The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 22, 1898 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, April 22, 1898
Page 2
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THE DAILY HONKER-TIMES, FBI DAY, APRIL 22, 1SS8. OMAHA ADVERTISEMENTS. Want Column. ba t a foregtm. conclusion, tbougti at TDE PIONEER-TIMES. what co of American life and Anirrl-run treasure the wlst oaum. deter WANTCO-HBLP- (Established IVt-l.) FOR FARM a I'lirS . t. .Hi' D ta-i Is rintitS. . . AND GARDEN. PIONEER-TIMES PUBU8HINO CO. mine. WhntbeT Spain will simply make a show of fighting. In order t uppwtse her patriotic but Ignorau. UHitlM. lu UM f.lnum III Mil IniHtfMtlnft. h I- Wantad A man and wife withont ch'.uiren to work on a ranch. Enquire at this office. Alfalfa, Clover. Al.ykc, Timothy, Blue Grass. Millet. Can. Kaffir Corn, 8ad Potato., a.,1 wr.k...,. u.l ha. a twit. sSart. ""J' Taa K nil to taka wtta rtaaM BMMaarMa. popular, an J then suss, lerms 'Ji TERMS Or SUBSCRIPTION. DAILY Every morning, except Mob day. JTJ HIS Space is reserved for the Receivers Sab of the Stock of Furniture of Smith & Whealen which will commence this week. , Wanted Solicitors for in beautiful nl'; or whether she will make Un flsaiaxji VMam One Year HO.M heal possible fight to a Biinh cunnot t t ... LiiV of France, E. WHlSTd." published the auspices and indorsed by the W. c. T. U.; the only official book; pre- The government la In excellent financial condition to uudeiuke the great drain of war. If It .hall be necessary to laiae war popular loan, now be rismoiu. vnn riiu " Sis Months 100 Oos MonU tOO and forage Plant Seeda, Vegetable and Auwer Seed a. This Is one of the beat years known for boy Ing and sowing seeds. Prices are low and weather favorable. Prices furnished on application. Catalogue FREK. Ttia Ksiirsska SvA Cc:,;, 1800 Farnam St. Omaha, Vebraak. , .T ri parri by Anna Gordon, for 21 yeara will nwpond with alacrity f" , ., wutifulW revenue, by .. . li t. Blitvittlr V win rnaponu secretary: beautifully U Wjf WEEKLY Issued srery Thursday. he p.,,p,e ; Ml. Wlllard's nokher the men nor the money for a long nmipalgn. sh may not. a fourth-rate power (hough she undoubtedly In. On Tear 100 Six Mouth, 1.00 and with Plenty, mere .. now ,u d , ,,. tr,,,ndous d- cula.lon in thl. country fl 75 0M 6 , "'"J? for tgtBt. iup.rl) be conquered as easily a many of oui an amount far greater man ?ver iorr mml..lons: credit 1t- PIONEER-TIMES. Daadwood, S. D 4-8-dAw enthusiastic patriots have uopoaeu. In circulation In the hUto.y of thU writ, oulck for outfit Certainly the present la a poor time country, and an Inrreaae of $246,323.- and tarms. The Dominion company Authorised Distributers, DepL I, 854 for landing American troop, upon fev- 443 sln.-e the Chicago convention twen- oil. tv-une month, ago. when that body a-or-lnve.ted Cub., a. .Ickne.. la Haely " . lrolltallon KODAKS AlID HAND CAMERAS. Dearborn St., Chicago. ru i sunieu mai m.w.w - U carry off far more than Spanish bul- materially Increased wfl- Wanted Two unfurnished rocms In ICntered seeond-class matter at Ue Hence, R la possible that aoUal mJt lnP r,e TOlnage of silver. Not on- lute. a private house, or a furnished house Daadwood Pos to flics. Darpins! Bargains 01 nichllng In Cuba may not take place 1 1 that, but there I. more gold In circulation now than there was then. where rent can be paid by board or owner or other person. Address K., If you want a Camera or Kodak writt to us for price, and circular! of the new Cameras, I'remos, Pocos, Rays. Adlakes, Cycles, Cyclons, Quads, Vives, Buttels, Bull Eyes. We are Western Agents for all Cameras. Wholesale obbera in Photographic Goods. THE ROBERT DEMPSTER OO, until after the rainy eon next fail. notwithstanding the assertion that gold McKINLEY'S COURSE JUSTIFIED. Mt 111 tha nrobabllllltl. are that the this office. Now that a state of war actually ex FOR 90 DAYS. will be .harp and dwbtlve. l-'n- was a "coward" and would not circulate. The fact of the matter Is that under the prewnt system the country i i - i. ....... ui.nn Mnanlntlv than ever unincumbered Wanted A genteel, lots between this country ami Spain it Im the Spanl.h war .hip. surprise Dutiea light, woman as housekeeper. in. Frnim Street. ... - USMV neoruna Im a source of groat .attraction to a world by defeating and destroying a number of our beet ships. Cuba will bu Mi m thriuahtful Deoole that President Me- 10 Pop Cent Disoonnt n.l when on the brink of war we have Klii ley did not allow hlmitelf lobjdriv blockaded. suillles cut oft fixm the a rood deal of money and practically wanted A girl lor general nouae- Lee-Clarke kMm Hi en to a prwlpliat haste In provoking Spaniard, and furnished to th. Inur- unlimited credit, which would not now! work, one speaking German preferred. : m!3M hoetllltles with Spain. The entire ac aents. and their subjugation be speed. I k. the case If the government had I Enquire at this office. tion of thn adinlnlKtratlon hits been Ily and easily accomplished. Spain is adopted the policy of paying oft our . ... I l.llMf Ifitia with ilnnrwtatiad rtKineV. Experienced office man and Hardwire Compiny. WholsssJ BardwartJ Bicycles end thoiiKhtful. delllH-ratlve. cnutloiiH, dig 11 at a great disadvantage in neing so ri "- " ;H GASOLINE expert accountant desire, temporary Jt Will bo returtiO'i mi nil Cnsli Snlcs to Custom-erg on Ix'ulhcr (i xwlx in tW SUKl.lne. Ttiey are tnurko I in j.luin liurt-s, Ichh in price Iban toy other liousu in the state. nlflcd and firm. Spain has been grad away from her base of supplies, and manent employment Addreas ually prepared for the Inevitable, andthe w. ))Ught to ,na4Mj In thirty 9 Sporting Goods. ia. STEAM. GAS f - "T5n Tuesday Sioux Falls had the hot-teet city election ever known thr. Ilurr Clen. the candidate of tbs silled, silver renubllcan. populUt tiJ demo now that the end ot diplomacy nas days. bautbt - omasa I Un lnen reached. U is a source of eongrat Waf.ted-Poaltlon as engineer. Dwdwoo CSo SrwllMto Desk, Gome and Supply Yourself at deratand care ot dynamoe and electric to WATER SUPPLIES. ulailon that no mistakes have ben I THE AMERICAN POUCY J. C. CARSON Astst. lisht work. Best of references. Ad cratic force, wm. elected by nine plurality over George Burnslde, republican made and that the somewhat prolong-1 The president's message and the ed conduct of this lamentable affair (joint resolution, aa adopted by aeuat. dress X. Y.. care of this office. FAIRBANKS, MORSE Si CO., DR. (though a former democrat) and ex- MAIN STREET. DEADWOOD. C. E. ZIPRS MOa rarnam mu emana, nma. has been one upon which the country land house make It clear that It will Mconcw FOR SALE. fcl D. ft W. can look the rlvlllxed world In the face I horeafter be the policy of this govern- tS TBS OSLT Mayor Porter P. Peck. Independent. Mr. Men was elected on a reform platform and will doubtless moke a good and demand Its aprpoval. Spain Is a Intent to exercise a police supervision sIO lALIftT rtnaaU.ltla K,tt4 ! m Inta n f .InAnln -a- Agnail I SU l VHIIUIU iwm waa awNWiai 1 WBO TBBATS AXJ. worn-out power, a mere shadow of Its I over affairs on this continent. This avanu. Inglealde. Lumber turnUb.4M aWfOHCe OKQW Prlvata Ciiettet l j duuo. hwii van vim. u former glory, a relic of a past age, ilnew departure mean, that every Euro-1 m3Por TaliEdst and THE NEW MBN ONLY a m . 1 more wenming among me uauunn ui pmn power excin vtri pi iukiu uiuii i .-, nrlnana la halleviwt eat. tram Vnr B,lHnwrrl' Addition. St) Tar, KxtaHnas. 10 Yaara la Umalia. the earth. On the other hand. In nat-l rellnqulah control of North American the Spanish. The fortifications there !- addition U. Daadwood. beautiful-I .Fur Dresssr. . . frmk fraa. t'oB'nlta. Unarm. stnaWS,ei Ural rraourcM and In tho Intelligence, I possesnlon,; that the United state win will prevent war mips getting close 0B fj), pjj, bench, adjoln- 14tk tal fanea Ita loyulty and patriotism of lu cltlsen, forcibly Intervene wherever and when- enough to shell the city, and the ma- lng tn r)UfUijr Spring, la tat First Qillmore lious KB. tho United Busies has no superior. It ever disturbance, or war. threaten her rln m " 1 ,how ward. U bow open for eettlemeaL See as the British did In 1815. piat ana prices at omce or eowid van advantage should be taken ot Spain. It I own pesos and Interests; that theMon Cist, Under New nanapjement. was right and proper that there should I roe doctrine will be carried forward lu The departure of Consul Oeneral Lee I tip 3 Offr Mora Attraction, for less Money than any OtH- Ita spirit and logic to make the United I and American, from Havana baa been be no Interference In her do- Dr. Eiilsy DENTIST, FOR RENT. called a "flight" by the Bpanlah. What .... House in the City Beat mealr, Bet Dining Service, Best itooms and Bet Locat'on of any Houso in the City. will they call the departure of G.neral Blanco and the Spanish when Lee re For Rent Two comfortably turnlafi- mewttc affairs until she should h.v States In fact, as It has been In theory, full opportunity to put down the rebel- the arbiter on 'this continent, lion or make a ratlsfactory peace with The president discussed the ques- her dls.aM.ned subjects. It was alike Hon In the even temper of the drplo- due the Cubans, Spain and our own matlst, and the senate and the house turns? It will be an "exodus." ed looms on MoOovern Hl'l, In th. e rear ot the Congregational church. For particulars apply at this office or at Carl Blank Prop. . Cigar makers are not worried over war with Spain. They don't rare the residence of Fred Reynolds. people that ail diplomatic means br I have considered all phases of the que.-xhuuted before the Span-lard, should I tJlon from the levels of statesmanship, whether they Havana tobacco In their Tk. n tor r. t. Black, Omakk, Bab. Full Set Teeth 15-00 Doit Bet Teeth T-SO Alloy Filling, 100 Pure Gold Filling, 100 22X Oold Crown. 15.00 to.... 1.00 Bridge Teeth, $5.00 per tooth and Crown Teeth extracted absolutely without pain. Fifteen years sxperlenc. cigars or not. r Rugs and Robes to order, ixldermy supplies In stock, vr. work guaranteed first class. be told to get out of Cuba or fight thk I as well as from the standpoint, of pol It- For Rent Nicely furnished rooms at ttoe Clark house, head Las street stairs. COMMISSIONERS' PROCEEDINGS. (Continued From Yesterday.) leal expediency. Difference, aa to tails were put aside and there was a SOS South 13th 8t Omaba Hsbraika. Keystone Restaurant 2 Band for eata)gue. final agreement on eMmtlals of Inter (Fourth Day, April 7. 1898.) J. M. Fish, R. B. Stuart and John H. Wanted To rent a nv. or aia-room- I 1 ss u. w. ed bouse. Forest Hill preferred. Ad- vention In Cuba, with a purpose to set Russell, commissioners, and J. U. .Reopened Yot Call at the Ark. tle affairs In accordance with the de country. In the national ami Interna tlonal sense everything has been gained and nothing lout oy the delay. Bv ery opportunity hns been given Spall to make peace In Culw. Everythlni. has been done decently and In order Now 111 a. t war has come the world cat. see that this Is not a contest for more territory on our part not a war ot Welch, present. W. Si ROBINSON, The New Muiray sire of the Cuban people and the In Minute of previous meeting read FOR BALE CHEAP. and approved. payer anfl Cbeis Ons good draft team, wagon and bar. Upon petition of the Cambria Mining terest of the United State. This Is Hie beginning. It will end In driving Spain not only out of Cuba, but from Thoroughly Rrfttted. Rates $2.50 to $4 'or Day. nee. Good terms. F. D. SMITH. company, the valuation on National 1112 Dodge Strest, lode lot No. 872 and International lode Bush & Hundhenke. Prsctloal Hotel men w ho a III l'Im' 'n Im 2So niHal In the City. M'tl I .. k." A.()0. i Good Home Cooking $ By a rirr -Cla Wi.mni Cok. conqunst ut a mission of mercy, s I Porto Rico; U will end In establishing lut No 070 rtHPIkli . jwn h spwlal rata by tik or .apoesppUoailoe Wanted To rent a Ave, six or seven OMAHA. - - Nebraska. m. mcurrr. room house, with convenience. Ad a. ollowat' FraaaMcr. axnplss by XalL Glsrk dress Ploneer-Tmea. war to put down the persecution and the United fKatee, with certain well- for the year 1897. on account of excea-extermlnatlon of a brave people and to defined and t disputed powers, among 'I assessment. let the oppres-1 go free. the great nations of the earth. The rPn tHlon of Anthony W. Avery, 1-19-98-D. ft W. Ktsyartirt hrElssk Kills Pi:;!s. For Rent An eight or a five-room In the meantime this nation has had adoption of the policy will carry with '" va'uat' n N,E Bw uljw I I ahht. Sec. 19. To. 6. R. 3 waa reduced BISHOP & CO. -TK- bouse. Furnished or unfurnished. Call at the Ark. Lunch Counter time to get Itself In readiness for ag- It the necessity for a powerful navy, to jt25 for tne veari lg90 1891 lgJ4 grenalve warfare, and not to be caught and It will he Impossible hereafter for 1X95, 1896 avd 1897. The WV4 NK4 rushing into Iwttle without powderam' a third-rate power In Europe to bring and EV NWI4 Sec. 19, Tp. 8. R. 8. ro- shot and without guns to use them. this country to the verge of wsr. Uured to 300 fof ,89- lm "n WM. CRUELTY TO LOAFERS. C3TAR S. BULLOCK. , . . and the swsi SEV and EV4 8W4 and One of the most significant things ..,. ..,,, " . I SKU NWU. See. IS. Tn A R S nulur. The B. Y M. In Nebraska I, a cruel railway. Its general manager long m Dining Room 1617 Cap tol Ave., Otnana, 5eb. Seating Capacity 200. MILLARD J. E Markel & Son, &oiazzTOsta, Thirteeeth and Donglai Sta, LEADING HOTEToF OMAHA. Most dastrablo loeatton. treme conservatism and pod menn o; I pertaining to this declaration of a new to j,00 f()r ,ne lg90 J)(M lg9() President McKlnley. ago ordered barb wire atrung along the top boards o fthe deep red fence. policy Is the acquiescent spirit In which and 1897, on account of excessive valu-the announcement Is received In Eu- at Ion, cancel penalty and Interest for .... 1 kOn lynl nh.l tfatil .. .1 ... .one -1 3-24-98 d andw. about the depota of the company. none. The ertaeiinien tr (li-eat llrlta n. I ' "u ii-v o...t n ., I sale on above property, Hardware Co. Heavy and CheK Mine and r.llll Hardware. Guppllcc Sanitary Plumbinf , Saw rc Ooanaotlona, Oornioa Slaking:. All Kinds of Tin and Sheet Metal- Work. LEWIS HENDERSON nuBnisji. vti iiinuj taiiii 1 im r uiitn Amarioaa Plan SB 60 put 091 ss. Xnrapaan riaa al 00 par da v stand the far-reaching Influence of the t n - FLORIST. wan ib NUNUvSi The top board of a fence so long the favorite aeat of those who love to loaf and whittle was thus made throughout the land an Instrument of poignant torture. A man once addicted to sitting on fences about depot,, never fully recover, from the habit. policy adopted toward Cuba. They Cut tr.wsrs. Plant and Floral MODERN WAR SHIPS ON TRIAL In s few days the world Is llkoly t( hear of a new thing and that Is a bat tie between modern war ships. Bine the last war that Involved the use o war strips naval architecture has tin dergone a complete change. Of coursi all authorities believe that t- e presem style of heavily armored ship. Is the j understand that In adopting this poli signs .V 'pped on ihet notlcs, Dr. J, F. Hortzmann, cy the United tSates Is taking the pre lSih and Farnan8u.,0 ius, Nebraska, The rruelty of this railway Is there mlershlp among American nations. 81998 D. ft W. xr."::.:;zc:3r.:ij73 fore a continuing offense. It removes th. support of the local patriot a, he ' and that she Is doing what the great I nations of Europe have d me snd sre discusse, the latest action of congress, M kan MM Um tk. aw aaM. tm St rm at mtwt ormidao.e ever kno-vn, but up tol doing ftir the eaKtern continent: ami JL r r m and forces the somnolent sun-bather fnmm, mtibi ilm la. hl. .a. tnt ..resent time It Is all theoretical. I yet there has been no authoritative Th. jAb SpMial. U, wh treats all FriT't Dlssasss st Um aaa hsilN Wsakasss aaa Monlhl7 Imtalarl tlM Of fiSUlN CS mrs la Ootaaa Ooesaltattoa Tr. Psflsrt SIS 1 11 ' CaiHATlX" to either go home, or lean against the A Vat N 1 I -V SXTTMila The first Imttle between these steel I protest against the policy. "unsubstantial air." U MtlM at IHniT monsters - these new levl.ithans of the It will take a century of evolution, iim a r J L eart.,.Ji)i.ri. tiiri perhaps, but the act of this heartless 'fail Mtau, TraM. Wu , Traaa Waroa- Whether It will be a lorg or a short Capitol Hotol lm black w of Ksw Pwtoflkec Northeast Cor. 18th and Capitol Ave. NoV. A SUlotlf rust-ClMS rmi:y OnafnrUbl Snot. ana eamfnl slUntlon ma TnuHlaal TuMU woo visit Ttms-MIh. Kisasikoo. a&TKS i deep-Jtw JutH to be fought, and the re suit will be looked for 1 J the nsra' lav Banaf. Boa aas Milk corporation will develop a new and an. war does not at thin moment appear mm m mm sVa2 " - - w .ii r"T . .mmm mrrrf. -Mm mm sMSSSl more dauntless race of loafers. They will sit calmly upon the cruel point,, powers of the worltl with the greatest UmuI Baimusi Aim um3-ss The mask of arrogant pretension Id w. a. itutt. sa, ujuaxt, i .1. V in ( Nil 2 ti Jt A U Jn Ht ti AC TI Hy. (iroi A ru Jl lira. n Al foot n.:il pony scare fill.. Jrnir to 7 Skull Iliad. ATM to th, and lo 8lns;l. I : roup. . to 7 I Interest. Both this count y and Spain hiding like the fabled SprrUns tbelr falling from Spain, showing Its moral Upon petition of J. H. Pettlgrew, tho valuation on 8V4 8E14 See. 21. Tp. 7. IV 2. and N'fc NE4. Sec. 38. Tp. 7. R. 2, was each reduced to K'20 for the year 11M. Upon petition of Matthew A. Ballnn-tyne and recommendation of tlie city .'imiiicII of the city of lead, the valuation on lot 3, block ST. 1-eart, was reduced to $ I .nun for the year 1897. and iut 1. hlock 8. l.ead. to $tf0 for 188b. 11. d Intercut rebated. Personal tax ordered cancelled for 18!i7. Upon petition of Daniel T. Potter, the valuation n S1 SE4. Sec. 30. Tp . R. 2. and wV, NE4. Sec. 31. Tp. R. 5. was reduced to 1150, ench, for the yearn 1892 and 1891. Penalty and Interest cancelled for 1894 and prior years. Also cancel all personal tax for 1889,1890 1X91. 1892, 1893. 1894 and 189S. Upon pewit Ion of Anna Perkins, the valuation on lot 8. block 24, White-wood, wa. reduced to $40 for the years 1890, 1891 and 1892. Penalty and interest ordered cancelled for 1894 and prior years; also cancel all personal tax for yeara 1890, 1892, 189S. 1896 and 189. At noon adjournment was taken until 1:30 p. m. Afternoon session, all pieeent as ol morning session. Opening of bids for county printing was postponed to Frldsy. April I, 1898, at 2 p. m. (Continued.) wounds and lacerations smiling and have some splendid ship, and much, HI poverty as well as exhaufted resourc FRANK II. MAUTIN, Fruit tree orders filled oa short Correspondence solicited. talking the year, away until kino Na not everything, will depend Upon theM. jt , totally unfit to govern a col TnuutsaS) Mr DT . . Table Board par Waal Soma sod Board...... ALLoiLA?, P?Ak KE T. A'f.iorjAccn. St 00 suS Upward, ture sn ner motneny way provides a skill with which the vesv 4s may belonv. The world Is nearly convinced I posterior shell or natural armor plate, rendering them and their posterity for. . , ivuwii is uiu result 01 Otir ISHT cxpcrlcnco. nanuiefl and the at iirac of the gun I ihat It cannot govern ltelf. There 4623 Boulsrard At,, MRS. k. y, BUMIS-OX, Pfeeat 1133 KISS M. P. OAKiH, Props. ever proof against barbed wire. Omaha ners. In these nwpecta U Is confident-1 was a time when its offer to bestow ly believed thst our naval officers and! home rule on Cuba wouW have been Neb. seamen are far superior to those of I received with something of hope, but 8TAMMERINO. II Spain. Should the first battle be won It, course from the moment of Wev- This silly and disagreeable habit, T. d. DOWD. PRACTICAL Peter's Ifcm" 1 " by tne Yankee ship, and Spain be a de. ler'a appointment destroyed confidence caused generally by mimicking others or of talking too rapidly, Is beat cured by apeaklng elowly and taking great rtded loser, thst would quite likely and I and outraged humane feeling. Spain VEltbskEr, v te!:r the war. But If by any ch vncs our I has been utterly perverse ss well ss In care to articulate every word distinct . ..... WiriES, Lira, AND CIGARS. lorcea snou:a P defeated the Spaniards I capauie. it mreatened us until we 'j snd without en.aras,ment or diffi would think themselves superior and! armed, sent over some of Its war shlpj dence. And OPTICIAN. Slz: Kills JttsSrj Us.i ti Wats Ciamlnsf for the F. C. ft M, V. R. sure to win In the end. Hence In the! for effect, and then withdrew them. intercut of humanity, of nuffmlng Cu-I leaving Cubs entirely unprotected by a TEMPLE & CCUUCHm, ftlT. ss, s wtal aa I will naraakM astk treat. nbeuter-Busoh and 8k Louli Beer on Draught PER GLAQ3. its ba, and of the mothers, wives, sister. Ha navy. It disputed, up.n the most and daughtera of both nations let u flimsy grounds, the only careful and hope (hat the first battle will be de. deliberate report on the blowing up ol at Law- THE ARRIVAL OF THE MILLENIUM The date of the advent of thl. bappy Attorneys In, tn. Pititfflei. Btiaicl. the Maine, and took no tp to Inquire! period ba so often been fixed by pro bled victory for this eon try and the OSteai as MS Star ktetfa Mast war speedily ended. Dsadwood. . louta Dakota. Second TTnnrt m i MACHINERY. Into the poMlblllty of even a fanatical pl,e" of n ent- n1 )ler "Mbeen .... . , o many disappointments that a grave plot. Ita whole course toward the . ,L . " . doubt of Its realhy tas gotten In the United State has been marked by du- rolndi rvra & tn, credulous. But those plklty, falsehood and the blackest acquainted wkh the facts are aware treachery. At she last hour It is be- from personal observation and expert- Allen's Club Rooir Oars, Mala sag Wslt skv QnAwmt. TKECLD-TlltEPCPUUR RESCH1 WsSr u bsst (Xgan as4 Uassi hi Mm llrsa.k.ka4arMMat TM ton 10 H. P. Portabls Bolter and (agin. IS H. P. HortsontsJ Bngln.. a at seeching the courts of Europe to share p10 tnt Hostetter's Stomaoh Bittern u . B mmm.mBS - ' ta, m j-- - my r n sumirsDie means or preventing n H. P. Vertical Engine. 4 Boilers. ass I ksok Ss? Mf i tr tid product of machanlcal In-snuJty. and remedying kidney and bladder lOxflxll Steam Pump, capacity 140 gal Its rot ten new and Invoking the name of religion, as It haa often done In history, to disguise Its Inborn eruelty and comp'alnts. Liver and malarial trou ble. con.ilpattlon. sick headache, ner lons per minute. WAR PRACTICALLY PECLARED. Before Minister Woodfo d could tint McKlnley 's a It I ma turn he was himself handed bis passport. Th', I of Itielf regarded ss s declaration of war. It 1 said the Spanish fleet left Cape de Verde Jj'ands for Cuba, while our own vessel have been ordered to strategi." point,. Actual hostilities are only a question of a few days, or possibly of a few hours. Just what this war Is to be no one can tell That Spain win be soundly whipped and driven out rf Cu- Hilt vousness and nause all are orercotne It, Crimea by thl, beneflcen regulator and tonic. N'a S Osts Crusasr. t Sets Crushing Rolls. 1 BrucTner Roaster. Oreat Variety of Saaftlng and Boies, grew Bayiag erepr .in usy'n wssfe sag always the kats. For salssvstj.aie, ftsfass eaawutaksa rsa Wt' Sa Bf Igr m.zzz Tzh ChzMzzz C:C0.C-7 r?nu wantsj In ostn t-e'--v r--- a a-,,,., -r7 LeSis Malstffd mm . " When appetite la Impaired and sleep broken or unrefreshlng. a wlneglasaful T ts bs BTtsrssr. Klondike new I sadly neglected In these war time. The speculstors there will not get the usual amount of free shortly before meals and before retir SHBRZ4AT1 ST. w;::lesue & ma GROCERO. ' s)Ba Aaaaal ftsj. "Wnsi tor K s.anmtti.MM.M, ing will do much to remedy the dlffl Belting and Pulleys. Tanks. sVe. W. If. BARKER. -Offlcs, rer lit National Bank, Deadwood. B. D. SartOitSSSlkaHai V..aV a 7 trwI advertising until the war talk Is over. Icuity, "-W""Wft-tB, SnS Wlr mmn jasigfiiBj

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