The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 23, 1899 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, June 23, 1899
Page 6
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, FBIDAY MOENING, JUKE 23, 1899. IWlMinHIIUI limIHIIimHIIWNIHtMIMIMHIHHlHIIIH HIIlUIUItniMtUIHMHtUUIII LEAD'S. When a halt was called on the finny tribe That Uvea In tbe waters by the mountain side. Four days went by when Ralph and Karl, With taerry Captain Jim, LEAD PIONEER-TIMES. Took from the creek 400 trout; 1899. That seemed to be a ein. LEAD1 S. D. JUNE 23, i Mammoth Department Store ANNOUNCEMENT! Our Stocks are now complete and full in all Departments. Dry Goods, I Groceries, To rob that iieatiful Sand crrek of its lovely finny tribe That plays In its rlppliHK waters. That run by the mountain side. So. to change this story'for the good of I I IIOSK CO. NO 1. Drill "Indian Hunters," Boye, aocomp. The above .oim.any had an Interesting . lj C. Johnson and I). Eraser Farce "Tipsy Pudding", Senior-!. Instrumental Trio ''Florell.i CJualrllle". and largely attended meeliiiK last evening Exempt rertiiliaii-8 were awarded to Wal ter McKay, Uiju. II. roolldKe and K. A. ! Piano, E. Lussier; Violin, G. McShane end . V. Lussler. Where it's fish every day from spring :..t fall. Just take your tackle and go like men To that lovely place in the moun'ai'n gleu. And stop at KrariK Av-vs. one : i , 1 1 e South of lieulah, on Sand creek, Wyom PotiKherty. The presentation Hpeeeh was made by Judge Win. A. Hinebaft, h by the way was a charter member of the company. The Judtfe did his part In his usual Meats and Fish, JB.&y and Grain, Hardware, Stoves and Ranges, Class and Oils, Mine and Mill Supplies. Clothing, Millinery, Wraps and Suits, Carpets, Trunks and Valeses and House Furnishings. Recitation -"Jamie Duller and the Owl," Master K. Iteilley. Vocal Solo "Gixl Bless Our Home.' Miss T. Kllmper, accomp. by Miss Gilioy and F. Marcoux. Tableau "The Artists." o ing. sincere and lmpres,lve manner which added much to the rw-caslon, and was thoroughly appreciated by tbe members. Tbe mmpsjiy voted to eg to Deadwood In a bedy on July 4th to assist In the celebration. The new uniforms are expected to ANOTHER VERSION. Four hundred fishes, short aiid long. A good cook Is wanted at once at'lhe Bryant house. Lead. (tf-) J. M. Kane was in l-rf-ad yesterday from be here before that time. After the meet-lig a social time was Indulged In, the pro-rram being made up of music and singing. .. O r a WitS unequalled facilities for buying and selling we ask your iLspection of The Largest Quantity. The Best Quality, and Lowest Prices. Caught by Ralph and Karl the strong Assisted, perchance, by Jeff and Jim, And Avery, too. we think of him. Many were eaten, iced were some For friends at home, when time should come For us to go to Deadwood town. the Slim Buttes. Fresh cut roses and carnations for sale. Mac, the Saddler's, Load. (If ) Prof. Cook, of the Spearflsh normal, was CAI'T. JKFKR1KS FAREWEU.. Captain Jeffrtes of the Iead Salvation army corps "farewelled Wednesday night. The hall was filled with visitors and friends of the army and on the platform were officers from the neighboring corps. over on business yesterday. The Pioneer-Times Is on sale at L. D. Jacobs' Bazar, where you can also get With blistered hands and faces browu. The Judge and wife enjoyed the fish And seemed as happy as one could wish. the finest smoke in town. (tf.) Henry Schnitzel's assay office will be temporarily located In the basement of his residence, No, 8 Guinn street (Slavonian Alley). John F. Poison left for Chadron last ev IsO.3.. S. 23. The meeting was an enthusiastic one and there was special music and other attractions that made the meeting cf special Interest. Captain Jeffries has been located In Lead longer than any of his predecessors and Is universally admired. His They drank (he milk and ate the cheese Rested themselves out under the trees. At last the time for leaving came. We started home feeling lame. We said good bye. We bade adieu ening on a sad mission. A telegram stated work has been good as he has bad but one that his little daughter, Helen, had been I To Avery s all, to Holcomb too aim In view and that was to labor for bu inanity. The captain left last evening for AnoTner rsx i iron in Knee Slurgis to farewell there. It Is not yet drowned In a pond on hia ranch near that place last evening. Ohlorodyne Cough Mixture will cure that cough, or we refund the money. I P. Jenkins, druggist. (tf.) Henry Monneim has decorated one of known who will succeed him In this city M. Karl the long, Ralph the stout. And stumpy Jim the other lout. All reached home a sunburnt lot, Of course we were, the sun was hot. At Avery's house is the place to stop, They's treat you right every pop. They'l treat you ris?ht every pop. but the soldiers may feel assured that the best officer In the field will be sent oa AT THE Lead Is an Important army post. his show windows In honor of tbe class of '99, which graduates this evening. The SERIOUS TIPOVER. James Delaney, James Blodget and Con colors, lemon and lavendar are very beautifully blended and the display Is very Sullivan met with a serious accident while returning from Spearflsb at an early hour EE WK 3RL L. B. Orton, successor to Beemer & Or- yesterday morning, resulting In a broken leg for the former and a slight Injury for ton. Is constantly receiving new jewelry sod offers better Inducements than any other firm In town. Special attention Is the Utter. When about four mijes this side of Spearflah the horees shied at some object on the road side and turned so Our Entire Stock of called to his fine watch repairing. (tf.) Irene Rus who was one of the first ci gar maker in Lead la a visitor from Council Bluffs. He is also here on business as suddenly that the rig (was turned over and the occupants thrown to the ground. Sul-Iron was knocked senseless and for a time his case seemed to be the most serious, but ha regained consciousness and will not he runs a cigar factory In Mb town. Mr. u You see we tried it so we tan tell. O SPECIAL EXCURSIONS. The "NORTHWESTERN LINE" F. E. 4 M. V. R. R. offers some exceedingly low round trip rates to the following points: Detroit, Mich. July 6-10. Richmond, Va. July 1J-16. Los Angeles, Cel. July 11-14. This is only a few ot the many points In all parts of the country to which excursion tickets will be sold at reduced rates during the summer via "THE NORTHWESTERN LINE." Dates of sale rates and other Information will be promptly and cheerfully furnished by sailing oik or writing to V. A. HAMPTON, City Ticket Agent, Deadwood, 8. D. o NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS. City Council wltl inset as a board of equillzatlon this evening at 7:30 o'clock. W. A. ICKES, City Auditor. Rus is doing well In Council Bluffs but if the truth was known he would much prefer ml tail suffer much more from the accident. He I I If llll Lead. J. AJllnson has money to loan at Real estate and Insur-tranaacted: eollectioiia Must be Closed Out. Cotton A Andrews block. Lead. nuaiitnaiinramiiinliaBaa rr V i r V am jnaH ainAQ TVlO VlTA I1J1V8 1)1 Theodore Oeskey, the Insurance and real j ui SJX ailg ui buaoca w uio aiiiou axuvw vuv, - estate man and ticket agent has moved in thrown on the tables as well a3 those slightly damaged by water. on the ground floor of1 the Q rah am building on Main street. Mr. Oeskey was doing too strncK on nis neaa ana me Druises snow bevr hard he must have fallen. Delaney broke a leg just above the ankle. Both benes were broken. The Injured men were brought to the Lead hospital where their Injuries were attended to by the hospital doctors. The aocldent is much regretted, the more so that Delaney Is a man dependant on his wages for a living and can aot well afford to lose three or four Months work. The boys had been attending ball In 8pearflsh. i - COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES. This evening at the miners union opera heusejtha High School conflnsnoement ex-ereiset wij ie held and th nut girl gra-atess.Wui be glvea their diplomas. .The graduates are Emma Juba Williams, Clara CqutU Ron, Catherine Cora Pray ' and good a business to be carried on in an office upstairs and. his present quarters are $25 00 suits and Overcoats Go nor for $13 50 $23.00 suits and Overcoats Go now for 11.00 In every way adapted to his business. BRTAW tt GBBKBT hare money to an la any qusaOtT ea ooxtana. $18 00 suits and Ovarcoits G now for fteat aetata, brekeraam. and tr on si a see trenssi ATJ (ended to with promptness and Brettell block. Lead. l-M-tt 10.00 7-50 5.00 2.00 1.00 .50 .05 Grand Benefit Ball To be Given by the C. G. & T. Hose Co. In Miner's Union Hall Central City June 29, '99 ' Executive Committee P. J. Callahan. W. Greene, Ous Oberg, J. Lutey. Floor Committee -J. Lutey, Qua Oberg. Tom Goodman, Martin Berg, J. M. T. D. Ddwards returned from his horse $15,00 suits and Overcoats Go now for $12.00 suits and Overcoats Go now for $ 4.00 and $5 00 Pants Go now for $ 3.00 and $4 00 Hats, while they last $ 1.25, $1 and 75c Neckwear Go now for Rockford Socks per pair Best Riveted Overalls and Jumpers each ranch In the Cave Hills country. Mr. Edwards la Interested with August Sllghart of Bpearnah, In as line a bunch of horses as ever spotted these hills, and Mr. Ed wards Is proud ot them. , He appears as If broncho busting was Just the kind ot a life for him. ' .40 Thomas. Grading was begun yesterday for the Boys and Children' Clothing for less thn tha Miterial vemise uernice mioox. The following Is the program of .the exercises: J I? - Music Overture "King of the Gnomes." Rolllnson. ... . - r , (. Invocation Rev. W. 8. Peterson, Music Selection "Bonny Scotland." Cat lift. ...v;- " Oration "Face the Future." Emma Zuba Williams. Oration "The Passing of the Century," Clara Coutts Roes. Music Selection "Victorious America," Ellenberg. -: - . , ';''. f - .V. . Oration "The Hills We Climb." Catherine Cora Pray. ; Oration "Influence of Music and . Valedictory.", Bessie Bernlee Wilcox. ,; , Music Overture Aurora, BchleppegreU. . Presentation, of Diplomas Walter E. - . - . ... . t " Reception Committee Thomas Barry,. W. Wllmoth. J. Roeeskraaa, XTJSIO BY KMO'8 ORCHESTRA. Tickets, II 09. Supper, ?Eo a Coupsk Firemen Invited to Attend In Tjniforau Everything in the store goes in the same proportion we foundation of the proposed new Cain dt MoAUea building. . Mullen M Munn have the contract for erecting this new structure which will be of brick two stories high with basement. This fills in the gap made by tle big fire on April S, and within sixty days It will be completed and ready for occupancy. ' V J S . r vv ' of a life time to buy goods at those prices. JOHN ELMKHK, COHN-GUMBINER CO. wiv ail ReDairer. A Lead party who la always on the In MASONIC ODD FELLOWS' BLDO., COR, MAIN AND BLXEKKR 8TRKBT3. side of everything pertaining to news aeyi SOUTH DAKOT , , Al Work Done With Pro- mptoeaa and diapatcb HIAWATHA PARK, LEAD, ft, & that the Ortgsby rough riders will again be called upon to go to the front, or at LEAD, . Music Rag Medley, Mackle, Music by least will be called upon to serve the gov . Emo'a Orchestra. '". . ernment either at home or abroad. Three " The class flower of '99 Is the yellow rase thousand mem are to be called from South . and the class colors are lemon and laveh dar. ... ,'u Dakota,. Montana and Wyoming. A reel Fnitniu ment from each state and our Informant ! says the call will be made pretty soon.' SISTERS'. SCHOOL ENTERTAINMENT , ' . Hat Received - The impils of the Sisters' school will -DEALERS IN ; " THB THRKB FISHERMEN. - give an entertainment In the opera house Three Cars of Wagons, Bii A party of fishermen came one day ' ea Tuesday evening, June tt. Tbe follof fag la the program: . f ' ' Instrumental trio-Hunters March,' Piano Mlse Uaster; 1st Violin. Mas " Surries, Carriages, Rocfcawa Their party tt was three. They stopped at Avery's by the creek, ' And said here "We'll bide a wee." ! They broucht their rods, tackle an! all" And a merry crowd were they. ' - ter G, MoShane; ind Violin, : Master V. Furniture, Crockery 1 Glassware. Evcrythlnfr Strictly up to ': date and prices that cannot be beat' Lussler. ,;. ', Road Wagons, Buckboards, Vocal Solo "Uncle Sam's Tribute to the With Captain Wheeler to guide the boy And help make merry the day. T. I Flag,- Master 3. HamilL Drama -Aunt's Heiress,' Act L . , Carts. Phaetons, Express : EtC.- ' And the Irishman's "Cuds luck to ye," - Work and Carriage From the Racine Wagon for Chorus "Song of the WMppoorwIU." accomp. by K. Callahan. ' "Aunt's Heiress", Act II. Operetta "Red Riding Hoods," Scene I Tableau "Evening Prayer "P.J F.M!ng Hood." Scene XL, ' Will sell cheap Undertakers MdEmbalmers. second hand rigs cheap. , or on installments. . Seemed to be the fate ot them all For M pretty 'speckled trout, . . Was the fishermen's first haul,' ' . So It was trout for breakfast, dinner and teaT . V ; To satisfy the cravings of these fishermen three, ""' ' . ' ' r : o F To "Alpine Thunder E. tag. s. r.; sMimj, - Tiaj . 1 Hiding Hood." Ssene in. ' No. 3 Main St Lead, South Dakota. HMvtMHUt eee-

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