The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 24, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 24, 1900
Page 2
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THURSDAY. May THE DAILY PIONEER -TIMES, DEADWCOD, S. D. ' 1 lature, ivnere woman suffrage rom( tip every year and where this week the from the lakeside city that at leat five hundred fa.'iiilii-B will engaKe in ,mrii till'ire on quarter acre lots, anil WIS THE DEADWOOD PIONEER ESTABLISHED JUNE 8, 1S74. abolition of capital punishment fes. n;a liv wiur'T will tuive fiHph lettuce, as- deieated in the house of tiw sijv a tna'ority of only nw sljV ' nut "i it j n mi LIKE MANY OTHERS Clara Kopp Wrote for Mr. Pinkliam's Advice and Tells what it did for lit-r. "Dear Mhs. Dinkiiam I have seen so many letter from ladies who were curd by 1. villa K. lVnkha tn's icincilici that! thought 1 would a-i your advice Geo. V. Ayrcs & Go. a.ois and uatfr cress to carry ttiern and water cress to carrv them THE BLACK HILLS TIMES kstahi isiiud ai'kil i:;. CONSOLIDATED MAY 13. 1897. ua' ,c.i" to . rh !'lw,ys hi,y! ; .. . v7.,.. a i'mi .to i neii M ; !"!1 ' ":' 1 '"" : . - .,. I :.,..: : : '., t " U oi Iv!v - mtuli ! n- , , , . , l . . ill i: . i. : Hrvan. ' i , ,. ,ii !i. s !.. n pa pi 'ii 1 1;- '!! a- ! . :' i , ; : j : . , m ". ' tie. -1 - ' i ti- :: n .a ; ' ' ,. ,,. m iv;. i ni in in c. .no ,i .. .ii. t I have been ib n-toririg- f..r Ay res & Wardman Hardware Company. (Jfi -?Ts 'our . 'a rs "' have ! . . '. I- I.. -Ml - ..,. 1 1 , ... ;i re i t.. . )! .ipst-i r-i - !i;.'-'"-i--'- i.m I.-;; .. , I' ' ,?z: - ' I , - I lie. III. pionkkk-tivcs iM ii.'.i-iiiNi; 01. taken I : tl. r. nt patent IIUcliiMles. bat reccie. crv I it tube mf it. I a in ii - fi-.i't the ,. art '.. . : .- bai hlllllllMtlHMHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIj ...lib rem . b Mi l;. s at t!:e -ilver i ize won I ! . 'A ' " ! ! teniiM'iary 1- or that ' paity i I I V won!. I learn by experience ami a ban- 111 I T small jmii t ion .-tat e it - The -iew si beftie will not oolv afford troubled ,u itb backache, in fact my wiiole liiidy ndies, stomach fecis sore, by .spci Is jret short cf breath and am ry nervous. Men- I'l- tor irovniing tor ttie poor, tint in it Icfore another national el. TKI'.M-s i' SUiSCUl l'TH. : DAII.V- i:-iy Moiiiing, Except Monday, One Year ln-" Six Months i-M One Month WEEKLY Issued Every Thursday: One Year 2.t0 81i Months 100 mitre Morse was prepared to excuse 7. V.. will also lerni pleasing variety to trie metropolitan life of Chicago. Bright 1 1 1 1 market gardens i ntersperi e.l be tween the skyscapers of the town will j lighten the somber effect, and mnko! tiie party for the mistake of IV"'. on the theory that it was made iimbr stress of circumstance conditions apparently derrianditiL' a change. After four yars nf positive proof of the Hardware and Mining Supplies.. tit rut ion is very irregular with severe bearing ilowu pains, cramps and backache. I hope to hear existence at least a trifle more endurable for tho-e compelled to spend their tallacv of the contention that free coin- V "T fallacy of the contention that free from von at once." Entered as Second-Class Matter at the Deadwood l'ostofflce. Oi.aka Koi'i. Kockport, lives there. Of course, the products raised can be usid for food, a careful estimate having shown that potatoes Ind., Sept. 27, 1S'.S. coinage was necessary to a realizafoin of natoinal prosperity. Judge Mmsu is not pr pared to continue his policy of tolerance. If Bryan is nominated lie promises to work for the national republican ticket in preference to allying IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIII "I think it is my duty to write a letter to y ou in reg-ard to what Bydia K. l'inkham's Vegetable Compound did for me. I wrote you some time airo. can !'i raised by 'lie poor under these irciimst.inces at a little lcs th ;n nine dollars a bushel, while other vegetables will cost but slightly more in proportion It is an excellent economic measure thoroly Chicagoesqtie. himself with a party that requires j ,lescriirntr nly symptoms and uskinir more than four years to discover so egregious a blunder as the democratic party made in lM'ti. Indications are multiplying that Judge Morse will not be alor " in his new attitude. Main St. Deadwood, S. D, IX Soi l II .IFKKVt. The relief of Maf'-king, which took place on Wednesday, the lf,th. appears to have heen cleverly planned and executed, the relieving force having paused the Vaal tier below Fourteen Streams and made a wide detour to the westward. It is probable the HfH-rs were soon aware of its being on th march, but the paucity id their numbers prevented their offering serious opposition, threatened as they were at the same time by the expedition under r,en. f'arritigton. cmiim; from the north. The failure of the your advice, which you very kindly tfave. I am now healthy and cannot hv?in to praise your remedy enough. I would say to all suffering women, 'Take Mrs. l'inkhain'sadvice, for a woman best understands a woman's sufferings, and Mrs. l'inkham, from her va-st experience in treating female ills, can give you advice that you can get from no other source.' " Ct.AKA Kol'P, Kockpurt, lud., April 13. lb'J'.i. .PI ICE TO l.l) I -F.-SICK M EX .Another foolish young man has shot and killed a woman because her rare good sense and discretion caused her to refuse to marry him. The murderer is in a position now where he cannot be benefited by any amount-' of counsel or advice, but as there are probaHv many other men who are like-' ly to develop this homicidal mania and! start out on a killing expedition, a stig.-gestion to them may not be out of, place. The man who attempts to win a LIM FEED Al SALE STA At i recent scientific exhibition the photot;.'ap.s nf the nebulae made by Prefessoi K'eeler at I.ick Observatory. Mom;' Hamilton. Cal.. were very nim li admi'eil bv astronomers. These pjc-tuias were made with the Crossb'v re-fleciiriL- telescope belonging to the observatory, and are of interest, as the previous director had condemned that particular instrument. The results of the work are considered most satisf- root! aauaie ana unviLg Morses furnished. Heavy Horws ail Teams Bought and Sold. Contractu taken to do heavy team wort or to move household goods and furniture. Dry wood for tale ani rioers to capture anv one of the three places they invested at the outset of the war was due to two causes the want of an infantry force and the reluctance to throw nun away in as-ults so long as there seemed to be a lanrp of reducing the garrisons by Starvation. The result has been that delivered. The : tiliii.arine torpedo boat seems to ne a success and when in use will be a greater danger to battleships than hidden and uncharted reefs. Admiral Dewey speaks in the highest teinis of the (Inland, which wil be used as a model for the construction of similar boats for which congress has just appropriated $170, nmi. woman's affection with a gun proceeds nrcoory. as the nebulae are shown with considerable detail. GEORGE BENNER, 509 Main upon a false theory. He may demonstrate his own vast admiration for her. One of the results directly attributable to the acquisition of territory in the orient and the consequent travel to and fro, has been the introduction into this country of that horrible and loathsome disease, the bubonic plague. but he in no wise causes a reciprocal feeling in her breast by filling her with an assortment of bullets. Sh-' may he irnrressed. with his sincerity, but is not at all Incited to respond favorably to his addresses. If she he with the exception of I-adysmlth. where the natural conditions favored the Boers In spite of the deficiencies of their organization and equipment, they had to relinquish their grasp on their prey tjo soon as a properly led anad numerous enough force came to Dewey sums up the observations of his southern trip in the brief statement that "the south does not want Bryan for president." Of course not. but the south, like nearly every other section of the country, seems to ti" willing that Brvan should be the democratic candidate for president. - The Ladies Bazaar Silk WaiStS for this week at a harortin. E: New Dress Patterns for spriti-: gowns. killed she s certainly not available as U is rf,Por'p,l that five deaths from this a matrimonial possibility, and the mur-1 ral,se oc'""'"'l in San Francisco dur-derer may have to sit in the electric I inp ,n, nast wppk- When the presi- dent of the hoard of health of that city was questioned in regard to the matter, he said: "I will neither confirm nor deny the report. the relief. With the abandonment of the siege of Mafeking. the Boers are now everywhere on the defensive on a narrowing circle to the south from Mafeking to bainge Nek. Their attention will probably be called to the north before long, but they have already sent a force up to Bietershurg. about 160 miles north of Fretoria and Summer GOOdS in Percales, Mercerized Ging- hams, and all fashionable fabrics fur umme: chafr which is. worse even than marriage and its concomitant horrors. The man who feels that life is not worth living because some woman has refused to marry him needs a liver medicine and a change of air. He has not properly diagnosed his symptoms. TDK NEXT VK.'K I'RKSIDENT. This is the question now agitating the minds of our leading politicians, and while several promnient men, have been suggested, the final selection will undoubtedly he the man who will St dresses and shirt waists. Tailor SuitS for everyone, Come ami sc. B Mrs. Nott, - Main St. Deadwood I.ove and marriage are but incidents serve the party interests to the best iumiuiuiuiuiiwuiiiiuiuiiiiuiiuuiuiaiuiiiiuiiiw Seal skin sacques are from 2"i to 200 perl cent higher than they were last year. A garment which sold last year for $200 cannot be touched now for less than $.1.r.0. and the prices of the really fashionable coats trimmed with Russian snble. or silver fox. run from $snn to $2000. We mention these facts just to cheer up the men who are feeling a little dubious about housecleaning. to the drifts on the Limpopo on the roads leading from Rhodesia. In th? meantime they are concentrating all their available forces to meet Lord Roberts' advance to the Vaal. but whether the intention of contesting the passage of the river or repeating the nranoevrep In retreat from the Vet and Kroonstad. cannot be determined with certainty. The British cavalry seem to be moving about the country to the northwest of Kroonstad in life, and do not comprise all of existence. It is only in novels that the emotions located in the occipital region of the brain have such sway. A careful reading of the divorce records will show that many men who have deemed life insupportable without some particular woman hae found life unbearable with the object of their affections. The man who is so deeply in love THE THREE BA advantage. This is also true of me.'i-cine. When your stomach becomes weak and you suffer from dyspepsia, indigestion, constipation; and flatulent y or when in need of a medicine to build up your system or restore your appetite, you will make no mistake if you try that sovereign remedy. Hostetter s Stomach Hitters. It is backed up by fifty ygars of cures and is recommended by many prominent physician.. It is also an excellent medicine fo, malaria, fever and ague .and can be had f any druggist. Re sure to g.ive it a trial. Yon Know YYIial Tht'j leu! .in vm-; that he feels his fingers twitching to An Interesting calculation has recently been made by an English statistician, in which he shows that when the electric light has entirely displaced gas. oil lamps and candles in the I'nited Kingdom, there will be 40.000,1 less deaths annually, these illuminants being so much more unhealthful than electricity. Mill el ';.hl ''I They inciin that vm ly borrow nil the lie n all personal property orlicc We carry i I redeemed pedi'e i: surprise m. without hindrance, the Boers having only small patrols, one of which was picked up at Bothvale. close to the Vaal. on Thursday. What the future course of the Free Staters will b cannot be much longer in doubt. n President Pteyn. who wes at Pretoria consulting with President Kruger left clutch a gun handle and shoot the object of his affections should go off on a vacation and mingle with other women for a time. Hp will then see the utter futility -isting good lend and endangering 1 is nv n future shoot - Business Stridlv unfiling The free homestead bill has passed The Deadwood LoanOffti ! ing any one woman. He should stand No. 21 Lee St. there on Friday to join the burgheri ; on (() ope side and regard the matter I the Senate and awaits only the signa-t ture of the president to make it a law. j This measure is an important one to SPEND SUNDAY AT HOT SPIi: ' . One fare for the round trip. Tickets on sale Saturdays. Good to return following Tuesday. Popular train leaves Deadwood t p. m. Via Northwestern line. South Dakota. The Sioux Falls Press' contention that this bill was Pettl-grews "pet measure" Is sufficient to make a marble statue smile. with a slight trace of humor. It wi'J then appear funny to him. and he will not want to kill. Certainly everv man w-ho has killed a woman because he loved her has finally developed the opinion that he could claim a premium ns the greatest find of the year the day before his execution. Custom Ore We sre now prepared to treat custom ores by the Cyanic 1 NOTICE. There will be $12. 480.00 of state school money on hand on the 1st day of July to loan on school bonds and Improved farm lands in Lawrence county. Application for loans should be filed in this office soon. Deadwood. S. D.. May lath. 1900. W. A. ZINK, Co. Auditor. 7'he Dell Rapids Tribune has figured it 'out that Bryan is already elected, claiming 211 electoral votes as against K.l for McKinley. with 85 doubtful. The Tribune. usually pessimistic, shows signs of becoming an optimist. cess at reasonable rates. Northwestern Gold and Silver Extraction Co. First Ward. Deadwood - - South DaM at the front. Some definite decision has evidently been come to which"iwi!l make itself known by Immediate results. The next forward movement ' Will test the truth of the reports ascribing to the Transvaal government the Intention of suing for peace at an early date, which, however, are to soro extent already discounted by the descriptions of the preparations making for the removal of the caplttal to Lydenburgh in the heart of the 'mountains between Pretoria and the Portugese frontier. Great unrest is reported from Swazl- . land, but whether there is any Intention on the part of the natives to rise is not known. The Queen Is said to be 'well, disposed to the Boers. A ' British column Is reported to be moving northward from Zululand but whether toward the Portugese border, the Transvaal, or Swaziland, is left In doubt. There Is no news of Importance from thecountry west of the DrakenBbfrg Mountains, but the pres- ent suspense cannot be much further prolonged as there is reason to bellewe " The "Best is the Cheapest DEVOTED TO F.4DS. No man in the I'nited States should know more about fads than the Rev. Dr. Fdward Everett Hale. He has lived many years in Roso&, theiV own stamping ground, and In his own life has followed many of them, good as well as foolish. It is surprising, therefore, to find him turning in his old age upon fads and upon Harvard colleee where he was bronwht vn. The other evening he told the Sn boosters club of Boston, one of the many associa- j. l: marcoux'S Experience teaches that good clothes ivear longest, good food gives best nutrition, and a good medicine that New Undertaking Parlors 1 i "for half a century the teaching of cures faee is naturally the fads had' become a passion at Har No. 20 Lee Street vard." He saw the slens of better! things in the future and 'clearly had no disapproval of the- erlfo- dv. i when be was a student himself. What particular fad he objected to he did not state. Harvard has some-I is 1 Are Now Open to the Public that Lord Robert ha been urged to try and bring tbe campaign to a close best and cheapest. Hood s Sarsaparilla is the best medicine money can buy, because it cures tvhen all others faiL Poor Health "HJ poor hctlth for ytxrs, pains in shoulders, back And hips, nuith eonstunt heidache, nervousness and no appetite. Used Hood's SarsaparULa. gained strength and canwork hard all day: eat heartily and sleep toelL J took a because it helped my husband to zuhom gave strength." Mrs. E. J. Giffels, as SDeerfilv as nossible. Gen. Puller i 5 advance has reached Lalngs Nek. hav-, h?". In ptte of them o- perhaps on In caught un with the Boer rear account of them, risen to be the un- gnard and captured soms wagons and Largest and most complete Line of Caskets and Funeral Equipments to be found in the -west All Embalming Done bv a Professional in the : prisoners. There does not appear to have been any fighting. Art. Moose um, Minn. j s'M since Dr. Hale's day; and. has hn discussing Harvard's noblet effort to aid the Cuban teachers just before Dr. Hale spoke, and that project may hare seemed quite ftuixotic. So bare other things seemed, for which the country has later : been thankful to Massachusetts. If the good doctor must have facts to rend hs had beter turn to the legis- J&odS SaUatxitii ONLY FUNERAL CAR IN THE HILLS. Calls Answered by Day or Night. ' 'Telephdnes-JJJ, PROGRESSIVE CHIC J GO. Chicago has adopted the Pingree system of permitting the villagers to farm the vacant town land, and as a consequence. It Is proudly s reported 4 MU em Urm UK ; th. mom-U i llnttnir a clj otliTttt to ttk wlU flmd i BrtmrUS

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