The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 26, 1898 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 26, 1898
Page 2
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TITK DAILY riONKEK-TIMES, TUESDAY, APRIL 2S. 1898. ADVERTISEMENTS. Want Column. OMAHA COMMISSIONERS' PROCEEDINGS. TUB PIONEER-TIM EH. frbat peceivers alo FOR FARM . . THE M im, SMI . . AND GARDEN Alfalfa. Clorer. AUyka, Timothy. BVm n.... Mm. rB Kaffir Cora, ttaed PotatoM or fimlth AWhenlen aw'gBaBe V wm W W asw - - Entire Stock of . . The entire etock will it hu to be cloi.ti Fin! Ci Rnt Z:ml. and Forage Plant Seeds. Vegetable and ft4twr Beads. . This la one of the best yean know! lor bay lag and sowing teedt. Prloee ar low and weather favorable. Prices furnished on application. Catalooe TREK. 1SO0 t. Otaaha, If you wtat a Camera or Kodak write to ua for pricea, and circulars of the new Camerai, Premot, Pocoi, Eayt. Adlakea, Cydea, Cyclona, Quads, Viyei, Buttela, BuU Eyes. We are Weitern Agvnti for all Camera. Wholesale Jobberi In Photographic Good. THIS R02HRT DEMPSTER OO. FOR 00 DAYG. 10 Pc? Coat. 111 . ' r Cfifpf C m tmi V" r "...1 M,M r fc i Wall ?i;u E! be gold regarding of ooel out a ioon ai poeeible. H. STEVEKS, n::. MAIN OTRfTT, DEADVVOQO. NEW DarGainal H M15 Farnum Street, ... - OMAHA,' isebratxa aww i Will be returnaxl on all Cash 8ali to Custom-era oa Leather 0 xxia in the Shoe Line, They re marked in plain figurea, leu la prloe thaa aj other houa in the ttate. Ooma and Dupply Yours alf at ft 1 (Establish 1171-7.) fMONEi.R-TIMES PUBU8HINQ CO terms or subscription. DAILY Every morning-, sxopt Mob-47. Oee Year 110.00 SH Mootha 100 One Moalh LOO WKKKLY lMUd sry Thursday. On Year L09 SU Month 1.00 PI0NEER-TIME8. Dead wood. 8. D Eutcred seeond-claaa matter at the Daadwood PostoOca. WIIKRH. O WHERE ARK THEY? 1 hur wu a gathering at nwa at MlirhoM on the Mill Who called thrnn-Ni'ivra "the ImMTli' Btat Central CiinuulUTC." Aft having reaolvH to fnm with the pop, for a ahare of th uflWes, ihnM urss psesod rasolirtlnns cciiulnintng Frwldetit McKlnley "for nut (airing more prompt action In the ('i.lmii affair." That wan but natural. for they wert expaoled to oondemn pii nldpnt of a dtfferont political faith no mutter how alight the pretext. Inn Inn Cleveland's administration re pnl'llcan congressmen trtml to put him In the hole by panning resolutions rer oKiilxIng Che IwHlgorwiry the Cu Iihii relN'U. and like "the Democratic Hi me Central Committee," warmly es pomi-d ttie oauss of the relieli). In tile safi- illataniw tlhat Intervened Utween them ami the Spaniards they waxed viiliant and belllooee. They Invited at. They punted for a chance at the lion's Kira. A f-w Uys only have flown since "the Demorrattr State Central Commit tec " were ready to drive the 1-atlim off the i Cuban) earth. Kvonts havecrowd el eiii'h other In logical aequem-e until war him wrnw. There hi hoi prepara tlott. Mon are tendering tihelr arvlon. Thr rail for 125,000 mon tin been made, I'utrli Mnm and enthimranin are ram punt. And 'Hhe Democratic Stair Cen tral Commltitee," whore are they? Hunting. Yea, bttt not for Spaniards. They are campalimlng. hut not In Cuba. They are humtln nfllce and cam. palgnlng In the wneurHy of South Dakota, 3,000 ml If beyond the reach of any Hpanlord. I'RE4W CENSORSHIP. Our naval and mIMuvry offlcera are wnitl to ! In a quandary over flpaln'i plan of campaign. They cannot fathom certain movements of the ehipe of heir varkaia nWa. Thla fact hi a compliment to Hpanlnh munagcmenL The authorttlce there do not permit the pUbltcatUm of tntenditl military and tiaval movement. They are guarded aj wtate aerretn. C. E. ZIPP'S L isssi'i bttt 1 lanrgai mi THE T Oillmore Houc Under New nanagement. CZzn ZIo Attrftotions for leai Honey than asy Otl .... ouaa I-- the Oity .... Best meal)?, Best Dining Service, Beit Rooma and Beat Locat'on of any House in the City. Carl Blank Prop. Keystone Restaurant ! .Reopened 2SSEX WANTED HILP Wanted A man and wife wtthoot ch'.U tan to work on a ran oh. Enquire tl.ia offlce. trw.knladflollcltori for laabeautliul Llf of Frances E, Wlllard." publUhed umtu. the auspleea and Indorsed by the C. T. V.; the only official boon; pre paid by Anna Gordon, for tl years Mux Wlllard s scretary; beautifully Illustrated; only tS; tremendoua de mand; bonanaa for agents; aupera book; liberal commissions; credit given; freight paid; write quick for outfit and terms. The Dominion Company Authorised Dlstrlbutsra. Dept. I, 16 Dearborn St., Chicago. Experienced offlce man and expert accountant deslrea temporary or ne manent employment Addreaa H 1. this office. WaUed Position aa engineer. Un- dersUnd care of dynamos and electrto light work. Beat of referenoea. Address X. care of thla offloa. POR SALE. C7Deslrabls building loU on Uaaol ivsnue, lagteatda. Lumber furaleaed bttUd. Bdwla Vaa Claa, tf cfLou ror Sale Howard ! Adcltiea. TU addlUoa ta Deadtrood. baaaUMl ly located oa the Park beaok. adJoU- ina th Dudley Iprln la U fir I lag th Dudley Iprlnc irard, I sow open for attlBat. Be plat and prloa at offlo of Bdwia Vaa Clse. FOR RENT. For Rent Two comfortably fun lea- ed loom 00 kfoOorern Hill, la tti rear of the Coogregattonal chorea. For particular apply at this oSo or at th residence of Fred Reynold. FOR SALE CHEAP. On good draft tn, wagoa and aar neea. Oood term. F. D. aUUTH. Wanted Two room, rurnlabed or unfurnished, whh board tor two and child. Address 8, Pkmeer-Tlmea. For Rent An eight or a flve-reom house Furnished or unfurnished. Call a- the Ark. Wanted To rent a firs or six-room- rd house. Forest Hill preferred. Ad dreaa F. M., Plooeer-Ttmes. Rooma to Rent iFurnlebed or unfur nished wlta prlYllege of light bouae-keeplug. If dealred Apply to No. T, nil more street. LOST. Lost One roan and on bay pony. Leave word with Wm. Oaborn, Tarry, D. FOUND. Found Near Portland, a gold wateb. Call at tali offlo and Identify n waWh. FOR BALE OR TRADE. Three lot la Whltswood, rboae foun dation for building. 1$ bearing appl tret, will trad tor a lot la Dud- wood. MART F. KINO. JOHN BAKER, Agent. FOR SALE. A new Barn' treadle soroll saw wKh twelve 7-Inch saw blades, assort- ed,w1ag around th blade under arm 14 Inches. Tabl and anna of bard maple. Cast Iron frame, weight $05 Also a gasolln stove. Enqulr at 17 Terrac street, (Hogarth cottage) or addreaa L. Box 107, City. NOW 18 THE TIME To purify your blood with Hood Ear aparllla. March, Aprb, stay ar the trying Months of th year. At this sea .! you blood is loaded with imparl les which have accumulated lurioi he winter, and these ImpurltlM mtm Immediately expelled. Hood'f Bar aparllla la the On True Blood I'urlfy- er. It la th medicine which baa ae- tompllshsd many thousand of letnark- able cures of all blood flseasea It is what th million tab la th rprlag to build up health and war oS alckaeas Flora H. SI::J:ri, U. 0, HOMCEPATHIiT, 70a ksjb if .i. Deadwood T. J. DOV7D. PRACTICAL , Uitltlol Ja)Mti And OPTICIAN WaratCiamtnerortaeP.C.aM.V. M. wtel aa I win aaaiaatsa aaia Im Strut, tn, rm hitut ip rewpaytag arapo saerta: asiaeeerywaefe, Befase sabstlhnia, I larwrfi Btad aa Btecam sedAaaaaviaNa, WmsfctH. a.$i.sosya ' (Continued Prow Yeaierduy (Krfth Iy. April 8. 1HD ) .1. M. Ktath, R. 11. Stuart and Jutin 11 Russell, commhwloners, ami J. H. , VVVMi. auditor, present. Minutes of piwlwe meeting read i und approved. An order waa miule Uiat $i.H) be transferred from the treasurer apo-.UI salary fund to the county general fund, and 1500 from the register of dwds aulary fund to county general fund, alito f. 1,000 from the 10 per cent iH-nd Interest fund to county general futM. to reimburse the county general fund for ma amount transferred to the 10 per cent bond lutenwl fund April 1, The following funds were allowed on the general fund: Nume. AmL John Daggaley. court cert I1.0S1.40 A. U IMry, rubber stamps... .75 P. II. Eoarly, J. P. fena 68 36 I. R. Caulfield, clerk of count feea 386.06" American Nat. Bank, court wrta 7.0 Matt HaiulKon. petit Juror M.JO N P. Rrpley, ouoataWe fee.... 12.26 R 8. Htevena. sheriff feea 30.20 Matt Plunkett. sheriff teen.... 1.W2.26 Sol Uloom. court certs a. 20 Fowler Uablntfton, temp, re lief 60.00 First Nat. Ikutk of bead, rourt rert l.M K. D. McOlanahan. court cert. . M.0 D. H Vaughn, court cert.. ... 1.20 Geo. M. Wllaon. J. P. feea B SALARY FUND WARRANT AL-IXIWED AUDITOR'S OFFICE. J. B Welch, county auditor- January I100.W February 100.00 March 100.00 II A. Cable, dep. county auditor January 100.00 February loo 00 March 100 00 A. R Oarrexaon, aunt. January 76 00 Fi-bruary 76.00 March 7S.00 Kate M. Kemper, aupt. whila January 12 00 February March 126.00 125.00 Chua. Moiin. Janitor January, one4talt month. Wash Henry, Janitor Jnnirary. one-half month. 30.IJ February 60.00 March 60.00 TREASURER'S OFFICE. John Wilson, county treasurer January 166.6i February ...... 166.66 March 166.6' Nell MrDonough, dep. oo. trenai. January 100.00 February 100.00 March 100.00 F. B. Coram, awtt. co. treas. January 100.00 February 100.00 March 100. 00 REGISTER OF DEEDS' OFFICE. T. II. Russell, reg. of deeds Jammry $166.66 February 166.(6 March 168.66 C. H. Savage, dep. reg. of deeds- January 100.00 February 100.00 March 100.00 Kate Russell, clerk- January 76.00 February 75.00 March 75.00 O. P. RuqaeTI, clerk January 75.00 February March Ijtiira C. Rmatell, clwk January February March r. II. Rusee-ll, postage January Postage .February Pcstage Matvh 76.00 76.00 76.00 76.00 7500 ft.76 7.10 7.0 A refund waa ordered Issued to F. B. Owrm for 119.66 for tax erroneously ,wld on lot 3X7. block 10. Ied. Refunds were ordered Issued to K. K. Crimtmaw In the mm of $103.93 for ixo:1 and tXM tsx sales on lot 7. block 20. and lot 5. Tuttle Place, lad. At noon adjourn ment tuken until 1:3 p. m. Afternoon aeaslim, all irewM as of morning seMton. A refund was ordered Untied to John Otay for $3 for Mtul poll erroneously rnhl In road district No. 2t. The county Job priming for tlie year ending December 3lt, 18S, wae awarded to the Phmei-Tlmes. they lielng "he lirwi-nt renponstlile bidders, aa folic ws: No. 11 envclopr, p.r 5li0 1 1 .50 N. i envelopee, per 600 '. ..$1.3o No 6 envelopes, per 500 Utterheads. nth. Franklin. 500..," 1.2o Illanks. printed on one side. 5()0 1 00 'i Hlankaprlnteilontwo U., 5oo 1 fio 14 Ulanks. prtnted on one able, 500 1 3 4 Illanks. prlntedontwosklea.SoO 1.R0 ii DIsnKs. printed on one side, M 1.90 H Rlanks.prlntaifontMt eldi. 600 2 in Fat the tdndlng of any of the above ff took WJt 15 per cu will be ad aL court calntdar. edition of 60 onplee, $28.00. Extra copies. 30 renta, For aupplynng the lgal reoulremerfts of baNots, ?2.00 per thousftnd. ' The 'bianJca contemplated In thla IHd are to be printed on a good quality of bond paper. lucH as is now used In this county. Respectfully submitted, PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO. W. H. BONHAM, Mr. The pareonm! tax of Fred Varr and Improvement on government land for 151 waa ordered cancelled. John Wangsnewa personal for 1H94 was ordered cancelled berause of an The Ux on lot 73. block 10. Lead, for 1M7, waa ordered cancelled because of an error. Louis Darter's peroonai tax for 197 wa cancelled because be ftad no per- li It the c;mou for new life In natora, naw Tliror la onr prrjrileal yttema. At the fn.h aap carrlea Ufa into tb trees, ao our blood ahoukl glra tu renewed treturth and Tlffor. la tta tmpura atata It cannot do thla, aud Uta aid of Hood' Samparlila U ImperaUvelr ncodad. will purify, vltallaa and enrich th blood, and wlta uua aoiid, eorrect foundation, It will build up food health, create a good appetite, too jroor itomach and dljretlvn organa, atrenictlien jrour nerves and ovar-eoma or uravant that tired faollnr. Tble baa ki tlx experieaoe of thoo acda. It will be yonra u yoa taxe n n Inl oxoxo Carsa Aaerlea't i anMsati sue Mae. fold by 1 araggltta. L Hood'f Pills SliSa sonal property In the county for aaid year. The tax on Improvement on govern ment land In Sec. 4, Tp. 5. R. 3. assess- ed to D. Klnghorn for 18, waa order ed cancelled because of aa error. An order waa made that he Judg ment creditor of school dleftrtct No. 1 (e nortfMt to collect the amount to tne nedlt of eald fund more promptly. The lax on hud In Sec. 10, Tp. I, R. 2. for 1891, asa eased to John Thompson waa ordered cancelled because of an error. Upon petition of the Pennington County Bank, the personal tax of J. R Ousley for 1HK9 iwaa ordered cancelled. Upon petition of Sophronla Olhsan, the personal taxes of John M. Oilman rert cancelled; also the tag on 40 ticres of land 1n Him. 12, Tp. 5, R. 4, for 1M1, and Chat the Interest on 8W SF.' Sec. 12. and NW14 SZ and NVi NW'4 Sc. 13. Tp. S. R. 4, E.. be ran- clied smce sate c 1896 and 1896; also hat the Interest be oancelled etnee sals for 1X96 and 1894 on part of P. C. lot No. 840. and lota 4. 6. 6, 7 and 8. block 47. Dead wood. The valuation on part of lot 8, olock 35, of RamadcM'a addition to Spcarflsh ws reduced to $10 for 1896. P. C. Nelson's personal tax for U97 wa reduced to $100 and road poll cancelled. Upon recommendation of the city cotiDt lt of the city of Dead wood, the valuation on E. 26 feet of lot 7, block N., Dnadwood. was reduced to $100 for 1197. An order was made that the tax on a tract In Sec. 10, Tp. 6, R. 2, assessed to l.oirle M. Cole for 1896 aud 1897, be cancelled because of double assess mcnt. At 6:30 adjournment waa taken until 9 o'clock Saturday morning, April 9, 1K98. J. M. FISH. Chairman. Attest -J. B. WELCH. Cot Hy AudKor. (8lt Day, April 9, 18M.) J M. Fteh, R. B. Stuart and John H. Ruwell, commlssfonera, and J, B. Welch, auxrHor. present. Mtnutea of previous meeting read and approved. The board proceeded to the Poor Farm for an examination, and found eteryttolng In good condition. The following bills were allowed on he general fund: Name. Amu J. M. FWh, com. salary $ $7.30 R. H. fltuart. com. salary $7.60 J. H. RuiwaII, com. salary 111.80 C. K. Chapman. Insane utend'ee 6.00 K n. McClanahan, court cert... 167.90 f). Jacobs, cotrrt cert 30.90 Fran a Dennis. em.i. relief $.10 D. Jacobs, court rert 86.60 0. W. Angetl. hack 1.00 C K 21pp. court cert 18.40 D. D. Smead. J. P. fees 6.46 L R. Caurfleld. court coit 24.70 At noon adJoutvment'WBs taken until l:3) p. m. Afternoon session, all present as of mctnlng session. I pon pethton of H. B. WHllamson, b. valuation on lots 4 snd 8 block U, 'lend wood, waa reduced to $20 for'lS9l 1 nd 1 8r.. J 11e tax on lot 11. block 1, Lead,1 WU merited for 1893 and refund ordered liwiied tt R. E irtmehaw for Uxe imld on said lot for law on account of in error. i:dwal McDonald's personal Ux for I v I was ordered cancelled on account f deetruiOon by firs and that his pw-u na) for 1N93 be reduced to $250, and o $.too fir 1895 and Interest be rebated for aald years. Th Ux on a part of SK SW1 Vr. 21. Tp. 8. R. 4. waa ordered can. i-I.e.) and refund ordered laaued for IK!J and 193 on aH hind to parties lioldlng the aeslcmnent for eald year, urlng tsnd owtvod by R. P. Fowler. Adjournment waa taken sine die. J. M. FISH. Chairman. Attret-J. B. WEIiCH. County Auditor Bloux Falls people who deny tint Men's etevtlon by nine plurality was a magnificent silver victory are liars. ml cuiithrtMU and the truth ta not In hem. Mr. Lien's organ says all uch ar- simpiy trying to belittle over the aie'.e the great silver victory la Sioux V alls. During the eanrpwgn Mr. Uen's ft-ier.ds sought rwmibtlcan vrM miA gave the assurance that h? Mr. Lien a elorted no chtlm would be made of a silver rtcXory. On tbai asHuranot many rrpublHwna vwted dlrecUy for Lien and many more Indirectly for n I a ny vtnmg ror recR. Now comes th suratwe rhut any claim rhat any re- Vi ore-ana t :ito tot re?t or Lden N a blackn-it;ed and nhlnoui anerept to beetle "tne sliver vtotory." The Ar- gue-Leader does not oare a eoM!aea tal for tbla cbswp clarni. ft present purpose la slroply to call the attention of repot; Moans to the 1 act that tt m al ready being made. Arjue-Leadsr, (Qj nnrtlln mms si it at W. to Buh & nundhenkc. Praotloal Hotol men who will kItc. tne best loo rasal In the Cltj. Ml Tu kets 13. 00. i Good Home Cooking t By a Flrr'.Claii Woman Cok. ! L6Bdarj8 Andreoson Hirdwan Company. Wholaaaie XZurdwart Bloyclti and Sporting Ooo da. tai.ai4ia mAurn - obaxa J. C. CAHSCX, fall Cr. C::::j Thr rnof rattoa Bloek, OaUt, Psa. Full Bet Teeth IS.00 Best Set Teeth, IM Alloy rilling tW Pure Oold Fllllngsl 11.00 or npwmrt MX Oold Crown, $1.00 to.... tOt Brldg Teeth, $6.00 per tooth aa! Crown Teeth extracted absolutely without piln. Flrteen yaan cprUQo. The New Mu? ray. Thorcuzhly RrRttsd. Rates $2 50 to $4 IrDty. pselalratei by weaker stseaaap aSXLLOWAT- rieaailgt. a. atenoxwrr, Kx:f;::rt:rtfuEe::k Kins ft:;h MILLARD J. . Markel & Son, Thirteenth and Doxiat Sts. LEADING HOTELOf CXXllk. Hast asalrafeta Iam. ewtM ra i t b6 pm ? ac4 an. a null w timt mtn Oeie ta ss ssstsa. ThaceUygiistal let wba trsate aU Mtsm XMaeaaaa at XaleeaarsaaahM Wsakass and KeatkUbrtesalaeV Me ef ffscsli a years ta Osaaha. Oeaeaiiatleai Free. rirtwi i i:i CoAwA ) DR. C. QES WO. WHO IS BIT HetaoM t ta moat akinral of Cbtneae doctors, bOMM of his great knowledge log been eight and eurea. Kav-year U tbe medical eotUe of Chi na, he understands th IrrwTrtdhrtw aotloa of orer (.000 remedlea, With eighteen years of experlsnos sad Over eight years of that time tn Omaha bae given him a reputattoo. backed np hy taouaand of teetlmooiekt ta auriag every obaraotelUtSl 1 $.. . EVERT. CHARACTER of whether CHRONIC OR OTHERWISE. Dr. C. Oee Wo guarantee a our la r ery case or th money will b refund! uonatiitaaoa fro. Band a two-ceat stamp for book and Question blanks. Dr. C. Oee Wo. Ill N. l$tb 8t, Omaha, Neb. fhank a. nAnnif, rralt tree order filled oa short . tie, Correapondenoe sollenad. l Bovlsrartf Are,, Omaha, Allen's Club Rcorc Osraai Mais aad Wan s. Beaawaad, nCL3-Tar;r:u3 t::::i wb Om baa agan sad ukisi la ft ettr eea ba as aay Msi(k4 Tsa 4W1 assaisiaaKBWaayi r Otar d Bulloc;;. Hardware Co, t.c-vy end Chslf Hlno end LZIW WtiWwallHrf aiaAPtiiferlk ftTHAM Q A Q - ty. WATER OUPPLIGG. rAlrAKX3, tZZ'Zl ft CO., $tea ramam mane, mb $-!-$$ a A w. Lavronco Skow Tti!.rz!it tzi fa Cr;:::r. . . 4 ) irr-- r Rag aai Kobe Ia order. r ixldsrmy nppUe U aosk. U work gu&raataed tint olaaa. 906 Sotta 18th St. Omaha Vabrwka. 3 Saad a aataiita. $19 $$ -U W. W. tl ROBINSON, ussayer and CiiBist 1119 Hc&z 6 treat, OUAZXA, - - tfebratka. taxapVsa by KalL $ 1 es d. w. BISHOP & CO. Lunch Counter Dininf? Room. 1517 Oap toS Ar., Oauaa, Ib. Sestisg Cspscitj 200. 1 1-34-M 4 aadw, LB WIS HENDERSON, FLORIOT. Fin Cut mower, Planta and Floral Deatgn thlpped oa short aotloa. 1 flih aal raraata Eu.. n naua, Isbraska. $ 19-$ a A w. WeBi MSk fJUfc WsWe Nortktait Cor . 12th and Capitol Av Oxaacataaae XVsato. A auistty rireeOsss fsauly BeetC OastfwtaMe nM aa ssestal aMMMea in. a. m. ta raa Mu EOlALItT wae eaaaea iu FTTYttl CUiUII ' BamHaasa. aoaeAet 1 14U sal Fin -W OSLAaVA,! Firasei lis. ..f.l8 ip-. Wlsaw LLvs&l freak alsaeeafs2agch ad Uttla -sar aa lro;i lO PZn CLAC3. TlZH & t::u:ri!3, M "t" Inn AiUlLwiU .111 Liu- aaraai traaslesajserPwr .. It H Tmm fcMri pee n .. .M to awai as IS mi CmrSs "s, In thla nMintry 11 la very different. Tnt' newspaper ptibllnh eviry project-v i ed 'movement, and In many raeea It la ' thui known to the general public even 1eNre It bt known to the officers who are to execute It. And not content ' 'wltt thim giving publicity to Import ant, plane, vertdln papers have published maps of theeuhmarlne mines In our harbora and given every detmrt of our (torpedo depots and Mher dintwea. If fhw publk-attons in tfie newspapers are approxtaatnly correct, the enemy may dwlva a creat deal itt uaeful In-'foi'uiatlon from a peruaal of the col-umtij of the dally newspapers. It may be at down aa certain that Spain has aaetnta In We country who carefully elan all audi Information that may be of value and place U Where tt will do nioai good to Spain. It U said that Prcahlewt McKlnley Is now desirous of having congress pass a dVclaratilon of war and If It does the firm ttee he should make of the power confereed upon htm la to prohibit the publication of infortnatmn tn 1-gnrd to our fleets, armies and rte-foneoi that may prove of value to the enemy. During the war President Uncoln once suppressed the New York World be-ciuwte U wan notorlouely giving aid and comrort to the enomy. Under th war power Prneldent McKlnley would have minority Co ndopt extreme measures for the good of the oountry. Tlie enterprlee of newswpr oorree-pi.rdents Is commendable, but It should nut be allowed to riidiintp'r the suoesM of our Biniy and navy. The faot ta re. h11iiI that during the olvll war tnnrh CanlUry Plamblnr. Beware Comaeetiona, Oornioe Halting. All Kinds of Tin and Sheet Lletal KIc se ib in U.IIUI Wi"- N tat km mi 4Im t. m m. li l IWrtuaasaaaaaaawaMimee. w.sraasgiiiitJa all gzj.z p a::z auku to axx I ;n:;t::n la tha result of cur l;r. experience. SpjgjyaHasaNMftu. ilnmage wae donv to the I'nlon cause by the aitperservlceuble ! of the r.ortiicrn prcsa In ferreting out the p!nr ami d"WUiing in of the civil nd military authorities. On rhU account Ortieral Hlimuaii at una time banished war correwimndenisfrom hltmp, and one of these itcntry, Who diHPi)cj'fd ntttr the feil. ial picket line, Is U'llevcil to have In en shot by otdor of General T.i.miaa. Onot White, iw Held, then a Mr rorrcpon-dint In iite fleNf, had a nan iw escape f'tin- inn roue. On the .uu federate sld the prnat wm under s .enter ooo trul and very .nrely revralel the plana of the confetVerata leadeia. Two or tluee of h southern newvpapor men ho overetevped lite Hue were taken by rebel provost marshals und shut up In Cawtle Thunder, aftr their preasea find type had been dcati-oycd. The tilorue does tun always ll wlfh i ho prees, bid the omcwra cr govern-trn nt futxtlonriea who ulk too much. These should be sternly dbplined. ir one newspaper la allows to publlaa si'cret InformtMfon or gUe prematura notice of contemplated movements, of course all the ouher pivp.vs will be eager o do the same. The only safety ta for the government to adopt a uniform nd severe rut and enforce It By cable to Oen. Stewart L. Woodford, Madrid: Cone home! Lar th bull-fighter to their own refined leasuree. 9" ejs sb. k a.-j v.w ft.w.;c5Cf i T 01 V- V . i t n in?hr,!cil tn."'v w WB V t. "a ... w.S . I T r- 4 f3 T yr-fX r m(' a .a

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