The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on December 21, 1900 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, December 21, 1900
Page 3
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD, bit pfiCEMBER 21, 1900. HE CENT A WORD HAllunnn DroTnnrn "CUPIDEKE M M TABLE t-' l nri mil rt n DEADWOOD ltfOBD each insertion, when r A " nth three lines ftSfP.J-nfitnys t Mzt'T. fcxaausuuj Uraina, Varlrwie and ConsllDatlon. 1 1 stops a 1 losses by dav or nlbL Prevents qofc k- r n I ) r 111 w . i Dr. Collier OSTEOPATH LEAD AND DEADWOOD. The Only Osteopath in the Northern Hills. Dead wood offlc at OUlmor Houae, Moa-dAy, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Let'd office, 415 Mala Street, Tuesday!, Tbursdayi and Saturday. Jt u navable In advance 'Java and ATocna Lincoln Omaha, Chicago, St. Joseph, BEFORE ano AFTER f" ,th I)01" ' impotem-y. r mmu ri ttn kijiwys and tho o-w.arv or:-ansu alliiuuuruiaa, .TBVnwwK . t 1 . ' 1 ...... i - . J" Denver r Helena, Butte Portland Salt Lake Cltv, San Francisco and all points west- Tlie reason sufferers are not mrr-l hy Ixwiore H bN-;.u.s.- ninety pr rent are trrabled wftll rroillti OlinpKNf: Is thoonly kno"n r.m.Hly , .-uruwiilioutaii enemtiun, fcixw tesltnionW WANTED-HELP. al A wruion (Tlll.niiuef, rivrn ftnn money n-.urn-i it fii i.i-rs u.h-s no fcUucl a MrmjuuUll I Kansas City. St. Louisand all I points east and south rXG--ExPert bookkeeper PtL nnc or two sets of trades- Addnsa UAVuL nKUICISi B :., 1'. u Ikja Ckui l'ra..ubco, Cal, Ar Bole tnt FOR 8ALE AT FAUST'S PALACE PHARMACY. la ' .. to keep during spare Coffee The Finest Produced. ',lcaJ.., 'o 38. tare Pioueer- MONEY LOANED ON COLLATERAL PORSALB DY Security at a lawful rate of Interest Buslne&s strictly confidential. Will call at your residence If requested. D. JACOBS. OPPOSITE THE BULLOCK HOTEL. GEO. V, AYERS &CO SiKit'ssors to Ayres & Wardman Hardware Company, J. HATTENBAGH & BRU TTUiou as housekeeper Iflned youns woman, fully com-. fo take charge of any home. M a II Pioneer-Times. ---position by young man SfbabitH. Any labor. Refer-Jid:.ed. Thaddeus Burch. eral delivery. ; KANSAS CITY SOUTHER., RAIL WAYPORT ARTHUR ROUTE. "Straight as the Crow Flies' be tween KANSAS CITj" and, the GULF. Double daily train' service. Shortest line tand quickest time to Pittsburg iiiiitiiiwrfiiiiiniiiii .;..! hard do.k or t;i-, i-Times. Trains lpavo as follows: No. 41, Vesubuled Rxpres, daily, Hot Springs, Lln-I'ciu, Omaha, Chicago, and all points East, South and West .-. S:00 a. m. , No. J . l.o. ul iia.l!y pxcet Sutl-I ' . 1' il l -' .Muut!La.i and I .Spearlish , ...4:10 p. m. 'o J1 1 Iiit'iiht, dailj except ' i' : -v. Mill Citj, Custer u i L" l-:einont 'J : o.l a. m. j i-.ii'. s t;iio frvmht l,-itre9 at. . . t . ui) m I 1 1 : - u I'lVt :us '(ill. im s Nu 4.!, East. Pun oyer, daiIyG;lD p. m. Nil S...;irflri Train, daily i'M - ia Sunihty . . , a. m. N". : ' '. l'ii'i;:lit 11:05 a. in. K .t;-i.i)s thijt train arrives5 : 45 p m "L. ii .;. im ...4 a i , 1 1 ri .-:i:.jnt: rhiil' rare, - ': 'li ail t ll: J 1 rullih .tall- . . .ii! . ., s, ,-,. 1 1 ; 1 ami . I,. , in .ill ; ,ii;'.s. i r -i.j: ii'ii . iiiti-' iitMrs. maps and : . .'I "i. .! :!'' i. J. KK ANC13. ',.i.:..l l'.. ,n.tcr ut. Omaha. Nl. VV. T. KOlKl;TSO.N, TicKit Acnt. ;. .. bf:ti.i:y. ; r,,rMT't ri la I Aijent. u. c. Tit. .ins ltin u ioi:n deahwood AM) LEA I ). I.IC.W K DICAUWOi,'!) Daily 7:30 a. m. Daily, except Sunday 8:30 a. m. O. C. JEWETT, ARCHITECT. New Waite Block, DKADWOOD. .,D. Three Fowing gins at. i n- ITED Dressmaking l'unois, rharmai y. u DeetKeii s, Joplin, Mo., Ft. Smith, Aik., Tc. arkanj, Tex., Sm uveport, La., B'.iu-n.ont, Texas, and Lake vnar'es, Li., Throujh Pullman Sleepers to: Houston and Galveston, the fjm:us ARKANSAS Health Resorts: Si- loam Springs and Sulphur Springs. , Cheap rates to above resorts all the Hardware andMining Supplies.. iTFD Girl wanted lor general ILr tf. Walter L. Vercoe, M. D r.SKI. EYE AND EAR !. 3k Occulist B. & M. R. R. Dendwood, S. D. . . Tel. Harrison. . .. , ,.Kir (hvvit ulanor ii ".vvvor i.'irp rd man. a.i.w.-s -, vittiitiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiitin. JStle h0Ul, ACWCUhUU, FOR SALE. 15 This Space Is .itw m hnrHB-Dower holler. tf, Reserved For ft CORNWALL & CO. Doadwood Ipjete. For particulars, address Ler-TImes. FEED on Rr:indv store at No. CI year. CHEAP LANDS: Along the Port Arthur Route in Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana are to be found the most productive lands in these states. These lands can be secured at very moderate prices, and, therefore, offer a great inducement to the homeseek-er. HOMESEEKERS' EXCURSIONS SOUTH First and third Tuesdays of each month. Apply to S. G. WARNER. G. P .& T. A.. Kansas City, Mo. REMOVED TO ADAM'S BLOCK. DOCTOR HAiU'OCK HAS MOVED TO THE AIKOIS BLOCK WHERE HE CAN ME KOCJND NIOMT OR DAY AND MAY UK CALLED BY EITHER TELEPHONIC. tf Lrman street. Will teach party And ing to make canny. Daily 9:35 a. m. Daily, except Sunday 10:30 a. m. Dally 12:15 p. m. Daily 2:00p.m. Daily 3:15 p m Daily, except Sunday 4:20 p.m. Daily 5:56 p. m. Daily 7:00 p. m Daily, except Sunday 8:00 p. m. Daily 9:00 p. m. Daily, except Sunday 10:30 p.m. I. HAVE LKAI) CITY Daily 8:02 a. m. Or-:. y, except Sunday 8:50 a. m. Daily 10:00 a. m. Taily, except Sunday 10:555 a. m. Daily 12:40p.m. FUEL! qitK r.ood fresh row. II. O. th, No- Lincoln avenue. s Seebick IMPORTER AND DESIGNER OF Gowns and SALE.--liau,nl 1 1 i ' Is office. FOR RENT. f RENT. Seven room house with Daily Daily I ).!.!-, exc. pt Sunday D.ily "T.IE NORTIIWESTELN LINE" b 'ha short lino between DCAIUVOOr SIOU CITY. S.OI X FALLS. ST :e and bath. No. G-j Ctuiles Lohby Saloon has gone thru a thdro course of repair and cleaning and is now one of the INTicojst Placo to be found in Deadwood for a social time. OPPOSITE THE BULLOCK. leet. . 2:25 p. m. 3:4l p m . . . 4 : -15 p. m. ...('.: L'5 p. m. ...7:25 p. m. ...8:25 p. m. ...9:25 p.m. . .10:55 p. m. Millinery I'Al'U MINNEAPOLIS and DU.CTH ' ,aiy Please bear this in mind. . RENT. Two rooms over riiila- ihia RestauranL Apply to Pio- j Daily, except'Sunday j Daily I Daily, except. Sunday tr-Time3. RENT. $10 per month, pood Francis C. Tucker. J. R. Hickox. U. 3 .Dep. Mm. Cit Engineer. Surveyor. TUCKER A HICKOX, CIVIL n MINING ENGINEERS Ir-room tiouso in lights addition, one block above Joeseph's hospital. A. V. Coe. Survejflrs. RENT. A house with modern THE DEADWOOD LOAN OFFICE .. ..21 Le Street, la the place to go when you ar broke or when you are not broke when you are brok$, you cM et money, and when you hare money you can get bargains ofl what the other fellow left wheal he was broke. Anything and everything l3 carried In stock M DEADWOOD LOAN OFFICE, Adama Block Room 301 and 30i.' iroYements, furnished or unfurled. Inquire at DeMouth's Ark. We Want... You to understand that we are under small expense anil can do better by you on MEATS of all kinds than any of our competitors. Give ua a chance to prove our assertion, by giving us a trial order. JOLITZ & LYNCH RENT Two new elx-room tenses F K. M. V Ii. K. THK NOliTil WICPTpiitN 1,1 N K. HKI'DT: I'.iiweeii Ifa.lwn(xl nal Plna Streets. Arrive. Dyarta. TriMiL-h trains to Omaha ClihaKo, St. Paul, Minneapolis, with close con-nc.tlons for all points veU and south, at Kre-ninnt aiel Omaha 11 a m I p m DKPOT: Uer Main Street. Arrives from Whitewood, Sturgis, Rapid, Chadron and Intermediate ointa "10:40 a. m. Departs 8:20 a. m. Arrives. Departs Dead wood for Bello Fourche 1:50 p. m. 9:10a.m Whitewood only 7 : 30 a. m. 4 : 35 p. m rent cheap on Carney street. En- Ire of S. Bloom. LnISHED ROOMS for rent. Clean, pctlve and nicely situated, In the UNDPRTA If I HI C. Miller house, upper floor. In- BUGGIES, CARRIAGES And SPRING WAGONS Made exclusively for the Black Hills trade. If you want a new vehicle of any kind it will pay you to call and leol : our stock over, and learn our prices, for they are the lowest of the low I yet the vehicles are the Best of the Best FULLER & BROWN Next to City Hall, Deadwood, J. D. Ire of Mrs. P. D. Sanders, Room 1. AND EMBALMING Aetna Powder Co. MS furnisher? for housekeeping. piles seeking comfortable and want winter quarters, will do IN ALL ITS BRANCHES Skilfully and competently done. A full stock of coffins caskets, robes, wreaths and. In fact, everything pertaining to funeral ri-galla, constantly on hand. , CMi n.ODE3I3NTSOINr Harrison Phone 134. Parlor8t No. m BDerman t THE CITY MAY LINE to call at No. 69 Centennial KDU8. BCES FOR KKNT. The finest Id best located, steam heated and Dynamite ami Black Powder j " Fuse Caps, ' Electric Battirta, I Battery Sopta. rtrlc lighted ofticos in the, city for rent at low prices.. In re of 0. C. Jewett, Room 2"2. Does nil kinds of heavy h:i:ilin. moving of heavy r;ia--!i!nery. ex.-avat ioa cit..-traetin:;, hauling of ire. etc. We've Cot All Kinds olTe.ims and are prepared to do all Kinds ui woi ii. Pile building. IMS TO RENT AT MODERATE ICES. Suites of living rooms in W. ADAMS COMPANY 0011 $3 00' SPECIALS, yf' Headquarters for . SOUTH DAKOTA PEOPLE. HOTFL GRACE , EU ROPEAN C. C. COLLINS. Proprietor. Jackson Boulevard and Clark Street, CHICAGO. Location Opi'osito Po-tofflco and Board of Trade. In Exact Center of Business Dlstiict. 2QQ Rgortljl at $1.C0 Per Day and Upward. Every Rocm has Hot and Cold Water and is .Heated by Steam. I WA1TE BUILDING, each fur Promptness is our motto led with steam heat: electric 'Mb; bath, water closet, lavatory; oi cold water, art for rent at Iterate and reasonable prices. Office No. 2 Syndicate Blk. Residence fPhone D. H., 169. Office Phone, B. H. 118. JN0 FELDHAUSjEN, -Prop Never Before 1 111 be pleased to show them to For a few Days pone who may be Interested. O. Jewett, Agent HAS AN ELE In Black Hills History Rw tho .r)H rue b'vi r accurate y re pro'luce-l or never Uefore ha ihereboen ( in-h a flriimt -Jolawf ion Sif Ihoinhlitnoa ff a xt. n GANT LINE OF fultr moetingg second and fuuith 1 RIMMED HATS I of the H Ills, it mi now flbowuat tb ( ry C3U. All members cordially ANNIE I. PHILLIPS. W. M. popular Hludios of v C WHICH ARE GOINO J. B. Le Beau The Central Jeweler, Is Headquarters For Black Hlus Gold Jewelry, Any design, made up on the shortest notice. MAIL ORDERS Write him Just what you want and he will quote you prices by return mail. REFERENCES Any bank or mercan tlU house In the Hills. H. R. LOCKE & CO., Carpet Weaving. FOR A FEW DAYS AT to Holo-1 .1 ' . . . Main street, DEADWOOD I Main Street, LEAD. i e,ia ui wnuewoou nas just Fed the latest Improved hand Thay Lead Others Follow In I'hotog; Hpliy, Cabinet Work or rhatmotype & Jy $3.00 " ia ready to promptly fill or-tor carpets or chenille curtains. Wm a postal and he will call M T- trr. . -1 . You Can Banc on getting the best In the MEAT line, if you get It of ROGERS&SON They always have a neat, fresh ttock to select from, and you can always get just what vou want OT.H. MOORE Blacksmith and BRING YOUR POCKETBOOK, sua reiurn ine carpet f r the floor. He furnishes the id weaves at 22c per yard, or For when you see them you want them. 4 LUXURIES THAT COST LITTLE, do the weaving at 12c. OUR HOLIDAY LINE Ij of Handkerchiefs and Gloves is unsurpassed by any In th B WesL Accept our Invitation and call. I; ACKERMAN MILLINERY CO., Miss O'Keefe, Mgr. THE BRICK aiaro ... .. . .. i, ' saive that will heat tne W for nnQ j. v VV.V.V.V.V.'.WA'.W.W.V. VAVAWAVAVAVWAlrWi r 1L fcT it. Apply to William p. Lead, S. D. 1 2-5-1 m n Maker Wagoi Next door to the Bullock) Is what yau get when you bu your meats of GUS KELLAR The poor man's freind. They al look alike to Gus, and It Is one pri. to all, and tho best and most palai able meats to be had In the city 6422 Main Street, Deadwood horseshoeing anogenfral re- rAIRINvi DUNE ON SHORT NOTICE All kinds of Carriage and Wagon Wood Work; al60 Carrlags r'urnishinga. Hand 12 Pine SL, - Deadwood , R FIRST NATIONAL BANK n DEADWOOD. SOlfTH DAKOTA. FINEST ORCHKSTRA In the City-Carry a full line of Best Wines, Liquors and Cigars. You are always welcome. RYAN and RILEY Prop. teT LINE K United States Depository DIRECTORS: T. J. ORIKR. ".P. E. SPARKS. F. A GUSHUBTk D. A. MoPHXRSON, 0. J. BAUBBUBT. PALMER HOUSE NEW CLARK BLOCK KIXT DOOR TO U. a ASSAY OfTICE NEW BUILDING, NEW FURNITURE, NEW BEDDING In connection with the Restaurau are tea finely funushc.l rooms wlt hot and cold water and bath. Open day and night. Short orders pecUlry. SING YOU Prop Lee-Glass -Ardreseen Wholesale Hardware Biccles and Sporting Goods. m-21-23 HARNEY ST.. OliAHA. J. C. CARSON, Agent Deadwood Office, Syndicate Block. Omaha, OFFICERS: President... ..O. J. lAliSBXTBT I Caahler ..D. A UeTmwm THe Arcade: Peter Ecklund, Prop. Ii where you get that dsllcloaa drink known thruout ths country as Anisu r Bnch you now beer. A nice luaca cooatanUy o ths bar. Bet brands of drinks and cigar always ob band. Lm straet. Dwdvse. CWcag Assist. Caahler ....J. 8. DKNMAN Vlce-Prerldaot T. J. ORIEB J r the east

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