The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on December 20, 1900 · Page 13
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 13

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 20, 1900
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

i THURSDAY. DECEMBER 20,"l00. seed 1HE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD, 8. D. Good Counsel TCURTAZ ACQUITTED. in i rts Jury to Bring . bj -wMttu !!l!r N 8 I OPERA HOUSE... Cort 1 n.,H,r.t of Not Guilty. , rurtaz indicted for petit lar- acauitted by a jury in cir- eny. ..Qtt(,rdav. the jury receiv s Has No Price." Wise adince is the result of experience. Tke hundreds of ivho kve used Hood" s Sarsap.iri'.i.i, America's Greatest Mcd.cir.c.! .hose nho mould purify aid enrich the blood fj avail thetnse'.'fes cf -ir'.v-'s. He is ixtise who proji'.s b-j t'-.-.s gd advice. ed tuu ...;, from the court. Col. Thurs. Dec, 2o. -LET 'ER ZlPP ietrllLLi" ins Hofpnded Curtaz. 1 he W. J1- v,roi with stealing a wwna U t i J-i - " litter heloneine to F. D. ...nt tV 01 6'"-" --- . ., . Refined nu" ' ,niaht alleging tnai Smith. enr a i n from a. c a.r oil lebadta KtntP nut in its l.itr I IV. ' w . th fa tho fnrennon and ..Jnrfi UIU1U& Vaudeville AT POPULAR PRICES. rfKiu-" . . tha nnnn , t".o. Parker moved to At l"" ,,.rt instruct the jury to ,-nnlii-t of remittal, on the lave THE CITY What is Nicer iS of insufficiency of evidence. , i . -nil rt denied the motion. Af- .(.nil wuson. Kenny & Co.'s Cixik DW. 111 ' v,rt Irinl wnu rn- .. ruin i 'i.eao. iuvj - - -- - ter . . ,a,.,l nn th wit- Hziu Kendall, and was received with the greatest enthusiasm. Seats at Fishils ISazaar. Get your seats re-si ivid early, as reserved seats and p ni'ial uilu.iooiuu are one pric OUc. I'li.KInu ;.i'. in llxhibit ml. Toys of every description. .. Prices the lowest at Max Fishel's. K. al .-.w. . I uniil.' i iik-r .ii Cioli.i ,1 and when lie not thin tin jess , ..... ;t ... ,,, in COUlt . f ,i I'M- . ... u.!ir JI1V lliujr Li. cess' .. . . ....,.r. itie V (ua.iiir, nil- j'... 1 v.uik at !,n- no eieiiu.iin. .i.i... , - to 1"'" . , - . , .. . Sh.'i man I Will i. I l-'aia.ias Malt' III th,- Savings Hank S;ci'-. Save the hags. and send for Joo lleigis, Whitewood. He will tall for them and return jou a, beautiful tarpet. v,.u- I jin w no umcs " o-OOU . . . ... . . ... , lIDkill-- Clllli Th( two indiettlionis ai;,i;ii-i. . .. f,.r 'rami l:ir 'liv. ami ; S' '' the K' i.u .'v 1 ! I .1. t..:.' Rush"' . . .... 1.1 II II ' k r for obtaining mmcy i:n.i.-i f"' ' s .-,.. .liMni-.:-.-.!. tf at WiiMin. ... iiils Ki 1 1 1 . iV aii.l r' l a iHTsonator fal-o !''' ., You Must Buy Your Chri-tinas .mods at once in order to mal e your i hoice before our stock is',1 o. r. Goods are going rap-iillv. I)o not wait, bat ome at on. e to" FlSHFl.'S HAZAAK. The '-,; "'-::ll,lsl ' ""i-i" ,: i,w ..nibe.zliiiL' fiimU li.-lnn"- La. I. is. .i;..; into '. rn.. an;, tune th.- v. ' Aklj. stir Cook Hook ll Mis. Mavrill, nial lDU' 1 , . . .i I'., lit i u u i iinm 1 1 . 1 1 1 - ... l.i.f.n ('DTI! 1111 I'll mi 1IH' term and baritone singer, will appear at the i Opera huiise Thursday evening, l'-j eeinber -0, in spe' ialties and sketches. Si". ial sale of Majestic Ranges this Than a Pair of W a rm House Slippers For father, mother, sister, sweetheart or brother? slippers this season are a combination of comfort and beauty the best we have ever had. Make someone a present of a pair and you will always be remembered. DEATH OF HIS MOTHER. NOTICE. On and after December 1, 1900, the wohlesale price of soda water will be as follows: Half pints, per case of two dozen bottles, fl.OOMt quarts, per case of two dozen bottles, $2 25; syphons, per case of one dozen, $1.50. These prices are net, and charges for nackaees will be made as follows: . B. Hughes Leaves for West Point Nebraska, For Her Funeral. ii li. Hushes, general manager of Week. Seventeen pieces oi the Post ware with every rang bought at this sale. iison, Kenny & Co. V,. solicit a comparison of goods ... Mining nininnnv left the Uicouaun ".""t , . for Wpst 1'oiut. rsenraska. yt'aLi i u.i j n n t.i l.'M' III III II I 1 1 I 1 1 i-1 in response w .f" - and prices, knowing you will find our holiday line the best and cheapest. Kishel's Hazaar. I Prices within the reach of all. and . 1 4 lf,,T . .i... J..nil hm inn wr .VI rs. him oi i"u uiu .- ti 1 lr.r. loath n"' P 1 1 V I' P ll Marv ii. Iiugnua. i1'-' half pint, 8 cents per bottle; quarts, 5 cents per bottle, syphons. $1 per bottle. These prices are all F. O. B. JOHN TREBER, Deadwood, S. D ALFRED LARGE, Deadwood. HOT SPRINGS BOTTLING WORKS, Hot Springs, S. D. HENRY MAILLARD, Lead. night before last at the homo of her youngest daugb.ter. Mrs. Ward llray-ton at Stuart, Nebraska. Th.. remains were to bo taken to the old home at West Toint, and lace,l lie-Bide the body of her husband, whose now is tin; time to ouy ueauto... presents that meet all demands, and satisfy all wants at Fishel's liazaar. llollv, mistletoe, wild sinilax and other 'Christmas greens and deeora-tions in profusion and for sale, at the w. i-..-,i i-ii-li Store, is Sherman To Postpone Old Age. b The latest theory is to apply . ele. i str. i t- llnniliri'.j.TS Cream of Wheat Flour i- ,!,,. lst Our Welsh rarebit ,-!,,.,-,- in LT.r jars is unex. elb d. Our ,,.,,,. ketchup at :.".' per gallon is 1 1,,. , I,. :i I - t u i' tin.' French nius- ,'MV.W.V WJWW..- best in 6 0 t A m t;,nl at 7."..: per gallon, til IWI1. death occurred three years lieioie. Mrs. Hughes was Til years of age at i the time of her death. She was bom ! in Bedford (ounty, Pennsylvania, and ! her ancestors were veterans of the ; Kevolution. They had M'ttle.l in lVnnsylvanin years liefore the war. and her grandfather h iv.mI mm h years in the Continental army. Sue came to West Point. .Nebraska, in lS'.T, and her husband took n' a l.oiiuvtead. Tin -re she has nude n-r home fYfi- H4!,iniialy visiting her (hililiin, of whom thi'i'e are four, two sons and two dan ilit 'i s. '' ot the sons, W. .J. Ilugh-'S. is at West Point, one daughter resides at Stuart. Nebraska, and the oilier at Albany, Oregon . t ri. it y to tin- has." of the brain. The hardening of the arteries -the first symptom -is followed by a crumbling away of the brain cells. This process proiliiie sthe mental ha raetei i st ies of old age. Not alone does this treat nieiit restore the feelings of youth, but pro. lines the appearance of it. While hundreds experiments of pro ducing youth have been present' d. there is but one way of prolonging youth ijWd that is by the preservation of health. For this purpose, and for the cure of constipation, i'ldige-tion. dyspepsia, liver and kidney di orders. Ilostetter's Stomal Ii Bitters was' placed before the public over fifty years ago. Money cannot buy a better remedy. Try it,, and you w ill Zipp Shoe Company. Mrs Harper, wife of Mr. G. L. Har-,.,. uho is en-ag. d wilh the Ay res iV Co hardware store as bookkeeper. ,,nv"l evening their for-.,. i,olll,. at Biuns'.vi.k, Neb. Mr. unl Mrs Harper will go to house-k.epin.g at No. SOS Williams street. A car of furniture has just been re-i-eived bv DeMouth's Ark. Fancy ,.u. lies leather trimmed rockers, M..,-,-w .-liairs footstools. Oriental w.........w.WA-v.i S s 0 lie convinced. Supreme Court. The suoreme courl has nameled iron "v pillows and fancy denied ',UU !888888 "SS8S8 88'18888SSSSMSSSS suitable and useful tor ' nnsi- of Thaibleus , lt rehearing in the asi Stringer against the Golden Gate Min- nias. No. CI Sherman street, ing & Milling company. Stringer v;ul,ieville entertainment for t,rniM.lit the action in this circuit rii.rsdav evening. December . . . - IA..I1U chnw court, for a small sum. and the court be the first genuine vauu..-..,..- . .v.- ..o.r Tho Tmnire iioeiuinn Martin ft ever given in wie m,. . AT BLOOM'S Trio, assisted by Little Eugene, . fctivu mm mo u' Mason, attornej-3 for tho company, nnnMloit to the sunreiiie court, where .-if firmed. Then cleverest child artist on uie bi. an.J by other artists, will offer a va-: .1 i.rAtrrfl m full of. fun and enter- sons Gonnnemeiii of its PaiD.g I 3 gelation ...ul.l U- aM'i.l.u. VV jf 2 Chat ' 11 ' '.' . ; I .,,,. i, s, as we. 1 x J relax, n t -..'S-.aai.'.lt !"..-- 1 ,. ,.,.' tf I ' -ill .' "' .'., 1 . -I .- I"-"" "' vi ' ' ,-,,,,. M t.. . . 1 ... ".1 ' la J-'t . ,. . , ' 1 . "'".I ' . Di.oo prr lMtll. li' l. am -i.iti,..- --. i '..',,.. , liiu luwri v"uii. " uHnM mnd for tho re ... ' sn.u at. Fishel's Bazaar. in e apiJiii auun i hearing, and this has jut been (;oeral admission with reserve, seat fifty cents. Children twenty-live sliown sticli ;i lino of MAKRIED. N.'vcr liefore lins then- ln''ii r,railli!iil iiinl Scrvicaljl1 On the 19th mst Noble James in Hie ibis city Olotfi on Main str "3'V, T. Nelson of Deadwood end Mi ()w,ng to an oversto k of dolls we will hold a special sale of .lolls com-l,,,,,,, Tuesday, the ISth. Prices , ;: ,. , -iit to pieces and dolls valued flllIll !(c ,o $1.:t.. at a..,. Do s ..Id at r:.r-f and .1 ri.i Innon of Rani.l t'itv, Dr. C. b STMAS PRESENTS JustWnat He Wnat3 pr Clark officiating, 'i h quiet one, a few 1 1 a contracting paiiie; Mr. Nelson and bis b fvi-tKU. l.-noun a the -ellt . 1 and wood .,;yA' of Our JJff.icums Cujd i-s lb" -!, on nlPnt Xmas Pre sent to any penneman .... 1 lu- ii:..i rhiliorali' line of 1 11 n v., . n -espei iai- up in beautiful Xmas boxes- weed." We have them put 1 Come and see lor men sin liazaar. : Ka,i Gi'llilian. buck and wing dan-ccr'. monologuist and .oniedian w. U .-,,,,1, part of the program at the - "VilLsho at the Opera house Thursday evening. Mr. Gillhan has people. They have looms in th Noble block and begin housekeepm at once. ly for the Xmas trade. . , f There is nothing more t horoughly appreciated than a .ox of Good cigars. JACOBS, Opposite Bullock' Hotel. w : In ha line. no Mir"-"" nenrod on i Neckwear Ever Seen West The Newest and Latest Stiapss ani S'Hi; , "" - at - packed in a handsome cartoon if you wish. No end to the line of fancy suspenders ,each pair handsomely boxed. Handkerchiefs in Silk Plain Embroidered and Wilh Initials. A Fast Ecjine Engine No. 21. wl.Uh hauled the fast Burlington spe.dal from Ravenna to Seneca when Paul M. Cormick and wife were taking their hurried ride to Billings last week, w as in Deadwod Monday. It came in on the Burlington pay car, In charge of Engineer W. C. Shannon. It Is said that the engine made several spurts of speed that approached 100 miles an hour on the famous run. pfTiOlTREADnOR CHRISTMAS? LET US HELP YOU i YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS . V. A. Hampton returned from Oma- bAndy Traut of Bead went to Stur- Fancy Hosiery in endless variety ha plan and r.. ,!,.,-. twnr Ivk and M 1 get ready. Anything an.l overything suitablo TO for CIIKISTMAS gifts--pretty and ornamental p esnts, useful ai.d practical presents, any kindof a i-atyou may desire, you. vill find here. litv. iiunc ."i ii.v.-i.- -- silk lined. I'miirellas of tlie linesi 1 1 it Pelham of Terry was in the W, The Dunlap Stiff and Soft Hat city. John Hunter rctui apolis. C. L.. Jensen was ed from Minne- Up from Hot aata Glaus no superiors and the celelMit ie.1 fcteisou who ha '& a a ss ts ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss a ss ss ss w ss S ss ss ss V, ss ss ss ss ss ss ss J. S3 ss .. 8S ss ss ss S3 S3 Springs. L. E. Pennock- and Denver. Col. Lane K. b one wife left for; arrived from "Uat "veryUting belonging to a full dress outfit from ,t ,1C nnr stnrp is now in holiday attire, and IIUS IUSL WWICU u--, - . . vou will find it a pleasure, not a task, to make your relet- fsTLaura Trcn.ble of WTiitewood -waa in the city. F. E. Bennett and wife of Belle The Dress Shield to the proper Tatent Leather Shoe. . Goods are prominently displayed so there is no trouble to find what you want lions here. i OUR LINES ARE ALL COMPLETE ZJ. Capes, Fur., yj-ZtJlCi fcy l.p. "''- Fourche left for Chi' a -J- R. B. Hughes let lor West Point - Nebraska, to attend the funeral ot lis mother. . tho J. B Taylor, superintendent of tne Black Hills Copper company, arrived In the city from ko uford. Mr. W. J. Thornby and ughter left for Lincoln n spend the . holidays with Mrs Thornby s mother. Come early to avoid the rusn. Eager to see you at -41 J novelties; ;.Saliastrn ea and bo sts, and a splendid variety of mens nonaa, . re -n-nmen Blank Check Book Lost. .nt with First Na h.nv Finder will please re 'UrnfoikeS Chrislmas diSplav innr show window. Wheie they have such agreeable salesmen 'to wait turn to tho bank. Marriaae Licenses. on vou . nnaitteoo-1. to J. A. BERGER, l",s d SBSSBSSBaBBJISBBBSSBBSaaBBfcMBBr , James r. wetsor. j. " rt . i.,,an nf Rapid lity I J Nelnm. to wed Miss Ma ria Kydholm. both of Lead.

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