The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on June 21, 1899 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 21, 1899
Page 6
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, WEDNESDAY MORNINO, JUNE 21, 1899. -..,...............-........ ....m...t.........i... mit...iM.M.iH.HrtHi I THE WOOL BUSINESS. I '""""l ,n...m............H........ ....m...t.....t.....i... mi.....i.M.HMH.Mrtl M.. THE WOOL BUSINESS. I une of tne ueiane rami that J. "s One of the Delane rams that J. W. LEAD'S HEAD PIOJNtM-lllVlty 5 Higble and Joseph Arnold brought out : from Omaha last summer for their sheep : ! herd was recently clipped, and his fleece : ' weighed twenty pounds. Mr. Higbii came 2 j In Monday from his ranch, wwhi'-h Is ! Ion the Grand river. somethinK out a 1899. LEAD, S. D. JUNE 21, flM'l .'l Mammoth Department Store announcement! Our Stocks are now complete and full in all Departments. Pry Goods, I Groceries, PI I ..... r. hi,n,red miles northeast of the Hills'. -I w here he spent three weeks. The -lu ar- rrlo occurs inK season is just on with Mr. Ilibie and o'tdoi k thi his .aitner. It is rather late, but i' is I The funeral of Pomini f. oin i lie ' v hoi: i hut ch I!i:llKAIiSAI. There will ! 'i M'li. ,ir-;il f.r -In- Urn-mixed (honu- :it i l.'lr.iry Wi ilnevlay venint,', June -.'1. The li-nr. ;iu .i:klri da Kohlinn'h liifliiin.itii- KM In. in Si;il,at Maler for the nexi I.i lr:iry musical ulilch, will he rIvoii I lie l.iit.T pari nf ilii- neiilfi. ; Impossible to iet Hlii-arers out th'i-sitf.n as they are neeiled. as th.y i - lal- : ly "ink up through Wyoming fir i atoll i r.a li this region a little lute Mr ll!--!.;.-! afternoon, conduct! d by Father Redmond. L. B. Orton. successor to Beemer & Or-ton. Is constantly receiving new Jewelry j a. id offers better Inducements thaa any j la a Mr. Teciirly Int. !!.- 1 ni; lliii ill Clothing, Millinery, Wrap3 and Suits, Carpets, Trunks and Valeses other firm In town. Special attention Is called to his fine watch repairing. (tf.) Itihop O'tiornian of the Sioux Kalis dio I musical (if the season, Ilic grandest -ver Meats and Fish, Hay and Grain, Hardware, Stoves and Ranges, Class and Oils, Mine and Mill Supply I says he and his partner had alHiu: I .sheep to shear, and they engagid t." shearers to ilo the work. Their .-deep came through the winter In good dupe. ', anil the average clip is large. The lamb crop has been good, and the heard has been increased by some 1,300. Mr. Ilig- ' given In the reading rooms. Tin re j Ve no. tickets Issued. The Heating cap- cese and liishup I.ei( han of Wyoming are now in Rome on business connected witfi the church. The walls of the Faust block are go-' Iiik up rapidly. A large force of mechan and House Furnishings. With unequalled facilities for buying and selling we ask aelty of thP library is about four htindicd Mid twenty-ftve. All are wide omed C "" AFTERNOON WKIMiINt:. At 1:S0 yesterday afternoon I'rof. J. J. 5-harp of the Lead public srhmiU and Miss Lillian Khret werr unit-l in rKily Matrimony. Itev. N. II Sehem k of the ics are ut work, and before the summer is over the building will be occupied M J. Alllnson has money to loan at your iLspection of The Largest Quantity, The Best Quality, and Lowest Prices. j hie aays he and his partner had about tons of hay to start into the winter with, and this was exhausted in April From that time on the herd had to get its liv- ' ing on the prairies, but notww ithstand- : ing this there was no loss to speak of. ! The wolves have been quite numerous in that region, and eighty of them have been.' killed near their ranch this season Mr. i Higble says they keep their sheep in three herds, one outfit being wwith a ' wagon, the other being equipped with a ' tent and the third a cabin. j The range on (Irani! river and in that J'ethodi-U church offlriutiiiK. I'rof. Shurpc not l.een In lad very long lut he Ka filled his jKisition in the schools 80 uell that the board could not do wl'hout him. Ilia hlnh position la sufficient evidence of his educational abilities and as reasonable rates. Real es'ste aj4 Insur- uice business transacted; oollections jiade. Cotton & Andrews block. Lead. (5-24-tf.) Anton Ropells. wife and three children, and Dominlck Marto left Lead yesterday over the Burlington for -Torenz. Italy, where they are to reside in the future. n man, he Is pleasant and compunlnnabl und 0D6 that any woman might feel proud to call husband. Miss Klirct is a young i.octca, s. x. section is fine this year. The range cat- : tie are looking well, and the loss was ' I Mrs.oAnnle Putnam returned from Keystone where she enjoyed a few days' visit with friends. Mrs. Putnam Bays crops are ,nlf" The cattle belonging to the smal- ; looking fine down there and that the busl- lcr owners, who had endeavored to feed. lady of charming appearance and She arrived on the noon train yesterday. She Is a young lady of rare accom-r.llBhments and an acquisition that Lead soeiety will welcome. Congratulations for Joy and success in life are extended to ness outlook is favorable in all lines. BRTAN & GESKET have money to were looking worse when spring came than the cattle that had been compelled to rustle all winter. This is going to be a good year for range stork and hay will undoubtedly be abundant this fall. loan In any quantity on good terma. Another Big Drop in Price Real eatavte, brokerage and Ore Inauranca business transacted. All business attended to with promptness and care. Brettell Nock, Lead. (3-23-tf.) Die happy pair. o A HAPPY MARRIAGE. At the Episcopal parsonage in Deadwood Monday night, Miss Belle P. Larson and Mr. Nela Larson were united In marriage ly Archdeacon 0. Q. Ware. The ceremonies ADVERTISED LETTERS. List of letters remaining uncalled fur AT THE George Mullen waa elected principal of the Terravllle schools at a meeting held by the board Monday night. Mr. Mulled In the Deadwood postofflce on Saturday, June 17. 1899: MEN. Agents of Gold & Ballard. Burke, D. J. Bradford. T. J Bolea. M. M. (2) Diron r u were witnessed by none but the most In comes from Hill City with the best possl Me recommendations. Miss Murphy was Diamond, J. S. Karneat u v. tlniate friends. Mr. Larson Is a Lead man and everybody knows him. He has been there so long that he Is considered an old timer. He is a man of steady hablti and re-elected, she having given perfect satis Flynn, H. W. Hoyle, Walter, Hare J. , ... ifI Garrison, Wm. Hocket, P Hlller. a faction in the grade she had In charge. hi Integrity has never been questioned. Huntington, B. F. Messrs. Dr. Zerflng of Lead and another Johnson, Carl. . Few have more friends thaa he and they Our Entire Stock of man, certainly take the cake for cruelty to animals. Sunday those two men drove .. will be glad to know that he hag taken ... unto himself a partner for life. Mr. Lar a fine young horse around the Belt and did their very best to kill him. A good J aon Is an amalgamator In one of the Home-tiataike mills. Miss Larson, the bride, re- talna her maiden name. She formerly re mauling from the owner and a stiff fine and a term in jail would no doubt prove efficacious in such cases. The writer could not And the police at the time or the men would have been arrested. Lead City dots v sided In Lead, but for the past few years , Muskegan, Mich., has been her home. . The Johnson, E. B. (2) Kimrlen, Herman. King the Jeweler Leedy, C. W. Lamb, Nathan. Tagoney C P MoCracken, C. T. Manning'. W H Parker, J. V. Park, H H. Riser, A. Russell, Joseph. Sheppard, Wm. Shoeder, Robt A Stearns, H. A. Tyllc, Chas. Warner, A. C. WOMEN. Anderson, Mary. Blackford. Mrs. Burns. Gussie. Bernard, Alice. Bender, Maime. Bates, Daisy Byorkland, Mrs. Carter. Cora B. (2 Carmac, Mary. Cheever, Mrs. R. W Ford. Sadie. Geary, Thereasla. Masalngae, Bonni Melette, Mrs. A. Wilson, Bertha. Roacher, Mrs. Reno. Laura. Spence, Mrs. F. Terrie. Mrs. A. B. Persons calling for any of the above will happy couple have a neat little home in . Lead In which they will begin housekeep not require such exhibitions of brutality. E. J. L. ing at once. Congratulations from hosts of Mends are extended. -: -o Must be Closed Out. Our spring purchases which an ived since the Fire have bcJj please give data of advertising. JOHN BAKER, P. M. OLYMPIC FIELD DAT. Tha Olympic Association eztenda the Invitation to all Its members and frlenda who so desire to attend tha field day exercises, oa Friday, June 23, and they ars Informed that If they desire, they are privileged to make a baaket picnic of the event. Tha fare for tha round trip to Sturgla and back will be 66 ceatty and iwo, sralnshwlU J SI8TERS SCHOOL COMMENCEMENT. Tie teommencemeat axerctsea of fit Mar--ytln'rf academy at Sturgla. were held last -j evening. Father Quintan making the principal address. Father Redmond waa to cava gone down but Important "business ",'liepJJUni at,homThere were nine xrad-I'iatea. These graduate In grder to ahow Grand Benefit Ball be ran, tha Brat Jeavtog Da4wpod fcio la To be Given by the tlonarl iirev1&a 'eHlfleatea netivU C. G, & T. Hose Ce. thrown on the tables as well a3 those slightly damaged by water. $25 00 suits and Overcoats Go now for $13 50 $20.00 suits and Overcoats Go now for 11.00 $18 00 suits and Ovarcoits G now for 10.00 $15,00 suits and Overcoats Go now for 7-50 $12.00 suits and Overcoats Go now for 5.00 $ 4.00 and $5 00 Pants Go now for 2.00 $ 3.00 and $4 00 &ats, while they last 100 $ 1.25, $1 and 75c Neckwear Go now for .50 Rockford Socks per pair - - 05 Best Riveted Overalls and Jumpers, each .40 tha . tnornmg. on i tna zs, asa ,w awp train leaving at 10: to. Those who Intend to take baskets are requested to hava tbatir baaketa at tha train promptly, so they may be taken charge of. Tha association la going to take tha Red Man'a band. Which baa been engaged for tha occasion, and tha In Miner's Union Hall before the dlplemas rera praaent4 bjr the aeademy faculty.' "tt"'s: J -' Thia la a strict rule which the sisters lava always obaerved In tgaro? to. grad- v: Wea, so the parents, friends and pubtlc Vnow that those ho reoejre diplomas are orth of rrhebjDnpra.(,irE;elIent work " baa Wear dooajnltaa'aeademy in the put and future aucceaa la assured. Central City June 29, '99 Trio orchestra will furnish musiQ tor dano- Executive Committee P. J. Callahan. W. Oraene. Gua Obarg, J. Lutey. Floor Commlttoa J, Lutey, Gua Obarg. Ing. good music being thua assured. Tha first train tor home will leave Sturgla early la tha avening, for those who may havt matters to attend to, and tha train will remain aft aa to bring those who may da-sire to stay for tha later exercises and Tan Goodman, Martin Berg, J. M. Thomaa. Reception Committee Thomaa Barry. W. Wllmoth, J. Roaaaaraaa. dancing at the pavilion. ' The athletla com Boys and Ohildrens Clothing for less thm the Material COj MUSIO BT EMO'8 ORCHESTRA.. mittee desires all those who can to take tha first train. , , 'V K. A. CABLE, Secretary. Ticketa. 11.00. Supper.. Too a Couple. Fireman Invited to Attend In Uniform. Everything in the store goes in the same proportion the cd of a life time to buy goods at those prices. 6 COHN-GUMBINER CO. MASONIC ODD FELLOWS' BUM., COR, -MAIN AND BLEEKER STREETS. JOHN ELMEHK, I L-- v . ,.. i ... ..... ' t4 SPBCIAI EXCURSIONS. .f .Tha "NORTHWESTERN LINE" F. m. a t3 I . House JotefjiI Repairer. 4 M. V. R. R. offers some exceedingly low ,joun4. trip ratea JtoLthfoliovUi poiaU:' - , . ' ... ! . ; AB Work Bona "With Pro- sTiTaf-n mm mix A LEAD. - - - SOUTH DAKOTj HIAWATHA PARK. - LEAD, an' ' Detroit. lUcsv-July HO. . Richmond. Va.-July lt-M. r, Loa Angelea, CLJuly 11-14.; j.- Thia la only a few of tha many points Teeterday waa Highland pay day. 't' A good eook la wanted at one at the . ' Bryaat noliie, Xta4r"- 'J-XtfT"" , , Ben Dwinnedl waa a caller fn LaaA yea- '." J - ,. , Fresh cut rosea and carnations for sale-. .Mac, the Saddler's,. Lead.. ) (tf.) - AugMst.Heecla left forlHanoock. Mich- igan, yeaterday. ) John Gray went down to. the copper field near Rochford yeaterday to look OTef the Proa Pacta. ( The""t'kDeer-Tlmep"ia onaale atTT'ti v Jaooba Baiar, where yon easwalao get th floeat amoke In tows. H J-tt t,, R F. Baeon and John WeatpheUng"were among the traveling men to visit the mer Jack True and J. 8. Roaa have gone Vow to Rochford, to took after work en 1 some mining claima. 'f Henry BchnlUei's aaaajr ffloa wlU 'u temporarily located In tha baaement of ,. daooai No. I Oulnn atnot (Slavon-' km 'Alley). I ,t'., ? l , Bea Thompson left last night for Plank-, , Intoa, 8. IX, to take a poaltion aa teacher la the reform achooL v The famUy of William Chubb will arrive today Xroin. England. Mr. Chubb baa been alone for aevea reara. i mi m In all parta of the country to which ex- eursloo Ucketa will be aoldj at reduced Fomtnre Company. THhS sammer . via ratea during; th 3SfeOCX3 Received Received NORTHWESTERN LINE." Date Of sale fi t- vt i a i ,?; m. Has ' "l t . . ratea and other Information will j pa DEALERS IN promptly and cheerfully furnished I bj I Three Cars of Wagons, Buggi sailing oa or writing to ! A. HAMPTON, t or; r Furniture, Crockery I Glassware. City Ticket Agent. ' t h ; i3urriis Carriages,' Rocfcaway Deadwood. 8. t. AND SOLr FOR O. A. ; -Road Wagons Buckboara, R. VETERANS ' DIER3. Everything StricUy up to date and prices that cannot be beat- Carts. Phaetons, Express From the Racine "Wapon and Carriage 'or a t - --a- - An iUuatrated folder Just Issued by the Pennsylvania Lines for 'the thirty-third National C , A R. Encampment at Philadelphia eontaina a fine map of that city Undertakers wuta-sayna uouga Mixture will cure and Information which will be valuable to that couth. ori wa refund tha , money, . L. P. Jenkins, druggist. . . e r (tf.): tj- .. . secona nana ngs cneap. v m ku r - - or on instaflmenrs. , i , -- : nd Embalmers. veterans aad others who contemplate attending tha Encampment. H. R. fiarln Real estate agent, J. W. Curraa, reports - the transfer of -a house and lot la Lead from L. A. Moran to rat LaplnJ the con- A. O. P. Agt.. 2it South Clark Si, Chicago, is distributing the-folders and will w. n. nivii i bj 77a t; :. ration being $1,000. fill requesta. ' No. 3 Math St; Lead South Dakota $ . i i j ? eef44WaH

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