The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 19, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 19, 1900
Page 2
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, nKADU'OOD, S. D. SATl'RDAY, MAY 19. 19 Psim that reads and listens. We do not advise a single soul to go there. We know that gold abounds at Cape Nome I in Viist quantities; that some men will grow rich over it, and that others will grow ' poorer and more despairing in ; tin :r efforts to find it. TliN is always Geo. V. Ayrcs & Co, THE DEADWOOD PIONEER ESTABLISHED JUNE B, 1874. THE BLACK HILLS TIMES ESTABLISHED Al'KIL 7, 1X77. CONSOLIDATED MAY 13, 1897. A POIJVT OF SIMILARITY. Publishers of newspapers, now and again are accused of asking for subscriptions ajid for advertising because it is the alh-gedd uty of the public to "support the paper. ' ; nl "tile pap.-r needs it." I: f.e t tlii.- simply -"ekinn ii.trity. It i til" - S 1 1 1 : i 1 1 ' i cf (me m in th;it another limn siipjirirt ;it tli':it i.tliir's i-puise. y'he pnli- Silil.dl of the 1 Fio:- I !! iii-' ' . 1 1 was .,11 in thi iias in .Montana; it almlo , ly.i :i l, ih.ULiinj.'s 1 k Successors to Ayres & Wardman Hardware Company. lith all . n II. idafco: it will ,. 1 1 m lishcr w.i, 1 :.: kes IK h i ! p 1 1 e 1 1 - ,,r iU VeS ill." i -1 1 1 - r 1 1 I T ', isit'-il 11 I PIONEEH-TIMES i'L' B LI SUING CO. L'oi! f.-L.i nil I ll!l late live jn . is till ;.' end .:" c- i i M. Some l-f t'oitMiiis. and then peai and coinfui t 1 k tli' i ;i : ! niom v lie Hot ?1) nun to more of j ,. y l.ave. I niamis i"s M nn him f ' 11 : . f : 1 1 . t Ml!'.- it III et li IV. lv mail i'litiL'-'leriiands ei tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiutiiii on I y ag 1 They an I'v. i .lav's dlisher sie b lnua M-ik and ' it leu sort of tiling, lie i I ' I I ! 1 .-. I til eV'TV pull I. J.. pl 1 i-l' fl'O'.! or TEHMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: DAILY Every Morning, Except Monday, One Year $1U.(0 Six Months 5.00 One Month 100 WEEKLY Issued Every Thursday: or wander back t. p-) at th. Beauty and strength In women vanish early in life because of monthly pain or some menstruai irregularity. Many suffer silently anil see their best gifts fade away. !y is ;,!- blisi less but just Hardware iner Ik ni"s to toil more icit -iim I y to die at I- as' ,'rncng fricn-!-. Yet we io riot ngard tle . lian. e: I ways .-t ruggl i tig to start I t hat is to become i 111 meiist I as now it is poor that it cash or any thing else- cannot pay tho it will and Mining i One Year.... 2.00 Sii Months 1.00 Entered as Second-Class Matter at the Deadwood Postofflce. sell a born spoon or a talizeil moonbeam for package of crys-cash and adver- a Itoget her tin fa vocable. a matter of fact chance has little to do with it. A man's failure is usually due to his own unfitness or to his own iinpre-iiarednes-:. Thousands of men will rush to Cape Nome this sprint: just as Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound tising, if the publisher v 1 1 1 be iiuick Supplies.. about it. These are concerns that advertise etensivelv (and as a runs"- I they would eo on a trip to New York. I or to the exposition in Philadelphia. I Thev will take $!' or $:no with them I and imagine that that , will pun b is ' necessary supplies and outfit, a nas- IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIII iiience sell vast (iiantities of their goods), that .actually do not pay one dollar for advertising. They make specious appeals and tinsel offers to publishers, paying for space in goods of theii own production, and receiving in cash fully the amiiont of the cost GOOD FOR REl'VBLICA.VS. No more fortunate thing for the republican cause in South Dakota could have been planned than the holding of the national populist convention in Sioux falls the past week. The proceedings brought out in bold relief, the absurdity, the incongruity and in helps women preserve roundness of form and freshness of face because It makes their entire female organism healthy. It carries women safely through the various natural crises and is the safeguard ol woman's health. The truth about this great medicine is told in the letters from women : sage from Ptieet Sound to the Yukon. I and still leave a comfortable balance j wh"reoe to 1 ist until thev strike it nl pi (Miiluction. In what respect dr! I 1 i:rf.. r a i i i : . I Main St. Deadwood, S. D ni'" .nun 1 1 .mi 1 ne piiiuisner who rich, cir res vite ' in order to keep tiiout experience, knowledge, es of anv kind, thev hut jure from the outset. A few . i!ef. 1 mined. ::nd energetic. Ill' i r wav i 11 spite slender i'lts advertising paper alive"! tlx sincerity of fusion betwen two organizations which are logically as wide apart as are the republican and the populist parties. The pitiable spectacle was witnessed of the. ills redited portion of a icform mrty wliiili. I : I; who is itFsi'o.vsi ;,: s. but t he man v will return to being published in this There is great aiti:tyjn Washing .paper constantly. LIVERY FEED AND SALE ffl 'if s: 1 ! Ail! ;, J . e. i ill- 1 th. v : sell , , l-lii. o, ' Pie - ; Nou:. I lies s. ' what believ,. ;s'i that strong. ur.mund '" as he to Cape v leisi- st n bes. s: 1 rving tin ton the.;,, days, and the olli. ials of th" War and Post office departments are spending the greater pari of th.-ir time trying to shift the icspotisiliilii v torthe big postal ilefab-ation in Havana. Vain endeavros are belns made to find a i l'o1 I h. ids and to el not ventured. nt eiati who can ?:!':. nod ss mu -h en ought to he able to go ind. oritinn ise. u in a competence. O'eS of men will do. they will come back ever its uliosyncracies. Had hecn giv.-n rdit for sincerity in its original nin-ception. being us d as the football of a lot of scheming and selfish politcal jiianipultaors Allen and Weaver on the one hand trying to avert a vice presidential nomination in the interest all the evil- t hat ,1 mild i ujure.l 1;; Good Saddle and D-lvn.g Horses l urnished. Heavy IP -,8 ,. Te.-inia nontrht on1 c.n,. rnw, t n ........ i , r in the mind of imaginati . Bt um. wjuum ii- omen 10 io neavy learn wort 1 - I 111 :;nd or 10 move nousenom goods and furniture. Dry wood fur nip ,,, leii'.a-peo- bav-fit ur- scapegoat who will take the blame for delivered. and sourbt to Irirliteii th pie with them. The predictions con:., t iiMiught hut the discm of Bryan and Pettigrew and Hutler on -Vm1, W" ; In ..'! who 11 1 h. n; : 1; i t bin!. - GEORGE BENNER, 509 Main ing ; wa 1 1 both Put. as we sab! in the beL'inn:i dn net know: all e s- ay is bus what we h:; " re id or he i' I i.ather the news, compile it. and lish it as something that peopl anxion.i to see in type. ";d" of t lie nation is mm iug on -rather 'ban ha.kwai'l. and libit enditions and prospects rail for 1e Hill the whole unsavory affair, and the man who will ac-ept sin li an asdmi-, meiit will be granted a round remim-I tr.vion tor the short time he .-nay have to spend in jail. While it cannot he said the ofli' ials in Washington had any part in thei profit;- of the affair, they cannot escape' responsibility for the general asinine j j the other, successfully fon ing a selection of Free Silver republican that they might retain their hold on their respective constituencies: altho neither of them lielieved for a moment that the democrats would ratify the choice. Here, then, is the net result of this gathering of populists a convention presided over by a millionaire demo- plaint. rejoicing instead of c o o The I state w v. .Mr. Hillis predicts that the I go to the devil pretty slum character of their course. it me ncontinue 10 postpone inairige E The Ladies Bazaar Silk WaiStS for this work at a l;u;o-;tin. 5E, . New Dress Patterns Tor sprino- o;()W11s. To have appointed Rathbone of the Posts in Cuba was to en until they are forty and women refrain from matrimony cniil thev can find a courage such wholesale rnbberv. fori 1 husband who can buy then; "five horse FATAL COl.v HS It has been proven that soldiers are hit during battle according to the color of their dress, in the following order led is the most fatal. Austrian grey is the least fatal. The proportions are, red twelve, rifle green seen, brown six, Austrian, bluish-grey, live, ''"here is one other color, not mentioned, more fatal and that is the pallor of weakness. If it has commenced to paint its deathly hue upon your cheek, and the stomach weakens and life seems not worth living, go to the Summer Goods Percales, Mercerized Ciinc in ocrat from Colorado nominating a democrat for president, and a renegade republican for vice president, on a platform prepared under the direction of the democratic press agent; the entire proceedings being- controlled by the votes of states which had few If any delegates present. It Is no wonder that Jerry Simpson, Rynders of Penn-ylvania. Brown of Massachusetts and Jones of Illinois, all representing real populist candidates, withdrew them in hams, and all fashionable fahr ICS ir Mimme Rathbone, while presumably honest, is certainly the most incapable and incompetent man who could have been secured. Lacking; executive ability, as shown by his attempt to fill the position of Fourth Assistant Postmaster General under Wanamaker, he was loads of dresses.'" 1 licves erend doctor is pessimistic. He quotes no statistics, but rushes into generalization, lie exhorts men to mate early in life and to mate often, if necessary. They should not wait, he says, for prosperity to make it possible for them dresses and shirt waists. E Tailor SuitS for everyone, Come and s r g Mrs. Wott, - Main St. Deadwood utterly unfit for a post ps important ! to everr-is" n u-wlir cnlfieHon tle.n ! druggist and obtain a bottle of Hos-1 iaiiiiaiiiiUiUiUiUiUiUiiUiUiuuiaiiuuiUiUiUiaw tetter's Stomach Bitters. It will give you life and energy. It does this by that to which he was sent. He trusted implicitly in his underlings, and the only defense against theft was the hope that all his hirelinlgs were l:on-tst. N't) attempt was made to carry on the postal directorate in Havana in a disgust when they saw the job that was fet up on them; and it Is not to be doubted that the genuine populist ticket named in Cincinnati will receive large accretions of strength from the sincere and honest members of the party as they grasp more fully the motives behind and the meaning ahead of this anomalous gathering In Sioux possible to the youth of limited means, but urges them on into the very mouth of matrimony, unfledged, unequipped fore ('life's battle." and with but little wherewith to undertake the arduous task of running a house. "Young jnan, dare to be poor," is his special plea, and many of his congregation doubtlessly found this easy making the stomach strong and the blood pure. It is unequalled for such disorders as indigestion, dyspepsia, or malaria, fever and ague. o SPUING SCHEDULE ON THE NICKEL PLATE. Ft. Wayne, Findlay, Fostoria, Belle- THE THREE BA t.7' f urn- biiFiiness Ike manner, f.nd while it was known a year ago to the casual observer that crooked work of some f 1 , 11 HT 1 Von Khow What TI117 Mn s-- Falls. They mean (hat you . ;m onijlfl iv borrow all the iiuhh-v "U ,ul advice to take. It Is the easiest thing in the world to be poor, and there is no better way to follow this advice than to take upon one's self the shackles of matrimony. all personal property "I value oflice. We carrv a Iiii l'.- -tint redeemed nledyes at iiiiieti1 surprise you. Ittisiness Strictly ( onfitleitiJ No. 21 Lee St. The Deadwood LoanOffii vue, Lorain, Cleveland, Painesville, Ashtabula, Conneaut, Girard, Erie, Chautauqua Lake, Dunkirk, Buffalo, as well as New York, Boston and all intermediate regions are reached on fast time and at lowest rates of fare by trains of the Nickel Plate Road. Leave Chicago 10:35 a. m., 3:30 p. m., 10:30 p. m., with up-to-date drawing room sleeping cars. Unexcelled dining cars on thru Boston and New York train at 10:35 a. m., and New York City Past Express train leaving Chicago at 3:30 p. m. All trains run daily. Train leaving Chicago at 3:30 p. m. has ob-j servation car east of Buffalo over the 1 sort was beng done somewhere, Rathbone was blind to a thousand significant facts. The decrease in postal rev enues would have called forth from any competent official a rigid investigation of methods in use, and a search for the cause for the deficiency would have been made No effort was made to learn whither Neeley had ever destroy ed the surcharged stamps Intrusted to him. his word heing taken as sufficient guarantee that he had carried out his orders, and no attempt was made to learn the source V)f his sudden prosperity. In the United States the destruction of postal or revenue stamps lis surrounded wth much pomp and ceremony, and every inch-square bit of steel engraved paper must be accounted for. This is a bad year for whiners. The political prophets of woe who peddled their lugubrious prophecies of calamity thru tfce country In 1PM have ntet with much discourag. ment in attempting to renew their campaign along sini ilar lines. The login of events has proved the utter worthlessness of their predictions of four years ago. Mr. Bryan. Mr. Towne. Mr. A It geld and other Bryan followers in lSffi told us that thee ountry would go to the dogs in a hurry if the republicans were successful in the presidential campaign. They pictured ruined homes, business depression, panics, Custom Ore We are sow prepared to trsat custom ores by the Cyanld H team at reasonable rate. Northwestern'Gold and Silver Extraction Co. Lackawanna road, arriving in New York City 7:25 p. m., every day in the year, in good shape for evening entertainments. Secure sleeping car service In advance. Write, wire or 'phone 2037 Central, to J. Y. Calahan, General Agent, Chicago, 111. MASSING OX THE TAAL. Lord Roberta' occupation of Kroon-stad and the turning of the Boer's positions In the Blggarsberg at Helpma-haar and the taking of Dundee indicate that the British, after a temporary delay, are again actively pressing the aggressive campaign so successfully inaugurated by their chief. In the face of such overwhelming numbers it is remarkable that for nearly seven months the Boers have fought chiefly on their enemy's ground. Now that conditions are reversed, and the Free State is practically In the control of the British, the last stage the invasion of the Transvaal Is at hand. That there will be hard fighting yet before the Boer stronghold, the South African Republic, Is subdued may be confidently predicted. The fact that the Boers, while being lrre-.istibly pressed back, yet seem to be conducting their retreat In s sufficiently leisurely manner to carry off all their big guns, shows that they havs force enough to make the British cautious In their, advanc. ' Gen. French has been following closely upon this sullen retreat for a fortnight, but mora, for tha purpose, apparently, of keeping in touch with them and harassing them than tor more aggressive action. Lord Roberta realise ibe possible difficulties and dangers of tha task before him and is taking o unnecessary chances. ; - Tha eplrie Id which the British' ad- First Ward. Deadwood - - South DaKi lag ABOUT XOME. There is no longer a doubt that the rush of gold-hunters to the Cape Nome district in Alaska this sprng will exceed anything of the kind that has taken place in this country. A-way back in our boyhood we knew a man who left home and friends to join - .... --KI 44 A Fair Outside Is a Poor Substitute For Inward Worth 5 Good health, inwardly, of in the Pikes Peak 8??ro: and "later, j. l: marcouxs New Undertaking Parlors other men who ttarted overland across the kidneys, Hver&nd boWels, the parched plains cf Nebraska to tie . . . r rr i o gold ruiches of .th.-Bi.ek Hiiis. xo sure tocome tf Hood sSar- consderatlon could keep them back, j Sapariud tS prOpiptly USed, There was a chance .to rep wealth at This seems fjur outside, nd con-one perilous venture. ' and they were sequent vigor in the frtme, with the glow eager to take it. So it s now. Fro-n of health on the cheek, good Appetite, per-tho eastern states "and from the mid-1 feet digestion, pure blood, die west,, as from the south and the) Blood Poison "Hived in a bed of vnntrT between the Mississippi and fire fnr yew &wmg to blood poisoning thtt No. 20 Lee Street i Are Now Open to the Public vaaee'fj bring r.t Jn the Transvaal the Pacific coast come letters and assur- rompeU admiration. The offer of 350 ances mat oespeaa a mignty invasion women to take the places .of men at' of Alaska, The- whole wor,ldnow Largest and most complete Line of Caskets and Funeral Equipments to be found in the west fouowed small pox. broke oat R over my body, itching intensely. Tried doctors And hospitals in vin. I fried Hood's Sf SAparSlA. B helped. I kept on taking 9 And ms entirely cared." &Sru J. T. WSSxms. Ctrbondjde. Ta. their work In order to nd the liter that gold is there, and there are to th front fa heroic nt 11 to the pathos of what aeemJnfly la a hopeleso $ All Embalming Done by a Professional in the Art. I l ONLf FUNERAL CAR IN THE HILLS. r T.F.'.J I I.PWbb . v- n-ii';r 1,1. . 1 ! j always men in the world who will peril life itself on the throw of a dice In the gambling halls of Chance." " "What do yon know a boat' Cape Nome?" is a query , that comes to us with 9ft recurring; frequence.'- r ; : - W Jtnowr no more about the gold discoveries in Alaska than anyone else ? .--. -, v V . v- - ' '-:--- '.-- '' - ". - truggle. All account agree mat ine Boers are massing on the Vaal, and ..when tha British attempt to crosa that hintorie river tha strength of the opposition to their advance wlO probably le fully tested ...V, - " r 1 :- - - V.''' : Calls Answered by Day or Night. Telephones j so Hoodl Ptnnnnrllls:t)wt -4nlUUiif mn4 ly lwtl t U wtt Mood-. Snprtn; ; ' 1 . . v . . : " -

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