The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 26, 1898 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 26, 1898
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v. PlONEER-Tl HE TWENTY-SECOND YEAR. DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK. HILLS), TUESDAY MORNING, A PHIL 26, 181)8. FIVE CENTS T Daily MES. fleet will open Art on Mono Castls be fort morning. THROWING LEAD the i.:::::::3 i:::j3thy. WW WMCtJMtB yBsaBBgsjjsji;jjgf ffWy"."'p " Ayres & Wardman Hardware Co. th Spanish steamer Miguel, with cargo valued at $400,000, Is reported. Madrid. April 4. A royal tar waa Issued sevsrtng to friendly rola-tlona heretofore altlag bet ween Spain and the UuUed States. Washington, April 24. It la reported thavt th gun ot Morro Castle opened fir ou th United State fleet, but th, report lack oonftn&aitJoa. Hardware and Gas Pipe and and Giant Powder, Mining Supplies. Plumbing, Tin Sheet Iron Cook and Steam Fittings, Fuse, Caps, and Exploders, Steel Rails. Belting, Hose, and Packing. Before Buying. O P'" -rm-H s seses The w)arer of "Equal-to-Custom-Uads-Olothins" who haa not teen our choice line oi fine w Sua- mer Ouita h&s missed thing. It's a good you c&d m&he suftrantetd to of $3 to 05 made to died by asftuta. ir Get f on a tailor made suit- from ui and you will cet our guarantee and much Loner Pficsa. Ths 6,000 troop, which will t Mat U Cuba will land at Matansas, which will be mad a base for supplies. It to a hi that General Shatter oC to Paoifia coast will be placed la chars of the laml force set to operate In Cuba. He 'baa bono ordorwl to report at Wash. Ington. A Spanish Beit Washington, April 28. Special to the Ploneer-Tlmes: The Spanish boast capture of Amur lean v earn) la sent from Madrid to Havana la untrue. So far the Spaniard bare not mad a gln- E'. capture, while the United Statea na vy boa naught nln Spanish vessels. War Notes. Washington, April 26. Special to the Ploneer-Tlmes: President McKln- ley, VW- President Hobart and Speak er Rend all used the tame pen to flfn fie declaration of war. The pea Wai then presented to RepreeentstlveSralth of Michigan. Apportionment ol Volunteer. Washington, April 25. Special to the Ploneer-Tlme; The call for vol unteer which wa, aent to the govern ors Of the different slate today give, the following apportionment or quota to thti prominent states: New York Twelve regiment, of in- fiUitry and two troop of cavalry. Pennsylvania Eleven regiment of Infantry and four heavy batteries. Illinois Seven regiment of Infantry and one full regiment of cavalry. Missouri Five regiment of In fan ny and on light battery. ftouth Dakota Seven troops of cav alry. North Dakota Five troops of caval ry. The war department ha asked the government what equipment I needed for the volunteer. In addition to that already on band. Spanish Fleet Awakes. London, April 25. Special to the Pl oneer-Tlmes: Dlspatcht from St, Vincent state that the Spanish fleet stilled today In the direction of Cuba. Short on Grub. Key West, April 25. Special to th Ploneer-Tlme: A courier from Ha vana bring th new that there I on ly a supply of food to laat for six days, and there I a disposition on Um part ot Spanish ytnpatht,er to kick ajt th, treatment of Spain In leaving them with such a short supply. More Dogs Turned Loose. New York, April 26. Special to the Ploneer-Tlmes: Th American liners New York and St Loul,. lately tm- proesed Into the service, are bring coal ed to their fullest capacity. They have eald orders to sail. Sunday's Bulletins. Washington, April U Th United States took poHftcealon of th Hawaiian Ia'.anda yesterday wtth a view to annexation. Th .Hawaiian flaff was low ered and Old Glory was for the second time raised ovr th capital. It I ex pected that th Phllllplne Island will be in possession of the Asiatic squad- ron wrthln twenty-four hours Key "West. April 24. Th capture ot Bo& tb method tad results when Brrnp of Fig U taken ( it i, plcstt&t and rf rhfng to the tU, an4 acts f"JJ ESft.ll SlK.ftZi UTW BUM WW fciv-iwv "J tarn effectually, dispell colds, haad- aebsa and levers ana cures naoitasu constipation. Syrup of Figs la Um &IT roEMdf of its huna ever iv C.OOM1, pleasing to US ana no- etpbU to Um atcmaeb, prompt la ltd aeuoa ana truly Msas&i is res al'eets, prepared ooif frcta the meet iml'Jtij ad acrrejsuiauaoaa. Its many sxoaUent oailtiafl mmmond tt to all and havemade U Um moa sn hwiimsb VI mm iiiij, glan. Any raiiaue ongpti im safw net suit It a nAsvlwill pro- sat It prontruy sor aay ox who w . . . m ri- vLlestotrfit. Denotgaxiftsaj gsOCKraMb Work, Stoves, Steel Ranges, isuuuuuuu. a good saviuff flvexy suit at at a eaying said to be order uts ped- r sp o niib 1 e them-if you want Couth Dakota. CZLL W tJ Or i d W aw, k tils was ztravoyfilaaxj bwruns: ! i i'ss ! fcr I. m tt 5 A AT SPANIARDS Simpson's Fleet Forms a Block ids at Havana That Is Impregnable. Big Guns Will Soon Turn Loose and Soldiers will be Landed on the Island. Congress Declares War - Sher man Resigns and Day Is Appointed. WashlngBun. April 25. Special to the Pltmenr-Tlmea: The b'oekade alxmt the city I, complete a Mil the hrp of war am preparing to turn Iran on Morro Caul It and the other fort along the nwat at any hour, It thi Iximlmrdmpnt la not even now In progress. Secretary of War A1k- haa determined to land fi.oon regular troop. ou the 'Inland thin week, and a large corps of surgeon la now ttngaged In vaccinating oolored troops at Chicks-mauga. They will he landed at apolat whra they can co-operate with Gener al Oomes at once, and ttwaa thought the colored troop, could bettor fare the clrmatlcXrhanges. General Ml lea haa the land campaign In 'hand and Saturday, railed General 11) after from New Orleans to receive Ineiructloua for the flint move. Trans ports haw already been engaged to carry the troopa, and they will be landed at the harbor of Mantanxaa under the escort of ahlpa of war. Man- tanraa hi considered a good harbor, being built on the hllla, and mlnlmliea the danger from y id low fever. They will open communication wtth the In surgents, who will be armed, fed, clotted, drilled and thoroughly equip ped for aggressive warfare. Way will bo opened at once to feed and clothe many reoonoantradoe. Congress Declares War. Washington, April 25. Special to The Ploneer-Tlmes: The president aent In a special mesauge to rongr. tlrit aiornlng, asking than a formal declaration of war be made. Without any delay or dilate both house passed a resolution declaring that a tait of war evtated between the United State, and Spain. Springfield, 111., April 26. Governor Tanner tosued a proclamation ordering th". I 111 not troop to moblllie at Sprlngflt-ld by Wodmwdity. The Chicago troop Will leave at 11 o'clock to. morrow. Washington. April 2. Theflrstclaas Wet Point oadeU will graduate to morrow morning, Instead of June, and bo assigned at one. Sherman Quits. Washington, April 26. Special to th Ploneer-Tlmes: At a apeclal meet ing of th cabinet this morning. Sec re arry John Sherman aent In hi, resigna tion. It has been the understanding for mm time that In the event of war he would resign. Secretary 8herman li 74 rear oh, and he thought a younger 'man ehould fill this Import ant post. The prealdont Immediately tendered the portfolio to Judge Day, who accepted, and hi name waa sent to the senate for confirmation. Wsehlnrtou. Aniil 26. Special to th Ploneer-Tlmes: John B. Moor, assistant secretary of state vie Judge Day, promoted to secretary. Her First Task. New York. April 26. Special to the Pioneer -Times: It leaked out at the Brooklyn navy yard today that th New Orleans. -which quietly left the dock last night, bad been aent to the assistance of the liner Paris, homeward bovnd with ammunition and wu sup plies from France. The New Ort,ns' . on ot the new cruisers purchased by th United Bute from Brasll, and fhi duty is th first one he has been call ed on So perform, and as shs ha Just ' been fitted out with new improved guns, she ts expected to give a good e.4covt ot herself In oaee sh meet " the bull-fighters. To Bombard Havana. Washington, April 28. Special to ths PkmeerTlmes: It 1s positively stated that Sampson fleet has orders to botntard Havana within forty-eight fiours. Naval effrfala zpaot that (he of . I GULDEN RBtVA&D-S NEW SMELT- SB, Vlos President Harris Franklin of th Ootdan Reward Coaeoi Mated Mining and Milling company, returned Sunday from th oast, accompanied by hi, wttfa, Mr. Prank 11a spent several days to, ouefsrene with th eastern director of th company, in regard to plans for th proposed smarting plant. Mr. Prank I lo then vtolted Chfcago, St. Lou hi, Kansas City and other plaoas, where b wai Investigating th essen tial features of auuh a plant. Mr. Franklin Informs ns that th company hajr decided lo build a smsl ter, to be eomplet 1n vry way. It ha not bn decided yet WhUir to build a copper matt or lead smelter; neither has the location bean decided upon. Mr. Franklin say ooppar or for fluxing purposes Is vary and smelters ar paying sues nlttprka, for It that ther hi no profit la han dling sues ores, While la oast tatUno- e, they are treated at a loss. It may be derided to put up a lead smelt ar. The company are at III Investigating all the various matter! pertaining to an enterprise ot thla character, and there nothing definite at this trme to re port, furoher than that th plant will be tmllt. The company ba a very large amount of ore on the dumps which cr.rry a large percentage of silver and these ore will be treated la the ,mel-trfr, while the oxidised siliceous ore of the Tornado and other properties will be treated a, the cblorlnatlon plant as at present. The company may decide to do cus tom work at the smelter, but this will depend on the supply available, ind whether or not a supply can be bad and relied upon. Mr. Franklla says th war severely affects nearly everything in the way ot new enterprise. The people are greatly exerted or? th matter and capitalist do net feel Ilk making any Investment until the trouble I settled. It does not nor will not affect his company's plant .however. They will pro ceed to carry out their proposition a outlined and rt I probable th work wll! be commenced In th near future. OOLUKN CR&3T ORB BODY. Ed. Henderson, of the Ooldea Crest Mining company, waa over to the ground yesterday, and Inform u Chat they have sunk th shaft through twen ty feet of the pyrltlc or discovered about a week ago. Th or Is a fair grade and reseublas some of th or ol th, Hardin nrln. and Mr. KntUaon ot the D. and D. company expressed tt a, hi, opinion that th or U vary almllar to that In th Two Bears min m Strawberry gulch. Mr. Hendarson pre ferred to not flat values as shown by th, ssaay, but Informed u that th average is very fair. The or ha, a strong copper sUlft. , The last work done yesterday dis closed good Indication, of alllceous or which I believed to Mist Just below. The material being wc.edlnlsquartiy and shows that th sllloeou formation I, not far away. Th shaft followed a small vertical vein of stllceous or to a depth ot about 100 feet, where th vein left th shaft and bore off towards th. west. It Is a reasonable theory that the stringer will lead to a larg bodyot ore, which will be encountered by drift In from the shaft. Th draoovsry ot pyrftto ore in this shaft Is of great Im portance to the Two Bit district, a th property It situated more than a mil eaev of the Hardin property. The own ers of the property naturally feel Jubl lant over their prospects. TESTING THE CHBMICALFIRBEX TINQUISHKft. The ohernlcU, for th new chemical flr extinguisher have arrived ai this afternoon, at 2 o'clock, the fir depart ment and elty officials will test th ability of th "soda waiter machine" to nut out flres. A shack will be built on Mala street, near Hodgson's Black smith shop, filled with shavings and light materlaCsaturated with oosl oil and set on fire. At the proper moment, when the Are is burning th flerosst, th water charged wfth the chemical. will 1 turned on th flr and results noted for th benefit of the depart-mnt. A tht la th first chem ical engine In th Black Hflls, th work will be Interesting to a great many poopl. FREB SILVER RBPUBUCAN CALL. Th free stiver republican of Law-mice county ar hereby called to meet In mass coarventtoo at the City hall la Dead wood, April Meh. 1198, at tb hour of I o'clock p. nv. for th purpos ot perfectrng a more thorough orptnlaa tlon, electing delsgatss to attend th slat and county convention, and for th transnctton ot eoch other business as enay eocse before h meeting. By order of , , N. M, WADS, Member ot h Pros Gllver Republi can ExsouUve' Committee for the th DUtrtet 4-SHd i i CRIPPUD BREAKS JAIL. Fred S. RoUas, who wVc recently sentenced to twenty-three month la th state penitentiary, escaped from the southeast wall and making a hoto vrday cfeht, by loaw tag brick 1 trot' th sou chora wall and making a hate about a foot and a half eqtare through which U erawled. - 1 " Rolling waa ooavlotad UTon chart, ot forgery and eras bets beta, la Cs county Jail nntfl b eocid be token to the Benitantlary hy Cm Attn. Ti lav to a ersspte and hsa peeB atck IKLocon.tliCLl'p The National Game. Chloago, April 26. Special to U lloneer-Tlraes: Allowing are th loem of today', game In th National Icagti: Chicago 7, Cincinnati 4; Cleveland 7, Loulsvlll 4. All thr gum postponed on account of rain. Army Bill a Law. 'Washington. April 25. Special to th Pioneer-Tittle: Th enat took up th houee bill for eh re-organlse-rton of th army today, and passed It without amendment Get Your Gum. Washington, April 25. Special to the Ploneer-Tlme: President McKln-ley todny Issued a formal call on th governors of all th statea and territories to mobltlte th volunteer troop, In each at ale and drill them for thirty day. In military tactic. Fleeing From Havana. Key West, April 25. Special to th Ploneer-Tlme,: The family of th, Drltlah vice consul arrived here today from Havana. A large number of refugee of various nationalities ranie on the same schooner. England Wants Philliplnes. Bangkok. Slam, April 26. Milt later Darren In a communication to the state department intimate that Eng land would mil be loth to take the Phllllplne Islands, and that In the event of their capture by the United States, a trade could vry easily be ne gotiated by th United Btates taking In exchange some West Indian posses sion. This 1 a great deal like count ing chickens before they are hatched, but 1n alt likelihood Che United State, rather than hang on to those trouble some lahtnda would be glad to trade them for any old thing. Hong Kong, April 25. Special to th Ploneer-Tlme, :Th entire American fleet aallod from this port today, desti-nuton supposed to be Manilla. e Must Vamoose in Five Days. Washington, April 26. Special to tho Ploneer-Tlmes: The state depart' ment has notified all Spanish vessel, In American porta that they tnuatleav within Ave days, and providing they are not loaded with contraband goods, will be allowed to reach friodly ports without Interference. President Accepts Alton Gift. Washington, April 26. Special to the Pkmeer-Thnes: Prealdont McKln. ley today formally accepted tjh offer mid some days ago by John Jacob Aator. Th latter hi a written and per sonal communication to the govern went tendered the us of hi costly yacht for war purposes, and Agreed to man ft with the latest Improved artil lery. When the war I over he Is to get the boat back what there I of ft This yacht Is considered by th navy department a a very valuable acqul Irion, and It will be put Into actlv service at once. WAR BULLETINS. Arrangement are being made to get a more satisfactory bulletin servio than at present It la hoped to have the arrangement, completed in time to be'.gn taking the new service Wednes day morning or sometime during th day The Associated Press haa no for m id able competitor In the west or In the United States. It Is a monopoly, and can only be dealt with on Its own terms. Day bulletin, ar an expeauv U'xury at beet, and especially so out here whor they fcav to be sent 60U mile to on customer. Her you run up against another monopoly he Western Union though not a grinding one. But a portion of th way between I her and Omaha there to but one wlr I inn tnat nas an k oan oo wumni tarn J day to take care of ths commercial bus- I In ess and bulletin are nodlea at rMciiOee. The amount paiM for Bv or I lls day buMetlna would buy a very cuabl eight report sent at a trm M la m, MClustvly tor thu purvoM. The above to for th th gentlemen who subecrfb- a ..W1tla tuzA" TMtrdy. ft for a night report Bulletin are always disappointing, whether ltton or war. - TWO SHIPS BUNK By being overloaded wtth fumttnr for tta raceim'i al at Brnttk Wheal- Gt-et atantly during hi confinement, having om "Chronic stomach trouble. Owing to thl fact, tt was allowed access 1 to th corridor citxdd th cages to x-trclse and such thought RoQlu breaking Jail nevr occurred to Sheriff Plunkett and Jailer Bertrand. Rolllna had been In th bsfott ot re tiring very early and usually h, was In bed toL- before th, other prisoners rutred. Saturday ventag Jailer Ber traud entered the corridor and locked the prisoner In, as usual, forth night The prisoner were all In sight except- lng Roll Inc. who was supposed to bar. Mired. It hi evident, however, that h, was hiding 'behind th cages where the Jailer oouM act see him. Ther wa, nothing unusual about the Jail thai night; Rolling xooofprhihd hit escape without making eh slightest no is. B.indy morning Jatler Bertrand an-teied th oorrtdor to et th prtonn out for their breakfast. RoiMn was not there, and hooking around he observed sunlight that entered the room through a hole In eh wan back of th wolbox, which stood near th eornr, am. th box waa moved away from th wall. A hasty examination told th talt and the ease was reported to Sher iff Plunkett. The other prisoners stated that Rol-Mor had escaped early in th evmmc and had worked for several days, leis urely d'.glng out th mortar from wfth In ths bricks wfth a pair of oM shears given htta by a " trusty" whr had worked about ti t stable and had served bt time and wa discharged Ths hols wa about a foot and a half square; Rollins had htodn th bri ks taken from th hole te a blanket box up ra1rs. He doubtless had ten or twetv hour start when th discovery was made. Sheriff Plunkatt has 4 number of depu- tie out searching th oouotry In every direction and ther I IttU doubt Vast hs will be captured. Jailer Bertrand has offered a reward of 126 for th oap-ture of Rollins. Rolllna Is t feet, I Inches ba height, quite lender, fight complexion. Kla right teg tas been Injured and he walk, very lam. Handicapped as h to, R I not believed he can affect Ms soap, nLACX HILLS EXHIBIT. A meeting was hld at C & Davis office yesterday afternoon ot a majority of members of the Black Hllla Commission U oharg of eh Black HRto exhibit at the Trau-Mlknlasfppl xpo-ition. Thosa present were William McKluovy, of Lead; Karris FrankUa, C. E. Davis and J. P. Hymer, of Dead-wood; W. A etuart, ot Sturgla, and W. L, Gardner, ot Rapid. Th meeting waa for th purposs ot outlining a course to be pursued, th manner ot making th display, etc. Th meaner ot dividing th freight between the railroads was atoo determined. The railroad oompaato havs a reed to return th material to th Hill, although full rates must be paM for sending th MhlMt to Omaha. It to brrtoved the Black Hill ooun- tle will rato S8.000 to S4.000. almost entirely by prvraM aofbsorlptions, and a very credltebl hlbtt oaa t sad for that sum. Th oommlto ha i cured about tOO fA of tohoto space ts the Mines build tag. having larg stole on three sides, and near three of th large entranoe. Several ooHeotlou ot choice specimen hav been promtod, brsld quanVHle of or from various mm that wUl show the oharaotsr ot th ores ot this diaxrtcjt and will no doubt attract oonsMerabl attention. Th Lawrence county member ot th eommtoaton expect to rato 11,000, moat of which has been ccured already. A letter from the eastern part ot th, state aay the pteraot ar that C& per cent of V' ountto will nak ap-BTopr1Jtk.r. ts th eounty aoamto- sloe era, -w,th the promto that th Isg- lslaturs . rebnfbura them next wta- ter, Another vneetlng will be veil n about a week, when the plans will fee matured and nreparatton b made for aotlv work ta ootleeting th xhlblt COMPANY OF VOLUNTEERS. Several of th young nvea of thla cRy hav been so Mm. A tor several dare, organ tsiag ccr.isy of volunteer, to tender their services to the goverm- ewnt tot th war ,wWi Cp3a. bt wexrted. Ust tvaote hC)r gwTtali Put wtth a paper to secur th strmtursa ot thos wtos wtM co mM hi a t-m mtattes raised coft a Ust ' They do matH-pntmi ny dlSouUt la aur. J a ec. jtny of 100 . eea, aa4 expects to f sato tralntoBj at ooao, Tho mk9x will h panaCy a vofaat r for) and wRl not ntmrfacwix It of Our Prices them signed their names to ths roll. There U no recruiting officer hare, but It to expected that one will be assigned shortly. Major Wells, of the Eighth cavalry, Is assisting ths boys all h oan. H will tender th services of an officer of the regular army at Fort Mead to com her uddtoclplln th company for thirty days, to put them In condi tion for servtoe. A requisition will b mad to th government in a few days for arm and equipment, and probably within a .week th company will go In to rigid training. Those who have put their names down on tlh Hit ar a tturdy tot ot fellows and will prov to be good aoUrtore, a ffiolentastherear in th snitlr service. One young man wa, heard to remark that Deadwood 1, behind la nearly everything; every town an the country haa had a militia company out Dead wood. Now that ths war vpirtt haa aroused th youcg men, Deedwood will be found In the front rai.k. Following I th list so far a, attained: . . A J. MUtor, Roy L. Sharp. Roaooe li. Sharp, F. C. M. Flstohr, M. Fletcher, Ouy C. Knowle, U Baker, Charles Gardner, Henry Donovan, John B. Doyle, Geo. M. John ton, H. R, d Mallgnon Henry Foley. jVhn C Gregory, J a. B. Dakar, H R, Bum, F. M. Morrto, Tho. F. Hereley. John McJnerney, J. T. Elesson, C. Bttnn, Tho. Tulley, Michael Oooootly. WHEN TRAVELING. Whether on pleasnr bent or on bust bobs, take oa every trip a bottl of Bynsp ot flea, m u aota most pleasantly asfi effectually oa tb kidneys. liver and bowels, preventing fever. headaches, and other forms otateknesa. For aa)a is. 10 cent bottle. If all leading dracstota, laaataetnrd by the Oartfonla Fig Syrup Oa, only. 6TORAOB SALE. Th toHowms; good belonging to T. J. Garrison will he sold tor storage at my residence, Central City, 8. D., at 2 o'clock p. m., Thursday, May Rth, IMS. MRS. ANN CARL. CONTRACT AWARDED. J. W. Otbbs, tb architect, awarded a contract laat evening to Muna St Mul len ot thto city to orect the Carr A Ber ry bwlhMne; on th corner ot Main and Wall streets. Tb bids war: Muna If ulleo I1S.44S.00 Smith A Profit S. Smith jl.9W.00 Oeorg X. Martin it.231.00 Th tod doss not taolud th xcava- tlon, steam heattag atpparatua nor electric wtrtag. The oontraotors say It Is the only first class bulldl-ag they hav Md oa In th Black Hflla, and they bar bio on all th new buildings for several years. Something of th atyl and ftntoh ot th proposed build lng will b asm by a oompartooo of th cost ot other buttdto, of th sum sis. Ths dty hall bulkHng cost iJbout I1J.600; ih Smhh bhxk about th same, ths Clark buahftne 111,000. Thus It win be aeon that about St.000 will be put Into finish by Carr k Berry. EQUAL SUFFRAGE AT OUSTER, Th ladle of th Congregational church Ouster Saturday might mad. their first move toward equal suffrage. Th turned out en mass, and voted for their osodMate for ecCxnl hoard, and elected them too, without the loss ot man or woman. For th past thro days there was apparently church bus iness to th air, but th object of their energies knew nothing of ft until It was done, when they wer turned down down in succession end th Congrega tional women had awlned then point. As pontloiaas they are all right, and hav demonstrated to th men folks that m the matter of caucuses the wo men arch, tt. It need be scarcely esdd that none wtehout th good will of the ladles nesd agnly to th hoard for position ta the puhtto school, tn the vent of th success ot the ticket at next Monday1 etsevka. The practice ha been to oO eases meeting and toot a ticket, and wtth a few xcepllon.i there have been but one ticket ta th field. Aneraer ticket may be nominat ed when the ml fore of th equal suf, rtege pronoBttioa may be tele BIDS WANTED. Sorted proposals wTM b received at oar rberman street offios, until 7:10 p. m., Friday, Arptl M, list, for laying 1S8.0C0 brick, tcor or ten, all material furctehad oa C2m ground. Bid shonS tat the arte per thoomnd. Th righl to inert ad to tejeot any or at 4d, Tna fish HurTxa co. Deadwood, "ic xm 73) nv (fr CK2AF3R This oty cth:r h:u:i la the lir.d, tr.i CiVG CTTrn CUALITY. oun n n rfs, tof Is ife 4a 4b SB ' Tcts iles TT eSar ths followl&Y or Lvl l a e pes. 8 jtxf wldi Tat! Lirsa ttt ytrd. Iss cscJLi tx xrts'iz . CS doi. 8-4 -ti?r ITt - J ft v Ctcin tad VcL'r-r 1." i LIztattf rx?-- C:tttt::. J fsr le3 t i t4 tvt t-- C ltT I'.-IZ 3 ss.Us ICO dsa. Tow n . Is V . r ... '- f

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