The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 28, 1898 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 28, 1898
Page 3
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..23t..SS3r -r-T 'i I'm! ; j jit 1 mi; id . .rt Pi your thinking cap or your Uaiclvdo LEAD PIQNEER-TIMES. HERE AND. COMING i r i iii f . working cap? The woman who kturiirs to save herself laiw ami expense w ho atrivr to have her . bouse' look U.-t at all times finds nothing so helpful aa '0'5!i w iiikir aHatfrH j Int In. iMitUiiu " J N0TTCB OP LtAgm. To whom II may eoneerat t have tali lay leeaad to Jaa. P. Johaa. Daniel f ulh rlaud, Albert M. Oraaslnger, Ua Jonas t lacr ground, situated oa Bead Cra, ka Crook county, Wyoming, wen wul be raaponslble for all labos. matei$ai,earpUes h .11. 1 l mlii lu. s;rr'. lit tba epra. Hub st said plaoar olatnu and I will not be rvaponalble for tba name. BICPARD JOHN! Iau ot Lease, March f, lata, NOTICB Or LEA8B. i tv whuia It may esueerut Ws have thla Uy laaivd the "atwdueh" (roup at elalma, in BlauktaU Qulch ll claitua), via: Us kte-eeek. Crown FolaJ. (load Uepe, iwuola aiaodard. and Kins Boloiaoa lodaa; U rrad A Uloodan. ot Laad, B. Ii., who WIU he re-pousible for all labor, material, euppUaa and ether acoounta incurred la the efiara Hon ot said group of e!aiaa ' ' Cautral City, H. Ii.. 1T.0.. ark, lfag. 1 HINar BrUMICBT, BARNBT rrUMaUJN, W. I rtUST, v- SARAH 0l'LBTTB, MOLUB KHIUBTTB. RA&MUB NKUtON, WM. A. I .JL OR the next Thirty Days we will be constantly receiving new Lines in il r departments. Our store is too Urge and our departments to numerous to particularize. We can only say that while in many lines there has been a bit? advance in values, owing to increased duties and other causes our stuff waa contracted for before the advance, and we own if at old prices and as long as it lasts will sell it at old prices. (. s. -Krvataat ARm now or: I X Naw Dress Goods, Nevr Clothing,' New Millinery. New Hats ane Caps New Carpets. New Shoes. ' New Curtains. New Furnishings. New Embroideries. New Wash Goods. New Laces New Organdies. We Haw the Largest and Most Complete Grocery and Hardware Department We Solirit Your liOad, a. x. BIG BRICK STORE J. M. MATaON. j ASSESSMENT N0TXC& Wa.hlngton Consolidated Oold and Sil ver Mlulug Company; principal plaoe ef butlneas, Daedwood. South Dakota.; location of worka,, Lawraaue County, deutk Dakota. Notice Is kereby given that at a meeting ot the directors of tbs abovs named Oent- psny held oa the 22nd day ot April, A. D., UM. an aaaaaamant (Mo. II of ana '(1) east par share waa Isviad attoa itha oapli&l stock of the corporation, payable It Says tram dats et publication ta tbs treauarer of the Company, L. C. fanbora, ot Hleut City, Iowa, or Natban Culroaa, Beorvtary, at hla omce, Deadwood, a U. Any stock upon which tbls aaaaeaaiknl shall remain uupald on May the lth, Itvt, will be deilncwot and atsnMd tor Mia, at pablls auclloa, and solas payment Is made bvfor., will be eold oa the Utb any ot Juno llM al tbe office ef Nalhaa Oate man, eeoretary, Daadweoa. a DM at I BU, t bay the detloqueat saiaaamaat. together with the coat at advertising aad .xoaneaa of aaia. NATHAN COLMAra ' 1, i ''tis'.! BeorelaJT. I J ' ! 1 J ! t I (rrad M Browa. Att'y.) I APPLICATION FOR A PATENT. I . 1 1 kC A. lot A ' 1 it!, V. A Land Ot&oo. Kanid City, a April 16th. 1IM. 1 1 I NOTICB IS HBRSST 0ITSN that Chartee Qulvey, wboae poetoffloe addraea lal Lead City .Lawrenoe Oounty, Bouth Daketa, haa lb La day Bled hla applloatloa for a patent for 11011 linear toot en the Last Chance No. 1 Lode V4KI.I linear feet ha Ue Last Cbanoe No. t, Delay No. 1. Daisy Na I aad Bcho Lodat and 711.1 Haaar toat of the Kcho freettoa Lade, mine er eat bearing gold with sarfaee ground ene ha-dred aad fifty feet ta wktia oa e-oh elds ot the oenter of eaoh of eald lodes situated ta Whltewood mlotsig dlatrtot, County ;f Lawrence and State et Strath Dakota and designated by the Bold botes and oOolal plat on nie la tble offloe aa Lot Number 1211, said Lot No. Mil being aa tBbowat to-wlt: ' ECHO LODB, v 1 M ' Beaiaalag at the N. B. eoraer far earar No. 1, from which V. S.' Loo. ktoa. No. tt beere A Tl degrees 01 minute B. 777. 1 feet distant, thenoe A tl degrees 10 minutes W. tot.t feet ta Cor. No. I; thenoe A I d.weee toiautes C Meat faat to Oe. tae. S thenoe N. tl degrees M mlautea B. t.l I feet to Cev. Na 4 tbeaea M. degrees 41 mtautsg W. 14914 feek to Oast list 1 aad place of beglBBlag. . DA18T Na I LODB. Beginning at the N. X. Oor. for Cor. Ma, 1, from which V. A Loo. Moa. Na II beere M dec 04 mla B. I4I.T faat: thanoa S. tl dag. 10 mitt. W. tOAtlMt to Oor. No. g; thenoe A I deg, 40 mln. B. 1411 feet to Car. Na I; thtaoe M. U deg. SO mla. B. I0U feet to Cer. No, 4; thenoe N. I deg. 44 mhv-W, 141.1 feet to Oor No. 1 aad plaoe ef heglanlag. ... '1. 1. froi ,ArtT.IUCaitr ginnlak at Uie N. B. Oor. for Oee. re, from whloh U. A Loo. Moa. Na M beers A: 14 deg, !- mis. Jt 161.1 feet) theaoe A II dag. 14 mla. W. Ill feet to Oor. Na I; theaoe A I dea, 41 mla B. 14M.I feet to Cor. Na I; aeeoe N. tt aeg. 11 mla. B. III feet to Oor. No. 4; theaoe N. A aeg. 40 mla. W. 14M.I feet to Oor. Na 1 and Btaee of beglaalng. ' LAST CHANCB NO. ) LODB. Beginning at tha Bast side ant Is stake foevjCoe. tie. x trass whtoh V.JL aMiaa. 1 No. M beare a M a.g. II mia. W. l i t ' thence N. II Sag. 40 eld W. UI.I feet to Oor. Na I; theaoe A 11 deo. 04 mla. W. ULT feet to or. Ne- l;'then A Leag. av aaie. fit stm aw to iumv not S D saos N. U dag. 04 mla.1 Sk ULS test to L Oor. Na I; theaoe N. I deg. 41 mla. W. t U44.T teat to Cer. Na 1 aad plaoa ef bagla- a Blag, r 1223.1 D, S. D., ) . lo keoatoa alUa. j "Whstl&tjthconis ber'aaV td tha wt4tt,iida4H to seven) small buaJleLor Wck andwhttd pikea wuieli roitaUj lay on the table of an import tag .Bouse ia New York. "They are samples of porcuplgt aullla." eald the merchant "Tbly 'QnJ4j&9nOfli. AH? also, Jfcn Spain, and are chiefly sold to Ashing tackle bouses. Tbeae concern polish and supply them with the aecee. sary piece of cork to lnereaM thtit natural buoyancy, and the qnills ara then rorcbaeed by anglers, who un them quite extemirely for bot. torn fishing. Borne if the black and white spikes are made into penholders and pipeatema They are also largely utilized la making tip ornamental screens and fancy fans. "The porcupine has to be hunted and killed before the quills oan be obtained, nod many , thousands of tbeae animalH are Main for this purpose jrearly. Every "spike pig" ear-vies from It. SO to IS worth of quilh on his fretful beck. The quills an earefully extracted, and when dried they are peeked in boiea or crate end ehlpped to London and New York. They are worth from 8 to I? agroae wholesale, and tbeaepply ii barely equal to the denaaad ia this country. V wachingtoa attar. i .nr.. A Water a Car fee laeUgoatasa, " (tVi ttlMt atAA4af e4laW.1f to the ontaide of the body aa well ai tU inside," writes Mrs. & T. Rorei oa "What to Eat When You Haf Indigestion," In The Ladies' Hota Journal. "The skia oust be baihed every moroing, with tepid water, followed, by a briak .tub. , Thla U equally as important as correct diet A good rule is to use water freely inside and out. At least two euartt of water daily ebould be taken, hall a pint tbe tint thing In tb, morning and tbe ant at night, a cupful of warm w-a'er before eaeb meal, and tbe remutning quantity divided and taken bt'inre meals. ' UgrasMwae.' ' -"Your orlkiO must be Blight? pop- olar." M Putt, to ib coroner; "l, hear th.- In about ten canoydat out hg'iu ye.1" ' ' I 1 "Vbbm an hit, a nlnna ahaiaa 1 xbb. an nit s a piana aoaue. . 1 tuck tUe tiUice wbea - bit WUa rua . down to wbar hit Won't Payln eg- Twnaiui lint ant o work with a vim' pensoa, uui aot xo worx witn a vim, au dow 10H1 a ve wotsH up uuiiiiuaw to wbuv. UK oUie ia payln big uiou ey evriboiiy wants bit." Atlanta Jouruul. j : FOR SALE OR TRADE. - . 1 These leu la Whltewood, stoBeteen datloa. for building. SB bearing 1 apple trees, , will trade tor a lot la Dead-wood MARY F. KINO, j JOHN BAKER, Agent. Vf ererwnnwo---. ; The cause ot disease U quickly apparent, hence tbe doctor does not experiment, but removes It as rapidly as ths eo-operatloa of the patient allows. The experience of Dr. L. Miller la ths treatment, ot dlSoult, loog-staada and aarvoas dtseasse laenres the eeree of the cease he undertakes, tor he at tempts no iMwableeasea. Instruotloa obeyed, he guarantees the resuUa. el treatment,, Among others.' lie cures these diseases: Summering habits. rhsumatUm, 61 Vitus dancs, catarrh, rupture, piles (without knife), sleep- lessEsse, diseases of men and women, of tbe Wood, ikla, stoaueh Brodstlng pain, nervouaneas, yrostraUou, deblll ty, dimness, loan ot atisngtk, energy, tad memory, weakening funcUont, eta. Consultation free. At OllUaore house, Deadwood. 8. D., Wednesday, May 4th 1(98, from 1 to S p. m. ETTA CONCBNTRATINO MILL, Thla plant, situated eaa mile from the Holy Terror mine oa Orlxaly guloh Keystone, 8. O., will he offered tor sate as a whole uatil May 1st,. After that date the machinery, whlok waa la uae less than two months and ia la perfect condition, will be, sold la lota., , It oontUts of crushers, Ooratsh rolls. Ooldea Oate concentrators, aad other machinery aultable for gold reduction. For particulars, address,1 1 " A. R. Ledoax. Reeelver, ' 1 ' Hill City, S. D. K830LUTI0N NOTIC. . 1: Notice la hejraby grvea tkat tbe flrm of 0'Donftsll ;eV Howard, delag bast nese aa thaMaelt HUle Maaeufacier. tag Company, ODoaeell a H proprietortV baa, been diseolred by mutual consent. The baslceae will b continued by C A. 0'Donnell, to whom all debts dee The let 8m art prb1t and Who will pay all Wits owhrg by the late Srxtt''' "' DateT, Deadwood, B. Dn Apm IS. Jit l.v,: i y. O. OmQHBKU .:-N,-,,.,...j..N..0.BOWARa.,,; hit4 vfl aWaaSBstakBaiaaeeaaawaMSBWi ll .HltOl!, NOTICE OP BPEK2AL MEETING OF - BOARD Or OCdJrfTT 0031- ' ! -! xX-'MtBSIONZRaV a ami nil to x.Murisb4 .ntv (xutm aod H. Ruseell, oomaaitataaerB el Law reiweoBty.S.D.: . ...... , yoa ere cooties id to eMt to oolal seetloB al ue audltjor's c oa la Td wodd. tU bak.', iya'''tur4Ay.' 'April S0Ui.'li;t. at 19 o'clock eta.; to traaa- actud rouowteg buske: . Tt ttJt M ox jrt-i ' A''ti4weity ana ' eouaty' jUtejaora,' to ;ajW mtcb tag-inatt53 eBayHbet3Satt3,vu eoaakter emit !meF,ra4tr aaiiaaay preoerly srmeoeiare thdvawKMi mhi TAtaaaB my katvi aci eeal thM Cnd day g Aprfi, lL .Ni..h j. b. Tmcn, (C2AU Cocaaty Aa&tor. ' jjLPRIL 23. ; BARNEY FRANKLIN KEEPS TUB BEST OF LIQUORS. IF YOU NEED INY, OIYS HIM A CALL' ' 4 ' ( J. R. Wilson vWlted Lead yesterday . Mm. Noy of Caatral J suffer ing whit a severe atu of erysipelas, J. B. Plaraber la oaonaed : to hla bocn toy eonea aartoua affeotioo o on of hia ayes. . ..i ... j...--- : Bd. HMlock tea wotwed1 kit AeodtH rod tru; ft and ta stole to ba on the etrreu again. Tha Ahley-Rtiah company closed a three nlght'e engagement at Central last night. Mrs. Johnson of 8turgls waa admitted to the Hospital yesterday to undergo aurgioal treatment. Mrs. Steele, the wife of the foreman ot the mills, Is entirely recovered and la able to be about again. The Rathbone Slaters will entertain tbe K. of p. lad toe tnle evening witn a choice program and Innch. ' ' Mrs. W. H. Stevens, who has been netting her brother In Lead for the paat three months, left yesterday for her home In Le Mars, la. Two candidates were received Into the rank of Knighthood la the Lead K. of P. Tueaday evening. Thts popular lodge 1s enjoying a steady growth. John Wllmer, delivery man for E. May, waa kicked on the knee by a horse Tueeday evening, the effects of which will lay him op for a few days. Tbe Campbell house register ahows the following people vlulUng Lead: ' J. fihleifds of Detriot,'A. C. Thiers of Minneapolis, and H. Summers Of St eph. Mrs. D. Mofflt of Terravllle let yes terday for Hot Springs to Kit Tier pa rents. Dr. MofflU also moved hla f- fedte to Deadwood. where he Is locate! now. " 4 ' 1 l Ben Freebury. an' oM reaident Of Central and vicinity, loft yesterday tor Hill City to permanently rvetee, wfeere he -haa aocpted a position la the Sun- nyetde mine. - "" A boy'waa born In Central Sunday who failed to receive mentlow. - Re ap peared ac tae home of Mr knd Mrs. Lou ShervrlTj Pava, -martKna and baby are all getting along flaety.' ' ' " 1 ' During aba toeevy ' wind yesterday tnora4ng, one of tine ereotrte iflgbt poles on apper Mam atree amtrpcKl'oa 'at (he baae and fell, pulling wlen M three er four polea on either elda. i Mra. T. A. Vaughn of Whtterorid yeterday brought her little girl up to Lead and had bar admitted to the Hos pital. . She la suffering from enlarged tonsils, which will be removed by tha hospital physician. , , s , , r John Qlejeon of Twrraviile, who Is ifferUig with aa affection of thahoal and had to be operated, oa by Dootora Dlcklnaoo. and SpauMlog yaaxerday, .is reeling easily. A rubber tube was put Into his throat so aa to enable him to brraihe. , . , ., ,,, , , . , The ctereoptlcon views presentad by 8. F. Irwin, Illustrating aceoea around Cuba and the wreck of the Maloe, to the members of the Masonic lodge and their ladles are reported aa being splen did, and an Interesting evening was passed by all preant. The forty members from lead of company L at Spearflah were accept ed aad ewora in, and allowed So return to their homes until called, but IjL will on ly be a matter of a few days,., aa .tht Scuth Dakota regiment mobilises at Sioux Faila to drill fo thirty . daya The boyt are prepared to leave oa an hour'a notice. ,. , , ., ,. By the breaklag lip of the military company recently ergaalaeU, so maay of the members Joining oocnpeay L, a cumber of the younger boys, appreci ating Hie value of military train lag. Tuesday night organised a company to be known aa the Home Cadets, elected officers and seceured aa arm 0.7 and drill-master and will proceed to work at once. The boys have ao 'intentions of enlisting or volunteering their ser vices, but organise simply tor. the in Cruotlon and amusement that It gives. Aa amualng light was witnessed yea torday ; morning on Main exrent. . 1 A targ dog waa tying on the walk reet- ln? and above him a little erays waa a stack of fin dishes aad Teas on ' dU-play. Wktk a auddea goat of wtad oae large pan blew off and rolled, la, front of the dog. who. with hardly a look at v-fcat It was, turned aad raa ywlplag tad howling down the street, , very- body he. met nearly broke (heir sacks l' getting out of hia way, thinking he was mad. ;,,( . . ., , x,. rrbo already efecieal and eepaMe force of phyaielana at the Hoepltel was added to yeatarday by ike arrival of Dr. H. 8. Judd, who will assist la the reg ular hospital work. Dr. Judd la a very pleasant ' "and ' gentYeiany'apVeaHng man of middle age and comes well rec-omomnded. He we?orf of the heal physicians la the Turcot' 1 Presbyterian , noapltal at C"- V many . yw 7 B l with how It , Ith- T ? t t oi. U tare of C Wad rlrtl haa lnetff7IS, ar to nike ft aeceeaary t& tZutia the foroa, and we w r."Jr2 no?Srong OUT Make att . .-me, war S00 Bw p.uria XJ immw yn 1b mj eample bookaJ the seme pafart M w W H eoM uA'sa Etair.E Cot's fcsamfrfWot.Ch go siori this' year. " 4-S-tt J. COTlgSSa, Ami. tni -d WW m fetf'v . r 'V ' Tka S. Cklcarn. ' WALL PAPER. Williams a Bon, the painters In the beaetaeat of the Martin Mason block, have samples of wall paper from the largest Chicago house, hat are too arowded weth work to can vac. Apoa-tal card or order left on the alate at their shop will bring tht samples to your house. , TO THE LADIES. , When you waat Art Uaen. Flour ds IU 80k, Tyriaa Dyes, call oa Mra H J. Mooney 7X1 Noble block. Lessons lvsn la Art Needle Work. Stamping dona 3ft. BABCOCK'S OFFICE. Is now located la room 14, ByndlcaU Sleek. Entrance from either Lee or Main street FOJ18ALB. One aeadrad empty barrels, capacity 49 to M gallons, 10 cents each, PHILLIPS PHARMACY. TO WHOM XT MAT CONCERN. I wilt not be responsible for any bills contracted by parties living la my houses la Deadwood, or other places, for house material, without a. written Jtder from the undersigned. WM. E. MoMASTER, , , Belle Fourche, 8. D. (MarUa A Masoa. AU'ys.) NOTICB OF SHERIFFS BALB. atau ef South Dakota, County of Law- race. la Circuit Court, Eighth Judicial Ha.-D.f.nd.nt. TB. SwauO. Lawina Defendant) ' NM1 hereby glvea, That by virtue of r)ll0.ur, mS U)t , lB. ftbov ntUiw, Bct oa oa the lU day at Aprtl, a. O.. Ittt. "d ta execution issued upon said Judg Mwinwri riiDim, B 0J Uwr,not county. Bute of South Da kota. far thai suraoee aepelnted. will sail st publlo auetloo at the front door of the Court Hoaee la the City Df ' Deadwood. Counts at Lawrence and State of South Dakota, oa Saturday tbe 18th day of May lOk. at 10 o'clock la the forenoon ot that day, the real eatata and mortgaged pr.m- laas situate LB the' County et Lawrenoe and Sute of Bouth Dakota, and directed In said JudgcMet aad Execution to be sold, sad therein daeerlbed aa follow.; An andivldad one elsteenth (1-11) Inter est la aad to sack of the following claime, situsted la Ida Orgy mining diatrlct. on the east arte of the Oelck near Garden City, te-wlt: The Independenoe loda. the Double aWe lode, the Sixteen to One lode, the Antoinette lode, the Oold Bug lode, the free Silver lode, tbe Btldorpha lode, the Mattoaal led, the latar-Natloaal lode, the Oold Nugget lode, tbe Oold.n rieece lode, the Oetdea Opportunity tode, the Heaglsnd, the Alma,! tbe Lewreoa, the Oeldee Slipper, the Oold B Jewel, ths Ooldea Age, the Conglomeration, the Colllmattoa, the Combination, the AaUclpaUoa, the Diaappolnt- m.nt, taa ooia.n wing, the K.llar. the Warren, the Ootdea Bra, the Ootdea Price, the Oold an Treasure, the Aetden Ledge, the Redemption, the Contention, the Qualification, the Expectation, tbe Realitsttou, tka oaldea Boeptre and the Eateastoa lodae aad mlalne 0 1 alms, er so much there- ex? aa may be' sufficient to eatlafr aatd Jsdgmeat ana easts, amounting la all to Four Hundred and Three (1401.10) Dollars sad Fifty easts, with Interest thereea from tbe data at aatd Judgment, aad all accruing coats of eale. Dated Deadwood Boutk Dakota. April ll. mi. ' MATT PLTOKBTT. Bharlff et Lawreaee County Martin A Masoa. Plaintiffs Attorneys., (First Pub. Aprtl IT, int.) ... 1 .. 1 ,t , .1 1 . . .. Martin A Maeoa, Attomeya) NOTICE OF 8ALB OF REAL ES- TATS. , By virtue of aa order aad decree of the County Court of La wren et County south Dakota, made oa the petition of the underatgned adalntotrator - with tbe wtll annexed of the estate ot James K. P. Miller, deceased, for an older to eefl the real estate ot said de ceased made on the tsth day of Sep tember, 189S. I shall, on or after tbe 1Kb day of .. May. , 1S9I, at ' the hour of ten o'clock In the forenoon of said day, sail at private sale, the real ewUte daecrtbed aa foUowa to-wlt: Lou II. U, la, 40. U, 4. 45, 4. 4T aad 41, la.blook. 19, RhermaB street. Dead- la Xakwreaoa County, E. D, on the following terms, tc-wtt: Oath. Bids la writing may be left at the office of tbe undersigned In Deadwood, atedthle Sard day of April, A. D, ISM. ,1 ( ! J .a, l -.1 ..i'l . I WILLIAM SELBIE, Ambatrator wick tbe Will Annexed of tbe TUaHm tjt jacaee K. P. Miller, I '.' BJftrtjAir KSZTlriej N0TN1. " 1 Notice to aereey glvea that the regula-aneual ewetlae at a V, Si Oraat Mlxm eottpeaf anu bt it ti l4 office kl Oiboe, 1 jtrmaa stmt, .aiwood, 81 tv J it t Ctloea p. m-lsaturday. May 11. mt. tor tHe parpoee et eteetiag a board et atreetora fee the easulef year sag ths traasaetlna ef sah at' uwiuaf,w(ii,M tee XMeuag. JOHN IAXXB, Bee., TV-T I' Jlie ' Rucssxa1 teixster ca ' otiee bj a-areby rtvea ikat the rega- iaiet;V;tl IJCUitra of eaekeye CoU and lUver Mining of rM-io4, a n.. win be h!4 attic, titr.i.naiM, ea Monday, lay 1, Utl, ai 1:13 p. bu Mjwtka ateeUag a Board ot directors wli lvv,---4 Hlaerr.' tent' 'a y: . .. 1 c;:. Jt.. fc t,-i- asi aa a-y f" T ; -t bafore It Z;ZZ, CreUry. koi ere 3 eoeaneaWi IT kl Baai lairvrat In tbe 4 of ei g. ralrkaak feapear, at Lotiia R. York. raiiaaaiptua. NOTICE OF rORTBITUIta. Te rrad NaUoa sad ta Boallaar Brotkars Company, a corporation, aad wkeas It aw Ton ara liiformed that ws hsva eipeade labor aad iniprovaawnts upos tbs U-e yur.n LoJa or alalog olala. the Oreuad Hoc Loda, or rotulag chum, tbe OrouaJ Hog No. I Lode, - or mining alalia, -fc Orouod I lot No. 1 Lose or sotaiag elaia Urov.ud Hog No. I Lode or atlaiag claim, the Oround Hog Na I Loia or oila-ing claim, situated la Bear Butu analag diatrlct, la Lawraooe Cowat, Sea ik Oeo-ti. at liJt tioo net rear apoa eaob at tale clalias for the following years) la U7 IliM upon sck ef said claiau. ail at which was lone tor the purpose ot holding the sets BUwr queen, Oround Hog, Oround Hoc No. I, Ground Hog Na S, Oround Hog Na asd Oround Hog No. Lodes under k provtatoaa of Beetlea Sate, He leaf auustae the Untied States. aa acta eaenejr ib.rato, for the eartoe aoaiog Ueoeataw-ilst, 1SDT, and there la due from re there-n the sum of aadt-4 upoa each ef .aid claims, or ILM.tC ta ait. 10a are harabr aotaX thai If WBkm H days from paraeuat aarvloe of this letle you tall to 000 tribute your ore portion at auch eap-jadlture as oo-ownar with (he aa- darslgned during eaoh at tha years abeee meuUoaad, your Interest la said clalae v.J becone tha property - ef rthe sabeartow. your eo-ewner, who has made the reqafae pes dilute as required by said Beatles IU4. - btkphkn b. gntiu. HART B. BMARrO. (ytrat PublloaUoa, Watch M, U.) (McLaughlin A McLaughlin, AU'ys ) APPUCATION FOR A PATENT. : (M. A. No. 10.) VsMad BUtas Land Ofnoe, Rapid City, Bouth Dakota. April kind. use. . NOTICE la HaUlaaT OIVBN, That Michael Poar whose postoffioe address Is re Bit, Bouth Dakota, has this day Bled kl. application for a for U00, 1474.1, Uvt, 1U2.I, Ital.t, aad 14tt t Usaar feet respectively en ths Homeatake Prartloa, Bryan, Qoldvn Oats, Phlladalphla, Cluve- land. aad Iowa Lodae, bearing gold with lurtaos ground three hundred (100) feet la Width on ea?b. situated la Bear Butte Mia Ing District. Lswrenoe County, South Da kota, aad designated by the Bald no las aaA SOlulal isl oa ale ta this omos aa Lot Na. Uii. said lot No. 1221 being daeorlbed as follows: H0MEBTAKB FRACTION L0DR. Beglaaiag at the aerthwaet oerwar et the llalm lor corner No. 1. from which etand- aid corner of Townibtp I north, rangee tud t salt l. H. frl hears, B. II dag. II aim. W. Till feet distant: thenoe a. It 4g. It tola. B. 100 feet; thenoe B. T deg, 41 mln. B. Ml I feet; thenoe a t deg. U tin. a. 4.J feel; . thenoe south 11 d.g 12 mln. E. II teat; thenoe 8. tt deg. 61 mln. W. 114 I feet; theaoa N. tl aeg. tt mln. W. lot. I feet; th.nce N. 10 d.g. W. 4SI.4 feet; thenoe N. t dag. Oi -mln. W. 1(111.1 feet to place of begtnnlag, UKI Afl LAJ1IH. m Beglaalng at tho northwest eernkr ef tbe claim tor onrner No. 1, from which standard ooraar of- Tewaabln I tiorti. ranaaa t and 4 B. B. IT. a., tiearf N. M deg. tt a In. W. llil.l feet distant; thenoe B. tl deg. tt mln; B. lot.! feet; thence aV, U tag, 1 mm. b. iis.s reet; taence n. es sag. si xtln. W. VA feet; thenoe N. 10 dag. 41 mln. W. 1461.1 feet to the plaoe of beginning. I . OOLD EN OATB LOU a. Beginning at tba eouthwest eorBer of the claim for eoner Na 1, tram whiah etaat-ard oornar of Township I north, rangee I and 4 X., B. U. kL, haara A tfi dag. 11 aula, W. Mi l feet dlatant: thenoe B. tl deg. II mia su nta teat.-- teases tt. at eeavat mln. B. 111.4 Set; thenoe N. I dag. tl mln. a U.t feet: kenee It. tt dag. tt mln. W, It.t 'eat; that.. B. 17 dag. SO mln. W. 111.1 feef, tt-oea g. I Org. ta mln. W. ). feet tb.aoe 8 12 dag. ll mla, ,W.,atM SmI te plaoa et beataatog. I k PHILADELPHIA LODB. Beginning at the north west istaer ot ths lata tor oorner Na L from whloh stand ard corner ot Townihlp I Berth, rangee I aad: 4, eaet, B. U. M Jtvlart II d.g.' II mln. W. tlt.l feet distant; thenoe B. tl deg. It mln. B. ttl.l feet; thenoe A t deg. it ala. B. 1111.1 fee', thenoe a M deg. tl mln. W 110 feet; theaoe N. U deg. tt eat a. W. 10 1 feet; thenoe N. S deg. It mla. W 4 t reett thenoe N. T dew. et mln. m l feet to Ue plaoe et beginning. I C CLEVELAND LODB. Baalnnlna at ths northwest oorner et the claim for oorner Na 1, from wkick ataae- srd corner of Township I north, ranges aad 4 east, B. H. M., hears N. IT def. s4 mln. W. UU t feet distant; thenoe f. tl deg.- It sola. BV kia teeH Byte daa II mln. B. 1461.1 feet; thwoe N. tl dag. tt mla. W. 141 feel; theaoe N. It dag. 11 sola. W. !.!; thenoe N. deg. 01 mla. W. HO.T faat ta alace of baalnnlna. . . a IUWA LAJum. Beginning at the aorthwataarsaaattaa claim for oorner No. t, from which stand ard corner of Townihlp I north, ranges sad 4 oast. B. H. M., bears a 17 dag. 11 mln. W. 1261 1 tart distant; thenoe A tt teg. tt nla. B. 117.1 feet; theaoe B. t dag. 01 mla. B. tt ? fart; those A 10 dag. U mla. B. 411 1 feet; theaor Mr -4 daa It mla. W. 141.1 taeti theaoe N. U) dec It mla. W, tsf feeti theaoe N. I aeg.' to mla, w. mai last u Plaoe ot aeginaug. ana - -i oraa, Homeatake Fraction Loda. , . I.Tt Rrysa ds I4!d Ooldea Oats Lode.... i . S.4St Pklled.tehle Lode.... Clevvlaat Lode r.t.l ...A. 141C Iowa Lode I..K.I i . :. Total Area... tal Area....,'. .....u u.'. .... Tka praoumad S iwoUoe-er l of eacK of eald aiaime and tt. . tl In each dlrecUoe from tbe diaooTery than an said eitime are aa miiewsr 1 HorneetAfce Praetlea Lode, B. I te. mln. a Tbt feet northwesterly sad T60 feet wutheasterly; Philadelphia Loee. t, T deg. 30 bus. BL and A tl dec. to mla. W. afreet northwesterly tad Til feet eeutheast rly: lows Lode. S. S d.g. SO mla. B. and S. tl deg. II mln. a T4S test jorthwwitar!y and 741 feet southeasterly) Cleveland Lode, S. 10 deg. II ala. a. TM feet eorthweeterly and 701 feet aovtheaatartrt Err Ltxte, f. II d.g. II mln. B. Tfrt feet eonhweaterly and 711.1 feet so'itf M,v.''y; Q"t.! Lods. 8. I deg. Xt .4 4 i sfl a. mia. W. and A 14 d t. It tula'W.'TM 1. -northeasterly aad let feet era in Waaler ly. , The location eeruaratet ef these mines ire rwewrded la the ecuce ef the Beg!ster et Deede of Lawrenee Coeety. Beuth Dakota, la book tht, eaa Kt, M. M awl kM a. Jwew 4" w a w w 1 The adjoins claims 1 the et and st tt ' -1 4 the claime Hattle lot; a, (enrvey Na. 1011.) Any and all eersoat tWmm aJery any yurtloa ei said rs.iee er surcaee greuat are reeulred tr tie their aAvarae c lal ma with the leegV'ar-,' . -tNa iV a. i tatae Laad efdee at Aapld Clgr la U Bute ef Bouth Daktta, danr-f tVe ty days pwiot et eBamwa) k-.. ., er tar wia he barred by virtue et the previa voua ef the t -atuto. c. i i t.fcinA. E. CAS."" ' I . Bvev;, - It ta erv ewed. tt the t t i" i f'v i 4 1 t , Utl ... -d " - ' ' per at a..v. , k ...a. A. i . , , LAST CHANCB Na t LODB, r Begtanhtg al the k B. side anklk stake & tor Cor. No. 1 iron) whloh U. a Loo. Moa. . vVast of the IXlaaourt. Patronage.. ASSAYERS. M. H. LYON. PUBLIC ASSAYER AND SAMPLER. DKADWOOD SOUTH DAKOT BLACK HILLS Analytical Lfior:itory and Asjij Oici o Henry Schnitzel' UU.I D, P.O oaC. Sualaa a baUlna ay bmII nr nprM IU raa. w MlMini. .Hsnllaa TaasMda or lb bwt xiaptod uranai al , Uat lor ka Ilamrj rymrrma, 0. S. falaa laboratory and Kuipllaa work la Faaat ni'rfiti. tat MRS. J. F. BRANSFIEID'S BAKEBY No. 95 Sherman e Street. fiat alula- eotnrtoty a. wall aa anpelafHty oalne to Ibe fart that II It tha acly piaee yoa eaa Ike kaet kind of fcaklae el the loeaet tjrvra Ue aad M lite, H M Umtm of to M 10. km ahakeao; tall Uae of braad, eakee, eooklaa, eraeei paea, Mediae, alaara, alia, eto., aad taMta. yoa to aall Dont't Forget the Number. 9J ShirmanStreet, Utmm & PALMERLEE etiuns New and Second Hand Goods . . . you want to Buy or Sell gtt their figures. Courteous treatment to all. Ka. 621 Lc:ir l,!:!a ! treat. JOHN OAGGALEY. ui:i:jK Rjii EsUts Ercker Deadwood, 8. I. EcmUcr or Deadwood stock Eicbanze Dealer la MIbIbi etocka and Real Batata, Steamship aad Railroad Tickets bought aad sold. I'il tlx. in 4 hnnra Ooeorroim and eara. m tn. unn.ry or. , rM,imilhr Hani. I Idiffwwv IVJECTBON. mf Otm etwisst BsWOf QutiUI I heft Ns frnm i M aUael niakrH. tiietaw 4el too ofh r tnntme.1,1 iuimL fwi'i nr mi anipTnaiTB. nri evi"e "I i a : .nJLarraawe-.aawe uena Jaareiiay, Baafawa auwM, lilliimwvtt Pi '"Sxta1 of tit JpifK. diTTat 3 II nam tiM' a F tftfgwf "Wftr 'iinw. i ii i a V,'lf Sa-io- aJj2r , imik ata. mt a tmm aa . eiB . ianru. u M tir- ,aa sua. U4 MtakU Bat Na M bears a 11 deg. 0T mla. W. tu.l ' feet; thenoe N. tt d.g. 47 lain. W.iiLl k feet to Cot. Na t tbeaea a U deg. U mla.. T w. las feet ta Oor. No. t; theaoe a t dag. F 41 mla. a. U41f teet to Oar. No. 4 theaoe a, N, W dag, tt asla. XL aU.1 taet te Oor. Mew ! I; thenoe N. I daa. 41 mia. W. 47.1 rut to ' oer. Na. Si theaoe N. 14 dee. el rata. W. le.l feet to Oor. Na 1 aad alaee ef btgta- atbw. a. S AAD CUSlNESS DIRECTORY. LAMBERT. Uioi.Teel a:J Boirtiai Stable Vcui Hol.o giv.. to tr oli and board ag I fin Jbrfrfe fortes a SptiaHf "addtck llullilknA. Mulu Htrtvt, Ual. j ANTHONY TUOUT, ?lumbcr and Steam Fitter, ! 1 UlBoe ta ramt.bll R.ium Hwau THE BIG BRICK Martment Store ! I 1 ! f fMSMMeraniriBi ooBalaotty kaod. li&iallXttc LlaO H. C. JENSEN. 1 IrU .-, of teed, kaaOpenada'l m FACT0BY, ' t 3a eeaaeiiww wtik M nlf rectory, aad le Uatoaelr all aartloe ale alee eleaa elar oneage. Hell ordrei anai.tly tilled. 'I h (2luh Restaurant . . ST"" iXt - lUrUnt - M TafcSe in City. ileals all Hours. Tickets 5. SING YOU, Prop. r- - i i i i ! FRANK. LAKE. :mM AND TEAMSTER, I I Raattng of Every Description. I 4 f 2oai Deilrered to any Part ol l tbe C!t7. Deadwood, - South Dakota Hotel Fargo, .i sprinjj.joath oikott, "Will etrtartaln you all rlas Whrtb.rilck or well. Uo there ', for a chaofe ..... . Ever th'rg Firtt-Clatt. OH AS. BOHL, Propria tor. ae oaly plaee la ttwa urMI good luaak. ,"enowia la tee : . BILL Of FARB JMT Batttr Blood. aeaeae Veal I veiaee inn, eaaeaie Beoneoi Caeeee Brick, Reuaafe Liver, eaejai UWUraar. CkeeeeoHmeareeae. 'OM JOaaaa, tfraakrorlere. Pisa rwl. s Boiled, Wlorrwumt, Sardlaea, Sour Tonne, Fleklee Herrlnt. Dill PtcklM, Chow Caow, ' Dried Beat. IMrklBd Rai. Blue rtaa, . oeiaee de Brte. Uasd Ckeeee, Jait Bard.lle. Imported rrankfurtera, . Aaeaoela, BaltMO, Lobalert. Caviar, Appetite Salad. Neufckatlel Ckeeee Blrre Ckeeee. ate runt a load cleaa comfortable laca. Otve him a call and be oonvlno-al Uat It U Ue "Only" plaoa la tows. PATENTS PROCURED. EUGENE W. JOHNSON, vmm ' axd ATTonn ta raTarrr OAaxe, ilk taw Terk Sa WeaklBfltoa, . 0. .Slaw1 mkbUlhed 1864, Soderate. Caarteel la at r a ir I I RAILROAD TIME TABLES. BURLINGTON ROUTB. No. 101 Pwwnarr. Dally. Hill dtp, not aprinir. Cblcaao aia aJI pvints Mil, aouib and wail IMarn No. J0 Loral, rally except Sun day, Bald Mountain aad ' SwarBab 1:65 o m No. :04 Fr-lnht. Dally, Hill City. , Cuatcr ana Edgtmotit..., l OOtm DEADWOOD. LEAD O. C. TRAINS. Lrara LaaO. Lrava Deadwood. Dally .... 1:62 a m Dal'y .... VJOam Dally 10:25 am balls ....tt00a m Dally 11:50am Tilly 11:21 am Dally .... 1:23 pm Dallr LOO D m rUr l.Slpm Dally 1:05 pm Daily .... t :45pm 'Daily .... t20nm Dally .... 4 SO p m pally ....4:25pm 'ally 5:67pm Dally 6 20pm Dally .... fllpm Dallr ..f:Npm Dally .... 122 O m 'Daily .... 1:00am Daily t:paDaily ....10:30pm Pally ....10:65 D m Dell t 00 n m Na. Sfll tativta Paaa.l Arrix iril.m No. W8 fSprarfisn Train) Arrive 10:20 a m a, m IKcvlcot) Arrtre ....... 11:10 a m No. 202 (1'aiaroiprl Daoarti 1:10 n m No. 110 (Rpvarflah Train) Depart 1:65 pm Ne. 204 (Frelfbt) Departa I 00 am Dally Exeepl Bund, r. 39. a U. V. It R. . THE NORTHWESTERN LINE. DEPOT.- Betweea Deadwood and Pin. Street! . Arrleee. Danarta. Through traJna to Omaha Chlraio. St. Paul. Mlo- Drapolla. with rloae connection, (ox ell polnta wrat and aouth. at Fre- meat and Omaha 11 a m . i n m I'r.nn: tovrr Ml n rL Whit. wood. Bturela. Ren. Id. Ckadroo and later- mvdlaie polnta 10:4S a m 7:2o a m Brlle rourrke '2:40 om 1100 em Whltewood oaly 7:0 a m 4:40 a m o.xci-pi ouDQay. a w. aiDiHOTOK 1. 1. ao?oix T0MDST0NS8. MONUMENTS, CEMETERY FENCES. From the weU kaowa works of 00 D- DEN BALUAJU), BmmeUburE. Iowa. HavtDf secured the ateney for the abe wall known flrm. for Waaler a South Dakota, Northwaatera Nebraska and Northeaatera Wyoming. War. artfully aolleit orders for an kind of Foreign and American Marble and Granite work, guaranteeing eatlsfaa- tlon In every particular and prices as low aa the low L It in need of that claee of work, drop us a poat&l card and we will call with samples and de signs. We are permanent reaMen here. REDINOTON RUNDELL, Deadwood. - - - Bo. Dakota. WHEN &ETURNINO HOME Prom Bloui Falls. Yankton, Mitchell Aberdeen, Bloux City or aim liar points Uke the Fadflo Short Una trala tear Ing Sioux City at I p. ii making close connections at O'Neill with trala for Clack Hills, thus avoiding all Blfcht lay-over la Slous City. Same far. Like couneeUoaa outbound. Buy local tickets to O'Neill. WANTED SPECIMENS. For a "Mineral House" to be exhibit l at Omahaall klnda of ores, miner' als and rare specimens from I to I dc bee square, which will be pellshed and catalogued aad proper eredks glr en. Plaaae send with epeolraene. value, where from Ac, Address A. i. John stoa, QUlmore Htal. Deadwood. DRESSMAKINGL Mlaa Lane, located over Llebmsnn'a dry goods sore, solicits her altera of tbe patronage of the ladles, guaranteee a perfect ftt, a careful aad tiaat finish; beaatlful destrnt end styles. 1 Terms reasonable Receive every day except Saturday. e , -" DR. A. O. ALLEN Rak 94urnnA lita bRm Ia aaAri4 Dm front room, of tbe new Clark building. Shermaa atreet ' - fiTORAOS 8ALA i ( . The followtng goodg beloagtag to 3V J. Oarrteoa wilt be sold for atorage at my reeideooe, Cssttrsi City, at D,rat t o'clock p. m., Tburaday, I2ay Ita, USI. ISZJ. ANN 0ARU ' BCHO rXAOTtON LODA a 1 Beataalnc al tin a K. a Qa. tn rw K. r 1 Area eaea IA e Lo. atesv iijfrmi n. aa o.a e mia. as. 1U1 ieet taeaoe a, M aeg. M mla. W. loAl teet to Cor. Na li theaoe N. II deg. tt mla, W. 411 feet to Cor. Na I; thenoe a tl deg. to mla. W, 100 feet to Oor. No. 4: thabo a II do l wita. 14 feel W' CoK- M Si th 4 N. ! 71 aeg. to tola. B. Itl feet to Oor. he. V; thSBoe N. U deg. 10 mla B. mi feet to Car. Na 1 aad plaoe et begtaalag. Area, Aerea Bcho Loda Daiay a Lodv-.tVN'' . Daisy Na t, i.llii last Chaaoe Na 1. ...... .... I It Laet Chaaoe Na A I.M : BXhe rractlca, i.m, ,(,, goa i'a. S..... 1MI.I Usaar t A U t Bortherly fix a Lael Chaaee r?a 1 Lt Blag etwtherir a . Laat Chaaer No, 1 ; Is olalmed rute - 1- eoutaony from 'Oviy 1 ua .eo.ti -..e -4 raa-rt ea near teal i I f Daley Na. I Lade es. taet le elalmaa a alag Bortherly aaA W t raaaing eeta erty from dleeovery shaft! ed Ue Datay Na 1 Lode T19 feet 1 ""4X raantag ertaerty ami t.l taet Vuiiowg' Voutaeriy from dieoovery ehaft; ea the Bk loda tt. leal .ts atalasad .reealag aMttbe-ay . and too teet running eeuuerly fnxa a-otvry efeetti ea the Beha r"ia tdV 4T.I t'ael la claimed reaarng areatarly .rg Cl.l teet running eaa tar ly truss diaeevarr" abtt. ktacaetls vartatlne II dsree East Tba toeatloa ef thle t r ,-1 fa the aar'aiMT'tv true a-e .i La' Onsty. a D.ju fr.' ! Let r eaN t ' v ' pare , , Lst r e No. I, la-Ma -e '3 lUj 'tmf 1, ji ta bet 104 at page 10; Daley A Is tw.h u Pte Ml; Echo' Lode ta beck lil at p- 1.4 a&d Eihe rracuua u tax L4 at -to. " KCatasg afelkMste trfl aaXtti X " At. A2yVe t rsnee r' t " ' ' " '-' 7 ' aid L . 1 ' t. 1 a , . . .a . .e 1 1 atiae er s- e r-' ! -e r , f t. r t . t 1 g- M al t e t. ' ' 1 li-4 t ji et I 1 1 l - . ..( , - 1 .' J . i j... ,cj t ( . t r . J bs t - f ( ; . . . vitutiee efi tds-a aa "a V1-. la'l 1 1 -- A. E. CAT.-- 'X i n : -t n 1 . i ,t T . 1 1 -i 1 r

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