The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 26, 1898 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 26, 1898
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, TUESDAY,' APKIL, 23, lf:3. 1 Smnwssa I Nonca of La as a. Ta wheat It stay aonoarai I aav this day leased ta Jo, r, Johaa, DaaM .iiaAd. AllMit M. Orsiistasar. tM J okas LEAD PIONEER-TIMES. HERE AND COMING! .. . , , I l lacar grouad, situatod a Aaad OrK, la t'twt ouuutjr. WrMB'ac, wh WUl b mtwasibis fur aU labor, staurl.eeUa 4 uuia Hi. Iirr'- Is tb epar. Uoa at said plor sUlou aad I will act be raapeoalbu tar th aaaia. atCfARO JOHNS Dau at Leas, Marsh f. laaa. Ar-RIL 28. lead, t, o. rca. j innrii irr--ii - ------ -,- - CHICAGO KAXXCTt. Uijcfi Half fa Tat koastwift's 4Je art harder than men V V jf fwiia. ClaAlaf alooe is a consuat tax oa her V easagtb, a avsv-udd task. Mors than half the week f eUanlng ah can hav don tor br, if h "Tvi . . -7 wUl, aad the espease wiU U next to nothing. ' liiwaiasJiassiiBsasiiJLBUsasBBM Do tb btter half of desning ; doe it bttttr than any other way known ; dos It aslty, quickly aad cheaply. Largest packag greatest economy, v THE N. K. FAIR&ANK COMPANY, " ' 3 Oatoaa. SV Leal. Maw York, Boa loo. Phtladaipai. BARNEY FRANKLIN KEEPS THE BEST OF LIQUORS. IF YOU NEED NOTICl Of LEAS. lu whom It nay eoaoarai We hav Utia Reported by W. A. Rimer A Ceaany "TOR the .next Thirty Days wt will be constantly receiving new Lines in all JL department!. Our store U too large and our department to numeroui to particularise). We can only say that while in many lines there haa been a big advance ia values, owing to increased duties and other causes our stuff was contracted for belore the advance, and we own if at old prices and as long as it lasts will sell it at old prices. day laasad lbs "Modook" group at siaina, la lilauktall Uulck (4 alalia), vltt tbs Me-dock. Crows Foist, Oood Mop, DouMa Btaodard, aad King SoU'mos loda to St4 Brokers. April is, 1S9S. WhMW)pend thie Tuoroaog with A uioDdsa, of um, a. uH was wm a r ipoualbl for all labor, malarial, suppMio sad olhaf aooouDla luourrad la ths ura an edvano of lo over Satimtay' vto- lloa ot aald sroup of alalaia. Ing prices and advanced during th en Ooairal City, a. L., rb dta, ism. tire session closing firm at about out- M aid fig-urea. The foreigners hare tal NT, OIVB HIM A CALL, Eastern pwpen won at pmnlua yeaterdny. Mrs. M. Brady and child epent Sua day hi Deadwood vlelclng friends. S. D. Blytbe, the Sloux Olty candy mio vu making bl regular call on til customers In Lead yesterday. Charts Flak, a mlnar In th Highland, bad two ftngen of bis left band badly Injured by falling rock Sunday morning. E. M. Flint of Load Crty. wlio la a member of the National Guard at Custer, haa received nolle to b ready for a call rvtc. ro the market wy from tbe bom UKNKT B'AiSRT, BAkNKY rttANKVUN, W. tm FAUST. SARAH OOULATTB, molui ooLutrra, KASaU'l NKLSON, WM. A. I'Nk-J. hi. MATBOM. taWtrt whose abort Ira waa much mors extensive Than generally baKeved, and MX 18S3. they proved ovsn better buywra NOTICl Of rOBJTTVaJt. To Fr4 Nalsoa aad la KoaUaar nrothra the foreigners la tto4r efforts CO oover and new waa ail toulMeb and excited. ASSESSMENT NOT1CQ. I. 0. 0. F. Cempanr, a esrperatiea, aad wheat U stay oonoarai Higher, cable, tag export d Wa.hlngton Conaolldatad Oold aad Sti and a big decrees tn tb vntct. New Dress Goods, New Clothing:. New Millinery. Niw Hats ano Caps. Hew Carpets. New Shoes. New Curtains. New Furnishings. New Embroideries. New Wash Goods. New Laoes. New Organdies. Anniversary Ball. ver Mlnlna Comianjr; prioetiiai piao ei builnaaa, LHwdwood, snutb iMkola; location ef works, Ualsna, Lawranra Cuuuly, Minneapolis crivaaced otae cents Vuu ar lafurmrd that ws aav sp4 la labor aod tuiprovamaals asoa ta kUver Uuaaa Lod or mialng alalat, ta Oreaad Hog Lod, or mining alaiav lh Orad Hos No. t Lod, ar aalalag alalav ia Urouad Hog No. I Lod or adaiag aUm to Orouad Hog No. 4 Lda r atutag claim, ths Orouad Uog No, I L4 r ! John Done. Who was on of th and this athmilaltad valea tar. South Dakota. City Hall, Deadwood, Notice Is barabr atvan that at a masting The outlook tfepeada oa ch oabla, of tbs directors of tbs abov named Com principal! in lh fracas on Mill tret Saturday oreoilng, will hav bla preliminary examination Monday. the) have the lead for tb prates. pany bald oa tho Slnd day of April, A. 1)., ll, aa assessment (No, I) of one (1) April 26, 1898, Provision Wore strong and blgbwr, cent per soars wss levied Mpoa tbe capital lug claim, altuaud la Pear Puua Mala dtatrlot, la Lawrato Ceuaty, South Dafe t at iaast lioe ar year poa aash f Mad cUlma for th following rri la lSf lie closing Arm. Tb meeting of th Hebrew cemetery sjeoclatlaa whkrti waa to toave been stock of Ua corporation, paramo ss csys from dsts ef publication to ths treausrsr ot tbs Company, L. C. Sanborn, of Sioux upon aca at aaM UvUa, AU af waick waa beW Sunday, waa postponed on ac don for ta purpos at kdeUag the at City, Iowa, or Nstkaa Colmaa, Secntary, count of a quorum not batag prearot ailvar Quota, Orouad Keg. Orsuad Hog st hli otnee, llesdaood, B. U. We Hart tlx Largtit and Host Complete Grocery and Uav3v7aro Department Anr atock upon which tbla aaaaaament Closing figures were: May wheat, fl.11, July wheat. 11.93 U. July corn. U. July pork, H1.44. July ribs, 15.40. July lard. W 70 to ltk. wo. i, urouaa hoc k. . oreaae Uofl No. 4 and Orouad Hea No. S Lsaaa aaoa aa Tom Flaanary waa xepeoted home shall remala unpaid on May tbs Mth, KM, TJadr tbe Auspiose of B. D. L0GS1 So. 8, For ik Bnlt o tbeSuu Odd Fellows Home Fund. yciterday from Central America, Where provisions ot SeoUaa SU4. kavtesd SuUulat ot lh Valtd Stat, aad aste aateaaaurr West cf the IXlssourt. h bu been employed as foreman la will be delinquent and advertised for sals, at publlo auotlon, and unless payment Is msds before, will b sold ea th llih day of June ltVI at th offlp f Nalhaa Cola- tharalo, tor ta arwd eadiag PssieiMr list, aad Ut la e tram ra Uaara- the nrmee at Georgetown. BrltlabOutB oa Uo turn of H4.M aaat S apaa eaoa st , said siaina, or I1M.H in all. SYMPATHETIC OR ISCUST INX Ban, Secretary, ra4ood, B. D., at I p. m., to pay tbj dsllaqusnt asssssmsBt, to tether wlU the soil ot advertising aad expenses ef sale. You are aerr aeUftal thai u within St We Solirit Your Patronage.. Mala etreet ts being fljtrd from on days front porseaal larrtu f this asU you fail l asntrtfcttt rxtr eramrtla af EXECUTIVE H4a Baker, Nina ond to tba other with nw croaawalka, Pleree, W, W. Cnbern, such Mpsadliur aa M-ewaar wiia ta NATHAN CUIrfMAN, Secretary. and the Improvement receive the thank of everyone la the olty. Keep Mix equal quasvtttlae of enlpaate of copper and sal ammonia and dissolve la watw. Wrttini dona with tklo Ink Is Invisible until te paper 4s heated, daralinad during sack t Ike mra ahevt a good thing moving. ntauoaaa, your uurset la eats aicusa wsu naooai th ero party f tb vi'.A your o-waar, wha haa ataAe th rettatiwd FLOOR E. MoDocald, J. W. Mf era, H. A. Cable. RBCEPTION May HauUton. KaU Profflt, BaUa Oaborn, 0. C. Lackous, IG BRICK STORE when It turn a yellow color, Tbe SMmbora of the Masonic todg axpadlturaa aa ratiulraa ay aaM kaMJ UU. Crred M. Browa. Att'y.) APPUCATION FOR A PATENT, hi. A. 10U. kit prepartog an euterttvlnmeat for stxpkxn m. "uartj. John twaav ARTIFICIAL HONEY. thetnoelvea and famtMea tonight In U. a Land O&oe, Rapid Oty, a IX, MAAT B. SJAAt a. (Ftrat PubUaattan. Marsh OS, Isvt.) Society hail. Among the feature will Brown sugar 10 pounds, bee honey 1 bo a atereoptlcon tllsptay. pounds, hot water on quart, aad nix; April 1IU, 1104. NOTICB IS HEREBY OIVBN that Charles O, Qulv.y, wboss posiAfBos address la Load Clly.Uiwronos County, South Dakota, haa Uls day Sled his appUoaUoa tor a patent tor 1101.1 llaear fast ea tbe Last tnen add strong tn fusion of sihraanr A88AYERS. LEAD BUSINESS DIRECTORY. (MoLaughlla kULaagkila. Atfys.) APPUCATrON FOE A PATENT. RAILROAD TIME TABLES. BURLINGTON ROUTS. im nark l quart, eream tartar aaQ ounce. M. H. LYON. Tliitti S1.C0. WANTED SPECIMENS. For a "Mlaeral Rouse to be exhibited at Qiattn ell kinds of eras, minerals aad rare apeeLmeaa Com S to 1 laekea aqmare, which will be polished tad csUlorwd aaS proper credits gives. Mease aead with speelmens. value, wbere trota Aa. address A. J. Joba- (M A. Ne. lOtt.) United Bute Land OOoa, 1Uot TRAINS LEAVE AS FOLLOWS: Chance Ne. 1 Lsde 14II.I llaear feet OB Ua Last Caaaos No. I, Daisy No. L Daisy No. I and Echo Lodes aad T4I.1 Mnasr feet at Ua Echo rractloa Lode, aloe ar vata baarlog gold with surface ground one hua City. DOUBLE ENQUSH YIOLRTB. South DakoUv April stad. llss. No. SOt Passenger. Dally. H1U PUBLIC ASSAYERI Rew. Becker of epearflab preaebed boYh morniivg wnd evening Sunday In the Congrct. local oburcn. Rev. ScoU wnt over to All the Congregational pulpit to 8pearnb. Clan Stuat. th Lend feVotab uoclety. held a daoM aad entertainment in their hall lajft evening to honor the vlh of Chief Otn o Vhe dty. A pleaMaat eranlnt waa paMed. NOT1CB IB UIU1I OIVBN, Thai atlchaal Pewsr whoa posto&oe address Is Always fmk ent, m to 1 par saeb. Orders by mall or otherwise aroatat- QUY LAMBERT. LlreriJeeuanlBoarllEii Stable Bee' aMeauoa glveo to twutM aad boardta' dred aod arty teat u wiata aa eaoa stas st tks caster ot essh ot said lodes sltatlod la City. Hot Sprlnn, Cblca-go and all points aaat, south and wast S:M p. i Two Bit, South Dakota, has this day Sled kls applteetloa for a peteat tor 1M0, 1471.1, AND OAMPLER. iy fliied. 111, mi.l, 14U.I, aad 14M.S linear foot raspooUvoly ea the Hoatestake Fraetloa, No. 806 Local, Dally oxqept Sun Ofllsor BeteL Deadwood. FREMONT ORsHOVaSl. W hi lew ood Bialag district County af Lewreeee and Btaia ef BeuU Dakota aad daalgnatad by U Sold aoto aad emslal plat oa SI la Uls effio as Lot Number Ull, said Lot No, U14 btng aa follows, t-wlti DEADWOOD SOUTH DAKOTA Bryan. Ooldaa Oat, ratladolpkia, Clara- Ket, DRXSCUAJONO. laad, aad Iowa Lodes, bearing gold with surfaos ground three huadred iSOO) foot la 8. R. Smith aod Lawyor Redton day. Bald Mou&taln as4 I Marflah 1:U p. No. S04 Freight. Dally, Hill City, Cuatar and gig, one S:0e a. ECHO LODB. apent yeatorday la Deadwood, When tbe widia oo ease, aituat ia soar suit attain! District, Lawraos Couatr, South Da Mlaa Lane, leeated over Uabmana's dry gorde sore, sotlelts bee akare of BLACS BILLS WALL PAPETA Make eeleotloaa at your ews BaglBnlng at Us N. B. eerasr tor sore ar matter of tbe recelverehtp of the-Smtth Fiim Saddlt Horn a Spwkltf Roddick Building. Mala Street, Lead. ANTHONY TROUT, Plumber and Steam Fitter, kota, aad deslgaatsd by Us Bald sou aad tbe patronage of tbe ladios, guarantee official slat ea at la this envi MLMm & Wbealen atnrk of furnHure waa be over 100 nw paturas to akow yoa la laalyticsl Laboratory Hi Assay pact Ne. 1. from which U. a Lee, Mob. No. 04 bears a II eagrso 01 nlaute B. ITT.I twat distant, Uenc S. 41 degree II Blasts? W. 401.1 fast le Cor. No. I; Uenos a I trraes U2I. said lot No 1111 setag described aa a perfect it, a earerul aad neat flnlski ing argued in olraift court. my aaapi books, which are the emee beaatlfal designs aad styles. Terms follows: HOU 1ST AhM FRACTION LODE to George Beers, Herbert Barker and aMbia, Itessive every day except papers u will bo sold at Alfred Peats Co.' mammotk New York aod C-atee- rtoglnalag at Us Berth west seraor et U OdVs la Oaaiibell Room DEADWOOD, LEAD D. 0. TRAINS. Leave Deadwood. Dally Eioapt Sunday 8:10 b m. Daily 10:00 a. m. claim for eeraer Ne. 1. trees waioa otan Sai?iar. Sergeant Patrtquln of tbe S. D. N. O.. drove over to 6penrflah Sunday on 49 mlBtttes E 14M.S fast U Cor. Ml. II Ueaoe N. 41 degrees M Blsutos B. 101.4 test U Cor. Ne. 4s Ua N. I degrees 4 Blsutos W. 144.4 test ta Car. No. 1 aad BUos et bagtaalng. fo stores tkU rear. Henry Schnitzel LMo,aS ., 1.0 Bos.BC laaipUs r balbos as II ar cipeais wtu rwH, prompt aMwIiea. ard eorar ot Township 4 Berth, ran (as 8 and 4 east B. H. M., bear a. 41 eaf . tl mla. W. 74.1 teat distant; Uaae S. M --t? J. OOLDBXRa. Aass-L a pleeour a-Hd oualneaa trip. Oeorge THE BIG BRICK DJ. A. a ALLEN nd Herbert allowed thir tore of noun. dag. 14 mis. B. SOS feet; Usee S. 1 DAISY NO. 1 LODB. Baaianlng at U N. E Cor. tor Cor. Ne. 1 mln. M. Ul.l foot: Ueaoe a S dag. U Ras his office to foooad floor, try by enlisting, and as a result, the mla. . 4(.f bst: thsaoe south 11 das. NO EXPERIMZNTa. The cause of dlawase Is eulekly ap ttnst at ths Lw Clark bnlldl&g Dally , U:U a. as. Dally Except Sunday 1:00 p. m. Dally I ;0I p. as. Dally Eieept Sunday I: SO p. as. Dally Ezept Sunday 4: IS p. so. fair vex of Lead ar beart broken. spatlmoDt Sloro ! 1, from whloh U. B. Lo. Me"- Ne. 14 bean S. 40 dec. 04 Bla B. 441.1 feeti Uauo a tl da. 10 Bla. W. B04.4 teet to Oor. No. I; i(n lot ke RmM Orwlo'e prims, C. B. Petse W. H. FWwcma condition te about U oils. B. t l tvai; tbMoe S. II dog. 41 Bla. W. 1M.I fasti tkaao N. W d.j. I Bin. W. lot I fsot; Urnoo N. 10 dag. W. tM foeti Usnos N. 4 dag. 04 Bla. W. o. m,un. o B. I deg. 40 Bla. B 141.1 teat la taiiarLiaa work la rawl kllyt th name o cbange 4thr way from parent, kenee th doctor eras not experiment, but removes it aa rapidly as the eo-op ration of the patient allows. Uf ea hand. Fall Ha l entythlag 001 Oor. No. 8i thenoe N. U deg. 14 Bin. B. TO THE LADIES. Daily 1:10 p. so. 1011.1 fool to place of beclnalng, Saturday. Dr. Law of Dixon, Illinois. UUB BILL STktlT. 101.4 teet lo Oor. No. 4 Uenee N. I c eg. 44 mla. W. 141.1 teet to Cor No. 1 aad plaoe et beginning. BRYAN LODE. Wkea you want Art Uaea, Flour d uaiiy Eieept Sunday T:00 s The experience of Dr. L. Miller la tae who la one of th attending physician. Beslnnins at Us aerthwost eornsr et ths iMRS. J. P. BRANSFIELD'Sp"' ...... sloe 7 Z treatment of difficult, long-etandlai agree with tb dtagnosla of Dr. Zer- Ua ailk. Tyrlaa Dyes, sail oa Mrs. H J. Moeskty TH Nettie Meek, Leeeoas claim for corner No. 1, from whloh etaad-ard eoraor of Tewashlp S aorth, rsag I DAISY NO. I LODE BeslBBlag at the N. B. Oor. for Oor. No. and nervous diseases insures the earea uaiiy S:9S p. H. C. JENSEN. 01 Ua4, tM 0-404 4 1 sad 111 H. hi., bear N. 44 dog. mla. fleg and everything ponrilble t btng don for Mr. Fawcett. II baa a very la Art Needle Work. Itamplag Daily Except Sunday 10 :M p. m. of tho cases he underlease, for he attempt ao Incurabl aoaeee. Xxetraottoa d i ili -i it if ri W. 1SM.I fael dutaati Uenos S. 44 dag. 44 Bin. B. lol l foot! Uenos B. II dag. IZ mln. B. 1471.1 foot; Ueaoe N. 44 4ag. II Leave Lead. acrlous lunt trouble. TOBACCO -:- FACTORY, 1, from whloh TJ. a Loa. lloa. Ne. M bean a 14 deg. II Bla. B. 441.1 feet; Users a II dag. 14 Bla. W. Ill teet to Oor. No. It Ueaoe a I deg. 44 mla, B. 144.1 fast to Oof No. I) Ueaoe N. st deg. 14 mla. B. III test to Cor. No. 4: Ueses N. 4. deg. 44 No. 95 Sherman Street ebwyad. h guarantees tbe reanlts ef Dally Except Sunday S:IS a. m. Througb a trpograpbtcml erroi mla. W. IM fasti Ueaos N. 1 dag. 41 mla. DR. BABCOCXS OFFICE. la eauwMoa with hU CLfatf ruliry. aa4 M I treatment. Aasonc ethers, he esi mlatake waa mad la the annouiice- W. 1461.4 fast to tho plsee et satiaaing. OOLD EN OATS LOD. aSMtoeofply aU parttM Hb ala eh ts aov loeated ta room 14, lyadlcaU lUoek. EaUnao trota either Lee or Dally 10:U a. as. Dally U:io a. m. Dally Except Sunday 1:11 p. a. la. W. 14M.4 tset to Oor. No, t aa4 ptaos nient of wbo received the contract for these dlaeaees: Staamertag habits, rheumatism, at, Vitas' dsaee, eeJarrk, BatlaalBi at Us sotiUwsst orer at tb ef bsgtaalag. claim for eoraar No. 1. tram whloB stand numbering the etreeta. It ahould have hfata U to MM tad feat n la lh aoiy ptaaa yo Ma ard earner of Tewashlp 4 aerU, raasas I rupture, pile (wltkent kalfe). aVsep Dally :SS p m. LAST CHANCE NO. S LODE BsglBBlsg at U East ltd anili stake at Mn WM . ttu ' mtim road Oeorge Park. Mr. Parka baa sat 4 B.. 8. H. M.. bean a 44 dag. II mln. lesanesa, d'seases ot Be aad vo I k I hh Ar rtt it tt Bet bmm KMr aad M live. Sarlo loav ot uaiiy except suoaay s:4l a. a. tor Cor. Ne. 1 trota vkUb U. a Lo. b oa. tgven tbe required bond and will pro W. IN.t feet distant: Usee a 44 dag. 14 FOSt SALE. Bla. 11.1 teat; Uenee N. 11 dag. 04 ceed with (b work at once. of the blood, akin, stomach predaciBg pain, nsrvousaeee, prostntloa, debili No. bean a M Bag. II Bla. W. I l l feet) Uenee H. II deg. 40 Bla W. 14.1 a fall tta af ami, aaha, aeoklaa, rt m patta, One kondred empty barrels, capacity Bin. B. Ul.l feet; Uenee N. S dag. II Bla. Dally Except Sunday 4:10 p. Dally 1:17 p. Dally Except Sunday T:XS p. B. 7II.I fasti Uoaee N. 44 dag. H Bla. W, ataaiaa, Ian. Ilk, ato., a-a tarluw jam Yesterday waa Ch busiest day In tb feet to Cor. Ne. It Umbos a II dec 04 41 to M gnlloaa, 80 eaau each. ty, dlsxlnee, loss ot etreagth, energy, 11.1 faeti thono S. 47 dag. 84 Bla. W. 811.1 b'b. W. :7I.T feet to Cor. Ke. Si thatKi a I deg. 44 Bla, B. 144.4 fsot to Oor. N. 4 Do&tt Forgat the Number. KZlJLiTr PHARMACY. foot! thane a I dag 41 Bla. W. 444.4 teetl and memory, weakening fuaeUoaa, et. frwol month tor Leaid, and tbe store and shop were crowded all day long last TabtO in Gitjf. uany Except Buaday S:SI p. sa. thanoe S. II dag. II mla. W. 441.4 feet U 65 ShermanStreet, Consultation free. At Gill more hoe muy i:si p. sa TO WBOU IT HAY CONCERN. Ueno H. II dea. 04 Bin, IB. Ul.l fast to Oor. Ko. I thaaos N. I . 41 Bla. W. 1144.7 teet to Oor. No. t aad plae at begta atag. pise of beglBBtag. PHILADELPHIA LODE Deadwood, S. D.. Tuesday. April SOth by purchaser and pgople pari a their Tbe cause was the regular pay-day of the Homestnke and a email fortune Dally Except Sunday 10:11 p. No. 101 (Eaaura Pass) Ar 11:41 a. 1891, from 1 to I p. a. BsgtaalBg at th aarthwest eoraor ot U dcal5 all Hours. I wtu Bet ho responsible ear soy bUts claim for earner no. l. Trota wbmb staaa l.!::ilS & PILI.IERLfE LAST CHANCE NO. 1 LODE Betfnalng st Us N. B. si 4 anils hs owtraoted hr parties UvUs U my no. sos (sp'DiD Train) at 10:10 a. b. waa tdMtTlbuted among tbe employes ot ard oorner af Tewashlp S aorth, ranges I aad 4, asst. B. H. ht., bean B. SO dag. II ETTA COKC2fT3tATQ0 MTLL. No. 101 (Freight) Arrtr 11:10 sea la Dead wood, or other planes. the company, and was In turn circulat mla. W. IH I fast dtataat; Uae a. H This plant, sltaated om saOs trssa for Cor. No. 1 frees wklok V. a Lo. , N. 44 bean a II Sag. 41 Bla, W. i s feet; Ueaoe N. U deg. 17 Bla. W. I OJ fust to Cor. No. I Ueaos a U dag. U a, No. 101 (Paaaaniar) Da'pts S:S0 p. as. ed by (hem In tho chy daa. II Bla. B. Mi l foots Ueaoe B. I dag. Tiokett 15. SING YOU, Prop. FRANK. LAKE. sar fcetkts suaVertal, wlthotf. a wrtttaa erter tsota ths aadenlgiiea. th Holy Terror suae) oa Ortssly gulen. 01 Bla. B. llll l feet: Ueao A 44 Sag. 4 No. 110 Spaarflaa train) Da 1:U p. sa. Resident of upper Mfcta street bad mla. W 80 teet; Urae N. 48 dag. 84 Bla. Keystone, a. fA. win he cCsred tor ml No. 104 (Freliht) Departs liHi ( . OiALtH l (lew and Second Hand Goods . . . thftr share of excitement Saturday W. 10.1 tests Usee N. I sag. u bib. w, 4H.T test! Ueaoe N. f dog. 41 Bla. W, W. 18.8 tset to Oor. No. 8 t!ie Lie i 48 Bla B. 1141.1 teat to Cor. No. 4 t N. I dag. It bib. E 421.1 to i . Il Ueaee N. I !. 44 Bla. V. 4 T. tH e as a whole until May 1st After that Belle rourehe. 8. . evening, resulting over th sbooting of itmiM km TEAMSTER. data the machinery, wbiok was ta use Ul.l test to the ptaos at baaalng. F. E, M. T. E. E. CUIVXLAND UOu. leee the a two months aad ks la perteet Or, Ne. Si Ueaoe N, 4 ss e w. M.l teat to Oor, No. 1 tad .lee et at,-.. a dog that bad bitten a child, and tb ctwaequant attempted retaliation by BsiIbbIbb at Ue north weal earner et th Xaullnf of Every BMoatptooa. condition, will be sotd la lota. claim for oorner No. i. rrasa watoa staaa' THE NORTHWESTERN UNI. ANNUAL MX3TIN0 NOTICE. MaUea la harsh alvaa that the rsgula- th owner of the dead dog, and and ard corsar of Towatalp I north, raafaa 8 If you want to Buy or Sell get It cotatats of eroAkera, Corniak rolla, Golden late coawentrntora. and other echo nucnoN lode BeataBiBf al th N. E Oof, tor Cor. He. and 4 ssst. B. H. St.. bean N. IT 4 ec DEPOT: Betweon DeadWd aad Pine hif with a gnu-play by an angry wo aaaaal aaaatlag cf the V. B. Oraat Mining Goal DellTered to any Part oi tbe Cltf. mla. W. 1441 1 feet dtataat) Ueaoe a at Streeta. 1 trosi whKh T0. a Lee. Moa. Na. 44 bw-e man. No doubt It is not enaea yet, oMMpaay wui M aaie at tie sac Nr.u machinery suitable tor foM rcduoUoa. their figures. Courteous treatment to all. das. II mla. B. Ill feeti Uiaoe 5. II . and will probably be brought Into Arrtvea. Departa. 41 Bla. . 1441.1 teetl Ueaee N. 44 dag. M N. It df. 44 . K. lri ttot Qtmm a 44 4g. 10 Wia. W. Ml te( to Cr. h. tl Deadwood, - Senth Dakota mln. W. Ml fast: thanoe N. 10 Sea. II Mia. Thoiiah ipalnatii Avaa. court. Oih. Sherataa i treat, Djwea, a. d., at S 'Wh p. m., Batarday, May St, 1IM, tor ta attrpss of eleetlag a heard af directors far the eaawiag year and the tnaaaetloa ot tata etkar basiaasa a atay arsparly eom For particulars, aadreaa, A. R, Ldouz, Reoalvsr, HiU CUT. S, D, W. 411.1: thsaos N. t asg. 41 Bis. w. ho.t Ueaos N. II dog. 44 Bis, W. 4M.I ft to Cor. Ne, li Ueno E U Suit, S Pats, W. tset to place or betlBBiag. J. E. AlUaon yesterday reported tb 144 feat to Car. Ne. 41 the E 44 tcf, tl iowa ujum. neapous, wiia oiose M following tranafera: lot 7. block Bastnnlna at Us aorUwest eeraer et Us the asasuaav JOHN BAEXR. SM. Bla E 441 feat I Car. N. S tMr-s N. 7 dag. 4 mla. E t foot le Or. . I Hotel Fargo J nectlona for all polaa claim for aoraar No. 1. from whloh Stand DISSOLUTION NOTICE. in Baldwin1 claim, from Jon Fu'er Varaoe N. si . SO Bla, U. it bH t ard eoraor of TowbibIb 8 aorta. Tens I iniin nifinnrV wanana aouta.atrra. to FredefMc Wsjlter. consldaratlor Cor. Ne. 1 aad Blase at btgiiiAiax, Notice le hereby given chat the Ira and 4 asst. B. H. St.. boars Bu ST Bag. II JUIlll UMUUI LI, I, montandOmah....llam..SpBi AT 2S0. Jonaa Taller to Mrs. Susie Hend- Bla. W. 1IM.1 teet distant; Usaos fi. 44 of O'Donnell A Howard, doing busi ETXSCSTa EUNINO CO. Notloa la hereby tlvea that the regu depot: Lower uala Street. daa. It mla. B. 117.1 teetl Uao S. I arc. mon, one-half ratereet In Oood Luck ness as tbe "Black Kills tttoaiaet Br II Bin. B. 444.T tost; tfaeaos a 14 dog, U lz Springs, South Daketa, CIltlKJ Rill EStlta Broker wh.tawood stria.iup " I I lit CKsitVkfi at nil Id Chadron aad later Ana, e A, Ech Ltd, 1) I Daley Ne. 1 Lose, ,...14 4 DJy Na, a, 14 it Last Chase N. L 4 ' fuaat Chase Ne. t, 4 l Ecas Frasttae, 4U8 lar aaaual aeetlsg ot stoeEbolders cf ing Company, O'DonuoU 4 KovaHL mla. B. ail feet: these N, 4s 00. S Fraction, and a one-half Interest 1n Hot Fraockm. Also a transfer of 480 Bla. W. 141.1 fast: Ueaa N. II dag. U bbe Buokeyo Oold and Silver Mining proprietors,' baa been dlaaoived by WUl entertain yon all right. I DsmdWOOd, S. D. mla. W, 41 (set) Usaos K. I sea. mediate point 10:48am7:lSam mutual consent. The buslaess will he of Deadwood. 8. D. will be acre of hum in Butte county rrom a. W. 1111.1 fMt Mas af awaiaaiaa whether akk or welt. Go there miT flf IlMiwnn StnrV PTPhflfllTR Bell Fourcha IS:40prallaa W. Wkgwole and othera to W. W. Har continued by C. A. O'DoaaelL to whoa I held at the oOeo el the Ptonesr-Tla a amvaaaarvai a w m i n wa wiwvn avan waaiaaasjw Aroe, A eras. HomesUk FractlM Led 1.144 for a akang Wbltewood only .... :T:S0 am l4:4tpB la Klnlnf stocka and Raal dy of Lead City, for eoMlderation ot ail dbu due the htts Im ars psjahleeai Uosdaf. Uar I. ISSt, at 1:10 p. m., Bnraa Lode 4.4' Dally. I Dally, exoapt Saaday. Batata, Btaaaashlp and Railroad and wbo will pay all bUM owing by thai at which saeaUag a board ot director 11,060. Ooldaa Oat Lode 1 44 Phtladalohla Lad .1 late firm. Evtrythlna Flr?t-C!its. TUket. bgbt and aoid. tbe ensuing will be Patriotic peopt wbo want to go to Clevolaod Lede 4.411 Total Ana, SS.S8 1011.8 t,r t -t ta lsli4 rasit'" BorU,i"'y trM ttnetmnij skat, t t Last Cae Ne. t Lr- xd 1 tM slag star1 frwi i-ttm-mf ht Mi Uaat CBame Ne. S L s 1,44 l. r f ts sMmed naalr f nwvtswty and I I I t sonUw'y fre tmmrcf ! '; ea t s Daley Ne. 8 UAm 1,4 1 1 Is -1tod r alBg aorUarly ad NO teat n it-.- a. April Ulyonrandenek ether bnilacai be trans- Dated, Deadwood, 8. Iowa Lode a 14 tbs front now have a chance to show O. W. aiDISf 8T0SI . T. BO SfOEZX 1891 astssl as Baa? properly eomo before It their friend that they meant What 8. WAKNSS, swUry, Total Area 4I.T44 Ths prsBed dtreetlea ef the lod Has of sack of ald slums sad Us asmber et J. C O'DONNELL, N. C. HOWARD. they have said right along. Sergeant 4 1E37S HBACOUABTEBS, TOMBSTONES. Patiiqutn of tb Spearflsb company, a arty tren d osvery skaii) si us I t Ns. t Lsd Til fet la aiala 4 ru c MONU1IENT3, la 4 bon-j OnnnrriM an. ' f iwihawifwun ta iinnary rm, tira-wal hr Hantiii Whir 9MW009 f. . D. N. O., yesterday morning opened aa offtr In Jenkins drug store. Forty NOTICE OF SPECIAL hTXSTINO OF I ertkory and 711 feet runni g snuu - t to) OE2I&TEEY FENCrS. feet la each direction frees U diseevary a; Aft aa said claim an ae teewi Homsataks rraetloa Lede, a 8 dag. 48 mla. B. 10 test Borth waatert y aad TOO rot aoutbaastsrlyi Pkilsdwlpiiia Lade, S, T a. M Bla. B, aad a 81 fee, M Bla. W. 7a Martin A Macon, Attorney.) NOTICB Of SALS OF REAL BO XX Is Proprietor, enlistments was nil that 'war asked BOARD OF COUNTY COM KISSIONERS. From the wall known works of OOD- aaly pUea la town aa gat a goad laaek. and tbsy will fill out Ch company from DEN BALLARD, EmaeUburg. Iowa. tort aorUwestsrly aad 111 feet ssstkeasv By virtue ot as order aad decree of To J. U. risk, R, a sHuext aa4 Joka -twiBg u n BILL OF FAXS SDcarnsh. aa that town Old not hav Having acurd the agency for the H. Ruassll. cjuMUkiatosin ot Law- tbe OowaXy Conn ot Lawrence County, Saaaaa Die. Baaeeg Vaal I th required number to SK tbe com' abeve well known firm, for Wee Urn dk Dakota, mode on tbe petition of rnc county, 8. D.: erly; Iowa lode, B, l aag. a ana. a. a a It deg. II ala. E 74 fast aerthwestariy sad 74 tool teUetaryi CteviKaad Led. I. II dag. 88 Bla E 74 tset aerU westerly and 704 fort eeatkaastoriyi Errs La, a pany, and Sergeant Patrtqum agreed to nn wit. Saaaaa aumaiai Chlitt Brick, Sauaage Uvr, 1 1M1 IH- -rrr South Dakota. Northwestern Nebras You ar requested to tneet In asocial tSve vndefviSBea sdartnhXrator with find tbe number short In Lead City, a UmbTirT. Cfcat Sataarca , jaAiwai ka and Northeastern Wyoming. Wer ssioa at tbe odttor'B oQoa, ta Dead- I Ch, rraakforur. PlgC raat, I INJECTION. which will b an easy th will astnexed ot tbe estate ot Jtunee K. P. UUler. deoasoed. for an epectfully aollclt ordara for any kind of Md, 8a Dak., oa aturday. AprU mn a ocsvery sftsfti aa Us aWa l a. Immt Is els I Tried runt In f nwtfc f sad Iv4 feet rusnisg e y f --s t t-snvory skafli e Ue k e I ik . - L 47.1 feet Is SiniOMd rv'r.t trw- f ,4 i l l fast resale- saatoti tram trwf Si:ft. I cnUs vaHaMo II 4.-.-e r -t lie lonauoa st ftf a. ts r 1 I th t loSs e if lvrv Coj!r, a d.x i si i -if i 1 I hook 14 . i t' t . la hooa Wf s i r r l i 13 i ! 4 at tt i ,j i if i j, x, ti I t t t is t ; s Lci I k t t et ) t t i, aad SWikS Fract.a la Ji L.i at Iw. Ths Beveialag claimant an tsakaawa to m... u Ay anS a!l psnwj t ' f - . ssy y- a ef aeid La-i v . . 1 , i rr 1 1 t i s !!is?rr ft"?? A PEE a B:i4. Wlanarwurat. rata. Boar Toaan. Ploklad Harrlei. Dill Pteklaa, Chew Chew, Foreign and Amarloaa Marble aid loth. ltaj. at 10 o'oleck a sa, to traoe- order to eerl tbe read oU)to of ted de- THE ARRIVAL OF THE MILLENIUM u ran ue wora, guaranteeing aatlaf e- act the foUowtag bwbaeasi aeed aaade oa he 19cb day of Sep- W th mrmi ottln.i raMV of OonotrW aa Otort, rnr.iitr-rl in frma S to 0 eayi ao nih-t i-.-.inwtit miuirao. a.ild lv all ilnivcrt.lL Tbe date of the advent of thie happy II df. II Bla. E 7U fast aorta waetwty and 7111 feet southeaster?-! Oo n t txMle, S. S deg. 41 Bla W. a 11 . mla. W. aad a 44 dt. II Bta. V". T. f-e, aortbeasterly aad I t tmA aeuU mmut Ths loeatlea eerur!Oaa e( I -we iaa an reeerded la Ue ee ef tss i "'r U Deeds et Lawrsae Ceeaty, . , la book Ml, pee , I. 8ad aad haw .', sar 411. 411 and 417. t . Driad Btof, Pleklad Bl. Blu Flaa. Framas 4 BH, Hand Oh, tioa In every particular aad prieee as teaber, 1SSS, I etell, oa or oter tbe To meet ta oosterenoe with the) olty and county ass i as on, to adjust eawh I Sardalla. Import! Praakfartara, period bee ao often been fixed by prophets of any creeda, and there has been llta day tot tSay. 18)4, at th low aa Ue lower t. if in need of that claaa of work, drop ue a poaUl eard iimtu, aaimoa. ubtlm, Caviar, boar ot baa erctocr, ta the forenoon ot Apaeute saiaa, Navfakatui Caaaae Strra Ch. tax mnttara aa any be Btwsontsd. to consider euoh other aaters as auyr and we will call wl eaaplaa and de so many diaappohHments that a grav doubt ot It reality ha gotten la the Th adjoin! a elaiata OS t' 'torlh, est algnA We ar pemnnt raalJso'i I runs a good elaaa ootnfortabl a. Giva him a aall and be eonvlne- ad wset an aMwa ft t o nswth mind Tn ot the oradaloua. But those piwperty eoao before the Trrrl wttaess ay bend aad here. acquainted whh tbe fact are aware 'M U la the -Only- plaes La RXDINOTON RUXDILL, from personal observation and expert this l!ad day of April, mi J. B, WELC3. Deadwood. .... So. Dakota. enee that Hoatsttsr'a Stomaoh Bitten aald day, SflCl at prtvaU sale, tbe real tOate 33r&d so soSowu, to-wit: Lota 14, U. U, 43, 41, 44, 41, 44, 47 and C. ss h4oek . tltm ttrt. Dead-wood, ta UBTe Couccr. E D., on tkefoaowtsi Urm. 4o-.: Cash. lit U wrti uoay be left ad tb of-fcn ef C ux4ersM4 ta Deadwood, ED. ' rtea, ttis fX at of AprtL A, D., (SEAL) County AadSaw. . t uoa . er e . t i . -e4 to f t t a Ua E- ;tr i V " i 4 H ' a LaM e t I ia tie k ,.!s ef r " , f'T t i period f f. t t t .U t t"."B4 If V..,.4 t. . i t vuuoas ef la kastsls. A. 2. C '. " Is aa admirable means of preventing o. a. an foaatea, IIIITS aad reajdruf kidney aad bladder WHEN RETURNING BOMS eiaJme an tmM4 by t i asian a-Hstue loflna. (tfiirrry N S ) - Aay aad all fr s: .J adrsWy asy portion et sajd art ar nnw greuad an mulred to fce U f ? claims with Us B-r''e af the l,Bi t Stats Land rfw at lui-'l City la t t Bute et ftoula Dal", dartdg th ' t den period ef pubttaettos heef, er t--.. f will be kerrad by rtrta M U pnrlaiaia ef the Suunt. AK.CAr i . It la beretr r4. -t t i PROCURED. WALL PATXa eotapUwta. liver aad malarial trou From Sioux Falla, Yaaktoe, Mitch all. Wlivtaaa A Bern, the) pedBtan ta &e XTQSNEW. JOIIKSON, ble, ooaetlpaUoa, sick kdache, aer- AberCeea, Bloux City or ataUar points Tousaees and naasea all are oocrooae basemeat ot tho tartia at I'Tt.'. take tbe Paeifls thort lino train leav I Imh. ( FiMii UmrT Tf IF MfK have smawles ot waU ssjsr fraaa tie ' T r by this beoefieea regulator aad tonic r i t :iTC3 AD n fATmwr When appetite le Unpaired and sleep largest Chicago bona, b4 saw Ing Bloux City at S p. wl. auk lag atose conneotlona at OTtlll with train tor Black Htlla, thus trolling all algbt j , . mm i if hljij r t mum- .TrfrnttbOfm AlnWairtAir erUt tbe Win Aaaaxad broken or unrefreablng, a wlneglaaarul sottcs ef A" ;'- a P . t i It. H fr t a p i is t ' ' ti- V- 1 t a erowdad wCb work e envaaa, . Aj-s-tal rtrd or crla A ea tl4..c,.:s tt it Rev Trk ivt. Wathiaatoa, D. 0. shortly before Basis aad Before retir lay-over ta t3oox Cty. taao faro. 'J. u raf ani- aai aaa mmuk mm m lbllan4 laaa. Cluwtes II K 14 c -I M rn Line eeaneotiona eaatbonad. Buy ing wtil do aash to remedy the di3- their ahep 43 hHag tb eui.U as i ttsssMti, ' . . . . . . cvjt rah. Ara it, iri) par pawftd at - fxSatr iiinwi 40140. ... eolty.

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