The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on December 16, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 16, 1900
Page 4
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'TTT Vm 8UDAY' CEMBER Ut THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD, 8. D. COUPDEniAlliN 4 r a c I ' THE 5 the past, and showing a big value. Trie lessees have not decided ,,on where they will have it treated. The l ister is Raid to be looking particularly good, and the men who are working it are in a position to make some' money on it. Assay ing PALACE ? J PHARMACY J W. L. FAUST, Proprietor. The above is our co mark and all of our imm.. T ii t 0C flf I. and Boys' Coats .Suits u 50 cents vuu iwiia will UA fin ,-..1.. . II . - .-aiM iii nnon -i are all gone. $ x 4 $ X 2 X i 5 Strike on the Chilkoot. A rich strike of ore has been made on the 185-foot level of the Chilkoot mine, near Hill City. The ore is a very pretty white quartz, quite granular in structure, and the gold Is found in the free state. Mr. Barth, the St. Iouis brewer. Is one of the heaviest owners of the property anil he is conducting the operation, on ine ground. The ore recently en oun- e AT Itenieiuber no Clothing is reserved in this EiJe. UNION ASSAY OFFICE BEST EQUIPPED OFFICE IN THE BLACK HILLS. ified is found in a large body and t is ver gives splendid assay returns, ine most important discovery made on the ground. Stpara Power Cruxtiing Machinery for thorough SAMI'MNii Prompt and acrurulu work m every particular OHASE'H i On 6amoles Brought to the Office What Shall YOU BUY FOR Christmas Come and See WE HAVE IT. Wo kio remits on both tiOLl) ami SILVBK for x Another Shift Put On. Frank Herbert of the Clara Hdle mine has nut a night shift on ;it his 50 Cents. Where They Sell Cheap Mn Street, Den J X :$ X :J Established M. H. H. LYON P. CHEAIRS. 1889. 4 i r ' HsBd2:t)ECHi3ei2aBBeBenLBOEcaciE.5;!jaBei9soj0,lt( I mine and mill. Ho keeps his mill I running c onstantly, and is mak g a fine snowiiiir. The ore is sliov. :i it I remarkable richness, and thor.' is a 1 lartre amount of it in siifht. Hill City is the center of a 1 !i''t lontaining some of the richest wrti-1 al free milling gold mines, coper nnd tin properties In the Black Hills. Several prospects as phenomenal as tho faiiio is lluly Terror can be hail MINES AND MINING. Everything S 4.LITTLE LESS THAN I EVERYTHING .... GIFTS FROM WHAT WE HAVE SIS on reasonable terms and at lower prices than in any other mining district. Vyrito for particulanrs to E. C. Johnson. Hill City, S. I). ll'-ltf large amount of development work that lie has enhanced the value of the Irojicrty materially in the eyes oi mining meu. IN HOLIDAY GOODS 0 a 25c to $25.00 OUR HOLIDAY STOCK, PERFUMES The Latest Cut in -""O u tun U li v U ff FANCY m tons of the choicest of present a Cut Glassware with which to gladden the hearts CANDIES STATION'EHlJ w or your inena or relative on Christmas Eve. has arrived n,l m o " TOILET S CASES, O MANICURING SETS,, PHOTO REPOSITORIES, SMOKING SETS, CUT GLASS, and O we have just finished placing a ALBUMS, The Newest Thing Out them in their respective places EBONY COODf I TOYS, Never Before In the Black Hills DOLLS, was such a stock as our Holi- aD(1 Wave Crest ware day btoek of lyOO shown. A A - a CELLULOID BRIC-A-BRAC. NOVELTU V ccpt our invitation and come, in a and look them over. a The Richest of all 990iiesoiiatt WIC'VK GOT rcVKKYTIMNV, Bohemian Ware The Reporter. Who is it gathers up the news. Kires, accidents, men's ways and views Records the crimes, their punishment, Who's left tbe town, which way they went, The state of trade, who has been wed, And who is injured, sick or dead'' The reporter. o Who comes upon you unawares And deftly learns of your affairs? And takes your rebuff in good part And does not quaii nor yet loso heart; But fipds out all he wants to know Before he takes his hat to go? Tho reporter. Who tireless is and knows no fear, But takes assignments far and near, Makes no complaint, does not demur. But hustles out and makes things purr Huns down tho facts perhaps a stick And writes a column double quick? The reporter. Who, while the author writes for fame, Affixes to his tales no name? Who, whllo whilo the artist captures praise. Unnoted goes his varied ways? Who gets few thank9 and little rest. But all the same still does his best? The reporter. Buffalo Evening News. 0 Assaying for gold and silver, 50c. A specialty Is made cf the determining of the process of treatment for ores. S. Jensen. Central City. Henley's old stand. 1 2-5-1 m .u,u ,a7..c d dLl.cfJldole present for lad, gentleman or ckl Second Gopher Clean-Up. The Gopher Mining company has just finished a second tent run at the Suu-nyside stamp mill. The mill was smarted up the first of the past week, and yesterday a clean-up was being made. The first test run on the ore was in the Clara Belle Tremain mill, and the ore put thru returned an average $132.50 a ton. The, recent run at the Sunnyside mill, it is said, will likely mane fully as good show ing. Tho company is putting; up a hoist at the shaft, and intends to continue the shaft. A mill will undoubtedly be put up on the ground but not until after the shaft has been put down to a greater depth. It is- believed that sufficient water can be obtained! by sinking the shaft further, to operate a mill. o Copper Deal Possible. J. I j. Bentley, commercial agent for the Burlington, accompanied by two copper experts, arrived at Hill City yesterday from Omaha. They were on their way out to the vicinty of the Blue Lead copper mine, to examine a Fopper pfopositori- that llus Huuth uf the Blue Lead. The property theV are looking after is said to give some very promising copper indications, there being a large copper chimney where fine samples of copper ore are to be found. The Buceess of the Blue Lead is undoubtedly stimulating copper mining in the Black Hills.. The Blue Lead Is producing copper ore now that i sone-fourth copper, and when run down in a furnace the molten copper runs out almost like sjrup from melting sugar. 1 K:S:V ::VY :?...::.:?.:!.:!, Union Hill Strike. A very important strike lias been made by tbe 1'uion Hill, or Galena Mining and Smelting company of Galena In a drift run from the Eureka nhait in Strawberry gulch. This drift has been run several hundred feet from the shaft in an easterly direction to Intersect the Gilt Edge and Dakota Maid ore zone. A few days ago the. shale and quartzito formation that the drift had been running In, was sud-uenly cut off by the porphyry ore zone that continues in a northeasterly direction from tho Gilt Edge and Dakota Maid minus. The porphyry had not been penetrated very far until ore was encountered. The ore Is of the stine general character and grade as that found in tho Gilt Edge and Dakota Mafd, and clearly establishes tho continuity of this ore zone to the northeast. Tho company is justly entitled to much credit for their persistent efforts In developing this property, and while it is now clear that it might have been done in less time,, and at much less expense, it I3 usually very difficult to determine just how and where to perform development work to the best advantage until after it is done, but very often much time anad expense could be saved by a careful analysis of the geological conditions of a mining district by some one competent to do bo. But it is now clearly evident that this ore zone diagonally crosses the Union Hill, Comet, and South Ruby lodes, all of which belong to the company and insures to them a large portion of this valuable ore zone. As this ore zone passes out of the end of the South Ruby claim In Ruby gulch, it evidently enters into and continues lengthways thru the Portland taine owned by the Ruby Gold Mining and Milling company, thence on and thru tbe Brodlo claim In Butcher gulch, in conformity with tue theory ad van-eed la the Pioneer-'1 lmes some time ago by James Conzett in a treatise upon the geology, deposition of ore, and general course of the ore zones of that district. ci.u ou mum ui 11 inai we ar completely bun d und r COME AND DIG US OUT. Wilcox Pharmacy, The FINEST AndNICBST O CORNER SHERMAN AND DEADWOOD STREETS CBIOEwBB)la9X6Z30BOEa t33B3509atB((J IN DRESSING CASES. MILITARY HAIR BRUSHES, COLLAR BOXES, CUFF BOXES, CARD RECEIVERS, GLOVE BOXES, HANDKERCHIEF BOXES, MANICURE SETS, PHOTO ALBUMS, JEWEL CASES, ODOK SETS. GATES IRON WORKS REVERE RUBBER CO. I INGEBSOLL-SERGEANT DEL CO. Tonight Just before retiring, If toot liver ie ."liiftgish, out of tnne and you feel dull, bilious, constipated, take s done of Statuary Imported from Saxony Lidgerwood Manufacturing Co Hoists 0, F. PURNELL n riL-hi ill tli:- merino Silver and Lead. A. D. Arundel has an excellent silver-lead proposition on the Steve Breyer groun'd at Silver City, near Rapid creek, In Pennington county. When he fltst commenced work 'on the ground the ore found was conspicuous for the antimony it contained. There are two shafts in process of sinking. The deeper shaft is down sixty feet and the ore has widened out to five feet, i-e antimony is cutting out as it goes down, and the ore is becoming a splendid silver-lead proposition, with some gold. 0 g Deadwood, S. D. - As rt for South EaU Something New ' A work of Art The Sale Still Goes On. The W. K. Lowe stock Is being sold off every afternoon and evening to the highest bidder by an a-uctioneer who takes his stand at 2:30 every afternoon, and at 7:30 each evening with instructions to sell the goods regardless of the amounts bid for i. Grand Junction Ore. . The Grand Junction is said by those who have been thru it to be the greatest mine in the southern Black Hills. The Grand Junction ledge ranks next to the Homestake in point of Its size, and it is shown to possess a splendid uniform value. The shaft is 110 feet deep, and crosscuts have been run in either direction, without reaching either wall. The ledge is 173 feet wide by actual measurement, and there Is no telling hoar much wider. J. H. James, who visited the mien the fore part of last week to PERFUME CASES, FINEST PERFUMES. them. These instructions thruout the entire sale so far have been explicit Wealthy Group Sold. The Wealthygroup of 'mining claims near Keystone, hag been sold to a Sioux Falls company. The ground;, is on the Holy Terror mineral belt, about four miles northwest of Key- ntAnA and Annalaia vt at sOolma MANITOU : Mimral Water. ly carried out, and many a person who has attended their auction sales make an examination for the Intended nas carried away great bargains. Until farther notice the sale will continue as heretofore, or until such Ginger Ckampam purcnasers. too a quantity 01 me oro . . tw,ntMt, mtll on tll. Get Your Children a Graphophone It Interests Young and Old It Instructs. DABIES CRY FOR THEM. $5-00, $10.00, $12.50, $25.00, $50.00, time as the necessary amount of back with him when he returned groW Md a twompartment 8baft xx v T L 100 feet deep. Q. P: Ward represent Sarsaparilla- money is raised, when the sale will cease and the price or goods will go back to normal. If you have not al the mine that the samples he took bond, and It la his Intention to put a force of men on Immediately. The Price & Baker company put up tbe $76.00. showed an average value of $5 a ton. I In view of this It is said there la no doubt but that the deal for the mine will go thru, as the ownerg have only been claiming $4 ore. The ore la 4 : WAUKESHA stamp mill on the ground several BUY A X-MAS years ago, and Mr. V. T. Price of that firm had an Interest In the group. It Is said that the Holy Terror ledge is found oh the property, and mining found In a large Tertical. It Is quarts and quartzite mixed. . ( Box of Cigars Boro Lithia Effervescent, Ginger Ale, Buylrrg-ths Golaei) Slipper., For your Husband or your 8weetheart. men consider the group of great value. Holy Terror Driving Headers. The Holy Terror-Keystpne company Isadoing development In the Holy ne win admire your Taste and per haps marry YOU. ready attended this sale, we would advise yon to, do so, as such an opportunity to purchase up-to-date winter goods will not present itself again this winter. Private sale continues during the morning and also while the auction Is going on you can buy anything you may want from any department at actual cost 0 The Gladiator Gold M. A M. Co. Organised under tbe laws of South Dakota, Owns property between Dead wood and Rutabaga Gulches, near Lead City. We are now developing this prop- We have millions of tons of medium grade ore In sight We have a tnnnel proposition. Wa are selling stock to develop the property. ' , We have a few more shares at 20c. For particulars call on Aaron Ander Terror mine. Headers are being Lemon Phoh driven on the 800-foot level and on the 900-foot level, for the' purpose of opening up more ore. Some ore is being mined, and fifteen stamps of the Keystone mill are dropping. jtl We also Have PERFUME ATOMIZERS, A Handsome Gift. fM6JtJ?Ml-Jt-9Mt-9JtJt-?!Je.t The present deal . for the Golden Slipper purchasers to go thru. A gentleman from the east, who represents the Intended purchasers, has recently been at Sioux City and spent several days with local men who have Interests in the ground. His negotiations are said to have been entirely satisfactory. - and he .has now gone to Omaha, to perfect the transaction Tor ie intent bold by E. W. Speed, who was formerly In tbe banking business at Hill City, but who is now in business at - South Omaha. The Golden Slipper J is a rich free gold and concentrating property, and of recent years has been almost constantly under bond to one party, or another.' At the same time It has undergone a f WHAT MAKES A NICE" Ore en tne Ulster Group. '' Lee Hall and associates who have And HUNDREDS OF OTHER THINGS been working a lease on the Ulster Come and see us. Look over our Line. You will never rear if. Christinas ..Presefl son at the mines, or Central City, or J group of claims near Crown Hill for several months, hare several hundred tons of ore on tbe dump," ready to be shipped away ror treatment It is an excellent quality of ore, similar to that produced by the Ulster in address GLADIATOR GOLD M. it M. CO., Booms 513-14 LLtT, Building. . Das Moines. la. Than a Nice Piece of Jcffdj ! Custom-Ore Foy theLbest variety of the. best .Black nnw il mochas-. .. c rrt$ ,.T..WATCnES, CHAINS, RINGS, f 1 - - Qm We are now prepared to treat custom ores by the A "Clean Clipper" for Xmas. ' DeMouth's Ark' Is in receipt of the finest assortment o "Clean Clipper' uUery that was" ever shipped to this section.. Tbe assortment consists of knives and scissors. . The knives, especially are very fine, ranging la price from $1.60 up, one of their $1 or $L25 pearl handled "Clean Clippers" ..would make any or any SPECIAL DESIGNS made i 5 Cyanide process at reasonable rates. " . - - GoJden Gate Mining & Milling Company ' First Ward, beadwoodr S.D ; , . PHARMACY : ; j W.' Ui FAU8T, - Proprietor. Jl gentleman a fine Christmas present wmwrmm 7 -

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