The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 24, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 24, 1900
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

L. ; THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD, S. D. tia ruvvruvurrt aatltiaaaa rxjwuuxrin nnmuwi nrLrmnnnr. ring ADDITIONAL CI FY NEWS. A jua i ria ni' li reuse was issued by the 'Ik nf iiiiiils JeMerdav to Tonv K-f- The Only High Crad Baking Powder Offered at a Moderate Price. If that Boy i"!-i and haisy Harden, of Sturgis. ; 'i in' I. 'ix i'li.ifina. y greet:, ou u.lh a inw ad thia morning. Sec it mi ,a -a- .", and Jirotit by its contents, i I ' ""l i 'Hi,iaii . I nil, ii in K.iiik. Kiiiuni .,. ) I tints, ha.- a...;, led an I'lMlaU'.ii in ,a, t k iiale with diamond u i ; ..i : . v in' I t in tin- iiiivniiiii ! df .Men. on. d day Iiel Wednesday. A ileal ad g.-iieially means a neat. Ini, in. fm ., i,,.,, -ul. ;,ee llial of Ikf" Wilrnx phaiinaiv. and for a neat place j NONESOCOOO. Nor ( MADE BY HE XTRUST. it Wciii - -lit a o unlinarv shfn- in :i mi'iith. put him mt" cur Armored Cruiser." 4 Tlii, shoe will ,t;uul the racket of the wildcat loy that ever kickod out slice leather. THK UIMMCRS are made of solid calf -kin. with oak tanned sole leather bottdllls. THROUGH A GLASS. TAMMANY IN POLITICS. (Continued from First Page i ians. of cour-. . to stand in with the real powers t i' be I m you wonder at it? Is it I. .' natural'' Now it so happens that the up-state dennx racy is unalterably :n favor of the Chicago platform, without elimination, addition, excuse oi explanation, and all the powers f the trade onnot budge it one inch. Only yesterday they met in convention hr:e and ostentatiously showed their hands for the express purpose of influencing Tammany, otherwise the state convention to be held June 7. t.i their way of thinking This resolution went thru with a hurrah : We. as the regular demoi racy i.r the Slate of New York Iieniand tha' the state convention to be held in Ni w York .Mine . Viun not onlv instruct their ,i -v.: o-s, to the delllui'l ill ic II., I !. ma ronveliljon III Mite iniuiiiliioiisly Mi.- nnniinai ii.i, IVORY SOAP is a skin soap. On one square of business rail at the firm's headiuar-il'1'1- mi the lomei of Sherman and lieadwood streets. The .slipper tfiveli by the Indies of the ConnrcMatioiial church in the tuna h iiarlors niln was a great success. l-'roin five until after swen o'clock the tables were filled, and the ladies regret not being able to accommodate all who came. The street commissioner. K. K. (Jrim-sliaw. has a number of men at work on Ifnrnham avenue, in the First wanf! grading, putting in crossings and impairing sidewalks. dri v. way is being opened thru to the Methodist church. .Judge Iteiinett yesterday received a letter from Judge Corson of the supreme court, dated the 19th inst.. in-torming hi in that a writ of error had that i.' ' been grarled, i n t lie rase of the Stale vs. I-Mwai'ls. The delay in rianlilig tin- wi it v. a.-, caused bv the i ii.'in of .luilge ' i si hi from Pierre. T!m- Kmglils of I i.i in i n u - have r Fa inch of your hand there are 2,800 pores. On mm mm the whole body you have z,Jol,2o4 ot these little cavities to look after. Every one of these . f I 4- fcenines must ue isyi w&.i, ''"ku"u" wi Sy can not pass out. Now, to cleanse the pores, Jou need a fine, pure soap. Scientists who speak not lorn opinion, but from scientific analyses, urge the use fr i c-. oqv cer cent. Dure. ivory juur t Ivory Till-: SOLIDS are tilled ith steel cir-v'letts thev r.eer wear cut. I but TNT K.-:'-;""'i: with William .1. I'.'.au !'' ,...,!,., ' ' I si i . i cast ' !.' - ' e ' ! I ! .' I ll I ' 1 1 -'i! a lid e xel ' .el I In- i p. i e ; ale It i ; i -i. i -. in . :.!,., . ,. iv,"; Hot; ill. I the ' ' ' '"!'' ! il ni' the ", I'bi t I'm in in o- eiitnei v ; i : i , t in lll'l pills I n Ml '- "! tin tile I o 1 1 1 1 11 V an- litteeii . m- all e... ;;. ; ,l- .1 ll'.sllC'l. ('Hit MuMtli's Ark t I 11 1-: OF KX AM I X VII' N The regular x ; 1 1 : , 1 1 1 ,-1 1 ;un for tea, !i o: , ' h i ri I'n .id-.-, will lie In', I a! t In- nf lire (if 1 1 1 tdUIlt'- s ' ! j ( ' f 1 I) I ' 1 r i i 1)1 l,'l'i- '!,t and Saturday. .Ini)'- 1st an 1 -irl. KATK i:. MIKlilN. Ul : 'I . at Toled, aiitU lii ut fx,- t - ';:i: i : . ',i.-h'" : i oonis 1 : .' a '.i:r and 1 1 w :!; u-,e m, ,,t h ,-. Zipp Shoe Co. 655 Main St. iiu.m I-.-;.- at l- s Atk. wing and Summer 1900 rKru LnjvuT-o.-Lru vT-Turuxruui-ixruaTenru mhj (liialihriii ion , Tllis Willi. "1" tie- pain- -;; ne-ej again .lone . tullnwiiii; lie- ;-ei;i!-,r ileinorrat ir na'e convention, when, sliouhl the titulars de.-hire all right for I'.rvan and the Chieagn plalfonn. everything will be nunkv-dory. otherwise they will send a contesting delegation to Kansas City and we all know v. hat that means that the contestant will win hands down. Tammany realizes this well-enough, hence I say, or think, the slogan will be "Tammany for Bryan." A feature of yesterday's meeting was an address by JudfCP James U. Tarviu of Kentucky. He counseled the Chicago platform Hn. keyejr., Ueiaiiii Sjlurilay, Mjy Jtilli, I V only, is til." djte f Sol! Kuiialt it 30c t'nolOr., Kodakial , We take ijivat pleasure in offering tins sea-sun's purelntse for vour inispeetioii, lieiijo fully aware of t lie fact that it exceeds all our previous efforts. NOTWITHSTANDING THE KECK NT 'MEAT ADVANCE IN MERCHANDISE IN OUJl LINE, WE HAVE NOT ADVANCED OVli PRICKS IN ANY SIMILE INSTANCE. &OC on the $1 WILCOX'S . Tiiiiunorriiw. YETSERDAY'S PERSONALS Mi D.-i. linn lit me :i went to Cus-or. ('. I) Wood, the mining man. left for I )( nvei , C. C I'olk of Sturgis was in the city during die day. ('.. I.. Erhard went down the Elk-horn for the C'udahy "company. George M. Thresher of Benton Harbor. Michigan, is in the city. Mrs. N. M. Wade of Lead was visiting in the city during the day. Miss Nellie Moody returned to Sturgis. after visiting- with relatives P. N. Carr returned Tuesday evening from his trip to Guernsey, Wyoming. Mrs. Corrick. wife of the manager for Cudahy & Co.'s branch office in this city, arrived from Atchison, Kansas, with her two children. lit. Kev. W. H. Hare, bishop of the Protestant. Episcopal diocese of South Dakota, arrived from Sioux Falls and lef for Sprarfisli, where he held con-flrtnnlion services last night. democrats to retain control of their party, jealously warning them against the aecederai of 1896. who were insidi ously trying to regain control to frame A heart flush is a good Our Men's Dej)iirtnient is replete with the very latest for men's wear. Men's Spring Overcoats, in aJl the newest shades and styles, ranging in price from a platform "on which no white man hand, but a "full"' beatnl would run." it. We carry a full stock of drugs a He replied that he would be content with no platform that did- not contain every word and every syllabe of well as Kodaks, $7.50 to $22.(0. md Kodak the 'ftfi declaration unless it were writ supplir ten by "that prince of Americans, the The handsomest line of Men's Spring Suits we have ever shown; the very latest designs in high grade tailoring, ranging martyr of martyrs. John P. Altgeld the greatest 'anarchist' of us all'" from $(5.50 to f25.00. i This won the loudest cheers. Judge Targin is epigrammatic and homely. Said he: Fully equal to tailor-made, at just one- "There are no democrats except the i i i . J Car So,i Foiinlaiu 1 v I,J, . . r i . hrt yr thirst lj,( ye.)f ls f I half the cost of made-to-oruer goous. iwnery, rail I-. r v 4 .1 It Olympics vs. Fort Meade. The Olympic base ball team will go to Fort Meade Sunday and cross" bats '.villi the soldiers, who have one of the strongest teams the fort, has ever gotten together. I.ieut. Lee will be in Chicago platform kind: no man ought to he allowed to participate in a democratic convention who is not a Chicago PHARMACY Our Hoy's Department consists of every tlii nr necessary for a boy's complete outiit Mli:i.le .roods, and low prices being our ONLY AIM. Us season we have paid particular attention to the Go to the. the box for Fort Meade. He is an old West Pointer anil an interesting game is looked for. Many of the Olympi-s and their ladies have signified their Intention of going. The following is a list of Ihe Olympics and their positions- Dawson, c; Martinez, p: Simpson. 1st; Hurley. I'nd: Regan. ,1rd: Graham, ss: Whitford. 1 f: Piertnan, c U FOLKS. platform, William J. Bryan democrat "If any man prefers the gold standard to independent bimetallism at It, to 1 the imperialism of Hanna and the Golden Calf nf Canton, let them join the republicans "They tell you that silver i de-,,i and stinketli The moneyed few would give their immortal souls if it were. "The rler. erratic party is nothing to us except it be our servant. ' We love the party for the Chicago platform, not because the party gave it to us The popul -ts blazed the wav fo'- us This may a bard saving for you in WjHece Suits from 3 years up with vest just like s- from 2.l)() to $6.50. "it and cellars just like l'ana wears, ages years ami f: Allen, r f. P (iKNTs' FURNISIIINO DEFAKT MEN'!', coin Program For School Entertainment. Q every detail, with the latest novelties, in fact, ev- Family Liquor store For Pure Wines and Liquors, Also for Bottled Beer in Cases Telephone No. 25. Goods Delivered Free to any Part ot the city "Niagara Overture" High School Orchestra but populism and patriot-synonyms one of these that i new and novel worn by men. ATS o the celebrated Dunlap and Stetson makes, all gooj dressers, in all the new shapes and shades fuaues for gnrinsr wear. ii in Kentucky of rebel am proud of it . and would ; . be soldier 'f I had beer. f11 best line of Fancy Caps we have ever shown, in "w style Plaids and Checks. 635 Main Street Deadwood. r Shoe stock is now complete with the very latest in saving the of four of Yet .1 am I inn think -mm- Every pair guaranteed to give satis taction. , 1 . ti I s;iv that ! r- il; t toda II d ITiHU Mi Kit.'- . Li 99 JFT' New XorV isr.i will lays , "I 4" ancestry, ha ve beei born sooi highest t our print ham Lin( Chicago "Linen", l.t. ern ! eve -.1 nip. ' "Pal bp ; ni i i ' , me; '-null' ' Tl. ,. '-epu" ' ist'l 'OPIkJ ran; rerollf) f ippinrs ; as demo- 1 . I a IT if i " f Three Reasons Why we Should Sell you Shoes! Our Shoes are better in Quality. And More Stylish in appearance. And Lower in Trice than any other House in Town. Fisher s Hornpipe Mary McLaughlin Tenor Solo. Selected Mr. Flinterman Scene from "Ingomar Lovell ... M iss Clemens. Piano Solo- Sele ted ; Mr. Wethre'l Sonnuio S.i,i. "The Spirit of Sprint; Pari ei Mrs. Win. K'-ni' r, .laid, e Mere hlb " Waltzes ... FiLh S. !'i .-i i ,- .. . "The M,,ue '1 .,'.,. I , v he l' . 1, .' i'.l: i ! , 1"- .1, - I I T, P, ief'Mg !'' " ' - W-y V' i.r,- ; ' . j . i ' 1 1 i w : ,v Mr- !;'! : V. : "" p.: i'if. ' t!;. ni.': 1 ' M;-. V." H W ' i : WHEN NAT! Hi: Needs assistance it tiny be bpst to render it promptly, but one should r" member to use even the most perfect remedies only when needed. The best and most simple and gentle remedy i the Syrup of Figs, manufactured by tee California Fig Syrup Co. (MiUhioet all ther tap a wash daj. It has Parity OaaUty, LAUNtinT - Lappa aii-i ' : ; him 'A""' '; 1 own nr'i-s ;.er v .'ir enemies, p uvt-b id naiii IAHIT( nvi& mmm troeg farthir thsa ar olkr liua. i 'ip- CC W sa. Iw Grcer sells it. my in Spain nr the PhH-'ie nien who niasfi'iera.!" V M Over lX) liaDdsooie Premiums given away FREt for sariaj Diataoail C" Iuudf t Soap Wrapoara, Drop uuni a posUl card for Fre fWohun Oateiogu to The CUOAHY PACKItlC COMPANY. O. OMAHA, Ml. Mrs. R Russell left for North Platie. N ' ra.-ka. for a visit with Mrs. W. F. C .y. wife of Col. Cody.

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