The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 23, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 23, 1900
Page 5
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vm. IDS' TI1E DAILY PIONEEK-TIMES, DEADWOOD, S. D. AsDAY. MAY 23 CITY NEWS. A NEW TRUTH REVEALED. I 7 ri-n njauavnj-uTn nrururvn nrLrurruijT. ruijruTjnn ruruvvnrirria The Only High Crade Baking , i.l'tab-nt at the Opera Powder Offered at a Mod-erate Price. The Baptist Young People's union held a .social in the chunaV parlors last night. Refreshments were .-erved and everyone had a good time The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. ('ail I. ill, (jf this city was burn-, I fmui l he family residence on Williams street Sunday morning. I.i.-i.s; l hums .' charge of tie remains The hih! elilll.. -iia- -OL11 ,,. teams for Rrad-,,:! , f .1. J. Feld- Sermon Preached by the Rev. J. W. Barron. Sunday. "liow can th-se things he'.' " John 111: i.x 'I ae do. tl llle id the new birth d;d not i ijil a' 1 CALM I Baking Powder If that Boy st a ! l!al i:ia. n to I .,. lore again, ai.. I . it- v. ith .n-Mi.-. Il was i.iiniiiJr Tl.ey held r a pagan, he lie. ame a Jew. musi be born They gave him a new name, Hue among them with th- curi- I mi. ; ,j. ...( is nothing bet-,ti,)ii uf Ctiamber-, in. kl relieves i .IH'SS. effecting 11 I - ,,. s.,,. by Kirk (I. I',,,- the school enter- m l. ...... .1 n NONESOCOOD. MADE BY V TRUST. in II ill sua? a will fct-nt i Usui' linns furnished ,.vr Three nicely room i. .viuiL-i be strteet. itrnTli.'iu. thp butchers, and jaiobs-. tli.- stationery and cou- . i aro now located inerv memia"- . Cain and YicAtlen outicung on . . f,,r...flrli' nccunied bv street, aim " ' r Klopp as a restaurant. children spend six hours a day ....... . hn oehric.1 hnufte Sunday morning, lieing j.s ,un f age. , Frank Am.-t. who lias l,.-n employed at .oi i klers i. i. ai nia i k . l a.- a block num. has resinned ami has entered the employ of Armour ,v Co.. on the road as traveling salesman. He entered upon his; new engagement Monday, ami left tail points down tin-Burlington. The Congregational ladies will serve a hot chicken pie supper in the parlors of the church this evening from the to seven p. m. A deli, ions supper will be served for only L'.,c. Meats, salads, cake, strawberries ami cream, brown bread, hot potatoes and i hi. ken pie etc. Let everyone come and rake their supper at the church. Proceeds for benefit, of the church. Troop A, South Dakota National Guard, has taken up carbine practice anil the first work on the rifle range aij done yesterday afternoon. A squad of men went out to the field with their carbines and targets, ami six scores were taken, the lowest being sixteen out of a possible twenty-rive. Regular practices will be held in the future. Kllerv Knowles is at the delivery window in the Deadwood postoffice. having taken the place made vacant by the departure of .lack Guild a few-days ago. Kllery took the civil service examination for the place last ear at tin same time liuild was examined, and he stood next to (mild in his mar'iings. He has been attending the Spearlisli Normal this spring, being not died a few davs ago that a vacancy existed. Ce monuis " ...v. Wcar out a pair of ordinary xhocs in a month, put him into our "Armored Cruiser." This, shoe will stand tho racket of the wildest hoy that ever kicked out shoe leather. TIIK UPPICRS arc made of solid calf skin, with oak tanned sole leather bottoms. THK SOLKS are tilled with steel cir-cletts they never wear out. Try a pair and you will use no other. w make their rooms attractive. l-n -A porketbook containing Lj; owner can have same by he asks, and Christ probing still deeper, turns t!a- question upon him 'You. a master in Israel," he saj(.; "you have for y. irs been teachina a doctrine of tie new birth, and dlo not know even o much alxiut it as this! you can look out into life and see the changes wrought in character by the Spirit of God.' and the narrowness, soididness and malignity of Jews who count themselves children of God 1k- ause they are children of Abraham. IK) yo unot know, at best cannot you believe, when I call your attention to the facts, that the proud I'harisee needs a change in character and life as much as the publican0 If not, if you cannot see that which i- witnessed to you every day by the selfish lives of orthodox Pharisees, what use Is there for me to attempt to explaiu the secret of this mysterious spiritual phenomena You could not understand; you would not believe. Nicodemus could not grasp this truth by argument. It comes as a revelation thru Christ It is said that In the Siberian niiies there are those who are born then- and never have seen the light of the upper world. With their dim lamp." and narrow vision. , and cold damp air, the absence of all plant life, they i all have no conception of the glory uf a June d;i of ,- enchanting "..'IH'I. of lb-1 Is. of tlowel'S. of torests fringing the hills. All they jing at this office and describing o-is liberalism liaracterist i. (if this bool maintained that a jintselvte could marry his own sister, he had 1 n born again, he was a new creatine .old things had pass-d away, all things had become new, and even tlesh and blood relationship was made as if it had not been This fact must lie borne in mind in leading of Christ's conversation with Nlcodemus. This rabbi came to Jesus by night for a Quiet conversation. There is no reason that he did so for the purpose of secrecy, or because he was afraid of the Jews. -There was as yet but little to fear, even of approbium, from the Jews, for as yet Christ had done nothing to awaken their deep-seated hostility. The expulsion of the arders from the temple would indeed have aroused a priestly hostility, but this would have manifested itself among the Sadenees. rather than among the Pharisees. The latter, as theological enemies of the Saducee class would have been rather aroused to enthusiasm, their hostility by the puri-faction of the temple. It was not this outward cleansing that excited their animosity. Indeed, it was apparently this art htat brought Nicode-nuis to Christ for information respecting himself and his mission. The evening is an a propriate time for quiet and confidential intercourse, and this was what Nicodeinus wanted, lie did not purp-i. to he a disciple; lie did not submit Inn !' as already some of the fishermen a tootles had done, to the leadership of Christ. As a rabbi, interested in i'H',1 new movement, and impressed with the originality and forcefulness of this new teacher, he came to learn from the lips of Jesus toerty. school children will ask you to kets for the entertainment. till refuse them. following letters remain vn for Cii fa! 'i'V- 3. May 2.'!. Mrs. M. A Gcde. .lo'm Oird K. rnliam. t .w. :e an inteia-siing ciuni' of base Lis played between the Williams nine and tin- high-sides. Satur- he former winning by a score of .; Tli.- Williams si reefers ate in ni.c; :ii: nine of their age Zipp Shoe Co. I 655 Main St. iPring and Summer 1900 can know is from the reports of those .vim have In-ii in th" upper world. We. n.y I .lit h ri-ii . are further away Iiiiiii the heavenly life than a Siberian mine from a summer day. Hut we riinju-uru-uijvu iru what his doctrine was to be. Nicodeinus was the tirst interviewer of his-torv. It is not probable that we can believe Him who has been above, and we can prepare with all our earnestness for the time when we shall be 66 We take urcat jiliMsiiic in ottVrinr lliis season's purch.-isr lor your inspection, 1km nj; fully aware of Hie fact that il exceeds all our previous elTorts. NOTW 'ITllSTAMMNt; TIIK KKCEXT ;wi;at ?uvani: in mkwciiandisk in ouk i. ink, we have not advanced oi k puk es in any sincle instance. 1 called into the upper and beter world. "If I hue told you earthly things, and ye believe not. how shall ye believe, il I tell ye of heavenly things; and no man hath ascended up to heaven but that iie came down from heaven, even Is the Son of Man which is in heaven Let us now group together the truth emolxlied in this conversation with Our Men's Department is replete with the verv latest for men's wear. the Jewish rabbi: Ni rod emu was a rationalist. LAUNDRY! Outshine all ifcer aMpa oh wash day. It has Parity art Qaalitj, daei at are aa4 batter work an 4 raei fartfter tkaai mmj atkar Uaa dry aaap. Year Graeer tells It. 1. Rationalism still comes to Chris Men's Spring (Overcoats, in all the newest shades and styles, ranirinsi in price from tianity asking for some new truth, anc haxe a verbatim report of the conversation. The leading points are given. It cannot, therefore, be wrong to read between the lines in an endeavor to discern the spirit and meaning of the cotiversa' ion. Nlcodemus began with a courteous compliment: "Kabhi, we know that thou art a teacher come; for no man can do the miracles that thou doest unless God Ih with him." Christ's answer that what the world needed was not better instruction, but new power; not ilght. but life. Kxcept one le born again, he say he cannot see the Kingdom of God. What wa ssurprlsing about this new declaration was not the figure of a new birth but the application of it. If Christ had said, except a pagan be born again he cannot see the Kingdom of God, it would not have surprised Nlcodemus in the least, tint He declared that what the rabbi thought was necessary for the pagan was equally necessary for the Jews. "Kxcept anyone," says Jesus, "be born af?ain." for his language in the comparing It with other philosophies and dec laring that Its teachings may all b? found elsewhere: or asking ?7.")0 to $22.00. The handsomest line of Men's Sprin sometimes seriously, sometimes sar fm'JP Over 300 Handaome Premiums given f ' y wy FRJEC fw aaviag Diamond t'r "C" Laundry Boap Wrappers. Drop a postal card for Fria Pmniaih CaAaJague to The CUOAHY PACKING COMPANY, WQ, OMAHA, HI. castically. what new disclosures 1 thas Suits we have ever shown: the very latest to make; and the answer of Christian desiLrns in hiirh sirade tailoring, ran sin" it v is alwavs the same: the world needs new power, not new idease needs to be born again rather than to o a be taugh tagain. And we, as adher Go to the. from $0.50 to ?25.00. Fully equal to tailor-made, at just one half the cost of made-to-order goods. Our Boy's Department consists of every ents, claim for Christianity that it is unique, not in its theories, but in its vitality; not in saying that God Is Father, but in developing in man a filial spirit towards God; not in thiu; necessary for a boy's complete outfit, reliable goods, and low prices being our CnnM iui. original is even more general than In the English translation. Nicodemus attempts to turn aside this novel application with a jest: "How can a man be born again when he is old?" he asks, as tho he were not thoroly fa enunciating as a dogma the brother hood of man, bu tin binding men to gether in friendly and fraternal rela tionships. ONLY AIM. the to This season we have paid particular attention FAMILY LIQUOR STORE For Pure Wines and Liquors. Also for Bottled Beer in Cases Telephone No. 25. Goods Delivered Free to any Part of the city 635 Main Street Deadwood. "The universe rests on the shoulders FOLKS. miliar with the figure. Christ does of love, a love so limitless deep and like Plirve-piece Suits from 3 years up with vest just broad, that men have renamed it and called it God." Tuscan Vroverb. not answer his question. He made no attempt to afford a physiological explanation of the figure. He simply r?peats it in language even stronger ws, irom to $6.50. pWrtand collars iust like Pana wears, aces years and 2. We gather further from this con lrds. versation that this need of a new and divine life is universal. It was not PCH GEXTS. vfTTPVTSUTVii nRI'ARTMKNT. com than before, and maks the application een more personal. If any one could in every detail, with the latest novelties, in fact, ev- H2 that if Mw n ml r.Tl ii-iirn hv men enter his mother's womb and be horn again it would be of no avail. If all merely the Greek of the first century, it is not merely the African or the Chinese in the nineteenth that need t be transformed; the need Is universal. fle6h and blood relations were changed, pAT8 of the celebrated Dunlap and Stetson makes, above. A stone cannot grow into a plant. The miners, lkingdom cannot enter into the vegetable kingdom ex so that he could marry his own 6ister, it would be no advantage to him. He must be born of the Spirit. The life UJ au good dressers,' i a all the new shapes and shades shades for spring wear. w best line of Fane v Cans we have ever shown, in cept hy plant life imparted to it. vege table kingdom cannot change into the- animal kingdom, except thru the im enew style Plaids and Thprks parting to it of animal life. There is Pr Shoe stock in Tina- .mniote nith the verv latest in No intellectual development, no social refinement, no culture, no moral obedience to the laws of conduct can take tfie place of spiritual life. It is the absolute necessity of humanity, without which no man can see. much less enter the Kingdom of God. No finger drill ng will enable a girl to see the kingdom of music; no Greek grammatical grind will enable a college student to sew. the kingdom of litera no power of development of one Into the other. Spontaneous generation is fnws. Every pair guaranteed to give satis faction. must be, not a new life of the old order, but a new order of life. And then he makes the application even more direct than before. Ye must 1h bom again. You, rabbi, doctor of divinity, orthodox teacher, believer of the church .you need, not a new doctrine, but a new and divine life. Socrates said: "All men's souls are immortal. thoroly discredited heresy. Kach lower kingdom mils the born from thai. alove, in order to rise to it. The ime is trii" if we ascend from the an Wagner Cafe Serves Meals Nig-ht and Day, Best Cafe in City. W.C SPINDLER, Prop forms them from soil into the bloom and fragrance of the flower In the sunlight of the upper world. The cherry longs to fly from its perch. The robin plucks it, converts it into living tissue, an dtnakes it over from cherry into robin, and so born again, it fliesr into the sunshine and (lilies a song into the air. Lite- is never spontaneous. It is always a tu w creation. It is th riously true that we niay now b.coii.e new creatures by lenig Loi n ,-iL'ain We may bury the past In 'he depths of the sea; it may become as foreign to us as a pre-existing state. The moral and spiritual nature may be reformed. The very subtraction of character may le changed. No man need despair. No man has a right to say, in exculpation of himself: "It is my nature; I was born so.'" He can acquire a new nature, he can be born again. ture. Tlv artistic sense, the literary sense mihi be born before even art or lit ratun are even so much as seen So no in creed or ritual will even open 'h" windows of the Kingdom of God, and let the soul look in. The sense of spiritual realitites must 1- Three Reasons Why we Should Sell you Shoes! Our Shoes are better in Quality. And More Stylish in appearance. And Lower in Price than any other House in Town. the snul. A new 1 i f - must but the souls of the religious are immortal and divine." Jesus goes on to say to N'icoemus: "You cannot explain the coming of this new life; you ran only measure it by it seffects. As the south wind comes from afar, and the snow-clad Lebanon dissolves into showers that water the valley, and the apricot, the grape, t'.e pea. h spring up in the wind-kisse.) valley, so is every life lorn of the Spirit: mysterious in its origin, beautiful in its flower atjd fruit." Nicodemus is sobered by the spiritual dogmatism of the Master. He Is convinced, rot by argument, but by a divine personality. His tone now imal life ot the spiritual life. Life from above must he imparted to ou natural life before we tan enter or even s ".' tin- spiritual Kingdom of God. "V" cannot be boin again." This life must be horn from above. The impulse to it. the power of if. must be ronfei red. It can no more be evolved out of the intellectual or so. rial life than they ran le evolved out of a purely physical life. The dust of the earth prays to become a rose. Its respirations cannot answer themselves. The rose put sforth its rootlets and takes up the inorganic Juices, and transforms them into woody fibre and living sap .and then confers on them the mystery of life and trans- Horn wit' he liejrui! Prof. 1 1 in the this trut Hiogenes. his work only Uef fore any ummond. in his nntuinl law ;;.iric:al world, illustrates hv the scientific doctrine of God's works illustrate The law of nature is that can produce life, and there-.hjeet can rise into the King dom of God above it only by means of new life imparted to it from that high- ''How can these things be?"' er life, that is by benfg born from changes ... i .r- . il Hi

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