownatiae ( popular Hiaaioa or ' H. R. LOCKE & CO., j Main tret, II Main Strset, i HE ADWOOD II LEAD. I WHICH ARE GOING FOH A FEW DAYS AT You Can Bank. on getting the best In the MEAT line, If you get it of ROGERS & SON They always have a neat, fresh stock to select from, and you can alwajs get just what you wanL J. B. Le Beau The Central Jeweler, Is Headquarters For Black Hins Gold Jewelry, Any design, made up on the shortest notice. MAIL ORDERS Write him Just what you want and he will quote you prices by return mall. REFERENCES Any bank or mercantile house in the Hills. Tbev Load Others Fol'ow It. Pliotopuphy, Cabinet Work h S3,oo or Phatinotype. KP!Th quickly yields to treat-"gi Cream Ualni, which is agrce-?2lL? is receiyed through the vT an'l teals the whole sur-. 11 diffuses itself. Druggists isMk2?' Trial rize by mail 10 jandyou are sure to continue ',AnnouiioenHiit. rWdafe those who are partial Jllzer3 in applying liquids ,Zr1PMSai;e8 for catarrhal trou-iJ"!etors prepare Cream Balm in kuch wiU be known as Ely's Jteh. Pn :o including ths IkiL!?-Pents- IrugBi8t8 or by wjud form embodies the med. of the sohd preparation. BRING YOUR POCKETBOOK, For when you see them you want them. OUR HOLIDAY LINE THE BRICK of Handkerchiefs and Gloves is unsurpassed by any In ths w West Accept our Invitation and call. ACKERMAN MILLINERY CO., Miss O'Keefe, Mgr. LUXURIES THAT COST LITTLE, Is what you get when you buy your meats of H tf 5 I AV.VAV.VVW.V.V.V.V. V.V.V.VV.VWfli .Next W. H. MOORE Blacksmith and Wagon Maker HORSESHOEING AND GENFRAL RE-PAIRINU DUNE ON SHORT NOTICE, All kinds of Carriage and Wacom Wood Work; also Carriage Furnishings. 11 and 12 Pine St. - Deadwowt . ft GUS KELLAR The poor man's freind. They all look alike to Gus, and it Is one price to all, and tho best and most pa'at able meats to be had in the city. 642J4 Main Street, - Deadwood. 5 B SI FIRST NATIONAL BANK FINEST ORCHESTRA ! In the City-Carry a full line of Best j Wines, Liquors and CI-j ears. 1 You are always welcome. I RYAN and RILEY Props. DEADWOOD. SOUTH DAKOTA. 4 United States Depository 31 LINE Lee -G lass -Ardreseen Wholesale Hardware BrcclcGnd Sporting Goods. DIRECTORS: T. J. GKTEB. fTiP. 1. BPARXtP. A. OUSHTBT, D. A. McPHERaON. 0. 1. IAXJ8BURT. PALMER HOUSE NEW CLARK BLOCK. NEXT DOOR TO U. a ASSAY OFTICH. NEW BUILDING, NEW FURNITURE. NEW BEDDING In connection with the Restaurant art tea finely furnished rooms wlti hot and cold, water and bath. Open day and night Short orders a specialty. SING YOU Prop THe Aroade PFT"1 ECKLUND, PROP. Is whrr you get that delldavs drink known turnout the country as Ankeas- OFFICERS: President O.J. IAXJ8BTJHT I Oaahler.. M WD. A. MerSTSSSi OMAHA. Assist Cashier ....J. & DKNHA21 ltlt-H-21 HARNET STn ar Bust u r-a Vice-President T. J. QEIKR A nlcr luut-a eoestaatly oa tka bar. Bast brands of. drinks and elsars always OB band f ) THE EAST ""W90 'iy it COO p. m. J. C. CARSON, Agent Deadwood Office, Syndicate Block. Vm street.

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