The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 25, 1900 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, May 25, 1900
Page 6
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THE DAJLY PIONEER-imES, DEAPWOOD, S. D. FRIDAY, MAY 25, Uoo -1 1 LtsCaAL. rMOTlCfct .25 ASSESSMENT NOTICE. I V i'ur i Consolidatcl Gold and 5;1- SUMMONS MONEY PEMA N'H COMPLAINT FILt... State of South Dakota, Eitftun ' : 1! 9. Ja:ub Schindler 100 Ja:ob Schindler ..... 100 f10 Ja. ob Schind.Ier 10o circuit 8s In the Cirxuit court in and for Lawrcu- e ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Jai ib Schindler 10) NOTICE. I hereby give notice that all school orders iaoited and registererj prior to January 1, 1S97, by school district No. , will be paid upon presentation at my fhre in Central City. Interest on the uir.e will ten days froa. publica , county. John Ciray, plaintiff Hailstorm Mining Company, Deadwood, DEADW000 vs. !'! Ml.. !;':! 7 - ifc 'oinpiny. t-nacipai place oi : .-a I eajuood. South iMkota. Lo. a-:o.. o v .k-. Galena. Lawrence co,in;y South i. .--u'.a. Nouee is hereby given that at a me. t.i:-' jf the direc tors of the above named .u::i-;it:ii held on the Till day of April, W''i a' 8. V. .50 Robert C. Methane, defendant. The State of doiua i'.tko'i . 1 m g :: - Notice Is hereby Klven that at a meeting lUK 2dti 200 l oo ,7.l 2o0 ."oil 1 - .12V. S H .More . . S. H. More . . S. H. More . . , S. H. More ... J L. Follett . f'aniill Kiejii Co mill Krejci of the directors of this corporation held at the office of the company on the 14 th day To Ito.'i-Tt C. M.Shan-, .l. fctid in: Y.u are hereby siimiinined and reuir, 1 l.b: Lincoln, Omaha". Chicago, -St. Joseph, Kansas CJty. St. Louis? ra an poirt-. or t and sot -. . .-to .ii'wer tlie i ornplanr of the aboe Denver Helena, Butte, Portiard San frd ' and huT .on of tlii.s notice. C K. WICEDO.V. Ibst. Trtiis. Ibited at Central City.- l-awt" once iuin'v, S I).. April 2i. VMi'i. Iru of April. I'Mv. an ajo'ssment, i.No. 11) of I. two and one-half mills per .share v. x.- I ti. inied plai:m:f. nil: h will be filr'l in the1 ol!b t ! the i iik of the I'.rr'ilf o'..' within and for- ai i l.i.vr. n e .o':nty at! lleadwiHwi, South hjkol.l irl- to a-rv' a I to ot.o . . t eji.j:, ,ii liead vo-i-l a iiko'.i. a:i i. Xo. I ut .u - fo..ri i. cji t-'u; i-. r .-hire wa.- .e ei o;oi, th i a;.i:al s' k of the oo;.. ,i a ;.;.i. payabl- i ia.iiediat el) to the treu'fer led upon the capital .-.iixk of tins i u; im: a- , your a.Ns.ier ,,n ife- subcri iters .r . tion, payable iitimedUtt'ly ii F. Z;pf. their oitu e ;n the ::v . J e id w oo-l Soi'h i: tiMsurfr. ut his office in I le.i.lvsoo.J. Sooth I'akola. rtl'lllll thlttv lavi iftel 'be j.-r- I lie O'tphiti- Ciuri for I'liiladeluhia. April Torn,. l:m) as fr.II.jJl-! Ncstibuled .;v Xo 4 1 Dakota. c uf this suriitnoiM. eiiijie f (he lay Hot Hot of . r 1' e. or ; !e ii:li:irl l!l take j i e; . men: anin-t you for fifteen liindre. dol- ":iy, SprirUs I 1.2", Any stork iimiii vi hi- b ihn a.i-nitrui shall remain uniai-l on the l,th day of h. oi:!i;..i:.y l're-1 r Ka:is Jr., a' lie '!; .. i:i 1'eudwooi. Sou'h liakota. Any sto k upon whi.h this asses.-:u' nt hall remain unpaid on May 1?. 1VO0 i!. 'iejitiout nt and Jdverdsed for sai a'. 1. 1. ir-. wi'h interest m rj per ceui ji.t :h. -ill- e Ja:i':arv 1 V' l.....--. i .t i I ' a i . pril lull . !:' May, 1900, shall be delinquent and ..lier '";n. Omalia. Chiea,) ;ui , 'II points East, So,,,!, ;, ! West iu.ri for alp at Duljllc auriiini, and unless ss; C'amill Krej'i f.o.i s.7.'Cumil! Krejci ,uii ess. Camill Krejci ,'."0 Camill Krejci ;,od ::''. Citmill Krejci r,oo S9'. Camill KreJ. i rji'io S92. Camill Krejci r,oo 902. Camill Krejci 20' 9').:. Camill Krejri 2t0 9ul. Camill Krejci 200 '0'.. Camill Krejci 200 90i'.. C'amill Krejci 200 907. Cami'l Krejci 20' 90S. Camiil Krejci 2 no 909. Caniill Krejci ...... 20 M (JULIN & MeL l'; i .I x. I'laintirf's Attorney To (he above naine-I defendant navment is made before, it shall be sold P at Vo in tlie niatter of tile estate of .Linn.- Mulligan, a .su; dece.j-e:r. N'oiiie is hereliy given that Kii.lev J. Tenor has tiiad" application i'or letters of administration upon the estate of .lames Mulligan, a supposed decedent, and that on June 22nd. 1900. at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, the court will hear evidence concerning the No '10 I ,..! J:i .r,o .."0 on the first day of June, to pay the de -- . ..., evcent Spearflsh l'l"se tike noti.e that the .otoplaint in vin-and t 1,) P the above eniitled action j filed in the llnquent assessment, together wl'h the cost of i Jerk of the aoove named rojil on the N'o :"4. Frieeht. r!a,i 11th day of Apr-i Hen .r,o .50 .50 of advertising and expense of sale K ZII'P. Secretary Sutidav. HIM City' and Edgemont li-'.er public auction, an 1 unless paymen i-uia le before will be sold on the 4th la-June, i.k)0, at the offli e of Fred T. K'.ans Jr. treaaurer. Heajwixvl, South Dakota, at Ho ocbk i. iu. to pay the delinquent at aessmeut. together wi'h the costs of ad-veitiiiua and expense, of sale. FKEI) T EVANS, JK . Secreu y I First 1'ub. Apt tl I'. 1 :") M I. A (C II I.I X i McLVL(,HI.I.N ' I'lutitiiT's ttorn-vs. ( First p. ib May S. 1 ii)0 Sundays this freight leaves ' , alleged absonee of the supposed decedent and the circumstances and dura .50 .50 o. 4.5, tast. Pas'nger. daily; !' Wt lW FK.SHIP NOTICE. 1 - tion thereof and will make sueh or- J- 0. ml .no. 2'iri Snearflsh tv,i We. the undersigned who are abou' to dai v a ' op;;!'tti' r-iiiji und'T the firm name 910. Camill Krejci 911. Camill Krej'i SH. Camill Krejci except Sunday 1 1 -. lers and decrees therein as in the ' ts of th Assembly are made and .f iI 'oil'. V vres and '"ompanv. hereby .50 .50 .25 .25 .25 ttlfv 1 the f.,lrVAlM4 are the names o. 203. Freight Sundays this train am "epinn. dinitiR and 11 'JO i a I ' pi full of all mem' 'i - such part m rshin (W. S. Klder. Attorney i M A. l-'iM M. S No. i:j:i AITI.ICATION FOR A I'ATKNT I'. S. I-ind Office. iUl'id City So Iak. April :;o. Moil Notice is hereby given "'at Anna tiold Mining Co.. li'M postollice addia -i- is Deadwood, So. liako'a, has this 'lay tiled Its application for a patent for ihjx 'i aii l f'.'i.Vl linear feel respectively of t r i - Anna and Anna Xo - hides, mines in v.-ins bearing gold with surface ground ::oo f an l their du es of'iic.'. to-wir Camill Krejci Caniill Krejci Camill Krejci provided Joseph A. Slattery , Attorney for the petitioner. No. l'tii! Chestnut ?t.. Philadelphia. F'a. I First Pub. May m. lftiv, , seats free, on all ,...'..' uco '. A;, re. N.'ilvvo.).! Soir h I ' - ' na:r rts "" 1 D'i l)lj. ay and sfeamshin tlcU..., M iltel tier 1 le I I WiMld South gaxo ch-H-ked to all n.,,,,, . Mo. Mi). SIT. Sl. SIM. V 1 Albert il.oia 200 2'MI I'll 100 100 100 101) 100 I'M! 1.1.1 1iei lie) 1 C tnr liif.irtnation ir,ie Camill Krejci Caniill Krejci Caniill Krejci tickHt.s. call on ,..ri,.. . 1 1 o i . oir lia (Martin & Mason, Attorneys.) State of South Dakota, Eight Judicial Circuit. In the Circuit Court In and for Lawrence County, South Dakota. Henry S. Craham and Myrou J. Graham, as Executors of the last wnl anil Testament of Samuel Ciylvun, 1 let'CLsed. l'laini iff-, vs. florge i,. .Mai vine Defendant. i n a.v-jj I-l-.T.IXgl KNT S I.K ()TKT-; I.'l al 1-asietlKer .', W T vj here'.f K" have b' le l'l :.-U th's '-t lav of Mav.l'.. I.KO V A VP. ):.-!;i!T .1 y. i.tki:.vki. -.. ,-h lak.. a CutiM of '.'h.i:h. X,b ';:; i.-. rc-io 'ctively In wnltli. Miuit'-.i in .i;i'.-woed mining district, county of I,ap-me and Stale ofSoiitl: Imkoi.i. and ib'signati I ton Ci'lisi.i'dalei c- liibi ' t i! I am . iti. ij,., ;-i.i file l y t!u field ill ibis ollicc s. nb.'d as b I . i . i h Itiilll ami! I 'i mill MCi!! "ivp i')i:;i Kreje; K reiri ' ( i r j K.eb i K i K i . I. i notes ,md ollb i il plat as bii luiniber 1 '.71 le i ,lr, ( s I,,- n II N' l.nlii: ;it ...r No I i .1- i. -loo. . !n - !ci ! 1 7 1 I a. i hi: l i.l- st 1 1 I .iCt i : A To ti.e 5 .V. l; tun in tinu:i s i ; m is l'-l t i : l v.- ,i a ; it: i: -1 ATI. ei' i,i;i:i:r!i; fell .I.tnt : . 1,,-lei.V Mon. r Xo ,1 in I ! ! ' 1 1 th .d v. . CI, till', r upon 1 le:o ,V il. ; . ' 1 1 I'll , I.. I. . i 1 IT 41 mi- t l . 1 1 lie 1; , will en T i. ! 1:. n... : II' 'Id;. I 1 feel s ' I' i i -;:it 1 1, ..;.... inO ty-nir.e tb.rtars h interest fin: M hi V I t..(l e ' iiit l.un.ii'i i ::i f in v-r u , i Xi,vc:nlc.r ! 1900, at 12 1 1 ' i I . i Moody, KeWar .i. T Mcx.Tv. on ' -" K v , ;.. r. 1 tss.S f,.et lo corile with 1 v at 0 H I ( in ,, ;,,,. i,r.,: W. "2: " f. ei lo crioT No :i: 1 1 TV K 1 f. el t(( corner N -1 (to I ' ,1 ' I'.'ili Saul i ii 1 lead u ui, d. Si, i, 111 llal.,1;,. 'Ji,r il.jeil Of tlie meeting Hill In lie (!ei':r , (if seven directors to serve for tlie :i s n -ins year, nnd the transaction of suili other business as may tome before I.e. W'.iii. 1 Inn v costs. Dated ;:t I truilivor,, 1 . day of April, A. I).. 1 ; 1 1., 1 'Mil .It M i; i, .nihil .lolin .lohn 1. il. -!:.! 1 i. !, H.ii.b'iiri 1 1 ' 1 if :;:; R'ibi i t I'm .sin K' i't. I'urslow 1 1..:: ! l;ii! Iiaii; I U'lv St" ftn' I-T. 4 '2 feet to enrtier N'o. 1 and tdace of beitinirc Tli rcsii,neil course nf the lode line o' the Anna lieine X. CS' D.V ?." V ard of the Anna Lfide No. '? N. 5'!' R Area of Anna Lcvle 4 0:1,1 acres, na No ; Lode 1 Jiq ,icr"s: total area nf rlnlms r.rtfi4 htm. Var. at all corner of thN survey 15 F. The location of these mine li rvorderl n the ofrlc of th Heglste-r of Deeds of .1.' . 1 .on.. . 1 . 1 .MIC I I'lil'slow I'm snw the meet in p. WALTER K. SMKAH Secretary 111 1.1' Plaintiff s Attorneys. L'...'l 2.: ".ii yw. .lohn 1L,1 len,i;l 2ui i - .Jniin I lol.ii nrid i .. lt-7. John Moldenrid 100 .2" notice: Purslow l.oiii) x;i ;;. Mi7. m;s. STli. iuu ueienaant aiiove named; 2. "it) STOCKHOLDKRS' MEICTINC. IaTence county. S. P.. In hooka 1 and ! respectively at pages !i2 and (102 respec I'liislow Purslow . . . 1 .Ml HI . . . 1 "Mil -ie;se take notice that the complaint 2 .".0 The regular annual meeting of the "vely . Trie adolninc claimants are. on I F. & M V i; ; ; TFIi: .MiRTIIWESTFH.V LINE IiEI'OT: Hetwea Dead i. i Streeu. -,i the wet and north Oro Cache M S. 29fi A Kolit. Kobt. Robt. Unlit. Robt. Robt. Rol.t. Robt. Robt. Robt. Robt Robt. u niii case was filed in the office of the clerk of the above entitled court on east Highland Mary M. S. 306: others, htockhnlders of the St. Klmo Mining and Milling cinipany will Le held at 2.50 If any. are unknown. Purslow l.M')o Purslow l OMi) Purslow mi)m Purslow 1.0mm Purslow I. MM' I at the court Louse in the city of Dead- J. .ii i:lil Any and all persons claiming adversely the office of the company In Deadwood any portion of sail Anna and Anna No in:;:'. ', wood, on April 27th, 1900. MARTIN & MASON. South Dakota, on Monday, the 4th day of June, 1900, at 12 o'clock, for the l.f:'l A rn . - Trouuh trains to Unnhj '"hicio, Pt. i'aul. Minneapolis, with (!. con-nectiom !m all pomw west and south, at Kre-111. nt and Itaiaha 1! a lodes, nines or surface ground, are r-piilred to fltr their adverse claims with the Register of the United States Land Office at Rapid City. S rak.. In the county of 1.: Plaintiffs' Attorneys. 1'2S. John Hoblenrid lm 172. John Hoblenrid 5it .12'. S7.1. John Holdcnrid 50 124 1.04;:. II. C. Akin & Edholm TOO 1.7.-, Ainl that unless payment is made before, said stock will be sold on the ith (lav of June, L400, at the hour of I w o o'clock p. ni .of said day at the office of Fred T. Evans, Jr., treasurer, I lead wood, Lawrence county. South Dakota, to pay said delinquent ts-sessnieiit. costs of advertising ani' expenses of sale. FRED T. EVANS. Secretary. purpose of electing a board of direc P'lislow Purslow 1.25 tors for the ensuing year and for the "I 1.1 transaction of such other business as NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION. K.'... : i 1. . . ,i) .. nin) . . 500 . . r,uo . . EO'i . . ."00 . 500 Tnnlnton. during the sixty days period of Dubtlcctfon hereof, or thev will h harrd by vlrrtie of the provisions pf the statute. . K. CrARDrVKR. Rgister It Is hereby ordred. that the foregoing may come before it. I'urui: iownr l,in Sire.-:. Whltewod. Sturgls. Iia,i I. CLilni and intermediate points W il a 31 ui 8:25 a m. Belle t'ourche Z' am 11 .W n Whitewood only T i a '4 45 p s 1.2.- "UUIT 15 Hereby given that the GEO. V. AYRES. Secretary. Robt. Purslow ":J4. Robt. Purslow Rnbt. Purslow Tit. Robt. Purslow 7'.'S Robt. Purslow SS:'.. Robt. Purslow Tin. Kobt. Purslow co-partnership heretofore existing be 1 noMe of application for natent he nub "tniam Zoeckler. Matilda 1.2 -Except Sunday. llshad for the period o 60 rlavs fnlne con Zoeckler and Peter Zoeckler. under I a secutive weeks). In the Dallv Ploneer-"i'Itis. a dnllT newspaper published at 5mi r.oo I r irsT P; May 22. 1100.1 mm r.ame and styl of Zoeckler 1 1 1. IMPORTANT CHANCE OF TIME ONI rr Brothers, has this day. In- consent of Robt. Purslow 500 Dead wood, 8. D. A. K. Oarrt'ner. Register. (First Pub. Mav 2. IOT ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Victory Mining company. Principal place of businesa, Dead-wood, South Dakota. Location of works, Carbonate, Uw-rence county, South Dakota. Notice is hereby given that at a all of said partners, been dissolved 1 OT THE NICKEL PLATE Rt'A'J. A daily 27 hour thru ervi. e L 'L7. Robt '25. Robt X : : m , ,-..,nc- is runner given that the said 1. eh.- .-ii William Zoeckler and Matilda Zoeck 1.25 fcTn. Robt. S77. Robt. Hi- Vi: W have succeeded to the business of Purslow Purslow Purslow Purslow Purslow Purslow Purslow i'nited States Assay Office at Dead-wood. S. D.. Oflice of. the Assayer in Charge SEALED l'ROR()slALS will be re-t' ived at the office of the Assayer ni meeting of the board of directors of the said partnership, and will pay all debts 500 500 50o 500 50M r.O'i 500 500 5o0 1 2 1.2 1.2 S7S. Robt. S7!. Robt above named corporation held on Sat anu collect all accounts belonging ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Ofllec of the Marmadtike Gold and Silver Mining Company. Principal place of business. Deadwood, Lawrence County, South Dakota. Notice Is hereby given that nt a regular meeting of the directors of this corporation held at the office of the company on the 7th day urday, April 28th, 1900, an assessment Sy.Robt. 1.25 been been inaugurated betw cago and New York, leav.i.i Iluren street passenger si.. go. at 3:3 p. 111.. arr:i;iu Yon; at 7 25 p. 1.1. the 1 ,1, Standard New Yi.vk an i ;! press Jemt-s Chicago a; i daih. instead of lil:2'i a. 1:.. nierly wuh thru ,al;s ((, , a Boston, arriving at either c (barge f the Assay Office of the M.ffi 'Id (No. 9) of four mills per share, was nited States at DEADWOOD. S. D., Robt. Purslow Robt. Purslow tnereto. WILLIAM ZOL'CKI.KR. MATILDA ZOECKLKR. PETER E. ZOECKLER. 1. 1. "... a. II levied upon the capital stock of the SS2 until 12 M June 30 1900. and then . :,s fr 50 corporation, payable immediately to the treasurer, John Treber, Deadwood, 0 Vo: k a:: j .tv pari' I opened, for supplies required for the fiscal vea- ending June 30. 1901. Hlank proposals and all other informa lit)". Rob. Purflow 200 Oel. Robt. Purslow 200 S90. Robt. Purslow 200 9?2. Robt. Purslow 100 mum oigiit-ci, wiiiiam y.oocKie, .1 South .Dakota. Any stock upon which this assess ana atatiiiia zoeckler. have this (lav the following afternoon. tion may be had upon application to formed a copartnership under the firm Night- Express leaves Cha ago da;i.' ment shall remain unpaid on Tuesday, name and style of Zoeckler Brother: at 10:30 n. m.. arrivina: at eih:T cirri 9:;o. P. J. Miniter, Assayer in Charge. the 5th day of June, 1900, will he de of April, 1900, an assessment of one-half (1-2) cent per share was levied upon the capital stock of this corpo-ratian, payable immediately to John R. Wilson, treasurer, at his office in Dead-wood, South Dakota. Any stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on the first for the purpose of continuing the busi ness heretofore carrfpd on under said llnquent and advertised for sale, and unless payment shall have been made before, will be sold at public auction, 95J. 'jfii. Robt. Purslow 1 00 Robt. Purslow ion Robt Purslow 1.10 Robt. Purslow 1 io Robt. Purslow 100 Robt. Purslow 5(1 Wm. Lerch 500 Wra. Irch 500 firm name, the said William Zoeckler early the second morning. Courteous colored prte: arc 6 charge of day coaches to look aftrtV comfort of the passengers, especial ladies traveling alone. Dining car ot FASTER TIME EAST BOUND." owning a two-thirds interest therein s.".i c Our ickets. carers, loice i 5aFri nim Jacket Wgin .12' at the office of the treasurer, John and Matilda Zoeckler a one-third inter- 1.004. 1.25 I A change of timi between Norfolk day of June, 1900, shall be delinquent and advertised for sale at public auc est In said business; and hereby certi-h 005 1.25 I and Sioux City enables pasengera ue- all trains from Chicago on which th' service is unexcelled and at populi' ry that the following are the names in 1.00G. Wm. Lerch 5) 1 2d ::g our train No. 4 to reach Sioux full of all the members of said co tion, and unless payment is made before, It shall be sold on the first day of July to pay tlie delinquent assess Treber, Deadwood, S. D., on the 23rd day of June, 1900, at 2 p. m., to pay said delinquent assessment, together with costs of advertising and expenses of sale. JULIUS REBSAMEN, Secy. 1.2 City at 4:00 p. m. dally partnership: l.ftO". Wm. Lerch 500 1.01 J. Wm. Lerch 500 1.012. Wm. Lerch 500 1.25 Twelve hours sared between MIN- prices. Mr. J. Y. Calahan. General AS" 111 Adams street. Chicago, will b" pleasure in giving all detailed inform William Zoeckler, Deadwood, South ment, together with the coet of ad 1.25 NEAPOLIS. ST. PAUL and the BLACK' Dakota. 1.013. Wm. Lerch 500 1.25 HILLS. West bound, leave Minneap- Matilda Zoeckler, Deadwood, South vertising and expenses of sale. JOHN R. WILSON. Secretary. Dated, April 12, 1900. 1.021. Wra. Lerch 1.000 2.30 olis at 7:10; St. Paul at 7:40 a. m.. Dakota. tion aa to rates and trains. Chicago passenger station Van Ba-ren street and Pacific avenue on tf Sioux City at 5:05 p. m. Arrive Nor In witness whereof, we have hereun Room 1, Syndicate Block Deadwood, 1.022. Wm. Lerch l.OdO 1.023. Wm. Lerch ...1,000 1.024. Wm. Lerch 1 ooo toik Junction 7:40 p. m., connectirg to set our hands this 8th day of May S. D. Elevated Loop. City ticket offices. 1 with FREMONT. ELK HORN & MIS 1900. Wm. Lerch l 000 Adams street, telephone 2"57 Cent! 2.50 2.30 2.50 2.50 .25 .12 .25 suuki ALLEY RAILROAD train and Unioa Ticket office. A cbt.Tria' So. W. H. Beck 100 WILLIAM ZOECKLER. MATILDA ZOECKLER. No. 3 due at Black Hills stations the NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR . LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION. In the County Court of the County of Lawrence, State of South Dakota. In the matter of the estate of John B. Olson, deceased. , Notice is hereby given ihat Walter S. Simpson has filed with tt e clerk of this court, a petition, praying for letters of administration of the estate of John B. Olson, ' deceased, and that 833. W. H. Beck 50 Annex. Telephone 20S Hart ;-vi next morning. PARTICULAR atten ine, d Oi. this 8th. dar nf Msv. 1WM hofure mo 942. J.cob Schindler ... . 100 'ith d( h. uwtncpll. ti Notary Public within tion Is called to the change of time in leaving SIOUX CITT. 5:05 p. m.. dally, ami ror sail County and Stat. prsonall o- The Clifton House. Hot Springs. S " 1 . 943. .Licob Schindler 00 I'4. Jacob Schindler IO11 '.H5. Jacob Schindler 100 BTvpear.n William Zoeckler and Matilda Zoeckler. well known to me to be the per- connecting at Norfolk Junction with XV VJtfl Is now thoroly cleaned ar, i : : train No. 3, thus enabling uns k iMtnus are subBcribed to th l roreoini iptniment. and they each- dnlv .25 Monday, the 28th day of May, A. D., acKnoied(fci to me that ?h"j- PTo,.ti and open to the public pan :. pleasant, cool, airy rooms ii: from connecting lines to make conneo tion at Sioux City without lay-over. ,so cos- 9!(" Jacob Schindler 100 947. Jacob Schindler 100 94$. Jacob Schindler 100 1900, at 10 o'clock a. m. of said day, tne '.tm ror tlie uses nnd purposes there in mentioned. ' (R C HAYES, Attorney.) NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Peter Derosier, deceased. , Notice Is hereby, given by the un-v derslgned Adolph t Bernard, administrator of the estate of Peter' Derosier deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons bavins claims against the - said deceased to exhibit them w.Ith the necessary vouchers, within six months after the first publication of this no- - tlce, to the said Adolph L. Bernard, ; administrator aff aforesaid at St Onge, In the Coanty of Lawrence, South Da-kota ' - -' ; - : . , Dated at Deadwood, S. D., May 19th, M bit! being a day of a regular term of this In witness whereof, t hive Iwrcunin nection with the Minnel: house, the Lest of acco::i ..i.itil my hand nnd affixed mv Notarial Peal the 97G. Jacob Schindler 50 977. Jacob Schindler so court, to-wit: of the May term, 1500 ANNUAL METING. .;.il'iaf'l at the nourt room, thereof, ct the court jay una year uat nbove written. W. B. DWLVNELL. fS"' 1 Xotarr Public. reasonable rates. Terms 0: day or Ave dollars a week. aMRS. HENRI ETTE t 97S. Jacob Schindler 50 979. lacob Schindler ..... 50 943. Jacob Schindler ..... 100 house In the City of Deadwood, in the said County, of Laurence, has been set The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Stearns company will cieto.' 1 .23 .12M, .12 .12'4 .23 .23 .25 .50 .50 .50 .25 for hearing said petition, when and Vhere any person interested may ap 950. Jacob Schindler 100 Hivdfl pear and Bbow cause why the said pe- J. E. Baker. A. S. 031. Jacob Schindler 100 91.". Jacob Schindler 200 91B. Jacob Schindler 200 NOTICE OF ANNTAL MEETING. The regular annual meeting of the stockholders of the Iron Hill Mining company, will be held at the office of John Baggaley, secretary, Deadwood, South Dakota, on the 5th day of June, tltlon should not be sranted." , be held at the office of the company in Daedwood on Tuesday. June 5th, 1900. at 7 o'clock p. m., for the purpose of electing directors to serve for the ensuing year, and for the transaction of such other business aa may properly v 1900. , - . - ; t . ' -. - ADOLPH L. BERNARD, Baker & Hay den 917. Jacob Schindler 200 935. Jacob Schindler 390 Dated. May 14, A. D. 1900. FRANK J. WASHABACOH, . , -Judae of iheroiintr Court. (First Pub.! May 15, 1900.) Administrator; of the Estate of Peter . Derosier, deceased. H r ' . (First Pub. May.iK"l900J - ABSTRACTORS 1900, at 2 0 clock p. m. JOHN B AGGALET. Secretary, 5 1 come before the meeting. 936. Jacob Schindler 100 937. Jacob Schindler 109 23 A. S. KCNEY, Secretary. Syndicate block. Deadwood. S. D- ii 0

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