The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 24, 1900 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 24, 1900
Page 1
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Daily I IMES. Ir..!Wnn, s. 1. , IILACK HILLS I, Till' k'SDA Y YKAK. i'l H). FIVE CENTS. 24 th The Pioneer v .'pi : I .its I -alio d at ii 'ii i ail ni mi. I heavily t ii ul. ii ly aim URTIN CHOSEN ; nv of iow:i from the 'a-' it ul that Secretary par- 'lr! - f 111 oil GoVVH'-I ! - - Pi I'" " ! I is generally limb rst TAMMANY HALL IN POLITICS t ! urn with at the ;si FOR CONGRESS As Add be II.'' ttl.'Ut. a big boom has of t he Na v v I ."tig w i niong the dotnoi rats is ?! tin V ' ' 'O be ill ' ' ' a. t in' . five m.a-' . '"II r i Id" Ha identals r. cigars, etc . 1 traveling e- arrangements AGITATING THE VICE PRESIDENCY Both Parties at Washington Are Discussing the Various Aspirants. mill:.' a! . r unavoida the barb.' fiS essentl; going ; : ! ten dol' 's such as Hi and wo rav penses p.-r and Herr.eJ City Free of Milit a I'K A N K I 'l HtT , K . May - S- i a 1 . T h last militia company lift today by order of Governor lieokham The city is now entirely free of militia for the fust time in many months. Congress Adjourns June 6. tortin. Burnc man. Hotel the The Tiger is Planning to Overcome Its Its Scandals for the Campaign. at Kansas Citv. the best 4hat could I e Keene Are on Ticket. WASHINGTON. I . C. May bpe cai.1 The house today adopted the res made, provide that for a day one can sleep in a room with six others, having separate cots but no bath and only cold Missouri water to ablute in For $)u'fi day one may share a Jed with another delegate in a single room and rec.j vo. if he desires, which is lufion reuoit bv the wajs and means Boundless Excursion Will Leave For If Splendid been launched for W It. Hearst, editor ami proprietor of the New York .Journal. Representative McClellan is also strongly mentioned. Fire Damp Explosion. fllARLO I "I N. C. May 2.1 Special An explosion in the Cumin" ci I mine near here last night killed twenty-two miners. Fire damp was the cause. All the bodies have been recovered. . v Negro Murderer Mobbed. I't'EHLO. Col . May 2X Special - -Calvin Kimbler. a negro who shot his wife anil killed two little girla here Sunday, was captured last night in Denver. Kimbler was brought twick aftur midnight. A mob took the prisoner from the sheriff and hanged him to a telegraph Mile. The rope broke t VV ice. gig Convention. Enthusiasm and a Choice. Shaw of Iowa is a Leader a Western Man is Chosen. the Convention at Kansas City. committee, fixing June lith as the dab of adjournment. Base BallYesterday. Pittsburg H. Brooklyn j. Chicago f. Philadelphia ii. St. Louis 2, Dost on 3. Cincinnati 4, New York 15. . . . . 'i 1 1 i C lV- WASHINGTON. ! C. May L'.'i. cial. - Political gossip among th NEW YORK. Mav L'u.- Special -The Spe- lead ia!-Theonv,nuun ' " political iM)t boils. Of this von may at the Au.iitoriiim ai -ov .... . . -ti..i. i. ....... kler Call Shctwooo oi i ut-me, ers of Itoth parties turns exclusively to the vice presidency. It seems general Lrnoon hairman. C ommit- llwtcd temporary ly r ... i tlwwnni'i.nfKin agree that the republicans ime a western man. and the should choice lf were ai pomieu ..u djounied until T o'clock, m r.e addresses uy vv nisin rim there we re POLICE COURT PROCEEDINGS. Big Grist of Business in Juttice P. H. Earley s Court. Alfied Mace, colored, was in iolice court again yesterday, on the charge of assault and battery upon lona Marshall, and was fined ten dollars and costs. The woman claimed that Mace struck her and knocked her down at her house, . across the street from the Klkhorn passenger depot. It there were full delegations present, S. E. Vt mi lOlini 'ii Miiiiiii.i.-". There is a time and place for all Things ana now is the time for you kilson (f Fall River was made per-V. Martin and Inannet chairman, r.. k'harles H. Hurke were nominated ior . . X Tl.....w,a fur- (rflV. doubtful, one bath each sun-up. Fifteen dollars a day secures exclusive occupatu y of a single room, with extra service (whatever that stands for.) and unlimited bathing privileges. One rate of $L'n a day is quoted, hut whether that involves title to the hotel or not. is not specified. Auction pitch, pinackle. poker and pocket-roulette will make it pleasant for the tourists en route, each and all of whom now declure intentions of making expenses if nothing more. The Lord belt) thni trainmen if that prediction is verified. The commissary department is in "able'' hands you may safely bet ami prepar.-d for any emergency. Tims early, contributions of laoo bottles of whiskey'. 12a cases of wine, and 10. MO cigars have been received, and as each niemlx r's coatpockets w ill bulge at the start with flasks and the weed, it may safely be inferred that an hilarious delegation will reach the convention city thoroly primed for the sloganwill it be "Tammany for Urvan''" nye. there's the rub: and not a living soul can this day satisfactorily answer the question. If thinking goes. 1 think it will not. really from preference, but as a matter of necessity To my vnv of thinking it is a irronnd hog case. Tammany is now on the defensive; on its gooil behavior not onlv! hv reason of scandals not the greatest of which is the Ice-trust inieuify but also by reason of a desire to eoi iate the granger element whhi vrd"r Irongrpsp. t nanes """r" " to buy your Irnor. and John T. Keene for lieuten- seems that a general not occurred at UtpnverDoi. Or. C. H. Clark of Dead- 9 the house during the evening, (luring which a stone was heaved thru a win fvood. In a speech nominating ."r. Martin, and the latter's speech of ac- dow by one of the women engaged. fr-fptance. earned orr trie nonors oi me Mrs. Marv .lennack was arrested on be sure whenever Tammany manifests unusual ac tivity. Tammany is up and at it as seldom if ever before, largely for the reason that Tammany is "up against if by reason of ice-trust doings affecting deleteriously the pockets of every mothers son of a resilient transient as well as permanent. Of course. Tammany, as an organization, and the ice-trust, are not identical, but inasmuch as Croker. the Van Wycks. Cram and one or two others constituting the monopoly of congealed aqua pura. are. practically all ieal sense, the sins of that delccta-ica! sense, the the sins of that delectable coterie very property attach to the entire lair of tigers. The .Journal is making an able and dc-rmined fight against the unholy combine, thereby winning loud encomiums altho the motives of the paper are not entirely unselfish and pure. Proceedings of a civil nature are under way before the attorney-general, and. in the morning action on a criminal iharte will be inaugurated. At a meeting of the - vera! Tammany district committees last evening arrangements were omplcted for the trip to Kansas City Iet it be understood that from Too to luoo members are already booked for the pil grimage. and you can form some idea of the magnitude of the undertaking. May. SPRING SUIT . o Kentucky Powers Released. BARBOI'RSVILLE. Ky., May Imperial. The court tolay released Captain John I.. Powers, who was ar rested by the democrats on the charge f complicity in the Goebel assassina a complaint filed by Lena Nelson, charged with petit larceny. Mrs. Nelson had been rooming at Mrs. .len-nack's. and her complaint charged Mrs. .Tennacw specifically with the larceny of a gold fountain pen and five dollars in cash. A search warrant was issued by Judge Early, and Officer Donovan went thru the house in quest of the stolen pen. finding it in the telephone storage Ixix. Mrs. Jennnck was taken to court, and during a conference with the states' attorney she agreed to restore not only the property alleged to have been stolen, but a gold watch that Mrs. Nelson had left with her as compensation for services as a nurse. tion, on the ground tliat rowers nan telreailv heen pardoned by Governor Taylor. INDIANAPOLIS. Ind. May "'-I. and ours the place inVhich to buy it. You will lintl in the special fine clothes department, those made by the HIGH ART wholesale tailors, jut the suit you want, and the dilTcrciiae in the price between the HIGH ART made-tn-tit. and the merchant tailor's made- the Pratt-Roosevelt dispensation is i mighty factor in municipal affairs. New York is a great big city, w ith sev eral millions population and billions Special. Governor .Mount, who refused to grant the extradition of ex-Secretary of State Findley to Kentucky. Fays hp expect the Kentucky democrats will make an effort to kidnap toth Taylor. who is still here, and Finley. Governor Mount says he will rail out the militia, if necessary to ire-vent the Invasion of the state by the Kentucky authorities. of wealth, and vet its vital affairs are Imped by the people of Herkimer State Senator George v I'lunkett. leader of the Fifteenth district, has Gaze noma. Omego anil ('rum's F.!bow will be just about enoufh to set you if Yiur Si'rinLr ciitfit. hat, under- to-measure prict u in the rtt The case was accordingly dismissed. Mrs. .lane Doe Dare of Central City, was in court, charged with assault and battery, on a complaint filed by another woman of Central. The case was the outgrowth of jealousy over a man. and Mrs. Dare adjusted matters by paying a fine of ten dollars and costs. charge of transportation, and personally is looking after even the smallest details. The fare for the round trip, including berth in a sleeper and with no i hange of cars, v ill be $s a man. Talk about home-rule' Why. there is less of it in this mighty cosmopolitan city than elsewhere on the fate of the glob and that is an outrageous fact It is as if the municipal affairs of everYthiii'r. All of which we have in and clothes Take a New Tack. ST. LOPIS. Mu.. May LM --Special - A .'l.'ti a lit- to I hat seems cheap and easv. but if otusion and at consistent 1 v low prices. Deieluood wi if in the hand ll f - " lj" man thinks he a tup sa,, as I vn l( c; , , ,-j , , t- r, t,,,i, I t in '' if I'I'III If- I ...... r, , , . ... prop, ed in the , ,,'np; .-iiiig - .- pearnsn. laau ami ire hp r- m The street car strikers have taken a new tack to compel 'the company eith-f to artihrate or to accede to their demands. Ex-Governor Francis, head "f the St. Louis world's fair oommit- i'l ins w 't ll es 1 a i "I'lin lime ni 11 , , , . , , ... ROSENTHALS PALACE ' A warrant was sworn out by Hen Ttlumenthal for the arrest of N .1 Thompson, a blacksmith, whose )e had bitten Hlumenthal's two boys. sJil and Charles. Hhimentha! and Thompson both live on Citv creek, and it is alleged that the bttor's dog has bitten ;, number of . hil.l'cti and persons who I. g aoes aim Hilltops tiow a hi inside pt. i kef. he w ill s, , ,jv ' il- ., ... .... ,, f 1 vvnni 1 von like if How would um . 1,1s err... I !,... .. . 1. . ' S 'ho ifi now in Washington, is also ' heavV stockholder in the Transit ' '""I fan ' Well, that being the situation I w '" " "! :',-'!:"'"' '"'"Iher, -ands the , , ,m, ,.,.,.. '".!.- tl.::t an- ',. . :: .1.1. ., J a nam'', rl , .... "n ',''"- n" ' 9 Deadwood, S. I). "mpany. Labor rep,..,,.tntives wired i raneis that nub less the strike was set- IN the labor vote ma v no hl'.'i i list the were passing the Dial's eldest boy davs ago and the fied Thompson i" ' " " A Aj to vote five millions of '!!! f..r th,. benefit of the 'reposition municipal i 'Position. THE AMERICAN NATIOf.AI.BANK Sharkey and Fitzsimmnns ' '".''..'., I .: ,v I T ' " "'f' -I. r !. '.. e,.,. , ,,, , - ' J S f"r ,!"-",!r -T ,v ii. 'v ' "' W ' ! 3 Tb- case ,: , ;, f ! X' ' ''" ' ' 4 r- iO,k. M,,v Dcndwood, South Dakota. A DEPOSITORY FOR THE.. I'.'! Sum ia I t., l 1T dwjio.,. of 'I Th.imp'-on promised t- i., usually kept 'oi Is''1'! let is sometimes sen st,-i ot -Mid 'ms a m-..!'cp a nii at children pass will com' up in .Insti. Tnornin:'. and '' ' '"' answer for k n: s iu-.mii toil bis mrinauci 'narkev 3'Rourk. iintfh l,irn fr a ' W IV 1 c iiuht fiVht nth Fitz: Simmons after Sharker'. c. ... J CITV, COUITTT an,. STATE. l'th Mr-Cnv next month.. ious c:i:,n-e :n ,,,. , ., ., .- . "SVJ -3 . "V . . - J an ha ll.v 1. viol it ion of ' I I,,.,... I- .. i. , - l i .. ,t "V. SI Iff --. M Drafts and Letters of Credit Demand of the Porte, .TOXSTANIINOPLE. Mav :'3 la -tv. . ' "1 ' ha I : (if 011 milt. and afte have ru.-ht of w pas, naff ,'., wi'i kit-- . i Kb : . c. -r . hpe- The Masonic Temple. The pi ins for the new ,v ,. .. , 'a,srJrS. JiH. a : ,-.f- J Issued, Good ia All Parts of the World. teen minutes' headway n w it ll tin nln in 1 I . . . . I VV ll'lll a t'C COlliplct d'affairs, to the of the e Atnenrar, charge y handed ft &mn, note demanding pavment B,er"i"1 indemnity elaims on the morning 1'" i exception of the appointment of th the nafona! WrtJ fttSmrVZ? .n timt for the meet ins o: first fl 'O" and it is likely tfcat bid COXtXiECTXOXTS to Promptly and rs previous to the convention It l. ul' el- :se,l tor m ' few Attended Intelligently. Roberts Moving Again. LONnnxr . that v.'irk can be started it mice The Masonic Benevolent association is un . way a Special -Ixud MONEY FTJR.XTXSXXED decided yet what to do with th- first nr whither to make it one large the all probability the convention will run for three days, therefore the entire outing bills fair to rontinue ' 14 1 1 days.. Plunkett declares that sipiare-toed democracy w ill charaot . ri?" everything-, rnrsefp'entlv th, re will be no drnwinc room cars for a favored few. entire army is again on The field marshal todav in T borrowers o anv extent names or W the war office that his main warranted bv collateral- ZZ ocr'"ip'i Honeigspniit. over r es north of Kro Cavalry , All men are equal in Tammany Hall savs he. "and all will travel alike store room or divide it into :nHlle-rooms. The lodge room will bc'on the third floor, and will be a model in its way. The ceilings will lie 1 fet high with a large dome in the center. The different bodies, includine th- Mine Lodge. Chapter. Oommandry. Consistory and Shrine, will each liav- a . 'r- Xdftfi, forces are moving or the main army on both flanks Should hos. Croker s condition ijie -a yerion-.iv run red tiian :s CTS GENTLY ON THE Kidneys, Liver and Bowels riEAN5ES THE SYSTEM ..cT' EFFECTUALLY OVERCOMES i ' - "J u PERMANENTLY Eu v : genuine - m an r o By GUlvRMATGfSYf?V;P. mtMiiriNvnuHii4 Accounts Solicited and Correspondence Ihvited. 1 Our Inno- 1-xpt.riince in the Black Hills is at the service of intending; invi-tor-. In arte room for its paraphernalia -vwi making little or no reslst- JjKDjfc. May 23.-Special.-A dis-mb!Finhr7 t"t eight High f surrenderel to the rybnrg. The report pro- v, . nsa"on. but the war offlrp I, generally known.' continue tnipairecj, n cfimparf nient car with a physician. nurse, etc. will be p'afc,; -t pjs losal. The uniform of the braves will include white slouth hats, w'ofe tanes addition to this there will be a ' i -c ut. har.ntiet hall and culinary depart m no- nlll rt 011 rnlly equipped. The --.con. I fr te divided into eight suite; of confirm it. DZHCTOHS with a hath In each suite. : ! tniiid-ing will be complete in every respect. W. E. ADAMS. German Mat a.n JOHN TREPER. and the gleaming enib!'-ni. "Tig"," to ornament their heavine foff -n in the double sense. 1 bosoms. r-nortment cards and printed instructions concerning route, schedule, accommodating, etc.. will be distributed among the delegation. Nearly all of the thlr- and the finest In Deadwoou w 11,11 HARRIS FRANKLIN Pres. BEN BAER, Vice Pre. WM. SELBIE, Oahler. h ished. It is expected that it will be ready to turn orer to the association BERLIN v May 23,-SpeciaL-The tSST8 13 to ' bU1 Prohibit, the tmporta- by the first of the year.

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