The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on December 18, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 18, 1900
Page 4
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER Mi THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD, 8. D. OFFICE T,u. THREE MNOTHS IN HOSPITAL. B. H. 202. OUNE8- TTawi. DR. J. C. BOWMAN GRADUATE OF OPTIC8. THE 5 MS. Von wan 15 j Assaying ? PALACE 5 Offices Waite Block. ' (Orer J. C. Haines' New s, Complete Electrica, Equ X-RAY OUTFIT l J PHARMACY to to to it to 3D 50 cents 5 W. L. FAUST, rroprieior. V.V.WWWJWWAWAS'. 'phClty Cre-u 1 none im i RESIDENCE 2 DEADWOOD i So. DM AT Spectacles and Eye Glasses correctly fitted. Examination Free. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Inquire at Wilcox's Pharmacy. OFFICE: Rooms 212-213 ADAMS Block. (Take Elevator.) A. E. Frank Discharged After a Successful Operation. Three months to a day In the hospital, and finally discharged entirely well. Hon. A. E. Frank left St. Joseph's hospital yesterday, after being confined three months, fully recovered from an operation for appendicitis, and altho weak, in the best of health. He went into the hospital September 17th, and altho he was carried to the polls to vote on election day, and was permitted to take a short walk Sunday, yesterday was the first day he had been down town since befor, his attack. He was around town an t at his office all day, returning to the hospital for the night. "1 consider my recoverey ent i,'ly due to the skillful manner with which Dr. Allen and Dr. Zerhng handle.! my case, and to the splendid nursing ,md attention I received from the si tern of tlie hospital." said Mr. Frank ys-terday. "M.y case was extremely aggravated, and I 'believe it is the . idv UNION ASSAY OFFICE BEST EQUIPPED OFFICE IN THE BLACK HILLS. 'Dressmakers' roll r, Steam Tower Crushing Ma chiin-ry fur thorough SAMI'LINC. I'rompt and arruraie c,ik iu every particular uu mrnson 'phone iu and I will givejou on trial one 0( , On Sambles Brought to the Offlc V.V.V.'.V.VA'.V.W.V.VM BUY YOUR HAY AND GRAIN. of JOE SAVAGE, Tho Old Reliable, AND SAVE MONEY. Central City - S. D. on bu'h ilnlJi and S1LVKK fir especiali Dressmakers' l e. to J to :'j to to We rUu re Oil SO Cents. What Shall YOU OUY FOR Christmas Come and See WE HAVE IT. Everything: W, M, YATES M. H. LYON H. P. CHEAIRS. Established 1S33. ".- vrrrr case of its kind that lias been su, , fully treated in this part of the i .cm-try. The doctors tell me tb i i strong c on-'titution and a syster. m i good inndilion were nil that mart ;V ) -in ee.-s of t he operation pos i a tiny made the incisions .'" I MINES AND MINING, i I my abdomen they found that -sup; i tioii had set in. and the abdon i.e I walls and the lining of the bo ., !., 1 A.LITTLB LESS THAN i ....EVERYTHING IS WHAT WE HAVE i' GIFTS FROM LEFT NOME IN OCTOBER. were iiamy anei led Horn tile ml'.iiii niation lesulting from the abs, s The vermiform appendix had sloa. lied off entirely. Usually in nia.-nig this operation surgeons drench the abdomen with water, to float off the pus, but they were afraid the weight 25c to $25.00 I listing of a gravity system part of the way. There is good water at the mill, and if it is found that the ore can be successfully treated with cyanide the company will have a bonanza IN HOLIDAY GOODS, Harvey Quinn Returns to Deadwood After a Three Years' Absence. Harvey Quinn, one of the last of the Black Hills contingent to leave Cape Nome, arrived In Deadwood Sunday evening on the Burlington. Ho had lmfn ntt'nv frnm TVadwood three The Latest Cut in Cut Glassware as there are thousands of tons of low grade ore In sight. o A Cleopatra Clean-Up. ii. Ii. Hughes, general manager for the Cleopatra Gold Mining "company, came to Deadwood yesterday with a brick weighing 187 ounces, valued at $.!2U0, the result of the last clean-up at he new cyanide mill on the ground. Mr. Hughes was accompanied by W. E. Sharpe, chemist for the company. The brick he brought in was obtained after a run of about The Newest Thing Out OUR HOLIDAY STOCK, Consisting of more than five tons of the choicest of presents with which to gladden the hearts of your friend or relative on Christmas Eve, has arrived and we have just finished placing them in their respective places O tor your inspection. 9 Never Before in the Black Hills was such a stock as our Hull- 0 day Stock of ly()0 shown. AA - rept our Invitation and come in TOILET CASES, MANICURING SETS,, PHOTO REPOSITORIES, SMOKING SETS, CUT GLASS, and U1UC-ABRAC. years, lacking about a month. He went from here to the Klondike three years ago next month, and was among the pioneers at Nome. He left Nome October 16, and spent a month In Seattle before coming on to Dead PERFUMES, FANCY CANDIES STATIONERY, ALBUMS, EBONY GOODS TOYS, DOLLS, and CELLULOID NOVELTIB, Wave Crest ware wood. Seattle, he says, is too wet J The Richest of all- and look them over. and rainy, at this time of the year, to be a desirable place to live, and he caw the mm' but once during the month he was there. The la. t boat to leave Nome this year was the Centennial, which Hailed for Seattle November 8, nearly a month after Mr. tjuiun left. At that time the ice bad formed out two hun Bohemian Ware of the water in my abdomen would rupture the abdominal walls, so a tube was inserted and the pus was drawn off with a syringe. Only a small part of the appendix remained which they did not attempt to remove. Tho use of the syringe was continued for two weeks, and after that they drenched with sterilized water. Gradually the pus worked off, the secretion was reduced, and as soon as it was stopped the tube was withdrawn Owing to the aggravated form of my case it required months, and the tube was taken out only a few days ago. The Incision thru the outer wall of the abdomen was so skillfully made that none of tho musevs was severed, and it healed right up as soon as permitted. "The muscles lie like network over the abdomen, and a skillful surgeon nowadays can cut into the abdomen without, injuring them. Dr. Allen performed the operation on me, assisted by Dr. Zerfing. I consider them equal to any surgeon in the United States for such work. Dr. Allen visited me regularly twice a day, and whenever my condition appeared serious Dr. Zerfing would come down from Dead to consult with him. They say they are not anxious to get such cases as mine, but I can say that once they take such a case they give it all the skill and attention of which they are possessed. "A great many people in Deadwood do not properly appreciate the hospital, but it is just tue place for a man like me or any other man when be is taken down as I was. For several days after my operation there were two nurses in my room constantly to attend to my every want. After that there was always one within sound dred yards from the .shore. Mr. WVVK GOT KVICRYTIil.XV, That would make an acceptable present for lady, gentleman or and so much of it that we ar completely bun d und r COME AND DIG US CUT. Wilcox Pharmacy, CORNER SHERMAN AND DEADWOOD STREETS. Quinn says he thinks seven or eight thousand people will winter at Nome this year. He noticed a thinning out before he left, but business was still good, and he could not see that the exodus had produced any serious effect. He owns considerable mining ground in the district, but was unable to determine Its merit, owing to the litigation and the generally unsettled condition all season. He expects to return In the spring if the health of his father and mother will permit . him to leave them. Thev reside In twelve days, altho in cleaning up after cyanide there is always some gold left in the solution, to be caught at subsequent clean ups. The Cleopatra company is having remarkable success since the plant was started up, and It is the intention to declare the first dividend during the coming month. The ore is running better than ever, and the shoots have widened perceptibly. The Cleopatra mining ground, on Squaw creek, like many other mining properties in tho Black Hills that have since become valuable and prominent, was once allowed to go by default and revert back to the government, as It was not considered of any value. It was originally located by Wendell Koerner and a man named Hann, who also held a Dumber of claims further over, on the east side of the Spearflsh canyon. Hann afterwards died, and the ground was advertised to be sold by the administrator of the estate. An offer was made on the property, but the county court would not permit the sale at the price, and as a result the ground wnt back to the government and was relocated. It is now one of the best mines in that part of the Black Hills, and will undoubtedly have the distinction of being thenrst South Dai nta mining company to pay a dividend. H fl aioiaefltBi eacBSBsacBcmtiMiuni1 The FINEST And NICEST IN DRESSING CASES. MILITARY HAIR BRUSH&S, COLLAR BOXES, CUFF BOXES, CARD RECEIVERS, GLOVE BOXES, HANDKERCHIEF BOXES, MANICURE SETS, PHOTO ALBUMS, JEWEL CASES, ODOK SETS. ! GATES IRON WORKS REVERE RUBBER CO. - Oklahoma, and are getting well along In years and quite feeble, and they may require him with them next year. John Manlon Is In Seattle, working for W. H. Carter at the Totem saloon. He spent the season In Nome, work- 4.-rrt- 4 OA tVirt utiiI hrnnffh ntl HTP-FDCnfT the money he made out with him. so i SERGEANT Dl litriji ou! of the bell. The people of Deadwood hould help those sisters out. Thev Statuary Imported from Saxony Liclpei v od Manufacturing: Co Hoists J t Experiments With Cyanide. Myron II. French, one of the hi the Highland Chief Mining company, arrived in leadvood Sunday, are vry kind at the hospital, and they t ike rare of a great many l" P1,, who do not pav them :n thiirr t: 1 t..V ,.ty.. , '- . ie rl j-, th" t'r'f. d f'nfes." Contract. W-, k i ! ,U. Excellent Stone T!ie ''line part !' (h. I.. I'.i:-! ! a . A", on b'uiiic: ; coniiei ted w:lh hi; 1 1 r:i - I'cny. 1!.' to a . ; : i, ' tCStS II ' 1 11 1 IV ( : e l' ('lil pan.- 1- . :. . . ri .. i-i . to t::? c. : .., 1 lieu-, l'.i . ; . 1 - ! v . ! .;i ' - Jrr: 1 nn - :-: - v "-, 1 !;!:, d lo I ' v . ' . ', e. i :H!e for l-i' .Mini r-Mr!,"in.) 1 Tw.-" ! and the delivery is now bcins made. ! Star. .tviu.-. ' 1 .' I . .1 'i i, 1 f., , ... :- !! :. i '-.t . ' i . '" r.vy . 1.0 Ea.eit ,,';,'i ;i ii.iuji i.i.H. .,e lia'-e treated souio .of it ili,,l w.iy, und v. e have lunl tome of it tnieked. . We have found that all the gold cannot be saved with 'stamps, and the ore Li i . Ii .crc 5 Vcu.i'j ;,ri C , '. It Instruct-,. CABIES CRY FOR THEM. $5.00, $10.00, $12.50, $25.00, $50.00, hardly rli h enousn to ay the smelt- '.J.v;.:.. 11 a:, 1 . : - t . t':e .: t 1 il 1 t by ;m !iu:i, r Wlio tn!; .hi tn'vl at 2 : " I r : nl'tenionn. and at T : -lO c;i h eveiiin ; with in tni! tiling to sell tho pood regardle of the amount bid for them. These instructions thruout the entire sale so far have been explicitly carried out, and many a person who has attended their auction sales has carried away great bargains. Until further notice the sale will con . er charges, rbslslhy we can work Hill City is the center of a district containing some of the richest vertical free milling gold mines, copper and tin properties In the Black Hills. I 3.UU. It at a profit by putting in cyanide tanks, to be run in connection, with our stamps. We have never tried to cyanide any of the ore, but I know of BUY A X-MAS Several prospects as phenomenal as the famous H0I7 Terror can be had on reasonable terms and at lower prices than in any other mining dis WAU :SHA : Boro Z,.:C;,. Effervescent, Ginger Ale, trict Write tor particulars to E. C, Johnson, Hill City, S. D. 12-6-tf Box of Cigars For your Husband or your Sweetheart. He will Admire your Taste and perhaps marry YOU. Assaying for gold and silver, 50c A specialty Is made of the determln Ing of the process of treatment for , no reason to prevent its being worked by that method, as similar ores are being cyanlded on all sides of us successfully." Mr." French has been in Deadwood on several occasions. His home was then in Michigan. He now makes his borne in Kansas City, having recently moved to that city, where he is engaged in the live stock commission : bulslness, as assistant manager for the Central Live Stock Commission Company. He expects to be In Dead-wood a week. The Highland Chief - property' Is about a mile from the city limits of ores. S. Jensen, Central City, Hen Lemon Phosphate. ley's old stand. 12-5-lm tinue as heretofore, or until such time as the necessary amount of money is raised, when the sale .-will cease and the price or goods will go back to normal. If you have not already attended this sale, we would advise you to do so, as such an opportunity to purchase up-to-date winter goods will not present Itself again this winter. Private sale continues during the morning and also while the auction Is going on you can buy anything you may want from any department at actual cost 0 The Gladiator Gold M. A M. Co. Organised under the laws of South We also Have PERFUME ATOMIZERS, A Handaoma Gift Annual Meeting Notice. The annual stockholders' meeting 01 me uaraen fJiij Mining company will be held at the office of the secre And HUNDREDS OF OTHER THINGS tary, J. B. LeBau, in Central City, on Chi Come and see pa. Look over our the 8th day of January, 1901, at 7 P Line. You will never regre'; It Dakota, m., for the purpose of electing a board of directors, and for the transaction of such other business as may legally Deadwood up Spruce gulch, and Includes the old Champion mine. There Is a good stamp mill on the ground, with twenty stamps,, and excellent facilities for conveying the ore from the mine to the mill, .con- Owns property between Deadwood and Rutabaga Gulches, near Lead City, come before the meeting. J. B. LeBEATJ, Secretary, WHAT MAKES A NICKK 3tma5 ...Present ice Piece of Jewelry? variety of the best Black Hills poll je" 4, CHAINS, RINGS, TINS, GnAMg L DESIGNS made to .YOUR ORDE We are now developing this prop-We have millions of tons of medi Than d um grade ore la sight We have a tunnel proposition. We are seUUf stock to develop the property. For the t rj such t WAT or anj 61 , tttj "1 j - x 1. x . 1 xl- ' We hare a few more shares at 20c , For particulars can on Aaron Ander son at the mines, or Central City, or PALACE PHARMACY W. L. FAUST, Proprietor. address we are now prepaxeu to treat cusnun ores uj toe t : Cyanide process at reasonable rate$."lil--'-V"' Golden Gate Mining & . Milling Company First Ward, Deadwood. S.D GLADIATOR GOLD M. ft M. CO, Booms 111 11 LL T. Bunding. - Des Uolnea, la. goto F 1TLER. the Jeweler IT

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