The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on December 22, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 22, 1900
Page 2
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SATURDAY. DECEMBER 1IIE DAILY PIONEER-TIME DEADWOOD, S. D. SVAW.SV.W.W-VV.W.V.V. V.V.W.V.V.V.V, Then the journey ends at lasi, All the dangers safely passed. But a memory ever fear, Every light aglow with cheer, Campflres casting merry light On the bosom of the night; I Our Boys THE DEADWOOD PIONEER-TIMES. ESTABLISHED June 8, 1876. 4 BLACK HILLS PIONEERS. (Adapted From Colorado Pioneers.) Biack Hills Pioneers, Men and women ripe with years. Echoes of a day now gone We salute you, every one. Yours the hands that forged the key To our state's prosperity; Yours the eyes that first explored Yonder hills wim treasure stored; nura the Dart that made the trails COVERS THE ENTIRE BLACK HILLS. When those people now so gray-Camped where Deadwood stands today. Black Hills pioneers, Men and women ripe with years, Echoes of a day now gone, We salute you, every one, With the prayer that all your days May be gladdened by the rays Of the sun of pleasure; and LINOTYPE COMPOSITION. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS REPORT. j'l'hru the mountains and the vales; $1 , Yours to make the first assaults 5 SWWWWWWIMWAWAW i i HAVE Just got back TIIEY wou,t J fromS J where; But they have stocked us up Wjth i PIONEER-TIMES PUB. CO., Oeadwood, South Dakota. Dally 11.00 Per Month. Weekly $2.00 Per Year. IN THE SUPREME COURT. In the Treaty of Paris, by which our When you quit this mountain iani For the final camp above, May the Master in His love Land you o'er a smoother trail Thru death's over-dreaded vale, Than the one you found so slow More than twenty-five years ago. HOLIDAY GOODS 'til we can't rest nights for thinking about it, 80 to relieve our minds we have put them on th. TJpon nature's treasure vaults, Seize the wealth to which she'd clung Since this whirling earth was young. Back along the trail of years. Strewn with all your hopes ind fears, Memory flies, and once again, Come within our wondering ken. Pictures of slow-rolling trains, Creeping o'er the sun-baked plains, Once again we hear the cracks Of the bull whips o'er the backs Of the toiling oxen; hear Songs of struggling hopes and cheer From the lips of men whose eyes Rested on the western sides. Once again we see the night : possessions of the Island of Porto Rico camp. It is well to remember, too, that he is not one of the justices of the supreme court. Also that when that court has decided the questions involved in this anti-imperialist contention, he will be ready to stand by it, be it what It may. was legally confirmed, a provision was wniln to thn effect that the "civil counted land will push the sale until all are sold rights and political status of the na Christmas Service. A special musical program is being prepared for the Sunday morning ser tl inhabitants of the territories Ex-President Cleveland, in a newspaper interview, makes a very strong hrehT ceded to the United States shall be determined by congress. appeal to the rational, thinking mem Conirress has not yet decided thie bers of the Democracy in favor of a thorough reorganization of the party, political status end civil rights of the Gemmed with campflres sparkling tirigf t As the jewel twinkling down From old nature's azure crown. Memory pictures once again natives of these possesions and rrom vice at the Congregational churcn. An appropriate musical solo will be sung by Mrs. G. V. Ayres, also one by Mrs. James Conzett. The topic of the address by the pastor is "No Room for the Christ." Christmas exercises by the Sunday school will be held on Monday msht. A play entitled "The Gypsies" Christmas" will be rendered by the children. A cordial invitation is given to all to attend these services. present appearances is not likely to take action in that direction during i and its rehabilitation on old-time Democratic lines. At the same time Mr. William Jennings Bryan, ex-Democratic candidate, issues the first number of his organ the Commoner, devoted to "The principles of the the present session. In the mean time a test case Involving these is DeMoutli's Ark sues has been brought to trial and is now before the Supreme Court of the United States on appeal. This Chicago platform." Mr. Bryan is editor and proprietor, and in his salutatory he demands with character Resolute and swarthy men. Lion-hearted, beating back With their guns the night attack From the painted fiends whose yell Seemed an echoing cry from hell. Once again we hear the cries Of rejoicing when the eyes First behld the mystic strange Outlines of the Harnoy range, Lined against tl.o distant west Sunrays kissing every crest Till they flashed above the slope istic emphasis that the rank and file Is known as the Goetze case, and with It Is Joined another closely related thereto, which Is referred to as the Pepke case. Behind these cases are To Postpone Old Age. The latest theory is to apply electricity to the base of the brain. The of the Democracy shall stand by the No. 51 Sherman Street. Next to B & M Depot fundamental axioms which he has pronounced In his two Presidential hardening of the arteries the first symptom is followed by a crumbling 5 campaigns. several others, which will be heard later, but the public Interest centres In the test case now under consideration, as the decision of the Supreme away of the brain cells. This process E'en as the beacon lights of hope. produce sthe mental characteristics of old age. Not alone does this treat Court thereon will undoubtedly set THE SENATORIAL FIGHT. Sioux Falls Press: The Press Is ment restore the feelings of youth, tle definitely and finally "the civil OAnuiAiJiJTxu(uxriJTJiuuiUTJvru nxvp In position to announce that Mr. Klt- but produces the appearance of it rights and political status of the na While hundreds experiments of pro tredge will be United States senator Christmas ducing youth have been presented, tire Inhabitants" of Porto Rico and the other territories coming Into the possessions of this nation as the re if he can get votes enough to elect there Is but one way of prolonging youth and that is by the preservation him and that he now has more votes than Mr. Gamble, but neither of them ID- JV. GrlLLETTE The Pioneer Jeweler and Watchmaker ESTABLISHED 1876. DEALER IN WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELERY, ETC. WATCH EXAMINER FOR THE BURLINGTON 1M.HI No. 659 Main 8treet, Deadwood, 1 1 of health. For this purpose, and for Candy. has votes enough to elect on the first ballot. Gamble now lacks nearly sult of the war with Spain. It Is true that this Is a matter which must be acted on by Congress, but Congress will be guided by the decision of the Supreme Court, and will base legislation on the principles laid down by the Court In its, findings respecting the cases now before it. twenty votes and there is a likelihood the cure of constipation, indigestion, dyspepsia, liver and kidney disorders, Hostetter's Stomach Bitters was placed before the public over fifty years ago. Money cannot buy a better remedy. Try It, and you will be convinced. that his strength will continue to decrease as It has been doing almost from the day the result of the elec nNHniMHHMtmWMUMIMlIMMMHMIIWl tion was known. Mr. KIttredge's name will not go be fore the legislature in joint session, nor before the caucus. If one Is held until he has enough votes to elect Tou can hardly fail to pleas your friend especially lady friend with a box of Gunther's famous Chicago Candles. We have Just received a fresh lot for the Christmas trade, put np in neat boxes and silk and satin lined baskets, all shapes and sizes, suitable for a ladles' work box after the candy has been taken out thus you give two presents in one. There are also a lto of 5c, 10c and 15c boxes for the children. KIRK Q. PHILLIPS, Druggist. Deadwood. Do you Know That we have a great assortment of a special brands of ..... . i Xmas Wines? him. Falling to muster enough, his strength will be centered on Congressman Burke or Governor Herrled. The chances are ten to one that KIttredge, Drying1 preparations simply develop dry catarrh ; they dry up the accretions, which adhere to the membrane and decompose, causing a far more serious trouble than the ordinary form of catarrh. Avoid all dry. ing inhalants, fumea, smokes and snuffs and use that which cleanses, soothes and heals. Ely's Cream Balm is such a remedy and will cure catarrh or cold in the bead easily and pleasantly. A trial size will be mailed for 10 cents. All druggists sell the Wo. size. Ely Brothers, EG Warren St., N. Y. The Balm cores without pain, does not Irritate or causa sneezing. It spreads itaelf Burke or Herrled will be senator. Gamble will meet the fate which so often befalls a man who gives up a sure nomination for the lower house and becomes the central figure of attack as a candidate for the senate. MAKING WAR 8AFE. This powder burning of ours In the Philippines Is not a success. The, killing of the enemylags. We are making, have been making, war on this people for a long time. He Is a good general who gets it done. That "feting it done" is the core of all military success, borne on has said war cannot be made a safe business. Borne on who must have read that assertion In one form or another and Who directs our war policy is trying to make war in the Philippines a safe bnslness. It cannot be- done. It ahould not be attempted. We hare the Job on our handt. We have put plow la furrow. The thing to do is to kill the enemy or scare him so that he will hand over every rifle In his possession and yell for mercy. Such Is war. This petty war of ours lags. It .ahould not be so. We have approach-ad the treacheious Filipino with a sandwich In one hand and a gun- in the other. The sandwich should be over an irritated and angry surface, reliev Got, Vain and Lea S-reata. B H. 'Phone 83. Tine Old Whiskey $100 0 "Cuban Measles." Sioux Falls Press: "Thereis a $1.50 Sherry, Angelica, Port and Muscatel at 60c a qt. or per gallon... ing immediately the painful inflammation. With Ely's Cream Balm yon are armed against Nasal Catarrh and Hay Fstot. per gallon T" ' vuuuuui' nnrwinnnnrwwn great scare In the country about mallpox. Dead wood has had it and FAMILY LIQUOR STORE Oua Br X silvered Frs. Lead is threatening quarantine. Winona, Minnesota, had more than three uMnniuiiiiMMMMMNnNi"M hundred cases at one time, and last winter, there was a number of cases MY 8PECIALTY I given to board, ina Hones. in Clay county, this state, and in Nebraska. One characteristic of this I nun DPMWPD I Moving Best of Attention iti'.ii nr. ii ii fin Hsavy Machinery " M Al AM MMaM M.W A-MA.. sasaaar i omitted. The time to promise and to reform and to make treaties comes after the Filipino has his hands up and a single white man may ride through Luzon from water to water ....Feed. Livervand Transfer lave ihe best roadsters in the city and am prepared tM without fear of being shot from am fcush. furnish rigs or saddle horses on the shortest notice, smallpox Is that death rarely ever results never when any kind of care Is taken of the patient. For that reason. Dr. Cox, who has had wide experience with both smallpox and measles, pronounced the malady Cuban measles, and said it would exhaust Itself within a short lime. His predictions have ' come true. Lead need not worry about the smallpox at Deadwood. -A Lead man would not know he was sick if he caught the kind of smallpox tnat has been rag 171 539 Main St. i m ptone Harrison Phone 151 SKETCH OF MR. GAMBLE. The best information to be had now t siits. voir i 1 aaaMf-MM indicates the election of Mr. Gamble as senator. He has been twenty-five years a resident of the state, having come from Wisconsin. A New Yorker by birth, he removed to Wisconsin ing thru the west during the past two years." MRS. ROSELLA A. LAWT0N, The Great Magnetic Healer, with his parents when still a child. The malady seems to have exhausted He graduated from Lawrence univer itself so far as Deadwood is concern ed. No new cases have been reported for twelve days. Not a death nor sity, Appleton, Was., and was admitted to the bar. in that state. He removed " to Yankton in 1876 with his brother. John R. Gamble, and they at once entered the practice of law. John R. even serious illness was noted during its run here. All the patients have been discharged or are ready to be Gamble 'was elected to congress by discharged. There Is now absolutely Permanently located In Suite 14 Syndicate Block. SUCCESSFULLY TRliATS al 1 diseases of either sex. PARALYSIS A SPECIALTY. -F5p Consultation Free Cures Permanent If you are suffering, coma and see me. . - the republicans In 1890, but died be no danger of infection. fore being sworn In. His brother had wp to that time taken a minor part In . politics. But in 1884 he was elected to the lower house of congress. In Our Public Building. Washington, D. C, Dec. 15, 1900. Mr. William Selble: Dear Sir: I thank you very much that year the state republican convention instructed the congressmen to support the free coinage of the Amer Grand Cooking .....Exhibition. J. P. HYMER, for your ktnd letter of the 11th. We THE CHARITY BALL. Arrangement Being Mads for th ican output, and the. congressmen beyed. . Mr. Gamble adhered to this OSitlon Until after Out Huron r-rin. Ball hare bean as industrious as possible In pushing the Deadwood public building bill and hare the utmost confidence we will succeed. Not only have we Collections In all P1 Black Hills or anywhere Tentlon In 1896, when,' the former declaration having been modified he came at for a more pronounced money pol Your are invited. We want ta presented the argument to the full committee, but 1. have taken especial ine unueu - Ren- All this week, show you that for Benefit of Hospital. A meeting; was held by those who take an interest in St Joseph's hospital Monday night, and arrangements were laid for -a grand charity ball, to be glren In the City hall, Thursday, December 27. The proceeds ot the ball will go towards improving and re pains to talk personally with the indl investments ino yr-dents carefully attended to. .-, nnNDS. Tidual members. Hare placed all the facta before them and I know It Is fa FIDtUI I ' .. . .n office and icy, and has since been ranked as a sound money man. In 1896 he was defeated, together with the rest of the ticket, bat in 1898 he was returned, and would have been nominated this year without opposition bat Malleable Iron and Steel vorably considered and have the full- atotn ieiepu""ca Majestic Ranges sen 'phone In resident. eat confidence as I state that we will secure the passage of the measure. The bill has merit to give It weight tnat he chose to retire and make the race for senator. Sioux Falls Correal yondent Sioux City Journal, "t ' Are absolutely the best Ranges made. They last a life-time, rightly used, do the work with from one-third to one-half less fuel, are easy to operate and the most powerful Water Heaters. Endorsed by the best housekeepers in the whole world American women. and this la recognised by the members of the committee. I do not know that anything could be done at this time to promote its Interest other than what has been done. Yours very truly, ROBERT J. GAMBLE. The crank newspapers are Indulg An important Differ. To make it apparent to w who think themselves ui. are not afflicted with any but that the system W J cleansing, is to brinj-JJ to their hearts as ,a cosUre , is easily cured by ustag Figs, manufactured y tje wrf Fig Syrup Co., only, ana pairing the hospital in Deadwood, and erery citizen of the town should take an interest in. Good music will be In attendance, and the affair will be made one of the successes of the 7ar. The people ot Deadwood owe it to the sisters of the hospital to assist in swelling the proceeds of the ball, and gire the sisters a good fund with which to carry on the splendid work they hare under way. Following are the committees appointed at Monday night's meeting: Executive John Treber, Frank Kel- A SET OF WARE FREE - A Cane Lost. Lost, in the Opera house, on the night of the republican ratification druggists. meeting In November, a straight oak rem A FUt" cane with oak and ivory head. The cane is of little Intrinsic value, but is 17 pieces of the best ware, well worth f 7.50, with every Great Majestic Range bought at this Exhibit only. , lar, John Tlerney, R. K. Grlmshaw, George Porter. Floor J. P. Laffey, Dr. Graham, W. L. McLaughlin, Dare Brown. Reception Ed McDonald, James Munn, Lee Day. Herbert Allen- Georra prised because of Its historic associa ing in much chuckling over certain alleged utterances of former President Harrison In vain, affected by those who are known as anti-imperialists, touching what they call the constitution following the flag. It does follow it, In a certain sense. , There's bo doubt about that But with reference to the political privileges which they are fond of callng rights, It fol-lows a long way behind. In New Mexico, for instance, it's about fifty years behind. Tnere's nothing new about this theory of General Harrison. It was understood before the' election that he leaned that way, as did also other republicans. There's no occasslon for exultation on that account General Harrison is not go-tsg to ask admission to the populist BLACK , (Formerly P"' Re" All kinds of Coal and Agency for Sberldan Coal Nathan Colman's. Tews rlren prompt attention. tions. It belonga to XL W. Martin, Biscuit Baked in 3 IVUmi. and if found can be. left at the Pioneer-Times office or at office of Martin tc Mason. LO'DonnelL W. B. DwlnnelL Walter Simpson, Manager. In the Majestic and served with delicious coffee free. ' - - PARiSt"eal Dr. Flora H. Stanford. Homeopathic physician. Office and HAIR BAtj. Simpson, William Ickes, P. N. Carr, M. J. Morgan, Henry Donovan. John R. Russell, Bernard Mullen, A. E. Horn-bcrger, William Zoeckler, Norman T. Hason. s. Music Jot. Tlerney, Tom hurley, James Harris. residence, 374 Williams street Morphine, liquor and tobacco habits i WILSON," KENNY & 00. treated. .-

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