The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 22, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 22, 1899
Page 2
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, THHBSDA V MOILING, JUNE ! 22, 1899. I .( tits manv merry attentions; and fur lng of "Hall to the Chief or the "Dead BATCHES, DJAMONi and hope and opportunity, and the 01,1 j ther that be is in every way a flt- nag' j ,jg counterpart of that heavenly cherub March in Saul." An energetic boy can go THE DEADWOOD PIONEER STABLIBHER JVNB 8, 11. i nere were loose iu laao, aa senator ei i- ..i,w,.i i.,irii. nt WiKcnn- h.. fat fullliv. out before breakfast and dislodge two or three pecks of the destructive creatures simply by playing "Sweet Marie" once or May his tlgrew can remember if he Is put to it, who .... .. ,..,,,-,, sjn the reliable Jim uluson weni on in me wrong direction aner me. . shadow never grow less. Danawagon, ana wno nave oeen wanaering THE BUCK HILLS TIMES. ESTABLISHED APRIL 7. 1877. THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES CONSOLIDATED MAY 14. 1897. around, sort or orphan like, with their Fine... Solid Gold Jeweliy H. M. YOUMAXS, Cn'in'D. EI). L LUCKOW, Sec, r. w. coon. B. J. PRICE, Committee. high Ideals since. They ran see the hearse and the availability of it, and Mtey shrink twice beneath the Infested trees, while a fairly active cornetiat la good for a bushel an hour as5 long aa he stick to mctfing airs like "Promise Me" or" On the Banks of the Wabash." . It In needless to speculate as to Just uhy the pestiferous caterpillar comes down from hi leafy perch at the sound of music. He comes down, promptly and from it, as is natural to men who prefer i KONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO. Black Hills Gold M Sterling Silver Noy) TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: fcAILT Every Morning, Exoept Monday Om Yr 1J.OO to live. The bandwagon is not necessarily an evil, as hatewul as it appears to the Sioux Kails Press. The bandwagon is good or bad according as our relations Milium., us. It is safe to say that this Judgment will not be honestly dissented from by lit' Prees' front pew. If any way can lie discovered to get at the truth in that quarter unanimously, and that Is the main thing. Perhaps the slralos of melody plunge him gtx Month TELI-S OF WHAT HE SAW. W hile in the Northern Mills the past few dins J. II. Epps. f The Journal' force, met a number of former Rapid City peojle. Indcesl they seem to be everywhere. t Spearfisb he sa J H. M.-Koue, Dr. and Mrs. Ralph. A. ! Johnson. J. II. Wol-f,ud. Mrs. A. Tallmt. Mrs. Scott. Miss On Month "" :'At Special Prices J wkrki.y Issued Every Thursday. Ctmm Yr i-00 U Month 100 Next 20 Da Into such an estacy that he looses his grip; or perhaps his abrupt descent is due to ume hitluTtn unsuspected principle In the law (if vibrations. The one thing certain Is that music is his undoing, aDcl that henceforth there Ih a new incentive to harmonic culture on the farm. mil Will, and . V Scott. I tie lat Mi. RESOLUTIONS BY THE EU1TOI Bate red aa Second-Class Matter at the Deadwood Postofflce. : at ticing theie .1- au pert H) see w nat s ilie inattei with the .-utile iiiaihiiicry Expression of Thanks by the Wi.-'i- : State Press Association. i tie crcni. ry pl.uii .i iiej.lw 1 lu- -aw t'lavton Flower. Thus the time may come when the poti- j A. F. SN YD ARMY OPERATION'S IN LUZON. No defeat the Tagala have suffered falla to tiiiK, the Kypy moth, the army worm i lias a l'.io.I wisilin!! in the First anil the flay and festive grasshopper can N'.iiiunal bank: Mr. and Mrs. I . W. Mower, Main street, be subdued by proper renderings of com Bpn them tut cruelilngly aa that at coor and along the line of the Zapote river, Thla position, a few miles south of Manila, I ,V lt.iw.-r. Miss Hose power and Rev positions of Wagner, Rethoven, Verdi and Mrs. Hamui. In Iieadwood he also and Sousa. Then life in rural communi -aw Oeurwe Carter, who works in a livery As we arc about to conclude unotlin - i ursion by the Wisconsin Pre a A e one no iess replete with' social" pn ,!! and in.eresl than those preceding.' n i; fitting that a formal expression .,u: I !.. given our appreciation of the many nn.i tesles extended us while on our jui:n. It is scarcely necessary to t;emin.! our selves of the great udvauUm? we eiimy from year to year through the medium of the Insurgents had heM for several years. Before the -war between Spain and the ties will take on an added charm. Cater 'vH, siable, having abaiido-d for a time the slick ami rule.'' Cap! Shuwan is there pillar killings will become a popular social United States the Spanish troops were re- custom: the art of playipg the accordion nuliiad heavy 1db at this point. The doing well with an egency for a filter will be taught in the district school; the Tagals had strengthened the work and Miss Fannie Warner was met in the olilc man who practices on the cornet will defended them with such artillery aa they cease to be an object of reproach, and In sect peels will vanish from the face of the devastated earth keeping time to the CASH TALKS travel, and of the aid derive 1 in tne ,i -compllshlng of the important duties devolving upon us as ediio s and pu1 iish ers therefrom. Those things that tend to broaden our thoughts and enlarge our opportunities for observation are always tu be commended, and for the favor of this measures of martial music. could muster. This was their last hold on the vicinity of Manila and the struggled to the utmost to retain It. Their failure la the most discouraging blow they hare sustained. Again and again it has been demonstrated that an American army of 6,000 men can carry any line of works they can construct Under all sorts of of the Pioneer-Times where she Is becoming a practical newspaper woman of much hem-tit to that worthy paper. Preparations are tjoing on for Olympic Field Day which, although a Iieadwood Institution, will soon be htdd in Sturgis. It is said that a holiday will be declared and business men and home-Keepers will close everything and attend in a body. liapid City Journal. The Sioux Falls Press reproduces the I'loneer-Tlmes report of Mrs. Lease's lec occasion there are many to whom we are ture and expreses surprise that such a fair and impartial report should appear In : : 1 conditions, on all kinds of ground and In Indebted. First of all we are reminded of the splen We have got the goods and want your trade. all seasons the Tagals have tried conclusions, and have Invariably bees driven from A SIIAKKSPi; ltl N IHSCOVKKY did work and competent attention of .unworthy president, M. P. Rlndlatib. and his the field. Their organized armies have been thoroughly beaten and will naturally estimable wife, to our alert efficient secre tary. O. F. Roessler. for planning and dissolve. we arrying to a successful ending this mag Our present army lines near Manila Come and see us, will treat you right. nificent summer outing. x a republican paper. The Pioneer-Times alms, first of all, to be a newspaper and not a mere organ. Its readers are not confined to any- one party, sect or creed. It tries to Till Its little field as creditably as possible and to fill its news columns with a record of the doings and sayings of people and of events Just as they occur without color or prejudice. While those who preside over the department where public opinion Is supposed to be molded are given conslderaBle leeway, those who chronicle the news are not permitted to deviate from tbe truth. Resolved. That wo are largely indebted to the great Xoi thw eslern Line lot the pleusures of the outing to the Black Hills country over Its vast system, embracing Ayres & Wardman Hardware ft the main division to Omaha and the K. E Tbe most -i holarly men of the world jllVi. deuileil years lo tile study of one of Shakespeare s trrcilc-t creations Hamlet lias been disiiisscd by the ablest minds of all louniries W'hii his malady was. has ee, more than one mieulitic brain. It remains for America and tbe producers of America's greatest remedy -Hosletter's Stomach Hitters to make the discovery. Nothing ai!eI Hamlet but indigestion which upset his liver, polluted his blood an, made him nervous. If it had been possible for Hamlet lo have had Hosletter's Stomach Hitters he would have been a different character. It makes and keep9 stomachs strong, and with hearty digestion and pure blood no disease Is possible. It is for both men and women. All druggists sell it. & M. V. division and the High Line for the remainder of the excursion. Resolved, That we are especially in debted to the railways for many delight reach along the railroad and the Rio Grande river about twenty-five miles north of the city; on the east to Morung, a distance of fifteen miles, and south to the Bacoor about the same distance. Our gun boats control the Pasig river, the Rio Orande river, and Laguna Bay. All the harbors of the island are accessible to our fleet. The situation at Manila has been fully mastered by heroic fighting under trying difficulties of climate and ground. Whatever our army may undertake It la in aposltion to hit harder than ever before. The force concentrated on a given point can be mad overwhelming. With Maalla goes the sovereignty aa the Tagals acknowledge and, having ascertained that Manila 1 a secure against them a la Saa Francisco they will desert lost caus ful courtesies from their gentlemanly of l immm i a A A a a - a a -m- WW V WW fW ficials, prominent among whom are the following: J. B. Gable, Division Pass Ag't, BANDWAOONI8M IN SOUTH DAKOTA. Sioux City Journal: Someone out in tho pBlack Hills country bas remarked of a certain politician that he "knows a bandwagon from a hearse," and tbe Deadwood Pioneer-Times, having been brought up In the Hills country, has ventured tbe opinion that the expression is felicitous." But the Sioux Falls Press, which is an organ of Senator Pettigrew, and therefore above stooping to anything In politics. Is so shocked that it proceeds, In its most solemn way, to take the Black Hills man's language aa a tex for a Sunday sermon. Shoes With a Reputation. of Dennison, Iowa; J. W. Buchanan. Pass Ag't of the F. E. & M. V. R. R., and assistants; J. W. Munn and George S. West, of Omaha; George C. Newman, agent at Hot Springs; O. 0. Dennis and V. A. Hampton, of Deadwood. Resolved, That It Is the sense of this Association that Hot Springs, S. D.. with its delightful Bcenery and Its ample health giving waters, Is one of the most attractive resorts In the entire West. Resolved, That we are especially Indebted to Col. H. D. Clark, manager of the A STRONG PAIR OF PAINTERS. Williams and Pease, the painters, have formed a partnership and will occupy the shop under the Telegraph office, formerly the shop of Williams & Son. As hoiiRe and sign painters, paper hangers and decorators, they have no superiors anywhere. The Press recognises that a merit la ! Our Boys Seal'Skin Seamless and probably without much delay. o . THE POWER OF MU8IC. While Shakespeare paid the tribute of -genius to the soothing influence of melody and warned the world against the man who soul I not stirred by concord rof sweet sound, It ha remained for "American wit to prove that muslo ha a utilitarian value also. The discovery, a recent one, possesses curious interest not anl. for the mmlnl krtlat fui far Hotel Evans, and his obliging assistants I for the privileges of the famous plunge I "A Fair OittStdC Is I Are noted tor their wearinsqualitiei a Poor Substitute For Inward Worth.' bath at the noted Hot Springs Natatorlum. Resolved, That in the excursion at Deadwood and Lead City the party found cities of surprising; thrift and enterprise, which afforded many evidence of wealth and gold mining Interests, probably unsurpassed In the known world. excellent for school wear. th cientlt a well, end it open an f- Good health, inwardly, of the kidneys, Iher and bowels, L. C. VERPLAST. Resolved, That we acknowledge special favor from many hospitable cltliena of is SUrg to COItie ifHood's Sif- i No. 60 XGjrxxxa.n St. both, cltl .iin' particularly to M.yor Sol Star. , promptly USed ))) iMMMMIIMM preachingls to be analytical, and therefore It seek for tbe root of evil in this Black Hills talk. To say that a politician "know a band wagon from a hearse" implies a meaning. What Is that meaning? Not to eat the cherry too suddenly, the Press dawdles. "It is a meaning," says th Press, pleased with the suspense of its readers, "that bring th blush of shame to th cheek of every honest, home-loving, God-fearing, patriotic American." Th effect of thi upon some of th older type of South Dakota politicians, aa for example Senator Pettigrew himself, can be Imagined. "It mean, ff It means anything," continue th mouthpTee of th enator, "that ther ar map who put success above principle, who would rather win than be right" Now, If that Is th Black Hill Idea about it th Black Hills can see, If it can sea anything, how It stands before th world; or, what may b more important to It, how it stand In th estimation of Senator Pettigrew, providing always that hi views ar correctly reported. Th Pre is so clear as to what It really mean for a politician to "know a bandwagon and bis chief, I PLATINOTYPE PHOTOGg I M ptiptp i rra nn n. xxr... rvw-. nnil Craroo P", imUb xum sevurea s iir uuumub, sou a consequent vigor in the frame, with the glow of health on the cheek, good appetite, perfect digestion, pare blood. Catarrh" I have bad no return of the catarrh which troubled me for years, since Hood's Barsaparill cored me." Mas. Jog MArmr, Washington St., Ogdensburg, N. Y. Dyspepcla-"Complicated with liver and kidney trouble, I suffered for years .almost limitless field for Investigation and achievement. This 'is how it tiap- '' pened: :- ' W? , - : ' .:' i '0 . TJp la th region of th Catakni th - th farmers hav been suffering from a destructive invasion of caterpillars. The . 'greedy Insects or worm, or whatever you '' pleas to call them,, feav swept down en (.vegetation Ilk wolf on th fold, eating -everything in eight and looking for more, i A caterpillar 1 working combination of form and appetite, and hi chief aim In lit 1 to make a glutton of himself. He " and his. relatives, million la number,. marched into the Cataklll country and simply took possession of the entire prop- erty. They found th foliage of th apple trees and maple particularly to their 11-i. king, and a a consequence whole orchards ' and groves have been stripped as bar a th' naked truth. Th people fought them ' with all the device knows) to science, but fan to no purpose, and It began to look as -"though every green leaf in that part f th tograpna colored; Plotnrea fituned. Amateur work enlarge! t TCoHak anrl Camera Supplies- ber of th reception committee, and to th Olympic Club, of Deadwood, also to Supt Grier of the marvelous Homes take Mining Co.; to R. F. Tackabury, general manager of tb scenic Black Hills and Fort Pierre R. R., to the reception committee, and to th mayor and city authorities of Lead City; also Resolved, That th member of th local press of th Twin Cities, of Hot Spring and of the charming little hamlet. Spear-fish, are entitled to unbounded praise for their seal Jn our behalf. ' Resolved, That th genial. Jovial and capable Unci Pake Gable Is th Jolly cherub of th party and that w caa never f on Ptotogmiftiini on SILK and Porcelain. We have aa,J?fj with dyspepsia, with severe pain. Hood s Barsaparllla mad me strong and bsarty." to I. B. Emxbtob. Main 8tret, Auburn, If. daugn Studio, No. 6 a Main treet. Lead, and are prepare -hi cnuto work. Entlrej satlBlacUon ruarmtel. FhottrPM M . at a a . a .A iAmA 6 SaUaba tot oa uj nsau va dj eiuargou. ud wofk aon iWJ PTJtmr BTiTfl PowTRjtrp a art PHOTOQRAra i . aMTIU I'l FULLER a I No. 6 B. Mala St, Lead. Hood! fllli cur Mm Ills ; th m-ttrftattBaT sVsa from a bears" that It seeks earnestly to make Itself understood. "It means," It goes on, "political dishonesty.' I Agaia: "It suggests," if It doe not mean, "hypocrisy. ,r But further: "It betray th villain Lily Uth.vnlc to UU wTtb' aod-i srtpriil " WArM rr AnrtmmA tr utMMltAH ' : In man' makeup. It 1 a phras that glor ifle degeneracy and belittle conscientious C. L. Arc You Prepared? SlEWERS Then a atrang thing took plac. A ' young woman stepped into the shad of . spreading maple the other day to blow as." ,Tfc benignant mll of Senator Pettigrew from front peW Is reassuring a th preacher indulge In th luxury of Gunsmitbrijocksmith, and his helper to dinner. Sh blew hoi part; f-Hl . FInA weather has come piercing blast, when to, from th bougha HEADQUARTERS of above her head ther fell a blinding show " J now U the tima to get that pair 'mer Shoes. . a paragraph, and aome to th loving task of making th application.' t ' " "Ala," ' exclaims' th praacber, "tht ther ar so many' bandwagon politician!" So many who are dishonest, and hypocritical, and degenerate, and of poor con V FOR ier of caterpillars! Was it caus and ef- ' My Stock Includes aU of ti i feet, or mr coincidence T Sh blew agaia and again, and in response to every not -l.vii, 'no gn: lli S-' !3iit.r .. and neatest summer footwear ther cam a downpour of th marauding iH ,'goo BICYCLE SUTJDRIES. ( . . -tuOU S90 .p AND , insects. Sh told, her discovery to th ': v o where can you find the r . neighbor .They shook their head fioubt-. fully, but tried It and with equally satis 0 The Most Complete Repair Shop in the Hills. science: bandwegoners ajl, for It stand to reason that tho who hav missed th bandwagon and tak passage la th hearse, whatever were their Intentions while yet theyMreW breath, ar not longer th subject of th world's deep solicitude, t least a respects' temporal reform a, - Bat factory results, and now th inhabitants of lot less money, we . v 5 It comes t6 Good Shoes at W and bar stock is the fre-hest u .th e largest In tho H UL ! Qo to ' LL fan : that entir ountryld ar waging suo-X ceaaful war npoa ih ' caterpillar pt with th conquering power of muslo. Any instrument Will do the business, from, a month organ to a baa fiddle and front ' concertina to 4 tromboa. . Tb bras band of a country villag cast go into an apple orchard or a maple grov and bring down nil V . WBV i . . v i . the bandwagoners, "they discourage thos who try to llv up to high Ideals." No on caa just explain about th hearse, but when people g Into It their personal agency-la the matter of Ideal seem to FULLER BROS & MCCUMSEY, ; ; ; (geddes old barn.) Nb? CamafK'ail I siiig.:; M; M i diaiJIs Hones . . . BoardiBg Horses by the day . week or tnoatb Spedalty, end, and 'the prefereoc of men, fey and largo, whatever th atitud of their Ideal, I ever-fed caterpillar with a single render- la for th bandwagon, where ther is Uf

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