The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on December 19, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 19, 1900
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY DJCiuii4iiianiri'"" 1HE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, "DEADWOOD, B. D, aaaaaW STTSKEDJOVACATE. au4 to Set Aside 1 OPERA HOUSE... ItAill DC rvo-' "" o der in the Sheriff Contest. ill: 5 8 Hl Non-Irritating Cathartic Easy to take, easy to operate Hood's Pills ,irt Will De asieu m Jensen the me LU" :,i? c. l. River county office in Fall Thurs. Dec, 2o. .tariff's ,effAPnsen-Petty case. It Is an 1H .LET cik te tbat an agreement naa Deen nttnrnPTR on both 5 no""'-....., j . hetween ,hv time was extended to I Refined ide3. nt' ept ln his answer to Jlo re ' ,, a-oivinn certain points tHe 1 that the-plaintiff filed an X ofpratu Ppidice before Judge Vaudeville AT POPULAR PRICES. THE CITY Head Wilson, Kenny & Co.'s Cooking Exhibit ad. j Toys of every description.. .Prices the lowest at Max Fishei's. World Famous Battenberg woik at the Savings Hank Store, 'Ju Sherman street. tf tt&W ' , t0 the def(,nu wT m S I 5 HceGe f.wiefl McGee's order and hL Vnnre to hear the nine in J"""" . . &llms .-,.,r n utter misapprehen Jtter . .. rt of Judge M. Gee VViiaL 13 niwi ln On ' . ... ... ......I. S'"" in to Have me uewuu See the looking exhibit at Wilson, " .. ......TlPfl Will UD I.'. ...... &l Co. thi sweek. Biscuits bak , "i"-" ... . . ". You Must Buy Your Christmas goods at once in order to make your choice before our stock is picked over. Goods are going rap-idlv. Do not wait, but come at once to" FISHELS BAZAAR. n J ,:.t opportunity. na....n . ed in tmee minutes. ar , m.1v Kellar & Moody jf tin lar. o' ' ... fnr Petty. I. a. lie.-, ilrup into Wilson. Kenny t Co , iiliv time till.. w-ek and get a -city. . Fraternal Order of Eagles. ! MajeMic Cook ISook tree. The stock of jewelry at the Dead-wood Loan Office is Immense from uliieh to choose a Christmas gift. Hall, spe-ciai . j i iiii'i wi.wi i ,ur.. .uawm, mao- iii'i"'"""-"- V- "-w .... . i rir,lf.r 'of F.a ii c . 1 . . 1 r L I uni m i I. .niton.- -:ii-:.-r, wll all ir at nie ii ho.i--- Thursday e itiu-. lo- III uw ' , , , ... 1 r.r izer Keal sweet appl. cider at t-lM' ami iml -,ket. he.. ialties of the ui iiei s "ll ,i in Deadwood la-t even-. i . i.; , t v, of Kan:;. ; thi Ma tie in-' ' , es o!" Hie 1m bought at thi this 1 , Seattle, ui" i.owo .iiM. o t 1 -r . ami will ,! iZ ' ",ri.- on the -"tb. ...lertial Order of Kn i :l vi! II ij- an v. on K.-r.iiv A: Co. The ily new addition to tne ro.,- onUarali ...r of natei , 1 -it;. 1L lolio .' li'i out a path 1. it IL I o meet for tangled growl U of j fraternal a-.-o ia- i i helie-.e ill l!ie M, ;f thru the ,tt MKial, and The Kale We Kuli- it a i onipai ison of goods and pi ic es, knowing ou will had our holiday line the best and cheapest. Fishei's P.azaar. l'ri( es within the rea( h of all. and now is the time to buy beautiful pn rents that nieef till demands, and satisfy all wants at Fishei's Bazaar. i"i,n vaudeville entertainment for Than a Pair of Warm House SHjers For father, mother, sister, sweetheart or brother? Oar slippers this season are a combination of comfort and beauty-the best we have ever had. Make someone a present of a pair and you will always be remembered. Sl'i i NOTICE. ! On and after December 1, 1900. the , wohlesale price of soda water will be as follows: Half pints, per case of two dozen bottles, $1.0OM quarts, per case of two dozen bottles, $2.25 ; syphons, per case of one dozen. $1.50. These prices are net, and charges for packages will be made as follows: half pint, 8 cents per bottle; quarts. 5 cents per bottle, syphons, $1 per bottle. These prices are all F. O. B. JOHN TREBER, Deadwood, S. D ALFRED LARGE, Deadwood. I HOT SPRINGS BOTTLING I WORKS, Hot Springs, S. D. HENRY MAILLARD. Lead. tion . i .i. rhood ,.i ,.f ( ; ana in " Tnn n"nl Practice their Belief. They! of man ami l to all , OP men and Thursday evening, De eiber 20, will I SJTS Vovo and fellowship I The Fraternal uruei " . .. ..f.i.iii!itoiv nor as not pose as a. - n. '. ... f rpfntre for the depraved. 'adniusnoneto ,U ranU. who have lie tlie tirt genuine vauuevuie ever given in the '-ity. The Empire Trio, assisted by Little Eugene. tlie cleverest child artist on the stage, and bv other artists, will offer a varied program full of fun and entertainment. Seats at Fishei's Bazaar Emission with reserved seat To Postpone Old Age. The latest theory is to apply elo'-...i..;,. t ttm ti.ns of the brain. The note the principles .".u . tlemcn. but aKaln they do not bar S ntan because of his bus;;rt. fouion or occu laiiou n t nta.o. The., aim to build up t e Itr . . . , I ll,rj OTlfl 111 lit I hardening of tho arteries the first svniptom is followed by a crumbling awav of the brain cells. This process produce stlie mental characteristics of old age. Not alone does this treat-ni.-nt restore, the feelings of youth, 'hut produces- th- appearance of it. character or uie-r iiu.... - ! oniv fifty cents. Children twenty-five I cents. j The ladies' bazaar given at Trinity I -i p. church la,t evening was largely . . i -,11,1 moved a success. well as Insfde the, aerie room rh.s order was founded in the City of Seat- til' .o, -ially atl'l iiiiain ''.' over two yeais Poll! tie a little 1D1 aeries in the ,'.V WAVMV 'm'm ai V.V. 5.W today there ,ada. No er- While hundreds experiments oi .io-ilu. ing vouth have been presented, there is' but one way of prolonging vmith and that is by the preservation i. i.v.r tiiij iinriiose and for , 1 i-;i,mI Sta I C ,;el b;..i l U e . val , had a hue display or nun , i, v theniM-lves whi.h sold at ,'i, ,. ; for Uiri- imas irlfis. anil , ,. .',,;, ,!,e home. The refresh- , ....... ,,i the best o.uali- on earth I. ' ' rowth. and u- onler is n.o. a pn ..i.'.r vvith its iii-I-'- 11 lll'll , well the i,, ... .no-t of IVin. ami ,, ,.-lio ly ca:re away , , .. -,i! ii.,- ii, .-fill and i,. . .i . i.l il s tele . 1 ill 11 I o f. . ' - : o r neai i ii . . - i - i Hi,, cure of constipation, indigestion. ',!-pep-:a. liver and kidm-v di-or-,i,M Ho: ti-tter's Stoma, h Bitten; Uv:is placd before the pnblie our : fifty years ago. Money cannot buy a Let ter remedy. Try it, and you will Zipp Shoe Company. j entertainment. A Fin : i . -. i wen 1 " iit'il. , - to an nvi rsto- 1; of dolls, we i nM a qiecial sale of, dolls. om-.. . -1-., ,,i. .!,,. IStll. Prices n '; lie nt Waito iiarlors i: - uul bo convinced. Ill - ' "' " . ..i,i '.Si at the art was a num, ; .. . , ..!,. -,A,t has been coiut.l :"- I ltaine Dr. Flora H. Stanford. iinmonnathic nhyslcian. Office and d . . i 1 . one V lO residence, 374 Williams street. ,V. V.V.-.V.'.V-'-VMi Morphine, liquor and tobacco namm tllellteu ii v ' 1 . . . " ltwaspre;,a.e.l .hort no.i- e.l t Lz neverthelc-; pleasing and pop lar Those who coM.ibuted were 1-t tie' Caddie Thn-,, -m. Curtis Mood- r"""" ,ll h- . ut to pi cet ana eons will. .. oni '.me to $1.2:.. go at&Oc. Do Us ,,,,1 at J2 $2.2:. and ?2.r,0. go at $l-.0. (,0 and see for yourself at Flshel a Bazaar. , . ,,lSo ()f Matbias Kelffcr vs. sneriff Smith, in Bofte cutinty. the , ,- iit ou.t. rendercl a decision n. vor f Keiffer. The sheriff levied ., ox,.,ut,on in the possession o 'ti,i.u Keffer for a mortgage against treated. iaSS8SS888 ? 88 S 8 8 H 88 8 ? 8 8 Prof. Hedge, V - , llottie nan.-., Miss Huby V.F.i;.ms. and every pa t son ana u.m., ; Bonc who is walk, Miss Dott.e n;un " , in the Country recognize the errinritV OI vi.hnias Keiffer, the man m for ' ..... i the nenitentiary and some fancy eancng. - rendered a M.-ltd -a b o on .-(' 1 HIS l"ie it developed that the tti'aling cattle. .11. 1 I l! 4 .111.1. - " - . i4i VVi hauls gave- a. it.. ' . . ui,r n Kicholas. DUl LEA & PERRINS' "V . I C. Moody ap .,11 p (1(1 HO I. ueiuiih ..u at 6 "V',.r and iudgment was BLOOM' or - Aniifuf, to Hatiims no i - - k . . .... i,i.rn Moore last weeK The that peared in a lnnutei .S . SAUllt W0RCE8TEB8HIHC 1!:t;.r ia hi;s Keiffer for same a adZL ' and the audienc wytiwiliwl j Karl C.illihan. buck and wing dan- 1 ... .,.! ,,imp,l llll. Will -l' i . nl or i.iwtiom e tvey Bottle . For Oame. Steak., Roat., Soap, after tho en- i its ikIi a line of sliov a seemed in gn- ;l r tertainment. N't'VtT before b;i tben- been llcuuliful anl Servicable , (T '. and every variety oi made oac. . .- lAijt . -. In. MC , cr, monoioguiM . . !frnih part of the program at the I il e show at the Opera house j S-Z vri is nitn. v-. t it...,,-... ..St,-.. A'.tNl-., i.o has i t ril Inn 'I hui Id; .-..--. it. l.ia nn. ,!ing Building. to I li ,:- W' ,.i I'.urlie says: ... l.uiuliivs up(.rlor in his lino. iu- ' ., . m-nsTiiin witn ,.,! on ttu' f.i"'" with i.ii nnd was recciveu ";'K.i K' !justWHat Ho Wants 1 ... y' 1 ........ CBR1STMAS PI: ITS The most elaborate line of Seats at L lie ' and . ,.,..,! 4. cutlniMasiii tent 3 1 C- l 1 were li'-.-t argti- -nn v of Our JJi'LicLOiis ij(u and 1,,1's Baznnr. C t rved eai'.y. as rest rved seats j f j y - , re ent id one pi'ic? 50c are sent to any gentleman who uses "the up in beautiful Xmas boxes especial- Make an elegant Xmas Pro weed." We have them put ral atlniission tlren 2rc ; epi Cl.:l West ly for the Amas trade. . annreclated than a !ox of Save the ftag3- i HE lid There is nothing moie i u"''' Good cigars. nnmitr- Itullock Hotel. . v ad wood prop-attifite of the , v hat we have 'ividual members , ,it that the bill .ported. You can w (- will leave no , omplih this and v.-ill not be pushed ingress." a beautiful carpet- wish. ,each pair Neckwear EverSecis The Newest and Latest Shapes ; packed in handsome cartoon No end to the line of fancy hh-.. handsomely boxed. Handkerchief Plain EmDroidcred and ' ' pEWpOSFOR CHRISTMAS? a a a a a a a 88 8S ;tallation 7. A. F. & A. M.. i Silk li Initials. LET US HELP YOU officers last night, rtoorge V. Ayers .r; IV P. Pague. S W.: J- n -. roe. treasurer; -etary; Anson Hig- Frankliii. Junior cet ready. Anything anl overything suitable TO for C11K STMAS Sifts- pivlty and ornamental I ror . , . , ....ieoi nteseiits, any kind of a Fancy Hosiery in endless . Gloves for dress wear, Kid i.i silk lined. Umbrellas of the 9 senior stewaru. ward; John Cow- ha plan and jiiality. useiui ai.i iu"L""" - , , presents, av desire, you will find here. Our Public In a re i en t. 1 Martin, Congr-' "The comiei' and grounds b Friday and ": present and hearing. .We ' ments in fav.o osition, and i committee, nt-both learned f -of it, we me will be fa voi rest assured stone upturn. that the Picrw at thls' sessic Masoe Deadwood 1 Installed the fe' Deputy GranJ twrtlng as Install W. M.';' Thonia Hlckox, J. W . George M. Re" by, senior deai deacon; V. K Fred Halne-. , per, tyler. YESTERt Mrs. W. K Sol Bloom ton. W. E. Calle ln the citx-John R- W: Hot Springs. O. B. Loni were In the i G. G. Den ha, to spend H. R. Bart. Mining cotnp J. F. McCi. Hale, of Stur George Ba," -homci, as the Scott Dear be , plofd as boo market ln thi from Hot Sp. ererml mout George F ger.-and C. rtntendent. aeer, and '. npertater'1 la tie cit7- present you ma PERSONALS. TheDunlap Stiff ar oft Hat J who have no sui-i-rior-t ami tl Uat. ted Stetson outfit from loft for Chicago. 1 on the Burling- I i -k detective. wa j wife returned from . i ,Aif,. of SpeaJfi-h I t n Everything belonging to ielnv attire, aud Tins lUSt Visited US, OUr Store ia uu j - u " u wiH find it a Pleasure, not a task, to make your selec-lions here. - The Dress ; icld a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a ii a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a n there is no to the proper Patent Leather i' Goods are prominently displ. trouble to find what you want. Come early to avoid the rus! Eager to see you at ifo left for Oma-1 .lavs. Mont of the TiUn.o f r Minneapolis. Falk, and Jame?s i-ltors In the city. -.erlously HI at h.- f being vaccinated. , a3 at one time em- In Zoeckler's meat ved Monday night OUR LINES ARE ALL COMPLETE Waist Capes, Furs, Muffs, etc., the Dry G d "Jand fancy slippers f.r both men and ittto. display in oar show window: ' V 1.:.,-. . 8. BLOC ho has been for Where they have such agTecabl . tp you. 1 J. A. BERGBR, Lead S: D, I general mana-,es. general' sup-'irsh. chief engl-,-irmon. division ,o Elkhorn, were a uen to wait -. H 1 - tin .... . j y !88S8S8S88S8S8888SSa'. it- I Ftm FabHoauoa Nor. U. lav n. . ; i :

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