The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on December 15, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 15, 1900
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

1HE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD, S. D. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 15, 190. lab! HMMfcMMd ..ctprDAY'S PERSONALS. "C . ,.-,,,1 t f rmoKo Hit the Naff 5, X tJ""""1"" ' , ' (jrantbam of Custer was On the Head. ' OPERA HOUSE... tie city. c. u Jensen! was up Jroni Hot If you V.V. WJV V.V.V.VWAVA'.V.W.VAV.V.WWAVW.'A fjTV Springs-frank S Bryant of Spearfish was -.iptjru:, pains in the -.JTUC-Zi trouble rj "-Hit the mil on feelings ?f tvcir- is te city' , ,h ,hn wolzmuth tte he J. was over from Thurs. Dec, 2o. hammer to use. It MU ir ' ., Let 'Er Zipp Th, t masses if or dbr'ny ari rrukinq tiie luluir h-, l,-.m... Sjf Stanley, auditor of Kali Kiver tv, is in the city. a h Kirkman of rYemont, scale jud' weight inspector for the Elkhorn. j m.tmy. I Refined 5 m tut "-' Vaudeville I THE CITY AT POPULAR PRICE8. Muleta of Lead, a native i The stock of jewelry at the Dead-wood Loan Office is Immense from which to choose a Christmas gift. Sterling silver mounted manicure toilet lmplments from 2Gc up, at Fish-el's Bazaar. Anton Our Storm Boot took out his final natural- . Austria 01"" ization ,.n.-iS tl.e halt ol your lire ir you ii it. What .' i n? grand in is ati. An Important Difference. To mako it apparent to thousands, who think themselves ill, that they aio not afflicted with any disease, hut that the system simply needs eli-aii.sin, is to bring comfort home to i heir hearts, as a costivo condition is easily cured by u dnir Syrup of tlif hall on John Jennack, well known roiek-nmn The that t'tiarily liall u-hi N iiiananin hu.-pital Just tlic men who CeSS you In I to dance toinormw u ait for ! In- JTl h. WO Will lla I' . i.:!M barn is that Imposing structure on li-.' orn.-r ,,f Car-icy ,,ti pine streets, is pre; are I to furm-h the hn.',t rl..i in t'-n. . it v for funerals. t a sii uoinn I II l-'.iv-. la .inula, tilled by tho California I'i ' S.iii;i Co.. only, and sold by all di u : -ini.. for the ;an in;' Arc nil"" tl:n- ' V a- 1 : 9 O 8 o 9 O o o c 9 O ij Q O O I; ii' llllMIII C.irpct Weavinj. i ..: V, !, ! .. i at n- Box Calf uppers, oak taiud sole, cork fillej, making the Shoe WATER PROOF. Spin of Horses Wanted. want a .-pan of good horses, ' b ::. ; 1 liuu jiounda cai h. bo W.ll l.lubell. J. COI.DItKKC. J. lb nd A (iooJ, well majc Wl N ER leather Shoe K , . ; ..f I rinity M. l: I. will hold a baa . .inboi lsiii, l . -l.-i u.d la-tint; all day a , liuirnts will In- si Mhauscn's Irani ; ii at Sherman Mp-ilinr freight for C his crossing is is a Klkhorn company t' lid ' clea:., I It: la: I "' . IV. d lb loom and is 'bu s for . ai Drop bini-a for tile r,m. ready for th. J. -I 1 liri al, ,v while ha Ayrcs. and tl"' ' ' , II!-I o 'al and floor. and h.- will ai; turn thi) carpet He furnishes the had one .- Ikju !! Dr. Flora H. Stanford. Homeopathic physician. Office and residence, o71 Williams street. Morphine, liquor and tobacco habits treati'd. or warp and Weaves at 22c per aid. will do tho weaving at 12c. f. li the holi iavo it repaired. Aro you going away jays. -N,,t 'our lilu miss that hall on tho ,hinir. It is sure to he I would not 17th for any-i .success he- runiiing it. S':.. ft ft W .M t H i-ause of the men who are 3.00 oome doonio Denotncrs it will he the ball of the season. illf AND 1 JICV 1 IT he's ti. vo m-mua; tit pt-ace und comiurt passing :i tlu; wary tielere cniifinenit'nt. l it o-ra: ;a;n th.j case by usiuk cjtic malty tho unique Mother's Friend" cint lnnucicf m.ikrs chilj bear ; tig a pleasure, as c;u!. tehr piuiis anu nausea. Z M ' -T - j-nrivl." ',.ivs lh,lf(s(-(' hiltnr' -l rrt.,1 . I. ,..,,.lt1-M..'. ' j ' t.WloN. Il!;;.;i.l( Uyioii.U." I tie.-. During his recent trip to I'iene Kirk 1'hillips secured Jbi.Ooil worth o( cuttle paper and $10,000 worth of state warrants for a Chicago friend and investor. Mr. Phillips finds this kind of business more pleasant and profitable than polities. The grandest affair of the m ason be that ball on the -Tth. The lovers of ilan iiiK and sweet mu i ' can ,-, ! ell this. 'I lie in. 'ii !in ..e managui'-; il are just the Imys to pm-vj,,. a -"".I tin.e for tli'-ir t'-r: e, .. and ii. 'lie ball a i'i - r nay. Th.- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 n ' all 1 nl e in i .; .rn ,a;,.,l Id ' !;' in v .1 al a. n . ! !: th. III I'i i' 'be 1 1 ' b ! t,.'iiiH,n, fii.iu - uiilil I V! "i ' llll ti l it t t.t i. lost 4 o. WILL KEEP YOUR FEET DRY it W I it-. lit lOss.tssn&jifzeiiflisiiuuijmiV .' 1 N ..... ...... u ... . V. V. .V. V V r . . . . , . Best of niven to Attention board- I MY SPECIALTY .Moving Heavy Machinery 1 beh mm I mrj Horses. r, ti m a .Feed, Livery nnd Transfer.... ... I Zipp Shoe Company..) i la ii.up-ni- in llu-ciiv run! am M'c: i'i'. I' .li'lille llncses on (lie slun tc'st n.iti.e i a i t urn '. ! in. r ! o will b sum of ! u i out lie ait exhibit tie .e l:bi,:l'V 1 539 Main St. Harrison Phone 151 Old Phone 171 o 6 C free 1 ho the small count of I will not b, the M lv It is cvpe' be I i ! i v . Will b' choir in iiioi nin'. ' . o open to l lieli pul ' ' Keeessiona I " iy I'rof. lledvi 's church Sunday ted that the I. ad ' i ipiar- tet will also give one side, lion in J" ust Wtiat He "7t7". nts 7 -7fijc of ( )i u- JJelicious Cigttr'H . '.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.vv.v.v.v.v.v.v.A i hoir Sup- morning In the evening; the will sinir the anthem. "I nto .My LOOM MaUo an elegant Xmas Present to any gentleman who uses "the weed." Wo havo them put up in beautiful Xrnaa boxes especially for tlio Xmas trade. There is nothing more thoroughly appreciated than a 'jox of Good cigars. D.JACOBS, Opposite Bullock BUY YOUR HAY AND GRAIN. of JOE SAVAGE, Tho Old Reliable, AND SAVE MONEY. Central City - - S. D. BLACK HILLS FEED & FUEL CO (Formerlv Paul Rewman.) m MRS. ROSELLA A. LAWTON, Wood. All hinds of Coal and The Great Magnetic Healer,! plication." There will also be a selection by the male (piaitet or a solo by I'rof. Hedge. Dr. Clark will preach morning and evening. Seats free. In addition to the regular art exhibit given by tho ladies tonight at the Waite parlors and tho sale of the bric-a-brac and pictures donated an Interesting program has been arranged by James C. Moody, which will occupy about an hour of time. Those who have knowledge of the pro-ram state that it will be one of tie- 1110. t interest ins features of the sea am. Among those who will as-i t d inir: the evening are Professor Ib'd ati-l brother, who will render vo nl and ill-tsrnincntal selections. Tboie will 1"' chancier readings, and the anrP of little Potty Harris will alum-bp worth the price of admission. One of the interesting features on lb program will be an illustration of "N'.-ar-er, My Cod, to Thee," by Mis- Tluby Wllliams. as the people of ancient times illustrated their songs. The Woman's Club quartet will assist Miss Williams in this. There will Co no change in admission price of 1" cents charged. . " ' , y for Sheridan Coal. Office at in I '.. man'.;. Telephono orders pioinpt attiiiibm. Waller -on, Manager. a m 9 M 9 A tit Mens Shoes for Fall and Winter Are Unexcelled i : seam I.;': In ;)'..' I in S'liU- 11 Syndicate l!!oek. Sl'CCKSSI'l'I.I.Y TKI.ATd ail i;:.-easi of either sex. BEST REFERENCES FROM LOCAL PEOPLE. t'otifiltatioa l''reo - Cures Permanent If you are suffering, come and see me. MRS. C. W. MATHER, (At Wilcox Pharmacy,) Makes all kinds of Floral Designs and is headquarters for cut flOAem, Roses, Carnations and all other flow ers of the' season FURNISHED ON SHORT NOTICE. 2 Great Hosiery Purchase. VlnltinV as wa do th markets of ths world, enables as to not only get the cream of th market In way of styles but Insures for our customers a saving of fully 15 per cent over "stay at home" Competitors Our brands are the best the markets show. Every pair of mens shoeg we sell la a standard at Its price. Every pair la fruarantetd by manufacturers tc ua. aDd we positively enarantee them, to you. We are sole scents for tho famous Florshelm Shoe for men. THE WIWS GREAT FINE SH0E'H Real sweet apple cider at Gold- Mrs. Tuplin has returned after an absence of two weeks, and Is again prepared to make quilts at 50 cents ach at her factory on Carney street Black Hills Telephone orders prompt-lyanswered . tf Real sweet apple cider at Goldberg's. Better get one or more of those official votes of the count by precincts. They are an Interesting study. and come nandy when least expected. Ten cents each. tf- Toilet Sets, artistically decorated, from J1.25 up, at Fishel's Bazaar. China ware, jasper ware and Bohemian glassware in small but hand- - iome pieces, and at exceedinglylow Prices at the "Savings Bank Store." 95 Sherman street. tf Some bargains in Jewelry for the holdays at the Deadwood Loan Office. A piece of that elegant jasper or Bohemian ware would make a very "eat little Christmas gift. They are closing It out at very low prices at - the Savings Bank Store, 95 Sherman treet ' tf the art exhibition will be formally opened to the pub-lc this afternoon at 2 o'clock. admission to the rt gallery proper 15c: the oriental room 10c. including One of New York's la.rgest wholesale manufacturers has sold up AT JUST HALF fllEIIl REGULAR PRICE all that remained of their winter stocki. of MEN'S, WOMEN'S nd CHILDREN'S HOSE. .Jitf They do this in order to make romn for their new spring lines, and we are going to share these remarkable bargains and splendid values with our customers. WOOL HOSE. . ....... LADIES HOSE. 4 Ladies and Children's all wool hose, la all Heavy fleeced lined hose for ladies, good sizes from ! to 11, fast colors, every i weight and fast colors, Regular price pair vortlu30c, for ioc, for 1UL WOOL HOSE. FLEECED HOSE. Ladies all wool hose, perfectly fast black, j,a,jes UOavy l! ece lined hose, Tast colors ribbed, with splendid heels and toes, 'JPif spliced heels ami toes, - a better Mn-I,iiig Regular price 3oc, for XUL than .g gonerallv K0it at 25c, 1 WOOL HOSE. fr "" "Black Cat" hosiery, for children, made with MEN'S HOSE. fine gray cashmere foot, and heavy cotton Heavy cashmere socks, black, gray, bruvn ribbed tops, double knees, Regular 'iCp and natural, all last colors, Regular -r price 40c, for price 25c, for WOOL nOSE. MEN'S HOSE. Ladies cashmere hose, extra fine grade, all Men's heavy wool mixed and all wool wu-fci. wool, good weight and every pair C( aI1 shades, light and dark colors well finished, Regular price 50c, for. . worth 35 and 4Cc, for J Our method of buying eaves one profit. With us It Is from "maker to wearer." Look at the Fine Shoes in Our Window, LIGHT RCEQceuucMTa SATIIR- DAY AFTERNOON WILL BE DE-. VOTED TO THE CHILDREN. H08E UNDER 12 FREE: OVER 12 , 'TO CENT8. ARTISTIC 80UVENIR CATALOGS CAN BE HAD AT A s NOMINAL PRICE... THIS EVENING A SHORT MUSICAL PROGRAM WILL BE GIVEN .... n OOffl J. A. BERQER, Lead, s. b.

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