The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 24, 1899 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 24, 1899
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

X THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, SATURDAY MORNING, JUNE 24, 1899. pledged to return them with not less thai THE OLYMPIC GAMES. (Continued From Flrat Page.) $5.00. Last Thursday night after prayer meeting they were opened and fjunJ to contain altogether, something over f 125. This is no including ihirleen ..r fourteen that have not yet been return mI. Egbi rt Hit Key and Joseph M Hortcn n less man another eighth ROSEWTHAL'S.... mi. I.iebiuanu had made lit taker, and had i isse i tie ui". and !!. in the distance between htm . i... . i t . i , ... '" an ii itioheu nKe a sure "re :in.iie,l yi-v,.r,ay at KtmlJer Pa-k. in he i h'iri;e of urand lar. env. Thev aD- I i' "ii. but WhiMakcr was laying "i k. and w n hm the last 1J. "oh -1 : : . i itinon winning pi-are.l t.tfure Jutlfio Coleman, wiifcd ex-. . rt : i r. , i t i , , , iln,i w,.rt. bound iv.-r lo the next ! ":-)' hi l.mi.lx of .'"" eai h. Tho : ; I J ' 1 ' 1 "ni oiu .y Henry McGlll e Mah ther met epo ed h. 20 Per Cent UJ'-ng'h The han lb-ap had been I.i, -t I thing dow n a . too gi Carl Jump, Herel, was si The (reorgi w as w time, waa a .mi Time J , 1 .. n i be t u n :i i si I road eing lti-7. M.iitiue, t iitered and Martinez d being li;-i; a spe ial. bet ween and Mnlli i.d. bis ! ard ,bi.s II I'"ll.f and 111'. .1 II i:r:ihm "f llns riiv who alleKea lhal Joseph Hor-tuii was t-mployeil by him to cut ninety '"i''!- f I to be delivered and paid for in June, ami that said Hortuii sold the wed to llitkey who hauled it to Fort Meade and turned it in on a luimact for some Sluris men. The Omaha Meat Market will reopen Monday afternoon. June 2, with modern improvements in our sausage rooms and fully prepaiied to do business ami will do ;t on Biri' tlv niHh bnula at never ' : y Potter, by. a lead of I.' feet; seconds. The prize in this race leather niedal about the siie of a DISCOUNT SALE! To Be Continued Until Our Large Stock of New Spring Purchases to be sold at this Great Reduction, porous plaster, handsomely stamped, and tied with the association colors. The be-d athletic display was In the pole vaulting ,hnh "was won by It, F. Flln- "Marv, hw do you like the Ivory Soap?" " Best uvluve ever, ma'.nn. The starched termiiii. the other contestants failing to beat his vault of v:i Inches. The horizontal was then shove. I tip to Inches, and Flinternian cleared it easily, as an exhibition .iuli. other entries were Thotnaa F. Herel, y an I Martinez. Ilereley had been cnn-idere.l imim ible In this contest, hut he was unable to get over Fliuterman's S.'l Inch mark I'lmiermati walked up the polo hau l over hand, like a performer In a idreiis and with practice lie would be ilble to heat lll.s record vesteriinv c.iiisl.l- irp whiter the flannels are son or than when w litTore lieard of in lieadwiMiti nn Mr.U class meats. To our old customers whose ac-t ounts have been turned over to other parties for collection, don't feel sore at us. e were compelled to tlo so to protect our-i-clves ,,nd Kive you an oportunity I i I uy nit ats at correct prices. Coin .mil see u. "II until regret it. o.M All MEAT M RKKT. .".rd Hour li. low ile Hullock. Ill - i "A t Til" . h 1 1 at inns were hiucd yeiterdav ." ' M I mailt ! In all the firemen of lleadwoou i'e!i dualh , and to all the liremeii of Lead i" .mend Hie pit nil- ami dance to be given b' I In- I I. l lui.nd Pioneer Hook tV LabltT ' 'iiiilian ai the Chant autiuaf gioiin is ne.t with conrninM so-ips.. It saws my hands; they used to tie very s re after a wash." T I 1 aN fcr After a Hat? Then get a gooJ one it pays. "Well, Miry, I am told that at saves the clothes too. and you shall have only Ivory Soap after this." - i $5-oo jj Stetson ':: crably Hi. hop step and Jutu Thnse who h.ive tried both common so.ip and Ivory Snap, say that t fakes Carl 1 1; at Stetson Hats Martinez won second medal (ily two-thirds ;is much of the Ivory for a wash. ::l'-hi copvrioht ieee Br the Procter h GAMS.t co. Cincinnati "niei (Minis were Ilereley an Morgan M I .. i - , . a' ' i.ieiimann ami utnttaker en teretl tin- slow bicytle race, and Martin ziit.s i-ou iini: siioks. ADDITIONAL LOCALS. won in i tie tii st titty feet The rac- was -ml Menia iiiu'ht. mi the t w . n t v-seem d anni mi-.iiv nf the organ iai inn of the toni-,'iin Tins "ill be one of the nniM au--l'i. inns - i. igl aliairs gien in I ie, el wood Ibis vear autl it is exiccte, lit it there Villi be .1 nemendous crod III a 1 1 end a lice. Are top-notch in hat-excellence Their wonderful wearing powers make them the ynids I the last, man over the Rerat Hats t & V! was to uei the prize, a fall (o constltut gum to let at the Holzner. Q jog want nice lunch at any time. 4 a ius(iiaiiii. at ton. Martinez was a few In M f'T 1 lie daliee u ill be l'l llll.' i U a md ee Cai y the Lobby. Coffee dies in advance of the other two from th Unlli for a light lunch In the morning. start, t, in kept his head well. Tho others i,..i.i .i. .. i i . iieiii men w neeis tiow ii too much, an i scats. gut ud most complete stock of fishing $4-00. :; i the Too orchestra, and the company will pnoi'le refreshments for the crowd. The pavillion is in good condition, add the Ml firemen who attend will wear uniforms ir badges. best hat-investments obtainable. Graceful new styles for Spring-Stiff and Soft Hats. Llebmann was the first to lose his balance Six feet more ami Whittaker went over tit bl tlx Hills at the Red Anvil. Martinez then rode out smiling, for he had OrfTHI.NO YOU WANT TO KNOW taken three first and two second prizes. KJJFE INSURANCE, ESPECIAL-lABDTNQ THE NEW YORK LIFE YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS mere was o nave been a tug-of-war, but It was declared off. After the athletl events dancing began in the pavilion, to Mrs Walter Taylor, wife of the D. C innducior. went to Englewood for a visit $1.00 e e music by the Trio orchestra, and con Zipp ( an lit any f. . , t to pet ft ( lion. if you want ci ak .'n:i:u rritic aitlk l x i: : 1 1 of thi-: iiichfst TKST, CltKAMKUV lll'TTFIt OF TI I K FINEST FLAVOR, AMI TIIK LIGHTEST WHITEST 1'I.Ol'R ON THE MAIIKKT AT THE LOWEST PRICKS. iO TO THE STANDARD CASH STOKE, 48 SHERMAN ST. "What's the Kood of it all," wasting time In trying to raise flowers or grow potted plants when, you can get so cheap d so much finer than you can raise at Mrs. Mnthers. Williams St., opposite M. E. church. Hundreds of valuable presents given fre with Diamond "C" Soap wrappers, Ask your grocer all about it. REFRESHMENTS OF ALL, KINDS AND IN ABUNDANCE WILL BE SERVED ON THE GROUNDS ON OLYMPIC FIELD DAY. NO LUNCH BASKETS NEEDED. Why drink mud when you can buy a Champion filter at the Red Anvil. TINWARE sold regardless of cost at I Holsteiu's. 684 Main St. Unhear-of bar 3 HOMER BOSTWICK, GENERAL AGENT, tnrriini new at the Holzner. Jnjweyee examined (op glasses tinueu until the last train started for Col. Fred T Evans went down to Hot Springs expecting to return today or to home, at 9 o'clock. f Laundered White Shirts at morrow. GREAT REMNANT SALE AT LIES H fj. Hamnker, timber supervisor, was MANN'S OLD STAND. in the city and left on the B. & M. for his 8oc. home in Custer. Miss Jessie Ryan came over from Spear SATURDAY. JUNE 24th, 1899 fish and went to Sturgis to attend the W i (top by A. F. Snyder, the op- Ida, tat charge. IWiillfference In soaps. You're I I rim m buy Diamond "C" Soap. ' i iftlada at fresh cut flower? on hand ' Uebmann'a.. ! ifchyaww here June 27, 28, 29 and 80 ! fctaysonly. I Diamond "C" Soap and get a full I Hotel dock for nothing. Otker prfieaajgo. j fVhawu Hot Springs water coats 75 j Olympic picnic. $1.50 Wm. Reed of the Derby went down to Hot Springs where his wife and daughter are spending the summer. Remnants of Dress Goods. Remnants of Silks. Remnants of White Goods. Remnants of Ginghams. Remnants of Calicoes. Remnants of Carpets. Silk Front Shirts at! Dr Paddock left for Omaha on a combined business and pleasure trip! expect gains In SHOES. (It) In fact remnants of all Kinds of Goods PMearboy; the pure CryataJ Seringa While there s. life there's Soap DIa ing to be gone about a week. H. V. ('roll of the Edward B. Allis com $1.20. have accumulated during our Great Clos prt water, 50 cents; the celebrated ' niond "C" Soap pany. Milwaukee, who has been in the city Ing Out Sale. -T'lug. water, 25 cents; fresh I If you suffer from tenderness or fullness p W. lellTered to any part of. the j on the right aide, pains under shoulder J Call In.Ht... e. ... .... These Remnants will be arranged on our counters Saturday morning and offered at , - "1,1 ch trace, nar- i uade, consupauon, DUiousness, sick neaa i a fraction of their real value. acne, ana ieei auii, ueavy uu itsep, ! 20 Per Cent Discount Price will be no object, the goods MUST your liver la torpid and congested. De BE MOVED. So come early and get first choice. Remember the time and place. for the past week, left for home. Will Ryan was an arrival on the Burlington and went over to Spearflsh to vis-It his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Ryan. Wm. H. Austin of Milwaukee arrived yesterday with Messrs. George and Marling from Keystone and left In the afternoon for home. F. A. Harmon, division superintendent of the Elkhorn. who came up to look after the transportation to and from the Olym Witt'a Little Early Risers will cure you promptly, pleasantly, and permanently by removing tha congestion and causing the Saturday at Liebmann's Old Stand On all the Latest Spring: Suits. $15.00 bile ducts to open and flow naturally. u A TRIP ROUND THE WORLD FOR 26 They are good pills. K. O. Phillips. pm; slack Hills, nt ""J P cent of the people have kind of humor In the blood, and ""ay dleease. Hood's ?yflh euros these disease by ex humor. ) '"f n non-Irritating and '"JrpUtatotak. with Hood'. Sar- !, r fcCUatock, city bin poater. 72 'are. Ill (tf) I irwttaa. a D 8 dentM parlor Katlooal bank. Deadwood. ( " brt4 ork a specialty. CENTS. An entertainment of great interest to ev A child's net saver plated knife, fork and spoon free for Diamond "C" Soap erybody will be given under the auspices i Finely Tailored Suits at wrappers. Aak your grocer W. L. Nell, D. D. S.. Crown and Bridge work a specialty. Gives gaa for painless pic picnic, returned (c Cnadron. John S. George, president and Q?o. W. Marling, treasurer of the Holy Terror, came up from Keystone and lt in the evening for their home in Milwaukee. Judge MeOee of Rapid came up on the passenger train, transacted some business, extraction of teeth. Over Phillip's Pbar macy. of the Ladles Aid society of the Congregational church on Tuesday evening, June 27, In the audience room of the church. Miss Hlrchfield will tell the story of her recent trip around the world. Dr. Bowman will give an account of his visit to the Philippines. Both these travelers have spent sufficient time In the countries visited to speak from experience and with Authority. Curios from nearly every country in the world will be shown. Lady cleared $920, man $1,182 last six J " Ouss Keller's meat months, Introducing Holladay's "Marvel' waterproof shoe polish. Self Bhlnlng, rus and went back on the excursion train to Sturgis to attend the Olympic field lay "" Main street, you can get aU ana .naU profit, keep meats , . 1004 't forgot tha number. set or black. Samples free. Why not vou? Holladav Co.. Room 383, 182 Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Greene, accompanied Dearborn St. Chicago., sole manufactur $12.00. $10.00 All Wool Suits at $8.00 $5.00 An admission fee of twenty-five cents ers. street, JJS. IM Main St. for 8H0H8 and TINWARB. Jilt) by their daughter. Marie, came up from Rapid and went to Edgemoot to meet rheir will be charged and evrybody is cordially Diamond "C" Soap to a high grade laundry soap that can be used in hard son who i returning from Cleveland where he has been attending school. . , " wor ana ngraTlng to or soft water. Mrs. H. A. L. von Wedelstadt and P. M. Gantz, D. D. S. Modern Denti6fry of all kinds. Oas adminis-.erc-l. Eighteen daughter. Miss Elizabetn, are expectea io years' experience. Rosenthal block. arrive in a few days from san rranciBco where they have been spending the winter Invited. o WORKING NIGHT AND DAT. The bUBleat and mightiest little thing that ever was made la Dr. King's new life pills. Every pill is a sugar-coated tab-ule of health, that changes weakness into strength, listlessnesa into energy, brain-fag into mental power. They're wonderful" in building up the health. Only 25 cents per box. Sold by Kirk O. Phillips, druggist i T ak your grocer for list of prizes to and will spend the summer In Dead wood. J? 4rant water; w. aTlZ,,-tkloa, and naera of Diamond "C" Soap. Geo. Sehloseer of Sioux Falls, manager A verr handsome picture, one of the Serviceable Suits at i of the South Dakota Newspaper Union, came up from Hot Springs, accompanied e m.. f1 ed klnuetf aO by his sister, Mrs. Berrier of Minneapolis. They have been spending some time at the Springs and are making a sighUeein tour of the northern Hills. They went to $400 photographs taken by the Colorado photographers, Jackson A Smith, was received yesterday by Mr. Robertson. B. A M. ticket agent, to be hung In the waiting 'oomi of the Burlington depot It is a picture about nine by three large, consisting of a alrge picture of Sylvan Lake in the center and NOTICS TO SBTTLB. All parties knowing themselves Indebted Spearflsh yesterday and will return today. to me are requested to call and settle tiW J8 to to Bpp'a, 3R,?Ut BARQAINS For All-around Bonaflde Bargains I o- ' - their accounts with me at 'once. (tf.) M. LIEBMANN. In at NOTICE. See Those Offered at smaller pictures of the lake and hotel anJ of Spearflsh Falls. The photographs are those taken to show the colon in the landscape. As I desire to close out my business ) RED HOT FROM THE GUN h 1. 1899. I will dispose w w fixtures cash register., safe and In fact! Was the ball that hit O. B. Steadman, The members of the First Baptist church 't iJ 01 roof .Jf "fsnmcea tha cjt? M boalna W a FUh Httat. V; b J. a Hatoa. '4 tad Ber' 0a1'rt. everything in ft flrt class br room on . - . " - - " ai this city have eschewed suppers and so- nK-KJA fi.pofl PaII on or cwuseu uurriuifs uicerv luai du treatment most reawuftwc rHrkanti Car Main and helped for twenty yar. Then Bucklen' . O.I . .a- posentharsPalace Deadwood S. D. jiftrnin 1 1 i-n Mti tumm 1 1 T . an ' Arum we vureu mm. isurvs vuv.. Mill streets. Lead, S. D. 'W4 e7. M Printing All persons knowing themselves in-, nuns, nous, wions. corns, .sun . . - ..t . rarantlnnA- HMt nil mM Mm Hrlti 9Jtm elala and other time honored devices for reducing the church debt and have sub-stitnted mite boxes which promise to be eminently successful. Two or three month ago .these little wooden boxes were distributed among the members of; the church and congregation who ward tal PW"TT ,! debted to me will call ana mae 1 ' - ment before June 25, 1899 and save costs. box. Cure guaranteed. Sold by Erg , un -tHMf l 4 au,. 4wai Pnt i aa tuceeat, PETER ERICKU. """r- ,

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