The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 18, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, May 18, 1900
Page 5
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD, 8. D 18, 1900. Jin njruiLrurvnruTnri rrruruJn rvn 5553tchell CASE. I I I i rho Only High Grade Baking Powder Offered at a Moderate Price. cjrcu,t Court For the Past al in Two Days. GAN YOU SEE H"i'." ' fgfBakincr drews house, neat' the Horuestake settling dam. Kdwin Van Cis is attorney for the plaintiff, and Moody,. Kellar & Moody for t!i" defendants. This case brings up a lmmM many r. -colli ct ions of the iiase bail' craze that swept over Lead t:oii in - Hied" which cost V. R. Dickie, r- ,i, ui led w hid. cost W. It. Dick-i'is..n and Mine- ntliet leadinir citizens ,H Lead sieral Ihmisind dollars. o - ADDITIONAL CITY NEWS. Mil,l! Powder i NCI (-l;,,k against , trial in cir- Mocnv yester- .iii.l Hi'' fvi-miMiiciiis will ,. ,-ast will go i Ivy are in. Horace Chirk II ami George a portion of old Hiawatha ,-,rt M'"-' ,, ih'' ,-UliV' ,s an ' MADE BY 'The reason Why a person should i i NONESOCOCD. THE I TKUST. I'V In pay $4.00 or $5.00 for a Sho'e '.ii M't quiet .. 1 the li' in clii'l'' b.l i'11' YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. at lad When atha Park associa ... Hi;ia:i ' .....atcd and by permls- as I"'""' I lie jiSijw iL,"u te Mr C'"'1' .. t -.1.1 ceeded and obtained a second deed from Andrews, covering the whole area of unclaimed land, from (Juld Hun creek to that described in the association's deed and at once made application to the townsite trusties and received a 'deed for the same. From that time to the pri si lit tin- association has claimed the fT'oimd to the fence, while Mi Clark has contended that he owned the ground to a point about loo feet south of the fence. The as-aiciat ion sold a lot r,u1o.i feet I'll the di.sputtil territory to the defendants. Mitchell, who have erected a house threon of the value of about $1200. This s-nit was instituted hy Chilli for the purpose of establishing his ownership of this land to the point south of the fence and to the north line of the land as described in the deed taken by the association from the townsite trustees. The Hiawatha Park association and the townsit" trustees intervened, and pleaded that at the time the association applied to the trustees for a deed to the association land known as the Hiawatha park, that the application and the deed thereunder were intended to cover all of the land lxunded by the fence that the association had erected; but tlia' did not include about a hundred feet of land south of the north fence, and hy a mutual mistake the deed lssm.d did not include about 100 feet south of the north fene'e; and they asked the court to correct the deed, so that it will include and cover the whole of the Hiawatha park as it has been fenced, since 1 &!):, including 0f land souin ui wiu large eastern part of Lead $3.50 for Gents reek in the iks: . onu ii.i AND.. A SAI.K fH' NOP.MY STRKKT HATS IS NOW ON AT. ACKKKM ANN'S WHICH W! I.I. LAST ONLY 1NTIL SA'H'KDA Y. T:.i FOR HKST IN LOT'. Tin Northwestern ('.. & S. Extraction Co., whose mill is located in the First ward, are flooded with ores, hence have withdrawn their advertisement until they can increase the plant. THOSE NOR BY STREKT HATS NOW ON SALE AT ACKERMANN'S UK AT EVERYTHING FOR AN VV-TO-IUTE STREET HAT, ONLY "c. How to get to Cape Nome is a very easy problem to solve. As a general thing, the best; the quickest, and the cheapest way is to come to St. Paul and take one of the great transconti M. L. Day mt to Rapid City. II. T. Coopi-i was up from V 1 1 i t wood. .lobn Muiim-i- of Sp-artish. was in tiie city. Henry Fi.twloy went to Nebraska or. business. Dr. Townsi-n.l of Belle Fourche was in the fity. Sheridan Mrliratnty of Cali-na was In the city. Thomas E. Harvey of Lead, left for of land and eren j i. ,-nntended a house that the of his on. au" v $3.00 for Ladies irtlon fenced u pom"" is9fj the association applied to read Cit' toWnsue llui"-c'r'' " buys the best thing to be had in to the park ami a aeeu j,.., iUng a plwe of land by meteS bounds, and tne assocmi... . land described in tne aeeu 111 north toward Gold Run as til nental railway lines to Tacoma orSeat-tle. From either of these cities steam- ed by the fence then sianuing. We make a Specialty ot these grades tan give you any style you wish ana in ,me manner the description transportation can he secured direct Cheyenne. Wyoming. Charles McHugh of Lead left for iflupfields. Nicaragua. Harry Wilhefm went to Whitewood and back on the Helle Fourche train. P N. Carr and Thomas Reilley went to Guernsey, Wyoming, where they intend to put in a saloon. The Misses Plndan nn.l Retail, who to the gold fields. It will take about f land given in the deed aia noi le a strip of land about 100 feet three davs to eo from St. -Paul to the Coast, and about fourteen days to go pth. lying netween land described in the deea. Horn Hie coast cities to Nome, the fare hciiii? in the neighborhood of $lu'l. If 0' tcher. Horace Clark Guarantee Every Pain FOR CASH ONLY. nty, rrtnrn- hail been isitins; in tin ,..,. lilK.u :ulvcnt ore and an abundance fcht all nf Andrews rlgrrt to tne t-In it isit in of roiuihinir it. chances will donhtle 1 to Alliaine alter a the city. located by him. supKsing that land ran south from Gold Run K to this fi'iice. Later Clark- the land in controversy, and that the title to ;he land in controversy be limited in the defendants Mitchell. Kvideiu e was all in at 4: In ester-day and the court went into recess, tic arguments to he taken up at It o'clock this niuning. This land is just in the i ear of Mr. Clark's new residence that was Imilt ( n the site of the old An- be afforded for overland trips. One of these is now talked of in Seattle. II will be via Portage Hay. Cook Inlet. Chai les stuver lelt i. n the Hill lin-'- lie,! of the strip ot land lying soutn ton tor Seaitie. t J ' 1 1 1 a sin vpyiuu paity boon Ifor the Copper ie fence, and not included in the obtained by the association from plains of lowlands 1 journey 11'.". miles riw-r. in Alaska. the snow-covered I cni usulii and tin Y'lkon. The lan ; Portage Hay. Zipp Shoe Co. 655 Main St. trustee? fiiil thereupon i lark pro and iicn..- -the Alas;, beyond tin will heniu northwest thence via level land. Island, and across nearly -' Kadiaka lliaiiina 1.,'ik' king and Summer 1900 Will ill'- Other hind routi Fish for Pine Ridge. Ciaut Amsworth. of the government lislt baldc'iy at Speartish. passed thri the city yisterday on his way to Pine Ride Indian auencv. in i harg" of 2:i,- mo tron; from the hatchery, to be turned loose in the streams around the atrc-ncv. lie had a dozen or fifteen vidop in tiniiv If "in1 wislii-s to inaki tin' trip iinirkly and comfortahly. how ovi'i-. without linni'ii-sary fvosiiro to irrratlv to ho nnd'erri'd . Northwosf We t;i he oi-ent pleasure iij oU'eriiitf this season's purchase for your inspection, heinu lully aware of 'the fact that il exceeds all our previous MaKaini. KL'E Tfir. XOHBV ST RFC LI' HATS NOW ON SALK AT ACKKRMANN'S T T.'.r. THIS PALB ONLY LASTS I'N'TIL TOMORROW (SATI'ROAV efforts. XOTW ITJISTANDINd Till: KKH KNT '1KKAT ADVAXCK IN M EKi.'U AXD1SK IN link, wi; havi; not advanced on: I'KICKS IN ANY SIN.JLE INSTANCK. NKIIIT. SO DON'T DELAY YOI'R cans, filled with the little fish, almtit six weeks old, and lie expected to put in the entire night with them, applying in' and giving them fresh air. The air is giv.'ii to the fish by the use of a dipper, drawing it out full and turning the water hack into the" large can, with a splash, which renews the oxygen in the water. It is necessary to keep the temperature of the water quite low in handling the fish successfully, and Mr. rnn I THIS IS ONE Of THEM... I JM'RCI I -XSE OK ONE. A Deadly Insult, laooroa fold) ar Dock rUii SAV1NG et o a m a r a ; takei a plctara tba Hi' was fiom the upper camps, and ol7 cam an for dry plataa ttMt Oil b conrtniantlT carried In tha doaIiM. laflaa had hten an till-round sport in his Ainsworth had it but a little above Diamond "C" UaiKh-y Soap Wrappers Our Men's Department is replete with the very latest for men's wear. Men's Spring Overcoats, in all the newest shades and styles, ranging in price from $7..0 to $22.00. frii-tv vesterdav. He was going to ot Oneat qualllj. achromatic, aod mad eapeciaily for than TkU Camera aod 2M at bar prist rivaa awatr to t oaen of Dla cameras: lias great nownrnf tntttin viTlne 'C Laundry Soap. Drop a nuiufn uiuouui- .. u , j.t,.UBllnrt..- MHf IhorAlllh V The handsomest lino of Men's Spring eeaaoa.ed ofcetrylirobd, coTrred with black era! aomfini a paatai cafd la PRtMltlM WPARTMEMT, TIm CVtMHV PR. CO. Wlu. a. Omaha. N.. learner; we iurnua a noiKivt v... r,.v Suits we have ever shown; the very latest noraar. i to oal It la m designs in high grade tailoring, ranging; mi -O" I IUaa aaaka. time. At 1 o'clock yesterday morning ing lie stood in front of a palatial honffe voicing his inuiKiiatim in no equivocal terms. He had just been cast into outer darkness hy one of the barkeepers who had grown weary of his social companionship and was wholly lacking in appreciation of the honor due to one of his high professional standing. Mr. Connelly's rage was something awful to contemplate. His command of vituperation and expletive fairly curdled the blood of belated pedestrians and made green with envy the nighthawk hackmen who clustered about him. foregtting for the time the familiar refrain of "Lead! Go to the. from $6.50 to f 25.00. T', Fully equal to tailor-made, at just one-half the cost of made-to-order goods. Our Hoy's Department consists of everything necessary for a boy's complete outfit, leave thy railroad at Rushville, and be driven from there across the country to the agency. Mr. Ainsworth was a member of the First South Dakota infantry and fought all thru the Philippine campaign, coming home as first sergeant of Company L. of Spearfish. He has been employed at the fish hatchery for eevtral months, and has lately been engaged in catching trout out of tho Spearfish to put In the ponds at the hatchery for stock purposes. The fish were tak?n out of the creek with a seine, and Mr. Ainsworth says he and one helper caught a hundred and fifty two in one day. The sametday a boy fishing in the stream with a hook and line and caught a hundred and nine, C. A. Krens, who has been assistant culturist Ht the hatchery for several months, has resigned, and passed thru Deadwood yesterday on his way to Washington, D. C. to remain. reliable goods, and low prices being our ONLY' AIM. UMa Btoch Co. Family Liquor Store For Pure Wines and Liquors. Also for Bottled Beer in Cases Telephone No. 25. Goods Delivered Free to any Part of the city 630 Main Street Deadwood. This season we have paid particular attention to the TTLE FOLKS. TluVe-piece Suits from 3 years up with vest .just like apaVfrora $2.00 to 6.50. emit and collars just like Papa wears, ages years anu wards. 10UU GENTS' FURNISHING DEPARTMENT, com p in every detail, with the latest novelties, in fact, ev-piing that is new, and novel worn by men. Wagner Cafe, HATS of the celebrated Dunlan and Stetson makes, Nby allgood dressers, in all the new shapes and shades ad shades, for spring wear. All aboard!" His opprobious epithets lieconiing exhausted, he concluded his remarks by a wild and impressioned appeal to the barkeep to come out on the sidewalk and engage in a combat. "I'm afraid you might hurt me," replied the mixologist twith subtle sarcasm, and then, with a low. mocking laugh, like that of the villain in melodrama, he returned inside and closed the door. For a full moment Mr. Connolly stood rooted to the spot, speechless with wrath. Then he fired a scattering fusillade of imprecations so hor-horrible that the hackles hung their heads with shame. When the infuriated admirer of pugilism finally faded out of sight up Main street, he was still talking to himself and wildly gesticulating. Once more be had become the victim of a vile outrage. o Another Sacrifice Sale. FOR FRIDAY AND SATI'RDAY ONLY ACKERMANN'S WILL PIT THEIR ENTIRE ASSORTMENT OF PATTERN HATS ON SALE AT AC-TI'A L COST. THIS IS AN EXCELLENT OPPORTl'NITY TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF. FOR THEIR ASSORTMENT IS THE MOST COMPLETE EVER SHOWN IN THE HILLS. Twenty-five is the Highest Score. The highest score that has been registered at the shooting gallery for the rifle that is to be given away on tomorrow evening is 2a out of a possible 30. While this score is a good one, there are many who register as high as 28 and 2!'. and a few as high as 30. The rifle is a good-one and today or tomorrow will doubtless see the present record run up a few notches. The gallery is located in the spacious room, forne rlv occupied by the Club restaurant on Main street. Try your aim. you might win the rifle, and then you can ii" all kinds of shooting. me beet line of Fancy Caps we have ever shown, m the new style Plaids and Checks. Our Shoe stock is now ctminlete with the very latest in flu Shoes. Every pair guaranteed to give satis faction. t , t-r Three Reasons Why we I r School Entertainment. On thp evpnlng of May 28th there will be given in the Opera house a musical anil dramatic entertainment of high order in the interest of the public schools. The entertainment is in the charge of a committee of ladies who have engaged some of the very best literary and musical talent. The purpose of the entertainment is to create a fund with which to secure works of art. including pictures and statuary, to adorn tin- school rooms of the Dead-wood schools. All taking part in this etitertaitiiiicnt are devoting their time .ind talent without compensation. The puipnsi. for which this entertainment is li.-ing prepared is a most laudable on.-, and the good effects of it will n-ai h into almost every home in Deadwood. It is to be hopd that the citizens of Deadwood will consider this in .1 true sense their own entertainment, and that each person will purchase, at least, one ticket. A TKSTI.MONIAL FltnM iI.! Serves Meals -Jsiffht and Day, Best Cafe in City. W.C 8PINDLER,Wop the Klks lodge. He is authority for the statement that Judge W. A. Rine-hart of Lead Is out with a declaration that he is not a candidate for congress, and is not endeavoring to secure th nomination. Mr. Geskey said: "I was at Judge Rinehart's house yesterday, and asked him bluntly If he was after the nomination, I having, heard that his friends were urging him to secure the lead delegation. He promptly informed me that he was not a candidate and had not been at any time. Judge Rinehart says he favors Judge Moore, md it looks to me as If the fight thi3 year for congress would be between Judge Moore and Mr. Martin." Should Sell you Shoes! Our Shoes are better in Quality. And More Stylish in appearance. And Lower in Price than any other House in Town. lor rhambcrlaiii's H.-ni.'- t ia the world fj'- 1 -nr. ! it is;." William Savory of'"ii. "It fca sav.-l my Itff. .- Ii. M -. i 1 - "or con- .-ell." , ,pg been a martyr t- !rm years, being most if the her bod. She Is now -I dy l says Eng she over fine It b of i ahl. ter. i yreat pleasure to the -fjrer's iiimtierlain's Cough Rtni-.!y to be '- publish testimonials of this tharac-They siow that great good is being flo.Ott REWARD. I will pay ten dollars reward to the person who will gLe me information which will lead to the tit tection of the person who ent.Hd my law.i on the night of May Ktu and stole a nuvafrer of white, yellow nnd pink talrps. J. DEETKEN. Rineharl Not Running. Theo. Getkey, the Lead Insurance man and ticket broker, was in the city last night, attending the meeting of done, rain and suffering relieved, and valuable Uvea restored to health and happiness by this remedy. It is for sale by Kirk G. 'Phillips. are cured by Indigestion, nausea, Hood's Pills. . '.,-. U.-v'- ; - '

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