The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 23, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 23, 1900
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

I I', 0 TIIK DAILY PIONKEK-TIMEH, DEADWOOD, S. D- WEDNESDAY, MAY 22 1900. A.nj.HONAL BELT LOCALS . si, lal meeting of Clan Stuari i for Wednesday evening May I Assay 50 Cents Gold and Silver 1 THE UNION ASSAY OFFICE Seebick announces an expose of Established 1SS3. :.!. .i - ; ef k in Society hall. A full attendance is desired. J. P. McDonald, while working a: "lie mill'- met with an acrj, lent which Kile (he en. I uf fi irefingei "off, m.ik i very painful injury. Two lire alarms were sounded in Milliner Or No. 37 Lee Street Deadwood. Will (liw Cori-Lvt KYsuIts of Hoth Goid and Silver For 50 Cents. UN ALL rirt.,..'.,lS JJ ItOL'GHT TO THE OFFICE. Sprin y Lead esterdav. but thev both proved tu be false alarm.--, caused bv th M. H. Lyona Co. A telephone Wiles with the tire Sllill w ires. Alba Haywood i. bi'lc.i to appear . th Opera I .) v n Lead on t:ie Agents for the lillckensdorfer 135.00 Typewriter. Depicting the fashions from the French ing of the lt,th ot May. This coin .11 pany has leen in L id Iv fuif played to large audit ries and d. lesmners. 1 t'eueral satisfaction. In the case against Fannie urn l MINES AND MINING. charged with selling liquor without license, before Judge Walsh yesterday she appeared with her attorney am was norma over to the beptember term oi me grana jury in the sum or one cause no end of enthusiasm, and hard hundred dollars. competition. The report of one of our contemporaries that Charles McIIugh had Sample Program. Tellurium Near Rochford. H. L. Bunh is at work on a ledge of tellurium ore on his property situated live miles north of Roclifonl. from which he is getting assays of from $5. SO to $l!.Hlt to the ton. He is into the ledge ten feet, anil is not yet thrui changed his intentions before leaving For real millinery magnificence, for correct mode and precept, Deadwood's exclusivists must, as in former years, depend upon Mr. Seebick. The foremost feature of IVadwood a millinery merchaudlsing thiawet-k will Deadwood and would go to Cape Nome Artists. fxuise M .Rivhany, Supra no; Jessie Beatrice Monroe, Contralto was an error. A letter was received Miss oiga hchmnll. iulinist: Louis J by his father here yesterday from it, cross-cutting fifteen feet below the Mlntz. Tenor; Forrest D. Carr. Basso water line of the creek, forty-five feet under ground. He has seven claims Cantantt. and the Eminent Pianist. W ftuilkime Sauvlet. PRC; RAM. i t,:.. i Chicago, in which Charley stated that he would leave yesterday in company with Mrs. A. G. Smith, for Minefields. Central America. In the case of the City of Lead vs. Hunter and Martin, for 'nxtin a and two fractions in the group, on South Uox Elder creek. Five feet of i i uiiu 11 . ascaiie 1'auer 2. Song-La Donna Mobile ( Rigo- i "Tr r IX ii T 'IT MjLJm l"to) Verdi .-or wooden building within the .ire limits be an attractive arrr3y of "first hats" and small hiU for struts and shoplng at popular prices. the ledg- shows so and five feet and upwards. He is in a vertical formation .and the ledge appears re-markablv strong and well defined. He was exhibiting .specimens of the ore In the city last Saturday. of the city, which was called yester- l iv lorenoon mi .M;lge WaNlis cwu. t, on defendants paying accrued costs. I. H, Chase will Give Another they were permitted to go on and ere. t the building. The constitutionality of tin ordinance was not eigne. I o ui" :!. Violin-Faust Fantasi de Concert- Allan! . ()ga Schmoll (. Duet The Gondoliers--.. Hoffman ; Messrs. Minta mlC Carr. . Song- Sprintide Beckor Jessie liettriie Monroe. i. Snnu-Gocxl' Tunison Palhnls a. Coi:li I i Tost b. Thine Forever Schlesinger Louise M. TSnlianv. oiirt. It seems quite probable that A Working Bond. W'cdjiesday the Chilkout und-t'liil-koot Nib. I. 1'. I! anil 4. were placed under a li-years' bond for $:'o.ihh to John Harth. This is property on there will have to be an a' I' tidnient CA I HAOHDINAnY OPtCIAL OALE the ordinance, however, f nomas I, itedlon appeared for the ci' ,m! J ' Vilson for the defetid;"it which a phenomenally rich strike was Saturday, May 26, 1900, made no thing ago, owned by Frank Hose Company X.. I S i'iano. a. Little Coquette.. Smivlet b. The Ri-coiiii (iiyotte. . Sauvlet V. Guillaunie Sauvlet. is . Tt (jnly jn i-inent of the as even before Lockhart. Tom Illair. Alex. Madill am W. V. Challis . and secure their Summer Dress fJood.- at these unheard' luck in the com mem new building, inasmuch t" prh iv Ladies should improve this opportunity Orofandit.' T.'c worth The terms of the bond call for two shifts to be put on and kept at work Organdies' lo.c worth l.v Lawns 4!c worth 7c 15c Organdie wort li Lawns Sic worth 12ic Lawns 10c worth 15, tuniM i .1 riHtis i fi in i r v lunu ir rii Uku innjoL-c -in; 'in nc. ... i'm. :m I t i and stll of our White oprotion. their plans have been received and accepted, one firm. Phillips & Bartlett. have donated them whatever amount of pressed or finishing brick that will be reipiired in trie building of their new quarters. This represents quite an amount, probably from three to five hundred dollars. This amount will certainly be a great help to the company and the !oys fully appreciate the action of the-donors Where Thev Main St. Ceadwud.S. D, necond Act of "Martha." Louise llrehany as Lady Harriet Martha A Tjidy of Rank. Miss Moore as Nancy Her Maid. Mr. Carr as Plunket A Wealth Farmer. Mr. Mintz as Lionel His Foster Brother. Scene'jHall in farm house. Synopsis. Quartet This is Your Future Dwel- Ing Aria Cupid s Dart Nancy. CHASE'S Soil flhn NOTICE TO ARCHITECTS. The Iad Hotel company requests architects who desire to GATES IRON WORKS REVERE RUBBER GO. Quartet Surprised Am I Song. "Heart Bowed Down," from compete free of charge, to furnish preliminary sketches and drawings for a proposed hotel building to be erected In the City of Lead, South Dakota, It Bohemian Girl Balfe Plunket. shall consist of three stories and base until tJJp shaft is sunk 100 feet, and a mill Is to be erected as soon as the buildiag of one is justified. At present thfe ore averages $19.50 free milling. Another term of the bond is that one-third of the eeds ns the work is pushed is to be paid to the owners of the Jnine. There Is to be no money paid down except that which is necessary ti prosecute the work. The "work on this property will be watched with interest, for it Is one of the most liberal arrangements ever made. f Instead of demanding money for a Drospect, the owners are so sure of the proposition that they are willing to taWthelr pay as It is dug out of the tnine,' ,',. THlfc NEXT VICE PRESIDENT. ThUijfii tne question now agitating the mirtds f. our leading politicians, and while several promnlent men have been suggested, the final selection will undoubtedly be the man who will serve ihe party Interests to the best advantage. This is also true of medicine. PVhen your stomach becomes weak nd oU suffer from dyspepsia. Indigestion, constipation and flatulency or when in need of a medicine to build up yoiir system or restore your appetite, you will make no mistake if you try that sovereign remedy, Hoetetter Stomach Bitters. It is backed up- by fifty years, of cures and is recommend Quartet. .What a Charming Occupation ment and be built of Brick trimmed INGERS3LL mm DRILL Duet To His Eyes Mine Knidly Meeting Martha and Lionel. with stone. It will occupy a space 90x96 feet on the northwesterly corner of the intersection of Mill and Fine TRY ALLEN S FOOT EASE, A powder to be shakan Into the shoes. Your feet feel swollen, nervous and hot, and got tired easily. If you have smarting feet or tl&ht shoes, try Allen's Foot-Ease. It cools the feet and makes walking easy. Cures swollen, sweating feet, ingrowing toe-nails, blisters and callous spots. Relieves corns and bunions of all pain and gives rest arid comfort. Try It today. Sold by all druggists and shoe stores for 25c. Trial Package FREE. Address, Allen S. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y. o It Is Delicious The best mocha and iva coffee to be found la, the country tnow on sale at the Standard Cash Grocery, corner Deadwood and Sherman streets. The LirigeiTtfoocl Manufacturing Co. Hoists Roroanza..The Last Rose of Summer streets, and will have an alley on the Martha. other two sides. The grade on the Aria O. So Fair Lionel. 0. F. PURNELL Mill street frontage is level and on the Pine street side it rises from Mill street about eight feet to rear of ho Duet ..She's .Laughing at My Sorrow Martha and Lionel. tel. The company wishes ft to hare fifty or sixty rooms besides the nsuat of Quartet Cruel ' 6n. May Dreams Deadwood, S. D. Agent for South Dak. : Awake Thee Here May th e25th. 1900. i increased sales of this article which makes such a delicious drink. Is evi dence of its superiority wer all other brands. The next bill of groceries you WHEN NATURE Needs assistance K may be best to render It promptly, but one should remember to use even the most perfect remedies only when needed. The best and most simple and gentle remedy la the Syrup of Figs', manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. fices, dining rooms, sample rooms, etc., of a thoroly modern- hotel. It will be healed hy steam awl lighted by electricity and is to cost not more than t35.000 when completed". The right to reject any and all plans is reserved. The plans or sketches t be submitted to the company at th office of the Homestake Mining company In the City Of Lad, 8. D., on the" 6th day of June, 1900, at 10 o'clock a. m. Lead, S. D., May 19th, 1900. WALTER E. SMEAD, 5-20 Secretary order, Jus ttdd to that your order for a pound of tuocha and Java. Once FULLER & BROWN. PROPS. (GEDDES OLD BARN.V . ' tried, never forgotten, tf STANDARD CASH GROCERY. ed by many" prominent physicians. It is also an exceUent medicine foi- malaria, fever and ague ,and can be had of nr dfuzeist. Be sure to give It a New Larrianes and Buna Best Dririnir and Mils Him trial. I Uoardinp; Horses by the Day week or Month a Specialty. She Beats Them All. We have a contract with a lady near Deadwood whom we know to Money Loaned At the Shooting Gallery. be an excellent butter maker, who fur BEWARE OF A COUGH. FIRST NATIONAL BANK oil Collaterals The contest at ihe shooting gallery is off and as a result George Allen is the possessor of a neat little 22-calibre nishes us with close on to a hundred pounds of the most delicious ranch butter you ever tasted, every week. A cough is not a disease but a symptom. Consumption and bronchitis, rifle. Some two weeks ago the man which are the most dangerous and fat DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. al diseases have for their first indica When you are in to order groceries,' or when you are going home, just drop around our way and try a roll of this t r r t f I- United States Depository butter. If It Is not the best ranch but- tion a persistent congh, and if proper-lly treated as soon as this cough appears are easily cured. Chamberlain's Cough rerhedy has proven wonderfuly Security at a lawful rate of interest. Business strictly confidential Will call at your residence if requested. D. JACOBS. Cigar Store Opposite Bnllock te ryoii ever ate, bring it back and get your money, or telephone us and we will come after it. Only 22Vic. per pound. Better than all your creamery successful, and gained its wide reputation and extensive sale by Its success agemeut of this enterprise advertised that they give to the party scoring the highest record at his gallery a 22-calibre rifle. Dozens of contestants entered the race and 11 p. m. Saturday the time set for awarding the prize, there were three who had scored 25 points! They1 were Charlie Cerney, Herbert Tllley and George Allen. This caused 'another contest to be shot off, and the data was fixed for 7 p. m. day. At the appointed hour the three contestants gathered at the gallery DIRECTORS: T. i. DRIER, P. E. SPARKS P. d. a. Mcpherson. OC8HURST, O. J. SAXJSBURT, product. STANDARD CASH GROCERY. la the diseases which cause coughing If it is not beneficial it will not cost you a cent. For sale by Kirk G. Phil lips. ? OFFICERS: LPmldnt O.J. SALISBURY I Cashier VloPrertdnt....JT. J. GRIER Assist Cashier NOTICE OF EXAMINATION. The regular -examination for teach S. DENMAN 4 ers' certificates will be held at the office of the' county superintendent Fri and the shoot was called. George Al lea- again scored 23 points out of i Dosslble 30. This seemed to have i day and Saturday. June 1st and 2nd. KATE E. MURRIX. o many mothers suffer, can be avoideo the use of "Mother's Kbienp ' s RISING BREAST NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING.' criti' . cnu remedy is a tiod-eena to women, carriei them through their most Aetna Powder Co, Dynamite and Black Pot Fise and Cats, Electric Batteries, ' " Battery Supplies. T. . ADAMS COMPANY One Way to Advertise. On Saturday, May 26th, the Wilcoi Pharmacy will put on sale all the Eureka and Eureka Jr. Kodaks they have in stock at 50c on the dollar. Remember the date, May 26th, one day only. This Is far below cost, but the firm uses this means or medium of advertising to bring themselves properly before the public. You cannot afford to overlook this opportunity to get a kodak. Call and set them. The. regular annual meeting of the stockholders of the Iron Hill Mining company, will be held at the office of oman woo osea "MOTHERS rRlEND ueea tear me sunenng anu o tendency to unnnerre Cerney, Williams and Herbert, for their aim was very poor and their score card registered Bp rery small numbers'. There is now on. contest for ten prises. the best of trhlch is a.30-$0 Winchester, while the second Is a 28- calibre dWble-actloo revolrer. two very expensive articles which will MOTHER'S child-birth for it rob this ordeal of its horror and insures safety to mother and child. Oar book. " Before Baby is Born," is worth 1. til. . 1 . - I Mi JohnBaggaley, secretary, Deadwood, South Dakota, on the 5th day of June, 1900. at 2 o'clock p. m, JOHN BAGOALEY, Secretary. b aeiit free in plain envwp -y Bradfield fi7lfJ Regulator Coxnpaay, Atlanta, Oa. .r ill r. ; 1

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